Time  Nick      Message
00:19 rangi     Name it's all ready to go
00:19 rangi     Naw even
00:20 rangi     The tarball is uploaded just will do announce this evening, you just reminded me :-)
00:21 rangi     Not at home at the mo
03:07 rangi     right, back at home will do release announcement
03:12 drojf1    jcamins++
03:12 drojf1    rangi++
03:15 rangi     5am again drojf1 ???
03:16 drojf1    but this time i woke up early ;)
03:16 drojf1    it's an interesting change to staying up late :D
03:30 rangi     :)
03:56 mtompset  Greetings, #koha.
03:56 mtompset  Sweet! Topic is fixed, and the download page is fixed too.
03:56 mtompset  (it said 3.6.5 when 3.6.6 was current)
04:23 mtompset  Hopefully for 3.8.4 and 3.6.8 we can trim the ubuntu.packages list to what is necessary.
06:34 mtompset  Greetings, #koha.
06:34 mtompset  bug 8487
06:34 mtompset  huggins still be offline.
06:35 mtompset  @later
11:28 Oak       kia ora #koha
11:28 cait      hi Oak :)
11:29 Oak       hello cait :)
11:29 Oak       don't ask that question
11:29 cait      which question?
11:29 Oak       good
11:29 cait      oooh... you mean that question?
11:29 cait      what do I get for not asking the question? :) cookies?
11:29 Oak       oh no
11:30 Oak       you already have cookies. lots of cookies.
11:30 Oak       let me think
11:30 Oak       how about pizza?
11:30 wahanui   pizza is in the oven.
11:30 cait      don't think too long... the clock is ticking :P
11:30 Oak       see
11:30 cait      hmm
11:30 cait      ok
11:30 cait      pizza is accepted
11:31 cait      but you _know_ what the question is
11:31 Oak       deal!
11:31 Oak       yes i _know_.
11:31 cait      good :)
11:31 Oak       :)
11:31 Oak       for now i'm listening to Massive Attack and enjoying the Sunday
13:04 mveron    Hi #koha
13:06 drojf     hi mveron
13:06 mveron    Hi drojf
13:06 mveron    @wunder Allschwil
13:06 drojf     back home?
13:07 drojf     the bot is offline somehow
13:07 mveron    Yes, temperature shock
13:07 drojf     heh i can imagine that
13:07 cait      hi mveron and drojf :)
13:07 mveron    Athens had 40+°
13:07 mveron    Hi cait
13:07 drojf     hi cait
13:07 cait      :)
13:08 mveron    cait: translations to be done?
13:08 drojf     uh 40° is not neccessary for me
13:08 cait      :) not currently
13:08 cait      all done (I hope)
13:08 mveron    Great, have a big "Bugwelle" (don't now an English expression)
13:15 * mveron  ...dives in a sea of mails and snail mails
13:24 cait      ... I know what you are talking about... and I haven't been on a 3 week vacation!
13:35 * drojf   offers pistachios
13:35 cait      yum
15:04 francharb hi
15:04 wahanui   what's up, francharb
15:04 cait      hi francharb
15:04 cait      :)
15:05 francharb 0/ Callender
15:05 francharb oups
15:05 francharb 0/ cait ;)
15:05 cait      :)
19:28 rangi     Morning
19:31 drojf1    hey rangi
19:31 jcamins   o/
19:32 drojf     hi jcamins
19:32 cait      morning rangi
19:32 jcamins   Hello.
19:32 rangi     How's the weekend going?
19:33 drojf     quiet. how is the future? what will monday bring us?
19:33 cait      I hope it will not get too warm
19:33 jcamins   rangi: well, I fell asleep on the floor with the cat for long enough that I can't feel my left arm.
19:33 rangi     Rain
19:33 cait      ouch
19:33 rangi     @wunder nzwn
19:34 jcamins   Other than that, no objection to the weekend.
19:34 rangi     Ahh no huggin
19:35 cait      yeah we miss him
19:35 cait      it's gmcharlt?
