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00:01 jcamins              santy_: what we're telling you is that this is a bad idea.
00:01 mtj                  ^^ yep, what that guy said
00:03 santy_               ok, I'm a bit confused now, sorry... according to my description, what would you recommend then?
00:03 mtj                  1 koha database, 3 branches
00:04 mtj                  problem solved
00:05 santy_               ok, sounds good... actually that's what I did during proof of concept and got records from many different libraries into one Koha installation... what differentiated them was the branchcode.  Searches worked OK, too.
00:15 santy_               ok thanks again guys
00:22 pastebot             "YoungPublicLibrarian" at pasted "Fines and Fees" (6 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/234
00:22 YoungPublicLibrarian Okay, slight change and only one question. Why does the report give me duplicates of some results/patrons?
00:38 YoungPublicLibrarian please don't all speak up at once...lol
00:39 rangi                because you are grouping by the wrong thing
00:39 rangi                grouping by the amountoutstanding doesn't make a lot of sense
00:42 YoungPublicLibrarian Okay, that's what Koha did for me. Its a Built report. So what would you recommend grouping by?
00:43 rangi                you must have told it to group by amount outstanding though
00:43 rangi                i dunno, what are you trying to do?
00:44 YoungPublicLibrarian I would like it to give me the total amount of fines per account for all patrons from a particular branch.
00:45 rangi                per account or total fines per patron?
00:45 YoungPublicLibrarian total fines per patron, for a list of patrons
00:46 pastebot             "rangi" at pasted "SELECT borrowers.surname,borro" (1 line) at http://paste.koha-community.org/235
00:46 YoungPublicLibrarian okay, let me take a look at that...
00:48 YoungPublicLibrarian Ah, that does exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much Rangi!
00:54 YoungPublicLibrarian Well, I'm off to rework the database that the report goes to. Thanks again, and talk to you all later!
01:40 rangi                hi wizzyrea
01:40 wizzyrea             whaddup :)
01:41 rangi                not too much, whaddup there?
01:43 wizzyrea             well, super hero squad, for one.
01:43 eythian              hiya
01:43 wizzyrea             packing, for two
01:43 wizzyrea             :)
01:43 wizzyrea             plotting to become robin's neighbor, for 3
01:44 wizzyrea             <evil laugh>
01:44 wizzyrea             j/k
01:44 wizzyrea             well
01:44 wizzyrea             kidding about the evil part.
01:44 rangi                hehe
01:46 eythian              I will be buying new speakers and playing Nickelback at high volume, and then leaving for the day. Just FYI.
01:47 wizzyrea             lulz.
01:47 wizzyrea             nickelback?! Really?!
01:48 wizzyrea             trea says "I counter your claim with Frank Zappa through my bass amp"
01:48 wizzyrea             450 watt, no less.
01:48 eythian              well, that's why I leave. It's not worth it if I have to stay.
01:48 wizzyrea             hahaha
01:49 eythian              you shouldn't choose something good for this kind of situation.
01:49 wizzyrea             he was trying to think of something he wouldn't mind listening too at high volume lol.
01:49 wizzyrea             to*
01:50 wizzyrea             hmmm, in that case, he'll choose the shaggs.
01:50 wizzyrea             I have no clue who that is, but he says "go youtube it, you'll wish you had died"
01:50 eythian              heh
01:55 ibeardslee           just wait for the disco ball and lights to drop from the ceiling.
01:57 wizzyrea             hehehe
01:58 eythian              wizzyrea: although your timing is bad, the beer festival is this weekend.
01:58 eythian              at least, the nearest one.
01:58 wizzyrea             nooo!
01:58 ibeardslee           and on your first day you are expected to dance
01:58 rangi                isnt there one every week?
01:58 wizzyrea             well what kind of dancing
01:58 eythian              only every second week, we're not quite that advanced here yet.
01:58 wizzyrea             hah.
01:58 wizzyrea             I think that's more often than we have them here :P
01:59 wizzyrea             wait, is the dancing supposed to be humiliating?
01:59 wizzyrea             honestly I'd probably be so happy to be there I'd be dancing anyway.
01:59 ibeardslee           no, but it usually turns out that way
02:07 wizzyrea             hehe
02:11 * wizzyrea           makes a note to wear dancing shoes that day
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03:01 eythian              That doesn't even say what network the IRC channel is on!
03:25 dracoling            they obviously mean the one true network. efnet :P
03:26 ibeardslee           not an AOL room?
03:32 mtj                  my fav. shaggs song is 'who are parents'
03:37 eythian              I can't actually finish listening to that.
03:39 eythian              I also note they regrouped in '99
03:42 mtj                  whats weird is… they genuinuely grow on you :)
03:44 mtj                  their awesomess makes up for them sounding soo horrible
05:53 * wajasu             just about have my lxc koha container fleshed out. got pbuilder in there too.
06:17 drojf                good morning #koha
06:29 magnuse              kia ora #koha!
06:30 drojf                hei magnuse
06:31 magnuse              hiya drojf
06:37 magnuse              o/
06:39 druthb               Hi, magnuse!
06:40 reiveune             hello
06:40 wahanui              hi, reiveune
06:40 magnuse              hiya druthb
06:41 WaqarAzeem           hi, where this line prints the output... warn sprintf(
06:43 drojf                is there really still no linux gui thingy to resize encrypted partitions? :(
06:43 * druthb             is headed for bed.  See ya soon!
06:43 magnuse              WaqarAzeem: warn puts its output in your logs
06:48 * Oak                waves
06:51 gaetan_B             hello
06:51 wahanui              hello, gaetan_B
06:53 Oak                  hello gaetan_B
06:57 magnuse              Oak
07:01 francharb            hi
07:05 rangi                hi
07:05 wahanui              hello, rangi
07:07 magnuse              kia ora rangi asaurat francharb & al
07:07 francharb            0/ magnuse rangi et al. ;)
07:07 asaurat              hi !
