Time  Nick       Message
23:51 papa       hey, hi there!
23:49 * dcook    is hoping to be travelling in Greece in Sept/Oct :p
23:49 mtompset   Why not, dcook? Why would you want Kohacon14 is some other month than September or October?
23:49 mtompset   Greetings, dcook papa.
23:29 * dcook    just hopes Kohacon14 isn't in Sept/Oct
23:29 dcook      Argentina \o/
22:11 cait       not so sure now
22:09 cait       it seemed easiest
22:09 eythian    I haven't burnt a CD in a long time now.
22:08 cait       hm guess i figured it out
22:07 * cait     is trying to burn an iso image here...
22:07 cait       why will brasero just blink in the menu and then go away?
22:06 cait       well, guess there are at least 4 corners in the room ;)
22:06 cait       hah!
22:06 eythian    rangi is going for hard liquor.
22:06 jcamins    cait: water.
22:05 cait       jcamins: and what will you drink?
22:05 rangi      speaking of which, brb
22:05 rangi      heh
22:05 jcamins    cait: same for hard liquor, of course. :P
22:05 rangi      coffee then
22:04 cait       you are not helping jared
22:03 jcamins    cait: wine has a high enough alcohol level that you should be fine with that.
22:03 rangi      hehe
22:03 cait       I guess i will have to make new friends at kohacon,..
22:02 bag        OMGinny cait!  yes yes go stand in the corner :P
22:01 cait       nope
22:01 cait       and coming from a german
22:01 rangi      go stand in the corner
22:01 rangi      thats crazy talk
22:00 cait       but beer is yuck.
22:00 bag        and hops to preserve the beer :)
22:00 eythian    heh
22:00 cait       (nothing new there)
22:00 rangi      the beer rule, not the steak one
22:00 cait       I am worried
22:00 eythian    She'll be drinking the water.
22:00 cait       nope not at all
22:00 * rangi    actually followed that rule in quite a bit of rural china
22:00 eythian    cait won't be safe then.
21:59 rangi      exactly
21:59 cait       and desinfected because of the alcohol?
21:59 cait       lol
21:58 rangi      :)
21:58 rangi      and of course, can only drink beer, as that water has been boiled, so its safe
21:57 rangi      i better buy 2 seats for the return flight
21:57 rangi      and cinamon rolls
21:57 rangi      and fries
21:57 rangi      all steak, all the time
21:55 cait       although i shouldn't
21:55 * cait     likes that idea
21:55 cait       lol
21:55 rangi      ill just eat masses of incredibly fried stuff
21:54 rangi      so i wasnt planning on eating sea food anyway
21:54 rangi      on the plus side, reno is far from any ocean
21:53 cait       if that somehow makes me not make it to reno - i will be majorly grumpy
21:52 jcamins    Our government is dead set on setting new records on stupidity, and there aren't a lot left to break.
21:52 rangi      hehe
21:52 eythian    rangi: on the other hand, I'm sure customs won't be checking and you can just bring your own food :)
21:51 rangi      The furlough means more than 90% of the foreign seafood Americans eat is coming through unchecked, as well as half the fruit and one-fifth of the vegetables.
21:51 rangi      heh, unfortunately its not just shrimp
21:51 cait       rangi: because you wan to eat tons of shrimp?
21:50 jcamins    rangi: yeah... don't see that happening.
21:49 rangi      http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/10/what-the-us-government-has-to-do-with-your-popcorn-shrimp/280327/
21:49 rangi      they best sort this crap out by kohacon
21:44 eythian    very high read load for very small write load helps too
21:44 eythian    handful of webservers.
21:44 eythian    yeah
21:44 jcamins    Where stuff = stuff.co.nz not just random stuff.
21:44 eythian    jcamins: no, but it's still not running on a lot of hardware.
21:43 jcamins    eythian: right, but hopefully you're not using MacBook Airs to serve stuff.
21:43 eythian    or the stuff cluster's being able to serve 10 people vs. a million :)
21:43 jcamins    Also, HAProxy is really cool.
21:42 jcamins    Once it started hitting the cache more often than not, it also got faster, but as long as my searches are reasonably fast, that's fairly unimportant next to the difference between being able to serve 100 users and being able to serve 400 users.
