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03:38 Amit_Gupta        heya bag
03:55 bag               heya Amit_Gupta
05:58 cait              good morning #koha
06:31 cait              good morning magnuse :)
06:32 magnuse           hiya cait
06:46 Amit_Gupta        heya cait
06:46 Amit_Gupta        heya magnuse
06:46 cait              hi Amit_Gupta
06:48 magnuse           namaste Amit_Gupta
06:58 cait              magnuse: which field is issn stored in unimarc?
07:00 Amit_Gupta        011
07:00 cait              htank you Amit_Gupta :)
07:00 magnuse           cait: dunno
07:00 cait              did a typo though
07:00 cait              wanted to ask NORMARC :)
07:00 cait              022?
07:00 magnuse           ah
07:00 magnuse           think so
07:00 magnuse           lemme check
07:01 magnuse           yup issn is 022 - most things are the same as marc21
07:02 cait              cool :)
07:02 cait              thought so but wanted to make sure .)
07:02 magnuse           and did i rant about normarc now only being available as a pdf? how stupid is that?
07:02 cait              heh
07:02 cait              marc21 in german is only available as pdf too...
07:02 magnuse           gah
07:02 cait              I like the simple html solution of loc better, easier to read and search
07:02 magnuse           yup, and link to!
07:03 magnuse           makes me want to create my own html version
07:03 cait              :)
07:04 * magnuse         takes the dogs out
07:05 cait              later magnuse
07:18 alex_a            bonjour
07:18 wahanui           que tal, alex_a
07:37 reiveune          hello
07:46 ti                hello people
07:47 ti                I have installed koha 3.6 but it is not able to search Biblio records... it used to before..what might I have changed
07:49 ti                will greatly appreciate your help
07:49 cait              ti: you can start with the search faq
07:49 cait              search faq?
07:49 wahanui           it has been said that search faq is at http://koha-community.org/documentation/faq/searching/
07:49 cait              bye all bbiab
07:54 ti                i am trying to search the machine but it returns an error
07:55 ti                like this.....No results match your search for “kw,wrdl: geography ” in Geothermal Development Company Library Catalog
07:55 ti                where could be the problem? would really appreciate
08:14 kf                hi again #koha
08:20 magnuse           hiya kf
08:24 magnuse           wow, there were moose tracks right next to our garbage bins - havn't seen them that close before
08:24 magnuse           @wunder boo
08:24 huginn            magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 1.0°C (8:50 AM CET on February 22, 2012). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: -4.0°C. Pressure: 29.24 in 990 hPa (Falling).
08:24 magnuse           yay
08:30 kf                @wunder Konstanz
08:30 huginn            kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is -3.1°C (9:24 AM CET on February 22, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: -4.0°C. Windchill: -3.0°C. Pressure: 30.53 in 1033.7 hPa (Rising).
08:31 mbalmer           morning.
08:31 magnuse           nah nah nah nah naaah nah
08:31 magnuse           hiya mbalmer
08:31 mbalmer           interesting article about a community whose name has been trademarked (rings a bell..?), in german only:
08:31 mbalmer           http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Abmahnungen-wegen-Neutrino-1439733.html
09:39 mveron            Good morning #koha
09:39 magnuse           hiya mveron
09:41 mveron            magnuse: Question about Bug 7445 (Tagcloud and language error)
09:41 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7445 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Clicking on a tag gives "Language ... does not exist"
09:41 magnuse           shoot!
09:41 magnuse           :-)
09:42 mveron            I think Norwegian is the only exception for the workaround bei F Somers
09:43 magnuse           that could well be
09:43 magnuse           so it might make sense to incorporate what i saw as a quick and dirty fix
09:43 mveron            I had a look at the languages supportet by Snoball
09:44 mveron            My proposition is to declare your "dirty hack" to a "pragmatc solution"
09:45 magnuse           works for me :-)
09:45 mveron            Well, would be fine to have it in one of the next releases, otherwise I have to apply the "hack" after each update :-)
09:46 * mveron          somebody caling at the door
09:46 magnuse           i can do a patch for my hack, and we'll see if qa shoots it down or not
10:11 Culiforge         g'morning. I reinstalled koha on a new system and everything went smoothly and without error until I realized that apache nor zebra are starting at boot and the deb installer did not set up a mysql database as it did previously... what to do? can I/should i uninstall the koha-common package and reinstall or no?
10:13 magnuse           Culiforge: the packages are not supposed to install mysql, because people might not want to run that on the same server as the rest of the system
10:13 magnuse           i'm not sure about apache/zebra not starting on boot, though, that sounds... bad
10:16 Culiforge         magnuse: bad? how so... I don't like bad... :(
10:19 magnuse           well, they are supposed to start on boot - not sure what might be causing them not to
10:22 Culiforge         magnuse: well, mysql was not installed when I first ran the koha package. I then installed mysql and reinstalled the koha package. Maybe to bold on my part.
10:24 magnuse           reinstalling the koha package should not have been necessary, but it shouldn't do any damage either
10:25 Culiforge         magnuse: whew! at least that
10:25 magnuse           :-)
10:25 mveron            magnuse: Maybe I missed an answer. The "Pragmatic Hack Patch" would be great!
10:26 Culiforge         magnuse: also I have no koha-conf.xml file.. I have koha-conf-sites.xml.in ??
10:26 kf                hi mveron
10:26 mveron            hi kf
10:27 Culiforge         magnuse: site not site[s]
10:27 magnuse           koha-conf.xml files will be created when you create sites with koha-create
10:27 magnuse           koha-conf-sites.xml.in is the template that is used to create this files
10:28 magnuse           s/this/those/
10:28 magnuse           and they will be /etc/koha/sites/yoursitename/koha-conf.xml
10:29 Culiforge         magnuse: ok, so the main problem is apache not autostarting then to run koha-create?
10:30 magnuse           um, there's no connection there, i think
10:30 magnuse           koha-create creates the sites for you, independently of apache
10:30 magnuse           but you need apache up and running for the sites to be usable, of course
10:31 Culiforge         magnuse: dang! I thought i was on to something.. but in the overall... yes.. what you said.. solve the apache starting before proceeding to ensure my koha install has no further problems...
10:34 magnuse           sounds like a good plan
10:35 Culiforge         magnuse: so I restart apache and get '*:80 has no virtual hosts'
10:37 magnuse           ah, that's a classic
10:37 magnuse           it's not a big problem, though
10:37 magnuse           i think everything shoud work just fine all the same
10:38 magnuse           if you have not created any sites yet it could be because of that, maybe
10:39 Culiforge         magnuse: I had previously edited (insert filename I forgot here) to include :8080 as well and fixed the 'no fully qualified domain name' error
10:39 magnuse           might be /etc/apache2/ports.conf
10:39 Culiforge         magnuse:  yes, that's it, thank you
10:45 Culiforge         magnuse: sudo apt-get --reinstall install apache2? maybe?
10:46 Culiforge         magnuse: saw a thread in ubuntu forums where that fixed a similar problem
10:46 magnuse           hm, i'm not sure actually
10:46 magnuse           it shouldn't hurt though, i think...
10:47 Culiforge         magnuse: I'm just afraid of running off and doing something then coming back for help and be met with "gah!!! what did you do that for???"
10:49 Culiforge         magnuse: sometimes I'm a ninny but I'm getting better (I hope)
10:49 magnuse           hehe
10:50 magnuse           you might try poking around in the logs and see if there is an error somewhere about apache not starting on boot
10:51 Culiforge         magnuse: any logs in particular?
10:52 magnuse           the apache log(s?) might be a start
10:53 magnuse           and some kind of system log probably, but that's not my area of exprtice...
10:54 magnuse           googling a little for something like "apache not starting on boot" might also be instructive
11:08 Culiforge         magnuse: is there a way to see if apache is 'set' to start on boot without rebooting?
11:10 magnuse           there are some hints here: http://www.howtoforge.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14582
11:10 magnuse           find /etc/rc* | grep "apache"
11:11 magnuse           should give a list of things like "/etc/rc0.d/K09apache2"
11:12 Culiforge         magnuse: indeed it does.. so if that's there then it should now start at boot, correct? theoretically...
11:12 magnuse           theoretically, yes ;-)
11:14 Culiforge         magnuse: ok.. great.. I simply reinstalled apache for that.. hopefully that was what was neccessary
11:14 magnuse           fingers crossed :-)
11:16 Culiforge         magnuse: quick help on koha-create syntax and I'll leave you alone.. koha-create --create-db \ 'newlibrarydatabase'?
11:16 magnuse           check "man koha-create" :-)
11:17 Culiforge         magnuse: righto, will do.. was looking on the wiki but didn't see any examples
11:17 magnuse           but yes: sudo koha-create --create-db instancename
11:17 magnuse           http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Commands_provided_by_the_Debian_packages#koha-create ?
11:17 Culiforge         magnuse: no \.. that's what's shown on the commands in the wiki
11:17 Culiforge         yes
11:18 magnuse           ah, that is just to say that everything should be on one line
11:18 Culiforge         got it
11:18 Culiforge         thanks again for the help.. I gotta run for  a bit
11:19 magnuse           have fun! :-)
12:24 tcohen            hi #koha
13:15 slef              morning #koha
13:16 kf                morning(?) slef
13:16 magnus_afk        kia ora slef
13:17 slef              kf: it's always morning somewhere.
13:17 slef              eythian: right-o. Wouldn't be surprised if there's a debian port-assigning tool somewhere.
13:17 oleonard          Like here for instance (morning)
13:18 slef              oleonard: oh you crazy Americans
13:19 slef              @marc topic
13:19 huginn            slef: unknown tag topic
13:20 slef              huginn: you'd be much more useful if you search the headings too.
13:20 huginn            slef: I suck
13:20 slef              wahanui: marc21?
13:20 wahanui           hmmm... marc21 is at http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/ecbdlist.html , http://www.loc.gov/marc/authority/ecadlist.html
13:21 Shane-S           morning :)
13:21 slef              hi Shane-S
13:21 slef              ok, this is an odd question
13:22 kf                morning oleonard .)
13:23 slef              there's a field containing a reference to the database entry for an object that the book is about. Suggestions for marc tag? (Do I need jcamins_away to return?)
13:24 Shane-S           Can I add amazon as a Z39.50 source?
13:25 oleonard          Shane-S: I don't think so
13:25 slef              Shane-S: NAFAIK but could search http://irspy.indexdata.com
13:25 magnus_afk        Shane-S: only if they actually have a z39.50 server (and i don't think so)
13:26 slef              I sometimes get tempted to reply to librarians that ask stuff like this that they made their catalogue and marc21 was defined by other librarians, so please stop putting us engineers to mediate between two groups of librarians ;)
13:27 janPasi           is koha ok with 64 bit debian?