07:09 magnuse              \o
07:15 matts                hi !
07:19 Oak                  magnuse
07:20 Oak                  Bonjour alex_a_, paul_p
07:56 rangi                55 + 769 + 349 + 184
07:56 wahanui              1357
07:57 rangi                464 + 195
07:57 wahanui               659
07:57 rangi                745 for slef
07:57 rangi                659 for paul_p
07:57 rangi                and 1357 for me
07:57 rangi                can anyone guess what im counting?
07:58 cait-m               hm no?
07:58 rangi                oh actually
07:58 cait-m               cookies?
07:58 wahanui              Cookies are delicious delicacies
07:58 rangi                745 + 207
07:58 wahanui               952
07:58 rangi                952 for slef
07:58 rangi                emails to the main koha list
07:58 cait-m               oh
08:02 cait-m               why?
08:02 rangi                why not? :)
08:07 eythian_             wahanui: slef is an item record
08:07 wahanui              ...but slef is probably busy so please use http://www.software.coop/contact/ if you need him for work or but I don't want to say anything bad about him lest he smack me...
08:07 eythian_             wahanui: slef is also an item record
08:07 wahanui              okay, eythian_.
08:11 * magnuse            wonders why bug 8300 doesn't work for marcel
08:11 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8300 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Failed QA , Koha should have mechanized testing suite
08:24 cait_away            @wunder konstanz
08:24 huginn               cait_away: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 9.6°C (10:20 AM CEST on October 18, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 9.0°C. Windchill: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
08:28 marcelr              hi koha
08:29 marcelr              magnuse around?
08:29 magnuse              yup
08:29 marcelr              hi magnuse question for you on zebra?
08:29 magnuse              just commenting a little more on 8300
08:29 marcelr              do you have normarc in your zebra config files
08:29 magnuse              marcelr: you can always try :-)
08:29 magnuse              marcelr: yup
08:29 marcelr              :)
08:30 marcelr              so patch for bug 3087 would not hurt you?
08:30 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3087 normal, P3, ---, frederic, Needs Signoff , Z39.50 server returns usmarc format records for UNIMARC DB
08:30 marcelr              it replaces marc21 for marc flavour at several places
08:30 marcelr              e.g. retrieval sections in koha-conf
08:31 magnuse              normarc can usually be treated as if it was marc21
08:31 marcelr              yeah, i was thinking that marc21 could work better for you
08:32 marcelr              if you can test, that could be helpful to prevent surprises ?
08:33 marcelr              we can also just leave you there on marc21
08:33 marcelr              what do you think?
08:34 magnuse              hm, i can't really see the consequences of that
08:34 magnuse              i fear it might break things for normarc
08:34 marcelr              ok, i ask frederic to leave normarc in the marc21 camp
08:35 magnuse              cool
08:35 magnuse              i think if marcflavour = normarc then marcflavour = marc21 would be safer here
08:35 marcelr              ok
08:36 magnuse              not sure what the consequences of <backend syntax="normarc" name="F"> in koha-conf.xml would be
08:36 marcelr              yes
08:37 magnuse              but i could try and test it
08:38 marcelr              just put your test results on that report please
08:40 magnuse              will do
08:40 marcelr              :)
08:40 * magnuse            havn't really got the time, but will try
08:40 marcelr              magnuse++
08:41 magnuse              oh, that patch probably needs to change debian/templates/koha-conf-site.xml.in too - it's used by the packages, right eythian_ ?
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08:46 eythian_             magnuse: most likely, yeah
08:49 magnuse              or a followup patch, of course
09:04 magnuse              marcelr: after a closer look i think it will be ok as it is
09:04 magnuse              as far as i can tell, it only changes what format koha's z39.50 server says it is serving records in
09:04 magnuse              and saying it is normarc when that is what it is should be ok
09:12 drojf                google-- #no doodle for ada lovelace, but one for moby dick
09:13 magnuse              boo
09:15 drojf                murphy++ # realising i lost my bank card on the one day all branches of my bank are closed for a meeting and i have 3 cent in cash
09:18 magnuse              ouch!
09:18 drojf                (possible bonus point pending for retrieving the card after it is barred now)
09:19 magnuse              how can all branches be closed?!?
09:19 drojf                yeah, you would wonder that, right? i wonder too. maybe because they are %"%/!%(/)))()=(=)!@
09:21 drojf                they have open in other states. so if i take a train that i cannot pay for and go to hesse or north rine-westphalia, i can get money ;)
09:21 drojf                rhine even
09:23 magnuse              bummer!
09:27 drojf                i think i will go with the positive part, apparently nobody bought anything with the card. since i used it myself a week ago for the last time a lot worse things could have happened than me having to wait a day until the bank opens. feels like a sunday now. no bank, no shopping. i shouldn't work either :)
09:27 cait_away            did you get the card blocked?
09:28 drojf                yes, today. but i have not used it for a week so basically it could have been gone since then
09:29 cait_away            hope it shows up again
09:29 drojf                i tried to order a new one online. you can't without a card. lol
09:35 drojf                can't pay the new raspberry pi. OMG. firstworldproblems
09:37 drojf                my phone has this "sudden reboot every few minutes" thing again. something about this day is strange.
10:02 magnuse              ooh, look at that easy signoff on bug Bug 8941 :-)
10:02 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8941 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Make title display properly for NORMARC OPAC detail view
10:04 marcelr              or bug  8872 :)
10:04 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8872 minor, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Needs Signoff , Encoding issues; corresponding changes to showmarc
10:05 gerundio             hi everyone, good morning
10:05 gerundio             I've finished the patch for the LDAP auth via bind
10:05 drojf                gerundio++
10:06 gerundio             I was able to make it backwards compatible
10:06 gerundio             and adding no new config attributes
10:06 gerundio             and even getting rid of one :)
10:10 drojf                gerundio: you should upload it to bugzilla
10:10 drojf                this may be helpful http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Git_bz_configuration
10:11 Oak                  gerundio++
10:11 * Oak                hugs gerundio
10:14 gerundio             but I need your help now, somehow the OPAC login form isn't using the LDAP auth
10:15 * drojf              will try bug 8941
10:15 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8941 normal, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Make title display properly for NORMARC OPAC detail view
10:18 magnuse              yay
10:21 gerundio             any idea why that would happen if in the koha-conf.xml file I have <useldapserver>1</useldapserver>?
