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00:10 jenkins_koha          Project Koha_master build #259: SUCCESS in 41 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/259/
00:10 jenkins_koha          Liz Rea: Bug 6258 - Guided reports wizard 'Build new' brings up empty page
00:10 huginn`               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6258 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, wizzyrea, ASSIGNED , Guided reports wizard 'Build new' brings up empty page
00:39 glernil               good day!
00:40 Soupermanito          :) good
00:40 glernil               i would like to upgrade my installation of koha 3.2 to 3.4. Do i have to upgrade first 3.2 to 3.2.9 or could i upgrade it to 3.4 directly?
00:47 eythian               glernil: you're on the debian packages, right?
00:47 glernil               yup!
00:48 eythian               which means you're probably running 3.2.9 already
00:48 eythian               there's is no "official" 3.4 packages, but there are some for people to test available
00:49 eythian               to get to them, you change "squeeze" in your sources.list to "squeeze-dev"
00:49 glernil               so it means that i shouldnt upgrade my installation for the mean time and wait for the official release?
00:50 eythian               it's up to you. I'd like more people to be testing it for me :)
01:35 glernil               eythian: when i rebuild the index using "/usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r" an error occurs saying "BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r line 6"
01:35 eythian               don't do that
01:35 eythian               :)
01:35 eythian               is that the exact command you're using?
01:36 glernil               yup
01:36 eythian               and is that all of the error message?
01:36 eythian               oh, the error message is correct because that's not how you're supposed to run it
01:36 glernil               i have to rebuild my index because there's no record being shown in my search... exactly the same command
01:37 eythian               sudo koha-rebuild-zebra --full <name of library>
01:37 glernil               so how should I run that?
01:37 glernil               got to try
01:37 eythian               (where <name of library> is the name of the koha instance
01:37 eythian               although, before that, try: sudo /etc/init.d/koha-common restart
01:39 glernil               when i try to restart using the last command you gave and error occured failed to stop the collegelib-koha-zebra daemon: no such process
01:39 glernil               is it just ok
01:39 glernil               ?
01:40 eythian               try it one more time, if it says nothing, then it's OK
01:40 eythian               but that very much looks like that it would be the cause of your search not working problem
01:44 glernil               eythian: it worked!
01:44 eythian               coolness
01:44 glernil               do i have to do that everytime i update or add records and items?
01:45 eythian               no, the daemon is running all the time (normally), and every 5 minutes a cron job runs to reindex the things that have been changed/added.
01:45 eythian               It's the daemon that responds to search requests though, so it needs to be running.
01:45 glernil               i see
01:45 eythian               I wonder if something's happened in 3.4 that stops it starting on installation...
01:45 glernil               so it is already running right?
01:45 eythian               oh, I know what it is
01:46 eythian               it doesn't get started when you create a library maybe...
01:46 eythian               I should check that
01:46 eythian               yep, if search is working, then it's running
01:48 glernil               got it! and the default settings in crontab example is included?
01:50 eythian               yes, it should have been installed into /etc/cron.d/koha-common
01:52 glernil               one more thing.. is there any docu/ wiki where the complete list of commands in the koha-common debian package can be seen?
02:01 wizzyrea              rangi++ for finding git bz
02:03 eythian               hey, I found git-bz, he just fixed it :)
02:03 eythian               glernil: not really. There's a bit of a list on the wiki page, but it doesn't cover all of them
02:03 eythian               you can always do ls /usr/sbin/koha-* to see all of them :)
02:06 eythian               I need to convince Nicole that she wants to write man pages for all of them one of these days :)
02:08 rangi                 hehe
02:11 glernil               that's great.. looking forward on that... I'm impressed on the easiness of the debian installation process using koha-common package
02:12 eythian               :)
02:12 eythian               glernil: oh, did you end up bringing it up to 3.4?
02:13 glernil               eythian: not yet... i'll test first 3.2... working on notice sending
02:13 eythian               sure thing. I'd be interested to know if you find any issues related to the packaging or OS integration if you do upgrade.
02:16 wizzyrea              hi irma, brooke :)
02:16 Brooke                0/
02:20 Space_Librarian       afternoon Irma
02:28 Brooke                0/
02:29 rangi                 hey Brooke and Irma
02:29 rangi                 hi Ahmuck
02:29 Brooke                :)
02:29 Ahmuck                hi Brooke
02:29 Ahmuck                er, hi rangi
02:33 Space_Librarian       hey Brooke
02:36 Brooke                howdy
02:36 wahanui               hi, Brooke
03:16 Brooke                0/
03:16 rangi                 heya pauln
03:19 Soupermanito          :) it took me like 4 hours but now i have a virtualmachine in which im installing koha :D
03:20 pauln                 g'day
03:21 pauln                 still got no word back form conf committee about their suggestions for how they are thinking demo session would work
03:21 rangi                 ahh, thats less than optimal :)
03:26 pauln                 in the meantime i had a brainwave that we could instead be an exhibitor ;)
03:26 pauln                 that way we've got 3 days to do plenty of demos to different groups
03:27 rangi                 ahh yeah catalyst has a booth
03:27 rangi                 we can use some of it for Koha librarians to use to demo :)
03:27 rangi                 http://www.conference.co.nz/lianza11/exhibition  <-- we are 29
03:28 rangi                 so actually running rolling demos there would work just fine :)
03:28 pauln                 right on
03:30 pauln                 ill work on the abstract over the weekend anyway and let you have a look Monday
03:30 rangi                 awesome
03:31 pauln                 bit late on it i know, but we will give the committee very possible chance to feedback!
03:31 rangi                 :)
03:34 pauln                 easy enough to sort out a demo schedule at the time depending on who is there you reckon?
03:35 pauln                 and that acquisitions thing is still at the bottom
03:35 rangi                 dangit
03:36 rangi                 pauln: yeah i reckon easy enough to do that
03:37 huginn`               New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 6340: Pagination bar on guided reports result page broken <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=ad6ec128e7cb012bd0e4afa8ac168b0c6b08d5db>
03:43 jenkins_koha          Starting build 260 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
03:50 Soupermanito          question, i am installing koha on ubuntu, and im being asked something about "nullmailer" what should i answer to it?
