Time  Nick         Message
02:04 gmcharlt     wahanui: be wizzyrea
02:04 wahanui      do you like my aspirational, irritatingly American, optimism?
02:35 jcamins      lol
02:43 wajasu       we
02:44 * wajasu     migrates to packages on a cold winter's eve
02:48 * wajasu     upgrading from Koha to
02:50 wajasu       not really a good idea.  i wonder if i can change the update to only go to an earlier version.  like maybe 3.10 or 3.8.5
02:51 wajasu       got to remove biblio items.  then runa script to rebuild auths from biblios.  then save the DB, and load it in the biblio packages 10.2
03:23 druthb       o/
03:24 bgkriegel    Hi druthb
03:24 druthb       Hi, bgkriegel. :)
03:24 bgkriegel    bad news, more "server error" messages on poolte :(
03:25 druthb       So I understand.  I'll be takin' a look at that this evening.
03:25 bgkriegel    sorry :)
03:26 druthb       not your fault! :)  You translators are so awesome, and been so very patient with me!
03:26 druthb       translators++
03:26 druthb       @karma translators
03:26 huginn       druthb: Karma for "translators" has been increased 4 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 4.
03:26 bgkriegel    hehe:)
03:27 druthb       that's too low!
03:33 * druthb     is being a crafty nerd tonight.
03:36 druthb       bgkriegel: Every report of trouble I've had has been on 3.12.  Are you having problems on 3.8/10 also, or are those workin'.
03:37 bag          hey druthb
03:37 druthb       hi, bag! :)
03:38 bag          @karma druthb
03:38 huginn       bag: Karma for "druthb" has been increased 180 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 179.
03:38 bag          @karma bag
03:38 huginn       bag: Karma for "bag" has been increased 8 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 8.
03:38 bag          :D
03:38 bag          @karma brendan
03:38 huginn       bag: Karma for "brendan" has been increased 28 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 28.
03:39 bgkriegel    druthb: logged in, click on My account, Server error, An error has occurred. Thank you for your patience.
03:39 druthb       ew
03:40 bgkriegel    that's new :)
03:40 bgkriegel    normally is file permissions
03:41 druthb       yes, it is.  does that to me, too.
03:42 bgkriegel    if I search for project, on 3.12 is permissions, "You do not have rights to access this translation project"
03:42 druthb       Okay...now *that*, I think I know the problem.
03:43 bgkriegel    Got it: "Error accessing None, Filesystem sent error: No space left on device"
03:43 bgkriegel    you must ask for more space
03:43 druthb       sure enough!
03:44 druthb       bgkriegel++
03:44 druthb       (or move some crap somewhere else!
03:44 bgkriegel    yeah
03:45 druthb       okay...gonna take it down for a few.
03:45 druthb       we've got a second partition, I'm gonna shift Pootle onto that; that's where the mysql DB already is.
03:46 bgkriegel    how much space use translation files?
03:47 jcamins      A lot!
03:48 druthb       yah, they're enormous.
03:50 druthb       bgkriegel: all right...give things a try?
03:52 bgkriegel    well, seems all ok
03:52 bgkriegel    (save for 3.12, don't have permissions on that project) :)
03:53 bgkriegel    think I never have, I sent you an email asking
03:54 druthb       got it.  Wonder if there's a fast way to *copy* permissions.
03:55 bgkriegel    perhaps in the database
03:55 bgkriegel    some insert/update
03:55 bgkriegel    i'll look
03:56 * wizzyrea1  waves
03:56 druthb       hi, wizzyrea1! :)
03:57 wizzyrea1    sup
03:57 * druthb     has her wiffle bat out, and is using it gently on the Pootle server
03:57 wizzyrea     why be gentle
03:58 * druthb     is a kind soul.
03:58 wizzyrea     :)
04:05 druthb       bgkriegel:  You *should* have 3.12 permissions now.  Check?
04:06 bgkriegel    not yet :)
04:06 bgkriegel    :(
04:06 * druthb     grumbles.
04:06 druthb       You have permission for everything at the "Spanish" level..and I *see* it on Spanish/3.12, but...
04:08 druthb       ah-hah.  now try?