10:21 magnuse              marcelr: i have never been bitten by bug 8872, i think. would it be possible for you to attach a record that might cause the problem adressed by the patches?
10:21 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8872 minor, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Needs Signoff , Encoding issues; corresponding changes to showmarc
10:22 gerundio             using the opac-user.pl userid=user password=pass script in command line works and the borrower records gets created because of the <replicate>1</replicate> setting
10:22 gerundio             going to the OPAC login form I just get a login error
10:23 marcelr              magnuse: it was not on a record, but on text that passed through koha templating
10:23 marcelr              quite hard to reproduce probably'
10:23 gerundio             I read here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/bywater-solutions/how-ldap-connections-work-in-koha-34/10150321097398209, that "Your patrons will need to be loaded from CSV using the Bulk Patron Import tool in Koha. Userid will need to be populated with the LDAP user login you wish them to use, but password can remain blank (or a default password can be added)"
10:24 gerundio             which means the records have to exist previously to the login attempts
10:24 gerundio             this doesn't make much sense to me
10:26 magnuse              marcelr: ok, but it will be really hard to test without some way to reproduce the problem. unless someone more perl savvy than me can deduce a trigger from the patches
10:28 marcelr              magnuse: thx for testing; if everything looks fine, you should already be able to sign off; but I will still look at a good way to reproduce the problem (but may depend on distro and perl version etc.)
10:28 drojf                gerundio: it probably made sense before we had your authentication method?
10:29 gerundio             I'll try to look into "opac/cgi-bin/opac/opac-user.pl" and try to make something out of it
10:29 gerundio             got to go now, I think I'll only be back tomorrow
10:29 gerundio             just wanted to share some good news and some concerns :D
10:30 magnuse              marcelr: i feel i can't sign off (or test) without a clearer picture of what i am looking for while testing...
10:31 magnuse              drojf++ for signing off!
10:31 drojf                gerundio: you should put your patch on bugzilla and do a followup for the rest. that would give people the opportunity to have a look already
10:35 drojf                marcelr: i second magnuse's concern. while the code looks like it makes sense i am not that good at perl so i would prefer a test file too. i understand that might be tricky but if you come up with something i'd be willing to test it too
10:36 marcelr              drojf that is fine; thanks; but making this test file work at different locations may be impossible?
10:38 drojf                me volunteering doubles your chances now ;)
10:39 marcelr              great :)
10:40 drojf                do we have sample data with "crazy" diacritics? maybe more "crazy" than french
10:41 marcelr              will make some crazy test file, hoping it shows up funny somewhere ;)
10:44 magnuse              marcelr++
10:47 marcelr              it is not there yet..
10:47 magnuse              you deserve it even for trying :-)
10:49 magnuse              good news, in swedish: http://regionhalland.se/sv/utveckling-och-tillvaxt/omrade/kultur-i-halland/regionbibliotek-halland/aktuellt1/aktuellt/hylte-valjer-koha/ -> short version: sweden has got it's first public library deciding to use koha
10:50 cait_away            whoohoo :)
10:53 drojf                cool!
11:02 tweetbot`            [off] twitter: @libriotech: "Sweden just got its first public library deciding to use #kohails: http://t.co/KHQel9vK (in Swedish)"
11:14 WaqarAzeem           https://vimeo.com/51583419
11:18 drojf                WaqarAzeem: do you have patches ready for these or is that a simulation somehow?
11:39 WaqarAzeem           not yet but i am reviewing how to create patches... btw where should i put the patch... attache with this entry?
11:40 WaqarAzeem           at http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8940
11:40 huginn               04Bug 8940: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , patron card export - without a batch, will work if...
12:20 oleonard             Hi #koha
12:21 oleonard             The "Hold filled" notice that patrons can turn on and off themselves, is that the notice with code "HOLD" ?
12:31 oleonard             I don't really like the idea that a patron can turn off their hold notice, since we would assume that if they have an email on file they would get a notice via email
12:32 magnuse              nengard around? i can see js code on http://koha-community.org/documentation/
12:33 nengard              magnuse, I know
12:33 nengard              I need liz to fix it
12:33 nengard              my permissions changed somehow
12:33 nengard              I emailed her
12:33 magnuse              ah, ok good
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13:28 tcohen               morrrning koha
13:30 user220              morning tcohen
13:39 wajasu               what apt related tool can i use with the install_misc/debian.packages file?  so i can kick install them.
13:40 wajasu               s/kick/can/
13:40 wajasu               ha - kick the can
13:43 jcamins_away         wajasu: dpkg --set-selections, but that only works on i386 systems.
13:43 * jcamins_away       uses: sudo apt-get -y install `cat install_misc/ubuntu.12.04.packages | grep install | sed -e 's/install$//' | tr -d ' \t' | tr '\n' ' '`
13:44 * wajasu             will try that.
13:46 * wajasu             just need to add that to my koha lxc container build script ;)
13:48 jcamins_away         wajasu: that's what I'm working on, too.
13:48 jcamins              If you need a Perl-based SSH interface, I recommend Net::OpenSSH.
13:49 wajasu               i'll past mine, its got some gems in it.
13:49 jcamins              :)
13:49 jcamins              I have successfully created a container.
13:49 jcamins              And that's actually as far as I've gotten.
13:54 wajasu               i got mine using libvirt, so no custom bridge logic(just using their default bridge), and its about 900MB with pbuilder included.  (smaller than kvm) and faster.
