Time  Nick        Message
23:52 * dcook     wishes he had an extra set of hands so he could eat and program simultaneously more efficiently
23:51 dcook       Mmm hummous and garlic bagel crisps
22:50 eythian     I wouldn't be surprised.
22:50 dcook       That also sounds familiar...perhaps you did the same thing last year?
22:50 eythian     user error
22:50 eythian     yeah, that looks better now.
22:49 eythian     I think I may have forgotten to --all
22:49 dcook       The scrollback said mtompset and cait were having issues fetching from Git, I think
22:49 eythian     maybe I did something silly
22:49 eythian     oh
22:49 eythian     fetch should be.
22:49 eythian     I also had to do a fetch --tags to get the tag, which means that no branch I'm tracking was pointed to by the tag, which is very unusual
22:48 rangi       hmm fetch not getting the new one?
22:48 eythian     something odd is happening
22:48 eythian     yeah. but my version in git is older.
22:47 rangi       http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/3.14.x   that one?
22:46 eythian     why is 3.14.x much older than v3.14.05?
22:45 eythian     I was looking in the wrong place
22:45 eythian     oh
22:45 eythian     how come there's no 3.14.x branch?
21:17 cait        hi eythian :)
21:17 eythian     hi
20:22 cait        morning rangi
20:09 rangi       morning
19:47 * cait      waves
15:19 pianohacker woot woot timezones
15:16 cait        I am having early dinner :)
15:16 cait        ah
15:16 pianohacker cait: sounds good to me, still waking up
15:15 cait        give me 20 mins?
15:15 cait        hi pianohacker
15:15 pianohacker yo, cait
02:43 mtompset    Have a great weekend, #koha.
01:59 mtompset    Anyone active now familiar with template filters, particularly $KohaDates?
00:50 mtompset    Okay... why would someone want a branch on a biblio record?!