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02:31 dgl-library       Good morning #koha
02:31 dgl-library       Is there anyone here who can answer a question about barcode scanners?
02:37 dgl-library       And a question about printing spine labels and barcodes
02:51 jcamins           dgl-library: I'm not here, but you can use any barcode scanner you want, as they just act like a keyboard.
02:52 jcamins           All barcodes/spine labels on a sheet have to be the same size.
02:52 * jcamins         leaves again.
03:57 eythian           @later tell jcamins it's pretty easy, you just set it up like any SSL cert for apache.
03:57 huginn            eythian: The operation succeeded.
03:59 jcamins_away      eythian: you make it sound so simple.
03:59 eythian           jcamins_away: it's fairly simple, at least once you've done it once :)
04:00 jcamins_away      eythian: right.
04:00 jcamins_away      Which I haven't.
04:00 jcamins           eythian: what about the client certificate?
04:00 jcamins           This is the part where I get most confused.
04:01 jcamins           Do I really have to set up my own CA?
04:01 eythian           http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/apache-2-ssltls-step-step-part-3 <-- I think I used this
04:01 eythian           you will need to make a CA cert, and then sign the client certs using that
04:01 eythian           http://www.garex.net/apache/ <-- also useful
04:02 jcamins           I have to tell you, I have reconsidered my consideration of using PKI/X.509 for authentication.
04:02 jcamins           Apache will only start ~50% of the time with SSL enabled.
04:03 jcamins           0% of the time when I enable StdEnvVars.
04:03 eythian           that's weird
04:03 jcamins           Yeah.
04:03 eythian           we have had it in production for a while now with no issues
04:03 jcamins           Oh, I'm sure it *works*.
04:04 jcamins           I just think the whole thing is a little too brittle, if I can run "sudo apache2ctl restart" twice in a row, and have it work one time but not the other.
04:04 eythian           yeah, that's very strange
04:04 * jcamins         looks at the number of steps.
04:04 jcamins           I don't think I'm signing off on bug 6296, sorry.
04:04 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6296 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, robin, Needs Signoff , Allow authentication to Koha via PKI / x.509 certificates
04:04 jcamins           Also, there are a few bugs in it.
04:05 jcamins           I'll attach my revised patch, still unsigned-off-on, but at least Koha will function with it applied. :)
04:45 dgl-library       jcamins: Are barcodes and spine labels printed on the same sheet? And can I set the label size in Koha, or do only certain sizes (i.e. certain Avery label sheets) work properly?
04:45 jcamins           dgl-library: no they are not. They're separate.
04:45 jcamins           You configure the size of the labels.
04:45 jcamins           That's pretty much all I know about them.
04:45 jcamins           I buy preprinted.
04:45 bag               wait you can do alternating
04:46 dgl-library       jcamins: you buy preprinted barcodes and only print spine labels yourself
04:46 jcamins           bag: really? I was under the impression you couldn't.
04:46 jcamins           dgl-library: right.
04:46 bag               one barcode and then one biblio
04:46 dgl-library       bag: on the same sheet, a bunch at a time?
04:47 bag               yup it's called alternating
04:48 dgl-library       that sounds good
04:48 dgl-library       also can we start out buying preprinted barcodes, and then move to printing our own? or do we basically have to use one method forever?
04:48 bag               nope you can use preprinted - then print your own - then go back to preprinted
04:49 dgl-library       fantastic. that makes things easier.
04:50 dgl-library       as for barcode scanners, I've been reading the reviews on amazon, and I'm looking at one that's rated well, but when it sends the barcode number, by default it sends [ENTER KEY] at the end. is that the preferred koha behavior?
04:51 bag               yes
04:52 dgl-library       ok thanks
04:53 dgl-library       I've been telling everyone here that I'm getting help from other koha users elsewhere in the world and they're amazed
04:53 dgl-library       afk
05:48 dgl-library       Do I need to set up a field for (koha's) Item Type in the Marc frameworks?
06:10 ibeardslee        I think I might spend a wee bit of time working out how to tune those ubuntu install instructions
07:03 cait              hi #koha
07:05 dgl-library       hi cait
07:11 cait              hi dgl-library
07:45 cait              hm
07:45 * cait            hands jenkins the duct tape
07:51 cait              @later tell paul_p I tried using the sanboxes to verify a bug - but don't know how to login?
07:52 huginn            cait: The operation succeeded.
07:52 cait              morning mbalmer
07:52 mbalmer           morning!
07:52 wahanui           morning is a state of mind.
08:04 mbalmer           are there any docs how to configure and activate the SIP2 server?
08:11 cait              mbalmer: yes, in themanuasl
08:11 cait              I think
08:11 cait              http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_SIP2_server_setup
08:12 mbalmer           I found the config file.  The docs on the wiki are  abit wrong, but still useful
08:16 mbalmer           login: term1
08:16 mbalmer           password: term1
08:16 mbalmer           Invalid login
08:16 mbalmer           Login OK.  Initiating SIP
08:16 mbalmer           I guess it has bugs..
08:16 cait              hm
08:16 cait              no
08:16 cait              it works
08:16 cait              we use it in 2 libraries
08:16 cait              do you have a patron in koha with permissions for circulating?
08:16 mbalmer           no patrons yet on my development system
08:17 cait              ah
08:17 cait              you need one
08:17 cait              for the sip
08:17 cait              the sip acts as a staff member
08:17 mbalmer           but it should not output "invalid login" then Login OK.
08:17 cait              ok, that's  a bug perhaps, but it can't work
08:17 mbalmer           but isn't the login I define in <accounts> in SIPconfig.xml for the machine?
08:18 cait              ys
08:18 cait              a staffmember
08:18 mbalmer           oh, btw, yes I have a patron.
08:18 cait              you have to add a patron account with some permissions
08:18 cait              and enter the login data for that patron into your sip config
08:18 mbalmer           and with the same name as the patron?
08:18 cait              ?
08:19 mbalmer           well, I create a patron 'arcapos' in the staff client, then I create that as an account in SIPconfig.xml?
08:19 cait              yes
08:19 cait              and your sip patron user needs some permissions
08:20 cait              circulate I think
08:20 mbalmer           an in the staff client (de-DE) "Nachname" is the patron name?
