Time  Nick           Message
23:40 cait           lol
23:38 mtj            yeah, then on the trampoline for 30 mins :)
23:37 cait           :)
23:37 cait           sugar high?
23:37 mtj            ive been nibbling chocolate and coffee, my parents are gonna kill me!
23:35 * cait         hands out cookies to everyone around
23:35 dcook          hi mtj :)
23:35 mtj            hi cait, dcook  - im about-ish too… :)
23:26 cait           ah someone here :)
23:24 dcook          Ish?
23:24 * dcook        pops his head up
23:22 cait           noone here?
21:32 kathryn        hiya cait
21:32 cait           morning kathryn
21:31 kathryn        morning :)
21:30 oleonard       Later #koha
21:23 cait           or it used to be like that... still hope it is
21:22 cait           maximep: on the basket page it should be all- received ones with rcvd in front
21:19 Dyrcona        yeah, or even better. :)
21:18 rangi          like blacklight? or vufind?
21:18 Dyrcona        rangi: Catalyst need to create a service like aquabrowser only better, then convince NZ libraries to use it. :)
21:16 maximep        having too much activity is a great problem to have :D
21:16 rangi          maximep: yeah :(
21:15 maximep        so hard to track down because that code was completly rewritten twice last year :/
21:15 oleonard       I guess that helps narrow down the geography
21:15 * oleonard     gets 9
21:15 rangi          maximep: i dont know im afraid
21:14 rangi          see, thats just wrong :)
21:14 Dyrcona        rangi: I get 6 hops.
21:14 maximep        are all orders shown on the basket page or only orders with items not received ?
21:14 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7437 normal, P5 - low, ---, fcapovilla, In Discussion , Baskets become invisible in bookseller's list when all their items are received
21:14 maximep        could someone confirm something with me on >= 3.10 ? bug 7437
21:13 rangi          how many hops for you?
21:13 rangi          than someone in the library
21:13 rangi          you probably get faster search results
21:12 rangi          somewhere in the US
21:12 rangi          ehis.ebscohost.com is 12 hops away from me
21:11 rangi          yup
21:11 oleonard       Wow is that really how that works?
21:11 rangi          no i dont
21:11 rangi          oh wait
21:11 rangi          i quite like how all your searches for a library 140km away, go to the US and back
21:11 cait           that makes sense with the joy stuff then
21:11 jcamins_away   cait: the Taschenbuch thing is music.
21:10 jcamins_away   It just loads all your records and promptly loses track of them.
21:10 jcamins_away   I'm sure Aquabrowser would work fine with Koha or Evergreen.
21:08 * rangi        went to university there
21:08 Dyrcona        ot, but I just read something about Mt. Cleese in Palmerston North today.
21:08 rangi          go right ahead :-)
21:07 Dyrcona        rangi: Next time anyone asks, I'll quote you on that!
21:07 rangi          ive never tried, im sure you could, just not sure of the point .. worse search results? :)
21:07 Dyrcona        We've had some people ask if aquabrowser works with Evergreen.
21:07 Dyrcona        Anyone ever gotten aquabrowser to work with Koha?
21:06 rangi          :)
21:06 rangi          try finding any of the 4 cd's they have by the the
21:06 rangi          im not happy my rates are paying (in a tiny part) for that
21:06 rangi          its TLC CarlX and aquabrowser
21:06 rangi          believe me, we've tried
21:06 Dyrcona        rangi: You need to convince WCL to use Koha!
21:05 oleonard       Wow yeah
21:05 jcamins_away   Hehe.
21:05 rangi          1997 called it wants its dumbarse sessions in urls back
21:05 rangi          oh wait you cant
21:05 rangi          try linking to a search result page in either
21:04 rangi          (aquabrowser and EDS respectively)
21:04 rangi          http://palmerstonnorth.kotui.org.nz/
21:03 rangi          http://www.wcl.govt.nz/easyfind/
21:02 rangi          id say discovery layers promise lots, deliver nothing
21:02 cait           [off] and now they want me to find a relationship
21:02 cait           because they put my koha presentation in the discovery service session...
21:01 cait           I have been thinking about saying something like that
21:01 rangi          you no longer have realtime info, lose features (in koha anyway)
21:01 rangi          its pretty much a fail all round
21:01 rangi          exactly
21:01 jcamins_away   rangi: unfortunately, most discovery layers fail to include databases due to licensing restrictions.
21:01 rangi          however so do almost all discovery layers
21:00 rangi          but yes most ppl use it cos their opac sux
21:00 rangi          the only thing that a discovery layer adds (in theory) is the ability to search databases and your catalogue at the same time
20:59 oleonard       So, a discover layer is what you add when the default search interface sucks? Is that right?
20:59 drojf          hehe
20:58 jcamins_away   drojf: you can simplify that: "jcamins_away, discovery layer user."
20:58 drojf          jcamins_away, discovery layer deficiency discoverer
20:57 oleonard       :D
20:57 * jcamins_away nudges oleonard enthusiastically... you see what I did there? :P
20:56 * jcamins_away discovered that. :D
20:55 jcamins_away   It didn't work on mobile browsers.
20:55 jcamins_away   NYU just implemented a discovery layer two years ago.
20:55 jcamins_away   Ebsco's "discovery layer."
20:54 oleonard       Whassat?
20:54 jcamins_away   NYU is testing Summon.
20:48 oleonard       I would say there is an argument for keeping standard submit buttons visually different from toolbar buttons, but that isn't necessarily an argument against Bootstrap all around because we could do it with color
20:47 jcamins_away   Is there a strong argument for doing that (or for not doing that)?
20:46 oleonard       We could decide to style all input buttons as Bootstrap buttons if we wanted to. It's a matter of adding a class or two to each
20:45 jcamins_away   oleonard: will all the save buttons get replaced with Bootstrap buttons too?
