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00:06 rangi                  sekjal: does xslt in the staff client results work?
00:06 rangi                  i think i might be losing my mind
00:07 sekjal                 that may be the one that doesnt
00:07 rangi                  i know it does for detail
00:07 sekjal                 then it's the results that don't
00:07 rangi                  right ta
00:30 jenkins_koha           Starting build 74 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #70 17 h ago)
00:35 huginn                 New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5883 : Prevent re-encoding the items if they are already in UTF-8 in ModBiblio. <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=cce98a2914c85ce1e1c5563b64a986c880024079>
00:47 huginn                 New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5939: "Save and edit items" button broken <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=52ade1d437a1e6e7e0b3c6c022bfe75cb9f3b714> / Bug 5921: Add enumchron to the items detail page <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=b585b63ec7f0b243f7fa2bf0aa2f17b269ce2665>
01:10 jenkins_koha           Yippie, build fixed!
01:10 jenkins_koha           Project Koha_master build #74: FIXED in 40 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/74/
01:10 jenkins_koha           Frédérick Capovilla: Bug 5883 : Prevent re-encoding the items if they are already in UTF-8 in ModBiblio.
01:10 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5883 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, fcapovilla, ASSIGNED, UTF-8 characters in items (952) get encoded wrong when the record is modified.
01:10 jenkins_koha           Starting build 75 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
01:49 jenkins_koha           Project Koha_master build #75: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/75/
01:49 jenkins_koha           * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5921: Add enumchron to the items detail page
01:49 jenkins_koha           * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5939: "Save and edit items" button broken
01:49 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5921 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, Enumchron does not show up on item details screen in staff client
01:49 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5939 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, Save and edit items button no longer works
01:52 jcamins_away           rangi: did you push my follow-up for 3098?
01:52 rangi                  nope, cos the bug is sitting at needs signoff
01:53 jcamins_away           That's why the other one didn't apply.
01:53 jcamins_away           I'll attach the signed-off patch to the bug.
01:53 rangi                  ah right
01:53 rangi                  its more the status :)
01:53 rangi                  but that would help too
01:54 jcamins_away           Oh, Nicole attached it.
01:54 jcamins_away           Right-o.
01:54 rangi                  yes, its only the status that is puzzling me
01:55 jcamins_away           Sorry, I was confused.
01:55 jcamins_away           Updated to signed-off.
01:55 rangi                  ta
01:56 jcamins_away           I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to deal with those two patches, because functionally, bug 5919 shouldn't depend on 3098.
01:56 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5919 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, MARC21 fields 583 and 586 should display in OPAC Details
01:57 rangi                  right
01:57 rangi                  if you run into that again
01:57 jcamins_away           However, I wasn't able to fix 5919 until I had done the clean up on bug 3098.
01:57 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3098 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, REOPENED, XSLT stylesheet does not obey OPACURLOpenInNewWindow syspref
01:57 rangi                  use the blocks/depends on
01:57 rangi                  that way ill know what order to apply them in
01:57 jcamins_away           Okay. Can do.
01:58 rangi                  cool thanks
02:05 rangi                  hi wizzyrea
02:11 jcamins_away           I marked the dependency in bugzilla.
02:11 rangi                  thanks ill hopefully get them pushed tonight
02:11 jcamins_away           :)
02:11 jcamins_away           And I'll try to find someone to sign 5868 so you can get my last two pushed.
02:12 jcamins_away           :)
02:12 rangi                  :)
02:12 * jcamins_away         looks around for someone sufficiently geeky about MARC records to be concerned with the indexing of subject headings.
02:12 wizzyrea_              hey there
02:13 jcamins_away           A victim^H^H^H^H^H^Hindividual concerned with the indexing of subject headings!
02:18 wizzyrea_              100k a second... dirty wanks at ATT
02:18 wizzyrea_              if I were in korea I'd be done by now!
02:19 * wizzyrea_            moans some more about the abysmal standard of broadband in the US
02:19 jcamins_away           wizzyrea_: feel free to test reporting tomorrow. :D
02:20 wizzyrea_              oh, I'm sorry, it's only 70k >.< even better
02:20 wizzyrea_              Woot!
