Time  Nick         Message
23:58 * dani       waves
22:57 * jcamins    waves back.
22:49 cait         s
22:49 * cait       wave
21:44 wizzyrea     http://blog.jupo.org/2011/09/12/open-source-for-you/ :)
21:04 jcamins      Sandtarts require only one egg!
21:03 jcamins      Hooray!
20:59 * jcamins    considers baking more.
20:40 wizzyrea     *nod*
20:39 jcamins      It distracts me from fixing other bugs.
20:38 * jcamins    maintains it *is* very bad.
20:38 wizzyrea     I saw, thanks! That could have been very bad.
20:38 huginn       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6488 critical, P2, ---, srdjan, Signed Off , opachiddenitems not working in master
20:38 jcamins      wizzyrea: I signed off on your follow up for bug 6488.
20:35 bag          oh good no fever is good
20:33 wizzyrea     still wicked congested, but no fever now.
20:33 wizzyrea     he is finally getting better
20:33 * jcamins    offers some virtual Kahlua fudge.
20:33 wizzyrea     fortunately you are all protected from my germs by the power of the internet.
20:32 bag          how's Soren?
20:32 wizzyrea     heya
20:32 wizzyrea     I think I'm getting it yes. :( :( :(
20:32 bag          hi wizzyrea
20:32 jcamins      wizzyrea: oh no! You could spud's cold?
20:32 wizzyrea     *you
20:32 * wizzyrea   waves, tries not to cough on ou
20:32 * jcamins    waves to wizzyrea.
20:22 bag          HA
20:22 jcamins      bag: nah, I'm a monograph cataloger. :P
20:22 bag          so you should love Serials :D
20:21 jcamins      bag: I don't think so. I'm more of a cataloger. :)
20:21 bag          jcamins: are you ever going to try and be QA or RM?
20:16 jcamins      Serials... blech.
20:16 bag          going alright - just doing some serials work :)
20:06 jcamins      How are things in Santa Barbara?
20:05 bag          yo jcamins
20:05 jcamins      Good morning, bag.
19:42 bag          morning jcamins
14:45 Culiforge    jcamins: sorry, away.. but yes.. that's the exact bit of advice I needed.. thank you
13:51 wahanui      hmmm... good morning is it to you?
13:51 jcamins      Good morning.
13:50 cait         heya jcamins_away :)
13:49 huginn       jcamins_away: The operation succeeded.
13:49 jcamins_away @later tell gmcharlt This may be of some use wrt indexing configuration: http://special-cataloguing.com/node/1413
13:36 jcamins_away Culiforge: if you mean that you have an Ubuntu 11.10 install that doesn't have Koha, just install Koha using the .deb, then use koha-dump to save the database from your 10.04 install and koha-restore to load it into 11.10.
12:13 Culiforge    Hello koha. I previously installed koha on a 10.04 install which has since gone south for many reasons. I currently wish to have it on a 11.10 install. Can I reinstall from the .deb package or is there an option to move it from the previous 10.04 install?
11:05 cait         what is the error message you get?
11:05 cait         you can place holds from the detail screen or result lists
11:04 cait         the cart is not for placing holds
10:52 faiyaz       any suggestion?
10:52 faiyaz       hi everyone.. need help on koha!! how ca i enable "place on hold" book functionality?? i have added a book but after adding it into the cart it cannot be placed on hold
10:18 cait         morning paul_p
08:07 * cait       threatens
08:07 cait         do I really have to start to sing?
08:07 cait         you are still awake!
08:05 wizzyrea     ew indeed.
07:51 cait         ew.
07:51 * cait       wanders off to learn all about accounting
07:48 * rangi      wanders off
07:16 rangi        ahh yeah that'd do it
07:15 wizzyrea     crazy show.
07:15 wizzyrea     I blame Fringe
07:15 wizzyrea     hehe
07:15 cait         do we have to sing a lullaby for you? :)
07:15 wizzyrea     :) soon I hope
07:13 cait         :)
07:13 cait         go back to sleep!
07:13 wizzyrea     :) I actually woke up
07:13 cait         go to bed!
07:13 rangi        ouch!
07:13 wizzyrea     1:11
07:12 rangi        what time is it in kansas?
07:12 wizzyrea     yea yea it's really late ;)
07:12 rangi        holy crap
07:12 * wizzyrea   yawns
06:52 cait         hi rangi
06:52 rangi        hi cait
05:40 cait         good morning #koha