21:41 eythian    (local cache == in my dev environment)
21:41 eythian    Oh yes, when I was working on stuff.co.nz, having an empty local cache caused a page load to take minutes. After that it was a second.
21:40 rangi      *nod*
21:39 jcamins    Once the cache warmed up, CPU usage dropped down to just above 100%.
21:39 jcamins    When it started out, CPU usage was just under 400%, and some of the searches timed out.
21:38 jcamins    BTW, if anyone wants proof that caching is about scaling just as much as speed, I just ran a whole bunch of searches load balanced across three VMs.
21:32 rangi      heh
21:30 bag        :P
21:30 bag        s/you're/your
21:30 bag        rangi: you should send pianohacker you're koha blobbie shirt so he can wear that and petter can look for that shirt :)
21:29 cait       typoed :)
21:29 cait       ah
21:29 wahanui    hackfest13 is, like, http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon13/Hackfest
21:29 cait       hm hackfest13?
21:29 bag        I was just telling pianohacker that he is flying with petter
21:29 cait       and the hackfest14?
21:29 cait       yeah that one :)
21:29 bag        yes yes I did
21:29 bag        http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon13/Arrivals
21:28 cait       hmm
21:28 cait       arrivals?
21:28 cait       bag did you see our arrivals page on the wiki?
21:28 wahanui    thanks cait :)
21:28 cait       wahanui botsnack cookie
21:27 wahanui    go back to bed, eythian
21:27 bag        hey eythian
21:25 eythian    hi
20:57 ebegin     cait, not yet, I was busy at something else
20:57 cait       lucky guess
20:56 drojf      how do you know? :D
20:55 cait       drojf: wifi hating you again?
20:51 cait       ebegin: did you figure it out?
20:36 rangi      to jonathan probably
20:36 rangi      send a patch based against that
20:36 rangi      ebegin: http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=contrib/global.git;a=summary
20:33 ebegin     Hey ! How do we submit changes to KOCT ?
20:31 wahanui    rumour has it anything is possible with enough development work :)
20:31 cait       or anything
20:31 cait       it's not like this channel was logged
20:31 cait       ok, I won't
20:31 drojf      aaaaw, don't tell anyone
20:30 cait       drojf: aren't you already? :)
20:29 oleonard   Bye #koha
20:27 drojf      good night magnuse
20:27 magnuse    have fun!
20:27 drojf      and i think i will be quite insane by then :D
20:26 magnuse    well, those are the only semweb books i have read, apart from "practical rdf" whixh is way out of date
20:26 drojf      i'd consider going to SWIB but i have to hand in said thesis shortly after
20:26 cait       good night magnuse :)
20:26 magnuse    oh well, gotta run
20:26 drojf      magnuse++
20:26 drojf      cool, i see if we got those here. thanks!
20:25 magnuse    drojf: "semantic web for the working ontologist" if you want to learn about modeling, "learning sparql" by DuCharme for the obvious reason and "programming the semantic web" by segaran, evans & taylor for the really practical programming stuff
20:23 magnuse    but i really, really think anyine interested in libraries and it should go there
20:23 drojf      magnuse: oh that reminds me, can you recommend a book about semantic web? i wonder if i can use that for my thesis on lexicography
20:23 magnuse    s/ut/it/
20:23 magnuse    i'll have to think about ut
20:23 magnuse    mostly, i was just thinking of a way to meet cool koha people in europe ;-)
20:22 drojf      because i asked him a while ago and he said no. i wondered if that changed now :)
20:22 magnuse    drojf: i really, really want to go to swib, but i have forgotten about it for a while
20:22 * cait     goes to hide somewhere
20:22 drojf      yes
20:22 cait       oh
20:22 rangi      i think he meant to swibl
20:21 drojf      huh?
20:21 cait       tsk.
20:20 cait       please stop torturing him.
20:19 drojf      magnuse: you're going?
20:15 magnuse    yay!
20:14 cait       ah hamburg, hamburg is nice
20:14 magnuse    hey, we should all meet at http://swib.org/swib13/programme.php
20:13 wahanui    i guess kohacon14 is in Argentina!
20:13 cait       kohacon14?
20:13 cait       kohacon14 is in Argentina!
