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19:13 Oak            If I never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack; a glance from your eyes, and my life will be yours. --The Thin Red Line
15:54 cait           hi Oak :)
15:54 Oak            Guten Abend cait
15:54 Oak            kia ora #koha
15:28 mveron         By #koha, have a nice evening everybody
14:44 slef           also tried a print+post service for an invitation letter... air mail is amazingly slow, like 3 weeks
14:44 jcamins        I got an e-mail from a Nigerian librarian asking for $800.
14:44 jcamins        slef: yay!
14:42 slef           6 more kohacon registrations... no time to add this to wiki right now though
14:13 jcamins        I'll attach my follow-up to the bug for now, and sign off once the sorting is fixed.
14:13 jcamins        Fair enough.
14:12 chris_n        ok, sorting is a Monday job
14:12 * chris_n      fears yet another cut-n-paste paper
14:11 jcamins        That's okay. :)
14:10 mveron         We have a saying: Doppelt genäht hält besser
14:10 huginn         04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7984 major, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Signed Off , Fix the upload_local_cover_images permission
14:10 mveron         Sorry, I did not see thatyou were signing off at almost the same time ( Bug 7984 )
14:09 jcamins        :)
14:09 mveron         hello I mean  :-)
14:09 mveron         helle jcamins
14:09 jcamins        Hello mveron.
14:08 mveron         Hi #koha
13:54 jcamins        ...
13:53 Romel          okay thank you jcamins. I saw on the wiki some information that I may can use http://wiki.koha-­‐community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library...I am signing off once again thank you
13:51 jcamins        Romel: since it's open source you can install it yourself and get firsthand experience with it.
13:51 jcamins        Romel: there's lots of information about Koha on the Koha website.
13:50 Romel          LOL..just wanted to add to my paper more about Koha, instead of saying it is an open source... I know that this is not a general chat, but it was my only source of contact for Koha..Thanks
13:48 Romel          Yes I have contacted ByWater and been corresponding with Nate. He is very nice and has provided me with a lot of information. I turned in my paper but my instructor said that I have briefly described the system!..
13:47 jcamins        If you have technical questions, you can ask them on the channel, or on the mailing list (but make sure you've read through the documentation!), but generally one simply contacts one's vendor (in your case ByWater).
13:47 Romel          Oh Okay, I noticed on the Koha website that there was not any tab for that. Oh well I can jsut tell my instructor. Thank you guys!
13:46 jcamins        It's an open source project.
13:46 jcamins        Romel: there is no "contact person for Koha."
13:46 Romel          with Mr. Curulla who has provided me with a wealth of information for Bywater. I am wanting to get information for a contact person for Koha. Sorry my mistake, ByWater Solutions. Thank you
13:46 jcamins        chris_n: there is a certain amount of logic to that. ;)
13:46 jcamins        And I don't think anyone from ByWater is around. It's Saturday morning.
13:45 jcamins        Romel: also, it's ByWater not Bywaters.
13:45 jcamins        Romel: your message is cut-off at "and spok"
13:45 chris_n        when DT is run in server-side mode, everything must be done server-side... :-)
13:44 Romel          I am a student at the University of North Texas and I am presenting a report on Koha. I have reserached the Koha website, however I am needing contact information to someone that I can ask questions about Koha automation system. Our class assignment we had to choose from a list of automated systems and I chose Bywaters-Koha. I have contacted Bywaters and spok
13:44 chris_n        finishing up now
13:44 chris_n        yes
13:23 jcamins        Were you able to figure out the sorting?
13:23 jcamins        It's in my follow-up.
13:23 jcamins        Yeah, on tools-home.
13:23 chris_n        did I miss one
13:19 jcamins        (because it's MOTD instead of MOD)
13:19 jcamins        Oh, it should be QOTD instead of QOD. I'll change that.
13:17 jcamins        That's the only remaining problem I can find.
13:04 * chris_n      will fix that now
13:01 chris_n        it was on the list, but apparently disappeared somewhere down in the depths of the buffer
13:01 chris_n        hmm... I'll have to fixup the server-side to handle that
12:55 * chris_n      looks
12:55 jcamins        In the main editor.
12:54 chris_n        for which table?
12:54 chris_n        I did just attach a patch to fix the save issue
12:54 jcamins        Any ideas why?
12:53 chris_n        sounds good
12:53 jcamins        Sorting does not work.
12:53 jcamins        Hm.
12:51 jcamins        I'm just fixing issues I find in a follow-up patch, which I'll then ask you to sign off on.
12:50 chris_n        there are several extentions to this which could be added w/o too much trouble
12:49 chris_n        pass in 'random => 1' to get a random quote
12:49 jcamins        It worked fine.
12:49 jcamins        I actually just wanted to see that another quote would show up, so I tried deleting today's quote.
12:49 chris_n        a syspref could be added
12:48 chris_n        there is no way at present to change the selection algorithym execpt programatically
12:48 jcamins        Yeah, that works perfectly.
12:47 chris_n        I'm guessing to avoid unintended changes
12:47 jcamins        Ah.
12:47 chris_n        yes, but jEditable requires you use the enter key not just click away from the field
12:47 jcamins        When I edit a quote, shouldn't my changes show up?
12:45 jcamins        Can I do that?
12:45 jcamins        (from the interface)
12:45 jcamins        chris_n: I see how to select different quotes programmatically, but how do I tell the system to use a different random quote every time the OPAC is displayed?
12:43 jcamins        Yeah, I just took them out.
12:42 * chris_n      fixes it up
12:42 chris_n        the backslashes can be omitted altogether
12:39 jcamins        You have extra backslashes.
12:38 * chris_n      is not surprised
12:37 jcamins        There's a syntax error.
12:37 jcamins        Okay, found the problem.
12:37 chris_n        see perldoc C4::Koha
12:36 chris_n        jcamins: there are two other methods of choosing quotes
12:36 jcamins        Chrome.
12:36 chris_n        what browser?
12:36 chris_n        that should do it
12:33 jcamins        chris_n: is there a trick to get the uploader to save quotes?
12:27 jcamins        Clicking "Save quotes" doesn't appear to have done anything.
12:26 * jcamins      pokes the quote uploader.
12:26 jcamins_away   chris_n: is there any way to force the quote of the day feature to choose a new quote?
12:25 * cait         whispers j...
12:24 * chris_n      wishes happy birthday to whoever
12:23 * cait         hums happy birthday
12:22 jcamins_away   The quote uploader is amazing!
12:21 jcamins_away   Wow!
12:20 cait           good morning jcamins_away :)
12:19 drojf          hi jcamins_away
12:18 jcamins_away   Good morning cait and drojf.
12:14 drojf          hi cait :)
12:12 cait           hi drojf :)
12:09 drojf          hi #koha
10:43 magnus_afk     guten tag cait
10:43 cait           hi magnus_afk
10:02 * magnuse      wanders off again
09:43 magnuse        kia ora #koha
07:08 cait           hi #koha
02:39 * jcamins_away learns about XRegExp.
02:37 chris_n        :-)
02:36 jcamins_away   I was looking at the wrong server.
02:35 jcamins_away   Never mind. I figured it out.
02:35 chris_n        am now
02:20 jcamins_away   chris_n: around?
01:24 * eythian      uploads the master packages
01:08 * eythian      builds the updated master packages
01:01 eythian        3.8.0 packages uploading to the repo