03:51 Soupermanito          something about "system mail" i think
03:51 eythian               I hate how it always tries to install that on Ubuntu
03:51 eythian               I'd say just don't do anything, and when it's done, replace it with postfix, which is a much better thing to use
03:51 Soupermanito          so i say 'cancel' then?
03:51 eythian               I don't know what it's asking
03:52 Soupermanito          want a screenshot?
03:52 eythian               but perhaps
03:52 eythian               No
03:52 eythian               you could just tell me
03:52 eythian               either way, it probably won't hurt whatever you do, if the next thing is to remove it
03:52 Soupermanito          okay
03:52 Soupermanito          :)
03:53 Soupermanito          i just cancelled it
04:12 Soupermanito          after runing misc/sax_parser_print.pl I get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/613053
04:13 Soupermanito          oh nevermind
04:13 Soupermanito          i had to keep reading
04:19 Space_Librarian       hey cait
04:20 cait                  hi Space_Librarian :)
04:23 Brooke                0/
04:25 cait                  hi Brooke - go to bed
04:25 Brooke                nu :P
04:25 cait                  or go to work for me... so I can sleep longer :P
04:26 jenkins_koha          Project Koha_master build #260: SUCCESS in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/260/
04:26 jenkins_koha          Katrin Fischer: Bug 6340: Pagination bar on guided reports result page broken
04:26 * Brooke              will work for food.
04:26 huginn`               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6340 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, ASSIGNED , Pagination bar on guided reports result page broken
04:29 cait                  I think we have still some ice cream in the fridge at work..
04:55 cait                  rangi: around?
04:55 Space_Librarian       he may be roaming on his phone...
04:57 * Brooke              sings a few bars of home on the range.
04:57 cait                  ah
04:57 cait                  only a git bz question
04:57 cait                  trying it out... will see if bug explodes :)
04:57 * Space_Librarian     sings where the kiwi and kakapo play...
04:58 Space_Librarian       cait: sounds like fun!
04:58 cait                  hm didn't work
04:59 eythian               rangi is at beer
04:59 ibeardslee            beer?
04:59 wahanui               beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.
04:59 Space_Librarian       preach it bot!
04:59 eythian               ibeardslee: you have an alert for that word, huh?
04:59 * cait                is very tempted to write a forget command
04:59 ibeardslee            I just happened to glance in the screen .. honest
05:00 eythian               cait: it would never last
05:00 cait                  well... for my day it would
05:00 Space_Librarian       ibeardslee: why don't I believe you?
05:00 Brooke                ibeardslee?
05:01 ibeardslee            Space_Librarian: you are a doubting thomas .. doubting shelley
05:01 Space_Librarian       Nah, just cynical.
05:01 ibeardslee            Brooke?
05:01 wahanui               Brooke is, like, deprecated
05:01 Brooke                hehe
05:02 ibeardslee            oh things happen when you do that
05:02 cait                  aha
05:03 * eythian             proceeds to beer
05:03 Brooke                drink one to twelve for me, mate.
05:03 cait                  already beer o clock ?
05:03 Space_Librarian       that's tomorrow
05:04 Brooke                not if I'm having a rough night tonight :P
05:04 Space_Librarian       true
05:04 * Brooke              laments that Hendricks' and nummahs do not mix well.
05:05 cait                  ah, confusing times again
05:19 Brooke                0/
05:30 cait                  hm
05:30 cait                  has someone tested printing barcodes recently?
05:30 * Brooke              shudders.
05:39 Brooke                http://tinyurl.com/3nyf97s
05:39 Brooke                rawr
05:50 Ropuch                Morning #koha
05:52 cait                  hi Ropuch
05:53 cait                  :)
05:54 Ropuch                Hi cait :)
05:59 Brooke                morning
06:00 cait                  git-bz++
06:00 cait                  @karma git-bz
06:00 huginn`               cait: Karma for "git-bz" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.
06:09 cait                  @wunder Konstanz
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06:10 Ropuch                @wunder Wrocław
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06:11 cait                  I win ;)
06:12 Ropuch                hehe
06:29 Brooke                bid!
06:34 alex_a                hi #koha
06:35 alex_a                @wunder marseille
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06:35 alex_a                cait: *I* win
06:35 alex_a                :p
06:35 cait                  oh, the game was already over...
06:35 cait                  :P
06:36 cait                  @wunder Konstanz
06:36 huginn`               cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 15.9�C (8:35 AM CEST on May 26, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1015.5 hPa (Steady).
06:36 cait                  ok, you win
06:36 alex_a                ;)
06:39 francharb             hello #koha
06:40 cait                  hi francharb :)
07:05 kf                    good morning #koha
07:09 Ropuch                Hello kf [;
07:14 kf                    hi again Ropuch :)
07:30 magnuse               kia ora #koha
07:42 huginn`               New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6410] Returns use wrong borrower number var name <http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6410>
07:50 jransom               Got permission tonight to come to KohaCon11 - yay :)
07:56 pianohacker           beeeeed
07:57 magnuse               cool - difinitely ;-)
07:57 jransom               I know - so excited.
07:58 magnuse               hey - i have been promoting koha here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/enger/5757338711/in/photostream for three days now, proudly wearing my Horowhenua pin ;-)
08:00 jransom               oh wow
08:00 jransom               that screenis amazing - is that northern lights?
08:03 magnuse               yup
08:04 magnuse               i could have taken them down to put up my big koha logo, but i thought it was better to let them hang
08:04 jransom               maybe kohacon in norway sometime ...
08:04 magnuse               difinitely! ;-)
08:04 magnuse               but give us 3-4 years to get some actual libraries using koha... ;-)
08:05 magnuse               and be prepared for an expensive trip...
08:05 jransom               and us time to save up!
08:05 magnuse               i'd love to show y'all the midnight sun!