08:20 cait              and perhaps catalog
08:20 cait              no
08:20 cait              you need username and password
08:20 cait              scroll down
08:20 cait              opac login
08:20 mbalmer           ah!
08:20 cait              hm
08:20 cait              thinking about it
08:20 cait              you need cardnumber and password
08:20 cait              or not sure
08:21 cait              patrons authenticate with cardnumber + password, I am not totally sure about the sip user for the machine
08:21 mbalmer           yes, but that is in the SIP protocol.  before I can use SIP, the machine has to authtnticate itself at the SIPserver
08:21 cait              I would just make it both the same - cardnumber and username
08:22 cait              yeah, you put that data in the config file
08:22 mbalmer           it's that machine account that I was referring, too.
08:22 cait              yes
08:22 mbalmer           s/too/to/
08:22 cait              Ich denke wir reden aneinander vorbei
08:23 mbalmer           that machine account, defined in SIPconfig.xml does not worl.
08:23 cait              then there is something wrong in the data you entered
08:23 cait              or with the user
08:24 mbalmer           strange
08:25 cait              what data did you enter?
08:25 cait              does the user have circulation permissions?
08:25 cait              circulate and catalog? perhaps staff access?
08:26 mbalmer           wait, I am still talking about the machine's account.  the one needed to get to the SIP server, not the account of the patron.
08:26 cait              yes
08:26 cait              I do that too
08:26 cait              it acts as a staff member
08:26 cait              so it needs permissions
08:26 mbalmer           so why did term1 work when I don't have a patron with that name?
08:27 cait              I don't think it really worked
08:27 cait              could you check out?
08:28 mbalmer           I have no real client yet.
08:28 cait              I am not sure what you are trying to do
08:29 mbalmer           and I don't want to checkout/checkin, but to pay fees (point of sales terminal for self service)
08:29 cait              and I can't find the page in the old manual about setting up the sip user
08:29 cait              I think without test data it's hard to tell if oyu can
08:39 cait              hm
08:40 cait              jenkins
08:43 mbalmer           So I must create a stadd user apparently, so lets find out how to do that
08:46 mbalmer           aha, it get's betterer
08:47 mbalmer           now to set permissions on a patron.  sigh, why is this sunday so brutal to me ;)
08:47 cait              it's always what you make of it
08:48 mbalmer           Hah!  Victory! : Login OK.  Initiating SIP
08:49 mbalmer           <institution> in SIPconfig.xml must match the branch code of the library
08:50 cait              yeah, obviously
08:51 mbalmer           I hope to get www.arcapos.de working with Koha one day.
08:57 mbalmer           hmm, aynone knows a URL to the SIP2 specification?
08:57 cait              it's in google
08:57 cait              3m and sip2
08:58 mbalmer           found 3M Standard Interchange Protocol V2.00
11:19 mbalmer           SIP login from C program to Koha already works..
11:22 cait              cool
11:29 mbalmer           now let's see if I can scan the patron card at the POS terminal and retrieve patron status and due fees from Koha ..
11:30 cait              mbalmer: perhaps look for feepaid in bugzilla - the fee payment support is rather new and might not support the whole standard
11:31 mbalmer           tnx for the hint
11:31 cait              sure :)
12:18 Oak               hello cait.
12:18 mbalmer           hah!  got the checksumming right, Koha responds properly to my SIP SC Status message
12:19 cait              Oak: hello Oak
12:19 cait              :)
12:28 mbalmer           I wonder if my SIP implementation will also work with a Sunrise system..
13:13 mbalmer           two nice C functions help with SIP:  sip_printf() and sip_scanf()
13:45 seneca            Buongiorno!
13:46 cait              hi seneca
13:46 seneca            <-- just got back from Italy. :)
13:46 seneca            anyone ever have their mysql db grow very large in a short time?
13:46 seneca            At least, I think that's what happened.
13:47 seneca            It seems my koha db is ~23GB - it has grown so much it has filled the filesystem and crashed mysqld.
13:47 cait              oh
13:47 cait              session table perhaps?
13:47 seneca            I have to admit, though, that I wasn't really paying attention to how big it was before I left...
13:48 seneca            Maybe it just got that big naturally?
13:48 seneca            there's only about 21k items...
13:48 cait              hm not so likely then
13:49 seneca            That's what I was thinking. Is there a way to clear the session table?
13:50 seneca            ...or a way to see the sizes of individual tables in a db?
13:51 cait              not sure about seeing sizes
13:51 cait              we clean the sessiont able every night
13:51 cait              you could just truncate it - but it will log out all current users
13:51 seneca            at you installation?
13:52 seneca            we're a school and it's a weekend, so I'm not too worried about that. ;)
13:52 jcamins_away      Almost certainly sessions table.
13:52 jcamins_away      Truncate it.
13:53 seneca            I think I know how to check the number of rows...should there only be active logins in the sessions table?
13:53 jcamins_away      seneca: it will be every session ever, if you haven't been truncating regularly.
13:53 seneca            hmmm
13:53 seneca            I see
13:53 seneca            let me check the rows...
13:54 seneca            8353708 rows
13:54 seneca            ha!
13:54 seneca            yeah
13:54 seneca            that seems ridiculously high
13:55 cait              seneca: there is a cronjob you can use to clean it every night
13:55 seneca            I think that's more sessions than possible...
13:56 seneca            We've only been running this install for a couple of years, and we're a school of about 500 users...
13:56 seneca            odd
13:56 seneca            I should certainly truncate it, though
13:56 jcamins           Yeah.
13:56 jcamins           Hopefully it will work.
13:57 seneca            ok
13:57 seneca            truncated it...
13:57 cait              seneca: bots
13:57 seneca            but it's growing... first check after truncated shows 5 rows
13:57 seneca            then 19
13:57 seneca            now 29
13:58 jcamins           Wow!
13:58 jcamins           Run netstat.
13:58 seneca            guess I found a problem!
13:58 jcamins           Yes, I think so.
13:58 seneca            I have an established connection to a ""
13:59 seneca            but that's it
13:59 jcamins           I have no idea what it could be, but that's a big problem.
14:00 cait              paul_p mentioned they had massive problems with bots the last few weeks
14:00 cait              I wonder if activating a robots.txt would help?