20:13 wahanui    cait: I forgot kohacon14
20:13 cait       forget kohacon14
20:13 wahanui    ...but kohacon14 is submissions due by 15 September, voting to commence first week of October...
20:13 cait       wahanui kohacon14 is in Argentina!
20:13 wahanui    i think argentina is in for kohacon13
20:13 cait       argentina!
20:13 cait       magnuse: we will see :)
20:13 bag        heh
20:13 bag        and sees the vote :)
20:12 bag        checks mail
20:12 magnuse    argentina won
20:12 magnuse    yup
20:12 bag        is the voting over for next year?
20:12 magnuse    cait: 2016 perhaps?
20:12 cait       magnuse: sometime i want to... not sure when and how
20:11 cait       hehe
20:11 oleonard   Yes, by offering escalating levels of free sweets to attendees!
20:11 magnuse    cait: you want to host kohacon in 2018 too?
20:11 cait       magnuse: let's fight over it :P
20:10 magnuse    bag: definitely no reno for me. hopefully marseille in the not too distant future! and kohacon in norway in 2018, perhaps? :-)
20:09 * cait     waves at bag
20:09 bag        sorry man I thought you'd be coming…  but I'll see you in France again?
20:08 bag        oh no kohacon for you?
20:08 * magnuse  is not flying anywhere...
20:08 bag        rangi you fly tomorrow right?  magnuse in two days :)  just kidding - but it's fun to screw up international timezones and dates :P
20:05 magnuse    maybe next year? :-)
20:05 magnuse    ah, too bad...
20:05 rangi      back btw
20:05 rangi      magnuse: none at all
20:05 huginn     magnuse: The operation succeeded.
20:05 magnuse    @later tell rangi: did you have any more contact with the catmandu people, about attending kohacon?
19:45 * cait     it totally up to date
19:45 cait       :)
19:45 oleonard   Oh look, IRC regulars, your information is out of date: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/IRC_Regulars Maybe. Some of you.
19:13 jcamins    [off] Ohhhh. Now I understand!
19:13 rangi      bbiab
19:13 rangi      right school time
19:13 rangi      [off] but yeah all your code is on github, licensed under a free software license, and i could grab it all now, you're doing it wrong it should have to pay to play!!
19:11 rangi      the code may be open one day, but its not now, and its certainly not openly developed
19:11 cait       [off] lol?
19:11 jcamins    [off] Ooh ooh! Biblionarrator is programmed by a single company! And it's open source! Where are my millions?
19:10 cait       yes, lots of funding from mellon foundation
19:10 cait       from specifications the libraries agree too
19:10 rangi      with a few million dollars in funding
19:10 jcamins    And invite people to apply to work on the system at some point in the future.
19:10 cait       programmed by one single company
19:10 cait       oleonard: it's a group funded Ils
19:10 cait       but others don't
19:10 oleonard   I'm not familiar with Kuali
19:09 cait       i think
19:09 cait       on the website they call it community source
19:09 rangi      why they call it open source?
19:08 oleonard   I don't get it
19:08 rangi      karma
19:08 rangi      ah well
19:07 cait       i know
19:07 rangi      *cough* open source *cough*
19:03 rangi      http://lanyrd.com/2013/kduk13/ therer
19:02 rangi      https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A2=ind1310&L=LIS-OSS&F=&S=&P=52
19:02 cait       hm, is the conf program somewhere?
19:01 rangi      http://lanyrd.com/2013/kduk13/scpqfr/
18:53 cait       wise :)
18:51 oleonard   Sometimes you have to send a few follow-ups to push the first one through the pipe
18:46 rangi      there will probably be a few to the main list now, cos ive just let them ones being held through
18:45 drojf      rangi: yes i found an email telling me that. i sent another one only to the main list. the dev list automatically threw away two of the ccs i think
18:44 mtompset   I had that happen once to me.
18:44 rangi      combination
18:44 mtompset   Is that TO or CC or a combination of recipients?
18:44 mtompset   Greetings, rangi. :)
18:43 cait       morning rangi
18:43 rangi      drojf: its not the cc, the mailing lists dont like too many recipients, it looks like spam to them and it gets held for me to moderate
18:41 mtompset   Greetings, drojf.
