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00:27 mtompset   dcook, eythian: The remainder of the jokes went unmentioned. :P
00:31 mtompset   @seen wizzyrea
00:31 huginn     mtompset: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 2 hours and 12 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> and we'd all have a righteous chuckle.
01:33 mtompset   @later tell wizzyrea What are we doing about bug 12031?
01:33 huginn     mtompset: The operation succeeded.
01:50 wizzyrea   I'm not sure you can leave it for now.
01:52 wizzyrea   it's not going to be a rewrite of the scheduler, that I do know.
01:53 mtompset   I don't expect it to be. :)
01:53 mtompset   I just want something I can test without having to roll my own distribution. :)
01:54 mtompset   Sadly, the FindBin logic idea I had fails horribly, because the runreports.pl script isn't in tools.
01:54 wizzyrea   yep.
01:54 wizzyrea   and it shouldn't be
01:55 mtompset   No, because it isn't suppose to be web accessible.
01:55 mtompset   So you're right.
01:55 mtompset   Hmmm...
01:56 wizzyrea   it's ok, I've got an idea on how to fix it
01:56 wizzyrea   so don't worry about it for now.
01:56 mtompset   SCRIPT_DIR!
02:00 eythian    if that's an environment variable, the answer is no.
02:00 mtompset   in the install log file.
02:00 mtompset   is there a way to file the install log file?
02:01 eythian    I'm not sure patching scripts from the installer is the ideal thing to do.
02:01 mtompset   probably not.
02:04 mtompset   do we have a syspref that marks what type of install this is?
02:05 eythian    nope
02:05 eythian    also, that's not appropriate for sysprefs because it's not a preference, it's a fact.
02:06 mtompset   or configuration item in koha-conf.xml?
02:06 eythian    most likely that
02:07 mtompset   Ah there is a configuration item pointing to the install log. ;)
02:07 mtompset   Ugly indirection, but it would work.
02:11 wizzyrea   no, I don't like that and I won't do it that way.
02:12 dcook      mtompset: I think wizzyrea has it well in hand. Perhaps find another bug to test for now?
02:12 mtompset   Just like thinking about the problem. :)
02:12 eythian    really the only other way I'd probably handle it would be a package-specific patch, but we can't do that right now as Koha is build as debian native.
02:13 eythian    *built
02:13 eythian    (though I'd be OK with changing that if needed.)
04:32 wajasu     Can one cosine a loan?
05:03 wajasu     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mip9MppUsQA run free today
06:09 * magnuse  waves
06:09 alex_a     bonjour
06:10 kivilahtio bonjour
06:10 wahanui    hola, kivilahtio
06:10 kivilahtio hyvää huomenta wahanui
06:38 * cait     waves
06:38 cait       bbiab
06:40 reiveune   hello
06:40 wahanui    kai ora, reiveune
07:12 nlegrand   Bonjour !
07:14 cait       good morning #koha
07:22 magnuse    hiya nlegrand and cait
07:22 magnuse    @wunder boo
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07:26 nlegrand   magnuse, cait o/
07:26 cait       hi nlegrand :)
07:28 nc-th      Hi everyone. Is it right that if I would like to display tag 245 subfield b in OPAC, the only way is to modify xslt files > MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl / MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl?
07:28 cait       hm $b should show
07:28 cait       by default - what are you looking at?
07:28 dcook      There is a mapping to make that work I believe..
07:29 dcook      When not using XSLTs
07:29 cait       dcook: i think it shows by default in xslt, not sure about normal
07:29 dcook      /cgi-bin/koha/admin/fieldmapping.pl
07:30 nc-th      in normal view, it doesn't show $b
07:31 cait       you can take a look at the keyword mappings under administration or switch to xslt
07:35 magnuse    looking at the xslt, it looks like $b should show as default
07:41 gaetan_B   hello
07:41 wahanui    hola, gaetan_B
07:46 nc-th      in my set up, MARC / ISBD showing $b but not the normal view. Thank you for all suggestions. I am checking out keyword mappings. I am new to Koha, many things to learn.
07:46 cait       nc-th: i think it's a confusion of terminology
07:46 cait       try activating the xslt views if they are not currently - search for system preferences with 'xslt'
07:50 nc-th      after activating xslt to default, it displays now! but not in the order that I would like it to be.. so I have to modify the xslt files?
07:54 magnuse    nc-th: probably. which order would you prefer?