14:01 seneca            hmm...
14:02 seneca            ha!
14:02 seneca            that ip seems to be a google bot
14:02 seneca            should that be generating sessions?
14:03 seneca            I was thinking sessions were only logins
14:03 jcamins           seneca: every connection creates a session.
14:03 jcamins           Nope.
14:03 seneca            ah
14:03 seneca            that explains it
14:03 seneca            where should the robots.txt go?
14:03 cait              hm
14:03 cait              there is a sample file
14:03 cait              in the main directory I think
14:14 seneca            OK, went for the sample robots.txt that blocks everything
14:14 seneca            just to test
14:15 cait              did it help?
14:15 seneca            still am connected to that google bot, and the sessions are still growing...
14:15 seneca            113 sessions in about 4 minutes
14:15 cait              hm
14:15 cait              can you block it?
14:15 cait              or kick it out?
14:15 seneca            probably ;)
14:16 seneca            Am I thinking correctly: I don't have to do anything to "activate" a robots.txt file, right?
14:16 seneca            Those crawlers that will pay attention to it will just start paying attention to it, I think...
14:17 cait              no
14:17 cait              I don't think yo have
14:17 cait              did you play clean?
14:18 seneca            I'm not sure what you mean
14:21 cait              wrong window :)
14:21 cait              sorry :)
14:23 seneca            oh...:)
14:23 jcamins           seneca: Scrabble has taken #koha by storm. ;)
14:24 seneca            hehe
14:25 mbalmer           ahah...
14:25 seneca            another db question while I work on blocking the google bot: I've truncated the sessions table but didn't get any filesystem space back. Is there a way to do get it back from the db?
14:25 mbalmer           when requesting patron information over SIP, Koha sets field AF to "Greetings from Koha".
14:32 cait              mbalmer: I think it always did that
14:32 cait              seems to be no problem, the machines ignore it
14:32 mbalmer           friendly Koha ;)
14:33 mbalmer           I can now scan a patron card at the _point of sale terminal_ and it retrieves patron information using SIP.  that's a great start.
14:41 cait              :)
14:42 jcamins           You know, SSL is possibly the worst-designed technology I have ever had the misfortune of using.
14:43 jcamins           Basically all the instructions come down to "and then everything will work."
14:43 jcamins           When it doesn't work, your only option is to use curl.
14:43 jcamins           Koha is not particularly curl-friendly.
14:44 cait              hm
14:44 cait              what is curl?
14:44 wahanui           i think curl is pretty slick :-)
14:44 jcamins           cait: it's like wget.
14:44 jcamins           Fancier, but it's still a command line tool for retrieving things over HTTP.
14:44 * jcamins         prefers not to do his web browsing by reading HTML source.
14:50 cait              hm
14:52 mbalmer           that would be like operating a library over SIP insteaf of using the staff client…..
14:53 jcamins           mbalmer: unpleasant.
14:53 mbalmer           anyway, got further with my C SIP implementation that I thought.
14:53 mbalmer           s/that/than/
14:55 * jcamins         sighs.
14:56 jcamins           That was just depressing.
14:56 mbalmer           ??
14:56 cait              didn't gt it working?
14:56 jcamins           mbalmer: I've been trying to test bug 6926 for the last 24 hours.
14:56 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6926 normal, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, paul.poulain, Pushed to Master , overdue_notices don't send itemcount to notification
14:56 jcamins           No.
14:56 jcamins           Bug 6296
14:56 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6296 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, robin, Failed QA , Allow authentication to Koha via PKI / x.509 certificates
14:56 jcamins           That's the one.
14:56 jcamins           I *finally* managed to figure out how to test it, and it doesn't work!
14:57 cait              ouch
14:57 jcamins           (and, yes, it deserves a "finally managed to figure out how to test";)
14:57 cait              make robin fix it?
14:57 jcamins           cait: that's the plan.
14:59 jcamins           I think eythian attached the wrong patch. :(
14:59 * cait            sends cookies
15:00 jcamins           Thanks.
15:00 jcamins           Oh, BTW...
15:00 jcamins           SSL--
15:00 jcamins           @karma ssl
15:00 huginn            jcamins: Karma for "ssl" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
15:00 jcamins           SSL--
15:00 jcamins           @karma ssl
15:00 huginn            jcamins: Karma for "ssl" has been increased 0 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of -2.
15:00 jcamins           Better, anyway.
15:20 mbalmer           ah crap, the SIP response to "patron status" sent by Koha is in the wrong order (violates SIP spec imo)
15:22 jcamins           mbalmer: you should sign off on bugs 3638 and 6273, since you're working on SIP.
15:22 seneca            OK, update for everyone
15:23 mbalmer           I am working on a C client implememtation, fwiw, jcamins
15:23 seneca            b/c I know you're dying to find out ;)
15:23 seneca            my super-huge db was due to the sessions table
15:23 jcamins           mbalmer: yeah, so you'll have a working testbed.
15:23 cait              mbalmer: the problem with sip patches is that it's hard to find someone testing them
15:23 mbalmer           took a note of those bug numbers
15:24 mbalmer           well, I _have_ a working SIP client now.
15:24 seneca            I was able to truncate the sessions table, but - as is expected, I guess - the db didn't shrink to a smaller size
15:24 seneca            however, the steps here: http://forums.mysql.com/read.php?35,121880,121886
15:24 seneca            worked great
15:25 seneca            and I even did this: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/innodb-multiple-tablespaces.html
15:25 cait              Sorry, 'JEDI' may be misspelled or may be a proper noun! !!!
15:25 seneca            to ensure that if it happens again, I only need to deal with one table, not the entire db
15:25 jcamins           seneca: a good idea.
15:25 seneca            I've got a really restrictive robots.txt in place now, so I hope that will save some space/bandwidth
15:26 seneca            and I'm going to look into that cronjob that truncates the sessions table every night
15:26 seneca            as I'm still registering about 23 sessions per minute
15:26 mbalmer           ok, fields can come in any order, that complicates bits a bit.
15:28 cait              you mean it makes it more... interesting
15:28 jcamins           interesting?
15:29 mbalmer           exactly ;)
15:29 jcamins           mbalmer: I was trying to get wahanui to chime in.