13:56 wajasu               but its all got to be done with root
13:58 jcamins              I'm making heavy use of sudo.
14:00 magnuse              make me a sandwich...
14:04 user220              best use of sudo
14:04 user220              sudo su
14:11 * Guest1966          waves
14:11 wizzyrae             heh.
14:12 drojfx_              jcamins wajasu: so you create a container, install koha in it and then... is it persistent or does it vanish once you stop it? i'm not familiar with lxc
14:12 wizzyrea             take that.
14:13 jcamins              drojfx_: I am using ephemeral containers, that vanish once you stop them.
14:13 oleonard             Hi again #koha
14:14 tweetbot`            [off] twitter: @kohails: "#kohails  Liberty Lake Municipal Library Joins CIN and Goes Live on Koha with ByWater… http://t.co/TUOHVRB4"
14:16 drojfx_              jcamins: so it's a disposable koha? :D
14:17 jcamins              Exactly.
14:20 jcamins              Woohoo! I successfully installed dependencies! It's progress!
14:20 drojfx_              don't tell the fork, they might use it as a new licensing model
14:21 jcamins              "We'll let you use Koha only in this one lxc container?
14:22 drojfx_              we'll make your koha vanish if you don't pay $xxxx
14:22 drojfx_              insert coin here to continue
14:23 phasefx              Arcade Edition
14:23 drojfx_              would make a xool livecd substitute though. good for 30 days of testing
14:23 drojfx_              cool
14:27 wajasu               with my apt-cache-ng repo, i can gen from scratch without hitting the net.  so you traveling devs can code in the airport :)
14:28 jcamins              wajasu: yeah, I set that up yesterday too. It's great!
14:33 jcamins              make test passes, but make install gets very angry when I try to set environment variables.
14:35 oleonard             make install: "Rawr!"
14:35 drojfx_              lol that is what i thought
14:38 jcamins              Yay! The installer worked other than the lack of a koha user.
14:40 * wajasu             got to run. car in shop.
14:40 wajasu               i'll paste what i have so far for your reference.
14:40 jcamins              Thanks!
14:49 pastebot             "wajasu" at pasted "95% done koha lxc container script" (335 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/236
14:50 wajasu               its working for me under archlinux, so i hope it will work for debian, ubuntu.
14:51 * wajasu             i'll be back later
14:51 tcohen               does anyone knows of a call to addDate that passes a negative value?
14:51 tcohen               (or might)
14:51 jcamins              wajasu: thanks!
14:57 oleonard             What are you doing here anyway wizzyrea? Shouldn't you be running around panicking?
14:58 wizzyrea             oh I have next week for that.
14:58 oleonard             Nice that you have it scheduled.
14:58 wizzyrea             :)
14:58 wizzyrea             well I don't have a super great deal to panic about, in all truth.
14:58 wizzyrea             i'm sure I'll find something.
14:59 tcohen               is anyone going to work on bug 8882
14:59 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8882 blocker, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Hourly circ doesn't work with the calendar
14:59 jcamins              Isn't libsysguy working on it?
15:00 tcohen               yes, but he said it'd be ready for 3.12?
15:00 tcohen               libsysguy?
15:00 wahanui              libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck or koha's youngest developer
15:00 jcamins              True, his proposal isn't really small.
15:00 tcohen               is a full rewrite
15:00 libsysguy            hey hey
15:00 libsysguy            sorry
15:00 tcohen               i'm worried that the calendar isn't working
15:01 libsysguy            in master or 3.8.5?
15:01 tcohen               since 3.8 was released
15:01 libsysguy            heh thats probably correct
15:01 oleonard             wizzyrea: I run around panicking for pretty much any trip, so I can't imagine.
15:01 wizzyrea             in all truth, nothing has presented itself as yet that necessitates panic
15:01 tcohen               the actual code is a little copmlex in the sense that tries to catch both days and ohurly loans
15:02 tcohen               we are not using hourly loans (yet) but need the days-mode loans fixed
15:02 libsysguy            right, instead of just treating them as time
15:02 tcohen               we get infinite if unit=hours branching an otherwise too simple funtion
15:03 jcamins              wajasu: do you have enough peanut butter?
15:03 jcamins              wizzyrea: that question was for you.,
15:03 jcamins              wajasu: don't worry about peanut butter. It's wizzyrea who is facing an imminent shortage.
15:03 tcohen               if anyone is about to work on hourly loans for 3.8/3.10
15:03 tcohen               just let me know
15:04 libsysguy            I am also dealing with infinity when dealing with spansets
15:04 wahanui              okay, libsysguy.
15:04 oleonard             I?
15:04 wahanui              you are still here, if you just wish hard enough. or Koha's master UI designer
15:04 oleonard             Hm.
15:04 drojfx               you?
15:05 libsysguy            infinity?
15:05 libsysguy            spansets?
15:05 libsysguy            I am?
15:05 libsysguy            I am also?
15:05 oleonard             wahanui keeps his secrets.
15:05 wahanui              oleonard: i'm not following you...
15:05 oleonard             Oh are you on Twitter wahanui?
15:06 jcamins              libsysguy?
15:06 wahanui              i think libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck or koha's youngest developer
15:06 jcamins              libsysguy?
15:06 wahanui              libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck or koha's youngest developer
15:06 jcamins              libsysguy?
15:06 wahanui              libsysguy is dealing with infinity when dealing with spansets
15:07 tcohen               libsysguy, have u found a use case where we need addDate to handle negative durations?
15:07 libsysguy            not really
15:08 libsysguy            but you shouldn't use absolute value
15:08 libsysguy            you should just break out until we come up with a use case
15:09 tcohen               i wouldn't even call addDate a method that adds a duration
15:09 tcohen               i'd just have addHours and addDays instead
15:09 libsysguy            if you are looking at the current one I don't know what the hell it is doing
15:10 libsysguy            I haven't touched that in my re-write yet
15:10 libsysguy            just because it looks scarry
15:10 tcohen               yes yes, sorry, i'm trying to provide a patch for 3.8
15:10 tcohen               and master i guess
15:10 libsysguy            I just pushed my calendar code to github if you want to look at it
15:11 tcohen               ok
15:12 oleonard             libsysguy: Link?