20:43 drojf          [off] cait: i think that "An Error Occurred: java.lang.ArithmeticException" sums it up quite nicely :P
20:42 cait           well... we need sign-offers first of course...
20:41 cait           yay oleonard is giving memore to qa!
20:41 cait           drojf: starting to wonder if you are not really serious in your appreciation for this great country's achievements
20:40 cait           drojf: hm
20:39 drojf          germ engineering…
20:37 drojf          at least java throws nice errors ;)
20:36 cait           lol
20:36 rangi          heh
20:36 drojf          germany opened an "open data" portal, like minutes ago. and it crashed immediately. i'm so proud of my country :P
20:33 oleonard       Like maybe a talk about how obnoxious developers are
20:33 jcamins_away   I feel like that's expected of the former RM.
20:32 jcamins_away   I should probably submit a proposal to talk about something.
20:31 cait           wise choice tho
20:31 cait           heh
20:30 rangi          heh
20:29 drojf          there was a point when i thought i could speak it together with rangi for the edinburgh video. it was my test for the html5 video enhancement, i don't know how often i had to watch the beginning :D
20:29 rangi          ill submit 2 proposals they can pick one
20:28 rangi          heh
20:28 cait           and do your thing to really confuse them at the beginning :)
20:27 cait           totally :)
20:27 rangi          should I offer to do a history of Koha talk?
20:23 rangi          theres all the kohacon10 ones
20:23 rangi          http://blip.tv/the-curious-and-wondering-eye
20:20 * oleonard     hoards the bandwidth
20:19 rangi          yup
20:19 cait           also utilizing some other macs
20:19 rangi          yeah and sucks all the bandwidth out of the room :)
20:19 cait           and she did part of it at the hackfest I tihnk?
20:18 drojf          yeah streaming is probably a lot of work and in the end it does not function properly
20:18 rangi          we had antisirk for that :)
20:18 rangi          yep
20:18 rangi          stationary too
20:18 jcamins_away   I guess it's the post-recording part that's problematic, when you want to make the video available to people.
20:18 rangi          with a few stationery cameras, its not so bad
20:17 jcamins_away   And was it easy?
20:17 rangi          we rented equipment to do that
20:17 rangi          but we did get everything recorded
20:17 * rangi        bailed for kohacon10
20:17 jcamins_away   Even recording a conference is difficult.
20:17 rangi          or pay someone
20:17 rangi          drojf: you basically either need someone who doesnt mind missing the whole conference to look after it
20:16 oleonard       Just goes to show how long it's been :P
20:16 rangi          drojf: its incredibly hard to set that up and have it work reliably
20:16 oleonard       You're right of course rangi
20:16 rangi          we didnt have one in 2008 :)
20:16 drojf          best question, too late for meeting :(
20:16 rangi          2009 oleonard :)
20:16 drojf          will there be live streaming?
20:14 jcamins_away   True.
20:14 oleonard       At least you were at the last one virtually
20:13 * jcamins_away has never been to a KohaCon!
20:13 oleonard       Anyway, I haven't been to a KohaCon since 2008. That's ridiculous!
20:13 oleonard       I'm missing Marseille Hackfest, so I can't miss KohaCon
20:11 oleonard       Yes
20:11 wahanui        You are welcome, I also tried the other - moving js out of translated paths
20:11 jcamins_away   You?
20:10 jcamins_away   oleonard: I will go to at least part of it, I think.
20:07 oleonard       jcamins_away: You going to Reno?
19:49 tcohen         bye #koha
19:49 tweetbot`      [off] twitter: @kohails: "KohaCon13 Call for Speakers: http://t.co/kxop1jnw #kohails #kohacon13"
19:47 huginn         Log:            http://meetings.koha-community.org/2013/kohacon_plan_feb2013.2013-02-19-19.00.log.html
19:47 huginn         Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community.org/2013/kohacon_plan_feb2013.2013-02-19-19.00.txt
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19:47 nancyk         #endmeeting
19:46 nancyk         ok that's it for now, lots of info to come.
19:46 cait           drojf: true, but not all europe :)
19:46 nancyk         nice
19:46 nengard        Nothing else I can think about
19:46 nengard        hehe
19:46 wahanui        rumour has it anything else is a guess
19:46 nancyk         anything else?
19:45 nengard        I will not be able to attend (just an fyi)
19:45 nancyk         #info I'll be contacting the screeners soon
19:45 drojf          isnt europe travelling to france at that time?
19:45 nancyk         #info ok March 19   19 UTC for our next meeting
19:44 nengard        but it does seem like we're a small group today
19:44 nengard        the time works for me
19:44 cait           probably bad for india?
19:44 cait           it's a good time for europe - early evening
19:44 huginn         John_Crockett: I've exhausted my database of quotes
19:44 John_Crockett  @nengard, will do
19:44 nancyk         are you tired of meeting at 19UTC?
19:43 nancyk         #topic next meeting March 19, same time or another time?
19:43 nengard        hehe
19:42 jcamins_away   Oh, and nengard said that while I was waiting for my keylag to catch up.
19:42 nancyk         yes please
19:42 jcamins_away   If it hasn't been done or mentioned yet, someone should announce the call for speakers.
19:42 nengard        or do you want me to?
19:42 nengard        John_Crockett can you put a blog post on Koha-Community about the conference page and the info on it - and the call for speakers
19:41 nancyk         #info So I guess we will wait to see what comes in for programs, and I'll get the room tax info out to the list with links
19:41 nancyk         #info the phone apps are for apple and android
19:40 John_Crockett  great suggestion, we'll be sure to add that
19:40 nengard        that would be nice for those coming from outside of the US
19:40 John_Crockett  the Reno-Tahoe Visitors Association link that's on the wiki now is most helpful http://www.visitrenotahoe.com/
19:39 nengard        oh - phone tips - we needed tips when we went to the UK about how to get our phones to work and where to get sim cards, etc etc
19:39 drojf          for firefox os?