07:54 cait       yes,... then you'd have to modify, or add your own xslt
07:55 cait       but the order is according to the marc standard
07:55 magnuse    bug 11762 will affect the order of subfields from 245. it will be in 3.16
07:55 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11762 normal, P5 - low, ---, alex.sassmannshausen, Pushed to Master , Sequence of MARC21 245 subfields different on XSLT result list and detail page
08:06 nc-th      What I like is a little bit different from the default one > Title - Remainder of the title - Publisher - Description - ISBN - Subjects - Year
08:07 cait       you'd have to do your own set of xslt files then
08:07 cait       there is also a pref to link to your own file
08:08 magnuse    yeah, don't just edit the standard xslt files, they will be overwritten when you upgrade :-)
08:09 nc-th      Ok! thanks a lot for your kind suggestions! I really appreciate your help.
09:12 atheia     'lo!
09:14 cait       hi atheia :)
09:21 magnuse    hiya atheia
11:29 cait       atheia++
11:31 kivilahtio IS there any way to know when the Item has arrived to the library?
11:31 atheia     :-) thanks — 't was a bit of work.
11:31 atheia     Just hope the ++ sticks even after it's gone through qa ;-)
11:31 kivilahtio I am not talking about the acquisitions date but the date the acquisition has been received
11:31 cait       kivilahtio: dateaccessioned? or the return date?
11:32 cait       creating items on order then?
11:32 kivilahtio I need to trigger a status on items which have been in our library for 3 months
11:32 kivilahtio which have been available for 3 months, not in 'in acquisitions'-state
11:32 cait       hm there is a feature from Joubu about something liek that in the qa queue
11:32 cait       i think
11:32 cait       you might want to take a look there
11:32 kivilahtio okey
11:32 kivilahtio I will
11:32 cait       i think you could probably figure it out using a report
11:33 kivilahtio hmm yeah
11:33 cait       looking for the received dates and finding the items they belong to
11:33 kivilahtio the reports library
11:33 wahanui    the reports library is found at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library
11:33 kivilahtio good wahanui!
11:33 cait       i think some libraries update the dateaccessioned when receiving the item
11:34 kivilahtio wow
11:34 kivilahtio I wonder what does dateaccessioned mean
11:34 kivilahtio well I'll take a look
11:34 kivilahtio thanks!
11:36 kivilahtio hey that column is documented!!
11:38 cait       atheia: ah maybe one thing that might be useful for you - there is a syntax you can use for sponsored by information that will be picked up by the release notes script
11:40 cait       atheia: seems we hid that well: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SubmitingAPatch
11:40 cait       ah and here: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Commit_messages
11:45 atheia     Ah, very useful, thanks cait.
11:46 atheia     Is it worth me fixing that now? My instinct would be to wait and see whether qa issues come up…
11:46 cait       i think not super urgent
11:47 cait       it's big, so might need a follow up and can fix then
11:47 atheia     indeed.
11:48 magnuse    yeah atheia++
11:49 atheia     *blush*
12:02 sophie_m   kivilahtio: Bug 11023
12:02 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11023 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Toggle new status for items
12:09 kivilahtio sophie_m: This looks quite good!
12:10 sophie_m   :-)
12:11 kivilahtio Joubu: If you are not enjoying your weekend by now, could you tell me why bug 11023 has a items.new column without an index?
12:11 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11023 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Toggle new status for items
12:12 Joubu      kivilahtio: it could be a good idea to add an index
12:12 kivilahtio Joubu: well if you paln to make searches based on it :)
12:13 kivilahtio Joubu: Do you store a timestamp there? or how do you define which item is newer than the other?
12:14 Joubu      kivilahtio: it is based on dateaccessioned I think
12:15 kivilahtio Joubu: items.dateaccessioned is labeled as the "Date Acquired" in the staff client, but that column is used elsewhere as well. Not sure if that column value is persistent
12:15 kivilahtio it might be changed when external sources harvest our data?
12:15 kivilahtio not sure, but it looks very fishy.
12:16 Joubu      kivilahtio: did you read the commit msg ? :)
12:16 kivilahtio wow
12:16 kivilahtio which one :)
12:16 Joubu      kivilahtio: bug 11023 comment 1
12:16 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11023 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Toggle new status for items
12:17 kivilahtio Some libraries would like to manage a "new" status for items.
12:17 Joubu      kivilahtio: a cronjob updates the items.new value
12:17 kivilahtio This status should be removed depending on some conditions.