02:20 wizzyrea_              I spent a good chunk of time this afternoon retooling reports to use parameters
02:20 wizzyrea_              we had/have a simply ludicrous list of saved reports
02:22 wizzyrea_              mostly because if people wanted to run a report with their branch code, they'd copy/paste the sql into a new report, save it, then not delete their copy
02:22 wizzyrea_              oieeee
02:22 wizzyrea_              anybody have a computer game they're totally loving right now?
02:23 rangi                  havent played a game in months
02:23 wizzyrea_              (besides rift or wow)
02:24 jcamins_away           The closest I get is messing with Koha's XSLT stylesheets.
02:25 wizzyrea_              hmm. That might be kind of a sadistic game
02:25 space_librarian_home   civ 4... oldie but a goodie.
02:25 * chilts_              wishes XML and XSLT had never been invented :)
02:26 wizzyrea_              oo yea civ is always good.
02:26 wizzyrea_              i'm contemplating starcraft
02:26 wizzyrea_                  2
02:26 space_librarian_home   that's like... crack cocaine.
02:26 wizzyrea_              haha
02:27 wizzyrea_              well I used to play wow, so there you go :P
02:27 wizzyrea_              it's like comig off of heroin
02:27 space_librarian_home   I don't have enough hours in the day for SC2
02:27 rangi                  chilts: ask papa about xslt :)
02:27 space_librarian_home   And I was lucky, WoW never really caught me. Ice Wind Dale and Oblivion did...
02:27 space_librarian_home   hehehe
02:27 wizzyrea_              hehe
02:28 wizzyrea_              i played wow a lot for a couple of years
02:28 papa                   and XML for that matter
02:28 wizzyrea_              then had a kid and played a lot lot lot less... took breaks for months
02:28 wizzyrea_              finished one char to 85 and this last expansion is boooooring
02:29 wizzyrea_              all I have to do is cook and fish, and if you're gonna do that you might as well not play :P
02:29 rangi                  motorola you dicks
02:29 space_librarian_home   so I've heard. I always through Warcraft 2 was better than 3... so I didn't bother with the world at all.
02:29 rangi                  the upgrade for the milestone .. i have to do from a stupid windows machine
02:29 rangi                  who even has those things
02:29 rangi                  anymore
02:29 space_librarian_home   And I love Rangi and Papa's conversation interweaving ours...
02:30 wizzyrea_              YES! Same here with my captivate!
02:30 wizzyrea_              I'm so annoyed!
02:30 space_librarian_home   Want me to bring my windox box in for you, Rangi?
02:30 * wizzyrea_            wonders if you can do it in wine :P
02:30 space_librarian_home   good question
02:31 chilts                 rangi: why, what does he say about it? I've used it in the paste, just don't wanna use it much again (ever)
02:31 rangi                  prolly end up bricking my phone
02:31 chilts                 s/paste/past/
02:31 rangi                  koha makes use of xslt, to render marcxml
02:31 chilts                 ah, papa is in this channel :) hello papa, long time no squeak :)
02:32 papa                   heh, what brings you here?
02:32 * chilts               has lurked for a long time
02:32 papa                   tells a lot how busy you are :)
02:33 chilts                 heh
02:42 rangi                  http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=60edb5f9c62439c93408527b2143c113b03af1ed;hp=ed5d8ccdfa9e9e89eee783be48f96ce7db71f6e8
02:42 rangi                  that doesnt look right to me
02:43 rangi                  or i might just need a nap
02:45 jcamins_away           That's kind of weird.
02:45 mtj                    core subs() assume correct data
02:46 rangi                  hmm not so much that mtj
02:46 rangi                  more why replace spaces with
02:46 chilts                 rangi: I guess it's just changing the spaces into SQL wildcards
02:46 rangi                  %
02:46 rangi                  yeah
02:46 chilts                 it's a bit strange though
02:46 jcamins_away           mtj: but why would you want to put a wildcard in between every word?