15:29 mbalmer           byte fiddling in C.  and in the end I will have a nice Lua interface to SIP and Koha
15:29 mbalmer           that's a bot, right?
15:29 jcamins           Yup.
15:30 jcamins           What exactly will be the use of a lua interface?
15:30 mbalmer           our point of sale and self check systems are largely written in Lua(or rather, are scriptable in Lua)
15:32 mbalmer           that will not be part of Koha, obviously.
15:32 mbalmer           but Koha is my SIP testbed, that is how I came to Koha in the first place.  By sheer accident we are now promoting Koha itself in Switzerland ;)
15:32 jcamins           Ah.
15:33 jcamins           Are you planning on releasing this as open source?
15:33 jcamins           It seems like a C client like this would greatly simplify testing SIP.
15:33 mbalmer           no plans for opensource yet.  but the C client and Lua interface could possibly be released as opensource.
15:34 mbalmer           it's a Unix library, linsip, and a lua module 'sip'.  and maybe a command line tool 'sipctl'.
15:35 mbalmer           s/linsip/libsip/
15:35 jcamins           You should consider it.
15:36 mbalmer           I have no objections.
15:36 mbalmer           A SIP library is not competitive advantage for our product, it's how we use SIP that makes it unique, I guess.
15:37 mbalmer           but the code is still very young, I only started today.
15:37 seneca            Thanks for everyone's help!
16:08 Oak               http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2008/07/is-google-making-us-stupid/6868/
16:09 jcamins           They said that about the printing press, too.
16:12 Oak               what do you mean? they said printing press will make us stupid?
16:13 jcamins           Yup.
16:14 Oak               how? :)
16:19 * jcamins         didn't read the article just now, but I think that I read it before.
16:19 jcamins           Oak: doomsayers claimed that people stopped thinking for themselves.
16:20 jcamins           They also claimed it was the end of the manuscript, and the century after the introduction of the printing press was the high point in manuscript production.
16:20 Oak               hmm.
16:20 * jcamins         thinks pundits are always wrong.
16:45 jcamins           Yay! git.biblibre.com is back!
16:46 jcamins           I can sign off on bug 3216!
16:46 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3216 normal, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, frederic, Needs Signoff , UNIMARC author facets
16:46 cait              yay!
17:21 jcamins           bug 7700
17:21 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7700 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Cart's more details view shows identity numbers
17:24 cait              bug 7671
17:24 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7671 major, P5 - low, ---, stephane.delaune, ASSIGNED , add a real primary key "id" in accountlines
17:24 jcamins           But 7617, sorry.
17:25 jcamins           *Bug 7617
17:25 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7617 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, NEW , Authority search results should optionally be sorted by system order
17:25 jcamins           Though bug 7671 *is* a good one.
18:25 jcamins           bug 6831
18:25 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6831 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, colin.campbell, Signed Off , Enhanced Workflow for adding analytical records
18:28 druthb            o/
18:30 cait              hiya ruth :)
18:30 jcamins           o/
18:31 cait              jcamins++
18:31 druthb            jcamins++
18:31 druthb            cait++
18:31 cait              hmpf
18:31 druthb            what?
18:33 * druthb          got hmpfed, and doesn't know why.
18:33 druthb            n meanie cait won't tell me *why*...
18:33 * cait            is a lazy cait
18:33 cait              don't deserve karma
18:56 mbalmer           re
18:56 mbalmer           today was a good day
18:57 * mbalmer         tamed SIP
18:58 mbalmer           and if absolutely needed, I think I can make my C SIP library open source under the GPL.
18:59 jcamins           mbalmer: it's not that it's needed, it's that making it open source means that others might be able to make use of your work.
19:00 mbalmer           I know, and if that leads to a better SIP server, I also profit.
19:00 jcamins           Right.
19:02 mbalmer           so maybe, oneday, who knows, it will be opensource ;)
19:05 jcamins           unimarc?
19:05 wahanui           well, unimarc is http://www.ifla.org/en/publications/unimarc-formats-and-related-documentation
19:06 cait              thx jcamins :)
19:07 mbalmer           jcamins, will you be in marseillle?
19:07 jcamins           mbalmer: nope.
19:07 mbalmer           ok
19:07 * cait            still hopes he will be in scotland
19:08 jcamins           cait: me too, though it's hard to see how.
19:08 jcamins           :(
19:08 cait              hmf :(
19:08 mbalmer           I think we already booked flights for edinburgh
19:08 jcamins           Ticket prices are outrageous... last time I was there, I could buy *two* round-trip tickets for the price of one ticket for the summer.
19:08 cait              :(
19:43 * jcamins_away    thinks "Liiibraariaaaaaannnnnnnssss iiiiiiiinnnnn spaaaaaaaace" every time you sign in.
19:45 * Space_Librarian walks out of her TARDIS and locks it.
19:46 * Space_Librarian looks at wizzyrea_away, making sure she's nowhere near the time machine.
19:46 * jcamins_away    also pictures muppets in space suits carrying books. :)
19:46 Space_Librarian   muppets?!
19:46 jcamins_away      Space_Librarian: yes, isn't that the name of the movie? "Muppets in space"?
19:48 cait              :)
19:48 * cait            waves
19:48 Brooke            kia ora
19:49 Space_Librarian   don't know the movie...
19:50 * Space_Librarian is fighting some serious fires with Koha, lists, and expiring links.
19:53 jcamins_away      Expiring links?
19:53 jcamins_away      Space_Librarian: neither do I.
19:53 ibeardslee        Space_Librarian: I have it at home, shall bring it in for next time you pop in to BoC
19:53 jcamins_away      Told you there was a movie by that title! :D
19:54 ibeardslee        .. actually Muppet From Space
19:54 ibeardslee        Muppets in Space was the short segment
19:54 ibeardslee        http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0158811/
19:55 Brooke            I just remember Pigs in Space, but it could easily be a misremembrance
19:57 ibeardslee        no, it was Pigs in Space
19:57 ibeardslee        as the short segment
19:58 jcamins_away      That might be the day that we move.
19:58 jcamins_away      Or it might be a week before.
19:58 Brooke            oh sweet
19:58 Brooke            have fun moving
20:03 Brooke            @later tell druthb remind me to tell you my macho gym story
20:03 huginn            Brooke: The operation succeeded.
