Time  Nick      Message
00:00 tcohen    q
00:01 tcohen    hi #koha
03:18 mtompset  Greetings, #koha.
03:19 mtompset  ARG! Came up with a scenario I don't like for cardnumbers.
03:20 mtompset  The changing of the checkdigit syspref.
03:23 mtompset  More thinking to follow. :(
04:52 * tcohen  loves malbec
08:38 AmitG     mtj around?
08:41 AmitG     rangi around?
14:31 tcohen    hi wizzyrea
14:31 tcohen    hi jcamins
14:32 cait      i am neither of them... but hi tcohen :)
14:33 tcohen    hi cait
14:58 * tcohen  sings *its striiiiing freeeze, alleluya its striiiing freeze*
14:59 tcohen    (ICE MC's rythm)
15:27 cait      hm
15:27 cait      it's raining strings.. alleluya... it's raining strings? :P
16:23 mtompset  Greetings, #koha.
16:24 mtompset  I'm curious if anyone knows what a group of archivists or librarians is called, in light of other things having special words (http://oxforddictionaries.com/words/what-do-you-call-a-group-of).
16:44 druthb    mtompset: a crazy?
16:44 wahanui   well, a crazy is if there is a mad scheme a library somewhere will be doing it ... except madder
16:46 * cait    glares a little at druthb
16:46 * druthb  gives cait a cookie
16:46 * cait    stops glarig and starts nibbling
16:47 druthb    :)
16:57 gmcharlt  heh
16:57 gmcharlt  http://www.warriorlibrarian.com/LOL/nouns.html
17:35 mtompset  gmcharlt++ # AWE-SOME!
17:36 * cait    carefully opens her QAM inbox
17:36 cait      767
17:36 cait      ugh
17:38 druthb    wahanui: cookie?
17:38 wahanui   The cookie jar is on the RM's desk, so you'd better ask him about that.
17:39 druthb    wahanui: cookies?
17:39 wahanui   Cookies are delicious delicacies
17:39 * druthb  wonders if jcamins is around.  Ruthie is in cookie heaven right now.
17:40 cait      .. and caity is being jealous
17:40 mtompset  Greetings, druthb gmcharlt cait. :)
17:40 druthb    Hi, mtompset! :)
17:49 gmcharlt  hi mtompset
17:57 mtompset  Looks like my fix for the cardnumber will have to include initial values for both settings of checkdigit.
17:58 mtompset  At least I have thought of a way for that. :)
17:58 mtompset  Have a great day (24 hour period), everyone. :)
18:47 * magnuse waves
18:57 * cait    waves back
21:32 * magnuse calls it a day