02:46 rangi                  you'd think you'd get really shitty results
02:46 chilts                 usually they'd only make sense at the start and end
02:46 rangi                  yeah
02:46 chilts                 (of the string)
02:46 rangi                  push @query_params, "%$title%";
02:46 chilts                 indeed :)
02:46 mtj                    ah, % != &
02:47 rangi                  i think ill skip that one
02:47 chilts                 maybe there was a query where he wanted to match in the middle of two words or something weird
02:47 rangi                  yeah, its not something id push, so ill skip rebasing it for now and talk to the biblibre ppl when they are awake
02:48 jcamins_away           If the goal is to match all whitespace, the data should be cleaned on import.
02:48 jcamins_away           IMHO.
02:48 mtj                    looks norty to me too
02:55 jcamins_away           Good night (again), #koha.
02:56 rangi                  cya jcamins_away
03:15 space_librarian_home   namaste kmale
03:15 kmkale                 Namaskar #koha
03:16 kmkale                 Namaste space_librarian
03:16 space_librarian_home   kmkale :)
03:16 space_librarian_home   An exciting game of cricket tonight?
03:16 kmkale                 yes.
03:17 kmkale                 and the next too
03:17 space_librarian_home   well... not sure about the next one.
03:17 kmkale                 either india pak or aus pak will be exiting
03:17 kmkale                 hi druthb :)
03:17 space_librarian_home   but looking foreward to tonight...
03:17 BoysTown               Hello. I've been advised to seek some advice as to how to change my current git install from 3.03.18 to 3.02.06. I have a kohaclone directory and have run git fetch --tags followed by git reset --hard v3.02.06. The console tells me I'm now on version 3.02.06 - is that all there is to it?
03:17 space_librarian_home   I think India Pak would be a *very* interesting game.
03:18 druthb                 hi, kmkale! :)
03:18 kmkale                 i am not at all sure that would happen
03:18 * space_librarian_home agrees
03:18 space_librarian_home   but I still give India more of a chance than Aus.
03:19 kmkale                 current form of our boys and the bowling :(
03:19 space_librarian_home   really? Have you seen Pakistan before last night?
03:19 kmkale                 yes. the way the played australia?
03:19 space_librarian_home   If they could do that, I'm sure your guys will put on something special
03:20 space_librarian_home   yeah, they way they played in Aus...
03:21 rangi                  BoysTown: its not really safe to do that
03:22 rangi                  3.3.x is master, 3.2.x is on its own branch, they have different database schemas
03:22 rangi                  (not hugely different, but different)
03:24 mtj                    BoysTown:  your code-base has been rewinded, thats good
03:24 BoysTown               hi rangi, thanks for the reply - is the answer to start from scratch?
03:24 mtj                    but your database has been updated to the unstable branch
03:25 AmitG                  hi all
03:25 mtj                    and cant easly be un-upgraded
03:25 AmitG                  heya mtj
03:25 AmitG                  heya chris
03:26 mtj                    BoysTown:  load a 3.2 db backup, and then upgrade to 3.2.5
03:26 kmkale                 hi rangi
03:26 kmkale                 hi AmitG
03:26 kmkale                 hi mtj
03:27 mtj                    heya folks
03:27 AmitG                  heya kmkale: today india vs Aus
03:27 rangi                  so while your code is now running 3.2.6 your db is at 3.3.0-18
03:27 rangi                  mtj: thats assuming he has a 3.2 backup
03:27 rangi                  BoysTown: is this a production install?
03:27 rangi                  or one you are just testing with?
03:27 * rangi                hopes the later
03:27 rangi                  latter even
03:27 kmkale                 AmitG: yup
03:28 rangi                  if its just a test one, and you dont care about the data, i would drop the db, recreate it, and then the webinsstaller will kick in
03:28 rangi                  and once you step through that, you will be running 3.2.6
03:28 BoysTown               hi rangi it is a new install - we were trying to do it quickly so used a virtual appliance - the advice we since received suggests that we should only use the stable version
03:29 rangi                  well for production yes, i recommend people use the stable version
03:29 BoysTown               ok rangi that sounds like good advice - the db is unpopulated
03:29 rangi                  right, drop the db, and recreate it
03:29 mtj                    indeed, the unstable branch is… sometimes unstable :)
03:29 BoysTown               brilliant - i appreciate your advice
03:30 rangi                  no worries
03:30 mtj                    BoysTown:  drop and recreate db
03:30 rangi                  hmm do i or mtj lag?
