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23:59 Space_Librarian   sorry. sorting out my android irc
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23:55 bg                @wunder 93109
22:31 wahanui           OK, eythian.
22:31 eythian           wahanui: cat is http://www.nyan.cat/
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22:22 jenkins_koha      * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 6284, Reports Filters Need Prettying
22:22 jenkins_koha      * Frédéric Demians: Bug 6320 Generate Next button doesn't generate next issue
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21:55 wizzyrea          back later :)
21:55 margo             goodnight #koha
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21:40 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6308 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, magnus, ASSIGNED , Show number of comments on the "Comments" tab in OPAC
21:40 jenkins_koha      * Owen Leonard: Fix for Bug 6295 - misaligned columns in opac suggestions list
21:40 jenkins_koha      * Magnus Enger: Bug 6308 - Show number of comments - new patch
21:40 jenkins_koha      Project Koha_master build #244: SUCCESS in 42 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/244/
21:37 rhcl              Huh, not those.
21:36 joethoks          whoops, afk
21:36 joethoks          know em?
21:36 joethoks          Cloud
21:36 joethoks          Tuesday
21:36 joethoks          Mercedes
21:35 rhcl              Hey, I don't get out much, except to places that apparently other people don't go to, and where the performers have one-name names
21:35 joethoks          alas, afk
21:35 joethoks          well played
21:35 joethoks          ha ha ha
21:34 rhcl              who is Elvis?
21:34 joethoks          that is like saying Who is ELVIS
21:34 rhcl              who is Lucinda Williams?
21:34 joethoks          WHAT????
21:34 rhcl              who is Lucinda Williams?
21:34 rhcl              hehe
21:34 joethoks          Yes, Tulsa, where Lucinda Williams is too. Probably about to do a sound check about now
21:34 bg                heh - damn keyword alerts ;)
21:33 rhcl              well, at least we see what got bg to speak up :)
21:33 wizzyrea          ks. psh.
21:33 joethoks          Hold on to your pole
21:33 wizzyrea          aren't you in OKLAHOMA now?
21:32 * wizzyrea        sighs at joethoks
21:32 wizzyrea          i almost fell over.
21:32 joethoks          YAWN
21:32 joethoks          oh yes, hilarious
21:32 rhcl              I did
21:32 joethoks          I will be listening to Lucinda Williams
21:32 * wizzyrea        is amazed no one caught that rather hilarious typo
21:32 rhcl              yep. Our 9:00pm
21:31 bg                at the nudie_bar yes
21:31 joethoks          so... 4.5 hours from now?
21:31 * bg              giggles watching that exchange
21:31 rhcl              Well, we can sit in the back and drink coffee and Mibbit IRC.
21:31 bg                heh
21:30 wizzyrea          (lol)
21:30 wizzyrea          jigs
21:30 wizzyrea          sorry, refined sports bar place with scantily clad waitresses who happen to dance jugs.
21:29 rhcl              NUDIE BAR? Where?
21:29 wizzyrea          why exactly would you want wifi at a nudie bar?
21:29 * wizzyrea        considers...
21:28 rhcl              9:00pm? 9:00pm? Hey wizzyrea, does All Stars have wireless internet?
21:26 rhcl              Oh, maybe one of us was off 12 hours.
21:25 rhcl              yea, I was on the link, and I said 9:00 am for the converter. But I got it now.
21:25 wizzyrea          too* even
21:25 * wizzyrea        to, assuming I can get kiddo in bed :)
21:25 rangi             cool
21:25 rhcl              OK, so there's an irc meeting in 4.5 hours. I'll be there.
21:24 rangi             http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_Meeting,_11_May_2011
21:24 skushner          yesh
21:24 rhcl              I am confusted so.
21:24 rangi             so in 4.5 hours
21:24 rangi             its at 2utc today
21:24 rhcl              Yes, I should be there, but will be in a manager's meeting. I'll monitor with my laptop.
21:23 rangi             whats the time there now?
21:23 rhcl              rangi: meeting today? The one tomorrow (for us) I presume you mean?
21:19 * Space_Librarian waves
21:12 wizzyrea          mornin Space_Librarian
21:12 Space_Librarian   morning #koha
21:12 huginn            New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 6284, Reports Filters Need Prettying <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=300dbe5d72fbf57d6dc376e30d79acb52b92a8f4> / Bug 6320 Generate Next button doesn't generate next issue <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=c92f9dee40c0945575b25e811adb3e08d4747923>
21:12 skushner          don't think so, sry
21:03 rangi             has a link to a time converter there
21:03 rangi             http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/General_IRC_Meeting,_11_May_2011
21:02 skushner          when is the meeting?
