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22:53 Dyrcona  I mean to ask those questions.
22:53 rangi    sounds like a plan
22:53 Dyrcona  I have some questions for the Evergreen folks, too, so I'll wait until tomorrow when that channel is busier.
22:50 Dyrcona  OK. I'll push sometime in the next hour or so.
22:48 rangi    cool ill have a look, i think there is nothing stopping us merging your stuff in, whenever you want
22:47 Dyrcona  I'll have to push what I've done today in a bit, but I've written the Evergreen driver to lookup its own configuration file from an environment variable with a constant default.
22:46 rangi    that'd work
22:46 Dyrcona  Then, I wonder if it would be a good idea to store configuration dir in the config.yml? That way it would not be hardcoded in NCIP::Dancing?
22:43 rangi    *nod*
22:43 Dyrcona  just cosmetic.
22:43 Dyrcona  It's not an issue, really, anyway.
22:43 Dyrcona  Yeah, it would, so maybe its a non-issue if we change the template.
22:43 rangi    it would strip the whitespace
22:42 rangi    actually hmm if we did -%]
22:42 rangi    *nod*
22:42 Dyrcona  It would work without it, but the address would get extra space in the template.
22:42 Dyrcona  Thanks, that's what I was going to ask, because Evergreen can't easily supply that as an individual field.
22:41 rangi    ah yeah, that may have to change and make the NCIP::ILS::Koha module mush it together
22:40 Dyrcona  One thing that I find curious, and I imagine it is because of how Koha works, is the street number field in userdata.
22:39 Dyrcona  It would make a great candidate to run on a vm all by itself that way.
22:39 rangi    *nod*
22:39 Dyrcona  Yeah, none of that has to change, and it should still work as a standalone dancer app.
22:39 rangi    sweet
22:38 Dyrcona  my branch is here: http://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=working/NCIPServer.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/dyrcona/masslnc
22:38 rangi    pretty much all my work around that is in NCIP::Dancing and bin/ncip_dancing.pl
22:38 rangi    *nod*
22:38 Dyrcona  I've also worked out a config that should work with Apache and Plack::Handler::Apache2, but that's more for documenation.
22:37 Dyrcona  And, then I've added public/dispatch.cgi that I want to use with Apache and CGI.
22:37 rangi    ahhh cool
22:36 Dyrcona  I also added a LookupVersion handler.
22:36 Dyrcona  I added a NCIP::Const module with a list of supported versions.
22:36 rangi    yeah thats true, those should both merge in easily too
22:35 Dyrcona  I added footer.inc and put the </NCIPMessage> close tag in there. It made more sense in one place than in each template.
22:35 rangi    good plan
22:34 Dyrcona  I added a default mime type to config.yml so the page is always served as xml.
22:34 rangi    cool
22:34 Dyrcona  So, I've made some minor config.yml and template chanages.
22:34 Dyrcona  :)
22:34 Dyrcona  Yeah, it's still Sunday night in Europe.
22:33 rangi    i dont think they will mind, its pretty quiet on monday mornings
22:33 Dyrcona  You want to chat in private or do you think others won't mind the conversation in the main channel?
22:31 rangi    sweet as
22:31 Dyrcona  I wanted to talk about some of the common bits before I did anything in master with them.
22:30 Dyrcona  I've been banging away at the Evergreen side and made some additions to the combined parts, but nothing it looks like you're touching right now.
22:30 rangi    and then that should be all needed for ILL anyway
22:29 rangi    working on CancelRequestItem now
22:29 Dyrcona  Cool.
22:29 rangi    yep, think ive just finished CheckOutItem
22:29 Dyrcona  rangi: I see you're working on NCIPServer, too.
22:28 eythian  hi
22:26 cait     bye all :)
22:26 * cait   seems to be the only one who watched the game tonight :)
21:36 cait     GERMANY WINS!
21:26 kathryn  hello cait :)
21:25 cait     good morning kathryn :)
21:25 cait     1:0 germany!!!
19:24 cait     0:0... still
01:41 mtompset Have a great weekend, #koha.