12:17 Joubu      kivilahtio: this is the Description, not the first comment :)
12:17 kivilahtio so true
12:18 cait       kivilahtio: it's not changed
12:18 kivilahtio cait: thanks for the confirmation
12:18 cait       kivilahtio: dateaccessioned in the database won't be changed by external, it's not a last changed date but something you add to the item in cataloguing
12:18 kivilahtio ok
12:18 cait       the only quesiton is when you craete them on order, if you can not set a date then or update it on receive later to be more accurate
12:19 kivilahtio yeah, we already talked about our policies and agreed that we can update the dateaccessioned/Date acquired when the item is barcoded
12:19 * cait     hopes to make some sense
12:19 cait       it's a werid friday
12:19 kivilahtio cait: you are making perfect sensse
12:20 kivilahtio idneed
12:20 kivilahtio what I need to do is limit the loan period of new items to 14 days
12:20 kivilahtio and some of those items have a loan period of 7 days
12:21 kivilahtio I am using ccode to dostinguis them and default to the itemtype
12:45 kivilahtio Joubu: Should the new-column be visible in the additem.pl?
12:47 Joubu      kivilahtio: To display it, you must link the db field with a marc field in the ACQ framework
12:49 kivilahtio Joubu: So should the new-status be automatically added when a item is added?
12:50 kivilahtio Joubu: Or does it work only via the acquisitions module?
12:50 kivilahtio Joubu: I tested via additem.pl
12:53 Joubu      kivilahtio: the dateaccessioned value is set on receiving.
12:53 kivilahtio Joubu: the dateaccesioned value is set yes, but what is added in the new-column? I thought stuff is removed from there?
12:53 Joubu      and it was not "ACQ" framework
12:54 kivilahtio isn'tthe dateaccessioned value set by default?
12:54 kivilahtio regardless if you specify a date there
12:54 Joubu      hum?
12:55 kivilahtio your cronjob works
12:55 kivilahtio which is quite cool!
12:56 Joubu      kivilahtio: looking at the code,dateaccessioned is only set in acqui/finishreceive.pl. So I suppose the date is set to NULL before receiving the item
12:56 cait       hm
12:56 Joubu      no? :)
12:56 cait       let me check something
12:56 cait       it's been forever since i looked at that more closely
12:56 kivilahtio but what is added to the new-column?
12:56 kivilahtio documentation says cronjob only removes the NEW status
12:57 kivilahtio but the cronjob does a lot of stuff
12:57 ashimema   are many people using multi-tenancy with the packages?
12:57 kivilahtio like a swiss army stuff
12:57 Joubu      kivilahtio: yes, you can do a lot of things with it
12:57 cait       i thought it was always set
12:57 cait       because we don't set it for items we import i think, and i have never seen it empty
12:58 cait       ashimema: multi-tenancy?
12:58 ashimema   i.e running multiple koha's on the one system.
12:58 cait       hm i thnk at least some do
12:58 ashimema   every time you run 'koha-create' you bringing up a new 'tenant' on the systm
12:59 ashimema   I'm wondering how some of the finer details work..
12:59 cait       hm maybe talk to eythian? quite sure bywater does - and the free koha magnuse does i think
12:59 ashimema   like configuring multiple rDNS entries to enable sensible mail and stuff.
12:59 ashimema   I don't believe bywater does.. not yet at least..
12:59 cait       yeah it hink you are right
13:00 ashimema   I'm sure catalyst does..
13:00 cait       yeah quite sure there too
13:00 ashimema   ooh.. eythian appears to be online..
13:00 ashimema   bet he's not actually here though ;)
13:00 cait       nz weekend already started
13:00 ashimema   well.. he'd be the right person to ask.. I just don't fancy my chances of catching him any time soon ;)
13:00 ashimema   maybe I'll go bakc to email ;)
13:01 cait       Joubu: it looks like there is also something about dateaccessioned in Items.pm
13:02 cait       AddItem seems to set it when you enter nothing
13:02 kivilahtio Joubu: could you please write a short description to the bug about what the items.new-column does? I am confused, it is stated it is just a field, then it is a flag, but it is instantiated in CREATE TABLE as a VARCHAR(32)?
