Time  Nick            Message
23:43 jcamins         I know these make sense to someone, but that person is not me right now.
23:42 tweetbot`       [off] twitter: @CatalystAcademy: "Well done to @coreyfromaotea! 200th Developer with a commit in @kohails #flossac"
23:42 tweetbot`       [off] twitter: @ranginui: "Using Piwik for website traffic analysis with… http://t.co/MoSwazi4 #kohails"
23:42 tweetbot`       [off] twitter: @wizzyrea: "#kohails now has 200 developers! Congrats @coreyfromaotea"
23:42 * jcamins       contemplates his P&L and balance sheet statements.
23:42 wizzyrea        \o/
23:42 cjh             \o/
23:42 rangi           when datadoctors patch is pushed
23:42 rangi           it'll be 201 pretty soon too
23:41 cait            good night all!
23:41 cait            :)
23:41 kathryn         yayyy!
23:40 wizzyrea        rangi++ ibeardslee++ too, for... stuff
23:38 cait            MrAgent075: congratulations! :)
23:38 cait            ah, was trying autocomplete with a lower case mr :)
23:38 rangi           it was the new developers bit i was showing
23:38 wizzyrea        jcamins++ aqualaptop++ MrAgent075++ cait++
23:37 jcamins         Yeah, yeah, yeah... lots of patches passed QA.
23:37 cjh             aqualaptop++ #199
23:37 wizzyrea        MrAgent075:
23:37 wizzyrea        he's in channel :)
23:37 cait            cjh, wizzyrea: congratulations to corey from me :)
23:37 rangi           http://dashboard.koha-community.org/
23:35 huginn          New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_9179' into 3.12-master <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=0dbaf41574d98cd5b982ca9eb0511a1c9e0005c6> / Add Corey Fuimaono to history <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=e6ea3db830c03356ac43bf43f67ad024b6ee5185> / Bug 9179 - Incorrect capitalization in serials-collection.pl <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=a3cb99841ea5
23:35 jenkins_koha    Starting build #1012 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:33 cjh             jcamins: thanks!
23:32 jcamins         Bah. Forgot to note that Corey was a new developer on the bug.
23:32 jcamins         Proof!
23:29 * cjh           is camping out git.kc
23:28 * wizzyrea      is waiting to see proof
23:28 cait            congratulations :)
23:28 cait            heh
23:26 aqualaptop      bam, i'm in the cool club now :D
23:26 jcamins         But the point is, the hook worked. :)
23:26 cait            ah right
23:26 jcamins         I used git commit --no-verify.
23:25 jcamins         It was a patch to the history file.
23:25 jcamins         Nope.
23:25 cait            did I forget?
23:25 cait            oh?
23:24 jcamins         My git hook just informed me there weren't enough sign off lines.
23:23 jcamins         Nice!
23:21 * jcamins       kills a tree.
23:20 rangi           a ton better than before
23:19 rangi           its a good improvement, if not perfect
23:19 rangi           *nod*
23:18 jcamins         Eww. The discount/tax rate are pretty hideous without those patches.
23:04 jcamins         That time of year when you are presented with a 20-page document and told "if you fill out this, you'll be able to fill out your fifty page tax return."
23:04 jcamins_away    Oh, tax time.
22:51 rangi           heh
22:44 jcamins_away    rangi: http://memegenerator.net/instance/33524681
22:16 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8401 critical, P3, ---, koha-bugs, Passed QA , Search term deleted from system preference content
22:16 cait            bug 8401
22:16 rangi           sweet :)
22:16 cait            ... there you go
22:07 datadoctor      see y'all! have a good evening / morning!
22:07 rangi           sleep well
22:07 magnuse         and so to bed
22:05 magnuse         w00t!!!
22:05 rangi           201
22:05 magnuse         making it 200+ total?!?
22:05 rangi           yep
22:04 wizzyrea        that's what 3 new developers this week :)
22:03 magnuse         rangi++ for signing off on it
22:03 cait            congrats datadoctor
22:02 magnuse         datadoctor++ for the first patch!
22:02 huginn          04Bug 8401: critical, P3, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Search term deleted from system preference content
22:02 rangi           datadoctor: http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8401#c11
21:56 rangi           it works perfectly
21:54 rangi           no worries testing it now and will tidy it up and sign off
21:52 datadoctor      Thanks rangi!
21:52 datadoctor      That's me Fred P!
21:52 datadoctor      Thanks! This is the first patch that I have made, and I think I neglected to configure my git properly.
21:51 datadoctor      oh yeah
21:49 * rangi         will do it and apologise later :)
21:48 rangi           would you like me to tidy up your patch as i sign it off ... (you forgot to set you username and email in git config)
21:48 rangi           datadoctor: you are Fred P right?
21:46 rangi           ohh cool a patch from datadoctor
21:20 cait            oleonard++ #while he is not looking :)
21:15 mtj             cya owen
21:15 oleonard        Okay, world problems solved, time to go home. See you all later.
21:15 jcamins_away    mtj: I thought it was 1.4.2...
21:15 mtj             pssh, so typical of 'the rock' to think the latest version of jquery was 1.6… :/
21:14 rangi           yeah supporting IE6 is not something we should spend time on
21:13 jcamins_away    (no, that wasn't a typo... I don't use IE6, I just recall the jQuery in the OPAC didn't work on IE6)
21:13 * oleonard      is surprised by not particularly motivated by that statement
21:12 jcamins_away    At least, not the jQuery in the 3.2 OPAC.
21:12 jcamins_away    jQuery doesn't work with IE6.
21:11 rangi           its irresponsible to allow ppl to use IE6 :)
21:11 mtj             ummm, yep! :p
21:11 oleonard        Seconded.
21:11 rangi           i vote we just rip that out then :)
21:10 rangi           IE6 ?
21:10 mtj             http://git.koha-community.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/lib/jquery/plugins/jquery.rating.js;h=f4a22d54cd76f93c6fc49e87dde9217a1752854d;hb=HEAD#l17
21:10 mtj             hey, heres some good news… theres only 1 reference for $.browser in the ratings code, for IE6
21:03 oleonard        http://jquery-howto.blogspot.com/2013/01/meme-jquery-version.html
20:56 mtj             ah, thats an old commit from 2010 - ignore me :p
20:55 wizzyrea        coool thanks
20:55 jcamins_away    wizzyrea: I will when I can.
20:54 mtj             the commits say ratings is only tested on jquery 1.4
20:54 wizzyrea        jcamins: those two patches that are through qa - it's ok to push them whenever you are ready :)
20:53 mtj             koha is on r41, latest is r46
20:53 oleonard        It's just the kind of mess I get myself into 20 minutes before I leave for the day.
20:53 mtj             http://code.google.com/p/jquery-star-rating-plugin/source/list
20:53 mtj             ah, i am wrong - we are some minor releases behind on the ratings code
20:53 jcamins_away    *plugin?
20:53 jcamins_away    I don't suppose it was moved into a handy plugi?
20:52 jcamins_away    :(
20:52 oleonard        There goes my plan for a quick and easy upgrade to jQuery 1.9 :(
20:52 jcamins_away    Seems like maybe removing .browser was a bit premature if everything depends on it.
20:52 jcamins_away    oleonard: probably not?
20:51 oleonard        Wow, is there a jquery plugin we use which *doesn't* use .browser?!
20:50 rangi           so we'd have to fix it ourselves?
20:50 oleonard        Yup
20:49 mtj             bah, afaik we have the latest star-rating release -> http://www.fyneworks.com/jquery/star-rating
20:49 oleonard        No
20:48 jcamins_away    Didn't we just upgrade jQueryUI?
20:48 oleonard        Heck, the version of jQueryUI we have uses it too! But at least we can upgrade that
20:47 jcamins_away    At least, the documentation says that.
20:47 jcamins_away    Looks like we can replace it with jQuery.support?
20:47 mtj             hmm, i wonder if theres a newer star-ratings release, with a fix?
20:46 oleonard        browser_sniffing--
20:46 rangi           hmm can we code the star ratings in a way to not use that?
