Time  Nick           Message
03:57 wajasu         to verify that my database is correctly encoded as utf8, is selected some records that contained jürgen (slect biblionumber,author from biblio where author like '%rgen%';), but with my mysql client configured:  mysql --default-character-set=utf8 -ukoha_koha -p<mypassword> koha     I got to see ü instead of moijbake.
03:59 wajasu         if the web shows stuff correclty, then the database should be correct.
05:34 nikhil         hallo
05:34 nikhil         I have doubt about koha
05:35 nikhil         can i calculate fines weekly
05:35 nikhil         ie.....for first week 1, 2nd  2,  3rd week 4 like that
05:36 nikhil         for a single item type
05:36 nikhil         no responsw?
07:16 rangi          davidnind: hiya, and thanks for the nice email
07:59 cait           hi #koha
08:01 Oak            hi cait
08:01 cait           hi Oak
08:49 rangi          ok, bugs and a few sites are gonna go down for a bit
08:49 rangi          very soon
09:04 rangi          ok, should be running behind nginx now
09:04 rangi          can ppl check bugs, paste, schema and download please?
09:17 cait           bugs is giving me an error
09:17 cait           403
09:18 rangi          what url?
09:18 wahanui        url is horrid :)
09:18 cait           bugs.koha-community.org
09:19 cait           the other pages seem to be ok
09:19 rangi          it should redirect
09:19 rangi          hmm lemme check
09:19 rangi          seems to for me, can you try a shift refresh?
09:20 rangi          ah i see yeah its just the base url
09:21 cait           hm?
09:22 davidnind      is working on bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/ but not hbugs.koha-community.org
09:22 rangi          ta
09:22 rangi          fixing now
09:23 rangi          can you try now please?
09:25 davidnind      now seems to be working fine
09:25 cait           yep
09:25 cait           works
09:25 cait           rangi++ :)
09:27 rangi          nginx++
10:23 Oak            rangi++
10:24 * Oak          just read http://wiki.nginx.org/Main
10:29 rangi          yep, so now should be a bit more resiliant
10:29 rangi          nothing like having only 512MB ram to play with, to make you tune things
10:30 rangi          and now, sleep time
10:34 rangi          davidnind++ #just saw your fsf directory update request
10:35 * rangi        is member 9619 :)
10:39 davidnind      didn't see other requests to update + had trouble entering the details, not sure how long they will take to update it
10:39 davidnind      only recently joined, am member 10620
10:54 Oak            :)
10:58 davidnind      Does anyone know if there is a 'master' list anywhere of places where Koha entries should be updated when there is a new release? (e.g. foss4lib.org, directory.fsf.org, freecode.com - previously freshmeat.net.)  Happy to add one to the wiki if there isn't something somewhere already.
10:59 cait           davidnind: I am not aware of one - but I think it sounds like a good idea :)
10:59 cait           wikipedia would be another I guess
11:01 davidnind      Forgot that one, even though I was just looking at it a couple of hours ago! Seems to be lots of places where Koha is mentioned. Will start a list and see what happens.
11:11 Oak            davidnind++
11:11 cait           davidnind++:)
12:37 wajasu         yahoo's directory has koha. and it doesn't link to "this" koha
21:32 * jcamins_away figures out why rangi says Moose has too many dependencies.
21:41 cait           jcamins_away: it's a bit scary to watch the installation, right?
21:41 jcamins        cait: well, I'm trying to install something that requires Moose.
21:42 cait           the indexer?
21:42 jcamins        I haven't even gotten that far yet.
21:42 jcamins        I'm trying to install Dist::Zilla which seems to be the program used to package the indexer.
21:42 cait           oh
21:42 cait           I tested the indexer for fredericd once, can't remember installing that
21:42 jcamins        Well, turns out the Debian package is broken.
21:42 cait           but guess you want to do more than just testing :)
21:42 jcamins        Riht.
21:43 jcamins        *Right
21:44 jcamins        I made some modifications.