03:31 BoysTown               ok will do thanks mjt and rangi
03:31 mtj                    … with your code-base set to tag 'v3.02.06'
03:31 BoysTown               i saw rangi's advice then mtj's in that order - both helpful thanks
03:32 BoysTown               as far as i know the codebase is set to tag 3.02.03 but i'm a novice with git
03:32 mtj                    then Koha with create a blank 3.2.6 db for you :)
03:32 rangi                  06 or 03?
03:32 wahanui                    7
03:32 rangi                  heh
03:32 rangi                  thanks wahanui
03:32 BoysTown               beaut thanks
03:32 rangi                  BoysTown: type git log
03:33 mtj                    bump it to 5 or 6
03:33 rangi                  whats the latest commit
03:35 BoysTown               says updating version number to plus a bunch of commit strings
03:35 mtj                    cool, thats good :)
03:36 BoysTown               ok thanks - I'll snapshot it and drop the db
03:44 kmkale                 can someone please tell me what the -f and -t values for /build_browser_and_cloud.pl for MARC21 are ?
03:46 rangi                  if you run it with -h
03:46 rangi                  it will tell you
03:47 kmkale                 did it shows 676 and 606 in the example like /build_browser_and_cloud.pl -b -f 676a -t 606 -c
03:47 rangi                  yes did you run it with -h
03:48 pastebot0              "rangi" at pasted "./misc/cronjobs/build_browser_" (12 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/177
03:48 kmkale                 yes
03:48 rangi                  well it tells you
03:48 rangi                  -b to run in batch mode, without any output
03:48 rangi                  -f TTTs to define the MARC tag/subfield to use for building nav (676a in UNIMARC for d etc
03:49 kmkale                 just correct me if I am wring. for marc21 -f 082a and -t 654
03:49 kmkale                 s/wring/wrong
03:49 rangi                  are u running unimarc?
03:50 kmkale                 no marc21
03:51 rangi                  im not sure this works with marc21
03:52 kmkale                 ahh.
03:52 kmkale                 would be cool if it did. :)
03:52 rangi                  i could be wrong though
03:53 rangi                  lemme check the sysprefs
03:54 rangi                  does it create any useful stuff when you run it with 082a and 654 ?
03:58 * rangi                heads for home
03:59 * sekjal               heads for bed
03:59 kmkale_                aww sorry my net dropped off mid conversation
05:12 sijobl                 0/join
06:48 AmitG                  hi
06:48 AmitG                  indradg
06:48 bg                     hi AmitG
06:49 * bg                   = brendan :)
06:49 indradg                hey AmitG :)
06:49 bg                     AmitG - congrats!!!  on the wedding
06:50 AmitG                  thanx
06:50 AmitG                  brendan
06:56 cait                   morning #koha
06:57 bg                     morning cait
06:59 AmitG                  heya cait
07:04 cait                   hi bg and AmitG
07:07 rangi                  heya cait AmitG and bg
07:07 bg                     heya rangi :)
07:08 cait                   hi rangi
07:12 cait                   bbl
07:27 huginn                 New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5919: Display MARC21 fields 583, 586, 530 <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=1deadb34c324df9b307c0cb35284e6949dd8dcaa> / Bug 3098 follow-up: Clean up formatting <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=009036b53722881f607ed01b5701bd300abd6735>
07:30 jenkins_koha           Starting build 76 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
07:41 rangi                  wanna see something cool
07:41 rangi                  http://git.koha-community.org/stats/koha-master/authors.html#author_of_month
07:41 rangi                  30 different people have committed code to koha this month
08:09 jenkins_koha           Project Koha_master build #76: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/76/
08:09 jenkins_koha           * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 3098 follow-up: Clean up formatting
08:09 jenkins_koha           * Jared Camins-Esakov: Bug 5919: Display MARC21 fields 583, 586, 530
08:09 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3098 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris, REOPENED, XSLT stylesheet does not obey OPACURLOpenInNewWindow syspref
08:09 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5919 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jcamins, ASSIGNED, MARC21 fields 583 and 586 should display in OPAC Details
08:15 francharb              hi all
08:17 magnuse                hiya francharb
08:17 kmkale                 hiya magnuse
08:19 kf                     hi #koha
08:20 kmkale                 hi kf :)
08:20 kmkale                 magnuse: got a min?