20:46 oleonard        http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.browser/
20:46 wahanui         it has been said that feature is only for 856u (under xslt) and any links in the biblio or item in normal view.. ill do the xslt for normac and unimarc too when i figure it out
20:46 jcamins_away    What feature?
20:45 jcamins_away    Oh no!
20:45 oleonard        Ugh. jQuery 1.9 removes a long-deprecated feature used by the star-ratings plugin we have in the OPAC :(
20:43 rangi           nope only 6 hours tho
20:42 Dyrcona         Is it beer o'clock, yet?
20:40 jcamins_away    See what useful things I learned from #koha? :)
20:39 jcamins_away    aqualaptop: that's at one company in New Zealand, and maybe the UK. I know that pizza should be on the menu throughout the world on Fridays!
20:39 wizzyrea        ty
20:39 wizzyrea        cool
20:38 aqualaptop      jcamins_away: at catalyst one would expect pizza on one thursday a month
20:38 jcamins_away    aqualaptop: true, but on Thursdays one doesn't necessarily know to expect pizza.
20:37 oleonard        Yes
20:37 wizzyrea        oleonard: the branch you're referring to is ip-bootstrap-2012-09-17 right?
20:37 aqualaptop      jcamins_away: pizza can be on everyday :D
20:37 jcamins_away    ibeardslee: it's true. Until I started working on Koha, I did not know that pizza was on Fridays.
20:35 ibeardslee      MrAgent075: the things one learns while working on koha.
20:34 jcamins_away    oleonard: he's been hanging around me too much.
20:34 * oleonard      didn't expect wahanui to know the price of coconut flour
20:32 jcamins_away    I have rice flour.
20:32 MrAgent075      Didn't even know you could make flour out of coconut.
20:32 jcamins_away    And that's why.
20:32 jcamins_away    I don't have either.
20:32 wahanui         Coconut Flour is REALLY expensive
20:32 MrAgent075      Coconut Flour?
20:32 jcamins_away    Ah.
20:32 wizzyrea        somewhat less than it calls for almond flour, and about 1/8c coconut flour
20:32 MrAgent075      jcamins_away: eah... xd
20:32 jcamins_away    Since the ones with gluten have gluten, I gather you use wheat flour. :)
20:31 jcamins_away    Yeah.
20:31 wizzyrea        for the gluten free ones?
20:31 jcamins_away    wizzyrea: what flour do you use?
20:31 jcamins_away    MrAgent075: ah, hoping no one was counting how many you ate? :P
20:31 wizzyrea        (and in some ways better)
20:31 jcamins_away    The curried coconut cookie has spoken of, they must be summoned!
20:31 wizzyrea        these guys are lucky I didn't bake the gluten free ones (though they are really no different)
20:31 * MrAgent075    can count. but he prefers to do something more useful than to see how many cookie one person takes.
20:30 cjh             I was really suspicious about the curry, but they are very yummy.
20:30 jcamins_away    Actually, I _definitely_ have to bake those.
20:30 jcamins_away    I may have to bake those.
20:30 * cjh           is pretty sure aqualaptop is lying
20:30 jcamins_away    Nice!
20:30 MrAgent075      omnom...
20:30 aqualaptop      wizzyrea: :(
20:30 * wizzyrea      ignores aqua
20:30 cjh             ^^ he has had like 5
20:30 aqualaptop      yet I keep eating thm
20:30 aqualaptop      jcamins_away: they are the "worst" cookies I've had in my life
20:29 cjh             jcamins_away: indeed, curry + coconut + choc chips + cranberry
20:29 wizzyrea        coconut curry oatmeal ones
20:29 wizzyrea        I baked the koha cookie :)
20:29 wizzyrea        haha yea
20:29 jcamins_away    cjh: cookie did wizzyrea bake?
20:29 cjh             ibeardslee: we feel your pain
20:29 ibeardslee      wizzyrea: ^^ see stupid spacebar
20:29 cjh             there are other ways of doing it, we just quite liked the dropdown menu as it seemed 'obvious'
20:28 ibeardslee      and that regardless peoplewill cry over any changes
20:28 cjh             generally things in the top are either buttons or dropdowns, it feels a bit odd to have non-clickable text (like the username) or have it have hidden function when you click, hence the dropdown.
20:28 oleonard        ...and that you have to click that menu to find the hidden log out link ;)
20:28 jcamins_away    If that's true, then clearly I don't pay much attention.
20:28 wizzyrea        and that is teach users that things just change sometimes.
20:28 wizzyrea        mm yea, that's fair I guess - however - facebook has done one thing for us that is nice
20:28 jcamins_away    Facebook hid their logout link?
20:28 jcamins_away    It did?
20:27 oleonard        It will be an adjustment for existing users. I remember when Facebook hid their log out link it felt like they were doing it to be sneaky
20:26 cjh             oleonard: fwiw:  we were really adamant on having both the username and current branch displayed, we didnt want to remove information.
20:26 wizzyrea        lol, i've actually always wanted that. :)
20:26 wizzyrea        it would be nice to be able to jump to your own user account.
20:25 wizzyrea        I like that
20:25 wahanui         Which one is, like, the "native" files
20:25 jcamins_away    Which one?
20:25 wizzyrea        oh yeaaaaa
20:25 cjh             wizzyrea++ baking!
20:25 oleonard        Having a menu would let us put in a "my account" link which I would find useful
20:25 cjh             the koha cookie flavour is awesome!
20:22 wizzyrea        so we may change that bit.
20:22 wizzyrea        which was contentious here, as that looks like an email address
20:22 wizzyrea        yea, we did user @ branch
20:22 oleonard        Looking again and seeing that you have both the username and branch showing I am more okay with it
20:22 jcamins_away    wizzyrea: wasn't that a film?
20:21 wizzyrea        "Help" actually
20:21 wizzyrea        but we changed it to the word "help"
20:20 wizzyrea        the ? was simply off the screen when I did the screencast
20:20 wizzyrea        so it made sense to us to put it under that menu
20:20 wizzyrea        are user-y things
20:20 wizzyrea        setting library, and logging out
20:19 wizzyrea        you do user-y things there
20:19 wizzyrea        it's a menu, and it does stuff
20:19 wizzyrea        in ubuntu, the username in the upper right hand corner
20:19 wizzyrea        here's the logic, if it helps
20:18 oleonard        Yeah I didn't get a close look but I think my preference is not to collapse any of that stuff
20:18 wizzyrea        mostly on the right hand side
20:17 wizzyrea        that's basically default bootstrap stuff - but we did move some things around up there
20:17 wizzyrea        yea, we hadn't gotten into custom styling the bar
20:16 oleonard        Yes, although mine looks a little different from what I saw in the video
20:16 wizzyrea        ?
20:16 wizzyrea        did you do work on the top nav bar, oleonard/
20:15 oleonard        wizzyrea: Are there any bugs you'd like me to look at?
20:03 wizzyrea        :) it's all good
20:02 oleonard        wizzyrea: I apologize for not sharing that link before. I didn't mean to make anyone duplicate work
20:02 wizzyrea        yea corey worked really hard
20:02 cait            wizzyrea: btw - all the accessibility work on the staff client is pretty cool! :)
20:00 wizzyrea        yep, I will take a look at what you did here in a minute
19:56 oleonard        Anyway, picking a different toolbar set would let you guys get something done without repeating what I did
19:55 wizzyrea        ahhh yea no it won't will it
19:55 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6261 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Consolidate patron toolbar include files
19:55 oleonard        It won't rebase cleanly because of Bug 6261 though
19:54 oleonard        I'm not sure how far that branch is from master. I has been a few weeks I guess.
19:53 wizzyrea        ah cool
19:52 * oleonard      has that in the Bootstrap branch he worked on
19:52 wizzyrea        on the toolbar.
19:52 wizzyrea        yea - we were thinking of doing some of the circ buttons today, if we had time
19:52 oleonard        This is your last academy day wizzyrea?