13:27 slef              janPasi: yes
13:27 magnus_afk        janPasi: yup
13:27 Shane-S           I am having a hard time locating a "Green Eggs and Ham" book, why I ask, as catalog.nypl.org isn't working
13:27 * slef            ponders using 650$a and 650$2 yet again.
13:27 kf                slef: I would love to help you with the marc -but I don't undestand the question
13:27 kf                do you have an example?
13:28 janPasi           perfect, thanks slef and magnus_afk :)
13:28 slef              kf: the examples are just stuff like 6741
13:28 kf                Shane-S: try loc
13:28 kf                6741??
13:28 slef              kf: but then they can look 6741 up in the other database to get details on the artefact that the book mentions.
13:29 kf                hm
13:29 kf                but it's not a direct link?
13:29 slef              seems a very old-fashioned system to me
13:29 slef              nah, just a pointer
13:29 kf                and it doesnot have an authority record?
13:29 slef              oooh it should, shouldn't it?
13:29 kf                if they plan to use authorities for 650 I would put it in 653
13:29 kf                it's for uncontrolled terms
13:29 kf                @marc 653
13:29 huginn            kf: An index term added entry that is not constructed by standard subject heading/thesaurus-building conventions. (Repeatable) [a,6,8]
13:30 kf                that's where I put stuff that will not fit anywhere else
13:30 kf                but there might also be a footnote you could use maybe
13:31 slef              I'll bounce it back and see if they'll use the other database as authority records. Thanks for the idea.
13:31 kf                slef: and it will still show up as clickable link in the opac
13:35 jcamins_away      kf: database errors don't sound good. :(
13:36 jcamins_away      slef: did you figure out which field you needed?
13:36 slef              jcamins_away: bouncing it back for them to decide if the other db will be loaded as authorities
13:36 slef              jcamins_away: pondering 650$a or 653$a depending on their answer
13:37 jcamins_away      slef: Ah. That makes sense.
13:37 kf                jcamins_away: it was missing a bibliocovers table - I was wondering if I missed the update of if there was a bug with it
13:38 kf                jcamins_away: only saw it while I was checking for errors on another patch
13:38 kf                slef: I think the mailinglist didn't work - I never got any mail :(
13:38 jcamins_away      Sounds like you missed the update.
13:39 slef              kf: your address is on there. Hrm, it should have mailed you. I will email it again this week.
13:40 kf                slef: sorry for having a stubborn email address
13:41 Shane-S           what adding a record, it follows up with an "Add Item" screen, the barcode field has ... but it does nothing, how do I make that work?
13:43 oleonard          Shane-S: Do you have any items in your database yet?
13:43 Shane-S           not sure, just imported a z39.50 and add an item
13:44 oleonard          I'm guessing that you don't have any items in your database yet, and thus the auto-incrementing barcode plugin doesn't find any existing barcode to increment
13:45 kf                or it's not activaed
13:45 kf                by default
13:45 kf                the system preference is Autobarcode I think
13:45 Shane-S           ah okay, I will look around more...my tutorial ended without cataloging, so I have to search the wiki more
13:46 magnus_afk        documentation?
13:46 wahanui           documentation is at http://koha-community.org/documentation/
13:47 magnus_afk        Shane-S: not just the wiki, there's a manual too ;-)
14:07 Shane-S           I tried that...didn't find an answer...so I imported 1960's Dr.Seuss Green Eggs from Lib. Cong. added 2 required fields, added 1 item...now I search the cataloging for "green" or "seuss" and get no results found...that a zebra issue?
14:09 oleonard          Sounds like it Shane-S
14:09 oleonard          Did you see the searching faq?
14:09 oleonard          searching faq?
14:09 wahanui           it has been said that searching faq is at http://koha-community.org/documentation/faq/searching/
14:10 Shane-S           404
14:10 jcamins_away      oleonard: I was not able to replicate the error message you encountered.
14:10 jcamins_away      wahanui: forget searching faq
14:10 wahanui           jcamins_away: I forgot searching faq
14:10 oleonard          404? Bummer. http://koha-community.org/documentation/faq/
14:10 jcamins_away      searching faq is at http://koha-community.org/documentation/faq/
14:11 oleonard          I'll try it again jcamins_away
14:12 Shane-S           ah appears I missed a step...Zebra Cron Job...
14:13 Shane-S           *hunts for his install guide print out* , ty
14:28 trea              morning Koha o/
14:30 magnus_afk        hiya trea
14:30 trea              hi magnus_afk
14:30 trea              is anyone aware of a problem with batch item delete in master currently?
14:32 Shane-S           now i really need help.... http://pastebin.com/bMvHZwXf
14:32 trea              what do you see when you type "env"
14:33 trea              Shane-S:
14:33 Shane-S           any specific segment you want?
14:33 jcamins_away      Shane-S: you need tos et the environment variables PERL5LIB and KOHA_CONF.
14:33 jcamins_away      *to set
14:34 trea              ^
14:35 Shane-S           okay...thanks I will see if I missed that or if it wasn't in my install doc I have
14:35 chris_n           what date "usually" goes in 260$c?
14:36 oleonard          The copyright date
14:37 chris_n           my catalogers thank you :-)
14:38 oleonard          jcamins_away: Why can't I get my authorities to re-index properly? Is this right? /home/oleonard/kohaclone/misc/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -a -r -v
14:41 Shane-S           oleonard: my rebuild_zebra.pl was in /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/, docs have <path/to/koha>/misc/migration_tools/
14:42 Shane-S           I used locate to find mine
14:42 jcamins_away      oleonard: that looks right, yes. What's it doing when you run that?
14:42 jcamins_away      oleonard: are you getting an error, or just no results when searching?
14:42 oleonard          jcamins_away: The problem is that I'm trying to delete one and it continues to show up in search results
14:43 jcamins_away      oleonard: odd. And deleting the authority worked prior to the patch for 7284?
14:44 * oleonard        doesn't even know anymore!
14:45 wizzyrea          oleonard: there's something up with deletes in master I think
14:45 jcamins_away      Ah, that would explain it.
14:45 wizzyrea          i don't have direct evidence yet
14:45 wizzyrea          but it's the first thing i'm going to look at this morning
14:45 * jcamins_away    didn't know that.
14:45 wizzyrea          jcamins_away: that's not surprising
14:46 jcamins_away      And after that, wizzyrea is going to look at 7284, too. It'll be a 7284 party on #koha today. Woohoo!
14:46 wizzyrea          :)
14:46 * jcamins_away    brings out the saltine chocolate toffee bark.
14:46 jcamins_away      Shari eats it all.
14:46 * oleonard        has moved on to the 7284 after-party, Bug 7310
14:46 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7310 normal, P3, ---, m.de.rooy, Needs Signoff , Improving permissions on lists (virtual shelves)
14:46 slef              @marc 260 b
14:46 huginn            slef: Name of publisher, distributor, etc. May contain the abbreviation [s.n.] when the name is unknown. (Repeatable)
14:46 * jcamins_away    brings out the sandtarts
14:46 slef              @marc 260 a
14:46 huginn            slef: Place of publication, distribution, etc. May contain the abbreviation [S.l.] when the place is unknown. (Repeatable)
14:47 jcamins_away      oleonard: ooh, yeah, that's a good one. But not quite as good as 7284 IMHO. ;)
14:47 kf                jcamins_away: yum!
14:48 kf                chris_n: you will want to put it in one of the 00x fields too - so the search works
14:48 wizzyrea          confirmed that at least batch delete for items throws a "undefined sub &C4::Search::SimpleSearch
14:48 wizzyrea          "
14:49 wizzyrea          what's the error you're getting oleonard
14:49 chris_n           kf: which?
14:49 * jcamins_away    is sure that's not caused by 7284.
14:49 wizzyrea          right, i am too
14:49 jcamins_away      slef: see kf's message for chris_n.
14:49 jcamins_away      chris_n: pretty sure kf's message was for slef. ;)
14:50 oleonard          wizzyrea: I'm not getting any error at all from deleting an authority record.
14:50 * jcamins_away    runs to catch the bus.
14:51 slef              hrm
14:52 wizzyrea          right, because C4::Search was removed from Items.pm, or removed from a module that referenced it
14:52 Shane-S           trying to set PERL5LIB...using http://modperlbook.org/html/3-9-2-2-Using-the-PERL5LIB-environment-variable.html but not sure what I am doing...reading I should edit /etc/environment but not clear on my perl path
14:53 wizzyrea          at least that's as best I can gather.
14:53 wizzyrea          paul_p
14:53 Shane-S           I have /usr/lib/perl5 and /usr/share/perl5
14:53 paul_p            wizzyrea yes ?
14:53 paul_p            (good morning)
14:53 oleonard          Part of C4 de-nesting wizzyrea?
14:53 chris_n           hi paul_p
14:53 wizzyrea          that's what I suspect
14:53 magnus_afk        re bug 7577 - i thought OPACViewOthersSuggestions would take care of that sort of thing...
14:53 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7577 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, ASSIGNED , Suggestion show page
14:54 wizzyrea          paul_p, in batch delete, I think one of the de-nesting patches broke it: Undefined subroutine &C4::Search::SimpleSearch called at /home/liz/kohaclone/C4/Items.pm line 2464.
14:54 * wizzyrea        will add it to the bug
14:54 * chris_n         wonders if de-nesting is the same thing that occurs when one collects eggs from the chicken-house
14:57 magnus_afk        ah, it's for the intranet. then i still wonder what OPACViewOthersSuggestions is supposed to do
14:58 Shane-S           http://www.perlhowto.com/extending_the_library_path seems a little more clear...where do I point KOHA_CONF /etc/koha/sites/<mysite>/koha_conf.xml?
14:58 druthb            o/
14:58 wizzyrea          oh, paul_p, I bet that's related to srdjan's report
14:58 * wizzyrea        missed that
14:59 magnus_afk        Shane-S: are you running off the packages? then there are commands to handle most things for you
14:59 magnus_afk        http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Commands_provided_by_the_Debian_packages
15:00 druthb            chris_n: Did you get my note yesterday about bug 7535?
15:00 magnus_afk        Shane-S: but yes, KOHA_CONF should be the location of your koha_conf.xml
15:00 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7535 minor, P5 - low, ---, ruth, Pushed to Master , OPAC displays ampersands incorrectly.
15:02 Shane-S           magnus_afk: yep I am, I will try that first :) TY!