20:03 Space_Librarian   jcamins_away: yes, expiring links/return to loging page, etc - depends on whether you're using IE/Chrome/Firefox
20:04 * Space_Librarian is still bemused by muppets
20:04 Brooke            is it the timeout jiggermawhatsit
20:04 Brooke            because before I set that to like a jillion
20:04 Brooke            it was annoying
20:04 Brooke            and I find Koha on anything but firefox pretty durn frustrating
20:04 Brooke            so whip yer coworkers until they cooperate
20:09 cait              @later tell magnuse - I need your help :) can you tell me if 773 is using the same fields subfields than marc21 does? :)
20:09 huginn            cait: The operation succeeded.
20:09 cait              hi Brooke
20:09 Brooke            hey cait :D
20:09 jcamins_away      cait: it does.
20:09 cait              I checked the 773 documentation
20:09 cait              but does all content come from the same fields? was not sure about that
20:13 jcamins_away      When I asked magnuse, he said it was close enough.
20:13 cait              ok
20:13 cait              I think it is quite close
20:14 cait              there are additional subfields for language and country cods
20:14 Brooke            half of MARC and cataloguing is close enough
20:14 cait              but we don't use that subfields
20:14 * Brooke          applies the Home Repair Rule to cataloguing.
20:14 Space_Librarian   Brooke: how do you set the timeout?
20:14 jcamins_away      Brooke: If you can do a bad job, do it, then the next owners will have to redo it?
20:15 Space_Librarian   it's fine with internal nav, but people don't use the internal nav
20:15 jcamins_away      Internal nav?
20:15 Brooke            jcamins: as long as your half arsed jorb is better than the last half arsed jorb, things are marginally better
20:15 Brooke            because it's never going to be perfect.
20:16 jcamins_away      Heh.
20:17 Space_Librarian   using the buttons in koha
20:17 jcamins_away      Oh.
20:17 Space_Librarian   if you're using the browser buttons things fall off
20:17 jcamins_away      Got it.
20:18 jcamins_away      There's nothing you can do to avoid that. If they hit back to go back past the login page, they'll lose their session.
20:18 Brooke            Login>Administration>System Preferences > Login Options > Timeout
20:18 jcamins_away      ^^ that will help a bit, though.
20:18 Brooke            took me a sec to find it
20:18 Brooke            because we've a boatload of preferences now
20:18 * Brooke          gets back in the rocking chair on the porch.
20:18 jcamins_away      If you teach them to log in first thing, then open a new window to do all their work in (and close the first one), that problem will go away.
20:19 jcamins_away      How one teaches that without a weapon I'm not entirely sure. :(
20:19 Brooke            you get Pippa to call by with 3 slices of cheese and a clicker.
20:19 Brooke            pretty soon you have dancing staff.
20:21 * Space_Librarian goes to tinker.
20:27 Space_Librarian   so. riddle me this, you fine people.
20:27 jcamins_away      What happened to this batch of fudge?
20:28 * jcamins_away    has *no* idea.
20:28 Space_Librarian   It was replaced with a couple of strong porters
20:28 Space_Librarian   ?
20:28 cait              jcamins_away: you ate it all?
20:28 Space_Librarian   :p
20:28 cait              jcamins_away: my irish cream fudge?
20:28 Brooke            what version of fudge are  you on
20:28 Brooke            we need specifics.
20:28 jcamins           cait: no, but it's kind of peculiar.
20:29 Brooke            is your platform gas or electric?
20:29 jcamins           cait: it's seized up.
20:29 jcamins           Gas.
20:29 Space_Librarian   not cool
20:29 jcamins           I've made lots of fudge here before.
20:29 Brooke            (good because Electric is proprietary bs.)
20:29 jcamins           Brooke: yeah, electric is awful.
20:29 jcamins           I tried making fudge on electric a few times.
20:29 jcamins           Always an absolute disaster.
20:29 jcamins           Gas or wood is the way to go.
20:29 * Brooke          cheats with chocolate and uses the microwave
20:30 Brooke            wood is AWESOME but it is so freggin picky
20:30 mbalmer           today was a cool day.  got really far with sip.
20:30 Brooke            you have to seduce wood into doing what you want, and when you succeed, naught beats it
20:30 Brooke            way to go mbalmer
20:31 Brooke            don't try and rescue seized chocolate, you're prolly gonna wanna just rip your hair out
20:31 Brooke            if you absolutely must
20:31 Space_Librarian   So. Once you login to the opac, there's a url to take you to the public lists (don't ask, this is just they way the want it). So you click on this link, and it askes you to login again. You do, and it takes you to the lists. That's cool. But everytime you want to go backto that url. It asks you to login. Not a timeout issue. What's with that?
20:31 Space_Librarian   mmmm. chocolate
20:31 Brooke            sometimes warm milk will let you get away with redrum
20:31 Space_Librarian   sounds good right about now
20:31 Brooke            or a wee bit of alcohol
20:31 Brooke            like chambord
20:31 Brooke            or grand marnier
20:31 Brooke            summat ye'd wanna drink
20:31 jcamins           Space_Librarian: the link is wrong.
20:31 jcamins           Space_Librarian: what's the link?
20:31 wahanui           hmmm... the link is wrong.
20:32 jcamins           Hehe.
20:32 cait              Space_Librarian: separate url's for staff and opac right?
20:32 cait              you have to log in once for staff once for opac probably
20:32 jcamins           Brooke: this is the weird thing... it's not the *chocolate* that's seized up.
20:32 jcamins           It's the fudge.
20:32 Space_Librarian   yep. I did all the lists in the opac though
20:32 jcamins           It's not set, it's seized.
20:32 Brooke            Sur La Table has guittard
20:32 Brooke            it's the chocolate passing blame to the fudge dude
20:32 Brooke            trust me.
20:32 Space_Librarian   how did your fudge seize?
20:33 cait              Space_Librarian: that's like it is then. if you are logged in for staff, you are not automatically also logged in into the opac
20:33 mbalmer           sip is quite fast to my surprise
20:33 jcamins           Brooke: I guess so, but it's really weird.
20:33 Brooke            did the humidity in the area do summat weird?
20:33 Brooke            or the pan?
20:33 jcamins           Brooke: must've been the pan.