19:52 cait            oleonard: not sure - in and out right now, still doing housechores - wizzyrea will know
19:51 wizzyrea        and if you can get that, screen readers can usually get at it
19:51 wizzyrea        at least, keyboard accessibility is vastly improved
19:50 oleonard        That's good to know
19:50 wizzyrea        it's quite good actually
19:50 wizzyrea        it does not at all
19:50 wizzyrea        no!
19:50 oleonard        wizzyrea: What I'm most interested in finding out is whether Bootstrap has the same accessibility problems YUI did
19:50 wizzyrea        (and tables)
19:50 wizzyrea        so we just built a custom bootstrap that left out forms - which limits what we can do somewhat
19:49 oleonard        Yeah, and <span class="label">
19:49 wizzyrea        like their legend definition makes ours go all sorts of insane.
19:49 oleonard        jcamins_away: You can build a custom build of the CSS/JS and include coverage on only certain aspects of the UI
19:49 wizzyrea        but some of it just makes koha go a bit mad.
19:49 wizzyrea        on form fields
19:49 wizzyrea        some of it I quite like, for example, the prepend and appending of tips
19:48 oleonard        Bootstrap is CSS and javascript
19:48 jcamins_away    I thought Bootstrap was CSS?
19:48 oleonard        I think I have that in one of the commit messages on that branch
19:48 oleonard        wizzyrea: Yeah that's one of the things we need to agree on, just how much of the css to bring in
19:47 wizzyrea        we found that we couldn't/shouldn't includethe css for tables and forms due to collateral damage
19:47 wizzyrea        yea just now
19:46 oleonard        Did you get that msg?
19:46 oleonard        So wizzyrea jcamins_away showed me the YouTube video of some Bootstrap work you guys did and I realized I had a work in progress I should have pointed you to
19:45 oleonard        cait: I see 9388, 9397, 9398, and 9399. Are there others I should be looking at?
19:45 * wizzyrea      waves
19:45 kathryn         cait: haha!
19:44 cait            beets
19:44 jcamins_away    Beets.
19:44 jcamins_away    Oh.
19:44 bag             morning
19:44 jcamins_away    Pink?
19:44 cait            oleonard: I will try to look at the patches later, only have to deal with my 'pink' kitchen right now
19:44 cait            oleonard: I think we can be a bit less strict with the academy kids - but it would be great if you could take a look too
19:41 kathryn         hey cait
19:41 cait            morning kathryn :)
19:41 cait            mtj: and a nice evening too :)
19:40 mtj             oleonard, afaik yes
19:38 oleonard        Hi wizzyrea
19:38 mtj             … and what a nice morning it is :)
19:36 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9399 trivial, P5 - low, ---, agent.075, Signed Off , Accessibility - Search box options aren't buttons
19:36 oleonard        Was Bug 9399 signed off by someone on the same team as the patch author?
19:36 kathryn         and eve-ning
19:36 kathryn         morn-ing
19:09 cait            datadoctor++
19:08 datadoctor      Search system preferences with no worries! :)
19:06 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8401 critical, P3, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Search term deleted from system preference content
19:06 datadoctor      Patch posted for bug 8401 javascript code deletes search terms from global system preferences custom css and js.
19:05 libsysguy       actually I'd like to see us use something like this: http://www.atlassian.com/software/crucible/overview instead of comments on with to fix in BZ :D
19:03 libsysguy       it seems like code traceability would be much easier
19:03 gmcharlt        libsysguy: quite well
19:02 libsysguy       does it work?
19:02 jcamins_away    libsysguy: that's how Evergreen does it.
19:01 tweetbot`       [off] twitter: @kohails: "#kohails  Koha Web Stats Using Google Analytics http://t.co/6AtzJ7k1"
19:01 libsysguy       so each dev has a wip fork
19:00 libsysguy       actually (I may be off base here) but it would make for an interesting change if all devs forked master and then patches could be branches…so to RM would handle merges of passed branches into master
18:58 cait            thx :)
18:57 gmcharlt        cait: http://evergreen-ils.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=dev:git#working_repos
18:57 jcamins_away    cait: anyone can get push access to it, but only for branches that are named something like user/jcamins/whatever.
18:56 cait            jcamins_away: how does a working repo work? :)
18:45 libsysguy       gmcharlt++
18:44 jcamins_away    gmcharlt++
18:44 jcamins_away    Yay!
18:44 gmcharlt        I'll set up one tonight
18:44 gmcharlt        jcamins_away: just a lack of tuits
18:43 libsysguy       I think that could go a long way in de-duplicating work
18:43 jcamins_away    gmcharlt: do you remember why we didn't set up a working repo?
18:43 jcamins_away    I don't remember why we got derailed from setting one up.
18:42 libsysguy       stash for FOSS projects ;)
18:42 libsysguy       agreed
18:42 jcamins_away    libsysguy: what we need is a working repo.
17:51 kf              bye all :)
17:50 oleonard        Seems like a bait and switch
17:50 oleonard        Wow I sure don't like finding a github project and finding the download link leads to a PayPal page
17:48 huginn          libsysguy: The operation succeeded.
17:48 libsysguy       @later tell rangi could I get a wip branch on git.koha-community.org and possibly push access to the migration toolbox?
17:46 libsysguy       probably not
17:46 libsysguy       is rangi in yet?
17:11 gaetan_B        bye !
17:06 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6261 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Master , Consolidate patron toolbar include files
17:06 oleonard        I wanted to get Bug 6261 in before I worked more on it
17:05 huginn          jcamins: The operation succeeded.
17:05 jcamins         @later tell wizzyrea oleonard has a branch you should look at: ip-bootstrap-2012-09-17 at http://gitorious.org/koha-dev/koha-dev
17:05 oleonard        It hasn't been rebased in a while (but more recently than 2012-09-17 I think)
17:05 oleonard        It's ip-bootstrap-2012-09-17 at http://gitorious.org/koha-dev/koha-dev
17:03 * oleonard      isn't having the best week
17:03 oleonard        I don't know why I didn't think that branch was available when I talked to wizzyrea yesterday :(
17:03 jcamins         I don't think they got to the buttons at all.
17:02 oleonard        Here's as far as I got: http://screencast.com/t/4dy4wudFt7X
17:01 tweetbot`       [off] twitter: @ByWaterSolution: "Koha Web Stats Using Google Analytics http://t.co/AkJMMKW5 #kohails"
16:59 kf              I don't know how to write a commit message that will not sound weird in release notes
16:59 kf              hm
16:58 * jcamins       sighs.
16:58 jcamins         Yes, Julius.
16:58 jcamins         Oh.
16:56 kf              yep i know :)
16:56 jcamins         kf: their accessibility expert.
16:55 oleonard        Oh yeah, it has been my plan kf
16:55 kf              Julius?
16:55 jcamins         Yeah, they did initial testing yesterday, and today they will be having Julian test the new interface.
16:55 kf              oleonard: but at least you seem to think it's a good idea? :)
16:55 kf              oleonard: oh ouch
16:54 oleonard        I asked wizzyrea if they could evaluate the accessibility of Bootstrap but didn't realize they were going to dive right in
16:54 * oleonard      smacks forehead
16:54 jcamins         Hmmm... yes.
16:53 oleonard        I guess I could have pointed out the branch I have where I did all that work already :|
16:53 jcamins         It's Bootstrap not jQuery, but the two are somewhat related.
16:53 oleonard        that's good news
16:53 kf              I think anything is more accessible than yui....
16:53 jcamins         Yeah.
16:52 oleonard        I take it they evaluated it and found it more accessible than YUI jcamins?
16:52 kf              but it looks nice
16:52 kf              havent read the logs yet from last night
16:52 jcamins         That navigation is entirely with the keyboard.
16:52 jcamins         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay89BdbBfZ0
16:51 * oleonard      sleeps
16:51 jcamins         I'm finding it.
16:51 jcamins         I guess you wouldn't have, since it was shared at about 11 o'clock last night.
16:51 oleonard        No
16:51 jcamins         oleonard: oh, you didn't see the video?
16:51 oleonard        Is Agent075 working on that jcamins ?
