Time  Nick         Message
05:25 mtj          wow, rangi is the universe's 23rd most experienced perl contributor, according to ohloh
05:25 mtj          https://www.ohloh.net/languages/perl
07:06 Oak          ahoy me hearties
07:06 Oak          magnuse
07:07 drojf        good morning #koha
07:39 Oak          oh cait :)
07:39 Oak          slides?
07:39 wahanui      kf should be writing slides. Get to it! Schnell!
07:39 cait         it's weekend :)
07:39 cait         hi Oak
07:39 Oak          :)
07:40 rangi        That can't possibly be right mtj
07:40 Oak          how is marcus?
07:41 cait         Oak: I will call
07:43 Oak          :) goos.
07:43 Oak          good*
08:55 mtompset     Greetings, #koha.
08:55 cait         hi #koha
08:56 mtompset     Greetings, cait. How are you?
08:56 cait         good, having breakfast
08:59 mtompset     What timezone are you in?! Isn't it late for breakfast?
09:05 mtompset     bug 8478
09:05 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8478 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Update Ubuntu related files
09:06 mtompset     I was wondering, should the 3.8.X bug patch should be split to its own bug report?
09:16 cait         normally both versions on one bug are fine
09:16 cait         mtompset: it's weekend, there are no rules for breakfast times on weekends
09:17 mtompset     Okay, I can accept that. :)
09:17 mtompset     Actually, when I sleep at bizarre hours, I have come to define breakfast as meal #1.
09:19 mtompset     This makes lunch #2, and supper #3. Though, I have to consider other words too: breakfast, brunch, merienda, lunch, dinner, merienda, supper, tea.
09:19 mtompset     oh, and midnight snack. ;)
09:19 cait         are you a hobbit?
09:20 mtompset     No, just integrating multiple cultural labels for meals into something kind of consistent. :)
09:20 mtompset     the first merienda is like morning coffee break.
09:21 mtompset     the second one is an afternoon coffee break.
09:21 drojf        morning is a state of mind. or whenever the cait wants breakfast.
09:21 drojf        damn internet connection
09:21 cait         lol
09:21 cait         morning drojf :)
09:21 mtompset     Shhhh.... it can hear you. You don't want to hurt its feelings. ;)
09:21 drojf        i said that like half an hour ago, nice to come through now
09:21 drojf        hi cait :)
09:21 mtompset     Well, you did have a 480second ping timeout.
09:21 drojf        hey mtompset
09:21 wahanui      mtompset is trying to do a variety of projects in less than three months!
09:22 mtompset     Greetings, drojf
10:25 magnuse      Oak
10:35 mtompset     Greetings, magnuse
10:35 mtompset     Looks like my live install won't happen until TUESDAY. :(
10:35 magnuse      hiya mtompset
10:35 mtompset     Oh well... back to a git install.
10:47 drojf        mtompset: how often did you install koha in the last weeks?
10:48 mtompset     different VM's, different tests.
10:48 mtompset     different ways.
10:48 magnuse      practice makes perfect! ;-)
10:48 mtompset     Exactly.
10:48 mtompset     It also helps find bugs with the install process.
10:49 mtompset     Because my biggest concern is that in 2-3 months, I leave for my home country, and someone doesn't have necessary information for upgrading, updating koha.
10:53 Brooke       o/
10:54 mtompset     Greetings, Brooke.
10:54 drojf        mtompset: i know you're testing and writing documentation, not reinstalling one thing again and again ;)
10:54 drojf        hi Brooke
10:55 Brooke       writing documentation++
10:55 mtompset     Which reminds me... I'm going to go tweak the koha_on_ubuntu page.
10:55 * Brooke     cheers
10:56 Brooke       mtompset++
10:58 mtompset     Kind of important update... Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't have a library or two, so I need to make sure the adding the debian.koha-community.org repository is mentioned.
11:00 Brooke       hmm I wonder if the new version would get on with my older than the hills mac...
11:26 magnuse      if anyone is wondering about the state of bug 8628 it's now possible to have a peek at http://kohawip.libriotech.no/
11:26 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8628 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED , Add digital signs to the OPAC
11:27 * magnuse    wanders off
11:46 mtompset     I was noticing on the debian wiki page that is it squeeze and squeeze-dev.
11:46 mtompset     Is there a 'stable'?
11:48 jcamins_away No, you want squeeze for 3.8.
11:48 mtompset     Okay, so the question then becomes... what is after squeeze?
11:49 mtompset     Will the repo rename when the OS changes?
11:49 mtompset     Or are their repos for older than squeeze?
11:49 drojf        there were no packages before squeeze
11:49 mtompset     Wow?! Really?!
11:49 mtompset     That's a major improvement then.
11:50 drojf        indeed. that is why we tell everybody to use debian packages ;)
11:52 mtompset     I'm just cleaning up the ubuntu wiki page a little bit more, and want to get details right.
12:11 mtompset     tarball?
12:11 wahanui      The tarballs are available at http://download.koha-community.org/ though if you are on a debian-based OS, try the packages.
12:12 mtompset     ubuntu?
12:12 wahanui      ubuntu is, like, installed. or getting into integrating websites into the desktop, e.g. grooveshark showing up on the sound menu, and things like that. It's an interesting idea. I have the beta installed and it's still quirky, but a great idea
12:12 mtompset     okay that is weird.
12:12 mtompset     git?
12:12 wahanui      i heard git was http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Version_Control_Using_Git
12:12 mtompset     packages?
12:12 wahanui      somebody said packages was at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
12:13 mtompset     which install do I use?
12:13 mtompset     what install to use?
12:13 mtompset     install?
12:13 wahanui      it has been said that install is done yet
12:13 mtompset     which install to use?
12:13 wahanui      If you're developing, you should use git. If you're not developing on a deb-based system, you should use packages. If you're not developing on a different flavour of Linux, you should use the tarball.
12:17 mtompset     ubuntu install?
12:17 mtompset     install ubuntu?
12:28 mtompset     Is there a way to duplicate a wiki page to another page?
12:29 magnuse      mtompset: nah, just copy the "source" and paste it in a new page
12:31 mtompset     Okay... next question: how do I add a page?
12:32 magnuse      what i usually do is type the name of the new page in the search box
12:32 magnuse      and search for it
12:32 magnuse      then you get the option to add it if it does not exist
12:32 mtompset     Thanks.
12:32 magnuse      or you could add a link to it from some other page, and then click on the red link that is pointing to the "empty" page
12:51 mtompset     Oh! I just saw a typo in the Makefile.PL
12:51 mtompset     perl Makefile.PL PERL_MODULE_DIR=/usr/share/perl/5.8
12:52 mtompset     3.6 and 3.8 require 5.10 at least.
12:52 mtompset     I think we need to fix that. :)
12:52 mtompset     ubuntu 12.04 as 5.14
12:52 mtompset     What does the most recent debian 6.0 have?
13:41 mtompset     magnuse++
14:12 mtompset     Greetings, drojf
14:43 mtompset     Well, time to put this off for a bit. Bye, #koha.
15:55 Oak          so cait, did you call?
15:55 Oak          kia ora #koha