19:39 talljoy        cool
19:38 nancyk         #info We also have phone apps for visiting reno
19:38 John_Crockett  I'm on it!
19:38 talljoy        get to it John_Crockett
19:38 nancyk         #info I'll get John C. to do that next week
19:38 nengard        i don't know a darn thing about NV :) so that's all Nancy :)
19:37 talljoy        or did nengard already do that?  ;-)
19:37 talljoy        nancyk can you post some interesting sites to visit and ask for interest on the wiki?
19:37 nancyk         #topic Anything else for now?
19:36 talljoy        as you should
19:36 * nengard      takes it as a compliment
19:36 talljoy        she does that to us all.  whirling dervish she is
19:36 nancyk         nicole, you are making my head spin
19:35 nengard        refresh
19:35 nengard        already did
19:35 cait           nengard: the link to registration needs an update :)
19:35 nancyk         #info Lake Tahoe, either a cruise or just messing around, or Virginia City, an historic  western town
19:35 John_Crockett  call for programs link added to http://koha-community.org/kohacon/kohacon13/
19:35 nengard        don't think they let you change field sizes
19:34 nengard        I'll try ... it's a google thing
19:34 cait           nengard: can you make the fields a bit longer? title is very short :)
19:34 talljoy        what kind of locations nancyk
19:34 nancyk         ok
19:32 nengard        #info call for speakers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHVKNGpPdUJIaGtXR2hJQ2U4S3hXX2c6MA
19:32 nancyk         #info What do you think about arranging for a bus to and from a couple of locations?
19:31 nancyk         #topic plans for a trip somewhere fun on saturday
19:31 nancyk         ok
19:30 nengard        be done in a few minutes actually
19:30 nancyk         great
19:30 nengard        be done today
19:30 nengard        I can do it now
19:30 nancyk         ok nicole, we should talk about getting that out asap
19:30 cait           quite sure the one from last year I did for slef shoudl be still around in wordpress too
19:29 nengard        and can just change the date and publish :)
19:29 nengard        I think I still have previous year's templates
19:29 nengard        nancyk you want to do it? I had volunteered for program planning so I can set it up
19:28 nengard        I can get that done today and share the link with John for the conference page
19:28 nancyk         #info we are going to get a call for papers ready soon, just wanted any suggestions
19:28 cait           sorry :) bit tired
19:28 nengard        sounds great
19:28 nengard        agreed
19:28 nengard        yup
19:28 cait           but maybe a iwki page for people to note what they would like to hear
19:27 cait           nengard: right, I meant a form to send in your abstract
19:27 nengard        And then that info went on to the wiki once approved
19:27 nengard        but we had an official form for proposals in previous years
19:27 nengard        but we can have a wiki page where people ask for topics they'd like to see
19:27 nengard        I find a form much easier as a program planner to sort through then a wiki page
19:27 nancyk         #info so far we have newbie tips, panel discussions, for hackfest, virtual servers
19:27 cait           so um. like in previous years maybe?
19:26 cait           I wouldn't try to ask for special topics I think - maybe have a wiki page again for suggestions what people wnat to hear and just see what comes in
19:26 nengard        like in previous years?
19:26 cait           so people can start planning and the programme is set early
19:26 nengard        Yes - you want me to set that up
19:26 cait           I think it would be good to get the call for papers out soon
19:26 nancyk         #topic Further discussion on presentations
19:25 nancyk         #info we did the sharing to get better room rates.  You can also chat with Nevada librarians during the breaks
19:25 John_Crockett  yes, we definitely want to maximize mingling during breaks
19:24 John_Crockett  yes, Washoe County staff and NLA attendees will be made aware they are welcome at KohaCon workshops
19:24 cait           :)
19:24 nancyk         #info We are sharing some break time .space with NLA on Thursday and Friday
19:24 nengard        :)
19:24 nengard        John_Crockett I meant the other way around - KohaCon is free so NLA folks can come to ours
19:23 huginn         John_Crockett: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
19:23 John_Crockett  @nengard, absolutely.  Koha attendees are most welcome to attend NLA speakers and workshops, however we do charge a registration fee of $20 per day.
19:23 nancyk         #topic NLA  Nevada Library Association
19:22 nancyk         i can get the tax rate information so we all will know the bottom line
19:21 nengard        silly
19:21 nengard        stilly me
19:21 nengard        oh ... no @
19:21 nancyk         #info the hotel will provide free meeting space, internet for meetings 10MB up and down all meeting days.
19:21 huginn         nengard: I've exhausted my database of quotes
19:21 nengard        @John_Crockett wasn't the idea to hold KohaCon and NLA near each other so people could attend both?
19:21 drojf          it depends on how much tax is whether that is affordable ;)
19:21 cait           nancyk: can you explain?
19:20 nengard        but Nevada is known for cheap accomodations
19:20 nancyk         #info we will need 125 for the three programming days and I forget for hackfest
19:20 nengard        I forget what the room in Bergen was
19:20 * talljoy      gets out her abacus to confirm that math
19:20 nengard        hehe
19:20 cait           true, paid more for that room in oslo and got no pool!
19:20 John_Crockett  right,  $69 + $12 resort fee is $81
19:19 nancyk         #info actually some are $69 plus resort fee and tax
19:19 huginn         John_Crockett: I've exhausted my database of quotes
19:19 John_Crockett  @nengard, most of the Washoe County staff will be attending the Nevada Library Association Annual Conference which will be held concurrently with KohaCon13 at the Atlantis.