19:36 rangi     Yep
19:38 rangi     Reminds me I need to switch awstats to look at nginx logs not apache for the download site
19:39 cait      @later tell gmcharlt can you please bring huginn back? :)
19:39 rangi     Hehe that won't work
19:40 drojf     lol
19:40 cait      no, probably not
19:40 cait      but it's still worth a try?
19:40 cait      or did I make a typo?
19:41 rangi     No that's what huginn does
19:41 cait      oh
19:41 rangi     And ....
19:41 cait      ugh.
19:41 rangi     Hehe
19:41 cait      right.
19:42 * cait    hides embarassed
19:43 jcamins   lol
19:44 drojf     i got a QA question i think. i have changed the name for the audio/video tab to "Play [% HTML5MediaParent %]" where that is the parent tag of the media player, "audio" or "video". while i found that nice at first, now i think it's a problem because you cannot translate it?
19:44 cait      hm yes
19:44 rangi     Yep
19:44 cait      you could do a if
19:44 cait      or a switch/case thing
19:44 cait      but for 2 maybe an if/else is enough?
19:45 drojf     i think i will just do "Play file" ;)
19:45 cait      hm
19:45 cait      but you don't really play files
19:45 * cait    hides better
19:45 drojf     i don't?
19:45 cait      Datei abspielen... hm maybe
19:45 rangi     Media?
19:45 rangi     Play media
19:45 drojf     yes
19:45 drojf     that it is
19:46 drojf     thanks
19:48 drojf     Use of uninitialized value $orig_pwd in chdir at /usr/share/perl5/DhMakePerl/Command/make.pm line 281.
19:48 drojf     hm. errors that search engines don't know are bad
19:49 rangi     That's just a warn
19:50 rangi     Doing a chdir with a value that is empty
19:50 jcamins   drojf: don't use dh-make-perl in /tmp?
19:50 jcamins   And, yeah, doesn't matter anyway.
19:50 jcamins   But my guess is that you ran dh-make-perl from /tmp, and the tmpfs did weird things to your relative path.
19:50 drojf     hm ok but there are more and there is an error of missing file at the end
19:51 drojf     i'm in my home directory
19:51 rangi     Yeah it will be a path thing
19:51 jcamins   Hm. That's odd. I had issues with tmpfs screwing up relative paths, but one doesn't use tmpfs for /home.
19:51 rangi     You run cryptfs ?
19:52 drojf     yes something is strange here.what i actually wanted to do is install koha (surprise), and i got this
19:52 drojf     libxml-libxml-perl (2.0001+dfsg-1) wird eingerichtet ...
19:52 drojf     update-perl-sax-parsers: Registering Perl SAX parser XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser with priority 50...
19:52 drojf     Can't locate XML/LibXML/SAX/Parser.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.14.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.14 /usr/share/perl/5.14 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at /usr/share/perl5/XML/SAX.pm line 147.
19:52 drojf     XML/LibXML/SAX/Parser.pm is supposed to be installed by that package
19:53 drojf     so i wonder how it can fail to find something that it is supposed to install itself
19:53 jcamins   libxml-libxml-perl?
19:54 jcamins   Hm.
19:54 drojf     http://packages.debian.org/source/wheezy/armhf/libxml-libxml-perl
19:54 jcamins   Do you already have libxml-perl?
19:55 jcamins   And libxml-sax-perl?
19:56 drojf     hm there was no libxml-perl apparently
19:56 drojf     libxml-sax-perl is there. in installed libxml-perl. the error is the same though
19:56 rangi     Ok bbl after breakfast with librarians
19:57 cait      morning kathryn :)
19:57 kathryn   oh hi cait! :)
19:58 drojf     but *disclaimer* this is "raspian" linux, an armhf distribution based in wheezy. maybe things are just broken
19:59 drojf     s/in/on
20:03 jcamins   Sounds like a broken package.
20:07 drojf     hm yes. just that i could also not build it myself. i'm setting all back to the fresh installation now and start over
20:07 jcamins   drojf: I think the broken package is one of libxml-libxml-perl's dependencies.
20:08 drojf     ah
20:08 drojf     that would make sense
21:19 rangi     back
21:19 jcamins   Welcome back.
21:20 cait      wb
23:13 drojf     good night #koha
23:15 rangi     cya drojf