04:08 bgkriegel    yep
04:08 bgkriegel    :)
04:08 druthb       wahoo!
04:08 * druthb     dances the funky chicken.
04:09 bgkriegel    not so fast! :)
04:09 * druthb     puts a mini-project on her list:  Audit all the permission sets on Pootle, make sure they're like they should be.  It's *messy*
04:09 druthb       eh?
04:10 bgkriegel    can see, but not same permissions.
04:10 bgkriegel    on 3.10 OverviewNewsTranslateReviewPermissionsFiles
04:10 bgkriegel    on 3.12 OverviewNewsTranslateReview
04:10 * druthb     scritches her head.
04:11 druthb       Hm.  Try now?  Should be the same
04:11 bgkriegel    Hurra!
04:11 bgkriegel    Yes :)
04:11 druthb       Awesome.
04:11 wahanui      That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, druthb
04:12 * druthb     puts INR40 in small coins in the jar.
04:12 bgkriegel    but still don't show in my account. Enough for now
04:14 druthb       "Settings" from My Account let you manipulate that quick-links page.
04:14 bgkriegel    right
04:14 bgkriegel    done
04:14 druthb       :)
04:14 * druthb     likes happy translators!
04:15 druthb       translators++
04:15 bgkriegel    TM: not an easy job :)
04:16 druthb       Nope.  Lots of little frittery details to get right on this.  Fortunately, it looks like Pootle will live in the same place for a while; that will help.
04:17 bgkriegel    Yes. no need to move. But ask for more space :)
04:18 druthb       Once I move the Pootle working directory, that solved the problem.  The root partition is not-large, just need to set up some warnings to holler when logs get big.
04:18 druthb       (and clean out the /tmp dir from time to time)
04:19 bgkriegel    Great. Also, there are other things that can live in translate.k-c:manual, frameworks, xml's
04:20 bgkriegel    there are many things to translate
04:20 druthb       yah.  My goal has been to get *more stuff* under Pootle control, and also smooth out the backend parts...
04:21 druthb       like, separating language files from the main repo, then letting Pootle commit to a git repo on its' own from time to time.
04:21 bgkriegel    yeah, read about that
04:22 druthb       I'd also like to patch the Koha translation bits so you don't need those screwy file names!
04:22 bgkriegel    hehe
04:24 druthb       as much as jcamins would probably *love* for me to get that done for 3.12, I don't think that most of that will happen.  *maybe*, though.
04:25 bgkriegel    when 3.12 comes?
04:26 druthb       In April.  Things are a little bit wild for me right now; I'll be moving in a couple of weeks.  But maybe I can squeeze in some time to get some of that accomplished.
04:27 bgkriegel    too close
04:27 druthb       Probably.  With the feature freeze, he may not let me do that sort of massaging.
04:28 bgkriegel    yes, probably not
04:30 druthb       I could try batting my eyes at him, and tempting him with more of my salsa.
04:31 bgkriegel    lol
04:32 bgkriegel    it could work, he's talking much about food lately :)
04:32 druthb       I am not much to look at, but my cooking is *amazing*
04:35 bgkriegel    very good for you, and for those who enjoy it :)
04:35 druthb       :)
04:36 * druthb     may have to ship some internationally, to a few favorite translators.  Or bring it to KohaCon.
04:37 bgkriegel    could have a special session :)
04:37 druthb       I am planning to present/lead a discussion, about where the translation bits go from here, and priorities and such.
04:38 jcamins      May.
04:38 bgkriegel    yes, mey
04:38 bgkriegel    may
04:38 druthb       May?  Ooh.  Then I might be able to sneak it in!
04:38 jcamins      And, splitting the repo does not require any development, so that's not subject to the freeze.
04:39 druthb       I may have to torque the /misc/translator/translate script a little, to adjust directories, etc.
04:40 jcamins      Nah, step one involves putting all the po files in in a sub-module in the same place. Easy peasy.
04:41 * jcamins    leaves to resume dish washing.
04:41 jcamins      I successfully finished the brownie pie and cranberry coulis, and sliced 7 radishes.
04:42 jcamins      It resulted in many dishes.
04:48 wizzyrea     ok now I'm hungry
04:48 wizzyrea     it's dinner time.
