Time  Nick         Message
02:16 druthb       o/
03:44 wajasu       i just created a linux kvm, with debian sqeeze, and the latest koha. looks great!
04:07 Oak          kia ora #koha
04:42 wajasu       i'm trying to test printing labels with diacritics in author names.  does anyone know of a catalog i can search, and export/save the marcxml so i can import and see if it prints in my koha 3.8.1 test system?
04:52 wajasu       found one
04:53 Oak          :)
04:55 Oak          when a user logs in to the OPAC the username password box in right column disappears... how can I add some other box in right column so that there is always a right column?
04:56 Oak          for example we have OpacNav in preferences to do that for left column...
08:13 rangi        rule one?
08:13 wahanui      rule one is "Don't Be A Dick!"
08:14 Oak          Guten morgen cait
08:15 cait         hi Oak :)
08:15 rangi        hi cait
08:15 Oak          hi rangi :)
08:17 cait         hi rangi
08:17 rangi        such a shame, mirko is right, but the attacking tone of his email totally detracts from his message
08:20 * Oak        goes to read Koha's mailing list messages
08:21 cait         hm yeah
08:21 cait         I think we have the google code to up us in the rankings?
08:22 rangi        thats definitely what the google+ is for
08:22 cait         which is something we really need to do - had to explain the difference so many times this last week :(
08:22 rangi        *nod* ppl still get stuck downloading the faux koha too much
08:23 Oak          is there an official FB page for the real Koha?
08:23 rangi        yep
08:28 rangi        google+ too
08:34 Oak          doing plain 'koha' search in facebook is not returning the page i want
08:34 Oak          what is the link?
08:34 wahanui      somebody said the link was right, but the website is gone, apparently
08:35 cait         Oak: sorry, not on facebook
08:36 cait         I mean I am not - I don't know :)
08:36 Oak          some people on facebook have hundreds of friends, who have hundreds of friends, who have... so why not list the link to our facebook page on right column on koha-community.org? we can't deny that facebook help is search engine's page ranking?
08:37 rangi        hmm no facebook really doesnt its a walled garden
08:37 Oak          hmm
08:37 * Oak        goes to google+
08:38 rangi        lots of things linking to a site increases its ranking, lots of things that are findable by search engines that is, most of facebook isnt
08:39 Oak          how can ordinary users like me help is spreading the word?
08:40 Oak          the mirko's email you were talking about... is it on mailing list?
08:42 rangi        it is, on the main mailing list
08:43 Oak          cool
08:43 Oak          me go read
08:43 rangi        Oak: linking to koha-community.org, making sure people know thats the real site
08:46 Oak          hmm.
09:09 drojf        good day #koha
09:22 cait         hi drojf
09:22 drojf        hey cait
09:22 drojf        recovered from your trip home?
09:23 cait         almost - 10 hours of sleep :)
09:23 drojf        :D nice
09:30 jcamins      o/
09:32 drojf        rangi: regarding google analytics, i'm sorry if my email sounded attacking. i got very allergic to google's omnipresence on the web over time and was honestly very surprised when i saw google analytics on the koha website. it seems i tend to start shouting pretty fast when it comes to this topic.
09:34 drojf        hi jcamins
09:34 jcamins      Good morning.
09:35 cait         hi jcamins
09:35 cait         why are you awake?
09:35 jcamins      I wasn't sleepy anymore.
09:35 jcamins      You know what's *really* weird?
09:35 jcamins      Shari's awake too!
09:35 cait         heh
09:36 cait         you were probably thinking too loud
09:36 jcamins      lol
09:41 cait         myshkin must be the cutest cat ever
09:41 * cait       was looking at your fb photos
09:41 jcamins      Heh.
09:41 jcamins      Yup.
09:42 cait         :)
09:42 cait         what are you 2 doing?
09:46 jcamins      I'll sign off on some patches, and she has grading to do.
09:46 cait         busy
09:48 jcamins      Shari says it couldn't have been me thinking too loudly because she didn't detect any brainwaves from my direction... I was so busy being quiet so as not to wake her she thought I was asleep until I popped up out of bed too.
09:48 cait         lol
10:30 jcamins      I'm trying to imagine what the use for bug 8130 is, and I'm coming up blank.
10:30 huginn`      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8130 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, Needs Signoff , attach PDF files to a patron record
10:30 cait         registration forms
10:30 cait         with signature
10:30 jcamins      Ah!
10:30 jcamins      Thanks.
10:31 cait         and other signed forms you have to keep
10:31 cait         I can see the use, can nothing say about the implementation
10:35 jcamins      How's your accounting going?