15:04 chris_n           druthb: pushed
15:04 magnus_afk        Shane-S: you can also do e.g. "man koha-rebuild-zebra" to get documentation for the commands (might be more up to date than the wiki)
15:05 druthb            Groovy!  Thanks, chris_n.
15:05 kf                chris_n asked abut 260$c copyright date - and the pub date reange search in opac requires that to be in one of the 00x fields too
15:05 kf                so was for chris_n :)
15:05 kf                a pointer because his catalogers will get annoyed if search does not work
15:05 kf                and I always forget the exact field
15:07 Shane-S           magnus_afk: I don't see a mention of cron in man or wiki, does it do that or can I just setup a cron for koha-rebuild-zebra vs rebuild_zebra.pl?
15:08 magnus_afk        the packages set up the crons for you
15:09 magnus_afk        Shane-S: have a look in /etc/cron.d/koha-common
15:09 Shane-S           hmm...no, but I will. Cause the book appeared when I ran the rebuid, but wasn't coming up before
15:10 magnus_afk        Shane-S: how long did you wait?
15:10 magnus_afk        Shane-S: i think the default interval for rebuild_zebra is 5 minutes
15:10 chris_n           kf: 008 perhaps?
15:10 chris_n           @marc 008
15:10 huginn            chris_n: This field contains 40 character positions (00-39) that provide coded information about the record as a whole and about special bibliographic aspects of the item being cataloged. These coded data elements are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes. []
15:11 magnus_afk        Shane-S: yup, the default is 5 minutes: http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=debian/koha-common.cron.d;h=cd7f3c207d4666479fa42ff2a7e87cb8378fbfe4;hb=HEAD you can change that in /etc/cron.d/koha-common
15:12 Shane-S           magnus_afk: yep set to 5...I will change it for now, as its a single test machine
15:12 Shane-S           Thank you
15:12 magnus_afk        Shane-S: no problem!
15:15 Shane-S           now to test it out :P
15:15 Shane-S           this has been a HUGE learning curve for me :P
15:15 Shane-S           I normally setup a LAMP server and go
15:15 magnus_afk        hey, did i mention recently that the packages are awesome? they are! :-)
15:16 chris_n           magnus_afk: every seen the HMKG perform?
15:16 kf                chris_n: sounds likely - sorry, crazy day here
15:16 chris_n           kf: thanks
15:16 slef              jcamins_away: hey I just realised you were wrong!
15:17 magnus_afk        chris_n: yeah, a little bit, at the edinburgh military tatoo, of all places
15:17 chris_n           they are fantastic
15:17 magnus_afk        chris_n: not my cup of tea, but yeah, they do well in competitions it seems
15:18 Shane-S           magnus_afk: yeah, I tried installing Koha 1 or 2 years ago and quit was too hard...got evergreen installed instead..but hated their external XP librarian client
15:18 magnus_afk        chris_n: or they win prizes or something
15:18 jenkins_koha      Starting build #40 for job Koha_3.6.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:19 magnus_afk        chris_n: something for the cultural programme when kohacon comes to norway some time in the distant future? ;-)
15:19 chris_n           magnus_afk: yeah, I was watching a video of one of their performances
15:19 chris_n           definitely; for those interested in that sort of thing
15:19 magnus_afk        chris_n: :-)
15:19 chris_n           the hours of practice must be incredible
15:20 magnus_afk        not sure where or when you'd be able to catch them here, though
15:20 magnus_afk        don't think they have regular performances
15:20 magnus_afk        @wunder boo
15:20 huginn            magnus_afk: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 1.0°C (3:50 PM CET on February 22, 2012). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -3.0°C. Windchill: -6.0°C. Pressure: 29.00 in 982 hPa (Steady).
15:21 chris_n           @wunder 28334
15:21 huginn            chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 17.7°C (10:17 AM EST on February 22, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 6.0°C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1000.9 hPa (Steady).
15:21 magnus_afk        ooh
15:21 chris_n           hmm... summer seems to have slipped up w/o notice
15:21 chris_n           trade?
15:21 * magnus_afk      wanders off out into the "light" snow
15:22 magnus_afk        chris_n: right now: yes please!
15:22 magnus_away       see yas!
15:22 slef              snow that illuminates?
15:22 chris_n           hehe
15:23 slef              @wunder dersingham
15:23 huginn            slef: The current temperature in APRSWXNET Dersingham UK, Sculthorpe, United Kingdom is 8.9°C (3:03 PM GMT on February 22, 2012). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Windchill: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa.
15:23 slef              fells colder
15:23 slef              feels
15:23 slef              probably because the boiler is unsafe, so off
15:23 slef              or at least has been labelled unsafe
15:34 jcamins_away      slef, I saw you fussing with 260 and didn't realize it was on behalf of chris_n. I am a bit slow today.
15:35 slef              jcamins_away: it wasn't. Two of us are fussing with 260
15:38 alaquerre         Good morning. @wizzyrea - I find out how the column object is set to empty in action_logs.  This can occur when you try to return a book that is already return.  The weird problem is it also take a wrong biblionumber to put in the "info"  column.  In my case, it take a biblionumber return 1 minutes befores.  Look like it's cache problem..
15:38 jcamins_away      Heh.
15:38 alaquerre         But I have another question.
15:39 alaquerre         :-) Does longoverdue.pl should always return the document or only set the item to the Lost value provided ?
15:39 slef              wahanui: exslt?
15:39 wahanui           slef: i haven't a clue
15:40 slef              wahanui: exslt are extensions to XSLT described at http://www.exslt.org/
15:40 wahanui           OK, slef.
15:40 slef              wahanui: XSLT?
15:40 wahanui           XSLT is a maze of twisty turny passages, all alike.
15:40 slef              close enough!
15:40 chris_n           exslt must just be the enhanced version of those passages :)
15:41 slef              longer passages
15:43 Shane-S           hmm looks like crontab isn't running, there an easy way to check if it is enabled?
15:46 wizzyrea          Shane-S: crontab -e would look at your currently installed crontabs for the current user
15:46 wizzyrea          the example crontabs are in misc/cronjobs/crontab.example
15:47 wizzyrea          sorry, /path/to/your/koha/misc/cronjobs/crontab.example
15:47 Shane-S           there is a koha-comma file in /etc/cron.d/, and I adjusted the time down to 2 minutes but it isn't rebuilding zebra
15:47 Shane-S           showing cron is running as PID 1105
15:48 wizzyrea          oh, packages.
15:48 wahanui           package info is at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_3.4_on_Debian_Squeeze
15:48 wizzyrea          shh wahanui.
15:48 wizzyrea          anything in your koha logs?
15:48 slef              @marc 020 a
15:48 huginn            slef: International Standard Book Number The valid ISBN and any parenthetical qualifying information. ISBN and the embedded hyphens may be generated for display.
15:48 wizzyrea          re: zebra
15:48 Shane-S           let me check...
15:49 Shane-S           seems more like it isn't running the file, because when I manually did koha-update-zebra my book appeared
15:49 slef              anything in your cron logs, any emails from cron in your mailbox, is mail working, ...?
15:51 Shane-S           zebra-error.log has no errors for today...as per email I never set that up..looking more
15:51 slef              zebra-error.log is for the zebrasrv not the cron job
15:51 slef              you'll need email set up else some stuff won't work
15:51 slef              overdue notices and cron job deaths most importantly
15:52 oleonard          Is embedding [% IF %] inside an HTML tag still a no-no for translations or have we fixed that?
15:52 slef              if you really don't want/can't have full mail, there was a script on http://planet.debian.org a few days ago
15:53 Shane-S           yeah, not sure i can have full mail, no mail server in the building, all outsourced to google
15:53 Shane-S           I guess I "could" just didn't get into that, no so much needed for a single user running the library
15:54 jenkins_koha      Project Koha_3.6.x build #40: SUCCESS in 36 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_3.6.x/40/
15:54 jenkins_koha      ruth: Bug 7535: ampersands not showing properly in non-XSLT OPAC
15:54 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7535 minor, P5 - low, ---, ruth, Pushed to Master , OPAC displays ampersands incorrectly.
15:54 kf                oleonard: nono
15:55 kf                there is a test that will complain
15:55 paul_p            OK, I could reproduce the bug 6875, and it's now fixed I think. Patch coming in the next minutes...
15:55 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6875 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , de-nesting C4 packages
15:55 paul_p            (the trickiest part was to reproduce it !)
15:57 drojf             hello #koha
15:57 slef              hi drojf
15:57 oleonard          Can someone remind me of the command that runs the tests?
15:57 slef              make test ?
15:57 wizzyrea          prove t xt t/db_dependent
15:57 wizzyrea          or make test
15:57 tcohen            hi rangi
15:58 wizzyrea          bit early for rangi yet
15:58 slef              tcohen has a premonition
15:58 tcohen            oh, I always forget that
15:58 wizzyrea          :)
15:58 tcohen            slef: hahaha
16:00 Shane-S-kohasys   Here is from my syslog... http://pastebin.com/1hLzTnRy
16:00 maximep           anyone knows of a problem in the opac reserve when on single branch mode ?
16:00 Shane-S           Was easier to post from there :D
16:00 Shane-S           is the "test" the issue?
16:00 maximep           it seems to pass no branch to addreserve and then addreserve fails :/
16:02 maximep           or not. Can't find the problem, arg.
16:03 troublemaker      Hi
16:03 troublemaker      anybody there?
16:03 maximep           there's always someone here
16:04 wizzyrea          sup troublemaker
16:04 * oleonard        hates to have to fail Bug 5668 again...
16:04 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5668 enhancement, P3, ---, srdjan, Failed QA , Star ratings in the opac
16:04 troublemaker      what up!
16:05 troublemaker      can i get some help?
16:05 kf                oleonard: :(
16:06 drojf             how would i get all possible values (ie. all values that actually occur in my records) for a certain field to show up as options of a pulldown menu in opac-search.pl?
16:06 wizzyrea          @quote get 145
16:06 huginn            wizzyrea: Quote #145: "Don't ask to ask, just ask!" (added by wizzyrea at 02:37 PM, July 07, 2011)
16:07 drojf             s/certain field/certain MARC subfield/
16:07 troublemaker      im trying to translate the last koha version to spanish......but i got this error.........Can't locate C4/TmplTokenType.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /root/perl5/lib/perl5/......
16:07 kf                julian_m: the changes for bug 7178 sound good! hope I can test soon
16:07 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7178 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Improve order item creation
16:07 troublemaker      would be great if anybody helps me out
16:07 kf                drojf: not aware of a method really :(
16:08 drojf             kf: d'oh
16:08 kf                drojf: it would be nice to be able to do that... alphabetic registers... and autocompletes.. hm
16:08 kf                drojf: have you seen the new 'ad' for our presentation?