16:51 jcamins         Since you're in there. :P
16:50 * oleonard      puts his fingers in his ears and sings 'The Star Spangled Banner'
16:50 jcamins         kf: why don't you change some of the menus to use Bootstrap so Agent075 doesn't have to do it all.
16:50 jcamins         Hey, speaking of upgrading jQuery...
16:47 kf              out of the scope of my bug :P
16:47 kf              no!
16:47 kf              lol
16:47 oleonard        kf: Can you upgrade jQuery while you're at it? ;)
16:46 kf              oleonard: see. I am being not good at all!
16:46 kf              done
16:45 oleonard        Show/Don't show the format, audience, and material type icons in XSLT MARC21 results and detail pages in the staff client
16:44 kf              with and without the OPAC part
16:43 kf              we could make it: Show/Don't show the format.... maybe?
16:43 kf              If ON, displays the format, audience, and material type icons in XSLT MARC21 results and detail pages.
16:43 kf              I put this in sysprefs.sql:
16:43 kf              I could change it
16:42 kf              maybe one of the mistakes made by translating to the new pref editor?
16:42 oleonard        Yeah that's not just misleading, it's wrong.
16:42 kf              the description in syspref.sql would be ok, it's the .pref that is so different
16:41 kf              DisplayOPACiconsXSLT
16:41 oleonard        Which pref?
16:41 kf              but it's actually turning off and on the format/audience/type line in the xslt?
16:41 kf              On pages displayed with XSLT stylesheets on the OPAC show/don't show icons for itemtype and authorized values.
16:40 kf              that's weird. the pref description for the existing one  is... misleading
16:40 kf              oh
16:38 reiveune        bye
16:31 mib_7ppale      thanks a los for you help
16:27 kf              oleonard: I hope not :)
16:27 kf              druthb++ :)
16:26 druthb_mobile   Yes.  Working on the 3.8.x string freeze update now.  Did 3.10 last night late.
16:26 oleonard        Hopefully not by cab!
16:26 jcamins         Heading back to Lawrence?
16:26 jcamins         Nice!
16:26 druthb_mobile   ..tcohen++
16:25 druthb_mobile   How awesomely cool....I'm talking to a server in Argentina, while sitting in the cab of a *moving* vehicle in rural eastern Pennsylvania, USA.
16:23 * oleonard      isn't saying :P
16:23 kf              :)
16:23 kf              would you failone that did?
16:22 oleonard        kf: I wouldn't fail a patch that didn't include that.
16:21 kf              so I guess we want that too for the intranet
16:21 kf              i noticed you can turn the display off in the opac (materialtype icons, format and the like)
16:21 kf              so I am not doing all that well
16:21 kf              but I am implementing a new syspref...
16:21 kf              i know what you mean.... trying to get this thing finished without doing too much
16:21 kf              oleonard: :)
16:19 oleonard        You're doing well kf. Usually I don't resist the urge to fix the other thing that I see when fixing the thing and then I get in over my head.
16:19 kf              yeah, I figured me neither :)
16:18 jcamins         kf: eventually I would like to, but I don't have a tuit. :)
16:18 kf              sorry :)
16:18 * oleonard      obediently ignores kf
16:17 mib_7ppale      Open suse is installed in spanish
16:15 kf              I will just keep it the way it is I guess
16:15 kf              ah hm, ignore that
16:15 kf              /intranet-tmpl/prog/img/famfamfam/silk... is there a plan to move the image directories above the prog too?
16:14 datadoctor      We had a problem with the indexing, and it generated large shadow files for indexing, and a huge temp file. How is your disk analysis looking mib_7ppale?
16:14 kf              would be
16:14 kf              /opac-tmpl/lib/famfamfam/silk/book_link.png
16:13 kf              I noted that we have a different file structure for the images in opac and intranet
16:13 datadoctor      Indexing will take longer once you reactivate the crons, but that's not a huge performance hit.
16:13 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9403 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Material type icons not showing for XSLT default view in intranet
16:13 kf              bug 9403
16:13 kf              I am working on a patch for 9403
16:12 kf              hi :)
16:12 mib_7ppale      if the crons aren´t active they can produce performance problems
16:12 oleonard        Yes
16:12 kf              oleonard: around?
16:11 gmcharlt        mysqltuner might be useful to run as well
16:11 jcamins         mib_7ppale: so you should check that the tables in your Koha database are InnoDB and not MyISAM.
16:10 mib_7ppale      I verify the crons aren´t active
16:10 jcamins         datadoctor: ouch. Painful!
16:10 datadoctor      The only other thing I can think of is table locking. Sometimes InnoDB data can convert to MyISAM when transferring, leading to table-level locking, which can slow modifications.
16:10 jcamins         I am out of ideas, again.
16:09 jcamins         Hm. So it's probably not a Zebra issue.
16:09 mib_7ppale      No
16:08 datadoctor      Good question jcamins.
16:07 jcamins         Do you have any rebuild_zebra or zebraidx processes running right now?
16:07 jcamins         Hrm. That shouldn't be a problem.
16:07 mib_7ppale      each 5 minutes
16:06 jcamins         mib_7ppale: how frequently do you have them running?
16:06 mib_7ppale      the cronjos are active
16:05 vfernandes      no problem slef... it's only to inform you that the bug is already with a patch... be free to sign it off :)
16:04 jcamins         datadoctor: oh, there's a thought.
16:04 datadoctor      mib_7ppale: We get problems when our zebra indexing stumbles on a malformed record - are your cronjobs active or inactive?
16:03 mib_7ppale      before run process koha is ok
16:03 mib_7ppale      thanks
16:03 jcamins         *server is overloaded
16:03 slef            vfernandes: sorry got to go out the door like right now. :( I'll get it as soon as I can
16:03 slef            They're not easy things to explain how to do though. Sorry.
16:02 jcamins         The two options I can think of are: 1) there is a problem with the server hardware it's on, such as the server is overload, or 2) there's something strange about Suse's configuration.
16:02 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9418 trivial, P5 - low, ---, vfernandes, Needs Signoff , Some corrections and additions to about.tt
16:02 slef            I'd try inspect the apache server-status and the pl processes with ps, maybe try running the pl processes in the perl debugger and/or test the underlying queries by using koha's perl API
16:02 vfernandes      slef check bug 9418...
16:01 mib_7ppale      unfortunately
16:01 jcamins         I don't have any more advice, sorry.
16:00 mib_7ppale      we have ony suse linux linux enterprise 11
16:00 jcamins         Or whichever distro you are using for production?
15:59 jcamins         So you see this on both Debian and Suse?
15:59 mib_7ppale      we are do to borrows in the trail controlled with 10 users
15:58 jcamins         The only advice I can give you is "test it on Debian" to see if it's a configuration issue.
15:58 slef            sure but it's probably something to do with what they're doing, rather than the versions in use
15:57 mib_7ppale      the load is by .pl process
15:57 jcamins         I think it's more likely to be something about the way Perl is configured by Suse, or the scheduler that has been selected, or...
15:57 mib_7ppale      we have perl v5.12.1
15:56 slef            there's a dependency checker... but I doubt this causes your high load
15:56 jcamins         Perl 5.10+
15:56 mib_7ppale      some version in particular for hoka 3.8.6?
15:55 jcamins         Perl, and the various libraries listed as dependencies.
15:54 mib_7ppale      .pl files
15:54 mib_7ppale      what requisites are necesary to run perl?
15:53 mib_7ppale      yes
15:51 jcamins         mib_7ppale: I don't know why you would be seeing performance issues.
15:50 jcamins         (this was on a server roughtly 1/4 the size of mib_7ppale's, shared between four catalogs)
15:50 mib_7ppale      we climbed to 4 cores
15:50 jcamins         (counting images, CSS, JS)
15:50 mib_7ppale      we cimbed to 4 cores
15:49 jcamins         It was filling ~50 requests/second according to the logs when it kicked the bucket.
15:48 jcamins         Blocking the spider at the firewall.
15:48 jcamins         slef: well, last week.
15:48 slef            jcamins: froggy colo?
15:48 jcamins         mib_7ppale: I know. But that still seems high.