08:20 magnuse                kmkale: yup!
08:29 magnuse                @wunder bodo, norway
08:29 huginn                 magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -5.0�C (9:20 AM CET on March 24, 2011). Conditions: Heavy Snow Showers. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: -16.0�C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1001 hPa (Steady).
08:30 magnuse                @wunder marseille
08:30 huginn                 magnuse: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 12.0�C (9:00 AM CET on March 24, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.51 in 1033 hPa (Steady).
08:30 magnuse                hm...
08:37 kmkale                 hi paul_p
08:37 paul_p                 hi kmkale
09:06 kf_mtg                 paul_p: flights to marseille booked :)
09:07 paul_p                 kf_mtg, wondeful !
09:11 veera                  hi
09:11 wahanui                what's up, veera
09:11 veera                  how are you
09:11 veera                  wahanui
09:11 wahanui                veera?
09:11 veera                  how can I add new syntax
09:11 veera                  which is not there in the list
09:12 veera                  z39 serach syntax
09:12 veera                  I trying to add british library syntax
09:12 veera                  but the existing syntax is not showing the British librayr one
09:13 veera                  wahanui
09:13 wahanui                veera?
09:13 veera                  ya
09:13 kmkale                 veera: wahanui is a bot
09:13 wahanui                i already had it that way, kmkale.
09:13 veera                  will u able to help me
09:13 veera                  how
09:14 veera                  kmkale will u able to help me
09:14 kmkale                 no veera never tried that
09:15 veera                  whaanui
09:15 veera                  r u there
09:15 jenkins_koha           Starting build 77 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
09:15 kmkale                 veera: its a irc bot. not a person
09:15 veera                  ok ok
09:16 veera                  is any one can help me
09:16 veera                  ?
09:17 kf                     veera: you can add new z39.50 clients via administration > z39.50 targets
09:18 veera                  ya
09:18 veera                  but the syntax is not listed admin
09:18 veera                  I need to add syntax
09:18 kf                     what do you mean by syntax?
09:19 veera                  when I add new source there is one option
09:19 veera                  like USMARC like that
09:19 veera                  in tthat dropdown list
09:19 veera                  I need to add a new syntax
09:20 veera                  kf
09:20 veera                  can you help me
09:20 kf                     sorry, veera, I don't understand
09:20 veera                  can I explain my need?
09:20 huginn                 New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5944 : (MT #3000) new cronjob script to delete old suggestions <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=f7190f48aad671485bcf8a535bf7e48f493d8c22> / Merge remote branch 'kc/new/enh/bug_5880' into kcmaster <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=079b546a61fbe8db3bcbcab4a2b4de0bbf12838d> / Bug 5880: Correct misleading pod in new subroutine <http://git.koha-community.org/gitw
09:21 kf                     sorry veera, I have a meeting now
09:21 veera                  ok
09:21 kf                     you can also try to describe your problem on the mailing list
09:21 kf                     the more details the better
09:21 veera                  ok
09:22 veera                  hi higinn
09:22 veera                  huggin
09:22 veera                  ?
09:22 veera                  R u there
09:22 kf                     huginn is a bot too veera, not a person
09:22 huginn                 kf: I suck
09:22 kf                     like wahanui
09:22 kf                     @wunder Konstanz
09:22 huginn                 kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 10.0�C (10:00 AM CET on March 24, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 30.56 in 1035 hPa (Rising).
09:23 kf                     wahanui botsnack cookie
09:23 wahanui                :)
09:43 AmitG                  heya kf
09:46 pastebot0              "magnuse" at pasted "i get lots of errors when i try to install a new translation - any translation wizards have an idea why?" (26 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/181
09:54 jenkins_koha           Project Koha_master build #77: SUCCESS in 39 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_master/77/
09:54 jenkins_koha           * Colin Campbell: Bug 5880: Correct misleading pod in new subroutine
09:54 jenkins_koha           * Henri-Damien LAURENT: Bug 5944 : (MT #3000) new cronjob script to delete old suggestions
09:54 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5880 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, C4/Koha.pm : adding two functions GetAutorisedValueByCode and GetKohaImageurlFromAuthorisedValues
09:54 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5944 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, NEW, Acquisitions: new cronjob script to delete old suggestions
10:18 magnuse                kmkale: what's the state of Bug 5401? is it oleonard's patch that is the one that needs sign off?