15:12 wahanui              Link is probably right, but the website is gone, apparently
15:12 tcohen               found it
15:13 tcohen               https://github.com/libsysguy/koha-wip/blob/wip_merge_8529_8798/Koha/Calendar.pm
15:13 tcohen               there it is: that scaring Readonly::Scalar my $return_by_hour => 10; still there :-P
15:14 tcohen               fixing to a hardcoded 10:00 the hour if hourly loans case
15:15 libsysguy            sorry I was working on getting you the link tcohen and I got a call
15:15 libsysguy            yeah so the adddate function is just a copy paste
15:16 tcohen               no problem libsysguy
15:16 tcohen               i'll try to provide  a patch for bug 8800 at least
15:16 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8800 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Failed QA , SpecifyDueDate && useDaysMode=Datedue wrong behaviour
15:17 jcamins              Woohoo! Successfully installed Koha from tarball in an lxc container!
15:17 libsysguy            and I thought I was nerdy ^^
15:17 tcohen               yeah, and we love it
15:17 tcohen               hehe
15:26 wizzyrea             you know, they have peanut butter, but it's not the same peanut butter - theirs is like, ground up peanuts (which I like), not the american version that has a ton of added sugar.
15:26 wizzyrea             so I don't think that's gonna be a problem :)
15:26 jcamins              You say that now.
15:26 oleonard             They have sugar there right?
15:26 jcamins              But just wait until you decide to make peanut butter cookies.
15:26 wizzyrea             nope, I've been eating the no-added sugar kind for ages
15:27 wizzyrea             they do :)
15:27 wizzyrea             peanuts, salt are the only ingredients I allow in my peanut butter.
15:27 * jcamins            doesn't like American peanut butter, but it's the only variety with enough additives to make three-ingredient peanut butter cookies. :P
15:27 wizzyrea             and yes, spud likes that just fine ;)
15:27 wizzyrea             well three-ingredient anything necessarily requires that the ingredients themselves have more than 10 ingredients.
15:28 jcamins              Did you pack enough marshmallow fluff? (is that still a thing?)
15:28 wizzyrea             lol.
15:28 wizzyrea             yes, it's still a thing, and no, I don't think that's one I'd be missing either.
15:28 wizzyrea             we don't eat it now, why would we start? :D
15:29 wizzyrea             now, twizzlers on the other hand.
15:29 wizzyrea             I will be taking some.
15:29 wizzyrea             but nz has some of the best licorice anywhere
15:29 oleonard             And they can even go in your carry-on!
15:29 jcamins              Hehe.
15:29 wizzyrea             hehe
15:29 oleonard             That is, until the Twizzler-bomber strikes and ruins another aspect of air travel for all of us
15:30 jcamins              Right.
15:30 wizzyrea             oh boy.
15:30 gmcharlt             oleonard: bite your tongue!
15:31 wizzyrea             come to think of it they might get upset because it's gel-lik
15:31 wizzyrea             like*
15:32 oleonard             Any TSA agent who confiscates Twizzlers for being gel-like just has the munchies.
15:32 gmcharlt             heh
15:33 wizzyrea             i wanted to take silly putty on the plane, decided against it. Even though it'd be a great thing to amuse spud with.
15:33 wizzyrea             suppose I could put it in his liquid baggie
15:45 libsysguy            so you can make farting sounds with the silly putty?
15:51 wizzyrea             of course :)
15:52 wizzyrea             that's gotta be good for 15 or so minutes of amusement.
15:52 * wizzyrea           recalls the long leg of the flight is 13 hours.
15:52 * wizzyrea           dies a little
15:52 * wizzyrea           also packed benadryl.
15:52 jcamins              Wise.
15:52 wizzyrea             normally I wouldn't resort to such measures
15:53 oleonard             Yeah, but if the kid is crying at least you can knock yourself out ;)
15:53 wizzyrea             HAHA
15:53 oleonard             "Go play in the cockpit!" ZZzzzzz
15:54 wizzyrea             *giggl*
16:22 tcohen               #koha what has more precedence? && or ||?
16:23 jcamins              tcohen: that's a really good question.
16:23 tcohen               need to write this
16:23 tcohen               ($self->{days_mode} eq 'Calendar' ||
16:23 tcohen               $self->{days_mode} eq 'Datedue' ) &&
16:23 tcohen               $self->is_holiday($base_date)
16:23 tcohen               it doesn't like the ()
16:23 jcamins              &&
16:24 * oleonard           just learned this for JavaScript, unhelpfully.
16:24 jcamins              That should work.
16:24 tcohen               $self->{days_mode} ne 'Days' &&
16:24 tcohen               $self->is_holiday($base_date)
16:24 tcohen               solved it :-P
16:25 jcamins              Much nicer.
16:33 pastebot             "YoungPublicLibrarian" at pasted "Fines And Fees" (5 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/237
16:34 YoungPublicLibrarian Would it be possible to take the "borrowers.branchcode,borrowers.categorycode,borrowers.debarredcomment" out and replace them with "bib.title,bib.author, i.barcode,i.itemcallnumber" and have the report run?
16:50 gaetan_B             bye
17:05 YoungPublicLibrarian The above report works fine, but if I try to replace that first set of fields with the second set it breaks the report...
17:08 maximep              not sure I understand your question. the tables bib and i are not joined in the sql query
17:19 YoungPublicLibrarian Right, which is part of the problem. But I don't know enough SQL to understand how to join them with the rest of report.
17:26 * tcohen             is tempted to add a syspref for setting the open hour for the library, but it will be an enh
17:27 gmcharlt             tcohen: wouldn't that be better as (at least) a branch attribute, if not a calendar one?