21:02 jcamins           Good night, #koha.
20:58 jenkins_koha      Starting build 244 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
20:52 huginn            New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 6295 - misaligned columns in opac suggestions list <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=9773c746a9402e3d6ea91e918e5a1fa530140851> / Bug 6308 - Show number of comments - new patch <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=88b7cc2552cfc26868648d29247023bd818b17b9>
20:51 rangi             skushner and rhcl, you guys hanging round for the meeting today?
20:51 rangi             heh
20:50 skushner          evenin'
20:40 rhcl              afternoon
20:37 wizzyrea          mornin
20:37 rangi             morning
20:32 huginn            New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6323] Attach/move items -- error handling cleanup <http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=6323>
20:01 huginn            rhcl: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 1 day, 5 hours, 10 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> :)
20:01 rhcl              @seen gmcharlt
19:48 aogle             eh, nvm :-|
19:48 aogle             mib_aufos3,  either open up your firewall, let the world in.  Or get some hosting somewhere.
19:23 skushner          hi ruth
19:08 mib_aufos3        Hi, I will to transport my library from localhost to web space. What can I do?
19:08 wizzyrea          this attach items thing I'm working on. It's done, but I'm not sure the best way to go about submitting it? I know that sounds a little crazy.
19:08 wizzyrea          well for example
19:07 wizzyrea          well, when you're doing an improvement, lets just say
19:07 oleonard          What do you think is lacking?
19:07 wizzyrea          I think it's 2 that I'm working out ;)
19:06 * druthb          waves to skushner.
19:05 oleonard          1. Dev. 2. ??? 3. Profit.
19:05 wizzyrea          anyone care to share with me their dev workflow? I'm still working mine out and my mental map needs filling in
18:45 oleonard          [off] Better invisible ink
18:45 oleonard          http://stats.workbuffer.org/irclog/koha/2011-05-10
18:44 skushner          invisible ink
18:44 oleonard          Okay...
18:44 skushner          set color to white
18:43 oleonard          ?
18:43 skushner          0kk
17:54 nengard           hehe
17:47 druthb            brendan++ #whether he wants it or not!
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17:45 bg                @karma brendan
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17:39 nengard           @karma nengard
17:37 * druthb          waves to mari_marvel
17:31 sekjal            brb, all
17:31 * sekjal          is confused, but reckons that may from lack of lunch
17:30 druthb            be switched; I'm still ahead of him.  Just.
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17:30 druthb            @karma druthb
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17:30 sekjal            @karma sekjal
17:30 druthb            sekjal++
17:30 cait              sekjal++
17:24 cait              hiho
17:10 schuster          heyo!
17:09 * druthb          waves to schuster
17:00 indradg           hi #koha
16:41 druthb            REST makes a lot of sense, and is lightweight and (relatively) easy to program.    I'd love to see more Koha things accessible via REST structures.
16:40 cait              lots of code
16:40 cait              wow
16:40 * jcamins         is *very* proud of that one.
16:40 jcamins           http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/JQuery_Library#Add_direct_export_to_RefWorks_link_to_OPAC
16:39 cait              ah
16:39 jcamins           cait: see my RefWorks export example.
16:39 rhcl              Kyle Hall indicates that he will be using ReST for the new Libki client/server to communicate with the Koha db.
16:38 cait              I thought there was a rest api for biblios - not sure it's still there
16:38 cait              ah
16:38 jcamins           cait: we're all tired. ;)
16:38 * druthb          points at rhcl.  "Greg asked."
16:38 cait              ;)
16:38 druthb            Thanx.
16:38 cait              to lazy to read back - why are you talking about rest?
16:38 * druthb          blushes.
16:38 rhcl              hey, that looks like a good link!   druthb++
16:37 druthb            Here's a basic reader that might help:  http://rest.elkstein.org/
16:37 jcamins           rhcl: druthb has described the complete definition of REST, I think.
16:36 rhcl              I can't find any documentation--it's probably all buried in search results like "database connection for the rest of us".
16:35 druthb            The programmer sets things up so the program answers to URLS like http://site.org/search/<searchstring>...not *that* dissimilar from what Koha does now, really.
16:34 druthb            nothing much magic about REST, rhcl.  It's just a fancy sort of URL, and not *very* fancy, at that.
16:32 rhcl              My googler is broke. Can anyone give me a frame of reference for using "REST" for a database connection?
16:12 nengard           they weren't my records so i don't know for sure what was in there
16:11 conan             but you have accents in your records?
16:10 nengard           cant remember
16:10 nengard           i'm not sure that i had that issue ...