16:09 drojf             nope
16:09 drojf             seems he already forgot about me :(
16:10 kf                your name is on it :)
16:10 julian_m          kf, hope that the patch will pass all your tests :) and by the way, thx for the review
16:10 kf                julian_m: thx for incorporating my suggestions :)
16:10 troublemaker      :(
16:11 troublemaker      help me out guys please
16:11 kf                troublemaker: what have you done before you got the error?
16:11 kf                troublemaker: and what version of koha are you using?
16:11 kf                it's a bit hard to help you with only the error message :)
16:11 troublemaker      ok
16:11 troublemaker      ill tell ya
16:11 troublemaker      im using the last version of koha
16:11 troublemaker        3.6
16:11 troublemaker      http://universidadinsurgentesdemo.bibliomethods.com:666/
16:12 paul_p            bug 6875 need an urgent signoff to fix serials perl error !!!
16:12 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6875 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, paul.poulain, Needs Signoff , de-nesting C4 packages
16:12 paul_p            http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=7808
16:12 julian_m          troublemaker, not sure, but it seems that you need to set the PERL5LIB env var
16:13 troublemaker      im running ....../tmpl_process3.pl and create a ne folder for the spanish translation with the PO files
16:13 troublemaker      then i got the error
16:15 troublemaker      im running the script such as it           ../tmpl_process3.pl install -i .../intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/ -o /.../.../koha36installx/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/es-MX -s /home/.../es-ES-i-staff-t-prog-v-3006000.po -r
16:16 oleonard          Is it typical that running prove t/db_dependent returns several failures?
16:17 troublemaker      how can i set the PERL5LIB?
16:17 slef              oleonard: shouldn't be, surely?
16:18 slef              troublemaker: put PERL5LIB=path/to/C4 at the start of the line.
16:18 slef              troublemaker: or run export PERL5LIB=path/to/C4
16:18 slef              and then it's set for the rest of the session
16:22 reiveune          à demain
16:22 maximep           $template->param('singleBranchMode') in opac-reserve.pl seems to not work. Should I use $template->{'VARS'}->{'singleBranchMode'} or just use C4::Context->preference("singleBranchMode") ?
16:23 oleonard          Ah so, that's who has been deleting all my virtual shelves! It was t/db_dependent!
16:23 Shane-S           okay think i found the issue if I run koha-rebuild-zebra <mysite> it updates, the cron just has $(koha-list --enabled) anyone know where that pulls from?
16:25 troublemaker      thanx ill try
16:25 chris_n           oleonard: db_dependent tests should be considered db-destructive :-)
16:25 oleonard          chris_n: So it's normal?
16:26 chris_n           well, those tests perform writes/reads/deletes in various forms to the db
16:26 chris_n           so really anything is "normal"
16:27 oleonard          Okay, fair enough. I'm new to such things.
16:27 chris_n           its been a long time since I looked at the virtual shelves tests, so I could not suggest what to expect there
16:27 oleonard          What about the failures chris_n? Do you think I should not be seeing any?
16:27 chris_n           it is not recommended to run that test suite on a production or otherwise important db
16:28 chris_n           oleonard: I think that they should pass when running over a clean install of the sample data with 3.6.x or master
16:28 * chris_n         knows they pass on 3.6.x
16:29 chris_n           now as for the validity of the tests, I cannot vouch to that
16:29 Shane-S           is it bad if I have 2 folders in /etc/koha/sites and one is empty?
16:29 chris_n           ie. some may pass, which should not
16:29 chris_n           but that would be a bug and should be filed as such I think
16:32 troublemaker      last time i export the PERL5LIB i got an opac error....do i have to export this to c4 folder without running the PO FILE¡?
16:38 troublemaker      still gettin the same error after running the translate
16:38 troublemaker      BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at TmplTokenizer.pm line 5.
16:41 jcamins_away      troublemaker: I would guess that you upgraded from 3.2, and do not have Template::Toolkit installed (libtemplate-perl on Debian).
16:41 jcamins_away      troublemaker: however, you need to actually provide the entire error message for more help troubleshooting.
16:42 troublemaker      nop its not an upgrade, i ve install it fresh
16:42 jcamins           troublemaker: how did you install it?
16:42 jcamins           (packages?, etc.?)
16:43 Shane-S           anyone familiar with /usr/sbin/koha-list?
16:43 troublemaker      OK guys this is the full error
16:43 troublemaker      Can't locate C4/TmplTokenType.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /home/www/koha36installx/lib/C4 /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.14.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.14 /usr/share/perl/5.14 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at TmplTokenizer.pm line 5. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at TmplTokenizer.pm line 5. Compilation fail
16:43 jcamins           troublemaker: in that case the problem is that you didn't set PERL5LIB properly.
16:44 jcamins           It should be set to /home/www/koha36installx/lib
16:44 jcamins           (without the /C4 at the end)
16:44 jcamins           Shane-S: the first question?
16:44 wahanui           well, the first question is "What are you trying to do?"
16:44 jcamins           :)
16:45 Shane-S           well it doesn't seem to work, it is used in the cron.d file
16:46 Shane-S           if I manually run koha-rebuild-zebra npslibrary , zebra rebuilds, so I have narrowed my issue down to the cron.d koha-common file
16:46 jcamins           Odd.
16:46 jcamins           What happens if you run sudo koha-list --enabled
16:47 Shane-S           i get a grep error for /etc/apache2/sites-available/nationalpark: No such file or directory
16:47 Shane-S           then I get my 2 sites... nationalpark and npslibrary
16:48 jcamins           Hm.
16:48 Shane-S           should i remove /etc/koha/sites/nationalpark?
16:48 jcamins           Yes.
16:48 jcamins           It sounds like a koha-remove was aborted in the middle?
16:48 Shane-S           kk it unused anyway
16:48 Shane-S           I remember typing that during the web setup...but then I got a session time-out error and had to restart
16:49 troublemaker      yeah it works
16:49 troublemaker      almost done
16:49 troublemaker      just got 1 more error
16:49 troublemaker      Charset in/out: UTF-8 at ./tmpl_process3.pl line 275.
16:49 kf                troublemaker: exporting the env variables (both) before
16:49 kf                uh sorry
16:49 kf                scrolling in my chat window broken again
16:50 kf                troublemaker: does it still finish? because I think you can ignore that probably
16:50 Shane-S           okay error went away with --enabled...now I will wait :P
16:50 troublemaker      i ran export KOHA_CONF=/home/www/koha36installx/etc/koha-conf.xml export PERL5LIB=/home/www/koha36installx/lib/
16:51 troublemaker      from my terminal
16:51 Shane-S           I kept trying it without sudo and it kept giving me empty line :(
16:54 Shane-S           troublemaker: using Ubuntu? If so what I read is that is a "session" variable and will be removed when you logout/shutdown ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables
16:55 troublemaker      im using debian wheezy
16:55 troublemaker      in a virtual server
16:56 Shane-S           <-- *nix light weight, I would check with ppl here, but you might need to make it a persistent variable
16:57 Shane-S           What does an [E] in italics mean after a "Location" in the catalog search results?
16:57 Shane-S           Oh, that fixed my Zebra issue, ty very much
16:58 Shane-S           now it showed up, but with a [E] after the location, my other book does not have that (same location)
16:58 wizzyrea          call number?
16:58 wahanui           call number is in the location
16:58 wizzyrea          there you have it
16:58 jcamins           Heh. I didn't know wahanui knew that.
16:58 jcamins           :)
16:59 * wizzyrea        either
16:59 troublemaker      i was able to make the translation on 3.4, after exporting variables KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB......running the perl fro tmpl process and creating the new folder with the PO paths
16:59 Shane-S           ah okay :P
16:59 jcamins           troublemaker: you can't use a 3.4 translation on a 3.6 installation.
16:59 jcamins           Or, rather, you *can*, but you shouldn't.
16:59 Shane-S           have to fix that, it imported from the Z39.50 record
17:00 troublemaker      now in 3.6 im gettin this Charset in/out: UTF-8 at ./tmpl_process3.pl line 275. Charset in/out: UTF-8 at ./tmpl_process3.pl line 275. Charset in/out: UTF-8 at ./tmpl_process3.pl line 275.
17:00 jcamins           Shane-S: adjust the 952$o
17:00 jcamins           troublemaker: that doesn't seem like a problem.
17:00 jcamins           It's telling you that it's using UTF-8.
17:00 jcamins           (provided it finishes)
17:01 troublemaker      yeah but it stucks there
17:01 troublemaker      im using the 300600 por files for each template
17:01 troublemaker      PO* files
17:02 troublemaker      there shouldnt be problem
17:02 troublemaker      :(
17:02 jcamins           I don't know much about translating.
17:02 jcamins           cait will be able to advise you better when she's on later.
17:07 Shane-S           how do you add book covers?
17:08 wizzyrea          more -> tools -> upload local cover image
17:09 Shane-S           cool thanks
17:10 Shane-S           wizzyrea: uh, I have Upload Patron Images but that is it, is it under Inventory/stocktaking?
17:10 wizzyrea          oh, sorry
17:10 wizzyrea          that would be in Master
17:10 wizzyrea          you can't do it in 3.6
17:11 Shane-S           really...hack to do it?
17:11 Shane-S           we are an elementary school....kids need pictures
17:12 Shane-S           all this works goes out the window without that *cries*
17:12 eternalsword      I actually needed to add a column to the borrowers table for the externalid value coming from our external database system.  I would have just put that value in borrowernumber, but apparently you can't explicitly set an AUTOINCREMENT field.  Anyways, I'm working on packaging my changes into the source, so how do I need to set the $DBversion parameter in updatedatabase.pl?
17:12 oleonard          Shane-S: Administration -> System Preferences -> Enhanced Content
17:13 oleonard          You can set up book cover images from Amazon.com, Google, Open Library, and paid sources
17:15 eternalsword      I guess I need to upgrade to the git version and then use the latest stable version as the value?
17:15 Shane-S           oleonard: awesome worked for 1...assume it pulls via ISBN?
17:15 oleonard          Shane-S: Yes.
17:16 Shane-S           alright thanks!
17:16 oleonard          Shane-S: And thus problematic for items with no ISBN like DVDs
17:16 oleonard          eternalsword: Could you use extended patron attributes instead?