10:18 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5401 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, kmkale, ASSIGNED, WYSWYG for Koha News
10:18 druthb                 o/
10:19 Gana                   hi all
10:20 magnuse                \o
10:21 Gana                   can i delete my imported marc files in koha?
10:21 Gana                   can i delete my imported marc records in koha?
10:22 Gana                   i wanna to use empty catalog information start on koha ?
10:22 magnuse                Gana: did you import them with the "Stage marc records" tool?
10:23 Gana                   yes
10:24 magnuse                Gana: then you can "undo your import by clicking the 'Undo import into catalog' button", according to http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=x6009
10:26 Gana                   thanks.
10:28 Gana                   magnuse ! do you know about how can we import Alice patrons to Koha ?
10:29 magnuse                Gana: sorry, i have no experience with Alice, but there is a general description of how to import patrons here: http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=x6141
10:30 Gana                   okay
10:32 Gana                   magnuse: Undo import into catalog is very slow working on my server. can i use any commands for mysql database of koha.
10:35 magnuse                Gana: you will find some tips here, i think: http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.com/How-to-delete-all-the-records-at-once-td3061199.html
10:39 Gana                   i see.
10:49 magnuse                kia ora sekjal!
11:08 kmkale                 magnuse: sorry got stuck in a meeting
11:11 kmkale                 for that bug if either of the patches gets pushed, it will be a good addition imho..
11:12 magnuse                ok, thanks
11:52 kf                     hi francharb
11:52 kf                     question: what can I do when a library deleted an on order item and record?
11:53 kf                     I have an empty line now on my receive screen for that title and in the order it's missing completely
11:53 kf                     someone a good idea about this?
12:02 jwagner                kf, I take it that's another place where Koha doesn't check for links before allowing deletion?
12:03 kf                     jwagner: hm no
12:04 kf                     jwagner: it's a data problem really. deleting it is ok. but the order should keep the information.
12:04 jwagner                That would be the only effective fix.  Otherwise warning staff to check for links is about it, I think
12:04 kf                     you will always delete things - the acquisition should not loose the title. perhaps look for the title in deleted... if it does not find something in the normal tables
12:05 kf                     but what would staff do in this case? they don't want to delete fromt he order
12:06 jwagner                Hmm.  Copy at least the title into a field in the acq order table?
12:11 kf                     jwagner: not very clean
12:11 kf                     funny thing is
12:11 kf                     a lot of things look really good, like the basket
12:11 kf                     it shows a note that the title was deleted - which is nice
12:11 kf                     not perfect, but nice
12:11 kf                     :)
12:12 kf                     and receive shipment shows still the title
12:12 kf                     not sure how, but it does
12:12 jwagner                magic :-)
12:12 kf                     when you click on the date there to get a list what was received on that date - that's empty
12:12 kf                     kind of :) or it checks the right tables, becasue thte information is still in the database
12:14 JesseM                 gmorning #Koha
12:18 kf                     hi JesseM
12:18 JesseM                 hi! kf
12:20 kf                     :)
12:54 schuster               installed php on my play laptop and broke my koha install rrr....  back to the setup there!  oh well learning curve again!
13:17 magnus_away            a swedish library is testing public news items for the OPAC. In MS IE they don't show up, unless they change that language to english and then back to swedish. anyone seen something similar?
13:17 magnus_away            s/that language/the language/
13:19 kf                     yep
13:19 kf                     same here
13:19 kf                     I have no idea why
13:21 magnuse                a ha, so it's not just us then ;-)
13:21 magnuse                is there a bug for it?
14:00 gmcharlt               magnuse: bug and patch coming in a sec
14:02 magnuse                gmcharlt: wow?!?
14:03 magnuse                :-)
14:16 pastebot               "gmcharlt" at pasted "hack for the OPAC news problem" (9 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/182
14:16 gmcharlt               magnuse: could you try out that diff ^^ ?