16:09 conan             can bits get exhausted? :P
16:09 conan             we tried all DB which is >14000 and suddenly all accents dissapeared
16:09 conan             we tried 1000 records, also fine
16:09 conan             we tried 1 record and went fine
16:08 conan             well, we found problems when importing from isismarc into koha because the accents were not importing ok, so now we're trying a workaround by doing a print to a file in isismarc and then loading that printout into MarcEdit to compile a proper .mrc
16:07 margo             ok
16:07 nengard           conan - what problem?
16:07 nengard           working on it ....
16:07 conan             nengard: you got accents problems?
16:07 margo             is the 3.4 manual searchable yet?
16:06 margo             hey nengard
16:05 nengard           hiya margo
16:05 margo             lol
16:05 wizzyrea          it's 'time-of-the-day' in #koha :)
16:04 margo             good morning-ish
16:04 wizzyrea          hi margo
16:04 wizzyrea          fixing the lowercase tobranches ;)
16:03 sekjal            wizzyrea:  waz tha for?
16:03 nengard           conan, i've done well over 50000 before with no prob
16:03 wizzyrea          sekjal++
15:59 conan             somehow MarcEdit works well for 1000 records and below, but it cracks when you feed it with more records
15:57 conan             is there an open source marc generator that takes input from a printed marc file?
15:52 wizzyrea          there you have it
15:52 nengard           like jcamins said
15:52 wizzyrea          AHA
15:52 nengard           or some such thing
15:52 nengard           maybe - the push did say moved HOHR to .pref file
15:52 wizzyrea          gotcha
15:52 jcamins           wizzyrea: it was missing from the .pref file, so it was in local use.
15:52 wizzyrea          maybe it was moved from localuse to it's proper place?
15:51 wizzyrea          (affecting stuff, no less)
15:51 wizzyrea          since I've had it for a copule months at least
15:51 * wizzyrea        finds that odd
15:51 wizzyrea          :) I gathered
15:51 nengard           where R=Return
15:51 nengard           wizzyrea HOHR was pushed to 3.4 last week i think by chris_n
15:45 huginn            hdl: The operation succeeded.
15:45 hdl               @later tell kf it worked for me you can test on koha.master.testing.biblibre.com
15:44 huginn            hdl: The operation succeeded.
15:44 hdl               @later tell kf INSERT INTO `subscription` VALUES (3,4,'demo','2011-02-10',1,NULL,NULL,0,24,0,6,NULL,'{X} - {Y}','','1',1,6,9999999,0,2012,1,1,9999,1,219,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,'2011-05-31',0,'','',7,NULL,'','','GEN','IPT',1,NULL,0,'','',0,'2013-02-10'); here is what you asked for.
15:43 sekjal            I've got a fix for it that I need to wrap up and push
15:42 sekjal            HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn is currently incompatible with IndependantBranches
15:38 wizzyrea          funny, because I didn't know about HomeOrHoldingBranchReserves
15:38 wizzyrea          it's new-ish
15:38 wizzyrea          HOHR is under local use atm
15:37 hdl               wizzyrea : quite close... But I know Of HomeOrHoldingBranch and HomeOrHoldingBranchReserves but not of HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn.
15:33 kf                oleonard++ late thx for the jquery/css hint :)
15:32 wizzyrea          anywhere close to reality?
15:32 wizzyrea          HomeOrHoldingReturn = defines what happens to an item returned at a branch other than it's home
15:31 wizzyrea          HomeOrHolding = rules based only on items (possibly to be deprecated)
15:31 wizzyrea          CircControl = rules based on one of item homebranch, patron homebranch, or logged in user branch
15:30 wizzyrea          the basic idea I got
15:30 wizzyrea          I think so?
15:30 hdl               wizzyrea nengard does that make more sense now ?
15:20 wizzyrea          one is one that I've had to futz with lately
15:19 wizzyrea          that
15:19 wizzyrea          I think
15:19 wizzyrea          home or holding return decides whether, when an item is returned, it is held at the holding branch or force returned to the home branch
15:19 * conan           notices meeting will be at 23 hs today for him
15:18 wizzyrea          the application of this is that you can have floating items, items that were checked out from their home branch, but returned at another branch
15:16 hdl               Because in a network, it is important to keep track of the library who OWNS the item, and the library who HOLDS the item.
15:15 hdl               when HomeOrHoldingBranch set to HoldingBranch, it changes the holdingbranch when a borrower returns a book to another library, not the homebranch.
15:14 hdl               PickupLibrary only impacts issuingrule.
15:14 hdl               The inner behaviour for an item is different depending on the HomeOrHoldingBranch or PickupLibrary
15:13 hdl               well... where it is supposed to be now... The library which has it.
15:12 wizzyrea          (where it is now)
15:12 wizzyrea          right
15:12 hdl               holding branch is the library which latest had the book.