19:19 magnuse        cheap by norwegian standards :-)
19:18 nengard        yeah very
19:18 cait           woohoo :) that's affordable :)
19:17 John_Crockett  rooms at the Atlantis are $81/night (includes $12 resort fee) + tax
19:17 nancyk         #link http://koha-community.org/kohacon13/
19:17 nancyk         #info that's up on the site
19:17 nengard        that should give you an idea
19:17 nengard        nancyk will the washoe libraries who all voted be there?
19:17 cait           yes, especially for some countries outside of the US
19:16 cait           I feel like it will probably be bigger than last kohacons... but not sure how much bigger
19:16 nengard        some places will only pay if you're speaking
19:16 nengard        true
19:16 cait           for some
19:16 cait           or knowing that you will get to speak
19:16 cait           I think a programme would help too
19:15 nengard        I think people need prices and dates so that they can go to their admin for budgeting approval
19:15 nancyk         #info we are planning on 200 for the first three days and 50 for each hackfest day,  too many?
19:15 nengard        The entire team
19:15 nengard        All of ByWater will be there
19:15 cait           I will try to
19:15 nengard        I think we need to know the cost of the hotel for sure
19:15 talljoy        i'll be there.
19:15 cait           not an easy question :)
19:14 nancyk         #topic how many we will be expecting
19:14 nancyk         on to next topic
19:14 cait           #info Katrin Fischer - sorry for being late
19:13 nancyk         maybe we can squeeze that in somehow.  It will take logistics
19:12 nancyk         #info Brooke wants to go to UNR to see their Makerspace
19:12 nancyk         then we talk to each other , and share info
19:11 nengard        we might not have enough to fill 9-4 or we might have too much
19:11 nengard        but that works - I'd say we wait until we get our speaking proposals in to set the times of day
19:11 talljoy        might have been 10am
19:11 nengard        I forget :)
19:10 nancyk         yes
19:10 nengard        9am-4pm?
19:10 nengard        You mean time of day?
19:10 nancyk         #info i was thinking last year it was 9-4
19:10 talljoy        roadtrip++
19:10 nengard        That's usually how it goes
19:09 nengard        Sounds good
19:09 nancyk         anyone have a better or different idea?
19:09 nancyk         #info Oct 20-22 Hackfest
19:08 nancyk         #info roadtrip sat oct 19
19:08 nancyk         #info oct 16-18 presentations
19:08 nancyk         We have oct 16 - oct 18 as presentations
19:07 nancyk         #topic Overview of proposed schedule and discussion
19:06 nancyk         Ok let's get started
19:06 jcamins_away   #info Jared Camins-Esakov, C & P Bibliography Services, RM for Koha 3.12 (sort of here only)
19:06 edveal         :)
19:06 nengard        it's the bywater gang :)
19:06 nancyk         anybody else?
19:06 edveal         #info Ed Veal, ByWater Solutions
19:05 John_Crockett  #info John Crockett, Washoe County Library System
19:05 John_Crockett  John Crockett, Washoe County Library System
19:04 talljoy        #info Joy Nelson ByWater Solutions
19:04 nengard        #info Nicole Engard, ByWater Solutions
19:04 nancyk         who is with us today?
19:03 huginn         Current chairs: nancyk
19:03 nancyk         #chair nancyk
19:03 huginn         The meeting name has been set to 'kohacon_plan_feb2013'
19:03 huginn         Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
19:03 huginn         Meeting started Tue Feb 19 19:00:54 2013 UTC.  The chair is nancyk. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
19:03 nancyk         #startmeeting Kohacon plan Feb2013
19:02 nancyk         #chair nancyk
19:02 wahanui        i already had it that way, huginn.
19:02 wahanui        if there is a meeting then Brooke must want me
19:02 huginn         nancyk: Error: A meeting name is required, e.g., '#startmeeting Marketing Committee'
19:02 nancyk         #startmeeting
19:01 John_Crockett  Hi <talljoy>!
19:00 nancyk         just about ready to start
18:59 talljoy        hey John_Crockett
18:34 cait           yw
18:33 jcamins_away   Thanks.
18:33 jcamins_away   Of course.
18:33 jcamins_away   Ah!
18:33 cait           hm special issue maybe?
18:33 cait           hm not sure what the english term is actually
18:33 jcamins_away   "Offprint"?
18:33 jcamins_away   cait: "Sonderheft"?
18:01 * cait         waves
17:54 oleonard       both are listed in the OPAC script (marc2endnote and marc2ris)
17:52 jcamins_away   Perhaps the name was changed to RIS?
17:50 oleonard       Perhaps not an oversight. It doesn't seem to work.
17:44 oleonard       The export script has "endnote" as an option but it doesn't seem to be exposed in the template. Is that just an oversight?
17:31 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7969 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , select all / unselect all on fines page
17:31 jenkins_koha   Owen Leonard: Bug 7969 - select all / unselect all on fines page
17:31 jenkins_koha   Project Koha_master build #1055: SUCCESS in 1 hr 6 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/1055/
17:03 jcamins_away   Probably because I added some, and wasn't even aware that catalogue/export.pl existed.
16:58 oleonard       In fact opac-export.pl seems to have even more formats
16:58 jcamins_away   oleonard: I don't know, but that would make sense to me.
16:58 oleonard       catalogue/export.pl requires "export_catalog" permission, but its functionality is the same as opac-export.pl isn't it?
16:57 kf             will have to test that on the train tomorrow :)
16:57 kf             jcamins_away: thx
16:55 alohabot       Hi mib_qs71vd, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
16:55 jcamins_away   kf: right.
16:55 kf             jcamins_away: easy analytics - that's tied to the item, right? so I could catalog items for a serial subscription and link each issue/item record to articles?
16:54 jcamins_away   Yes.
16:54 oleonard       ?
16:53 drojf          are those the people from this other weird study with lots of liblime?