15:48 jcamins         slef: ditto.
15:48 mib_7ppale      of linux
15:48 slef            jcamins: we've had one catalogue getting spidered by some froggy colo this week. Had to block it at the firewall :-/
15:48 mib_7ppale      This figure is in terms of load
15:47 mib_7ppale      9.82 is not in minutes
15:47 jcamins         Do you have the VM limited to just 1 or 2 cores?
15:47 mib_7ppale      these are peaks cpu
15:46 mib_7ppale      however, processes are released rapidly
15:46 mib_7ppale      this operation is in borrows
15:45 jcamins         I have never seen a load that high when my server wasn't getting DOSed by a Chinese search engine.
15:45 wahanui         hmmm... circulation is really much faster with that... But also display of biblios with many items......
15:45 mib_7ppale      circulation
15:44 mib_7ppale      they are in loans
15:44 jcamins         mib_7ppale: down to the _second_?
15:43 druthb_mobile   Hi.:)
15:43 mib_7ppale      yes sir 10  simultaneous requests
15:43 jcamins         Hi, druthb!
15:43 jcamins         I guess maybe if you sent 10 exactly simultaneous requests.
15:42 jcamins         maximep: I guess, but that seems like an awfully high load.
15:42 druthb_mobile   Hi
15:41 maximep         10 users searching when a rebuild is running could make the load go up to 9.82 for a minute, no ?
15:38 jcamins         All I can think of is that it has something to do with Suse.
15:38 jcamins         It seems like this is not a problem with Koha per se.
15:34 mib_7ppale      this consume is only with .pl process
15:27 jcamins         Definitely not.
15:26 jcamins         No!
15:26 mib_7ppale      is this normal?
15:26 jcamins         o.O
15:26 mib_7ppale      load average: 9.82, 1.65, 0.76
15:25 mib_7ppale      we were trailing with 10 users
15:23 mib_7ppale      de CPU
15:23 mib_7ppale      cuando realizo una busqueda por el OPAC llega hasta 70%
15:23 jcamins         Creo que hay una lista en idioma español. Si, lo encontré: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/koha-es/
15:22 vfernandes      mib_7ppale tenho tido um problema parecido num dos servidores e ainda não descobri o porquê
15:21 mib_7ppale      y el consumo de memoria ya es normal
15:21 mib_7ppale      El servidor ya no esta realizando swapping
15:21 vfernandes      mib_7ppale percebes português?
15:20 jcamins         Si 16GB no es suficiente, creo que hay un problema con el servidor. Tal vez porque es Suse.
15:19 mib_7ppale      si
15:19 jcamins         "un altavoz español"... ¿no es así?
15:19 mib_7ppale      ya aumentamos a 16 GB de RAM
15:19 mib_7ppale      si señor
15:19 jcamins         Oh, estuviste aquí ayer. Esto necesita un altavoz español. : (
15:18 mib_7ppale      incluyendo el proceso opac-search.pl
15:18 mib_7ppale      el problema es que cualquier proceso .pl esta consumiendo demasiado uso de cpu
15:14 jcamins         (si es que es bastante simple, tal vez te pueda ayudar sin saber español :)
15:13 jcamins         ¿Qué problema tiene?
15:10 jcamins         Yo no creo que alguien que está aquí ahora habla español. (que era de Google Translate)
15:07 mib_7ppale      Por favor, Hay alguien que hable Español?
15:05 sturmtruppen    no internet for sure.
15:04 jcamins         If you're not making it available to the Internet, I might just leave it, then.
15:04 sturmtruppen    it's school biblio, only one pc
15:04 * jcamins       has an idea: we could provide a Zeroconf profile for OPAC and Intranet!
15:03 jcamins         For production you'll of course need to set up DNS.
15:03 jcamins         Good!
15:03 sturmtruppen    thanks.
15:03 sturmtruppen    it works!
15:03 jcamins         Then restart Apache.
15:02 sturmtruppen    ok, i'll try now
15:02 jcamins         So you can adjust the intranet section to be <VirtualHost *:8080> and add "Listen 8080" to /etc/apache2/ports.conf.
15:01 jcamins         And I disliked it so much that I have gone out of my way to forget everything about it. ;)
15:01 jcamins         I don't use Apache anymore.
15:01 jcamins         That's what I meant.
15:01 sturmtruppen    none <Listen> section, just 2 <VirtualHost *:80>
15:00 jcamins         It sounds to me like you do not.
14:59 jcamins         Do you have DNS set up?
14:59 sturmtruppen    grep -i ServerName * result koha and kohaadmin
14:59 jcamins         There are going to be two <Listen> sections
14:59 jcamins         (you'll need sudo)
14:59 jcamins         Take a look at /etc/apache2/sites-available/[instancename]
14:58 sturmtruppen    how?
14:58 jcamins         If you don't have DNS configured yet, you'll need to adjust the Apache site file.
14:58 sturmtruppen    koha:8080 kohaadmin:8080 - same result
14:58 kf              you can do things like opac. and intra. there
14:58 jcamins         sturmtruppen: Debian packages use DNS by default.
14:58 kf              hm nt sure about the default for packages
14:57 sturmtruppen    same result
14:57 kf              most of the time it's your opac url plus port :8080
14:57 wahanui         debian packages are at debian.koha-community.org
14:57 sturmtruppen    debian packages
14:57 kf              how did you install?
14:57 kf              sturmtruppen: you are probably looking at the opac url .)
14:56 sturmtruppen    i cannot reach the installer. I obtain "System Maintenance The koha online catalog is offline..."
14:55 mib_7ppale      buenos Días
14:54 sturmtruppen    i have a problem with the installation on Debian with the packages
14:54 sturmtruppen    hi koha
14:48 kf              I will spare your sanity :)
14:47 JesseM          oh no :)
14:47 kf              heh
14:47 jcamins         kf: sneaky, getting Jesse to volunteer like that!
14:46 JesseM          Hi kf
14:46 kf              RMs are excused:)
14:46 jcamins         Not me, sorry.
14:46 kf              hi JesseM
14:46 kf              ...
14:46 kf              ok... now who volunteers to finish the sql scripts for german library statistics for me?
14:46 * kf            was in the mood
14:46 kf              jcamins++ gerundio++ vfernandes++ :D
14:45 gerundio        jcamins++
14:45 gerundio        slef++
14:45 kf              :)
14:45 gerundio        kf++
14:45 jcamins         vfernandes++
14:45 jcamins         :)
14:45 jcamins         That's the one.
14:45 jcamins         Look at..
14:45 gerundio        stocknumberam123.pl seems to do the trick :D
14:45 vfernandes      needs signoff :)
14:45 jcamins         gerundio: there are a bunch of plugins.
14:45 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9418 trivial, P5 - low, ---, vfernandes, NEW , Some corrections and additions to about.tt
14:45 vfernandes      bug 9418
14:44 gerundio        not just a clean incremental number
14:44 gerundio        from the looks of the source code the stocknumber is something like "$branchcode.'_'.$nextnum"
14:44 kf              when connected to the field and don't have additional configuation options
14:44 gerundio        I see
14:44 kf              most plugins just work
14:44 kf              gerundio: the autobarcode is the exception - not the rule here
14:42 jcamins         Yes.
14:42 jcamins         gerundio: there are value builder plugins for it.
14:42 gerundio        all I have to do is assign the "stocknumber.pl" plugin to the respective field, right?
14:42 gerundio        my doubdt is since there is no system preference for it
14:41 gerundio        I just want incremental stocknumbers, like the barcode
14:41 kf              was not at my desk and just reading back
14:41 kf              ugh sorry
14:41 gerundio        kf, you meant to talk to me, right?
14:40 kf              vfernandes: and they should be able to generate incremental numbers for you - even with prefixes
14:40 kf              vfernandes: I am not sure what you want to do - but there are several plugins for stocknumbers/inventory numbers right now
14:39 kf              _=
14:36 jcamins         Even better! :)
14:35 vfernandes      I will create a new bug, that's fine?
14:34 jcamins         Thanks!