15:11 wizzyrea          (holding branch)
15:10 wizzyrea          oh, only the current location
15:10 hdl               only items...
15:10 hdl               No.
15:10 wizzyrea          and nothing to do with borrowers or logged in branch
15:10 hdl               i.e. the library rule where the item last was.
15:10 wizzyrea          so only items
15:09 hdl               HomeOrHoldingBranch is to decide whether it is items' homebranch or items' holding branch
15:09 wizzyrea          with CircControl
15:09 wizzyrea          so you can circ with rules based on issuing library, borrower's homebranch, or the item's home branch
15:09 hdl               for CircControl
15:08 hdl               It is that level of choice.
15:08 hdl               nengard: in the case of Circcontrol, you have the choice between "3 tables" : issues (or C4::Context-userenv) borrowers, items.
15:07 nengard           hdl, i'm sorry i'm still very confused
15:06 hdl               In your case the real rule followed is : the library the item was checked out from
15:05 hdl               circontrol set to the items branch. And then you would choose homebranch or holdingbranch
15:04 hdl               It is the system preference description which is not really good.
15:04 * conan           finally discovered how to import from isismarc into koha
15:03 hdl               But French are not.
15:03 nengard           what rules are followed
15:03 nengard           so if i have circontrol set to 'the library the item is from' and homeorholdingbranch set to 'the library the item was checked out from' what happens
15:03 wizzyrea          (teasing)
15:03 hdl               Most of american libraries consider homebranch as the item related information.
15:02 * wizzyrea        proposes that all syspref descriptions should be done in verse
15:02 hdl               It was not designed that way.
15:02 hdl               nengard: maybe circcontrol should also get into details : saying items.holdingbranch Or items.homebranch
15:01 Oak               that rhymes
15:01 hdl               Circcontrol is here to say which branch from user, library or item to consider.
15:01 Oak               hiya wizzyrea :)
15:01 wizzyrea          hi Oak :)
15:01 * Oak             waves
15:01 wizzyrea          yep
14:59 conan             the irc meeting... is tomorrow?
14:57 nengard           ?
14:52 nengard           like i said they have the same description
14:50 nengard           then what is circcontrol?
14:50 hdl               nengard: HomeOrHoldingBranch is there to tell which of the two fields of items homebranch or holdingbranch is to be considered in circulation.
14:41 huginn            04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5333 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Undefined value stops import from z39.50
14:41 slef              bug 5333
14:36 paul_p            same description too, it doesn't help...
14:35 * paul_p          looking to french descriptions of those sysprefs to see if it helps...
14:34 wizzyrea          I didn't say you'd like the answer ;)
14:34 nengard           gonna put this to the dev list I guess
14:34 nengard           wizzyrea, okay, that's confusing
14:33 paul_p            mmm... sorry, I won't be able to help you, it's not clear for me too
14:31 wizzyrea          http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=homeorholding&list_id=5333
14:31 paul_p            (hello USA !)
14:31 * paul_p          reading
14:31 wizzyrea          and I believe there was objection
14:30 wizzyrea          but there's a bug on deprecating it
14:30 wizzyrea          HomeOrHolding was going away in favor of CircControl
14:30 jcamins           I think that one of them is supposed to be eliminated, but wasn't yet.
14:30 nengard           :)
14:30 nengard           they can't both do the same thing ... or if they do then we don't need two prefs :
14:29 nengard           there is at least one bug to report here though ... CircControl  and HomeOrHoldingBranch  have the same descriptions
14:28 nengard           all three have to do with circ rules and checking in and out ... just not sure which does what
14:28 nengard           that much is clear, paul_p was this a Biblibre addition?
14:27 wizzyrea          but I know that it has something to do with the way the rules are applied for circulation, and what happens when books are returned
14:27 * wizzyrea        has always been confused by that
14:26 nengard           and i the manual correct when I say it's linked to IndependantBranches
14:26 nengard           what does HomeOrHoldingBranch do?
14:26 nengard           and then there is HomeOrHoldingBranchReturn
14:26 nengard           CircControl  and HomeOrHoldingBranch  have the same descriptions ...
14:26 nengard           need me some sys pref help
14:25 wizzyrea          looks like not
14:24 * wizzyrea        idly wonders if they have an api
14:23 rhcl              Hey, we just got a bookcrossing book back from 2002. Might be amusing to have a Koha function to track these books.
14:05 huginn            rhcl: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 23 hours, 15 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> :)
14:05 rhcl              @seen gmcharlt
14:01 * wizzyrea        finds this trend of Koha in government interesting
14:00 wizzyrea          yea, grats to colin and pals
13:45 druthb            That's very cool news, oleonard.