21:44 jcamins        And I'd prefer to create a Debian package rather than just replacing the installed files.
21:45 jcamins        So, the Debian package for Dist::Zilla appears to be broken.
21:45 cait           hm not good
21:45 jcamins        I suspect this means that I have to CPAN *EVERY SINGLE MOOSE MODULE*.
21:51 * jcamins      ponders how long the CPAN list is.
21:51 jcamins        Plan B time.
21:52 * jcamins      downloads the package from cpan, and replaces the files he modified.
22:02 jcamins        And now I can't even get the indexer to work.
22:02 jcamins        This is not progress in the right direction.
22:03 cait           :(
22:14 kathryn        hi all, hope there are nice things happening even if you are dealing with a stubborn Moose or Zebra :)
22:15 cait           hi kathryn :)
22:15 cait           when jcamins is involved I am pretty sure something nice will come out of it in the end
22:16 kathryn        :)
22:16 * kathryn      hopes for cupcakes
22:19 cait           hm
22:20 jcamins        Don't think there will be any cupcakes coming from this.
22:20 cait           jcamins is not a cupcake person I think... but perhaps cookies
22:20 jcamins        That seems more likely.
22:20 jcamins        However, it's kind of hot and icky out.
22:27 kathryn        hmmn, no cookies if it's hot and icky? maybe a sorbet then
22:32 jcamins        Woohoo!
22:32 jcamins        Got the indexer working!
22:32 jcamins        Now to test my new and improved indexer daemon.
22:32 cait           mmh sorbet
22:33 * jcamins      has been eating frozen yogurt.
22:33 kathryn        hurrah!
22:33 cait           or frozen yoghurt with wodka ;)
22:33 kathryn        hehe
22:33 eythian        cait: on your nuclear wessels?
22:33 jcamins        cait: I guess I mentioned having Shari buy vodka to put in yogurt?
22:35 cait           yes you did
22:35 cait           :)
22:35 cait           eythian: nuclear vessels?
22:36 jcamins        (for those who don't know, I don't have an ice cream maker, and I can't be bothered shaking it vigorously in a bag of ice.
22:36 jcamins        (so by adding a bit of vodka, I can put yogurt in the freezer without it turning into a single unbreakable chunk of ice)
22:37 eythian        http://youtu.be/zo2MyIGZFkg <-- cait
22:37 jcamins        eythian: since you're here, I seek your wisdom.
22:37 * jcamins      got the reference. :)
22:37 jcamins        I now have... about a dozen Debian packages made from cpan.
22:37 jcamins        I want to put them on my repo.
22:37 jcamins        I'd just as soon not add them to the four different distributions I have on there.
22:37 jcamins        (to each of those four)
22:38 jcamins        Is there any reason I can't just add a "prereqs" dist?
22:38 eythian        jcamins: that's exactly what I do
22:39 eythian        I have a 'dependencies' repo
22:39 eythian        For the koha-common stuff I don't do that, but for our internal stuff, anyway
22:39 jcamins        Bah, humbug. Syntax error.
22:40 jcamins        :O
22:40 jcamins        It didn't die yet!
22:40 jcamins        Okay, now it's dead.
22:40 eythian        heh
22:42 jcamins        And it doesn't like my DateTime creation.
22:42 jcamins        eythian: thanks. I'll create a dependencies dist too.
22:42 jcamins        eythian: wait, it has to be a separate repo?
22:42 jcamins        Bah humbug.
22:42 eythian        oh
22:42 jcamins        Oh well. I can do that too.
22:42 eythian        no, just a different pocket is fine
22:42 jcamins        :D Yay!
22:46 jcamins        Well, the indexer daemon is now running.
22:47 jcamins        Not doing anything, though.
22:49 jcamins        Wait a minute.
22:49 jcamins        It's not 22:49 here.
23:00 cait           :)
23:00 cait           good night :)
23:01 jcamins        Good night.
23:01 eythian        bye cait
23:06 jcamins        Yay!
23:06 jcamins        The indexer works!