16:44 tweetbot`      [off] twitter: @ByWaterSolution: "Open Source ILS Survey http://t.co/h0e49RUP #kohails"
16:25 jenkins_koha   Starting build #1055 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
16:21 Morthland      ah. Thanks. I was looking at the template syspref
16:20 jcamins_away   The opacthemes syspref only has one option?
16:18 Morthland      I wanted to switch to ccsr, but it's not giving me the option.
16:17 Morthland      Hey, I recently upgraded to 3.10,
16:12 huginn         New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_7969' into 3.12-master <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=2b61128842cfdba3d0aa10071a680af377c617c0>
16:10 reiveune       bye
16:07 oleonard       Thanks
16:07 jcamins_away   Now it is.
16:07 jcamins_away   No it doesn't.
16:07 jcamins_away   Hm.
16:05 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7969 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , select all / unselect all on fines page
16:05 oleonard       jcamins_away: Bug 7969 says "pushed to master" but doesn't seem to be?
16:04 tweetbot`      [off] twitter: @jsicot: "@mdelhaye tu m'étonnes, c'est pas glop. Augmenter le timeout apache règle le souci. Le pb c'est q ça peut avoir des effets de bord #kohails"
15:59 tcohen         ack
15:58 * jcamins_away doesn't have an opinion- up to you. :)
15:58 tcohen         (the warning saying a null value will be used for the field?)
15:58 tcohen         should the user be able to run the report anyway?
15:57 jcamins_away   I'm fine with either an alert in-page or a pop-up.
15:57 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9659 minor, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Undefined authorised value category yields empty dropdown menu on SQL reports
15:57 tcohen         jcamins_away: how would u like to present the warning for bug 9659?
15:57 jcamins_away   Nifty.
15:56 oleonard       http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/customize.html
15:56 tweetbot`      [off] twitter: @jsicot: "gros souci d'optimisation sur #kohails dès que tu as une notice avec + de 500 exemplaires (genre périodiques)… #timeout+++"
15:55 jcamins_away   I didn't even know that was an option.
15:55 kf             :)
15:55 oleonard       Yes, for the sake of keeping the file size down
15:54 jcamins_away   I hadn't realized that we had a custom Bootstrap build.
15:54 * oleonard     assumed Bootstrap had its own version and was surprised not to find it.. poor searching
15:54 jcamins_away   In that case, we should use the jQueryUI version.
15:54 jcamins_away   Ah.
15:54 oleonard       ...since we do already have it available in jQueryUI
15:53 oleonard       I believe we don't already have that widget included in our Bootstrap build, so I'm going to try to get it working in jQueryUI first
15:52 jcamins_away   I'm not using jQueryUI for my other project, so I have no idea how they compare.
15:52 jcamins_away   oleonard: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/javascript.html#collapse
15:52 oleonard       Oh never mind jcamins_away there it is.
15:51 oleonard       jcamins_away: I did not find that. Do you have a link?
15:50 jcamins_away   (that is, the equivalent widget in jQueryUI)
15:50 jcamins_away   oleonard: Bootstrap also has a collapsible widget which you might (or might not) find preferable to jQueryUI.
15:49 kf             tcohen: it's separate :) and if not even owen remembers writing it ;)
15:48 tcohen         thanks
15:48 tcohen         i was aleready on the coding guidelines, but couldn't find that
15:48 oleonard       I need to revise that page with updated screenshots
15:48 oleonard       Oh thanks kf I was looking at the coding guidelines page :)
15:47 kf             oleonard++
15:47 kf             http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Interface_patterns#Errors_and_messages
15:47 oleonard       tcohen, we use <div class="dialog alert"> [ warning message ] </div>
15:46 oleonard       I don't see that on the wiki page though
15:45 kf             tcohen: maybe look at the wiki. oleonard wrote up something about the styling at least
15:45 tcohen         can anyone point me to code that makes the GUI show a warning box?
15:33 magnuse        yay!
15:32 kf             yay!
15:32 maximep        back to working on koha for a few weeks and I should have a few hours to contribute. yay =)
15:22 kf             yea :)
15:22 magnuse        kf: yay?!?
15:10 * kf           hums happily as she accesses the web installer for a new library
15:10 kf             heh
15:08 oleonard       You have to picture the moment right before the pawprints appeared when the cat deliberately knocked over the bottle of ink and walked through it
15:07 kf             very thoughtful cat :)
15:07 gmcharlt       the cat was just providing some illumination for an otherwise bare manuscript
15:06 gmcharlt       oleonard: hehe
14:47 kf             hi oleonard :)
14:45 oleonard       gmcharlt, jcamins_away: http://nimbuspub.tumblr.com/post/43484214073/has-your-cat-ever-walked-across-your-keyboard
13:51 jenkins_koha   Nicole C. Engard: add 952$x to cataloging guide
13:51 jenkins_koha   Project Koha_Docs build #290: STILL FAILING in 18 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Docs/290/
13:51 jenkins_koha   Nicole C. Engard: add 952$x to cataloging guide
13:51 jenkins_koha   Project Koha_Docs_3.10.x build #22: STILL FAILING in 17 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Docs_3.10.x/22/
13:50 jenkins_koha   Starting build #290 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #60 9 mo 27 days ago)
13:50 jenkins_koha   Starting build #22 for job Koha_Docs_3.10.x (previous build: STILL FAILING)
13:38 tcohen         hi oleonard
13:36 oleonard       Hi #koha
13:32 alohabot       Hi mib_bv0074, Welcome to #koha. Feel free to use the '/nick yourname' command to choose a different name. alohabot, wahanui, and huginn are bots. If you need any help, just ask - there's usually someone around to help :)
13:31 huginn         tcohen: The current temperature in Cordoba, Argentina is 12.0°C (10:00 AM ART on February 19, 2013). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
13:31 tcohen         @wunder cordoba, argentina
13:07 jenkins_koha   Nicole C. Engard: formatting fix
13:07 jenkins_koha   Project Koha_Docs build #289: STILL FAILING in 1 min 1 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Docs/289/
13:07 jenkins_koha   Nicole C. Engard: formatting fix
13:07 jenkins_koha   Project Koha_Docs_3.10.x build #21: STILL FAILING in 1 min 1 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Docs_3.10.x/21/
13:06 jenkins_koha   Starting build #289 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: STILL FAILING -- last SUCCESS #60 9 mo 27 days ago)
13:06 jenkins_koha   Starting build #21 for job Koha_Docs_3.10.x (previous build: STILL FAILING)
13:04 * drojf        goes shopping
13:01 drojf          jcamins: no idea how it makes that connection
13:01 jcamins        Brusly, LA?