13:43 oleonard          http://www.librarytechnology.org/ltg-displaytext.pl?RC=15689
13:12 Oak               \o
12:59 kf                hmpf
12:58 kf                $("input[name='exemptfine']").parent().remove();
12:58 kf                thx :)
12:56 oleonard          Tricky
12:56 kf                I see the buttons in the source code of the page
12:56 kf                owen: you might be right
12:48 kf                but it says: Hold at Seminar Stuttgart
12:47 kf                I have only one brnach
12:47 kf                hm
12:40 kf                it says the item is reserved on check-in but no buttons for printing the slip and confirming the hold
12:40 kf                oleonard: it's weird
12:40 kf                no
12:39 jcamins           Good morning, #koha.
12:36 oleonard          Do you have any custom CSS hiding things?
12:36 oleonard          kf, I don't see any switch in the template that would turn off the print slip button
12:29 kf                anyone an idea which switch that could be?
12:29 kf                when a reserved book is returned, I get a message but no option to print the slip
12:29 kf                ok, I have 2 installations, in one it's workingi n the other not - so I suspect configuration
12:16 paul_p            hi oleonard
12:16 oleonard          Hi #koha
11:26 conan             good morning
10:32 druthb            hi, kf. :)
10:32 kf                hi druthb :)
10:31 rangi             yup
10:31 druthb            It is very awesome.
10:31 druthb            oh!  musta mis-read (too darn early in the AM...)
10:30 rangi             which is even cooler imho
10:30 rangi             UK
10:29 druthb            saw your tweet about the NZ National Archives, rangi.  That's very cool!
10:27 rangi             hey druthb
10:24 druthb            o/
09:54 mihafan           Does anyone know what is causing this error "Bad arg length for Socket::pack_sockaddr_in, length is 0, should be 4 at /usr/lib/perl/5.10/Socket.pm line 214."
08:51 kf                thx
08:51 hdl               (which is tomorrow)
08:50 hdl               I had some work at home yesterday night... But could not work on that. Will test and send you before the regular meeting
08:49 hdl               kf: no problem.
08:49 kf                chance sorry
08:49 hdl               indeed.
08:49 hdl               kf: that would change....
08:47 kf                did you have a change to look at the subscription pattern?
08:32 hdl               yes.
08:32 kf                hdl: around?
08:26 wahanui           i guess rangi is a proud Māori whose sense of humour matches his prowess in coding.
08:26 mihafan           rangi?
08:14 mihafan           "invalid username or password"
08:14 mihafan           when I create another user in active directory and fill in Koha-conf, this error still occurs
08:11 kf                hi #koha
08:10 mihafan           problem is not file Auth_with_ldap??
08:09 mihafan           yes I use the base
08:09 rangi             you'll have to experiment with it yourself, im out of advice
08:08 rangi             to construct that
08:08 rangi             it uses the base
08:08 rangi             yes, but tahts not how you specify it in the config file
08:08 mihafan           I long ago set up so only the administrator login but other users are not logged in, appear the error "Unatorized user"
08:05 mihafan           cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=koha,dc=local password: Q1W2e3r4
08:05 mihafan           I test a ldap server with same credentials and it works
08:04 mihafan           Yes
08:04 rangi             ie, the user you have in <user></user>
08:03 rangi             in that case, it wont be the comparison, its more likely the user you are trying to connect with is invalid
08:03 mihafan           yes
08:03 rangi             stored in plain text in active directory?
08:03 mihafan           is plain
08:03 mihafan           not
08:02 rangi             could be, are your passwords encrypted?
08:02 mihafan           I think the problem is the file to be made ​​when comparing passwords Auth_with_ldap
08:01 rangi             not really a koha problem, as Koha just uses Net::LDAP so maybe read the man pages for that
08:01 rangi             you dont have to have one, but its easier to test with one, but i think the main problem is your user is invalid
08:00 rangi             sudo apt-get install ldap-utils
07:59 mihafan           must be install a ldap client on debian?
07:59 mihafan           how to search in ldap server from debian?
07:55 rangi             try with ldapsearch on the debian machine
07:55 rangi             (at a guess)
07:55 rangi             <user>Administrator@koha.local</user>
07:54 rangi             it should be something like
07:54 rangi             yeah like i said, the user looks wrong to me
07:54 pastebot          "mihafan" at pasted "Description of problem: On loc" (47 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/42
07:53 rangi             also when you want to paste, use paste.koha-community.org
07:52 rangi             it needs to be a valid user
07:52 rangi             you have the base info in the user bit
07:51 rangi             that user doesn't look right to me
07:50 mihafan           When I try to log in OPAC module, I give a error "Invalid username or password"!!!