13:03 cait       http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=C4/Items.pm;hb=fe205c907a6ec1959add1b24a5bf3ff09ee5149c#l2093
13:03 cait       if i interpret it correctly
13:03 kivilahtio The cronjob empties the new-column
13:04 kivilahtio dateaccessioned, case closd :)
13:04 Joubu      cait: yep indeed
13:04 Joubu      kivilahtio: you can do what you want with this field
13:05 Joubu      you can use it as a boolean or a string if you want
13:05 kivilahtio Joubu: well I saw that coming :) Well should it be called a notes-column?
13:05 kivilahtio Joubu: or something dexcriptive. Also a comment about what the column is supposed to do would be appreciated, like -- You can put whatever free-text information regarding this item here
13:06 kivilahtio or system_notes?
13:07 Joubu      I added it to manage a "new" status, so "new" looks like a good name
13:07 kivilahtio Joubu: but if nothing explicitly set any values there?
13:08 kivilahtio Joubu, maybe change the new-column from VARCHAR to BOOLEAN?
13:08 kivilahtio then it would make sense to have it indicate a status
13:09 Joubu      it is too restrictive
13:09 kivilahtio Joubu: well what would you like to put there?
13:09 Joubu      if can use it as boolean if it is a varchar
13:09 Joubu      we (at BibLibre) use it as a boolean :)
13:10 Joubu      but maybe someone else would like to use it as a multivalued field
13:11 kivilahtio Joubu: I understand this, but the name, new...
13:11 * wajasu   i'm adding newer-column for something else :|
13:12 * wajasu   or newest later.
13:13 kivilahtio Joubu: `system_note` VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT NULL, -- You can put whatever free-text information regarding this item here
13:14 kivilahtio Joubu: `system_note` VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT NULL, -- You can put whatever free-text information regarding this item here. This field is meant for local modifications only and should not be used in features intended for master
13:17 kivilahtio Joubu: `system_note` VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT NULL, -- You can put whatever free-text information regarding this item here. This field is meant for local modifications only and should not be used in features intended for master
13:17 kivilahtio This would make me happy :)
13:18 wajasu     i think kivilahtio wants to be specific as to the function of the field, so that it doesn't get overloaded/multipurposed later.  or else we end up with encoded schemas in a field. hard to write code to query against.
13:18 wajasu     system_note seems to be such a local multipurpose field.
13:18 kivilahtio But I can see the whole BibLibre codebase hanging on the new-column :)
13:18 kivilahtio wajasu: ++
13:20 cait       not sure what this is about, but i think system-note could be confusing
13:20 cait       too general
13:20 kivilahtio cait: well the field is general
13:20 * cait     goes back to reading marc documentation
13:21 kivilahtio cait: it could be a boolean or a flag or a hash
13:21 cait       but it looks like it has a proposed use?
13:21 cait       but i should realyl read the bug description first
13:21 kivilahtio well the field value should be set to 1  eg (items.new == 1)
13:22 kivilahtio well anyway
13:22 kivilahtio I'll write my test review
13:22 kivilahtio thanks folk!
13:24 wajasu     do we have dateaccessioned as field somewhere?  can new status  me a derived field,   where new is defined as greater than a date syspref,  or is it a status that must be flipped on/off manually.
13:24 kivilahtio new can be whatever you want :)
13:25 kivilahtio new is not instantiated anywhere in bug 11023
13:25 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11023 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Toggle new status for items
13:25 cait       wajasu: it's in items
13:26 kivilahtio wajasu: dateaccessioned is "Date acquired" in additem.pl
13:26 wajasu     my librarian wants the home page to show results from a configurable report.  they want "new" items.   thats why i was interested.
13:27 kivilahtio wajasu: There is a ready script for that in Koha
13:27 kivilahtio there are some scripts intended to display new items
13:27 wajasu     i knew someone would know that.  thanks.
13:27 kivilahtio don't know where
13:27 * wajasu   goes back to coding zebra facets.
13:27 kivilahtio I might be worng but I feel strongly that I saw it somewhere
13:32 cait       kivilahtio: there are a few documented things out there, nothing inside koha
13:32 cait       most use one of the opac html prefs
13:32 cait       you coudl use a JSON report... and then show that i think
13:33 wajasu     that helps.
13:56 talljoy    good morning
14:06 atheia     Good morning to you too - though it's late afternoon here…
14:33 phasefx    what function should I use to encrypt a password directly on the borrowers table?
14:34 phasefx    for 3.14
14:49 rhcl       @wunder 64507
14:49 huginn     rhcl: The current temperature in Wyatt Park, St Joseph, Missouri is 3.4°C (9:49 AM CDT on April 04, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: -0.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016 hPa (Rising).
