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23:16 jcamins      rangi: that's a great picture. Still no luck? :(
21:28 cait         nice picture!
21:23 cait         morning rangi
20:52 rangi        http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/8718123/All-I-want-for-my-birthday-is-Maui
17:31 wajasu       i have been looking at all the work/fixes in 3.12.  going to to a local install/upgrade and check it out.
17:14 * cait       still feels mean
17:13 Guest6612    valuable time spare for me
17:13 Guest6612    thank you for
17:08 wahanui      packages is at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
17:08 cait         packages?
17:08 cait         Guest6612: you should install the koha-common packages from our repositoy - it's all explained here:
17:07 Guest6612    when i am using git  koha is dowloading but few perl files like PDF,API2,XML,RSS etc not downloading
17:02 cait         Guest6612: sorry i didn't intent do be mean - it's just very hard for us to figure out how to fix your problem and you are more likely to run into more problems later if you have an installatoin noone of us is familiar with
17:01 drojf        it would sometimes be nice if people had to read a small introduction into recommended ways of koha installtion before they can get to articles like this…
16:58 drojf        also it will lead to a git installation. do you plan on developing koha? because otherwise you would not want to use git
16:57 drojf        i guess nobody besides the person that put it up would be able to answer any questions about it
16:57 drojf        that is the most exotic way of installation i have ever seen on the wiki
16:52 Guest6612    can I fix this version any way
16:51 Guest6612    few perl packages are not downloading i.e versions
16:50 cait         we are not going to help you do it the wrong way :)
16:50 cait         it's the easiest way
16:50 jcamins      Guest6612: I'm sorry, I can't really help any more. We have told you which set of instructions to follow.
16:50 cait         Guest6612: when you use the package,s you don't have to install the perl dependencies manually
16:49 Guest6612    tell me about perl packages for ubuntu 12.04 at place
16:49 cait         ubuntu precise...
16:48 jcamins      The wiki has user-submitted content. Anyone can add to it if they have something they want to share.
16:48 jcamins      Ah. On the wiki. I have no idea how those instructions are. I've never used them.
16:48 Guest6612    http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Install_Koha_via_Chef_and_Vagrant
16:47 cait         almost all other websites out there are outdated
16:47 cait         that will be the easiest way to install Koha.
16:47 wahanui      rumour has it packages is at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
16:47 cait         packages?
16:47 cait         yes, if you are running ubuntu oder debian, you shoudl follow the packages link i gave you earlier
16:46 jcamins      I'm not sure what you're talking about, but it is almost certainly not an official site.
16:46 wahanui      which site are you looking at
16:46 cait         which site?
16:46 Guest6612    I have seen your site for easy installation of koha
16:45 jcamins      I'm pretty sure they have IRC channels as well.
16:45 jcamins      I don't know anything about Chef or Vagrant, sorry.
16:45 Guest6612    could you tell me about chef and vagrant
16:44 jcamins      CPAN has nothing to do with Koha.
16:44 jcamins      Guest6612: in that case, there's nothing we can do to help you, sorry.
16:44 Guest6612    cpan install -f
16:43 jcamins      What command *exactly* are you running that is failing?
16:43 jcamins      What do you mean, "full Perl package"?
16:41 Guest6612    I am unable to downloading full perl package
16:41 wahanui      packages is probably at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
16:41 cait         packages?
16:41 cait         try the other link that says current stable release or follow the instructions here: packages?
16:41 cait         you are trying to download the ubuntu packages?
16:41 cait         ah
16:40 Guest6612    for ubuntu 12.04 LTS KOHA  perl packages not downloading
16:39 drojf        if a http download is not possible for you i think there is not much we can do. even if we had another server, it would be http too…
16:39 cait         maybe talk to your it people?
16:38 Guest6612    our proxy port is 8080
16:38 cait         so not sure if we can help you
16:38 cait         so not sure what if we can help you
16:38 Guest6612    yes
16:38 drojf        your LAN is blocking downloads?
16:38 cait         it's port 80
16:37 Guest6612    but our LAN fire is blocking some portion
16:37 cait         the link there should work - current stable release
16:36 Guest6612    yes
16:36 cait         I mean Koha :)
16:36 Guest6612    India
16:36 wahanui      download is http://koha-community.org/download-koha/
16:36 cait         download?
16:36 cait         Guest6612: where did you try to download from?
16:34 Guest6612    could you tell me any other sites to download
16:33 Guest6612    I am unable to down load koha 3.12 or 3.10 fully because of my Institute fire all
16:24 * cait       waves back
16:24 * druthb     waves to cait again.
16:24 druthb       pooh.  I missed that he'd lost connection.
16:23 druthb       Florencio looks like a good helper, tcohen!
16:19 cait         he lookslike he is waiting for myshkin to show up :)
16:19 cait         :)
16:16 tcohen       i have florencio, my cat
16:08 drojf        i'd say the cat has a tcohen
16:07 cait         you got a cat? :)
16:07 cait         h is that you tcohen?
15:59 tcohen       we're getting in touch with our #koha friends back after some days on a trip http://snag.gy/Pph9l.jpg
15:50 cait         :)
15:50 cait         tcohen: i hope you do!
15:49 tcohen       we'll apply for KOhaCon again for sure
15:49 wajasu       maybe
15:49 tcohen       maybe on 2014 :-D
15:48 wajasu       not yet. one day.
15:48 tcohen       did u visit argentina?¡
15:48 tcohen       probably wajasu :-D
15:48 wajasu       i think i had that in san jeronimo peru
15:43 tcohen       its may 25, today we eat Locro, yay!
15:14 druthb       hi, cait. :)
15:14 cait         hi druthb :)
13:40 tcohen       hi cait
13:39 cait         hi tcohen :)
13:35 tcohen       late morning #koha
12:21 cait         hi drojf
12:21 drojf        hi cait
11:59 cait         hi #koha
07:48 rangi        nope
07:48 cait         i thought it was for something else
07:47 cait         oh
07:47 rangi        with a bunch of tests already
07:47 rangi        there is already C4/SIP/t
07:42 cait         maybe somehwere closer to the sip things?
07:42 cait         where else could we put it?
07:42 cait         hm
07:27 rangi        i like the test, but not sure misc is the best place to put it
07:26 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9288 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Add a script to test SIP from the command line
07:26 rangi        hmm bug 9288
02:51 mtompset     Have a great day (24 hour period). :)
01:51 mtompset     Greetings, wajasu.
01:50 mtompset     I tried the live dvd. I emailed Vimal? some suggestions to improve it.
01:49 mtompset     Sorry for the slow reply. So so, I guess.
01:41 druthb       Pleasant!  yours?
01:39 mtompset     How's your weekend thus far?
01:38 druthb       Hi, mtompset! :)
01:38 mtompset     Greetings, druthb. :)
01:04 mtompset     The desktop is a convenient way to have to avoid explaining networking to someone who has never used linux.
00:40 mtompset     It really does make a good demonstration system.
00:28 mtompset     Interesting... it is a packages install on Xubuntu 12.04 with a desktop. It's set up as a port setup, not a named host setup.
00:22 mtompset     i'm giving the live DVD a whirl to see what it is like.
00:20 mtompset     Greetings, #koha.
00:08 rangi        if he wants to get updates yep, but it isnt required
00:07 anotherPeter should he take the bug too?
00:06 rangi        heh
00:06 anotherPeter rangi: that was so fast he didn't get to change the status :)
00:05 rangi        there we go, we just have to wake for a qa person to wake up now :)