07:49 mihafan           <firstname    is="givenName"      ></firstname>       <surname      is="sn"             ></surname>       <address      is="postalAddress"  ></address>       <city     is="l" ></city>       <branchcode   is=""               >MAIN</branchcode>       <userid       is="sAMAccountName" >Administrator</userid>       <password     is="userPassword"   ></passwor
07:49 mihafan           koha-conf.xml contents: <yazgfs> ..............  <config>  ..........................  <memcached_servers></ memcached_servers>  <memcached_namespace></memcached_namespace>   <useldapserver>1</useldapserver>  <ldapserver id="ldapserver">    <hostname></hostname>    <base>dc=koha,dc=local</base>    <user>cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=koha,dc=md
07:49 mihafan           Description of problem:  On local machine is installed windows server 2003 with configured active director. I installed Debian on another machine, here I installed Koha 3.2 which still works well. Koha have configured to use a active directory ldap server. I test this ldap server with Softerra LDAP Browser and it works
07:47 mihafan           hello
07:41 rangi             hi europe
07:40 julian            hi #koha!
06:38 paul_p            hello world
06:33 alex_a            hi #koha
06:03 cait              have a nice evening :)
06:03 eythian           bye all
06:02 eythian           I think I'm going to go home and finish this tomorrow.
06:01 cait              hi ronald
06:01 eythian           hi ronald
06:00 eythian           oh, and the 'active' field is set twice, fortunately from the same source.
05:58 cait              I tried to clean that up but got stuck and went on to other projects...
05:58 eythian           yeah
05:58 cait              borrowers is the same
05:58 cait              yes...
05:58 eythian           heh, and every one of them is a different data type
05:58 cait              lol
05:58 cait              if I am reading that correctly...
05:58 eythian           hmm, there's not two fax numbers here, there's three. That's just ridiculous.
05:57 eythian           ah, that's good
05:57 cait              looks like it only uses the borrowernumber if you don't have a to adress in the table :)
05:57 cait              hm
05:50 eythian           yeah, I don't think the 10-15 minute thing is going to be a problem for that
05:48 cait              there might be a reason why you want to make acq mails go out fast, but I think you could just make the cronjob run more often
05:48 cait              hm ok
05:47 eythian           yes, because it also allows you to log and control email centrally, which is quite handy
05:46 cait              but still not sure :)
05:45 cait              I like the idea because it would make it possible to track what you have sent out and when
05:45 cait              do you think it's a good idea to put other mails in there?
05:45 eythian           dunno, haven't looked into it in depth
05:45 eythian           but it would pay to see if you can give it an email address, and if so what it does
05:45 cait              and providing it a from address?
05:45 cait              hm
05:44 eythian           I don't know for sure, but I suspect so, as I think it uses the borrower number to look up the email address
05:44 cait              I was thinking about putting acquisition order mails in there
05:44 cait              eythian: can message_queue table only be used for emails to patrons?
05:43 wahanui           thanks cait :)
05:43 cait              wahanui botsnack cookie
05:43 cait              botsnack wahanui cookie
05:43 cait              oh my
05:42 eythian           solved!
05:42 wahanui           okay, eythian.
05:42 eythian           wahanui: eythian is also a good influence
05:42 wahanui           ...but eythian is in NZ. ;)...
05:42 eythian           wahanui: eythian is a good influence
05:41 cait              you have bad influence und poor wahanui
05:39 wahanui           No, I ain't got a fax machine! I also ain't got an Apple IIc, polio, or a falcon!
05:39 eythian           wahanui: fax
05:39 wahanui           OK, eythian.
05:39 eythian           wahanui: fax is <reply>No, \I ain't got a fax machine! \I also ain't got an Apple IIc, polio, or a falcon!
05:39 cait              !
05:39 wahanui           bugger all, i dunno, eythian
05:39 eythian           wahanui: fax?
05:39 eythian           cait: yeah, that's contemail
05:38 cait              shown
05:38 cait              hm we have an email field
05:38 eythian           and yet there's two separate fax fields.
05:38 eythian           bookselleremail is also not shown in the ui. That's a bit silly
05:36 cait              eythian: it is
05:36 eythian           oops
05:35 cait              hm ok, my good mood after waking up is fading, killed my apache configuration
05:35 eythian           It's still pretty weird.
05:35 eythian           no, we split it up and take the first 4 lines, and put those into 4 fields.
05:35 cait              I think we put all in one field
05:35 cait              address is weird too
05:34 cait              there are lots of fields not shown anywhere
05:34 eythian           yeah
05:34 cait              the bookseller table is strange
05:34 cait              yes
05:34 wahanui           i think koha is a free software ils see http://koha-community.org for more info
05:34 cait              koha?