14:34 jcamins         After. We ignore capitalization. :)
14:33 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7143 trivial, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Pushed to Master , Bug for tracking changes to the about page
14:33 wahanui         bug 7143 is ready for an easy signoff
14:33 jcamins         bug 7143
14:33 vfernandes      of course jcamins... i will correct the company of slef to... KEEP SOLUTIONS before of after Katipo? because of E capital
14:33 jcamins         There's a standing bug for this...
14:33 jcamins         While you are in there, could you add "C & P Bibliography Services, USA"? :)
14:32 jcamins         The sponsored-by is used for release notes not about.tt.
14:31 jcamins         That doesn't matter.
14:31 vfernandes      in the first patch accept i forgot the sponsored-by label
14:31 jcamins         Sure. :)
14:31 vfernandes      but I can add the company I work for?
14:30 vfernandes      ohh there is :)
14:30 jcamins         It's alphabetical by last name.
14:29 jcamins         Yes, you are there. Right before Katrin. :)
14:29 jcamins         If I did not, then yes, a patch is needed.
14:29 jcamins         vfernandes: I thought I did?
14:24 vfernandes      slef and jcamins, since i've already submitted some patches to Koha can I add myself to the development team in about.tt?
14:14 gerundio        so, is it possible?
14:14 gerundio        since there is a stocknumber.pl script I was thinking if I could use it to generate incremental numbers too
14:13 gerundio        my doubt relates to inventory/stock number generation
14:13 gerundio        so basically I got that part figured out and I'm planing to use the incremental option (generated in the form 1, 2, 3.) from now on
14:12 gerundio        I looked into the barcode.pl source code and saw how that preference affects the script behavior
14:11 magnuse         do we really have to say Koha *Online* Catalogue everywhere - in this day and age?
14:11 gerundio        the "autoBarcode" preference you mentioned
14:11 gerundio        from what I could tell there's a barcode generator perl script which can be defined on the global system preferences
14:10 gerundio        this whole auto barcode and inventory/stock number thing is still not clear to me
14:09 gerundio        thanks for the feedback earlier and sorry to leave you hanging
14:09 gerundio        slef, back from lunch
13:27 oleonard        Hi francharb
13:27 oleonard        I'm telling myself I just needed to come in to work for 15 minutes before the meeting
13:27 * magnuse       hopes points A and B are really close to each other
13:22 francharb       hello  #koha
13:21 * oleonard      finds himself at Point A when he should be at a meeting at Point B shortly
13:18 oleonard        Hi
13:18 kf              good morning oleonard
13:13 slef            ww
13:13 kf              enjoy :)
13:12 slef            lunch
13:04 slef            Else it could become as silly as the roadsign-spamming on our motorways... lots of differently named shell companies so they get lots of credit on the road signs.
13:03 slef            You might want to do that for your own benefit, to find out the history, but I'm not sure it matters for the purpose of deciding whether to replace a credit line after a business is acquired.
13:02 jwagner         I can't see why it's a problem, but if it disturbs you I can ask our management to clarify the various company names.
13:01 slef            (he used to trade in his own name)
13:01 slef            jwagner: Paul POULAIN doesn't appear as a distinct company since BibLibre took over his business, which I feel is a similar situation.
13:00 slef            jwagner: I'm sure older US hands will remind me, but I'm pretty sure it was a trading name of Kados Inc or something like that.
12:57 jwagner         So far as I know, it was. I don't know details of the incorporation
12:56 slef            well, the US entity wasn't ever called liblime, was it?
12:54 jwagner         s/list/link/
12:54 jwagner         That list appears to be specific to a NZ subsidiary
12:53 slef            [off] http://opencorporates.com/companies/nz/1905469
12:53 slef            jwagner: But if one is now part of the other (and its company is inactive since 2008), I feel we should reflect that.
12:51 jwagner         slef, since both companies contributed code separately before the acquisition, I would leave them as separate entries
12:51 vfernandes      http://translate.koha-community.org/pt/310/ still 18K words to translate...
12:50 vfernandes      don't worry... considered it done
12:50 slef            [off] aren't PTFS and LibLime the same company now? should we merge their attributions? "LibLime, a division of PTFS, USA"?
12:49 slef            (we're currently "Software Coop" for some reason)
12:49 vfernandes      of course slef :) I'll change it
12:48 slef            vfernandes: let me know and I'll sign it off if it fixes our name too ;)
12:48 vfernandes      ohhh nice :) i'll do that this afternoon
12:48 slef            vfernandes: then I was looking to see if there was an existing bug for such things
12:48 slef            vfernandes: yes
12:48 jcamins         Exactly. :)
12:47 vfernandes      can I change about.tt and submit as a patch? it's what you are saying?
12:46 huginn          slef: 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5968 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , News display on opac-main.pl is particular about browser language settings
12:46 huginn          slef: 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7750 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nengard, NEW , Release notes for stable releases should be in Master
12:46 huginn          slef: 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8404 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Show additional information about borrowers on routing list
12:46 huginn          slef: 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6735 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, NEW , Note about range isn't showing range
12:46 huginn          slef: 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2705 enhancement, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Patron import should warn about invalid characters
12:46 vfernandes      slef i'm not there :D I was just asking
12:46 slef            @query About Koha
12:46 huginn          slef: No results for "about.tt."
12:46 slef            @query about.tt
12:46 slef            vfernandes: around line 360 of koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/about.tt - could you correct our name to "software.coop" while you're there, please? ;)
12:44 jcamins_away    vfernandes: you only need Sponsored-by to appear once per release. :)
12:44 vfernandes      the first patches I've done I forgot the add the label "Sponsored-by"... in the last ones I've included the label
12:43 slef            vfernandes: include it in the patch?
12:43 vfernandes      or you can pass the message to the responsible? :)
12:41 vfernandes      do I need to talk to someone specifically?
12:41 slef            gerundio: but no, I suspect stocknumber.pl won't do incremental numbers. You'd need to read it to find out.
12:41 vfernandes      yes that would be nice for me and the company I work for to appear in the About Koha
12:40 slef            gerundio: that depends on the a system preference called something like autobarcode. The function might be called something like fixup_barcode but I don't remember.
12:40 kf              and you also did some patches, not sure how this shoudl be handles
12:39 kf              I think we sure can add yu to the translators tab
12:39 kf              vfernandes: I don't think we have strict rules about that
12:39 vfernandes      kf by the way... once I've translated 3.8 completely to portuguese and almost 3.10, it's possible to add the company name to the about Koha?
12:30 gerundio        hey, if I assign the stocknumber.pl plugin to the inventory number subfield (stock number?!? I don't know the original name) do I get incremental numbers like the barcode generator?
12:15 kf              I think I would finish the others first
12:15 kf              ah right
12:15 vfernandes      i'm doing 3.10 translations and I was suprised to see a opac-ccsr.po
12:14 vfernandes      only 3.8
12:14 vfernandes      I don't have 3.10 installed yet
12:13 kf              vfernandes: maybe just try it out :) I think it's probably not perfect yet, but should show you what can be done
12:06 vfernandes      hummm ok :)
12:06 kf              it's nice on your mobile phone and nice on your big desktop
12:05 kf              the display changes depending on the size of your screen
12:03 vfernandes      responsive design?
11:59 kf              responsive design
11:59 kf              it's an alternate theme for the opac
11:57 vfernandes      can anyone explain me what is opac-ccsr?
11:29 vfernandes      hello :)
11:15 mtj             ahh yeah, i guess that is to be expected :/
11:14 slef            mtj: I'm getting increasing failure frequency as stable ages.
11:13 mtj             (but often the stable patch applies ok to master, so no problem)
11:13 slef            after all, I need to backport to test it on the catalogue reporting the error (which might depend on the whole database...)
11:12 mtj             slef, sometimes i accidentally do that too :)
11:12 slef            I do, but I backport, then bz attach... and sometimes I forget to switch back to the master branch.