17:17 Shane-S           oleonard: is there a way to specify the thumbnail size? I see it is larger on Google the Koha
17:17 Shane-S           then*
17:17 oleonard          Shane-S: No
17:19 Shane-S           Amazon OPAC require that key? It isn't working, Google did though
17:19 oleonard          Amazon covers shouldn't require a key
17:20 Shane-S           k, Ill check the ISBN
17:22 cait              hi #koha
17:22 troublemaker      thanx for helping out guys i made the translation sucessfully!!!!!!!
17:23 Shane-S           that is different...can you list mulptiple ISBN's?
17:23 troublemaker      http://universidadinsurgentesdemo.bibliomethods.com:66/
17:24 troublemaker      now ill try to change the basket title from MAPA, to CARRITO....
17:24 oleonard          Shane-S: MARC allows you to enter more than one ISBN but I'm pretty sure the OPAC pulls from the first one listed.
17:24 Shane-S           oleonard: Great, thanks! would I just duplicate 020?
17:24 oleonard          Yes
17:25 Shane-S           cool, that way we can have alternates in there for lookup/purchase
17:35 jcamins           [off] Shane-S: with the *strong* disclaimer that I don't recommend using it, I will mention that I have been maintaining the local cover image code on a 3.6.x branch at https://github.com/jcamins/koha/tree/cpspecial
17:36 Shane-S           I'll stick to ISBN based for now :P
17:36 jcamins           [off] Shane-S: actually, it looks like that is out of date. So much for my git hook! When I remember, I will be pushing the current status of cpspecial.
17:36 jcamins           That's a very good idea.
17:36 Shane-S           how does it pick if I do Amazon, Google, Open Library, and the Sym/n one?
17:37 jcamins           Shane-S: it uses all of them.
17:37 eternalsword      oleonard: looking now.
17:37 jcamins           So you end up with 4 images (or four "no image found" boxes).
17:37 Shane-S           Ah
17:37 jcamins           kmkale is working on a prioritization thing. It has a bug.
17:38 jcamins           (I mean, in the tracker)
17:38 jcamins           bug 7187
17:38 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7187 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kmkale, NEW , Prioritize cover image sources such as Amazon, Google and add fail over i.e. if first source fails, go to next
17:39 * oleonard        thinks that's going to be a bear to solve
17:39 * jcamins         agrees.
17:39 * jcamins         would try if kmkale decided not to work on it, and someone were interested in paying for it, but not otherwise.
17:44 oleonard          jcamins: That was a medium-sized "if" followed by a very big "if" :)
17:46 jcamins           oleonard: right. It is my belief that the two together are sufficient to protect me from the need to follow through. :P
17:47 eternalsword      oleonard, unfortunately no.  I need to use the externalid as the parameter for lookup with exists_local in order to get the borrowernumber.  I do this since the external system allows changing the userid.  To use extended attributes, I would need borrowernumber first, which would eliminate my need to use externalid at all.
17:48 jcamins           [off] I have an idea! Let's all stop doing our jobs! Then we'll make lots of money! Just like people in real estate.
17:48 * chris_n         holds his breath on that one
17:49 oleonard          [off] Do people in Congress know that people in real estate are in on their racket?
17:50 jcamins           [off] Despite having known for over a month, apparently loan officers at banks wait until *the day before or day of* the closing to release that most secret of figures: the *expected* balance of the mortgage. And apparently this is totally okay in the eyes of the paralegal. The contract says I needed to know two days ago. Argh!
17:50 Shane-S           okay so I want to change the images to have borders and padding and I noticed CSS ID of id="gbs-thumbnail1" and such, seems it increments, is there a file I can edit the code?
17:50 Shane-S           or a way to add an addition class to the incremental loop
17:50 jcamins           Shane-S: don't. Use OpacUserCSS.
17:51 jcamins           Shane-S: modifying the templates directly leads to a world of hurt. Just ask wizzyrea.
17:52 Shane-S           okay, but there is no consistent class or id
17:52 jcamins           Shane-S: in that case, I suggest you submit a patch that provides a consistent class.
17:53 oleonard          Shane-S: It looks like you've got the class "p1" on the <a> tag which wraps the image
17:54 Shane-S           I want each one with a border and spacing, right now they touch/blend
17:54 Shane-S           I will give it a shot with nested CSS
17:54 oleonard          Each one?
17:54 Shane-S           see if I can do it, but it might NOT work... such as a.p1 div
17:55 jcamins           Shane-S: it seems to me that should work.
17:58 Shane-S           yep that did...but now I have to sort the width of the div out :P
17:58 eternalsword      div inside a paragraph tag? that doesn't seem right
17:58 Shane-S           its not so lovely
17:59 eternalsword      I mean, inside a tag
17:59 Shane-S           <-- does it all the time with <ul><li> to make dynamic CSS based lists
18:00 oleonard          eternalsword: No, it's not right (as in valid)
18:00 oleonard          That particular page has accumulated a lot of validation problems
18:01 eternalsword      what exactly is the purpose of the div?
18:01 oleonard          It's a hook for dynamically loading the Google cover image
18:01 oleonard          It could probably just as easily be a <span>
18:01 Shane-S           words outta my mouth
18:02 Shane-S           div serv no purpose, though I am gonna try floating them now :D
18:02 Shane-S           then a div serves a purpose
18:02 Shane-S           spans are not supposed to be "block" level if I remember correctly
18:03 oleonard          A div can serve any purpose we choose--that's what makes them so useful (as long as we use them in a valid way)
18:03 eternalsword      Is there text with it too?  If not, why not just inject into the <a> directly?  If it's a matter of block level, just use display:block on the anchor.
18:03 Shane-S           one anchor -> multiple divs, hence nested inside the and anchor
18:04 Shane-S           stupid little chat box :P
18:04 eternalsword      that seems even worse.
18:05 Shane-S           why would you want to bloat it with 4 anchors and 4 divs?
18:05 eternalsword      does the anchor not actually link to anything?  or is it used for some onclick?
18:05 Shane-S           anchors to the single biblio record for the item
18:06 Shane-S           if you enable all 4 book cover image sources they all link to the book's detail page on the OPAC results page
18:07 eternalsword      not good ui as blank space between the items would still be clickable.
18:07 Shane-S           my margin isn't
18:08 Shane-S           playing with it now though...the width looks to be my issue...hoping float will work.
18:09 Shane-S           sweet got rid of stacking! no crappy border going across either
18:09 Shane-S           gotta love CSS (and that at least I know that :D )
18:10 Shane-S           I might allow you guys to see it, just need to setup uPnP forwarding
18:11 troublemaker      anybody coudl send me some cool css template for OPAC'?
18:11 troublemaker      :)
18:11 eternalsword      Shane-S, if you float, the blank horizontal space between I believe will be clickable.  If not in your browser, you may want to do cross-browser testing.
18:12 eternalsword      by the spec, it should be clickable anyways.
18:12 jcamins           troublemaker: I like mine, but it's rather involved. http://demo.cplibraries.com/
18:18 Shane-S  search seuss
18:18 Shane-S 
18:18 jcamins           Shane-S watches his bandwidth spike.
18:18 jcamins           :P
18:19 Shane-S           hope not, but its a dynamic IP comcast will switch it some day
18:20 Shane-S           eternalsword: it appears in FFx 10.1 margins are not "clickable"
18:21 Shane-S-kohasys   http://pastebin.com/scRbpar9 code I used to do it if anyone is curious
18:21 Shane-S           that link work for anyone?
18:22 jcamins           Doesn't seem to be working.
18:22 jcamins           (it took a while to time out)
18:24 rangi             Morning
18:24 troublemaker      JCAMINS your template is cool!
18:24 jcamins           Morning.
18:24 jcamins           troublemaker: glad you like it. :)
18:24 cait              good morning rangi :)
18:25 rangi             Library.hauraki-dc.govt.nz
18:25 Shane-S           hmm I will have to check the apache conf on my ticket system and see if the Koha once isn't set to respond to it
18:25 troublemaker      so where i can get it
18:25 wahanui           so it is probably not ibot's morning.
18:26 jcamins           troublemaker: you can crib it off the OPAC. The main bit is cpbibliography.css.
18:26 jcamins           And then there's a bit of javascript in opacuserjs.
18:26 jcamins           Note that it's probably not IE-friendly.
18:26 jcamins           And replacing opac.css is probably not recommended.
18:27 jcamins           Unfortunately, FF has a bug in its CSS override handling, so that was a much easier option.
18:27 troublemaker      so how do i put this on my own opac without errors :)
18:28 jcamins           troublemaker: download the CSS file, set that CSS file in opacstylesheet.
18:29 cait              which is a system preference under administration :)
18:29 jcamins           Right.
18:29 troublemaker      perfect man!
18:29 troublemaker      ill try it
18:29 pastebot          "jcamins" at pasted "troublemaker: opacuserjs" (48 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/270
18:29 jcamins           ^^ and put that stuff in opacuserjs.
18:30 jcamins           There are also some images involved, which you'll want to replace.
18:30 troublemaker      yeah
18:30 jcamins           (unless you want to brand your OPAC "C & P," in which case you'll need to license it:P)
18:31 troublemaker      well im guessin if you could send me in one zip the JS and CSS files please
18:31 troublemaker      to my email
18:31 troublemaker      you guys here in kohachat're really nice
18:32 jcamins           You can just download it off the OPAC.
18:32 Shane-S           wonder if it is a firewall setting on Ubuntu Desktop...the other system works and it is running server
18:32 jcamins           It's just the one file.
18:32 jcamins           (cpbibliography.css)
18:32 troublemaker      and opacuserjs?
18:32 jcamins           I pasted it.
18:32 jcamins           opacuserjs is a syspref.
18:33 jcamins           You just copy the contents of the paste into the box.
18:39 troublemaker      ok you guys tell me im a noob but....
18:39 troublemaker      where i get the cpbibliography.css
18:39 jcamins           Just download it off the OPAC.
18:39 chris_n           cait: actually it looks like 260$c is indexed as copydate
18:39 troublemaker      ok how
18:39 jcamins           I don't know the exact path, but if you look at the source, you'll find a reference to it somewhere.
18:39 chris_n           melm 260$c      copydate,copydate:s
18:40 cait              chris_n: there is a different between the search option and the date range search in advanced search
18:40 cait              oh
18:40 cait              an sorting
18:40 chris_n           ahh
18:40 chris_n           looks like most of our 008 fields have empty chars in 7-10
18:40 chris_n           so the pain is probably already there
18:41 troublemaker      oki
18:41 troublemaker      then where i should use this http://paste.koha-community.org/270
18:41 troublemaker      it was for me right?
18:42 chris_n           well, that's not entirely true
18:42 chris_n           just records they've created locally
18:42 jcamins           chris_n: yeah, copydate vs. pubdate is idiotic.