10:42 cait         I will start soon, thx for asking :)
10:42 cait         hm
10:42 cait         jcamins: you are not showing up in my list of names for this channel
10:43 cait         that is a bit irritating
10:44 jcamins      That's odd.
10:45 cait         I found oyu - you are bold and on top of the list.
10:45 cait         must mean you are important
10:48 jcamins      :)
11:06 jcamins      Is BZ down for everyone else?
11:07 jcamins      @later tell rangi Could you give Bugzilla a kick?
11:07 huginn`      jcamins: The operation succeeded.
11:11 rangi        weird
11:11 rangi        no load at all
11:12 jcamins      I'm definitely having issues getting through to it.
11:12 rangi        its getting requests, probably someones script maxing connections again
11:13 jcamins      Not mine.
11:13 rangi - - [26/May/2012:11:12:17 +0000] "POST /bugzilla3/attachment.cgi HTTP/1.1" 200 126089 "-" "git-bz"
11:13 jcamins      I'm just trying to sign off on stuff.
11:13 rangi - - [26/May/2012:11:12:27 +0000] "POST /bugzilla3/index.cgi HTTP/1.1" 200 15267 "-" "-"
11:13 cait         me neither
11:13 rangi        its being used, not really anything i can do
11:13 rangi        no load on the server
11:13 cait         hm back for me no
11:13 cait         w
11:13 cait         really slow
11:17 rangi        just maxing out all available apache connections
11:19 jcamins      I managed to upload the patches.
11:21 rangi        found who is doing it, something/someone is opening a ton of connections to big download files, which uses up all the available one
11:21 rangi        s
11:21 jcamins      Hm. Wonder why.
11:22 rangi        stupid download scripts probably
11:24 rangi        any better now?
11:25 rangi        seems all to me now ive blocked that ip
11:26 rangi        what im gonna do is put ngnix out front to serve static and then have apache behind it for the dynamic stuff, but not gonna start that this time of night
11:26 cait         yep lot better
11:26 jcamins      Much better.
11:27 cait         rangi++
11:27 jcamins      rangi: why are you awake?
11:27 cait         jcamins: cut him a break - it's weekend :)
11:28 cait         11:30 tho... so we should send him to bed soon
12:06 jcamins      Looks like the script has started up again.
12:06 cait         from different ip? :(
12:08 jcamins      cait: I presume it's the same script.
12:08 jcamins      Filing a bug just took an unusually long time.
12:26 jcamins      @later tell magnuse This is cool: http://www.idimmu.net/2008/02/01/turning-cpan-modules-in-to-deb-with-dh-perl-make/
12:26 huginn`      jcamins: The operation succeeded.
12:27 jcamins      @later tell magnuse I just thought you might be interested. I don't expect you'll be doing much Perl module packaging.
12:27 huginn`      jcamins: The operation succeeded.
13:42 druthb       o/
13:48 cait         :)
14:01 druthb       hi, Oak.
14:01 Oak          kia ora #koha
14:01 Oak          hello druthb :)
14:06 Oak          hello cait :)
14:10 wajasu       i am trying to fix/improve bug 2246 so label printing via PDF prints diacritics for common cases.
14:10 huginn`      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2246 critical, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, cnighswonger, Pushed to Master , Label printing doesn't work with Unicode characters
14:11 wajasu       i installed 3.8.1 on a virtual machine, running the latest stable debian squeeze last night.
14:33 wajasu       if i sign into and pull up more -> tools -> label creator -> batches -> new batch -> add items -> select author dropdown -> type JURGEN -> selectall -> addchecked -> check a bunch in the batch -> export items -> select label template and barcode data -> export -> download PDF.
14:34 wajasu       now when i open the pdf, my jurgen entries which should have two dots over the "u" show up as two characters.
14:34 cait         how did you enter jürgen?
14:34 cait         did you copy it from somewhere?
14:34 cait         could you try copying my jürgen from here and trying that?
14:35 wajasu       i converted the database 3 years ago using a custom program, using staged marc import.
14:37 wajasu       i went to someone elses catalog and search for a record with jurgen, and saved the record as utf8 standard, then imported it through staged import.  I hve the same issue.   I use marc21 for my flavor.
14:39 wajasu       i have the problem for all diacritics printing labels.  like i said, i used the latest koha.
14:39 wajasu       i just want to know if it works for other people
14:41 wajasu       i applied my fix to label-create-pdf.pl and it fixes the problem, but i wonder if the data in my database is normalized wrong.
14:41 wajasu       everything looks fine in firefox/web.