18:24 drojf      hi cait :)
18:24 cait       hi drojf
18:24 drojf      good evening #koha
18:08 tcohen     thanks all of u for your support
18:08 tcohen     bye #koha
18:03 mtompset   A signoff and HTTPS... I guess it hasn't been too unproductive today. :)
17:56 jcamins    mtompset: you might want to consider reading a good introduction to HTTP. I'm sure O'Reilly has one.
17:53 jcamins    mtompset: for that you'd probably just buy a wildcard certificate.
17:52 mtompset   oh, so like library and library-admin for some domain.org not matching the certificate for domain.org?
17:52 jcamins    At least, you're unlikely to run out. I'm not sure if there's an actual limit.
17:52 tcohen     agreed, that's IP based virtual hosts
17:52 jcamins    You can have as many IPs as you want on a single server.
17:52 jcamins    Per virtual host.
17:51 tcohen     if you host only one URL in the server...
17:51 jcamins    *host
17:51 jcamins    tcohen: that's why you should have one IP per hsot.
17:51 tcohen     its a design problem in name-based virtual hosts
17:50 tcohen     and browsers complain about the SSL certificate CN not matching the URL
17:50 mtompset   how is that a design problem, tcohen?
17:50 tcohen     the SSL conection is set 'before' the GET is sent
17:49 jcamins    Given that you're using Apache + CGI no matter what, and otherwise have no reason to use a proxy, I can't really think of a reason to add that much complexity.
17:49 tcohen     there's a desing problem with HTTPS
17:49 mtompset   and having the proxy map HTTPS to HTTP behind the scenes.
17:48 mtompset   putting up a proxy in front of it.
17:47 druthb     Any time *any* personal information is being passed around the 'net, SSL is better than not-SSL...I think that's a pretty blanket-able statement.
17:45 jcamins    As opposed to?
17:44 mtompset   Now the question is... is that the best way to handle koha?
17:42 mtompset   Then modified the working koha instance file and ports.conf accordingly.
17:42 mtompset   Got the default SSL working.
17:42 mtompset   Woo hoo! I kicked it into SSL.
17:39 tcohen     :D
17:39 druthb     is!
17:36 cait       isn#t it great? :)
17:33 druthb     oh!  congratulations, tcohen, on Cordoba's selection for next year!  :)
17:26 cait       i am glad the librarians are so excited about it :)
17:26 cait       :)
17:25 tcohen     hidden behind his IT profile
17:25 tcohen     exactly
17:25 cait       and sending a spy to kohacon13? ;)
17:24 cait       :)
17:24 tcohen     heh
17:24 tcohen     librarians are creating a KohaCon task force
17:24 cait       oh? :)
17:24 tcohen     there's a revolution at UNC because of KohaCon14
17:24 tcohen     adding to the wiki pagfe
17:24 cait       i have some list too :)
17:24 cait       that would be nice :)
17:23 tcohen     (during hackfest)
17:23 tcohen     hmm, besides the UTF stuff, we could make columns.def translatable
17:19 tcohen     ok, that'd be a good general rule
17:19 cait       i mean i'd like the default to be quite complete :)
17:18 cait       a lot of libraries can't do this kind of enh - and then deleting is easier then adding :)
17:18 tcohen     thanks cait, jcamins
17:18 cait       :)
17:18 huginn     04Bug 7525: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , some database fields are displayed 'as is' when they are linked to autorised values
17:18 wahanui    general bug is probably here, but didn't get much attention : http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7525
17:18 jcamins    General bug.
17:18 cait       hmi woud like to see it added
17:18 tcohen     this kind of request should be trated as a general bug or is it something to fix indoors?
17:18 cait       that is possible i think
17:17 tcohen     #koha, question: i have librarians that say Koha doesn't show some map-specific data on XSLT detail pages
17:10 mtompset   Can't get it to work.
17:10 * mtompset grumbles about apache.
16:59 druthb     The first five hits are all good stuff...some do dummy-certs, some do commercial certs.
16:58 cait       yeah, lots of evil looking warning messages without a proper cert
16:58 druthb     http://lmgtfy.com/?q=apache+ssl+debian
16:58 druthb     you can do a self-signed cert for your test install, but it will annoy people to do it in production.
16:57 cait       mtompset: we run all our installation under https - opac and staff
16:57 mtompset   Can't I run with this in my test system if I accept the evilness?