08:05 jransom               i would love to see it... your photos are truly wonderful
08:06 * magnuse             blushes
08:06 magnuse               northern norway IS wonderful
08:07 jransom               OK - well I am off to cuddle the bambini for a while
08:08 jransom               nice 'chatting'
08:08 magnuse               have a nice cuddle!
08:08 jransom               :)
08:08 slef                  sure, I'd do a kohacon presentation on Makefile.PL, maybe a double-header with hdl on the web installer?  Now, who wants to pay for me to go to India? ;-)
08:09 slef                  morning all
08:09 hdl                   hi
08:09 wahanui               hey, hdl
08:13 kf1                   ah now I missed jo
08:13 kf1                   hi magnuse and hdl, slef :)
08:14 slef                  kf1: is that a bad attempt at concealing your nickname?
08:14 reiveune1             hello
08:14 slef                  I don't think adding a 1 will confuse many people.
08:14 slef                  reiveune1: salut
08:14 wahanui               what's up, slef
08:15 slef                  wahanui: who asked you?
08:15 wahanui               bugger all, i dunno, slef
08:18 sunil                 hi
08:18 wahanui               privet, sunil
08:19 sunil                 i have one problem in koha
08:20 sunil                 hi chis
08:21 sunil                 hi rangi
08:21 sunil                 anyone ther
08:22 hdl                   hi sunil
08:23 hdl                   hi all
09:13 kf1                   slef: sorry, we had a staff meeting
09:13 kf                    now it shoudl be better :)
10:18 druthb                o/
10:56 bigbrovar             Hi guys
11:01 bigbrovar             has anyone upgraded from koha 3.2 to 3.4 is it recommended?
11:07 kf                    i would go to 3.4.1
11:07 kf                    if you want to update
11:08 kf                    and test it on a demo database first
11:09 kf                    or wait a little longer for 3.4.2
11:09 kf                    there are still some smaller issues with TT that will be solved in that release
11:10 druthb                bigbrovar: we've got a number of sites testing out 3.4.1; seems to be mostly okay--few little things here and there, mostly templating issues.
11:11 druthb                ...and the upgrade is not hard.  Run updatedatabase.pl, and you need to run the script in misc/maintenance to remove the item records from marc/marcxml, and reindex.
11:12 bigbrovar             kf: ok, I will wait then, our koha instance even though not online yet is almost complete in terms of functionality . just waiting for management to approve, I was pulled off my work on koha for our library (which is mostly done as a personal project and non paid work) to other school IT needs, came back and BOOM there is a 3.4 release. lol
11:14 bigbrovar             druthb: would give it a go, reading the releae note for 3.4, its massive! like I wanna give it a go on a test machine asap, and it I can get it to the point I have 3.2 I would just do a clean install and start from scratch.
11:15 druthb                There are a *lot* of patches in a 3.2-3.4 upgrade, too true.  But we've run it clean a number of times here, no major worries.
11:16 bigbrovar             Ok then, I will give it a go, if things gets jammed up, I always have u guys anyways ;p
11:17 druthb                yup.  :D
11:37 conan                 hello everysoul
11:37 conan                 kf: thanks for your explanation about 6328
11:37 danmc                 once installed, will koha read most of its configuration from a single file or small set of files, or do I really need to set all the options like WEBMASTER_EMAIL, WEBSERVER_DOMAIN, etc at build time?
11:38 kf                    conan: you are welcome
11:38 kf                    hope it was understandable :)
11:41 conan                 kf: yes, pretty clear. I didn't understand why someone would use 'XXX', so my first tought was that someone screwed
11:41 conan                 maybe I haven't read all the necesary documentation in the wiki
11:42 kf                    I think there was a text somewhere about db updates
11:42 kf                    let me find it
11:42 kf                    there is someinformation here: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/System_Preferences
11:43 kf                    and here: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Tutorial_for_Updating_Database_Files
11:47 conan                 how do you find in git from what version have you branched?
11:48 kf                    hm
11:48 kf                    I am not sure
11:48 conan                 I know which version was, but I wonder how would I do if I forget or if I find somebody else's branch
11:48 kf                    you could check git log for the commitid
11:48 conan                 hum... that hash doesn't tell me much
11:49 conan                 let me explain with an example
11:49 conan                 I do 'git checkout -b mybranch v3.04.00'
11:49 conan                 then I only get 'mybranch' for all clue
11:50 conan                 how do I ask git from wich tag/branch did that came?
11:51 conan                 google is my friend: git show-branch
11:52 kf                    :)
11:52 kf                    see, now I learned something new too :)
12:32 conan                 kf_mgt: one more thing, if I apply 6328 updating versions appropriately on a production system, then I will have to fix kohaversion.pl on every update?
12:33 conan                 cause I'll probably choose the next number following '', but then a change from master will have that number, but for another set of changes
12:33 conan                 what's the proper way of handling this?
12:34 oleonard              conan: You could to the db update manually instead of applying the update to kohaversion.pl
13:37 conan                 kf_mgt: you around?
13:42 conan                 the debarrement one sets in tools>Overdue notice/status triggers is applied by a cronjob?
13:43 sekjal                conan:  correct
13:43 sekjal                misc/cronjobs/overdue_notices.pl
14:07 kf                    conan: now :)
14:07 kf                    hi sekjal
14:08 sekjal                hi, kf!
14:08 kf                    :)
14:11 wizzyrea              sekjal: re 5579 for things like that "further enhancement" would it be better to have a separate bug (for my info -- I just followed what was on the bug on that one
14:12 sekjal                wizzyrea: I think so.  once the bug the initial patch is committed and working
14:13 wizzyrea              k that's what I thought
14:13 * wizzyrea            idly wonders if git bz can create bugs too
14:15 oleonard              wizzyrea: I assume you can use it to attach patches to bugs?
14:15 wizzyrea              yes, oleonard -- it's GLORIOUS.
14:15 wizzyrea              :)
14:15 wizzyrea              instructions are coming right now to the wiki near you
14:15 oleonard              Excellent.