14:41 cait         wajasu: ü can be done in 2 different ways in unicode
14:41 cait         as 2 characters or as one, different normalization forms
14:41 cait         that's why I was asking
14:45 wajasu       i did select biblionumber,author,HEX(author),title from biblio where author like '%rgen%';   in mysql to see how the data is encoded.  i see C3BC, in many of my entries.  I see C3B8 as well.
14:48 wajasu       i was hoping someone who was savy enough, could do that query on their database, and tell me if they have C3BC or something else.  I would then know if my database was correct, or if its been encoded twice.
14:48 drojf1       should the sql data not be utf8? C3BC seems latin1-ish to me
14:51 wajasu       thats what i am trying to find out.
14:53 cait         don't know about the hex codes sorry
14:53 wajasu       most of these records were probably pulled from z39.50 servers.
14:54 wajasu       http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/fc/index.htm
14:56 wajasu       i just need someone to do the query i mentioned above, to see if their database is encoded the same way to validate my database.  then i need them to print a pdf label and see if they have a problem as well.
14:57 wajasu       if they have a problem, then if they could do a quick one line fix in label-creator-pdf.pl like i have done, to get the diacritics printing correctly.
15:00 wajasu       OR do i need to write a program to reencode my database?
15:05 cait         sorry wajasu
15:05 cait         I am not much help here
15:09 wajasu       this is a tough issue i am trying to figure out.  i just did a z3950 search for jurgen and imported it.  i am waiting for zebra to index. and will see if the label is fine.
15:09 cait         I think you can get it in different ways from different z39.50 servers
15:09 cait         it#s both valid utf-8
15:09 cait         last time I tested the label creator with umlauts it worked - but it was sure a longer time ago
15:10 wajasu       i just used the z3950 and did the Import link.    My sql query shows C3BC.
15:11 wajasu       it came from the LOC.
15:11 jcamins      You need to change z39.50 encoding to marc 8.
15:11 wajasu       hmmm.
15:12 wajasu       let me try to see how.
15:33 Oak          Ahoy me hearties
15:35 cait         ahoy Oak
15:35 Oak          :)
15:35 Oak          are you traveling cait? there is a cait-m....
15:36 cait         ah
15:36 cait         no
15:36 cait         that's irc not being shut down on the phone
15:36 Oak          :) hmm. got it.
15:36 Oak          question:
15:37 Oak          when a user logs in to the OPAC the username password box in right column disappears... how can I add some other box in right column so that there is always a right column?
15:37 cait         hm
15:37 cait         not sure
15:37 Oak          hmm. i'll dig.
15:37 cait         might be someting you can do with yui... do you want the column on all pages?
15:37 Oak          nope.
15:37 Oak          just on the main page of OPAC
15:38 cait         I think you could use jquery
15:38 Oak          hmm.
15:38 Oak          can I just edit cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl
15:38 Oak          and add it manually inside <div class="yui-u">
15:39 Oak          that opac-main.pl is responsible for the main page?
15:39 Oak          no that won;t work
15:39 Oak          because when a user log in and we go to the main page there is no right column... so it must be dynamic something
15:40 cait         I am not sure I understand what you want to do
15:40 cait         and editing the tmpl files will probably not make you so happy when you plan your next update :)
15:40 Oak          :) hmm
15:41 Oak          there is a yellow div box on left column here under the navigation
15:41 Oak          http://koha-library.uaar.edu.pk
15:41 Oak          i want to add a blue div box on left column with the some text in it.
15:42 cait         hm
15:42 cait         it's really slow
15:42 cait         not on your page yet
15:42 Oak          but when a user logs in, the login box area disappears.
15:42 Oak          oh never mind, it's down
15:42 Oak          electricity must be out
15:42 Oak          let me get you a screen shot
15:44 Oak          cait, please see this: http://tinypic.com/r/dlg5du/6
15:45 cait         already looks very nice!
15:45 cait         I think perhaps check the yui elements
15:45 cait         I think this has something to do with the yui grid system
15:45 Oak          :) thank you!
15:45 cait         and I am not very familiar with that - oleonard would know I think
15:45 Oak          *sigh* yes. will see when the system is up again though
15:46 Oak          ah yes. i'll ask him when he comes
15:46 Oak          cait, that yellow color on the OPAC... is it too much?
15:46 Oak          like too Disney or something?
15:46 Oak          or cartoon network?
15:46 cait         heh
15:46 cait         I don't know
15:46 cait         I think it's a culture thing too
15:47 Oak          hmm.
15:47 Oak          when i showed it to the director today, he said hmm, that yellow looks a bit out of place with the blue
15:47 cait         is there an existing color scheme for the website of the institute?