04:48 wizzyrea     also you people should go to bed.
04:48 wizzyrea     it's getting late.
04:49 bgkriegel    yeah, 1:46 AM here
04:49 druthb       22:46.
04:52 jenkins_koha Starting build #69 for job Koha_3.10.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
04:55 bgkriegel    bye
05:32 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.10.x build #69: SUCCESS in 40 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_3.10.x/69/
05:32 jenkins_koha * D Ruth Bavousett: updated translations for 3.10.3
05:32 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Updating DB version for release
05:32 jenkins_koha Starting build #276 for job Koha_3.8.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
05:51 mtj          does anyone know of a patch to move the module dir from under the prog theme dir, in the opac
05:53 mtj          … i guess ultimately it has no reason/need to be where it is, and should be moved one dir up?
06:09 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.8.x build #276: SUCCESS in 37 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_3.8.x/276/
06:09 jenkins_koha * D Ruth Bavousett: Updated translations for 3.8.10
06:09 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: 3.8.10 release notes
06:09 jenkins_koha * Chris Cormack: Updating DB version for 3.8.10 release
06:16 wizzyrea     mtj I do not know of such a thing but i agree it probably should be done.
06:32 wizzyrea     i did a little work on ccsr - http://i.imgur.com/qNytA02.png
06:34 wizzyrea     (thing one etc is because I wanted to style those menus without being logged in.)
06:37 mtj          wizzyrea++ lookin' good
06:37 mtj          ah yep ^^
06:37 wizzyrea     there are some weird inconsistencies in ccsr that make me feel a bit twitchy
06:38 mtj          yeah, i personally think the magical dissapearing left column is a pain, as well as a feature :/
06:38 mtj          ie: the left opac-nav area
06:42 mtj          the ccsr theme is def. easier on the eyes
06:42 mtj          the colors are less jarring, its more generally 'soothing' , i think...
06:43 mtj          no…, i *feel* :)
06:44 wizzyrea     i like it, I think. the mobile side is fine I think
06:44 mtj          the calming greys of ccsr sooth my tired nerdy eyes
06:44 wizzyrea     but it looks a little... it looks like a lot of other things.
06:44 mtj          no  no wiz… you *feel*
06:44 wizzyrea     sorry I FEEL
06:45 wizzyrea     :)
06:46 mtj          the genericness of the cssr theme is also a feaure too
06:47 wizzyrea     well it doesn't have to be flashy. But not looking like every other thing is nice too.
06:49 mtj          i have been meaning to have another whack at my koha-bootswatch thingy
06:49 mtj          … now that the GPL3/bootstrap stuff has happened
06:49 wizzyrea     bootstrap is what we're using in the intranet
06:49 wizzyrea     oh right bootswatch :D
06:49 mtj          http://bootswatch.com/
06:49 wizzyrea     yes, you should do that.
06:50 wizzyrea     the colors in ccsr match those on bootswatch :
06:50 wizzyrea     :/
06:51 mtj          hey… grey is the new black - on teh interweb-2.0
06:51 wizzyrea     only 2.0?
06:52 mtj          er.. no actually we are up to 4.12 here
06:52 mtj          no, 5.12 even
06:54 mtj          award-winning next gen. 5.12, for the enterprise
06:56 mtj          see, once we add something like bootswatch to koha… we could then even start *removing* styling stuff from the koha templates
06:58 mtj          that would be pretty satisfying
06:58 wizzyrea     hehe yea
08:18 * Oak        waves
08:19 Oak          hello cait.
08:19 cait         hi Oak
08:43 drojf        good morning #koha
09:03 rangi        bgkriegel++ #61 signoffs!
09:13 Oak          bgkriegel++
09:14 cait         bgkriegel++
10:12 magnuse      bgkriegel++
10:12 * magnuse    waves
10:13 rangi        hehe sssh he must have heard!!
10:14 rangi        @karma bgkriegel
10:14 huginn       rangi: Karma for "bgkriegel" has been increased 22 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 22.