14:16 wizzyrea              just waiting for my dropbox to sync :)
14:16 oleonard              I got through the setup and tried using to apply a patch from a bug, and that was glorious
14:17 wizzyrea              there's one catch about attaching patches to bugs
14:17 wizzyrea              you have to get a firefox cookie with your login creds on your dev box
14:17 wizzyrea              (that's how git bz knows it's you
14:17 wizzyrea              )
14:17 oleonard              That's different from getting patches from bugs?
14:18 wizzyrea              I don't think you have to authenticate to get things
14:18 wizzyrea              (I could be wrong)
14:18 oleonard              I've already had git-bz tell me to log in
14:18 wizzyrea              aha, well then there you go
14:18 wizzyrea              you should be cool
14:18 wizzyrea              to attach
14:18 kf                    wizzyrea: yes it can
14:18 oleonard              And it works with Chrome too!
14:18 kf                    wizzyrea: create bugs, git bz file
14:19 wizzyrea              kf++ nice!
14:19 kf                    have not tried it, but the command is there
14:19 kf                    I tried attachting patch to bug and mark the other obsolete - that worked!
14:19 wizzyrea              me too!
14:19 kf                    look at my sign-offs from today :)
14:19 wizzyrea              I was ecstatic.
14:19 kf                    hehe
14:19 kf                    me too
14:19 kf                    wizzyrea++
14:19 kf                    thx for helpign me figure it out yesterday
14:20 wizzyrea              oleonard: for example, git bz attach 6397 HEAD
14:20 wizzyrea              will attach the last commit to bug 6397
14:20 huginn`               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6397 minor, P5, ---, ruth, ASSIGNED , Mis-named variable in .TT causes table cell shift
14:20 kf                    and if you do -e
14:20 oleonard              So you don't even have to have generated a patch?
14:20 kf                    you can edit the comment and mark things obsolete .)
14:20 kf                    nope
14:21 wizzyrea              doing it this way basically eliminates the need for the patches email list
14:22 wizzyrea              it's <insert your favorite exclamatory swear word here> brilliant
14:23 oleonard              I'm going to go with... frelling.
14:23 wizzyrea              :D
14:23 wizzyrea              kf - git bz -e attach xxxx or git bz attach xxxx -e
14:24 wizzyrea              where does the -e go?
14:25 sekjal                hmmm, going to have to figure out how to get a cookie on my GUI-less (and browserless) server...
14:26 wizzyrea              sekjal: sometimes you can do it with a remote x server
14:26 wizzyrea              (that's how I did it)
14:26 wizzyrea              afaik it doesn't work with lynx cookies :(
14:28 sekjal                hmmm
14:28 sekjal                if I'm going to make use of this, I'll either need to install some new software on my dev box, or start doing my testing on my home machine
14:29 wizzyrea              i think that if I can work it out on my headless, browserless server then you can :)
14:33 sekjal                wizzyrea:  I'll give it a go
14:33 sekjal                git-bz looks like too good a tool to miss out on
14:33 wizzyrea              it really really is
14:52 conan                 kf: sorry, I was filling my report to bug 6328
14:52 huginn`               04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6328 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED , Fine in days does not work
14:53 conan                 kf: I've found a couple of things that smell bad for me. Sorry, I know it has 3 sign-off and such, but maybe we're not pursuing the same behaviour
14:54 conan                 kf: can you read and comment about?
14:54 conan                 fredericd: are you frederic demians?
14:55 conan                 maybe you would want to check 6328 too
15:02 kf                    conan: i did a few follow ups - possible we missed something
15:03 bigbrovar_            hi guys, am in the process of upgrading our koha instance from 3.2 to 3.4.1, installed the missing deps and following the upgrade guide however when I  went to the webinstaller to continue with the installation I got this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/613290  what gives?
15:04 wizzyrea              http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Git_bz_configuration
15:06 kf                    conan: sounds like serious testing to me :)
15:06 kf                    conan++
15:07 kf                    conan: we don't use the fine days here in Germany, my testing concentrated mostly on the existing features now in Koha and that the new development does not break things (manually debarring from patron record, debar flag set by overdue notices)
15:08 conan                 kf: major problem, I think, is you cannot circulate new items to a patron if you manually un-debar him/er
15:08 conan                 there is no way, except updating manually in DB
15:10 wizzyrea              git-bz is at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Git_bz_configuration
15:10 wizzyrea              git-bz?
15:10 wahanui               i heard git-bz was at http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Git_bz_configuration
15:10 wizzyrea              yayee
15:10 oleonard              wizzyrea++
15:11 oleonard              bigbrovar_: Those errors can probably be ignored
15:12 oleonard              bigbrovar_: It looks to me like it's just overlap in the database upgrades
15:12 kf                    conan: I hope Paul will comment
15:12 bigbrovar_            oleonard: thanks it seems to worked fine anyways , hope it wont come bite me later on (In life :p )
15:13 * bigbrovar_          time to have a cup of tea
15:15 conan                 kf: my partner here is giving me new stuff to concerns about with this implementation, now we're designing a whole new table, this is getting too big
15:19 reiveune1             à demain
15:19 kf                    conan: hm yes, perhaps adding a date to patron is not the right way to do it - not sure
15:19 kf                    conan: switching it back to boolean and have a different interface for fines in days could be better
15:21 Brooke                kia ora
15:25 Brooke                slef!
15:25 Brooke                this cannot stand!
15:25 Brooke                how, oh how, did they fall to Juve?
15:25 Brooke                Odio Juve!
15:26 rhcl                  I am so glad for google translate, I'd be lost on chat without it
15:27 kf                    google can speak Brookish? :)
15:27 * Brooke              highfives kf.
15:28 rhcl                  partly. It can translate the words, but not make sense out of them. Like it doesn't know who Juve is.
15:28 rhcl                  or what?
15:29 Brooke                http://www.antijuve.com/
15:29 rhcl                  of course
15:30 rhcl                  a French language site
15:30 * Brooke              rolls on the floor laughing
15:31 Brooke                how's homie g. laws doin' this fine morning?