14:53 phasefx    alright, looks like base64 MD5 re: password
15:06 reiveune   bye
15:12 phasefx    jfyi, I tried using the result from perl -MDigest::MD5 -e 'use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_base64); print md5_base64("password here") . "\n";' based on what I saw in opac-passwd.pl, but I seem to be fumble fingering it or doing something else wrong :)
15:35 huginn     New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 12034: standardize alerts referring to lists and list items <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=0f7b89633ed9e5be611a4d6c981bf3065670ba1a>
15:42 talljoy    @seen jcamins
15:42 huginn     talljoy: jcamins was last seen in #koha 1 day, 18 hours, 43 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <jcamins> @later tell ashimena QueryParser uses the QueryParser configuration file. It is orthogonal to Zebra.
15:48 dbs        phasefx: Koha/AuthUtils.pm says use Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt qw(bcrypt en_base64)
15:49 phasefx    dbs++
15:55 huginn     New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10818: improve display and translatability of sysprefs OAI-PMH:ConfFile's description <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=15b4f9bbe990224067aea8ac9ddfd02d524c84ad>
16:00 phasefx    for reference: perl -e 'use lib "/usr/share/koha/lib/"; use Koha::AuthUtils; print Koha::AuthUtils::hash_password("password here") . "\n";'
16:10 magnuse    the password algorithm was changed not too long ago
16:13 * magnuse  goes back to making pizza
16:21 mtompset   Greetings, #koha.
16:32 cait       bye all :)
16:53 gaetan_B   bye!
17:19 drojf      hi #koha
17:42 druthb     drojf!
17:42 * druthb   waves.
17:42 drojf      druthb!
17:42 drojf      :)
17:45 cait       drojf, druthb
18:01 druthb     cait!
18:01 cait       :)
18:12 mtompset   Question... let's say I have a line of code that I want to see the history for, how would I do that?
18:33 cait       git blame -L line, line is normally what i do
18:41 cait       mtompset: i think i don't agree with the username change
18:41 cait       the field takes cardnumber or username
18:41 cait       login seems better to me
18:42 mtompset   Valid point.
18:42 mtompset   Though, I'm frequently confused by log in interfaces where I don't know what it is expecting for input.
18:42 mtompset   Perhaps 'Username / Cardnumber'?
18:43 mtompset   Or a tool tip on the text box?
18:43 cait       not sure it might differe from library to library
18:43 cait       i thought login was neutral
18:43 mtompset   It is neutral. Neutral to the point of not knowing.
18:44 mtompset   some sites expect an email address.
18:44 mtompset   some sites expect me to remember a number.
18:44 cait       but youget told by your library
18:44 cait       and with the new text... libraries could put a note there
18:44 cait       but still not change the label in a translatable way
18:44 mtompset   So, you think the Staff client should be changed to match then?
18:44 cait       not sure
18:44 cait       ah meh
18:44 mtompset   Because it says 'Username'.
18:44 cait       maybe we should discuss that with another native speaker
18:45 cait       no idea
18:45 cait       i might be just too tired to think :)
18:45 mtompset   Yes, but to still do an amazing job of thinking half-awake and tired. :)
18:45 mtompset   ^but you^
18:46 mtompset   Silly typos.
18:46 cait       tired too? :)
18:46 mtompset   I have a serious head cold.
18:46 mtompset   My sinuses are clogged.
18:47 cait       ew
18:47 cait       stay away from me
18:47 cait       i am off work for 2 weeks now
18:47 cait       i don't want to get that
18:47 mtompset   Thankfully, we haven't mastered transporter technology.
18:47 mtompset   There's no way for you to catch it here. :)
18:48 mtompset   Greetings, rhcl.
18:48 rhcl       hi mtompset
18:49 mtompset   git blame -L # {file} only tells me the last change. I want a history of changes of that line.
18:49 mtompset   I did find a --since parameter which kind of helped me walk back.
18:51 cait       yeah there are ways
18:55 mtompset   Oh, I was pleased to be talking with my Filipino librarian colleague yesterday/today, and he was telling me that he was teaching his library interns how to set up Koha. :)
18:57 cait       :)
18:58 mtompset   YAY! Results of me training him are paying off. :)
19:11 rhcl       I played this video for my class last night...
19:11 rhcl       http://youtu.be/mSb5Dxi5jSA
19:13 rhcl       Karam++