13:00 drojf          i see :)
13:00 bazinga        drojf: We don't talk much about weather here: it is almost the same the whole year, except for the rains :-)
13:00 huginn         drojf: The current temperature in Berlin Pankow, Weissensee, Germany is 1.6°C (1:57 PM CET on February 19, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: -1.0°C. Windchill: -3.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
13:00 drojf          @wunder berlin, germany
12:59 drojf          weird english spelling :P
12:59 drojf          ha
12:59 huginn         drojf: The current temperature in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is 28.0°C (4:00 PM EAT on February 19, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 20%. Dew Point: 3.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Falling).
12:59 drojf          @wunder addis ababa, ethiopia
12:58 drojf          hm
12:58 huginn         drojf: The current temperature in Brusly, Louisiana is 11.9°C (6:55 AM CST on February 19, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
12:58 drojf          @wunder addis abeba, ethiopia
12:57 drojf          heh, that is wrong
12:57 huginn         drojf: The current temperature in Brusly, Louisiana is 11.9°C (6:54 AM CST on February 19, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 8.0°C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
12:57 drojf          @wunder addis abeba
12:55 drojf          :)
12:53 bazinga        kf: It is a great nation on some corner of planet Earth :-)
12:52 bazinga        kf: I am from Ethiopia
12:50 wahanui        http://marc-must-die.info/
12:50 drojf          marc must die?
12:50 kf             bazinga: where are you from?
12:50 kf             back... kinda
12:50 kf             heh
12:50 wahanui        The MARC specs live at http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/ - abandon hope all ye who enter here.
12:50 drojf          marc?
12:50 drojf          bazinga: you're welcome. and feel free to express anger towards MARC at any time, we all do ;)
12:48 jcamins        bazinga: http://www.loc.gov/marc/umb/ <-- this may help a bit with MARC
12:43 bazinga        drojf: Thanks a lot for your help. I will keep digging :-)
12:42 drojf          i don't know any MARC introductions, maybe someone else does?
12:41 drojf          generally, you will have to see what kind of metadata you need to catalogue for your collection, and find out what goes in which field
12:41 drojf          i'm afraid i am not able to walk you through MARC here, it's a strange beast of labyrinths ;) you could start with looking at the "fast add framework". it has a reduced number of fields
12:40 bazinga        drojf: I am ready for that since i have to master this :-)
12:40 drojf          then you will experience quite a learning curve ;)
12:39 bazinga        drjf, newbie for this stuff :-)
12:39 bazinga        No
12:39 drojf          bazinga: do you have experience with the MARC format?
12:38 bazinga        drojf: let's say i somehow managed to add a patron(since you have made the steps clear for me), then there is cataloguing. Could you please tell me the steps for that(since the official manual is not, i think, written for beginners
12:37 drojf          back
12:34 drojf          my internet is weird, brb
12:32 kf             and gone again...
12:32 drojf          its really slow for me, does it work for you?
12:32 kf             bazinga: sorry, got called away
12:31 drojf          oh, that does not seem to work
12:31 drojf          you could put it on some image hoster, like http://imgur.com
12:30 bazinga        drojf, how can i send you the screenshot?
12:28 drojf          how does the patron screen look for you? maybe you can make a screenshot?
12:28 drojf          bazinga: it should be even easier then. like, just log in with the database user, click on patrons and then "new patrons". i think that is what you did though
12:26 bazinga        drojf, i failed to mention i added sample data(libraries, and categories)
12:24 drojf          bazinga: if you did not use sample data, i think adding a library and a patron category  should be enough to add a patron. but that is what you said you did
12:24 bazinga        hello mtj
12:23 mtj            hi bazinga :)
12:22 bazinga        oh, thanks it is
12:22 mtj            ok, understood
12:21 jcamins        git commit --amend -s
12:21 jcamins        Right.
12:21 mtj            yeah, just about to hit the hay...
12:21 drojf          bazinga: if you choose "More"->"About Koha" you should find "Koha version"
12:20 mtj            jcamins, ok - so i just add 'signed off by xxx' to my qa-ed patches, yeah?
12:20 jcamins        Isn't it kind of late for you?
12:20 mtj            hi jcamins , i'm still up
12:19 bazinga        I am not sure how to find out the koha version because i installed it from ubuntu repository and didn't notice
12:18 huginn         jcamins: The operation succeeded.
12:18 jcamins        @later tell mtj I would prefer you signed off on patches rather than marking them "Passed-QA-by." I use Passed-QA-by to indicate a member of the QA team did not apply a patch when QAing.
12:17 bazinga        I am using ubuntu 12.04, and installed it using packages
12:16 bazinga        Could you do me favour and tell me the steps after creating a new instance, just to make sure i have not messed up something on the way
12:15 drojf          what version of koha are you using, on what operating system and how did you install it (=did you use packages?)