15:32 rhcl                  Ah, well, uh, OK. Thank you for asking.
15:42 slef                  hrm?
15:43 slef                  Juventus 2 - 2 Napoli?
15:46 Brooke                http://www.hotsportchannel.com/
15:47 Brooke                clearly shoddy Yank management.
15:50 rhcl                  Scottish yanks?
15:50 rhcl                  http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2011/05/25/2502600/manchester-uniteds-sir-alex-ferguson-glad-he-is-not-a-young-boss-
16:19 Soup                  so i finally installed koha, and i get this at > http://paste.ubuntu.com/613333
16:21 moodaepo              Soup: Seems to me that the MySQL account info is incorrect so the db connection is not happening, I'd check the config entries.
16:22 Soup                  okay
16:23 * Soup                goes to figure out what are and how to check config entries on mysql
16:24 wizzyrea              standard or dev install?
16:25 moodaepo              Soup: ^^
16:25 Soup                  standard ubuntu install following the wiki steps
16:25 wizzyrea              k :)
16:25 Soup                  http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_Ubuntu
16:26 Soup                  everything seems to work till that last step
16:28 wizzyrea              it's definitely a mismatch between what sql thinks your password is and what's in the config
16:29 wizzyrea              you did the "GRANT ALL ON kohadata.* TO 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';" bit
16:29 wizzyrea              ?
16:29 wizzyrea              and it matches what you put in as your database password when you ran the makefile?
16:29 Soup                  oh... the make file
16:30 Soup                  i think i changed the password on it
16:30 wizzyrea              aha
16:30 wizzyrea              they have to match :)
16:30 wizzyrea              do note, you can log into mysql again
16:30 wizzyrea              and make the password match there
16:30 wizzyrea              rather than mucking with the koha configs
16:30 Soup                  oh thats better
16:30 wizzyrea              so where that GRANT says 'password' you'd put in your password
16:31 wizzyrea              that you put in the makefile
16:32 wizzyrea              the password goes inside the single quotes
16:32 wizzyrea              if that's not clear
16:32 Soup                  the problem is that 1) i think i've changed the mysql password to the one im using, and 2) the backlogs doesnt let me go as back as to see what i sayd the make builder to be
16:32 wizzyrea              oops
16:33 wizzyrea              in that case
16:33 Soup                  uninstall and try again :D
16:33 wizzyrea              nope
16:33 wizzyrea              :)
16:33 wizzyrea              not necessry
16:33 wizzyrea              try nano /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
16:33 wizzyrea              one second, gonna find you the exact line you need to change
16:34 wizzyrea              or look at to find what you typed in
16:34 Soup                  okay :)
16:35 hdl                   wizzyrea: ? Or any user using accounts for users oleonard ?
16:35 wizzyrea              hdl: i'm missing context
16:35 * oleonard            is here, doesn't understand the question
16:36 hdl                   ok.
16:36 hdl                   Sorry.
16:36 hdl                   There are some hardcoded codes for fees for Patrons
16:36 Soup                  wizzyrea, :( the password is the one i said it to be, to be clare, im learning so im using weak easy to remember stuff so i gave it 1234 as the password, and its there
16:37 hdl                   But the documentation for those codes is... kind of missing.
16:37 wizzyrea              right, now you need to set that in mysql too
16:37 Soup                  it is...
16:37 wizzyrea              so ctrl-x out of nano
16:37 wizzyrea              can't be, sorry, not according to your error
16:37 wizzyrea              you are looking at <pass>??
16:37 Soup                  ok
16:38 wizzyrea              in the koha-conf.xml?
16:38 Soup                  yes; <pass>1234</pass>
16:38 wizzyrea              ok great
16:38 hdl                   Even the way they happen is quite cryptic... So I was wondering... If you ever happened to know what to display or know that... in a user way and usage.
16:39 hdl                   In fact, we would like to document that.
16:39 wizzyrea              so now, soup
16:39 Soup                  :)
16:39 hdl                   And we have patches for bug fixing... But we want to know what some codes are there for.
16:39 Soup                  yes
16:39 wizzyrea              you'll want to do mysql -uroot -p
16:40 wizzyrea              enter your mysql password
16:40 Soup                  done
16:40 wizzyrea              and do another grant
16:40 wizzyrea              > GRANT ALL ON kohadata.* TO 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '1234';
16:41 wizzyrea              then FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
16:41 wizzyrea              and exit
16:41 wizzyrea              now try it again
16:42 druthb                wizzyrea++
16:42 oleonard              hdl: I don't run across any hard-coded patron fees in my Koha use
16:42 hdl                   oleonard: does that make sense ?
16:43 hdl                   in account_types in the accounts table ?
16:44 oleonard              Oh, you mean the fee categories found in accountlines?
16:44 hdl                   yes.
16:45 oleonard              I have no real knowledge of what those are or where they come from. Sorry hdl.
16:46 Soup                  wizzyrea, :( no luck
16:46 hdl                   seriously needs documenting... I know catalyst worked on a refactoring... Hope they thought about documentation :D
16:46 wizzyrea              same error?
16:46 Soup                  same error yes
16:46 hdl                   (I am sure they did )
16:47 bg                    hdl documentation++ :)
16:47 Soup                  i tried rebooting the vbox to see if it changed things but nope
16:48 hdl                   bg: often... it is not that something doesnot work... It doesnotwork.... the way you would like it to ! And if we have some document, it is much easier to share views.
16:48 bg                    :)
16:49 wizzyrea              soup: what is the User right above pass in your koha-conf.xml
16:50 wizzyrea              do note, if you're looking at anything that says <password> it's not the right area
16:50 wizzyrea              (those are for zebra
16:50 wizzyrea              )
16:50 cait                  hdl: I think robin send a mail to the list with the pod for the new module
16:50 cait                  so there is documentation already :)
16:51 Soup                  http://paste.ubuntu.com/613351
16:51 wizzyrea              aha
16:51 wizzyrea              see in the above grant statement
16:52 wizzyrea              it says user root?