05:34 eythian           I also note that the 'accountnumber' field is in the database, but not exposed on the UI. Curious.
05:34 cait              ah liberty again
05:32 eythian           making progress. Currently working on extracting the vendor list from liberty in as sensible fashion as I can.
05:32 cait              how is the migration?
05:31 eythian           you asked
05:30 cait              :P
05:28 eythian           yes
05:27 cait              have I scared her away?
05:13 Brooke            freggin southerners and yer drawl ;)
05:13 Brooke            ohana to whanau
05:13 Brooke            one big smiley family.
05:12 Space_Librarian   :)
05:11 cait              evening Space_Librarian :)
05:11 Space_Librarian   morning cait
05:10 cait              hi Brooke :)
05:10 cait              good morning #koha :)
05:10 Brooke            :)
04:08 Brooke            0/
04:00 Brooke            thank you sir, for I now know just what to cut LRTS with to maintain mah sanitay.
03:58 * Brooke          is gonna hyperventilate and pass out
03:57 Space_Librarian   mmmbyes?
03:53 Brooke            ls catalyst
03:49 eythian           heh
03:48 ibeardslee        wizzy_home: yes  eythian: g<tab>
03:48 * wizzy_home      grumbles
03:48 eythian           no, because he sits next to ibeardslee
03:48 wizzy_home        at dyac?
03:45 ibeardslee        the guy in the desk next to me ends up in tears
03:43 wizzy_home        dyac is another great one for belly laughs.
03:42 Brooke            This was sorely needed after the testosterone induced bellguard bumping with Mike.
03:42 eythian           heh
03:42 wizzy_home        eythian++
03:42 Brooke            Robin wins the how to amuse an ijiot for hours contest.
03:42 * druthb          giggles.
03:41 wizzy_home        LOL
03:40 Brooke            http://www.flickr.com/photos/passiveaggressive/5616406726/in/photostream/
03:39 Brooke            I'm trying not to laugh the neighbours awake.
03:39 Brooke            oh this is bad
03:36 wizzy_home        it's quite funny
03:36 Brooke            dude that photostream is the bomb.
03:35 Brooke            ah how many competent GE secretaries did I swipe.
03:35 druthb            lol
03:35 * Brooke          giggles.
03:34 * Brooke          mumbles about the perfect setup being overlooked.
03:34 Brooke            really, nuffin from druthb?
03:33 eythian           http://www.flickr.com/photos/passiveaggressive/5704357882/ <-- printing this message took more energy still
03:33 * wizzy_home      giggles
03:33 * ibeardslee      declines to comment
03:33 Brooke            now now, we can't all have comely Dutch lasses.
03:32 ibeardslee        I have my shells windows on the left
03:32 eythian           sure sure
03:32 ibeardslee        eythian: not my window
03:31 Space_Librarian   hehe
03:27 wizzy_home        dammit I always miss the fun stuff
03:27 * Brooke          highfives eythian.
03:27 Brooke            heheeh
03:27 Brooke            fencing>sheep pr0n.
03:26 eythian           I was just giving him what I'm sure he sees when he does an ls in the right window.
03:26 Brooke            sheep pr0n>horse pr0n.
03:25 wizzy_home        !
03:25 eythian           horse_porn/
03:25 eythian           ../
03:25 eythian           ./
03:19 ibeardslee        sigh
03:19 ibeardslee        ls
02:53 rangi             andy lester did a good blog post about that subject actually
02:53 eythian           (and Klingon)
02:53 eythian           http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/29324700 <-- politeness in Perl development
02:53 Space_Librarian   oh dear gawd...
02:53 Brooke            dun dun DUN
02:51 wizzyrea_away     Space_Librarian: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH1ahItTWak (ala dramatic chipmunk)
02:37 Brooke            <3
02:37 Space_Librarian   hey Brooke
02:36 Brooke            ;)
02:36 druthb            hi, Brooke.  :)
02:35 Brooke            :D
02:35 rangi             hiya Brooke
02:34 Brooke            kia ora
02:19 rangi             i wish the company that kept comparing themselves to redhat, actually acted more like redhat ;)
02:17 pastebot          "rangi" at pasted "The point of this story is tha" (1 line) at http://paste.koha-community.org/41
02:16 rangi             I liked this bit
02:16 rangi             http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/05/feeding-the-community-fuels-ad.html
02:12 rangi             :)
02:12 sijobl            hah
02:12 sijobl            oops
02:12 sijobl            that is cool
01:57 bencahill         now to research an RDP protocol error...