12:14 bazinga        it is set to the library
12:13 drojf          ok that is odd then. have you set the library to use atm? what does it say in the upper right corner? (something like  NO LIBRARY SET ( Set library ) | koha_koha ( Log out ) | Help )
12:11 bazinga        i created a new instance and i am using the database user for this instance
12:10 drojf          bazinga: so you have never added a user and are logged in with the database user from the beginning? or did it work before and you are using another user account right now?
12:05 bazinga        no
12:04 kf             and when you go to the patrons module now, there is no new button?
12:03 bazinga        and set the library to the one i created
12:03 bazinga        yes, i have created a library and a patron category
12:01 kf             And a library? :)
12:01 kf             have you defined patron categories in administration?
12:00 kf             what version of koha did you install?
12:00 bazinga        to my dismay, i have not managed to add new patrons
11:57 drojf          sounds good so far
11:55 bazinga        I have intalled koha and trying to use it
11:55 wahanui        "What are you trying to do?" or "What is the goal?"
11:55 drojf          first question?
11:55 drojf          hi bazinga
11:55 bazinga        just popped in looking for some help
11:54 bazinga        Hi wahanui
11:54 wahanui        salut, bazinga
11:54 bazinga        Hello
11:25 kf             true :)
11:14 mtj            i'm often up at midnight :)
11:12 kf             mtj: are you ever sleeping? :)
11:05 mtj            fredericd++ thanks for the sign-off :)
10:57 drojf          if it is mandatory i geht a warning and a highlight. but yes, that would be a nice moment to check if there is a plugin available and just run it and save :)
10:45 * kf           thinks there has to be a way but no ida how it works :)
10:43 kf             ... like it works in cataloguing?
10:43 kf             if you made the field mandatory
10:42 kf             hm maybe
10:42 kf             drojf: the date fields autofill... but not sure if that's the database's doing or the plugins
10:42 kf             who needs verbs...
10:41 drojf          oh, my sentence no verb. but you understood me anyway ;)
10:41 drojf          cool, thanks
10:40 kf             I think with a plugin
10:40 drojf          with a plugin? or by manually the calculations into the saving process?
10:38 kf             and I think dpavlin has done some work on stocknumber calculating like that
10:38 kf             hm I think the creation date does that or used to
10:37 drojf          is there a way to make cataloguing plugins do their thing automatically after i save the record? if i have to click into a field to start the plugin, the values i get (like next free callnumber) might be outdated due to another cataloguer using it. running the plugin in the saving process would at least decrease the chance of running into that problem
09:58 vfernandes     hi :)
09:45 drojf          hi kf
09:44 kf             hi drojf
09:33 drojf          goofd morning #koha
09:29 kf             ah, now I missed him
09:23 dcook          Cheers tout le monde!
09:23 dcook          Have a good day at work, kf.
09:23 dcook          Must be running along for real this time
09:23 dcook          Eeep!
09:16 dcook          kf: I seem to remember you mentioning that yesterday :). How did you find it?
09:13 kf             dcook: I supported it for a while
09:13 * dcook        should probably go home soon
09:12 dcook          Nothing like talking to myself...
09:12 dcook          kf: Yep. It's been a few years now, but it's probably the ILS that I've used the most (other than Koha now)
09:12 * dcook        facepalm
09:12 christophe_c   hello dcook
09:11 dcook          dcook: Yep. It's been a few years now, but it's probably the ILS that I've used the most (other than Koha now)
09:11 dcook          bonjour, christophe_c
09:10 christophe_c   bonjour magnuse ;-) hello everybody
09:10 kf             dcook: you were a horizon user? :)
09:09 gerundio       hey magnuse, good morning
09:09 magnuse        bonjour christophe_c and gerundio
09:03 christophe_c   hi
08:50 dcook          Yeah! :D
08:49 magnuse        koha = power + flexibility :-)
08:48 dcook          Or flexibility
08:48 dcook          Wishing that I had more power
08:48 dcook          Yeah, I remember using Horizon and getting frustrated...
08:48 dcook          Mmm, I've helped set up Koha for a college that did that as well
08:48 magnuse        yeah, at least they have the possibility
08:48 magnuse        they use it for doing homework in cataloguing etc
08:48 dcook          I suppose it could inspire hacking on their own in any case
08:47 magnuse        they just get access to the opac and the intranet, no hacking
08:47 dcook          magnuse: that's what I hear ;)
08:47 magnuse        dcook: users
08:47 magnuse        dcook: if you don't know the packages yet they are definitely worth a look!
08:47 dcook          But are they just using it as users or as developers?
08:47 dcook          I really do need to spin up that Debian vm sometime and play
08:47 kf             morning and hi all :)
08:46 * dcook        is intrigued.
08:46 rangi          the packages make it super easy to run multiple instances on one machine
08:45 magnuse        so they probably have something like studentnumber.koha.hioa.no or something similar
08:45 magnuse        but they have a server where they run it
08:44 magnuse        i'm not sure about the specifics
08:44 dcook          magnuse: But how does it do that? Does the library education in oslo provide packaged virtual machines, server space, or URLs?
08:43 dcook          magnuse: that is awesome!
08:43 dcook          hey, kf ;)
08:43 magnuse        guten morgen kf
08:43 magnuse        dcook: the library education in oslo provides each and every student with their own personal koha instance, thanks to the packages ;-)
08:23 * dcook        thinks it's pretty cool that ByWater Solutions provides the sandbox for the SLAIS class on library automation :)
08:14 paul_p         'morning #koha & magnuse !
08:10 magnuse        kia ora rangi asaurat paul_p gaetan_B
08:07 wahanui        niihau, asaurat
08:07 asaurat        hi
08:04 rangi          evening
07:56 huginn         magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -4.0°C (8:20 AM CET on February 19, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: -10.0°C. Windchill: -11.0°C. Pressure: 30.42 in 1030 hPa (Steady).
07:56 magnuse        @wunder boo
07:49 cait           brr.