16:52 wizzyrea              you need to grant privileges for user koha ;)
16:52 wizzyrea              with password 1234
16:52 wizzyrea              do you need me to paste exact steps?
16:52 Soup                  if you can yes :)
16:53 Soup                  sorry if im being a bother
16:53 wizzyrea              nope, not at all
16:53 wizzyrea              so log into mysql -uroot -p
16:53 Soup                  :) thank you very much
16:53 wizzyrea              GRANT ALL ON kohadata.* TO 'koha'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '1234';
16:53 wizzyrea              FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
16:53 wizzyrea              exit
16:54 wizzyrea              basically that means "let user koha do anything to my koha db when they log in with password 1234"
16:54 Soup                  :D
16:54 Soup                  ok that makes sense
16:55 Soup                  so now i restart mysql?
16:55 wizzyrea              you shouldn't need to
16:55 wizzyrea              does it work?
16:55 Soup                  :(
16:55 Soup                  no
16:55 wizzyrea              what's the path to your config file?
16:56 Soup                  /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
16:56 wizzyrea              and that's the one with user koha and pass 1234 in it?
16:56 Soup                  yes
16:56 wizzyrea              oh
16:56 wizzyrea              I know
16:56 wizzyrea              GRANT ALL ON koha.* TO 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '1234';
16:56 wizzyrea              try that one
16:56 wizzyrea              your db is called koha, not kohadata
16:57 wizzyrea              so, see where in the config file it says <database>
16:57 wizzyrea              koha </database>
16:57 wizzyrea              that's the bit right after ON
16:57 Soup                  same
16:58 wizzyrea              lol arg, GRANT ALL ON koha.* TO 'koha'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '1234';
16:58 Soup                  tried that too
16:58 Soup                  XD
16:58 wizzyrea              basiclaly, the database, user, and pass need to be consistent with your config file
16:58 wizzyrea              did you flush privileges after?
16:58 Soup                  yes
16:59 wizzyrea              and it's still giving that error?
16:59 Soup                  yes
16:59 Soup                  ok food time
16:59 Oak                   \o
16:59 Soup                  o/
16:59 Soup                  thanks wizzyrea for your troubles and time
16:59 wizzyrea              hmm I shall think on this
16:59 * oleonard            will brb
17:01 Oak                   hello Soup :)
17:01 Oak                   Hello wizzyrea :]
17:02 * wizzyrea            waves at oak
17:02 wizzyrea              o/
17:02 cait                  hi Oak :)
17:02 Oak                   oh Hi cait ! :)
17:03 Oak                   hi druthb
17:05 druthb                hi, oak.  :)
17:05 Oak                   how are you today druthb ? cool as usual...
17:06 druthb                I am awesome all the way through, Oak!  :D
17:07 Oak                   hmm :)
17:12 oleonard              That was weird, it was looking like I wasn't going to get back in.
17:12 * oleonard            looks around to see who would've locked the door
17:13 * cait                would never lock owen out
17:13 Oak                   you were supposed to pull it not push it...
17:14 oleonard              :P
17:14 oleonard              http://www.ma.utexas.edu/howto/images/far-side_MidvaleSchoolForTheGifted.jpg
17:14 cait                  hehe
17:15 * druthb              hides the keys.
17:15 Oak                   :D
17:25 Soup                  wizzyrea, look this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/613375
17:25 wizzyrea              ooo
17:26 Soup                  thats relevant correct?
17:26 wizzyrea              well yes
17:26 wizzyrea              but a different problem
17:28 Soup                  http://paste.ubuntu.com/613378 is my /etc/apache2/ports.conf
17:29 Soup                  oh well i should not be doing this now, i actually have to end a paper on encyclopedias
17:29 wizzyrea              the macro problem is that apache doesn't think you have a virtual host defined for 8080
17:29 Soup                  i see
17:29 wizzyrea              how it got that way, if you followed the directions, I have no idea
17:30 Soup                  i did exactly what says there
17:30 library_systems_guy   so I have a random question...when a user logs in through LDAP in koha, how is their password stored in the db?
17:31 bg                    it's hashed
17:32 library_systems_guy   by mysql?
17:32 library_systems_guy   or perl?
17:32 wahanui               perl is probably an abomination upon us all
17:32 bg                    perl
17:32 f3ew                  Perl++
17:32 wizzyrea              did you edit /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf as noted?
17:32 * library_systems_guy grumbles
17:32 wizzyrea              forget perl
17:32 wahanui               wizzyrea: I forgot perl
17:32 bg                    md64 or something like that
17:33 wizzyrea              sorry to be slow i'm 1h typing w my 3 yo on my lap
17:34 sekjal                md5_base64, to be precise
17:34 bg                    thanks sekjal++
17:34 library_systems_guy   I was considering doing a single sign-n setup for our library since we use ezproxy for off campus access...how feasible do you think that is
17:36 hdl                   library_systems_guy: it is hashed md5_base64
17:37 library_systems_guy   thanks bg, sekjal, and  hdl
17:37 sekjal                library_systems_guy:  Koha does CAS now... other SSO options would need to be developed (but would be welcome)
17:37 hdl                   we implemented CAS
17:37 sekjal                I'd be interested in looking at Shibboleth
17:37 hdl                   sekjal: we could have to do that by the end of the year.
17:37 cait                  sekjal: Shibboleth would be interesting here too I think
17:37 library_systems_guy   i have basically not experience with sso so im just kinda poking around
17:39 hdl                   Altough I think that we would certainly rather use Plack::Middleware::Auth::Basic
17:39 hdl                   and rework the authentication
17:40 hdl                   Would necessarily use Plack then though.
17:41 hdl                   See you
17:46 sekjal                can MARC::Record tell me with one subfield immediately follows another?
17:58 conan                 laterz
18:13 jwagner               hi, skushner
18:13 sekjal                MARC.  Must.  Die!
18:14 bg                    heh - MARC must DIE :)
18:14 * library_systems_guy thinks that is an excellent idea
18:14 wizzyrea              @quote add <sekjal> MARC.  Must.  Die!