11:11 kf              that we get a library reporting a problem that can't wait for a fix
11:11 kf              I mean it doesn't happen all that often
11:11 kf              but not so often
11:07 kf              i always develop my patches against master and then backport
11:00 slef            libraries report bugs on stable, so we need to deploy fixes against stable without waiting for the transit from master to stable and possibly to oldstable
10:59 kf              ;)
10:59 kf              hm no :)
10:59 slef            bah... any other developers get confused and sometimes submit patches against stable? :-/
10:39 magnuse         but i'd like to know a little bit more about why $tagslib is not defined :-)
10:34 mtj             hmm, that looks like a fix, to me :)
10:28 magnuse         looks like there is a problem with the $tagslib variable being passed to GetAuthorisedValueDesc?
10:28 pastebot        "magnuse" at pasted "it works! (not sure why)" (9 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/361
10:14 mtj             missing 'ccode', or 'lost' authcodes, perhaps?
10:13 magnuse         a ha! :-)
10:13 mtj             snap ;)
10:13 mtj             for me, it was a data problem too - some missing auth_values, i think....
10:13 magnuse         at the moment i spsuspect a missing autorized value
10:13 mtj             i've spotted something similar recently on a dev koha
10:13 magnuse         kia ora mtj
10:12 mtj             magnuse, heya
10:09 magnuse         i'm pretty sure it must be a data problem
10:06 kf              not seen that in my tests this morning, but Ididn't search :(
10:06 kf              oh
09:52 magnuse         i'm suddenly getting lots of the error "Can't use string ("") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Biblio.pm line 1555." on both searches and detail views both in intranet and opac on one of my 3.8.8 installs - anyone else seen that? same error everywhere, but not in other installs running off the same code
08:31 kf              good morning #koha
08:16 gaetan_B        ;)
08:12 magnuse         bonjour!
08:12 gaetan_B        hello
08:07 magnuse         wellington on the other hand sounds rather pleaseant :-)
07:55 reiveune        hello
07:55 huginn          rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0°C (8:00 PM NZDT on January 17, 2013). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.47 in 998 hPa (Rising).
07:55 rangi           @wunder nzwn
07:50 alex_a_         I could not survive over there
07:49 magnuse         alex_a_: nope, inland temperature from the south of norway - probably one of the coldest places in norway, on average :-)
07:47 alex_a_         -33 magnuse ! It's a Martian temperatures ?
07:43 magnuse         you can do it!
07:43 magnuse         good luck cait
07:42 cait            bbiab
07:42 cait            hm have to go out there now...
07:40 magnuse         ouch
07:40 huginn          magnuse: The current temperature in Roros Lufthavn, Norway is -33.0°C (7:20 AM CET on January 17, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: -37.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
07:40 magnuse         @wunder rrs
07:40 cait            I win.... :(
07:40 huginn          cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is -4.7°C (8:35 AM CET on January 17, 2013). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: -6.0°C. Windchill: -5.0°C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
07:40 cait            @wunder Konstanz
07:40 huginn          magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -4.0°C (8:20 AM CET on January 17, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: -8.0°C. Windchill: -11.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
07:39 magnuse         @wunder boo
07:39 * magnuse       waves
07:35 alex_a_         yes
07:35 cait            starting 18th I think
07:35 cait            hm in march :)
07:35 alex_a_         When is the hackfest ?
07:34 cait            but I hope it will be nice and warm for the hackfest :)
07:34 alex_a_         brr too
07:34 cait            not much warmer where you are!
07:34 huginn          alex_a_: The current temperature in Marseille, France is -1.0°C (8:00 AM CET on January 17, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: -8.0°C. Windchill: -10.0°C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Rising).
07:34 alex_a_         @wunder MRS
07:34 cait            and i have to walk to work soon!
07:34 cait            yeah :(
07:34 cait            morning alex_a_ :)
07:34 alex_a_         -4 :o
07:34 alex_a_         cait :)
07:34 alex_a_         Bonjour
07:11 cait            brr
07:11 huginn          cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is -4.0°C (8:00 AM CET on January 17, 2013). Conditions: Snow. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: -5.0°C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1013 hPa (Rising).
07:11 cait            @wunder Konstanz
06:57 wahanui         i think how to install koha is http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Category:Installation
06:57 mtj             how to install koha
06:45 mib_cjnvyi      how to install koha
06:39 mtj             cait… sorry, just gotta work on this report for a bit…
06:35 mtj             but yeah, always busy…
06:32 mtj             not as busy as other people :)
06:27 cait            been busy? :)
06:26 cait            yes, happy new year :)
06:26 mtj             long time,  no chat -  happy new year :p
06:24 cait            hi mtj :)
06:19 mtj             hi cait, good morning to you :)
06:02 cait            morning #koha
05:22 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4439 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , two acq webservices should use C4::Service
05:22 aqualaptop      bam, bug 4439 :D
03:57 druthb_mobile   Yep.
03:57 rangi           i think moving the files to their own repo, then having pootle talk to git, would make it a bunch more scriptable, could even be cronned to update anytime a branch changes
03:55 druthb_mobile   I am also thinking about how to automate that, and eleminate some of the fragile moving parts.
03:54 rangi           sweet thank you
03:53 druthb_mobile   3.10 is just finishing up, 3.8 to follow. :)
03:53 * druthb_mobile is a geek like that sometimes.
03:53 rangi           :)
03:53 * druthb_mobile has been vacationing, but an SSH client on her tablet can solve many things...
03:52 rangi           hiya druthb_mobile
03:52 * druthb_mobile waves to rangi
03:52 aqualaptop      dodge code ;)
03:52 rangi           nice!
03:51 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=9411 major, P5 - low, ---, hugh, Needs Signoff , Multiple uses of javascript eval on ajax responses in acq.js
03:51 aqualaptop      and bug 9411 fixed!
03:45 cjh             aqualaptop++ awesome work finding the evals
03:44 rangi           aqualaptop++
03:18 huginn          04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4437 minor, P5 - low, ---, hugh, Needs Signoff , acq.js uses XMLHttpRequest() directly; should use jQuery
03:17 aqualaptop      woot, another bug down (bug 4437)
03:14 tweetbot`       [off] twitter: @CatalystAcademy: "Some headway has been made into #accessibility of @kohails by using @twbootstrap to change the menu. #flossac"
02:28 jcamins         o/
02:28 druthb_mobile   o/
01:37 rangi           https://secure.flickr.com/photos/ranginui/8388555606/in/photostream now
01:36 rangi           https://secure.flickr.com/photos/ranginui/8388477794/in/photostream before
01:36 cjh             :(
01:36 ibeardslee      does seem a couple of degrees cooler
01:36 rangi           http://www.watchmystreet.co.nz/  <-- interesting!
01:35 rangi           yep, i reckon prolly 10-15 before it hits the cbd
01:32 * aqualaptop    looks forward to the fun
01:32 aqualaptop      rangi: not here it aint ;)
01:31 rangi           raining now
01:04 rangi           heh i wish, the old vhf one .. which is not connected to anything and just makes whistling noises in high winds .. which is pretty much always
01:03 eythian         the bittorrent aerial?
00:58 rangi           that photo reminds me, i really should take that aerial down, its not as if it does anything
00:57 eythian         hrm
00:57 rangi           eythian: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/ranginui/8388477794/in/photostream
00:53 cjh             heh
00:47 jcamins         :P
00:47 jcamins         Well, not until after you'd said it.
00:46 jcamins         eythian: you're the one who said "maybe it won't be so bad," not me.
00:46 eythian         (jcamins that is)
00:46 jcamins         mib_vt11xz: good luck.
00:46 eythian         hush.
00:46 mib_vt11xz      thanks a lot jcamins for you help
00:45 jcamins         The moment you say something like that, you seal your clothes' fate.
00:45 jcamins         Keep dreaming. :P
00:45 jcamins         Yeah, right.
00:44 eythian         oh well, at least the south is the sheltered side of my place. Between that and the trees overhead, maybe it won't be so bad...
00:44 rangi           yeah, its nice and sunny at the moment, not for long tho
00:44 eythian         I bet it's dry now
00:44 mib_vt11xz      we have perl v5.12.1
00:44 jcamins         And eythian's laundry hanging out to dry.