18:42 jcamins           chris_n: what's the question?
18:42 cait              chris_n: probably but good to know for new records
18:42 * jcamins         missed the beginning of the conversation.
18:42 jcamins           chris_n: yeah, that's pretty common.
18:42 jcamins           Yes.
18:42 jcamins           chris_n: I thought you were saying not to use opacuserjs. :(
18:42 jcamins           You put that in the opacuserjs syspref.
18:42 jcamins           (System Administration->System Preferences->OPAC)
18:42 jcamins           chris_n: sure you do.
18:42 jcamins           chris_n: just ignore me please.
18:42 chris_n           seems koha should automagically copy 206$c into 008
18:43 rangi             My stop bbiab
18:43 jcamins           chris_n: there's a complication.
18:43 chris_n           jcamins: you're too important to ignore :-)
18:43 jcamins           The data you enter in 008/07-10 is not the same as what you enter in 260$c.
18:44 jcamins           Though if your catalogers are not putting the date in 008/07-10, chances are they're not using the more complicated options for 260$c.
18:44 jcamins           So you'd probably be fine finding the 4-digit year and just copying it over.
18:44 * jcamins         goes to eat lunch, in the hopes that food will make him more coherent.
18:45 cait              good luck!
18:45 chris_n           they're just putting copyright date into 260$c
18:45 chris_n           so that would equate to a 't' in 008 char 6, right?
18:45 cait              t?
18:45 * chris_n         is very poor when it comes to MARC
18:45 chris_n           cait: see http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd008a.html
18:46 chris_n           t - Publication date and copyright date
18:46 cait              ah
18:46 jcamins           chris_n: probably s.
18:46 cait              probably
18:46 cait              or is
18:46 cait              I think koha doesn't care
18:46 jcamins           chris_n: because t means that you have to fill out both copyright *and* publication date.
18:46 jcamins           I'd go with s.
18:46 * jcamins         really goes for lunch. :)
18:49 chris_n           s does make more sense
18:50 * chris_n         wonders how hard it will be to get the catalogers to do this
18:50 chris_n           thanks cait and jcamins
18:56 rangi             back
18:58 slef              chris_n: threaten to make up a new set of cataloguing rules for title fields.
18:59 slef              that'll scare them into line
18:59 * jcamins         returns.
18:59 Shane-S           jcamins: I got the URL working now
18:59 Shane-S           I never hit "enable" on the my routers uPnP settings :P
19:00 jcamins           Shane-S: that does look better.
19:01 jcamins           Nifty. :)
19:01 Shane-S           I didn't see covers on your site, there a reason (or bad search on my part)?
19:02 jcamins           Shane-S: none of the records in that demo would have covers in any external databases, and I haven't gotten around to uploading example cover images.
19:03 Shane-S           ah, well I made that pastebin never delete if you ever want that code to use.
19:04 jcamins           Shane-S: thanks. :)
19:05 Shane-S           can anyone direct me to the script/file that creates the OPAC table? I would like to divisionize it to allow it to be fully customized ...IE books on the right or left, via float
19:07 jcamins           Shane-S: the template is opac-results.tt.
19:08 jcamins           Shane-S: I'm not sure you can't do that via javascript and CSS, though.
19:09 jcamins           We should probably use CSS for the results table anyway, shouldn't we?
19:09 * jcamins         looks to oleonard for words of wisdom on that subject.
19:09 oleonard          Hunh? Wha?
19:10 chris_n           slef: lol
19:10 troublemaker      opac for my friend aarkerio
19:10 troublemaker      http://decodic.incan.edu.mx/
19:10 troublemaker      simple and nice
19:11 jcamins           oleonard: should we really be using CSS for the results table rather than <table>?
19:12 oleonard          It would be nice if the OPAC used a more modern and flexible grid system. Then the results could be a nested grid instead of a table and column swapping would be easier.
19:12 * jcamins         isn't proposing to change it, just wondering if that's what we _should_ be doing.
19:12 * chris_n         wonders why no one seems to customize the layers on the cart buttons so that the rounded corners appear to match their background
19:12 * jcamins         did.
19:12 jcamins           Oh, then I got rid of the button entirely.
19:12 oleonard          chris_n: Because it's difficult I suppose. Or they haven't ready my blog post about it. Or both.
19:12 jcamins           And decided to use CSS3 rounded corners because I don't care that much about old browsers.
19:15 Shane-S           I accidentally hit backspace on the web chat...switched to chatzilla in FFx :P
19:15 * oleonard        is fond of Chatzilla
19:15 oleonard          Bug 7584
19:15 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7584 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Update cart and lists buttons style using CSS3 features
19:16 maximep           is it only in french that the translate scripts removes all newlines ?
19:16 maximep           as usual can't find a bug aobut it
19:16 cait              what kind of newlines?
19:16 cait              do you have an example with a problem?
19:16 maximep           opac-sendbasket.tt
19:16 maximep           <SUBJECT>
19:16 maximep           Mon dossier<END_SUBJECT>
19:17 maximep           missing newling befpore the end.. so send basket doesn't work at all on 3.6 for us
19:17 cait              let me check
19:17 cait              I am not aware of a general problem
19:17 cait              there was some problem with spaces
19:17 cait              but that was fixed... not sure in which version though :(
19:17 maximep           really ? hmmm, since 3.6 we lost all newlines in all our fr-CA templates
19:17 cait              thought 3.6
19:18 maximep           and sendbask seems to use regex that expects \n
19:18 Shane-S           can I access the single files anywhere? I like my script editor on my mac, but only want that opac-results.tt to look at
19:18 cait              maximep: not sure I really get it
19:19 maximep           well is your opac-sendbasket.tt in 42 lines or in 8
19:19 maximep           in other languages
19:19 jcamins           Shane-S: I *strongly* recommend you use git, if you're going to be editing the templates.
19:19 jcamins           *STRONGLY*!
19:19 maximep           git is your best friend =)
19:20 jcamins           Indeed.
19:20 Shane-S           no clue how to use git, and I just want to "look" at it legibly to see if it is ever worth editing...then I might consider git, that is a package manager right?
19:21 cait              maximep: how do the newlines look like? in po?
19:21 cait              maximep: are those \n?
19:21 maximep           in po ?
19:21 maximep           i dont understand
19:21 cait              you said it was a problem with the translaton scripts?
19:21 maximep           yes
19:21 cait              can you perhaps paste the code?
19:22 maximep           what code ?
19:22 wahanui           code is, like, kept at git.koha-community.org
19:22 cait              the problematic code, the english and the french version
19:22 maximep           any template, really
19:22 cait              ?
19:23 cait              so oyur templates are all on one line?
19:23 maximep           almost
19:24 jcamins           Shane-S: git is a version control system.
19:24 jcamins           Shane-S: http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/modules/opac-results.tt;h=2f3c7d519ede5dcaf77dc3ea3290baa11ccbd04d;hb=HEAD
19:25 Shane-S           jcamins: thank you, how did you do that, I kept getting stats
19:25 cait              maximep: that sounds weird
19:27 jcamins           Shane-S: yeah, that took me a while to figure out. On the far right there's a column of "tree" links.
19:27 jcamins           I clicked on the tree link for koha.git.
19:31 maximep           but I can't be the only one not using en that has that problem :/
19:31 rangi             en-NZ and mi-NZ dont have that problem .. nor does de afaik
19:32 jcamins           maximep: you're on a fork of 3.6.0, right? I'm not sure that many libraries adopted 3.6.0.
19:34 schuster          jcamins still having problems when I when to edit or add a record today.  I "stashed" my git for the bug and went to master and was able to edit/create a record there.
19:34 maximep           yeah... I bet most translations of 3.6 are really behind
19:34 schuster          I'm going to eat lunch be back in about 20 minutes.
19:35 cait              maximep: let me check something
19:35 maximep           rangi: really ? juste did a ./translate install fr-FR to test and I get the same. Templates without newlines in them
19:35 jcamins           schuster: hm. When you get back I'll ask you about the error message.
19:35 cait              bug 6958
19:35 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6958 critical, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, frederic, RESOLVED FIXED, Missing spaces in translated templates
19:35 rangi             maximep: yep really on 3.6.3 and cait tests the de ones quite frequently
19:36 jcamins           cait: speaking of which, you should update your de translation, since it's out of date and missing the latest sysprefs. :P
19:36 cait              jcamins:  :P
19:36 maximep           ok, will update everything in misc/translator to latest 3.6.3 to see
19:36 cait              yeah I have to, I normally only update when I test some translations... stupid browser detection
19:38 jcamins           Heh. Maybe it needs to be possible to disable browser detection?
19:38 slef              browser detection should always be overridable
19:39 rangi             i hate that stupid browser detection crap
19:44 maximep           nope, no luck. Nothing was really changed in those scripts since 3.6.0. Maybe it's the locale of my system... I really have no idea
19:45 cait              can you try installing german?
19:45 cait              and check that?
19:45 cait              de-DE
19:45 jcamins           maximep: try checking out 3.6.3 on the same machine, and see if the translate works for that?
19:46 maximep           cait: same for all languages
19:46 maximep           jcamins: will try
19:46 * chris_n         carefully reverts all de-nesting related code from 3.6.x
19:47 chris_n           what a ride
19:47 jcamins           chris_n: oh, yeah, don't de-nest 3.6.x.
19:47 chris_n           that code is super-unstable
19:48 jcamins           Yup.
19:48 * chris_n         goes off to examin the QA trail
19:48 * jcamins         tested a bunch of them individually, but didn't realize that they would interact.
19:48 jcamins           And it was a situation where any *one* module could be de-nested, but if you nested two, suddenly lots of strange things broke.
19:49 chris_n           de-nesting is one of those large projects which really must be done and tested entirely before committing
19:49 chris_n           as much as we would like the "bite sized piece" approach for large projects this one is like doing heart surgery
19:50 jcamins           Well, 3.8.x is known to be unstable.
19:50 chris_n           and may be for a long time
19:50 rangi             actually i think it would be easier the other way chris_n
19:50 rangi             one module at a time
19:50 rangi             pushed
19:50 rangi             and tested
19:50 rangi             then another don
19:50 rangi             e
19:50 chris_n           rangi: right, but "tested" is the operative word there
19:50 rangi             the fact that a pile were pushed at once is the major problem
19:51 * chris_n         questions the extent of testing in this case
19:51 rangi             it makes tracking problems nightmarishly hard
19:51 chris_n           jcamins: we also agreed to keep master stable as much as possible
19:51 chris_n           by using QA branches
19:51 jcamins           chris_n: agreed, but at least everyone using it knows that there *could* be instability.
