Time  Nick             Message
22:41 * cait           waves
22:33 rangi            hi edveal
20:48 kathryn          hi/bye liz : )
20:48 cait             bye liz
20:48 cait             :)
20:47 chrisdothall     cait: yeap
20:47 rangi            cya wizzyrea
20:47 wizzyrea         later peeps
20:47 cait             chrisdothall: first day?
20:47 cait             :)
20:47 kathryn          hi there Cait!
20:47 chrisdothall     hey cait xD
20:46 cait             hi kathryn too :)
20:46 cait             hi chrisdothall :)
20:21 * druthb         too!
20:20 * cait           gets hungry
20:20 cait             oooh
20:17 * jcamins_away   distributes individually-wrapped pomegranate fudge.
20:13 rangi            back
19:15 jcamins_away     Right.
19:14 wizzyrea         expecially on a sunday when nobody is cataloging
19:14 wizzyrea         and only like, availability type stuff
19:13 wizzyrea         right, that was my understanding as well
19:13 jcamins_away     The index will be out of sync until you next run rebuild_zebra.pl -z, but that's all.
19:13 jcamins_away     I don't know that it's "advisable," but it shouldn't cause any serious problems.
19:12 wizzyrea         circulating with the zebraqueue off and a reindex running: advisable or not?
19:02 rangi            ok bbiab
19:02 rangi            we dont have the license to touch em :)
19:01 druthb           Mostly, we do too.  There's a few where I've had to go in with the rubber gloves and fish the data out.  but for most, we give 'em some instructions, and let 'em do it.
19:01 rangi            hmm ppl here best be social
19:01 rangi            but if they get text out all good
19:00 rangi            I dont touch their proprietary stuff
19:00 rangi            we leave it for the library
18:59 druthb           :)  I've got about three different ILSes that I've told JesseM "go fish" on.  Any library he can land from those systems won't be a problem to migrate.
18:58 rangi            :)
18:58 rangi            druthb: they dont need help, they shoot themselves regularly
18:56 rangi            chrisdothall: if you get in early im just at neo :)
18:55 druthb           [off] only closed-source ILS companies...
18:55 * druthb         doesn't plot the downfall of mankind...
18:46 cait             :)
18:44 trea             neat!
18:39 rangi            yeah its fun
18:38 wizzyrea         love that.
18:38 rangi            where we plot the downfall of mankind
18:37 rangi            its a 2 week thing
18:37 rangi            but first I have #hrmmbreakfast with librarians
18:35 * rangi          has bad french
18:35 cait             hehe
18:35 rangi            sounded like flooer
18:35 rangi            maybe it was just florin
18:35 jcamins_away     If you want to understand a generation of Americans, you must watch the Princess Bride.
18:34 rangi            so we might steal him
18:34 rangi            but he knew what unimarc was
18:34 rangi            he is on the stuff team but sitting by me
18:34 jcamins_away     cait: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093779/
18:34 cait             ?
18:34 rangi            I probably spelt it wrong
18:34 jcamins_away     cait: the sworn enemy of Gildur?
18:33 rangi            new guy from lyon
18:33 cait             florint?
18:33 rangi            and florint starts tommorrow
18:32 rangi            chrisdothall starts today for the summer
18:31 rangi            hey all
18:30 trea             o/
18:30 cait             morning rangi, hi wizzyrea and jcamins_away
18:30 * jcamins_away   waves to cait, druthb, rangi, trea, and wizzyrea.
18:30 wizzyrea         mornin rangi
18:28 rangi            hi druthb
18:28 druthb           hi, rangi
18:28 rangi            morning
18:27 cait             hi trea :)
18:14 trea             hey ruth
18:09 druthb           hi, trea
17:17 Oak              well. me go now. not sure why i came. huh. weird.
17:14 Oak              may have to stay up late tonight. :-|
17:13 Oak              hello cait :) doing okay.
17:13 cait             how are you doing?
17:13 cait             hi Oak :)
16:57 * Oak            waves
16:54 cait             hi #koha
14:17 druthb           o/
11:50 Oak              :) me go now.
11:50 Oak              no problem
11:47 cait             lazy, playing a game
11:47 cait             Oak: sorry, got distracted
11:30 Oak              how is you?
11:29 Oak              will listen to it 5-6 times, then back to studies
11:28 Oak              Long Walk Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iywFZqtPlhU&ob=av2e
11:26 Oak              well listening to Bruce Springsteen at the moment
11:25 Oak              yup
11:25 cait             learning?
11:25 cait             hi Oak :)
11:25 Oak              hello miss cait :)
11:25 * Oak            waves
08:33 rangi            heya cait
08:33 cait             evening rangi :)
08:32 rangi            chrisdothall: are you around?
07:20 * cait           will be nice
07:19 cait             Q?
07:18 cait             I am a librarian... it's my job to tell you
07:18 eythian_laptop   mind your Ps and Qs now...
07:18 cait             :P
07:18 cait             P
07:17 eythian_laptop   yes ma'am! ;)
07:16 cait             now go and read a book :)
07:15 cait             nah, I don't think so
07:15 cait             hehe
07:15 eythian_laptop   I don't know who your informant is, but maybe they've got bad information ;)
07:14 cait             but there will be a cool presentation about koha I have heard ;)
07:14 eythian_laptop   Although a good friend of mine lives there, so it'll be good to catch up with him again.
07:14 eythian_laptop   It's both very warm (in summer times) and kinda boring as far as cities go :)
07:12 eythian_laptop   no, Canberra is not cool :)
07:12 cait             cool :)
07:12 eythian_laptop   which is in Canberra this year
07:12 cait             where is it?
07:12 eythian_laptop   the Australian version
07:12 cait             ohnice
07:12 eythian_laptop   Open Source Developers Conference
07:11 cait             osdc?
07:11 eythian_laptop   I wanted to get it finished so I can review it with a fresh brain tomorrow, and that'll be all the overview it'll really get.
07:11 eythian_laptop   I have no choice unfortunately.
07:11 cait             impressive :)
07:11 cait             I never finish my presentations so early
07:10 eythian_laptop   but I'm very busy between then and now
07:10 cait             wow
07:10 eythian_laptop   Wednesday.
07:10 eythian_laptop   It is Sunday
07:10 cait             when is yourpresentation?
07:10 cait             it's sunday
07:10 cait             that sounds good
07:10 * eythian_laptop thinks he's finished writing his OSDC presentation about Koha and is now going to go offline and read a book.
07:10 cait             hi eythian )
07:09 eythian_laptop   hi cait
07:05 cait             hi #koha
04:17 druthb           o/