00:44 eythian         :<
00:43 rangi           big clouds coming in from the south
00:43 jcamins         Maybe Perl is installed wrong. I don't know.
00:42 mib_vt11xz      improper installation perl has to do
00:42 jcamins         If performance isn't good enough, use a more powerful server. If you don't want to use a more powerful server, deal with the performance you can get with the less powerful server.
00:41 jcamins         I don't have any more advice to give you.
00:41 mib_vt11xz      we did a controlled trials
00:40 jcamins         For a circulating library with 200000 items I'd probably use 16gb for each since RAM is so cheap, but that's just me.
00:40 jcamins         Give MySQL an 8gb server and give Apache/Koha an 8gb server and see how it goes.
00:37 mib_vt11xz      yes
00:37 jcamins         mib_vt11xz: the best thing to do would be to put MySQL on a separate server and see how it works.
00:36 jcamins         mib_vt11xz: and 65% of it is needed for MySQL.
00:36 * cjh           googles quinoa and kale pesto
00:35 cjh             jcamins: I dont know either of those things...
00:35 wizzyrea        the other change is for the existing interface
00:35 wizzyrea        well yea, this includes that change :)
00:35 mib_vt11xz      but it has 8GB
00:35 jcamins         Yeah, I saw the patch for that.
00:35 wizzyrea        we got rid of the [ ? ]  and replaced it with a word
00:35 jcamins         Quinoa + kale pesto = just the thing when I am too tired to cook.
00:35 wizzyrea        yea, screen was too wide
00:34 cjh             and there is a 'help' button to the right, off the screencast though
00:34 wizzyrea        so basically, if it's not clear, we've moved the set library and log out to a menu under the user's identity, rather like unity does
00:33 cjh             MrAgent075++
00:33 cjh             and keyboard access is much nicer, hope to get Julius to check it reads to him nicely too.
00:33 * MrAgent075    is proud that he did the time. :)
00:33 cjh             the html has only been rearranged and restyled, so it shouldnt be any less translatable :)
00:32 jcamins         Nice!
00:32 wizzyrea        no strings in javascript.
00:32 wizzyrea        should be it's all html
00:32 jcamins         As long as it's translatable.
00:32 rangi           :)
00:31 jcamins         I'm sold!
00:31 jcamins         Nice!
00:31 wizzyrea        that is all tabs and arrow keys btw
00:31 wizzyrea        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay89BdbBfZ0
00:31 jcamins         Not enough memory so circulation.pl is getting stuck.
00:30 jcamins         Sounds like that might be the problem.
00:29 mib_vt11xz      mysql 65 % RAM
00:29 mib_vt11xz      mysql CPU consumption is low
00:28 jcamins         :)
00:28 jcamins         Someone should introduce them to HTML5.
00:27 wizzyrea        ah never mind then.
00:27 rangi           ditto
00:27 jcamins         rangi: and I don't.
00:27 jcamins         Huh. Live and learn.
00:27 rangi           its an insecure thing you shouldnt have runnign in your browser!
00:27 wizzyrea        heh yea unfortunately.
00:27 jcamins         That's still a thing?
00:26 jcamins         It requires _Java_?
00:26 wizzyrea        pretty good stuff here http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cIVbcZVQqg
00:25 mib_vt11xz      only performance problem
00:25 mib_vt11xz      everething works
00:24 jcamins         It works great for me, but I use Debian.
00:24 mib_vt11xz      I am worried
00:23 jcamins         You could try Plack, but I don't know how well it would work for you.
00:23 wahanui         Plack is a FastCGI thingy that works with Koha. See http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Plack for more information.
00:23 jcamins         Plack?
00:23 jcamins         mod_perl does not work with Koha.
00:22 mib_vt11xz      is necessary install mod_perl?
00:21 jcamins         mib_vt11xz: it's only such a serious problem on your server, so it must be something specific to your server.
00:19 mib_vt11xz      circulation.pl and patronimage.pl eats cpu
00:19 rangi           at least no known problem as bad as you are describing
00:19 kathryn         jcamins mmn protein in disguise
00:18 rangi           mib_vt11xz: there is no known performance problem with circulation.pl .. at least not a reported one, im afraid i dont know what could be causing it on your machine
00:18 jcamins         Quinoa.
00:18 jcamins         kathryn: bag said an hour, so I decided to go with plan B.
00:17 kathryn         jcamins, sorry I was eating a most delicious seafood vege udon. I don't really know, I'd check about now if they are in the oven :)
00:17 mib_vt11xz      we have suse linux enterprise 11
00:17 rangi           yep, we can only guess
00:17 jcamins         But I don't know.
00:17 jcamins         All I can think of is that there's a problem with Koha on OpenSuse 11.
00:16 mib_vt11xz      no only koha
00:16 rangi           it must be something unique to your set up im afraid
00:16 jcamins         Do you have anything else running on the server?
00:16 mib_vt11xz      tyes
00:16 rangi           and not swapping right?
00:15 rangi           have you checked it isn't IO bound
00:15 rangi           yes, what jcamins means is you see the problem in the .pl files that doesnt mean they are the cause
00:15 mib_vt11xz      linux command top
00:14 rangi           the perl scripts interact with the db
00:14 jcamins         Where you _see_ the problem is Perl scripts.
00:14 mib_vt11xz      the problem is perl scripts
00:14 rangi           yeah
00:14 jcamins         rangi: I know. I was trying to think if there could be something else that would cause the problem to manifest.
00:14 rangi           on a server with specs like that, unless something else is eating all the RAM
00:13 rangi           75 a minute shouldn't be a problem
00:13 mib_vt11xz      yes we have
00:13 jcamins         *?
00:13 jcamins         Do you have MySQL on the same server/
00:13 jcamins         Hm.
00:12 mib_vt11xz      75 transactions
00:12 jcamins         But I do know that there are a lot of large library systems using Koha with similar servers successfully.
00:12 jcamins         I don't usually work with circulating libraries, so I don't know much about the performance in circ.
00:11 mib_vt11xz      the problem is in concurrence
00:11 jcamins         (on average)
00:10 jcamins         How many transactions are you doing a minute?
00:10 jcamins         Okay.
00:10 mib_vt11xz      we have a performance problem
00:09 jcamins         BobB: yeah, 3.8.2 is a problem, 3.8.6 is not.
00:09 BobB            We are using 3.8.6 - there's a couple of minor things, but its OK
00:08 jcamins         tcohen is the person I usually ask to translate, and he's on vacation.
00:08 mib_vt11xz      spanish
00:08 mib_vt11xz      we have 3.8.6
00:08 jcamins         What is your native language?
00:07 mib_vt11xz      i speak a little english
00:07 jcamins         Agreed.
00:07 rangi           so id go to 3.8.8
00:06 rangi           and there were security fixes in 3.8.4
00:06 jcamins         3.8.2 was very buggy.
00:06 mib_vt11xz      about 200000 items in the catalog
00:06 rangi           3.8.2 ? you definitely should not go live with that
00:06 jcamins         Oh, one more question... when you say it is using "too much CPU," you mean that it's a performance problem, not that you're surprised by it, right?
00:05 mib_vt11xz        3.82
00:04 jcamins         Usually I would have thought of that on my own.
00:04 mib_vt11xz      of course
00:03 jcamins         Yes! Good question!
00:03 rangi           what version of Koha?
00:02 mib_vt11xz      64 bits
00:02 mib_vt11xz      vmware
00:02 mib_vt11xz      ram
00:02 mib_vt11xz      8 gb
00:02 mib_vt11xz      suse linux 11
00:01 jcamins         And how many items do you have in the catalog?
00:01 jcamins         What are the specs of your server?
00:01 mib_vt11xz      patronimage.pl too
00:00 jcamins         How are you doing inventory?
00:00 jcamins         The question is why.
00:00 jcamins         I'm sure circulation.pl is taking too much CPU.
00:00 jcamins         That won't help.
00:00 mib_vt11xz      can i paste a image of linux command top