20:34 Brooke            I <3 guittard because it's wonderful on the tastebuds and incredibly forgiving
20:34 jcamins           Space_Librarian: it's stiff, but there is no setting going on. It's very chewy, and generally peculiar.
20:34 Brooke            which is like a ridiculous combo
20:34 Brooke            oh that's weird
20:34 Space_Librarian   so it's almost like a toffee
20:34 Brooke            that's like air got into the sugar
20:34 Space_Librarian   that is weird
20:34 jcamins           Yeah.
20:35 jcamins           You see?
20:35 Brooke            yes I do now
20:35 Space_Librarian   that is weird
20:35 jcamins           Weird.
20:35 Space_Librarian   what did you do?
20:35 jcamins           Space_Librarian: nothing particularly out of the ordinary.
20:35 Space_Librarian   cait: it's not an issue for me, it's an issue for the patrons
20:35 Brooke            did you beat the dickens out of it (I assume not since this woulda happened before...)
20:35 cait              Space_Librarian: oh
20:35 Space_Librarian   and they're not on the staff client
20:35 jcamins           Brooke: I tried, after it had hit softball stage, but it was kind of... unwilling to be beaten.
20:36 cait              Space_Librarian: sorry misunderstood
20:36 cait              Space_Librarian: what does your link look like?
20:36 Brooke            yeah if you beat the dickens out of it, there's your problem
20:36 Brooke            because you basically treated the sugar crystalisation like you were making toffee or salt water candy
20:36 Space_Librarian   cait: the url causing the problems?
20:37 Brooke            is it just one URL or many?
20:37 Space_Librarian   It's one.
20:38 Space_Librarian   We have it in a nav box on the left, and in the centre box - it's identical. The left one doesn't cause mass destruction, whereas the centre one does. And it's exactly the same url
20:38 jcamins           Space_Librarian: what's the link that requires a new login look like?
20:38 Brooke            that's retarded.
20:38 jcamins           Brooke: I tried that because it had seized. It was already seized when I tried that, and I figured I couldn't make it worse. ;)
20:38 jcamins           Space_Librarian: yup.
20:39 Brooke            bringing us back to don't try to save seized choc or you're gonna wanna tear yer hair out :P
20:40 jcamins           Brooke: too late!
20:40 jcamins           I came back and reported it was seized after I'd spent a while trying to save it. ;)
20:40 Brooke            now you're just leading tech support on, jcamins :P
20:40 Brooke            fudge is srs buisnass
20:40 Space_Librarian   mmmm fudge
20:42 jcamins           Well, this is toffee.
20:42 Brooke            cooking > baking
20:42 jcamins           Now that it's cooled down, it is remarkably toffee-like.
20:43 jcamins           Looks like Marseille is getting toffee.
20:43 Brooke            XD
20:43 jcamins           I mean, I don't think that's quite how toffee is supposed to be made, but it works.
20:43 cait              Marseille?
20:43 wahanui           Marseille is a very contrasted city, some parts are gorgeous, other parts are... well... not so
20:43 jcamins           cait: yes... I heard there's a hackfest there.
20:43 cait              !
20:43 mbalmer           I look forward to Koha and fish in marseille..
20:44 cait              you are planning to send that toffee to marseille?
20:44 cait              really?
20:44 jcamins           cait: by way of oleonard.
20:44 jcamins           Who doesn't know yet.
20:44 cait              hmmm
20:44 cait              seal it
20:44 * Brooke          is jealous of Owen.
20:44 cait              heh
20:44 * cait            would still prefer jcamins to fudge
20:44 jcamins           Heh.
20:44 jcamins           :)
20:44 pastebot          "Space_Librarian" at pasted "OpacUserMain and OpacNav" (19 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/307
20:47 mbalmer           edinburgh will be fun.  cheap flights from .ch
20:47 jcamins           Space_Librarian: just for fun, try changing the links to /cgi-bin/koha/opac-shelves.pl
20:48 rangi             oh library.nzica.com
20:48 rangi             if they logged in to that
20:48 rangi             then the cookie is set to that, not nzica.mykoha.co.nz so that would prompt a new login
20:49 rangi             it all depends what url you want ppl to use .. pick one .... :-)
20:50 Brooke            both prompt logins for me
20:51 rangi             they will
20:51 rangi             opacpublic is off
20:51 rangi             what im saying is
20:51 rangi             if you login to one
20:51 rangi             then hit a link to the other, you will get prompted to login again
20:51 rangi             cookies are domain based
20:52 jcamins           rangi: shouldn't changing all the links to /cgi-bin/koha/... fix that issue?
20:52 rangi             yep
20:52 Space_Librarian   rangi, what should I be doing to fix it?
20:52 rangi             in the sysprefs
20:52 rangi             opacnav
20:52 Space_Librarian   yep
20:52 rangi             and the main one
20:53 Space_Librarian   yep
20:54 rangi             in general relative links (without the http://site/) are better
20:54 rangi             because if you ever change url .. you dont have to go changing all links
20:55 * Space_Librarian very, very confused
20:55 rangi             what by?
20:55 cait              Space_Librarian: follow jcamin's suggestion
20:55 cait              make the link start with /cgi....
20:57 * jcamins         bets he knows what went wrong with the fudge...
20:58 * cait            likes toffee
20:58 jcamins           I added the irish cream too early.
20:58 * Space_Librarian has done what the elders have suggested
20:58 jcamins           I should have let it cool down some.
20:58 Space_Librarian   jcamins: you curdled the irish cream?
20:59 Brooke            stick with the chambord or grand marnier son
20:59 jcamins           Space_Librarian: I'm thinking that might be it... it still tastes good, but I did notice that there was a lot more boiling going on than there usually is.
20:59 Brooke            doh
21:00 jcamins           This is a different kind of irish cream than I'm used to.
21:00 Brooke            Bailey's or naught!
21:00 Space_Librarian   Okay. so the cgi-bin seems to be working, but we're still getting this, if we push the back button in IE navigation... http://screencast.com/t/z7Kfi0KSlO8
21:00 jcamins           Yeah, this was a gift.
21:00 Space_Librarian   and what Brooke said!