19:51 chris_n           there was a lack of through testing in this case imho
19:51 Shane-S           I think I can make opac-results.tt table-less...might give it a shot
19:52 jcamins           Shane-S: use git!
19:52 jcamins           chris_n: without a doubt.
19:52 Shane-S           is that n automated response to file names?
19:52 jcamins           Shane-S: no, but that's a good idea. We should train our bot wahanui to say that. :)
19:55 Shane-S           well I am gonna use the file I have now and try it out first :P
19:55 jcamins           Shane-S: don't say I didn't warn you-!
19:55 maximep           looks like it's somehow a .po problem. The one we imported from 3.2 is correct, but not the one based on 3.6. So frustrating :/
19:56 cait              maximep: we have 5 libraries on 3.6.3 with german now - no problems reported
19:57 maximep           ok thanks, glad it's only a problem for me
19:57 cait              bet you are not really glad ;
19:57 cait              ;)
19:57 cait              but hope you can find out what the problem is soon
19:57 maximep           no, not really haha
19:58 cait              [off] seminar-heilbronn.bsz-bw.de < 3.6.3
19:58 Shane-S           I don't understand what git is does/how to edit  :P
19:58 jcamins           Shane-S: it's a version control system.
19:58 jcamins           git?
19:58 wahanui           somebody said git was http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Version_Control_Using_Git
19:58 jcamins           ^^ read that. :)
19:59 oleonard          Shane-S: It's overkill if you just want to be trying stuff out, but if you're interested in contributing code it's pretty much required.
19:59 jcamins           Shane-S: and if you want to keep your changes, it's pretty much required.
19:59 jcamins           Shane-S: and if you want people to offer feedback, it's de rigeur.
19:59 jcamins           (yes! I just used the phrase "de rigeur" in conversation!)
20:00 maximep           we don't even use it in french :p
20:01 jcamins           maximep: well I get double points then!
20:01 jcamins           :D
20:03 jenkins_koha      Starting build #41 for job Koha_3.6.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:03 schuster          jcamins - I'm starting over at the bug submission from 2/21/12 making sure all the files are in the right place etc..  I'll come back "if" I get stuck again.
20:04 jcamins           schuster: yeah, due to the frequent changes in master, I've rebased several times in the past week.
20:11 schuster          well I was able on "master" branch to open a record edit it and save.  I switched branches - open a record edit it and save - and get Undefined subroutine &C4::Heading::SearchAuthorities called at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/Heading.pm line 205
20:12 jcamins           schuster: I can tell you how to fix that.
20:12 schuster          K
20:13 jcamins           schuster: and you just applied the latest patch on the latest master?
20:13 schuster          Yes pulled and git bz last night
20:13 jcamins           Okay.
20:13 jcamins           I'm not sure why I don't have that problem, but open up C4/Heading.pm
20:13 schuster          Yep
20:13 jcamins           Search for "SearchAuthorities"
20:13 schuster          Yep
20:13 Shane-S           if I used the packages can I still use git?
20:13 jcamins           I believe that's inside an if statement.
20:14 jcamins           If it's inside an if statement, on the line after the if( ... ) add "require C4::AuthorityMarc;"
20:15 jcamins           If it's not inside an if statement, put the "require C4::AuthorityMarc;" right before the SearchAuthorities.
20:15 oleonard          http://www.screencast.com/t/1jshtzrGk9x One is the current version, one is the all-CSS(3) version
20:15 schuster          just a minute
20:16 schuster          ok Yep
20:17 jcamins           Wait, typo.
20:17 jcamins           C4::AuthoritiesMarc
20:17 jcamins           Notice the plural.
20:17 jcamins           Does it work now?
20:18 jcamins           It's perplexing. I'm looking at the patch, and the line is already there.
20:19 schuster          I have There is an if statement commented out then "require C4::AuthoritiesMarc;" - line 204
20:19 Shane-S           jcamins: what version should I contribute to if I am going to try and make OPAC table-less?
20:19 jcamins           Shane-S: Master.
20:19 schuster          Then line 205 is "return SearchAuthorities("
20:20 oleonard          Shane-S: And use git ;)
20:20 jcamins           schuster: that's exactly what it should look like.
20:20 jcamins           schuster: you're probably going to run into a problem with C4/Biblio.pm as well.
20:20 jcamins           Open that up and search for "LinkBibHeadingsToAuthorities
20:21 jcamins           A few lines down should be the line "my %results;"
20:21 jcamins           After that line add "require C4::Heading;" and "require C4::AuthoritiesMarc;"
20:22 schuster          That is already there.
20:22 jcamins           It is?
20:22 jcamins           Huh.
20:23 jcamins           schuster: when you run "git status" does it tell you that you have "conflicts"?
20:24 schuster          I am told I am 1 commit ahead of "origin/master'
20:24 schuster          no changes added
20:24 jcamins           Okay, good.
20:24 jcamins           In that case, carry on with your testing. :)
20:25 schuster          But that's where I'm stuck.  I open a record already in the system and when I click save I get the "Software error:" Undefined...
20:26 jcamins           schuster: *after* the change?
20:26 schuster          I didn't have to change anything.
20:27 jcamins           schuster: wait, what?
20:27 wahanui           wait, is it only in items?
20:27 jcamins           schuster: the require was already there?
20:27 schuster          yep
20:27 jcamins           I thought you meant the other ones were already there.
20:28 * chris_n         turns the temperature down on 3.6.x
20:28 jcamins           Okay, try changing line 205 to C4::AuthoritiesMarc::SearchAuthorities(
20:28 schuster          my error says "Undefined subroutine &C4::Heading::SearchAuthorities called at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/Heading.pm line 205."
20:28 jcamins           I'm not sure why it would've worked on my system and not yours, but if we state explicitly which package we're using, that should fix it.
20:28 jcamins           I think.
20:29 * jcamins         would change the patch and upload the new one, except his computer is an hour and a half away.
20:29 rangi             chris_n++
20:32 schuster          jcamins - 204 is require C4::AuthoritiesMarc;, 205 is return SearchAuthorities(
20:33 jcamins           schuster: change it to "return C4::AuthoritiesMarc::SearchAuthorities("
20:33 wahanui           jcamins: that doesn't look right
20:33 schuster          which line do I need to change?  204 like C4::AuthoritiesMarc::SearchAuthorities; ?
20:33 jcamins           Sorry. I'm slightly incoherent today. :/
20:33 jcamins           No, you're adding "C4::AuthoritiesMarc" to line 205.
20:35 schuster          YEAH it worked!!  taking notes...  Moving forward with testing.
20:35 jcamins           Woohoo!
20:46 jenkins_koha      Project Koha_3.6.x build #41: UNSTABLE in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_3.6.x/41/
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 7545: Can't edit items"
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 7546 - cannot view subscription detail"
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 6875 de-nesting Auth.pm"
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 6875 de-nesting C4::VirtualShelves"
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 6875 de-nesting C4::Heading"
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 6875 de-nesting C4/Serials"
20:46 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7545 blocker, P1 - high, ---, nengard, Pushed to Master , can't edit items
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 6875 cleaning opac-main.pl"
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 6875 cleaning mainpage.pl"
20:46 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7546 blocker, P1 - high, ---, paul.poulain, Pushed to Master , Cannot view subscription detail - bareword error
20:46 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6875 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, paul.poulain, Needs Signoff , de-nesting C4 packages
20:46 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Revert "Bug 6875 de-nesting C4::Koha.pm"
20:46 jenkins_koha      Starting build #42 for job Koha_3.6.x (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #40 5 h 27 mn ago)
20:48 rangi             hmm ill look into that isbn fail now chris_n
20:48 chris_n           interesting
20:48 wahanui           i guess interesting is good
20:48 chris_n           it passed the suite locally
20:50 chris_n           and passes now
20:50 rangi             i think db issue
20:50 rangi             yep, will fix
20:50 rangi             fixed
20:51 rangi             !jenkins build koha_3.6.x now
20:51 jenkins_koha      rangi: job koha_3.6.x build scheduled now
20:56 chris_n           cool
20:58 jcamins           Okay, time to leave.
20:58 jcamins           I'll be back from Oradell, and probably the bus.
20:58 rangi             cya jcamins
21:26 oleonard          Oh man do I ever hate YUI.
21:28 jenkins_koha      Yippie, build fixed!
21:28 jenkins_koha      Project Koha_3.6.x build #42: FIXED in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_3.6.x/42/
21:28 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Release Notes for 22 Feb 2012 20:14:40 Z
21:28 jenkins_koha      * chris.nighswonger: Fixing up release notes to reflect all reverts
21:28 jenkins_koha      Starting build #43 for job Koha_3.6.x (previous build: FIXED)
21:36 * oleonard        grumbles 'Stupid YUI, making me late to leave work...'
21:37 cait              heh
21:48 schuster          @later tell jcamins - in step 16 of the test - If you don't match case in the heading it doesn't link.  If you do it does link.
21:48 huginn            schuster: The operation succeeded.
21:49 schuster          @later tell jcamins - step 16 no that isn't right it linked them both to the heading but the local bib record one is correct the other is mixed case.  Interesting.
21:49 huginn            schuster: The operation succeeded.
21:51 schuster          well that's it for me online today...  felt productive this afternoon!
21:55 maximep           never found why would the \n of the translations be removed on my system. ENded up just hardcoding the fr-CA .tt :/
21:59 maximep           too tired to open a bug for the encoding of emails from sendbasket. anyway, 4 days weekend for me =)
22:00 mveron            maximep: Have a nice weekend!
22:00 Penggu            hi all. i get an error:   (line 37, /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Context.pm) die "Version mismatch: $VERSION > $Koha::VERSION" if ($VERSION gt $Koha::VERSION);
22:00 Penggu            any ideas?
22:00 wahanui           any ideas are welcome :)
22:02 Penggu            the koha dist i'm using is liblime_koha-4.08.23
22:03 maximep           we don't support liblime koha here
22:03 cait              Penggu: I am sorry, but we can't help you
22:03 Penggu            no probs
22:04 cait              if you are jsut getting started with koha
22:04 cait              you might want to take a look at koha-community.org and download koha from download.koha-community.org or use the debian packages under debian.koha-community.org
22:04 Penggu            i only saw liblime. didnt realise there was an actual different distribution.
22:05 cait              that's often the problem that people don't know about the difference
22:05 Penggu            nice. time to rm -rf
22:05 Penggu            this has been a mess
22:06 cait              where are you from Penggu?