10:14 bgkriegel    :)
10:15 bgkriegel    morning
10:17 cait         morning bgkriegel  :)
10:17 bgkriegel    hi cait
10:18 magnuse      hiya bgkriegel
10:18 bgkriegel    hi magnuse
10:22 tweetbot`    [off] twitter: @andisugandi: "Cihuy! :) RT @kohails: #kohails  Koha 3.10.3 released http://t.co/0vyY4OO3su"
10:23 tweetbot`    [off] twitter: @kohails: "#kohails  Koha 3.8.10 released http://t.co/nKqhP8s9Ov"
10:23 tweetbot`    [off] twitter: @kohails: "#kohails  Koha 3.10.3 released http://t.co/81IilTJibA"
10:39 tweetbot`    [off] twitter: @27point7: "Va encore falloir revoir les trads.... Pootle des Danaïdes... RT @kohails #kohails  Koha 3.10.3 released http://t.co/NE9SxrbRiT"
10:44 bgkriegel    rangi, you sorted tcohen as "Arazi", he'll be happy to top the list (release notes)
11:10 rangi        heh
11:57 jcamins      Woohoo!
11:58 drojf        Yay!
11:58 drojf        what are we cheering for?
11:58 jcamins      3.10.3 and 3.8.10.
11:58 jcamins      I'm thinking about muffins.
11:59 drojf        muffins \o/
11:59 drojf        ;)
11:59 drojf        no, new koha is cool too :)
12:00 drojf        some names got messed up again in the relese notes
12:00 drojf        release even
12:00 jcamins      Frédéric?
12:00 drojf        Marc Véron
12:00 jcamins      Yeah... I don't understand what's wrong.
12:01 drojf        oh yes, frederic too, and Córdoba
12:01 drojf        weird
12:03 drojf        i wonder what we are going to install at the workshop. or, if anything at all. i hope that apt caching worked :/
12:05 jcamins      drojf: you should test it.
12:06 drojf        luckily somebody else had to set that up. that and an improvised LAN. it is going to be rather experimental ;)
12:06 magnuse      a little bit of testing sounds like a good idea :-)
12:07 drojf        i suppose the server was set up before the new versions came out
12:10 jcamins      drojf: tell them to re-seed it by running an "apt-get install koha-common" through it.
12:11 jcamins      After changing the settings to re-check the remotes, of course.
12:11 rangi        utf8 weirdness in wordpress ill fix
12:12 jcamins      rangi: yeah, but why is it _just_ release notes?
12:12 drojf        jcamins: i think he chose an apt mirror. not sure, i send him the caching link too. we'll see. i wonder if i have enough disk space to set up the cache myself before i leave though
12:12 jcamins      drojf: well, whatever he did, tell him to update it. :P
12:12 drojf        :)
12:12 rangi        cos the paste messed it up
12:12 rangi        http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob_plain;f=misc/release_notes/release_notes_3_10_3.txt;h=ce36f50e334961cb12feaf78e647fe4121e828d5;hb=08496e9fa87fca6c1e21bc3169424ead03a13846
12:13 jcamins      rangi: okay, so not a flaw with my revised release notes script?
12:13 rangi        nope if you switch that to utf8 in your browser its fine
12:13 rangi        and is fine in git itself
12:13 jcamins      Ohh, I see now.
12:14 rangi        will fix the ones on the site
12:16 rangi        http://koha-community.org/koha-3-10-3-released/
12:16 rangi        fixed
12:16 jcamins      Thanks!
12:16 rangi        and 3.8.10 fixed now too
12:17 rangi        cant fix the emails unfortunately
12:17 magnuse      rangi++
12:17 jcamins      Heh. Definitely not.
12:18 magnuse      oh, come one, how many email systems would you have to break into? how hard can it be?
12:18 magnuse      ;-)
12:19 rangi        heh
12:19 drojf        nice html emails with iframes would do the trick
12:19 * drojf      hides
12:19 magnuse      lol
12:20 rangi        heh
12:21 magnuse      yeah, the world needs more iframes!
12:22 jcamins      Actually, iframes are pretty cool... I had never realized that the only reason tinyMCE worked was because of an iframe.
12:23 drojf        jcamins: does it cache only what i get via another computer or also what i install locally on the same machine?
12:25 jcamins      Both.