21:00 Brooke            ahhh that's the worst kind
21:00 rangi             yes, IE is crap
21:00 Brooke            it's like fruitcake
21:01 jcamins           Space_Librarian: not much you can do about that.
21:01 rangi             thats the browser doing that, there really is no way to stop that im afraid :(
21:01 jcamins           rangi: can you make pages expire a little further in the future?
21:02 rangi             its not the page expiry
21:02 rangi             that page never expires
21:02 rangi             its ie does not remember post data
21:02 jcamins           Ah.
21:03 rangi             we could make the login a get, but then we'd get hacked in 2 minutes and stabbed by every sysadmin in the world
21:03 jcamins           Hehe.
21:03 ibeardslee        starting with the ones on L2?
21:04 rangi             especially those ones :)
21:04 mbalmer           the new patron web page has a form to query username and password, and that shouls
21:04 mbalmer           should set autocomplete to off
21:04 cait              mbalmer: you could send a patch to make it do that :)
21:04 Space_Librarian   I've tried to explain that, but IE is the preferred browser of 80% of our users
21:05 mbalmer           cait, I will eventually.
21:05 mbalmer           I took a note.
21:05 rangi             yep, theres no way to stop it .. its a function of IE + requiring login
21:07 Space_Librarian   gtk
21:07 Space_Librarian   I'll explain that again
21:08 rangi             however
21:08 rangi             with the links being consistent
21:09 rangi             and a long time out, ppl should have to login less, and the problem should manifest less
21:11 Space_Librarian   here's hoping.
21:11 Space_Librarian   I'm not looking forward to dealing with this when we have 11k people looking at the bulletin and wanting to login.
21:12 jcamins           rangi: what about using whatever technique the old MARC view used to break the back button?
21:12 jcamins           (just on IE, for the login page only)
21:13 rangi             yeah you could do some js to disable the back button
21:18 cait              Space_Librarian: is your library on the user's page in the wiki?
21:19 cait              http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaUsers/Oceania
21:20 Space_Librarian   I dunno if my predecessor set it up
21:22 cait              ok
21:22 cait              nice and shiny rebased analytics thingy
21:22 cait              bug 6831 - waiting for testers!
21:22 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6831 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, colin.campbell, Signed Off , Enhanced Workflow for adding analytical records
21:23 * jcamins         gets the hint. :P
21:24 cait              heh :)
21:25 Space_Librarian   cait: we're there now.
21:26 cait              cool :)
21:26 jcamins           Hm.
21:26 jcamins           cait: doesn't your followup add UNIMARC?
21:27 cait              hm i does
21:27 cait              did I forget something? :(
21:28 jcamins           This is quite peculiar.
21:29 jcamins           I see it in the cataloging client, but it disappears when I save.
21:30 cait              what disappears?
21:30 jcamins           The entire 461 field.
21:30 cait              oh!
21:30 cait              pehraps there is one marc21 thing left somewhere
21:30 jcamins           No...
21:31 jcamins           This is *really* weird.
21:31 jcamins           Oh, I get it.
21:31 jcamins           Ignore me.
21:31 rangi             jcamins: do you know where the js to disable the back button lives?
21:31 jcamins           rangi: I have absolutely no idea. I always thought that was an unfortunate side effect of something else.
21:31 rangi             hmm
21:32 rangi             oh hey jcamins
21:32 rangi             C4::Heading::UNIMARC
21:32 rangi             does it have to do the db handle in the begin?
21:32 rangi             could it do it in the new ?
21:32 jcamins           cait: works fine with UNIMARC.
21:32 jcamins           rangi: lemme check.
21:33 cait              jcamins: sure?
21:33 rangi             cause it means you cant do a simple use test (which 00-load.t) does without a db
21:33 rangi             now
21:33 cait              you scared me!
21:33 rangi             which means make test fails
21:33 rangi             when installing
21:33 jcamins           rangi: it probably could be moved, yes.
21:33 jcamins           But, wait.
21:34 jcamins           I think I may have a follow up patch to remove the DB access entirely.
21:35 rangi             that would be most excellent
21:35 jcamins           Hmmm... no I do not.
21:36 rangi             in the init or new sub would make sense .. and would be nicer when we move to plack too
21:36 jcamins           I don't see any reason why the DB access couldn't be moved to the new.
21:36 rangi             sweet :)
21:36 rangi             http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Master_Packages/2/console
21:36 rangi             scroll to the bottom
21:36 rangi             i now have jenkins building packages too
21:36 rangi             for master and 3.6.x
21:36 cait              woot
21:36 rangi             which catches any errors that break that
21:37 jcamins           I think the reason it is not is that I was trying to imitate the way C4::Heading::MARC21 worked.
21:37 rangi             ahhh
21:38 * Space_Librarian hunts down a quad-shot
21:38 rangi             makes sense
21:38 jcamins           Arguably we should have C4::Heading::MARC21 be using the database too
21:38 rangi             *nod*
21:38 ibeardslee        sounds like Space_Librarian is planning on heading to space
21:38 rangi             as part of an init or new would be great for that too
21:38 rangi             much more robust
21:39 jcamins           Right, but I wasn't sure how to do it.
21:39 jcamins           So I settled on "if it ain't broke, I'm not fixing it."
21:39 rangi             fair enough :)
21:41 jcamins           There are some subfield ordering issues, but this is pretty nice!
21:42 rangi             wow bug 7648 is totally a 123
21:42 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7648 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle.m.hall, NEW , staff can make themselves superlibrarians
21:42 cait              yeah
21:42 cait              and not really a bug
21:42 rangi             no
21:42 cait              more an enh... and that is probably debatable
21:43 jcamins           You know what I need?
21:43 jcamins           I need git so to sign off and attach *all* patches.
21:44 jcamins           This whole git rebase -i kc/master && commit --amend -s && rebase --continue, etc., is too much work. ;)
21:44 cait              you could write a script - and share :)
21:53 cait              jcamins++
21:55 eythian           jcamins: I think a signoff will require a rebase as you're changing history, however it would be nice to have a "signoff" option in rebase -i
21:56 cait              oh eythian
21:56 eythian           and I saw your comment on the bug.
21:56 eythian           You're right.
21:56 jcamins           eythian: yeah, I know it requires a rebase. What I want is my git so macro to automatically go through *all* the patches.