17:28 tcohen               you're right, i thought of a syspref, but a branch attribute should fit better
17:33 maximep              YoungPublicLibrarian: I assume you copy pasted the bib and i lines from another query
17:44 tcohen               gmcharlt, what do u think would the semantics of a addHours should be ?
17:44 tcohen               (in the case of day overflow of course)
17:55 YoungPublicLibrarian maximep: you are correct.
18:00 gmcharlt             tcohen: configurable :)
18:01 gmcharlt             i.e., some libraries might want hourly loans to be cut off whenever the library closes, while others let it float until the library opens again
18:01 gmcharlt             is that what you're asking?
18:01 tcohen               gmcharlt, I agree but
18:02 tcohen               i need to provide a patch that is not an enh, so i'm just asking what is that supposed to do
18:02 tcohen               maybe broken -> anything that works is not an enhancement...
18:03 jcamins_away         +1
18:08 slef                 wahanui: enhancements?
18:08 wahanui              i don't know, slef
18:08 slef                 wahanui: enh?
18:08 wahanui              well, enh is enhancement and explained at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Bug-enhancement-patch_Workflow
18:08 tcohen               if it compiles, and doesn't break the tests... then it should work, right? :-P
18:09 jcamins_away         tcohen: it'd be nice if it did something that someone might want it to.
18:09 libsysguy            tcohen I'm not sure what your timeline is but enh probably won't get in for awhile
18:10 libsysguy            just throwing that out there
18:10 jcamins_away         libsysguy: I think the question is whether if something entirely doesn't work making it work must be considered an "enhancement," or whether it could be a bugfix.
18:11 jcamins_away         (making it work in a way that requires a syspref)
18:11 libsysguy            i think at this point anything with the calendar would just be considered an "improvement"
18:12 * jcamins_away       would lean toward anything that makes the code work at all consistently being a "bugfix."
18:12 drojf                if it makes it work it's a bug fix and not an enhancement. otherwise all bug fixes would be enhancements?
18:14 jcamins_away         drojf: that'd be my position.
18:14 drojf                and improvement is no category that is used here so that does not make much sense. enhancements and bug fixes should be improvements :P
18:17 tcohen               can anyone point me to an example tests file where there is a modular approach?
18:18 jcamins_away         tcohen: what do you mean?
18:18 tcohen               (wrapping with a function name or something a group of tests)
18:18 jcamins_away         I don't think we do that.
18:18 jcamins_away         I do tests in mocked functions, though.
18:18 jcamins_away         t/db_dependent/Search.t.
18:19 jcamins_away         Oh, wait.
18:19 tcohen               I need to write tests for different scenarios
18:19 jcamins_away         t/db_dependent/Koha.t.
18:19 jcamins_away         Ohhh.
18:19 tcohen               where I need to do this specifically:
18:19 tcohen               $cal->set_daysmode('Datedue');
18:19 jcamins_away         I know we've done that.
18:19 jcamins_away         Just use end_testing.
18:20 * drojf              reads Test::Tutorial to one day understand your mumble
18:22 YoungPublicLibrarian maximep, still with me?
18:22 tcohen               jcamins_away: i ashamed to say i didn't understand what you just said
18:23 jcamins_away         tcohen: the problem is that you don't know exactly what tests you're going to need to run, right?
18:23 tcohen               subtest 'Label' => sub { tests };
18:24 tcohen               i want to organize the tests and each set of tests env
18:24 tcohen               as it is complex to construct each case
18:25 jcamins_away         Ah.
18:25 tcohen               I need them not to interfere with each other
18:25 jcamins_away         What I'd do is use a hash mapping the environment to the results.
18:26 jcamins_away         For example, in the search_rewrite branch on my github.
18:28 jcamins_away         (should be linked from wiki somewhere... I don't really have internet access here... the connection dies several times every sentence)
18:29 tcohen               hehe
18:29 jcamins_away         t/QueryParser.t on that branch.
18:29 YoungPublicLibrarian Anyone else who might know is welcome to answer as well. The question is essentially, how would I join the accounts, biblios, and items tables to work with this report: http://paste.koha-community.org/237
18:30 jcamins_away         schema?
18:30 wahanui              schema is tracked in git. or found at http://schema.koha-community.org
18:30 jcamins_away         YoungPublicLibrarian: ^^
18:31 YoungPublicLibrarian I have the schema up, doesn't really help me with not knowing how to combine them using SQL...
18:31 jcamins_away         Google for an introduction to SQL.
18:31 jcamins_away         There are many.
18:31 nengard              if anyone doing QA is around - can you look at bug 7986 ? I need those string changes to make it in to Koha so I can finish updating the manual and get to working on the help files for that area
18:31 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7986 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Export issues
18:32 jcamins_away         There are also really good books. O'Reilly has one. It might be in your library.
18:35 mib_yyf50q           i am working with the catalog. how can i add key words for a book for search
18:35 oleonard             mib_yyf50q: The key words are in the bibliographic record
18:36 oleonard             Title, subject, notes, etc.
18:36 YoungPublicLibrarian Okay, thanks Jcamins_away! I'll take a look at it and the a couple intros to SQL.
18:37 mib_yyf50q           can you tell me the path for navigating to bibliographic record, or whats the feild number
18:38 drojf                mib_yyf50q: that depends on your marc flavour and cataloguing conventions
18:57 tcohen               some test case anyone would like the calendar to pass?
18:57 rangi                bug 3652
18:57 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3652 critical, P1 - high, ---, chrish, Needs Signoff , XSS vulnerabilities
18:57 rangi                kinda important
18:57 jcamins_away         Needs signoff again?
18:57 rangi                yep
18:57 rangi                js fix is there now
18:58 jcamins_away         Ooh, excellent!
18:59 rangi                and morning
18:59 rangi                once its signed off, i plan to pick it for 3.8.x ... before the release if its not in master by then
19:00 * jcamins_away       will as well, if there are no string changes.