22:06 Penggu            .au
22:06 rangi             Penggu: actual koha comes with debian packages too, another advantage :)
22:06 cait              rangi: I mentioned that :P
22:07 rangi             oh yeah you did
22:07 rangi             http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian
22:10 jenkins_koha      Project Koha_3.6.x build #43: SUCCESS in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_3.6.x/43/
22:11 rangi             morning Space_Librarian
22:11 eythian           hi
22:11 wahanui           niihau, eythian
22:11 cait              heya eythian
22:11 rangi             Penggu: where in .au ... i was just in melbourne for VALA
22:11 eythian           g'day cait
22:11 Penggu            melbourne also, northern suburbs
22:11 rangi             sweet
22:12 rangi             melbourne is a nice place
22:12 rangi             there are some koha libraries in melbourne already too
22:12 Space_Librarian   morning rangi!
22:12 Space_Librarian   melbs is awesome. :)
22:13 Space_Librarian   morning eythian and cait
22:13 Space_Librarian   cait - I hear you guys have some cool analystics stuffs going on. You should tell me about it sometime.
22:14 rangi             Penggu: http://www.ncps.edu.au/melbourne-campus.html   these guys for one
22:14 cait              there are 2 different implementations for analytics
22:14 eythian           hello Space_Librarian
22:14 rangi             i told Space_Librarian to use your one cait
22:14 cait              oh
22:14 Space_Librarian   lol
22:14 cait              well then I can tell her - was going to say that the other is not compatible with our data model so have not tested it out :)
22:15 rangi             and http://library.philanthropy.org.au/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl ... in melbourne too .. but they are using a pretty old koha
22:15 Space_Librarian   cait sweet - the other model doesn't really work for what we have.
22:17 cait              ah
22:17 cait              what we do is use 001 and links in $w of 773
22:17 cait              it will create links between the records
22:18 cait              so you can navigate between them, find all analytics from the host record and such
22:18 cait              it works without 001 too
22:18 cait              there is  anice cataloging enhancement colin wrote that would make the process even easier, but it's kinda stuck right now
22:18 cait              bug 6831
22:18 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6831 enhancement, PATCH-Sent (DO NOT USE), ---, colin.campbell, Failed QA , Enhanced Workflow for adding analytical records
22:21 Space_Librarian   wicked. Will have a good look. Thanks cait!
22:23 cait              Space_Librarian: any time. I am sorry I have no example to show you
22:24 cait              Space_Librarian: our libraries only have very few analytics, what we have more is sets with multiple parts
22:25 cait              Space_Librarian: https://hfjs.bsz-bw.de/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=549
22:26 Space_Librarian   Also - riddle me this. How can I make ebooks searchable, and available, without being able to have holds placed on them, because they mess with our holds queue... I'm toying with item types, but do other libraries have a good working example?
22:26 cait              It's a handbook in 5 volumes, there is a set record with a link to show the corresponding volumes. he analytics work quite similar, different icons and the link is named differently :)
22:26 Space_Librarian   cait, we're wanting to link individual journal articles to it's volume/number
22:26 cait              Space_Librarian: if you add items for ebooks I think using an itemtype that is marked not for loan should work
22:26 Space_Librarian   so very similiar
22:28 cait              not for loan in the itemtype configuration
22:28 Space_Librarian   no, that's something different
22:28 cait              if you want to make really sure, you can also add it in circulation rules, at the bottom of the page - make the itemtype there non holdable
22:29 cait              not for loan items can never be put on hold - what can't be checked out, can not be put on hold :)
22:29 cait              koha logic
22:29 Space_Librarian   orly? I hadn't tried that. We just have it marked as not for loan atm, and that's not helpful
22:29 Space_Librarian   yeah. confuses patrons horribly
22:30 cait              if you don't want to use the not for loan checkbox
22:31 Space_Librarian   and lovely way of cataloging - I like the linking (having now read the bug and looked at your catalogue)
22:31 cait              our records are from a union catalog - it's a bit different from how most koha libraries work, but lots of nice links :)
22:32 cait              so we had to make them show
22:33 cait              ah, what I wanted to say is - in circulation rules, the last option on the page, you can mark an itemtype not for loan. additionally you can try to set a circulation rule with a loan period of 0
22:33 cait              both should work together I think and prevent holds
22:39 * jcamins_away    sits down with a pile of fudge and the cat.
22:39 cait              ooh
22:40 * cait            tries to lure myshkin to her
22:40 jcamins           Much needed.
22:40 jcamins           Both the fudge and the cat.
22:40 eythian           don't confuse them.
22:40 jcamins           eythian: no, that seems ill-advised.
22:40 Space_Librarian   mmm. fudge.
22:41 jcamins           Kahlua fudge.
22:41 jcamins           :)
22:42 cait              yum
22:42 Space_Librarian   you really do enjoy taunting us with good food, don't you? :)
22:42 cait              oh yes he does
22:42 cait              and he does not ship to germany
22:42 jcamins           :/
22:43 jcamins           I'm just sharing virtually. :)
22:44 cait              at least that ;)
22:44 cait              you have to come to scotland with an extra suitcase of fudge :)
22:45 * jcamins         will do his best.
22:45 * Space_Librarian is envious
22:46 jcamins           You should make fudge.
22:47 jcamins           It's tasty.
22:47 jcamins           And easy.
22:47 Space_Librarian   I should make fudge. Next week.
22:47 Space_Librarian   I will make fudge
22:47 cait              and you should start shipping fudge to germany...
22:48 jcamins           You should do it tonight.
22:48 * cait            tries to use jedi powers
22:48 Space_Librarian   I have a 21km walk on Sunday... There will be no fudge making tonight
22:48 * Space_Librarian is impervious to force use
22:48 jcamins           Space_Librarian: you should make the fudge and not eat it.
22:48 jcamins           Then it'll be waiting for you Sunday after the walk. :)
22:49 rangi             so what am i going to eat while i sit on the sideline watching you walk then!!
22:49 rangi             how inconsiderate!
22:49 cait              lol
22:49 jcamins           Space_Librarian: plus, you need to make fudge for rangi!
22:49 rangi             hehe
22:49 cait              yes, making fudge for rangi tops any jedi powers
22:49 jcamins           That's a long walk.
22:50 Space_Librarian   it is a half marathon
22:50 Space_Librarian   And I will make fudge for rangi and eythian... when I make fudge
22:50 rangi             yay!
22:50 eythian           excellent :D
22:51 Space_Librarian   Because catalyst boys are awesome.
22:51 Space_Librarian   lol
22:51 Space_Librarian   And then when the rest of you lot visit us in Wellington, I'll make you fudge too.
22:52 jcamins           :)
22:52 Space_Librarian   ;)
22:52 jcamins           And when you all visit NYC, I'll share fudge.
22:54 Space_Librarian   Sweet!
22:54 Space_Librarian   And brownies. Don't forget the brownies.
22:55 cait              I was there! and got no fudge
22:55 cait              *sniff*
22:56 Space_Librarian   :(
22:57 Space_Librarian   But you may get Edinburgh Rock in Scorland though. mmmm... proper Edinburgh Rock...
22:57 Space_Librarian   Scotland even
22:57 ibeardslee        rangi, eythian: you need to let me know next time fudge is made ;)
22:57 eythian           ibeardslee: but you're on a foreign floor!
22:57 jcamins           cait: you were in NYC and didn't tell me?!?
22:58 cait              lol yes, every seond weekend jcamins
22:58 * jcamins         feels insulted that he was the last to find out. :P
22:59 * jcamins         grudgingly shares fudge with cait anyway. ;)
22:59 Space_Librarian   ibeardslee yeah, you're in the shadowdy depths of the place.
22:59 Space_Librarian   shadowy* Man, I need coffee.
23:00 ibeardslee        I am closer to the merengues at BOC
23:00 jcamins           Mmm. Merengue.
23:01 Space_Librarian   speaking of which... I need to gatecrash a BoC sometime.
23:01 cait              I will go
23:01 cait              it's really too late to plunder the fridge or start making fudge
23:02 Space_Librarian   cait: make icing... eat that
23:02 cait              icing at midnight is probably not healthy
23:02 jcamins           lol
23:02 jcamins           Icing is always healthy!
23:02 Space_Librarian   yes! Pure sugar - what could possibly be bad about that?
23:02 cait              lol
23:03 cait              I am trying to eat no chocolate until easter
23:03 jcamins           !!
23:03 cait              you will all witness the consequences...
23:03 cait              (started today9
23:03 jcamins           Oh no!
23:03 cait              so i survived day 1
23:03 cait              almost
23:03 jcamins           Out of forty?
23:03 cait              yeah I think
23:03 Space_Librarian   Yikes! That's a hard item to give up for lent.
23:04 cait              i don't smoke and i don't drink beer...
23:04 cait              had to be the chocolate
23:04 * jcamins         is glad he doesn't celebrate Lent.
23:04 jcamins           So's Myshkin.
23:04 cait              hehe
23:04 * Space_Librarian too
23:04 Space_Librarian   lol
23:04 cait              it's more about finding out if i can
23:06 Space_Librarian   You can. Chocolate does taste weird after 40 days off it though (I speak from experience)
23:06 jcamins           Space_Librarian: how terrible!
23:06 cait              yeah
23:06 cait              that was my thought too
23:06 Space_Librarian   which is why I then gave up Lent for Lent.
23:06 * cait            is suddenly wondering if that was really a good idea
23:06 jcamins           lol
23:07 ibeardslee        Space_Librarian: that's the way to do it
23:07 Space_Librarian   I thought so. ;)
23:07 jcamins           One friend gave up Facebook for Lent.
23:07 jcamins           She announced it on Facebook.
23:07 jcamins           I laughed.
23:07 cait              I trust you all to make me eat chocolate again before i turn into another totally different person ;)
23:07 cait              and now good night #koha!
23:07 jcamins           Good night.
23:07 Space_Librarian   night!
23:08 jcamins           Vanilla icing just isn't as tasty as chocolate icing.
23:08 Space_Librarian   agreed
23:09 * cait            runs out
23:09 ibeardslee        my fav is that almond icing
23:09 jcamins           ibeardslee: nah, chocolate for me.
23:10 Space_Librarian   marzipan?
23:10 ibeardslee        Space_Librarian: yes
23:10 jcamins           ibeardslee: actually, I see no reason to make icing. Melted chocolate is good enough. :)
23:10 Space_Librarian   And now I need to go visit that chocolatier and get coffee... bbiab
23:17 Penggu            hmm. the .my.cnf conflicted with the defaults-extra part of the koha-create script
23:24 Penggu            any reason why the home screen's stylesheets don't seem to be loading?