07:49 huginn         cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is -3.8°C (8:45 AM CET on February 19, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Windchill: -4.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
07:49 cait           @wunder Konstanz
07:38 wahanui        salut, reiveune
07:38 reiveune       hello
07:22 * cait         waves
07:20 alex_a         hello o/
07:20 * magnuse      vawes
05:52 cait           hi dcook
05:52 dcook          hi cait :)
05:35 cait           hi #koha
04:55 dcook          Have a good one!
04:54 dcook          Hmm, that's true
04:54 mtj            ok, gotta scoot
04:54 mtj            ...then you would be able to skip/avoid that step
04:53 mtj            the workaround might be to obsolete them before the upload, in bugzilla
04:53 dcook          Hmm, that's not good
04:53 mtj            so, too slow on any of them, and it fails
04:52 mtj            its the obselting thats still tricky, that happens for every patch in the range
04:52 mtj            thats exactly what i did
04:51 dcook          Could a person edit the commits beforehand using commit --amend, and then just obsolete during git bz attach?
04:50 dcook          :/
04:41 mtj            sure makes the bug history confusing as hell tho :/
04:41 mtj            but, successful :p
04:40 mtj            woah, you gotta be smooth to edit/obsolete 5 commits, without a timeout
04:36 mtj            ah, it does do a range, after all
04:35 dcook          I don't know if I've ever done it myself though
04:35 dcook          http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Git_bz_configuration#Attaching_patches
04:34 dcook          I think it's supposed to handle multiples
04:34 dcook          I don't think so
04:34 mtj            (currently it only handles 1 at a time,  yeah?)
04:34 dcook          You could always add another param to community's git-bz branch :p
04:34 mtj            i really want gbz to handle a range of commits :)
04:33 mtj            im just attempting to gbz-attach 5 'signed-off' patches to 9611, and making a nice mess
04:32 mtj            to make a distinction between a sign-off and a passed-qa patch
04:32 mtj            yeah, i think so
04:31 dcook          jcamins: would a separate 'passed QA' string be useful to you?
04:31 dcook          I think that's what jdruart does
04:23 mtj            hmm, i might just got with a 'signed-off' string - when passing qa, for now
04:21 mtj            i'm looking for the 'passed-qa by xxx' equiv, here…
04:20 mtj            i know 'git-bz apply -s' adds a 'signed-off by xxx' string...
04:20 mtj            peeps, is there a way to use git-bz to append a 'passed QA' string for each patch?
03:35 bgkriegel      bye
03:34 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9611 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Signed Off , Changing the password hashing algorithm from MD5 to more secure Bcrypt
03:34 bgkriegel      rangi, bug 9611 is signed. I can go to sleep now.
03:32 bgkriegel      ok
03:32 jcamins        Yes please.
03:31 wahanui        bgkriegel: that doesn't look right
03:31 bgkriegel      Change to need sign-off?
03:31 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9412 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, hugh, Signed Off , add optional_params to C4::Service
03:31 bgkriegel      Bug 9412 is self-signed.
03:31 jcamins        Yes?
03:30 wahanui        i heard jcamins was too young to be the President of the United States.  Which is a pity, because he had the votes at the 3.12 election.
03:30 bgkriegel      jcamins?
02:51 jenkins_koha   Project Koha_master build #1054: FIXED in 1 hr 6 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/1054/
02:51 jenkins_koha   Yippie, build fixed!
02:27 dcook          It has been a while since I heard any food talk on here too
02:26 * dcook        grew up in the rural prairies. He didn't have fresh mushrooms until he was 10+.
02:26 dcook          Yep ^_^
02:26 dcook          Don't even get me started on my childhood O_O
02:25 jcamins        I was talking about the constant food talk, but, yeah, I guess in Australia you also have summer right now. :)
02:25 dcook          Vancouver is pretty nice all year round, but there was a serious lack of spinach...
02:25 dcook          I had forgotten about that!
02:24 jcamins        dcook: bet you missed this while you were in Canada.
02:23 jcamins        Stupid winter, killing all the leafy greens.
02:23 jcamins        Probably because it's the middle of winter.
02:21 jcamins        And it hasn't been on sale in ages.
02:19 dcook          Spinach is pretty essential. Mmm, leftover meals. I'm starting to think that a real lunch might be an idea sometime soon...
02:18 jcamins        Not so happy about using up the spinach.
02:15 jcamins        spinach.
02:15 jcamins        And it used up the thawed chicken, half an avocado, salsa from druthb, the yogurt, and...
02:14 jcamins        And very filling.
02:14 jcamins        dcook: it actually was really good.
02:13 dcook          jcamins: Me thinks that is more of a meal than dried apricots and macadamia nuts :p
01:45 jenkins_koha   Starting build #1054 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1051 3 days 10 hr ago)
01:45 mtj            hey eythian, about?
01:45 jenkins_koha   rangi: job koha_master build scheduled now
01:45 rangi          !jenkins build koha_master now
01:42 rangi          thanks
01:41 * jcamins      throws a whole bunch of leftover ingredients into a pan with some chopped spinach, calls it a meal.
01:41 bgkriegel      rangi, I did a followup for the tabulations
01:08 bgkriegel      besides, there are tabulation problems :(
01:08 rangi          if the page still renders fine, its working :)
01:08 rangi          you have to have memcached enabled, then edit a template and make a change like in the commit message
01:06 bgkriegel      how to you test that?
01:06 rangi          i changed the patch, another sign off would be good
01:04 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7387 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, chris, Needs Signoff , Add Template::Toolkit plugin to allow caching of includes
01:04 bgkriegel      bug 7387 needs another sign-off or is signed?
01:04 rangi          yes?
01:03 wahanui        I LIKE ALMONDS! HAVE SOME NUTS!
01:03 bgkriegel      rangi?