19:00 jcamins_away         Actually, no one has stepped up for 3.6.11.
19:00 jcamins_away         I'm cherry-picking it either way.
19:01 rangi                righto
19:01 * cait_away          waves
19:01 pastebot             "tcohen" at pasted "subtest 'useDaysMode=Datedue'" (11 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/238
19:01 tcohen               it doesn't look as I expected
19:02 rangi                what did you expect?
19:02 tcohen               prettier coding
19:02 rangi                hmm? that doesn't look bad to me
19:02 rangi                pretty is subjective
19:03 rangi                ill take functional any day of the week
19:03 jcamins_away         That looks fine to me.
19:03 jcamins_away         If you can use is(), that would be a bit more compact, but I have _no_ objection to that whatsoever.
19:03 jcamins_away         And as you know, I'm always full of objections.
19:03 tcohen               is()?
19:04 tcohen               man _¿
19:04 jcamins_away         perldoc Test::More
19:04 tcohen               mm, yes, that's what I wanted, just copied from the previous tests
19:05 jcamins_away         is($thing1, $thing2, $message) is sometimes equivalent to cmp_ok($thing1, '==', $thing2, $message)
19:05 tcohen               yes, and it should take care of the 'eq' vs. '==' stuff?
19:05 jcamins_away         Most of the time.
19:06 tcohen               is implicitly overloaded
19:06 jcamins_away         If you get too clever, it sometimes gets confused, I think, but I've never had problems with is().
19:08 tcohen               ok, i need #koha's creativity for 'hours' test cases
19:08 jcamins_away         libsysguy: libsysguy libsysguy
19:09 libsysguy            yo yo
19:09 rangi                i think libsysguy is the only one who has libraries using the hourly features
19:09 libsysguy            oh shoot I've walked into a test trap
19:09 * libsysguy          runs away
19:09 jcamins_away         libsysguy: yup.
19:09 jcamins_away         We're testing your tests.
19:09 tcohen               libsysguy, give some examples to make my patch fail
19:09 libsysguy            test-ception
19:09 tcohen               so i can leave home and continue this tomorrow
19:09 libsysguy            where is your patch
19:10 tcohen               my patch is in my local branch
19:10 libsysguy            or you could just give me a general overview of what your patch does
19:10 libsysguy            and ill make it fail
19:10 * libsysguy          shows a toothy smile
19:10 jcamins_away         Ah, but can you turn that into unit test specifications?
19:11 libsysguy            probably not…I'll just point at the rest of the calendar and its convoluted logic and say "SEE!"
19:11 pastebot             "tcohen" at pasted "Sorry guys, I've just learned to use pastebot" (476 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/239
19:11 * libsysguy          is forever labeled as the LDAP/Calendar guy :p
19:11 libsysguy            oh dat init function…how I don't miss that
19:12 libsysguy            so you just broke up the add function into addDays and addHours
19:15 * oleonard           wonders, tater?
19:16 tcohen               tater = potato?
19:17 oleonard             Customarily.
19:18 tcohen               libsysguy?
19:18 wahanui              i guess libsysguy is Koha's hottest developer or partying with swedes on his deck or koha's youngest developer
19:19 wizzyrea             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrQVFZx7XX4
19:20 wizzyrea             you can thank me later
19:20 * wizzyrea           vanishes in a puff of smoke
19:20 tcohen               hehe
19:28 rangi                viktor++
19:30 rangi                hmm 12.10 is out, watch eveyone render their workstations useless for a couple of days
19:30 jcamins_away         Ubuntu?
19:30 wahanui              Ubuntu is a debian-based OS and Koha has shiny new ubuntu intructions.
19:31 jcamins_away         I just installed 12.04!
19:31 rangi                yup
19:31 rangi                heh
19:31 jcamins_away         And when I say "just" I mean, "last week."
19:34 * oleonard           imagines someone out there griping "Koha 3.10? I just installed Koha 2.2.8!"
19:34 rangi                heh
19:35 jcamins_away         I'm not sure whether to wince or laugh.
19:35 tcohen               jcamins_away got 12.10 on my new laptop and has some issues with intel graphics
19:36 jcamins_away         tcohen: I have 12.04 on a headless server. I think I'll leave it.
19:36 jcamins_away         It's the latest LTS release.
19:37 tcohen               12.04 is really good now
19:37 jcamins_away         When something I want is in 13.04, perhaps I'll upgrade.
19:37 tcohen               i just thought kernel 3.5 could have some improvements on ssd's
19:39 tcohen               libsysguy, may I send u the patch?
19:40 libsysguy            sure, sorry I wasn't watching…can you just attach it to the bug?
19:40 libsysguy            it'll make it easier to apply
19:40 libsysguy            git_bz++
19:41 oleonard             Yes, git_bz++
19:42 libsysguy            also gravitar++ for letting me see who is pushing what patches :p
19:45 oleonard             ?
19:46 tcohen               bug 8800 libsysguy, byeeeee
19:46 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8800 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Failed QA , SpecifyDueDate && useDaysMode=Datedue wrong behaviour
19:46 libsysguy            okay so we have 0 for fines all across the board
19:47 libsysguy            but we do have days overdue
19:47 libsysguy            what is your graceday set to?
19:47 libsysguy            oops
19:47 libsysguy            wrong window
20:12 oleonard             if(! $booksellerid){ my @booksellers = GetBookSeller(''); ...
20:12 oleonard             Does that make no sense or am I missing something?
20:13 rangi                it doesnt make much sense
20:14 jcamins_away         oleonard: it makes very little sense, but I suspect it probably works.
20:14 jcamins_away         (and for the record, I think overloading GetBookSeller like that is a horrific idea)
20:14 oleonard             What does overloading mean?
20:15 jcamins_away         oleonard: we're using GetBookSeller (I am guessing) for two things:
20:15 jcamins_away         1) retrieving a bookseller.