16:56 druthb     That's the first part.  you need to make a certificate signing request, and go get your SSL key from whomever, and install it, after that.
16:55 mtompset   right?
16:55 mtompset   sudo openssl req -newkey rsa:2048 -new -x509 -days 3652 -nodes -out kohassl.crt -keyout kohassl.pem
16:55 druthb     There's nothing about Koha per se that is SSL or non-SSL, mtompset.  You just serve the OPAC or staff client over SSL ports, or not, that's all.
16:54 druthb     (that's the tetchy part)
16:54 druthb     (tjat
16:53 druthb     it's not hard at all, once you have a certificate installed.
16:53 mtompset   Have either of you ever forced Koha to do SSL?
16:51 druthb     Hi, mtompset. :)
16:51 * cait     waves
16:50 mtompset   Greetings, druthb cait. :)
16:41 mtompset   Anyone familiar with forcing koha to do SSL?
16:26 reiveune   bye
16:10 mtompset   Greetings, #koha.
15:21 luca_      Thank you very much!
15:21 luca_      We had not seen the "Advanced constaints" TAB
15:20 luca_      OK, thank you!!!
15:07 jcamins    luca_: http://manual.koha-community.org/3.12/en/catadmin.html#editsubfields
15:06 luca_      I already tried modifying bib-famework, but didn't find the "visible" field
15:05 luca_      if I get a marc record (from z39.50) in which it is already visible then, ok, I have it
15:04 kf         please take a look at the manual about modifying your bibliographic frameworks - I think you need to take a look at the tab field and the hidden values should be empty
15:04 luca_      yes, i want to see it in the MARC record, when for instance I click "new record"
15:00 kf         to make it visible in the detail pages more work is needed
15:00 kf         you can make it visible in cataloguing
14:59 luca_      i want to see the 84 field...
14:59 luca_      where i can set the hidden filds?
14:57 luca_      advanced option in wich menu?
14:49 luca_      "advanced options" where is?
14:46 kf         and not only the field, but also take a look at the subfields
14:46 kf         in the advancedoptions
14:46 kf         and the tab
14:46 kf         check the hidden value
14:44 luca_      but it still doesn't show
14:44 luca_      we set 84 mandatory:yes
14:43 luca_      no, doesn't work....
14:42 luca_      ...
14:42 luca_      ok, i'm going to try
14:39 kf         luca_: you probably need to adjust your bibliographic frameworks to have the field not hidden as a first step
14:39 luca_      i don't know how to do...
14:37 luca_      ?
14:37 luca_      How can i solve this
14:36 luca_      but if the book hasn't the field, i can see just the 82 field (dewej classification)
14:36 luca_      hi, i have this problem: i want to use the field 084 in marc record (because i want to use an other classification number)
14:09 kf         you can have bugs that depend on each other
14:09 kf         yes
14:07 kivilahtio maybe using the depends-field in bugzilla?
14:06 kivilahtio make one patch and have other patches depend on that? like bug_10993 -> bug_10995 -> bug_10996 ?
14:06 kivilahtio kf: How should I format my patches then? I have one as a central access point to check if Branchtransfer is ok + unit tests. Then I need to modify all use cases of reservation to support BranchTransferLimits. This includes API's and OPAC and staff client. Then I need to modify the build_holds_queue.pl . I understood that you should have only one patch, but I think that might be a bit impossible :)  How should I link my bugs together? Can I
13:51 kf         especially difficult to do with holds, but needed
13:51 kf         kivilahtio: don't forget... small testable steps.
13:47 oleonard   Extending X to holds is a big thing for any value of X.
13:44 kivilahtio just looking through the build_holds_queue.pl and it is pretty interesting
13:44 kivilahtio wow, extending these UseBranchTransferLimits to holds is a big thing :)
13:38 kf         oleonard++ thx for your input :)
13:36 kf         i will try to do some with different date formats
13:36 kf         :)
13:36 kf         sounds good to me
13:34 oleonard   I think we could remove it after doing some more testing
13:33 kf         or should it be kept and needs to be a syspref... or third option?
13:33 kf         what do you think? could we remove the read-only on that grounds? with a bit more testing?