18:14 huginn`               wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #136 added.
18:14 sekjal                for (horrific) example:  the field definitions for 853
18:15 wizzyrea              @marc 853
18:15 huginn`               wizzyrea: [Described in full under field 853 in the MARC 21 Concise Format for Holdings Data.] (Repeatable) []
18:15 bg                    heh concise :)
18:15 skushner              hi jane, hello all
18:15 sekjal                subfields u and v are repeatable, and depending which field they're after (b-f usually), they mean different things
18:15 bg                    heya skushner
18:16 sekjal                howdy, skushner.  just in time for my rant against MFHD
18:19 sekjal                I think I may just ignore the whole 853a-f, u-v mess, and work off subfield w
18:24 cait                  what are you trying to do?
18:28 sekjal                trying to migrate over the prediction patterns with the serials issues
18:29 sekjal                the data's in there... it's just MARC
18:32 bg                    @wunder chicago, IL
18:32 huginn`               bg: The current temperature in Chicago, Illinois is 5.3�C (1:35 PM CDT on May 26, 2011). Conditions: Drizzle. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.22 in 989.4 hPa (Steady).
18:32 bg                    @wunder 93109
18:32 huginn`               bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 19.5�C (11:36 AM PDT on May 26, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Steady).  Wind Advisory in effect from 7 PM this evening to 8 am PDT Friday...
18:33 oleonard              bg: Who's in Chicago?
18:33 bg                    I was seeing if the mets game was going to be delayed :)
18:33 oleonard              It's going to be chilly anyway!
18:33 bg                    yeah that's cold
18:34 bg                    @wunder wellington, nz
18:34 huginn`               bg: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (6:00 AM NZST on May 27, 2011). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.39 in 995 hPa (Steady).
18:35 oleonard              @wunder 45701
18:35 huginn`               oleonard: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 23.3�C (2:30 PM EDT on May 26, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1003.9 hPa (Rising).
18:35 druthb                @wunder Potomac_Swamps, MD...
18:35 huginn`               druthb: Error: No such location could be found.
18:35 druthb                pity.
18:35 druthb                @wunder 20852
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18:35 cait                  @quote add sekjal: the data's in there... it's just MARC
18:35 huginn`               cait: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
18:36 cait                  @quote add sekjal: the data's in there... it's just MARC
18:36 huginn`               cait: The operation succeeded.  Quote #137 added.
18:46 Oak                   time to sleep ... night dear ones
18:49 sekjal                gmcharlt:  about?
18:49 gmcharlt              sekjal: pong
18:50 sekjal                I need to go through each subfield in a MARC field, in order.  best way to do that?  $field->subfields(), then a foreach?
18:50 gmcharlt              yes
18:51 sekjal                and since subfields() returns a list of lists, I assume there are references I'll need to deal with in there...
18:55 sekjal                gmcharlt:  okay, think I got it...
19:02 rhcl                  @wunder 33040
19:02 huginn`               rhcl: Error: timed out
19:04 rhcl                  @wunder 33040
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19:14 bigbrovar             time to call it night, good $time-zone-appropriate greetings to you guys
19:19 wizzyrea              hmm how would i go about getting a report of bibs that have only one item
19:20 wizzyrea              with info about those bibs such as title
19:20 wizzyrea              I tried SELECT items.barcode, biblio.title, items.itemcallnumber, items.ccode, items.itype, items.homebranch from items join biblio using(biblionumber) WHERE HAVING COUNT(items.itemnumber) =1;
19:20 wizzyrea              but that doesn't give anything, and I know there are some
19:21 cait                  hm
19:21 cait                  you need a group for the having I thinkg
19:21 wizzyrea              hmm
19:21 cait                  let me try something :)
19:22 wizzyrea              cait++
19:25 cait                  SELECT items.barcode, biblio.title, items.itemcallnumber, items.ccode, items.itype, items.homebranch from items join biblio using(biblionumber) WHERE (select count(itemnumber) from items i where i.biblionumber = biblio.biblionumber) = 1
19:25 cait                  I have almost no items in my database - you should check if it really works as it should
19:25 wizzyrea              trying...
19:25 wizzyrea              cait++
19:25 wizzyrea              results!
19:25 wahanui               results are not limited to the year I'm searching
19:26 wizzyrea              lol
19:26 wizzyrea              forget results
19:26 wahanui               wizzyrea: I forgot results
19:26 cait                  hehe
19:26 druthb                cait++
19:26 cait                  check if it works first ! :)
19:28 wizzyrea              yes, I think it does!
19:28 cait                  select count(biblionumber), biblionumber from items group by biblionumber having count(biblionumber) = 1
19:28 cait                  should give the same biblionumbers
19:28 cait                  cool :)
19:32 wizzyrea              hmm the 1st gives 4500, 2nd over 10k
19:32 wizzyrea              let me try that again
19:32 cait                  hmpf
19:33 wizzyrea              1s trying again
19:33 wizzyrea              I had put an items.homebranch limit on both
19:33 wizzyrea              so going to try them straight
19:34 cait                  ok
19:34 wizzyrea              see if they match
19:43 cait                  do they?
19:43 wizzyrea              hmm no
19:45 cait                  ok
19:45 cait                  hmpf
19:45 cait                  I am quite sure the second is right.. what we can do
19:45 wizzyrea              hmmm
19:46 cait                  what about this?
19:46 cait                  select items.barcode, biblio.title, items.itemcallnumber, items.ccode, items.itype, items.homebranch from items join biblio using(biblionumber) WHERE biblionumber in (select biblionumber from items group by biblionumber having count(*) = 1)
19:47 wizzyrea              oh sneaky.. i see what you did there
19:47 wizzyrea              it's chewing on that
19:48 cait                  hm
19:49 cait                  hope chewing is good
19:49 wizzyrea              it's fine, i've got a reporting mirror so if it goes out of control it's no biggie.
19:49 wizzyrea              just takes a bit
19:55 * oleonard            wonders why git branch tab-completion has become so slow for him
19:55 cait                  hm
19:55 wizzyrea              lots of branches?