01:57 bencahill         :)
01:57 eythian           sweet as
01:57 bencahill         that'll be all, thanks a bunch rangi & eythian :)
01:56 bencahill         (communication error)
01:55 bencahill         :P
01:55 bencahill         nvm, it used to be 0
01:55 bencahill         hmm, 'Renewals Allowed' is currently set to 2, but I couldn't renew even once :-/
01:53 rangi             http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=x4027#circfinerules
01:53 * bencahill       waits for slow server
01:53 bencahill         lemme look...
01:53 bencahill         oh oh...
01:53 rangi             its the circulation rules that determine it
01:53 bencahill         why thank you :P
01:53 rangi             ill find you the section
01:53 * bencahill       RTFM
01:52 rangi             im gonna be forced to point you at the manual :)
01:52 bencahill         oh, how does renewing books currently checked out work? I thought I'd try it out, but it said 'non-renewable' or something to that extent...
01:50 bencahill         okay guys, clicking is good, thanks :)
01:49 bencahill         rangi: nice, thx
01:49 rangi             horrible url, but explains why 003 is important
01:49 rangi             http://books.google.com/books?id=1-3itZFuZ4MC&pg=PA132&lpg=PA132&dq=marc21+003&source=bl&ots=1PjFSFykZa&sig=fWKJZvPuqRdBajypaLZdppCw7Vw&hl=en&ei=KJrITY6NCYjrrQe4rtySBQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6&ved=0CEYQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q=marc21%20003&f=false
01:49 bencahill         btw, using surf to enter data alot :P
01:48 bencahill         rangi: right, that's much better than getting an error :)
01:48 bencahill         unless of course I don't know how to read a marc record ;)
01:47 rangi             if it doesnt show, clicking in the 003 to make it show should be sufficient
01:47 bencahill         (a book that was laying on the shelf ;P )
01:47 bencahill         rangi: the one in question is 'understanding practical unix'
01:46 bencahill         rangi: yes
01:46 rangi             it has a 001 ?
01:46 bencahill         looking at a raw marc, I don't see a 003
01:45 eythian           It might be you didn't notice because it wasn't asking you to fill it out.
01:45 bencahill         rangi: maybe they do, and I'm doing something odd?
01:45 bencahill         most likely
01:45 rangi             id be incredibly suprised if any record from LoC didnt have a 003
01:45 eythian           I don't know, probably the JS attaching a style value.
01:45 bencahill         ah :)
01:44 eythian           Yeah, it's mostly aimed at firefox, as it's pretty JS heavy, small browser difference can make things strange, especially in the cataloguing screen.
01:44 bencahill         is that css or js?
01:44 eythian           hrm, surprising.
01:44 bencahill         it didn't light up yellow though... (opera)
01:43 bencahill         eythian: weird, done about 175 marc records from the loc, and none had it...
01:43 eythian           Dunno. I think it tends to come included with z39.50 results.
01:43 bencahill         eythian: you're right, it does get filled in when you click on it ;)
01:42 bencahill         this is all from z39.50 to the loc
01:42 bencahill         no, doing z39.50 searches on an install with sample data, sorry :)
01:42 eythian           It doesn't get filled on page load, I presume to ensure that it gets reviewed if needed.
01:42 eythian           the sample data will have it filled in already.
01:41 bencahill         weird though, since I didn't get this error on an installation with all the sample data...is there a setting to auto fill it on page load or something?
01:40 bencahill         ah..
01:40 rangi             for bibliographic records
01:40 rangi             http://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/concise/bd003.html
01:40 rangi             and
01:40 rangi             for authority records
01:40 rangi             http://www.loc.gov/marc/authority/ad003.html
01:39 eythian           it should also light up in yellow
01:39 eythian           bencahill: if you're on a good browser, you should just be able to click the field and it'll fill itsel out.
01:38 bencahill         I keep getting an error on it when adding records...'003 not filled'
01:38 bencahill         hey guys, what is 003 - CONTROL NUMER IDENTIFIER ?
01:24 druthb            well, it *is* the coast, after all.
01:24 bg                seems to always be a wind advisory in effect
01:24 huginn            bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 17.2�C (6:26 PM PDT on May 09, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008.0 hPa (Steady).  Wind Advisory in effect until 3 am PDT Tuesday... 
01:24 bg                @wunder 93109
01:00 Space_Librarian   :)
01:00 druthb            hi, Space_Librarian.  :)
00:58 * Space_Librarian waves a druthb
00:54 huginn            druthb: Brooke was last seen in #koha 1 day, 23 hours, 34 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <Brooke> I  pēhea tō rā?
00:54 druthb            @seen Brooke
00:54 * druthb          mumbles something that sounds like 'kia ora.'