13:33 kf         oleonard: that sounds good
13:32 oleonard   It didn't like a 1900 date ("1900-01-01"), which was translated to 3800-01-01, but it correctly rejected two-digit years
13:31 oleonard   kf: Koha seems to handle manual entry of dates pretty well now, aside from the 12:00AM time if you don't include one
12:39 * kf       throws confetti
12:38 tcohen     too!!
12:37 kf         I am very happy with the results :)
12:37 kf         :)
12:36 tcohen     #koha: thanks for trusting us :-D
12:36 tcohen     oh
12:36 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10609 trivial, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Use branch name rather than branch code in serials-collection.pl
12:36 kf         tcohen: congratulations :)
12:36 tcohen     bug 10609
12:35 kivilahtio g'day
12:35 kf         good morning :)
12:35 tcohen     morning
12:27 magnuse    hiya oleonard
12:25 kf         hi oleonard :)
12:23 oleonard   Hi #koha
12:08 kf         not sure about that routine
12:02 kivilahtio kf: I think I am misunderstanding the sql :) or some strange behaviour in my IDE
11:58 kf         it is an option that you can use a bilbio level itemtyp - item-level_itypes I think
11:57 kivilahtio kf: ok
11:55 kf         which i woudl recommend
11:55 kf         and the itemtype there won't be used if you have item level itypes
11:55 kf         it's because koha used to have a frbr like database structure that there are biblioitems
11:54 kf         biblio + bilbioitems = bibliographic information, items = items
11:54 kf         biblioitems are not items
11:54 kf         kivilahtio: I think you don't understand how it works
11:41 kivilahtio I just realized that the biblioitem has no collection code, just itemtype
11:34 kivilahtio they wont be included in the Get"Biblio"-SELECT. This is very cofusing, since I thought I am pulling a biblioitem from the DB instead of a item.
11:34 kivilahtio Hi #Koha! I think I found a bug, but I am not sure. I was writing test cases and stumbled upon this behaviour. Item has no itemtype or collection code, but the biblio has them defined in the bibliotems-table. When I use the C4::Biblio::GetBiblioFromItemNumber( $item->{itemnumber} ) I actually get the contents of the items-table, instead of the biblioitems-table. So even if the biblioitems-table has the collection code and itemtype defined,
11:24 magnuse    bgkriegel++ tcohen++
11:05 drojf      :)
11:05 drojf      yes, congratulations :=
11:04 bgkriegel  Good news for us!! :)
10:54 drojf      ^^
10:54 drojf      the mailing lists don't like CC
10:50 huginn     kf: The operation succeeded.
10:50 kf         @later tell tcohen congratulations!
10:33 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10010 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Use jQueryUI Accordion to display constraints in MARC subfield editor
10:33 magnuse    and yay for bug 10010
10:29 kf         that too :)
10:29 magnuse    yay for clear results!
10:23 kf         :)
10:23 kf         WOHOOOOO!
10:23 drojf      spoiler alert: i had another look at the votes. there are not as many duplicates as i thought at first, some things look a little fishy on both sides and the vote is very clearly in favour of argentina for kohacon 2014.
10:17 magnuse    yeah, i think that has to be it
10:17 magnuse    use an include for normarc, then if/when that gets pushed, do a followup for marc21, using the same include?
10:17 magnuse    what's the proper way to do that for marc21, i wonder
10:16 magnuse    most of those files could go in an include
10:16 magnuse    and now i want to add a version for normarc...
10:16 magnuse    ooh, massive code duplication between marc21_field_006.tt and marc21_field_008.tt
09:49 * kf       thinks we volunteered the right person for the job ;)
09:49 kf         for being thorough
09:49 kf         drojf++ :)
09:49 magnuse    yeah
09:46 drojf      let's hope it is the same on both sides and blame server errors. :)
09:43 magnuse    yay!
09:39 drojf      yes, i guess that was the point of doing that. :P we will see, i check tonight
09:36 magnuse    and did they vote for the same thing with both/all addresses?
09:36 magnuse    sounds like un-fun
09:29 drojf      more than i would have expected
09:28 drojf      magnuse: yes. and obviously same people using a gmail and another address. or a name+something@gmail address on top of the regular one
09:27 drojf      hi kf and magnuse
09:26 wahanui    patch workflow is at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Bug-enhancement-patch_Workflow
09:26 kf         patch workflow?