15:47 Oak          hmm... try http://uaar.edu.pk
15:47 cait         you have yellow blue and green there
15:48 cait         perhaps try a different 3rd color or make it a ibt lighter?
15:48 Oak          no yellow,
15:48 cait         hm
15:48 cait         you could go for the blues
15:48 Oak          hm. i guess.
15:48 cait         the light blue on top
15:48 cait         the little tree at the bottom is a nice element
15:49 Oak          yes, i plan to add the tree somewhere in footer area :)
15:49 Oak          let me try the blues and see how they look
15:52 Oak          like this: http://tinypic.com/r/awzssh/6
15:53 cait         :)
15:54 Oak          looks okay i think. but then, what about the yellow boxes on left?
15:54 cait         try the same on them?
15:54 cait         I am not good at design :(
15:54 Oak          hm. okay.
15:54 Oak          me neither.
15:54 cait         but Ithink working with 3 colors works most of the time
15:54 cait         well... 3 matching colors :)
15:54 Oak          so i need a third color
15:54 cait         I am always happy when I can steal it somewhere
15:54 Oak          yes :)
15:55 Oak          *sigh* electricity will be out here in 5 minutes :(
15:55 Oak          i use this to get colors: http://colorschemedesigner.com/
15:55 Oak          you give it one color, and it tells you 2, 3 or more colors that will work with it
15:55 cait         perhaps try to give it the blue from the homepage
15:55 cait         and see what it comes up with?
15:56 Oak          okay.
15:56 Oak          the blue from the OPAC's main page is this: 76ACF1
15:56 Oak          now you can try also :)
15:56 Oak          if you like
15:57 cait         thx :)
15:57 Oak          blue on university's homepage is this: C9DEF5
15:58 Oak          on that site http://colorschemedesigner.com/ on bottom left of the big color wheel... there is written RGB: and some color code. click on it.
15:58 Oak          to enter *your* color
15:58 cait         I already did :)
15:58 cait         playing wit the schemes on top now :)
15:59 cait         http://colorschemedesigner.com/#3B31T6fXow0w0
16:16 jcamins_away @later tell mtj I signed off on fredericd's final patch for bug 7818. It's all ready for your QA. :)
16:16 huginn`      jcamins_away: The operation succeeded.
16:33 wajasu       if i take a biblio and edit it.  even if i cutnpaste jürgen, and print label to pdf, i always see   ü  as   (tilde over capital A, and 1/4 fraction character). the leader has "a" in leader postion 9.
16:52 wajasu       if the OS os debian squeeze, and the koha-common code is 3.8.1, and printing labels with diacritics does this, what is different in my system so that it doesn't work?   mysql database is utf8 etc.
16:53 wajasu       if there a test catalogue is can sign in as staff and find a record with a diacritic, and print a label to see if its just my system?
16:59 Oak          \o
17:55 wajasu       i tried a marc21 sandbox but when i try to print a label, no text shows above the barcode.  i also tried at bywater, and my label did not show the diacritic (accent over e), but showed 2 odd characters.
18:02 cait         hm
18:02 cait         sounds like a bug
18:02 cait         perhaps try opening a bug report? you could attach the problematic records and the label settings you tried
18:21 wajasu       i've been trying to fix this via bug 2246.  i posted a fix(last fall 2011) but its not accepted or verified.  i just want to prove that its broken by someone else.  then to try my fix to verify.
18:21 huginn`      04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2246 critical, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, cnighswonger, Pushed to Master , Label printing doesn't work with Unicode characters
18:22 cait         wajasu: I understand, but I don't have time right now and don't know much about the label printing module
18:23 cait         hence the suggestion to add all testing information to a bug
18:23 wajasu       ok.
18:24 cait         that will make it easy for people to test
18:25 wajasu       at least i found a sandbox that exhibits the behavior
18:25 cait         weekends are pretty quiet too - if you ask around in the week more people are here
18:25 wajasu       ok
18:26 wajasu       if i reference my bug and testing behavior against a current sandbox (paul poulains), it might help.  thanks.
18:27 wajasu       i would have thought folks would have diacritics printing in their labels by now (in PDF).  but i see some export to excel, and use openoffice or another app to print them.
18:28 cait         our libraries buy preprinted barcodes
18:28 cait         and not sure how they print the labels - they seem to use word or something else
18:30 wajasu       that explains the lack of concern, as folks have different workflows/workarounds.
18:30 wajasu       i'll try to create a new bug, and patch for a sandbox so someone can verify easier.
18:37 cait         :)