12:26 drojf        excellent
12:26 jcamins      drojf: provided you tell the local machine about the cache.
12:26 jcamins      (likewise, you have to tell the remove machines about the cache)
12:29 jcamins      *remote
12:32 drojf        thanks. looks like it is working, at least apt-get update does something. it does not find koha-community.rg, but that might be due to my typo ;)
13:04 drojf        test
13:05 jcamins      Reason number one billion to dislike Facebook: they DOS my server at 10:55pm every other day.
13:05 drojf        have you found out more about it?
13:06 jcamins      No.
13:06 jcamins      I found out that I think on Monday I'm going to have to call and demand to talk to someone, because this is absurd.
13:09 jcamins      o.O
13:09 jcamins      I turned on the access logs.
13:09 jcamins      I am now reviewing them.
13:09 jcamins      I had assumed that what was going on was that at 10:55 a misbehaved spider started working.
13:10 jcamins      Not so much...
13:10 drojf        but?
13:10 jcamins      This misbehaved spider just goes into overdrive at 10:55.
13:10 jcamins      I have requests from these IP addresses about once per minute all day.
13:11 jcamins      Oh-ho! Take it back.
13:11 jcamins      There are two spiders.
13:11 jcamins      One is behaving.
13:11 jcamins      One is not.
13:12 jcamins      The misbehaving one is only at around 10:55.
13:12 drojf        someone is interested in you ;)
13:12 jcamins      The other one sends approximately one request per minute.
13:13 drojf        does that count as behaving?
13:14 jcamins      Yes.
13:40 magnuse      weird!
13:41 magnuse      how long does the misbehaviour last?
13:41 magnuse      can you block it at the firewall?
13:41 drojf        have you setup a spider trap by accident?
13:44 jcamins      magnuse: about five minutes, until my server gives up.
13:44 jcamins      I'd prefer not to, because I don't want to break sharing things on Facebook.
13:45 magnuse      jcamins: ah yes
13:45 magnuse      is it always from the same ip?
13:45 magnuse      ...just curious
13:45 jcamins      There are about a dozen IPs.
13:46 * magnuse    takes the dogs for a walk - will spend some more time trying to wrap up the digital signs afterwards
13:46 jcamins      Woohoo!
13:46 jcamins      magnuse++
13:50 magnuse      ooh, thanks
13:51 magnuse      better be enthusiastic now, not sure you will be when (if) it reaches you after qa... ;-)
13:51 magnuse      preview here: http://kohawip.libriotech.no/cgi-bin/koha/opac-sign.pl
13:51 magnuse      or maybe you were enthusiastic about the dogs getting a walk...
13:52 drojf        lol
13:52 jcamins      The signs.
13:52 wahanui      the signs are hopeful
13:52 magnuse      hehe
13:52 magnuse      thanks wahanui
13:55 magnuse      gotta object orient the code, i guess. wish i could DBICify it...
14:03 drojf        off to the workshop /o/
15:02 druthb       o/
15:25 kata         looks like 3.10.3 is released.  if i pull koha-common from stable, are those packages ready yet?  ETA?
15:26 jcamins      No, and probably Monday or Tuesday, I'd think.
15:27 kata         ok
15:53 * testdrojf  waves
16:03 * druthb     waves to testdrojf
16:05 * jcamins    waves to both testdrojf and druthb while taking a break from crying over onions.
16:21 magnuse      jcamins: don't cry over onions, they're not worth it
16:27 testdrojf    lol
16:28 druthb       magnuse++
18:26 kata         ok did packages install.  used  "-intra"     as suffix.     if library was my instance name, what URL should i use for the staff interface
18:43 jcamins      library-intra.yourdomain.com
18:48 jcamins      The gnocchi is just about done, andd the sauce is done.
18:48 jcamins      *and
18:50 jcamins      And, of course, I finished the soup several hours ago.
20:49 tweetbot`    [off] twitter: @jsicot: "je ne suis pas fou l'outil d'import #kohails mangeait bien du marcxml avant ??"
21:52 testdrojf    somebody here? :)
21:54 testdrojf    acquisition question: how do i actually send an order? can i do that internally by email or do i have to print it and fax?