09:26 magnuse    are there multiple occurences of the same email addresses?
09:26 magnuse    yeah drojf++
09:26 kf         and drojf++
09:25 kf         we missed you :)
09:25 kf         good morning drojf
09:24 kf         :(
09:24 magnuse    ouch!
09:23 drojf      if less people had voted twice or even more, i would have a preliminary result of the kohacon 2014 vote now :/
09:21 drojf      good morning #koha
08:12 gaetan_B   hello
07:29 magnuse    kia ora kf
07:29 kf         morning magnuse :)
07:29 * kf       grumbles about mondays and time moving too fast
07:28 * magnuse  grumbles about weird file formats
07:16 samueld    hi everybody :-)
07:03 huginn     Oak: The operation succeeded.
07:03 Oak        @later tell mtompset http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24292-first-physical-evidence-of-why-youre-an-owl-or-a-lark.html
07:01 mtompset   Have a great day (24 hour period), #koha.
07:00 mtompset   Shoot. 3am... I should sleep.
07:00 mtompset   Greetings, Oak.
06:49 Oak        cait++
06:47 cait       bbl
06:47 cait       ok, it worked :)
06:45 reiveune   I would have to do it, yes.
06:44 mtompset   reiveune: I see you here often. Perhaps you should be on the list of regulars? http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/IRC_Regulars
06:42 reiveune   hi :)
06:42 mtompset   Bonjour, reiveune. :)
06:41 reiveune   hello
06:40 mtompset   Ah... I didn't know that RUSMARC was UNIMARC. I thought it was a MARC21 variant.
06:40 cait       hm doesn't seem so
06:39 mtompset   If anyone can do it, you can, cait. :)
06:39 * cait     must be crazy
06:39 * cait     tries to catalog multilanguage authorities in unimarc before work...
06:38 wahanui    well, unimarc is http://www.ifla.org/en/publications/unimarc-formats-and-related-documentation
06:38 cait       unimarc?
06:38 magnuse    i just need to swap the columns in the file i got..
06:37 magnuse    yeah, but i think it will be ok :-)
06:36 mtompset   oh, and make sure your string matching is exact... those substring matching multiple items would be a BAD thing.
06:34 mtompset   Your pain will come for the indexing. :P
06:33 magnuse    (famous last words...)
06:33 magnuse    yeah, it's almost too easy...
06:33 * mtompset nods.
06:33 magnuse    got a file now with itemnumbers and barcodes, so i just have to turn that into "update items set barcode = x where barcode = y"
06:33 mtompset   Well, at least there should be a way to map them behind the scenes to fix it.
06:33 mtompset   Yuck.
06:32 magnuse    or they exported the equvalent of itemnumbers in place of the barcodes
06:32 magnuse    the old system "forgot" to include barcodes in the exported data
06:32 magnuse    fixing leftovers from a migration
06:32 mtompset   What fun things are you working on, magnuse?
06:29 huginn     04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10799 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Able to become self-checkout staff user in OPAC
06:29 mtompset   Now to contemplate bug 10799
06:29 magnuse    yay!
06:26 * mtompset cheers, "THERE! I got self-checkout to work."
06:26 magnuse    hiya mtompset
06:26 mtompset   Greetings, magnuse.
06:20 * magnuse  waves
05:48 mtompset   Any ideas what I have to configure to get it to work?
05:47 mtompset   I'm having a problem with self-checkout log in.
05:47 mtompset   Greetings, eythian.
05:37 eythian    http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2013/09/oed-researcher/
04:18 * Oak      waves
01:30 mtompset   blou: Are you still here?! Or did you just leave your IRC client running since Friday.
01:30 mtompset   Greetings, #koha.
00:15 wizzyrea   so. stupid.
00:15 eythian    the best money can buy
00:15 wizzyrea   so books that are public domain in many other places aren't in the US
00:14 jcamins    eythian: they probably do, but that doesn't make my country any less stupid. :(
00:14 wizzyrea   US has stupid copyright laws
00:14 eythian    do they not sell to the US?
00:14 jcamins    They have reasonable copyright laws, so those books are public domain.
00:13 jcamins    eythian: wish I were in Australia.