21:56 jcamins           Thanks.
21:56 cait              :)
21:56 eythian           I don't know where that thing went, I guess I incorrectly merged the patches or something.
21:57 * jcamins         looks forward to a new patch.
21:57 jcamins           Now that I understand what it does, I'm pretty jazzed about switching to PKI for my authentication.
21:58 eythian           cool :) it's a bit of a learning hurdle, but once you've worked it out, it's pretty neat.
21:58 * eythian         -> (hopefully short) meeting.
21:58 jcamins           Of course, I still haven't worked out how to get certificates into the web browser.
22:03 jcamins           cjh: don't forget when doing updatedatabase patches that you shouldn't put an actual number in the version string.
22:15 jcamins           unimarc?
22:15 wahanui           unimarc is http://www.ifla.org/en/publications/unimarc-formats-and-related-documentation
22:34 jcamins           cait: I'm looking at bug 7700.
22:34 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7700 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Cart's more details view shows identity numbers
22:34 jcamins           Where does $0 show up?
22:35 jcamins           Wait... maybe I figured it out.
22:36 jcamins           Yup.
22:36 jcamins           git_so++
22:37 cait              thx jcamins :)
22:39 jcamins           I'd try bug 7421, but I don't really know that much about UNIMARC.
22:39 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7421 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, frederic, Needs Signoff , UNIMARC authorities DOM indexing mode
22:40 cait              yeah
22:40 rangi             oh i got kohagit tweeting again in the weekend too
22:40 cait              yay :)
22:48 Space_Librarian   Didn't somebody do awesome stuffs with a default pic for items without a cover in their opac?
22:48 * Space_Librarian is pondering
22:48 jcamins           Space_Librarian: some did something like that.
22:48 jcamins           *someone
22:49 Space_Librarian   yes, I thought it may have been you. I wasn't sure.
22:49 Space_Librarian   And it looked awesome
22:49 Space_Librarian   Is it difficult?
22:49 * Space_Librarian wants to do the same thing
22:49 jcamins           Actually, that wasn't intended to remind you it was me.
22:49 jcamins           I had forgotten until cait pointed it out.
22:49 jcamins           Very easy.
22:49 Space_Librarian   lol
22:49 jcamins           jquery library?
22:49 wahanui           jquery library is, like, found at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/JQuery_Library
22:50 jcamins           I got the original idea from bag, I think.
22:50 Space_Librarian   *awesome*
22:50 jcamins           Let me just find the script.
23:05 jcamins           Space_Librarian: $('.no-image').css('background-image','url(bookplate.jpg)');
23:06 jcamins           Sorry, got a bit distracted.
23:06 jcamins           Well, very.
23:07 Space_Librarian   thank you! that's fantastic. will play with it this arvo
23:07 Space_Librarian   :D
23:08 jcamins           Who thought that three apostrophes was a good idea to use for *bold*?
23:08 cait              mediawiki?
23:08 wahanui           mediawiki is not fun
23:09 cait              right wahanui
23:09 jcamins           Very true.
23:09 wahanui           I know. That's why I said it.
23:09 Space_Librarian   lol. I love the bot
23:10 eythian           jcamins: thanks for getting bug 6199 sorted :)
23:10 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6199 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, robin, Signed Off , Allow bulkmarcimport to blank duplicate barcodes rather than skipping items
23:10 Space_Librarian   @botsnack cookie
23:10 huginn            Space_Librarian: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
23:10 Space_Librarian   I love all the bots
23:10 eythian           wahanui: \I love the bot is <reply>BAD TOUCH!
23:10 wahanui           OK, eythian.
23:11 jcamins           eythian: you're welcome. I just didn't have a chance to sign off on it when I initially responded to Sophie.
23:12 eythian           ah right
23:30 BobB              hi eythian
23:35 eythian           hello
23:44 mtj               BobB:  about now :)
23:45 BobB              Hi Mason
23:45 mtj               heya
23:45 BobB              we had a week in Japan - VERY cool.
23:45 mtj               have you really been to japan?
23:46 mtj               wow
23:46 mtj               what was the occasion?
23:46 mtj               just a holiday?
23:46 BobB              Yes, we went up to see friends who live in Tokyo.  So we also went out to Hakuba and had a ski.  It was great.
23:47 BobB              We went to Happo One - one big mountain with lots of steeps.  I was so proud of Irma - she cruised it!
23:48 BobB              Only one day on the snow unfortunately.  We were going to have more but the weather caved in.  But it was great nonetheless.  We have nothing like it in Oz.
23:49 BobB              How are you, OK?
23:49 mtj               i have heard about the indoor snow places in japan
23:49 mtj               indoor snow and surf
23:49 mtj               yep, all good over here
23:50 BobB              I've heard about the indoor surf but didn't come across it.  Nothing they do would surprise me.  The place is awesome.
23:50 BobB              Tokyo and Yokohama have 35 million people - more than Au plus NZ combined.
23:51 BobB              mtj I've a couple of things to mention.
23:51 BobB              Do you have a couple of minutes?
23:52 mtj               yep, sure do
23:52 mtj               we need to sort out a plan for the eesi stuff...
23:53 rangi             w00t!!!
23:53 jcamins           bug 7557
23:53 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7557 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Failed QA , Change hardcoded routing list note into a system preference
23:54 cait              BobB: congrats :)
23:54 jcamins           rangi: yeah, you'd better.
23:54 BobB              So I just announced it.  Bugger.
23:54 BobB              Thanks Chris.
23:54 * cait            forgot it already
23:55 * BobB            humbly apologises
23:56 mtj               bah, monday brain :/
23:56 eythian           yep, I'll never tell anyone that the Library of Elbonia is switching to Unicorn
23:56 pastebot          "jcamins" at pasted "cait: change it like so and go to sleep!" (1 line) at http://paste.koha-community.org/308
23:56 cait              lol
23:57 cait              I did
23:57 cait              still does not work!
23:58 jcamins           Also, there's a typo.
23:58 jcamins           Should be RoutingList not RoutlingList.
23:58 jcamins           Oh.
23:58 jcamins           Change the |...| to {...}
23:58 wahanui           jcamins: that doesn't look right
23:58 rangi             http://irc.koha-community.org/irclog/koha/2012-03-11#i_916523