19:56 cait                  I notice the same here
19:56 wizzyrea              same, it used to be speedier it seems.
19:56 wizzyrea              but I have a lot more branches than I used to
19:57 oleonard              I don't have more local branches, maybe because of more remote branches?
19:59 * oleonard            has been so busy today he hasn't even had time to look at wizzyrea's git-bz wiki page :(
20:00 wizzyrea              hmm could be that
20:00 wizzyrea              it's ok, it'll be there when you're ready ;)
20:00 wizzyrea              maybe better even ^.^
20:02 cait                  wizzyrea: so it did work?
20:03 wizzyrea              lol, it's very mad about that query I guess it's still going
20:05 cait                  ouch :(
20:08 cait                  perhaps we shoud have replaced that star with biblionumber
20:08 wizzyrea              hmm
20:12 hdl                   @later tell nengard Could you reproduce bugs 6412 and 6413 on our master ? It looks as though we already worked on that... Will assign that to stephane.delaune who worked on that.
20:12 huginn`               hdl: The operation succeeded.
20:34 yhager                Can I delete the default kohaadmin user? or just lock it so login is impossible?
20:37 wizzyrea              i haven't tried
20:39 sekjal                yhager: can't delete it, but you could alter Auth.pm not to allow you to login with it
20:39 sekjal                though, you do need it to do upgrades
20:39 wizzyrea              oo yea that could get ugly
20:39 wizzyrea              could you take away all of it's permissions?
20:39 wizzyrea              i.e. untick "superlibrarian"
20:39 sekjal                since it's not an entry in borrowers, no
20:40 sekjal                you'd have to alter the code
20:40 sekjal                best thing to do is make the password VERY secure
20:40 yhager                sekjal: ok, so how do I change the password?
20:40 sekjal                you'd change it in MySQL
20:40 wizzyrea              and your koha-conf.xml
20:40 sekjal                it's the password for the user that accesses the koha database
20:41 wizzyrea              aside: i wonder if we really ought to change that :/
20:41 wizzyrea              where that = how that works
20:41 wizzyrea              and have the user create a superlibrarian in the web installer
20:41 gmcharlt              wizzyrea: yep, we should
20:41 yhager                wait, so the kohaadmin OPAC user password is the same as the database password?
20:42 wizzyrea              yes
20:42 sekjal                yhager: unless you created a borrower with userid = 'kohaadmin'
20:42 yhager                no, I didn't.
20:42 sekjal                yeah, then it's the username/password for the DB
20:42 yhager                so I *can* change the username too to something else..
20:42 sekjal                yes
20:43 yhager                ok, that can reduce some attack potential I guess
20:44 yhager                what is the limit on password length?
20:45 sekjal                yhager:  not aware of one... would need to read MySQL manual for the version you're running
20:46 yhager                sekjal: ok, thanks
20:51 sekjal                okay, need to rest for a bit.  goodnight, #koha
20:56 pianohacker           hi
20:58 yhager                mysql keeps password as 16 chars encrypted, so anything larger than that does not add any security
21:00 pianohacker           yhager: But that's a hash, correct? The 16-char hash will continue to change as you add more characters, afaik
21:01 yhager                pianohacker: right, but other passwords will still generate the same hash
21:07 yhager                I must add it feels a bit awkward that the db user is the same as the admin account of the web app.
21:08 gmcharlt              yhager: well, more like *an* admin account
21:09 gmcharlt              at present, the only other time you need it after installation is during upgrades (that is, if you use the web installer for upgrades; you can also run them from the command-line)
21:10 yhager                gmcharlt: and if I don't use SSL, it means I send my DB user password clear text. I'd like to avoid that (so I guess I'll use the command line..)
21:10 gmcharlt              yhager: installer/misc/mysql/updatedatabase.pl to do it from the command line
21:28 skushner              Anyone ever pxe booted (umm..excuse me, openbooted) a SUN server via Debian Squeeze..??
21:40 bg                    nope
21:52 hdl                   Good night koha
22:05 skushner              what a nightmare
22:05 wahanui               a nightmare is compounded for me today; not only do I have to deal with MFHD, but I've got to do all kinds of crazy stuff to even GET the data in the first place
22:05 wizzyrea              forget nightmare
22:05 wahanui               wizzyrea: I forgot nightmare
22:06 bg                    oh boo wizzyrea that was pretty goodone to remember
22:06 gmcharlt              I'm not so sure it is easy to forget that kind of nightmare
22:06 wizzyrea              pf
22:06 wizzyrea              exactly why it's better for wahanui to forget it
22:07 pianohacker           fieldmapping table, relied upon for subtitle display and empty after an upgrade?
22:07 * gmcharlt            doesn't think it is sufficient ;)
22:08 wizzyrea              hehe
22:14 rhcl                  I want so say something. Should I, or should I just let it drop?
22:15 pianohacker           rhcl: about what? the libwebcats situation?
22:16 rhcl                  yea
22:18 pianohacker           what were you thinking of saying?
22:25 rhcl                  well, if I say it, then what would be the point of asking if I should say it? <humor> :)
22:26 rhcl                  ping wizzyrea
22:26 wizzyrea              sup
22:26 rhcl                  what's the name of a couple of your libraries running Koha?
22:26 wizzyrea              atchison, leavenworth
22:26 wizzyrea              hiawatha
22:28 rhcl                  thats enough. Hey, you going to the flea market this weekend at Sparks?
22:34 pianohacker           rhcl: in that case, you should probably just say it! :)
22:37 rhcl                  well, just in case. You're probably right. I'm drafting it now...
22:48 * gmcharlt            has weighed in, fwiw
22:52 pianohacker           gmcharlt: You are one of the most reliably calm people I know
22:58 gmcharlt              pianohacker: thanks
22:59 pianohacker           which helps when bombs like social engineering and privacy are dropped
23:08 rhcl                  ballgame's up. time to run.
23:12 jransom               hiya all
23:26 pianohacker           hi, jransom