20:15 jcamins_away         2) retrieving a list of all booksellers.
20:17 jcamins_away         My interpretation of that code is that we're using GetBookSeller for the second thing there, and at some other point we'll call GetBookSeller to get information about the one bookseller the user is interested in, if there is a booksellerid.
20:18 jcamins_away         I think I'd rather not know if I'm right.
20:18 melia                anybody from the QA team around?
20:19 libsysguy            only the future one
20:19 libsysguy            :)
20:19 jcamins_away         melia: mtj is usually around at weird times.
20:19 melia                I would really like to see bug 6185 get QA, ideally before it's too late for 3.8.6
20:19 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6185 normal, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, holds slip says 'reserve'
20:19 melia                wait. that's not the one.
20:19 melia                bug 8939, sorry
20:19 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8939 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Fines Charged During Grace Period
20:19 melia                is it already too late for it to get into 3.8.6?
20:21 oleonard             Bye #koha
20:23 rangi                does it change strings melia ?
20:23 melia                no idea!
20:23 melia                how do I know?
20:23 rangi                if it changes .tt files
20:23 rangi                then its too late
20:24 rangi                (unless it is security related)
20:24 rangi                we are in string freeze (and only 3 days til 3.8.6 anyway)
20:25 melia                not security related. yeah, I know only three days. :(
20:26 rangi                it can go into 3.8.x after the release, after it passes QA, and is pushed to master that is
20:27 rangi                i obviously want someone else to look at it, since i signed off
20:27 rangi                it has no string changes
20:27 wajasu               please assign me some bugs to choose from, that i can attempt to test tonight.  i have some time.
20:27 melia                oh good. maybe a QA person will get to it soon.
20:27 rangi                so if you got it qaed and passed the release manager before tuesday
20:27 rangi                you have a chance
20:28 rangi                wajasu: bug 3652
20:28 melia                all right, I will keep nagging people :)
20:28 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3652 critical, P1 - high, ---, chrish, Needs Signoff , XSS vulnerabilities
20:28 wajasu               ok.
20:28 melia                thanks rangi
20:28 jcamins_away         wajasu: definitely bug 3652
20:28 wajasu               for 3.8.x
20:29 jcamins_away         wajasu: and 3.6.x.
20:29 jcamins_away         And master.
20:29 wajasu               ok.
20:29 * jcamins_away       heads for the subway.
20:49 libsysguy            rangi around?
20:50 rangi                yup
21:01 libsysguy            oh hey
21:01 libsysguy            now I forgot what I was going to ask
21:37 pastebot             "wajasu" at pasted "my lxc container dependency question" (22 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/240
21:38 jcamins              wajasu: you're on master, aren't you?
21:38 wajasu               yes
21:39 jcamins              wajasu: yeah, those files are wrong for master.
21:39 wajasu               ok
21:39 wajasu               jcamins: should i remove the   || $query->param('bib')    from the files?, then test? for bug 3652
21:39 huginn               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3652 critical, P1 - high, ---, chrish, Needs Signoff , XSS vulnerabilities
21:39 jcamins              wajasu: I think those were already pushed.
21:39 jcamins              Lemme check.
21:40 jcamins              I'm pretty sure it's only the last that needs sign off.
21:40 wajasu               ok
21:40 jcamins              But I'll confirm.
21:41 wajasu               you got time. i am just getting set up.
21:41 jcamins              No, not pushed.
21:41 jcamins              So, yeah, removing the || $query->param('bib') and signing off again would be appreciated.
21:41 wajasu               ok
21:47 jcamins              It is very loud outside.
21:47 jcamins              Why is it loud on a quiet (for New York) side street at quarter to six on a Thursday?
21:47 eythian              it's very loud inside here, so we're moving to a quieter part of the floor.
21:47 eythian              jcamins: if the movies taught me anything, there's probably a shooting or something going on.
21:48 jcamins              Hehe.
21:51 jcamins              I need to make spanakopita.
21:53 eythian              http://kiwipsum.com/ <-- rangi
21:54 rangi                heh
22:16 rambutan             https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanakopita <- clearly something that would benefit from yankee mods like +pepperoni +ground spicy pork
22:16 rambutan             and hot sauce probably too
22:17 jcamins              rambutan: that's kind of going in the opposite direction from my more-vegetarian trend.
22:17 rambutan             dill pickles on the side
22:17 rambutan             well, uh,
22:17 rambutan             just go with the hot sauce and dill pickles then
22:17 jcamins              Hehe.
22:17 drojf                i thought that was to throw after whoever makes noise in the street
22:18 jcamins              drojf: and miss out on eating it?!?
22:18 drojf                i was confused too
22:20 drojf                to be fair it sounded more like a weapon before i looked up what it is
22:20 jcamins              lol
22:23 rambutan             http://kiwipsum.com <- thought maybe translate.google.com could help me out with that. Neg. Read the whole thing, don't have an idea what the subject is. I assume it's intended to just be machine-generated language?
22:23 eythian              no, it makes perfect sense to me. It must just be you.
22:23 rambutan             yea, that could well be
22:26 rambutan             Anybody need some new DDS3 data cartridges before I toss 'em?
22:29 rambutan             Well, those went so fast...how about some used cell phone chargers?
22:29 rambutan             keyboards?
22:29 wahanui              keyboards are the only sound
22:30 drojf                "random colour each frame" sounds like a very useful video filter. "today i'm gonna shoot me a nice rainbow."
22:53 * wajasu             orders pizza to aid in testing
23:20 jcamins              Gosh, the original Star Trek was campy.
23:25 drojf                i bet random colouring each frame would make it more enjoyable
23:26 rangi                back
23:26 rangi                desk all moved
23:27 jcamins              drojf: I'm not sure.
23:27 jcamins              It's pretty psychedelic without that.
23:27 drojf                lol
23:28 jcamins              And the goggles.