14:18 magnuse                will do!
14:21 gmcharlt               also, are there sub-locales of Swedish that are in common use, or is it all sw-SW (or whatever the code actually is)
14:23 magnuse                gmcharlt: Firefox lists sv-se and sv-fi (presumably the swedish spoken in finland)
14:23 gmcharlt               magnuse: though so
14:24 gmcharlt               one of the underlying issues is that FF and IE report the browser language slightly differently
14:26 magnuse                gmcharlt: i applied your change, set FF to prefer sv-se and now i don't see the news at all, no matter how many times i change between the languages... see for yourself here: http://munkagard.bibkat.no/
14:27 gmcharlt               magnuse: ah, I was afraid of that
14:27 gmcharlt               as a workaround, what you can do in the database is add duplicate entries in opac_news
14:27 magnuse                removed the change to opac/opac-main.pl and now the news displays again, when i choose swedish
14:28 gmcharlt               i.e., three copies of each news item
14:28 magnuse                3?
14:28 gmcharlt               setting lang to 'sv', 'sv-se', and 'sv-fi' respectively
14:28 magnuse                ah
14:29 magnuse                sv-fi is not really an issue here i think
14:30 magnuse                the news tool only lets me choose en, sv-se though...
14:35 wizzyrea               @later tell kf I have a question for you re: 3M when you have a minute
14:35 huginn                 wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
14:42 gmcharlt               magnuse: yep, hence why the work-around may have to be done in the DB
14:42 gmcharlt               to add 'sv' entries that are copies of the 'sv-se' entries
14:44 magnuse                gmcharlt: i think one part of the problem is related to sv versus sv-se. if you have your browser set to prefer sv-se it works, bot not if you have it set to just sv. another part of the problem is related to Bug 2562 (if we could set sv-se as the default is would work for browsers that have just sv)
14:44 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2562 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, SYSPREFS: 'languages' and 'opaclanguages' sysprefs *dont* set default languages
14:45 kf                     wizzyrea: I am here now :)
14:48 magnuse                gmcharlt: your quick fix had $news_lang =~ s/-.*$//; doesn't that turn sv-se into just se, which will not be found in the db? maybe it would work if we searched the db for 'sv%' as well?
14:48 wizzyrea               kf: do you use special handling slips with your 3M self checks?
14:48 gmcharlt               magnuse: it turns 'sv-se' into 'sv', but yes, that wouldn't be found in the database
14:48 kf                     wizzyrea: I think not
14:49 wizzyrea               k good, I was hoping we were not reinventing the wheel by asking support for them to be added :)
14:49 gmcharlt               changing it to search on 'sv%' would solve the immediate problem for you, but would still be a bit of a hack
14:49 kf                     all we have is checkout and checkin slips
14:49 kf                     wizzyrea: we still have the holds problem
14:50 wizzyrea               which holds problem?
14:50 gmcharlt               one thing I'm curious about is if there are cases where a Koha catalog that has both 'xx-AA' and 'xx-BB' installed
14:50 * wizzyrea             has so many "holds problems" that she can't keep them straight
14:50 wizzyrea               :)
14:50 kf                     reserved books checked in - status is not waiting
14:50 wizzyrea               OH yes
14:50 wizzyrea               what version are you on?
14:50 gmcharlt               would mostly prefer to enter news as 'xx' that applies to both
14:50 kf                     people can get it from returns cart and checkout again
14:50 kf                     3.2.2
14:50 wizzyrea               we have a ticket in for that I think
14:50 gmcharlt               or if they'd expect it to not default that way
14:51 wizzyrea               and we're willing to put money towards it
14:51 wizzyrea               it's still a problem in 3.3
14:51 wizzyrea               sec, i'm gonna pm you something
14:51 magnuse                gmcharlt: yeah, guess sv% would be a hack. looks to me like being able to set a default language for the opac could be a better solution
14:51 gmcharlt               probably the rule should be something like (1) show news that is tagged with the specifically localization (2) also show news that is tagged with the general language and (3) enhance the OPAC news tool slightly so that you can specify either a general or specific localization
14:52 gmcharlt               setting a default OPAC language would also be useful, but wouldn't be sufficient
14:53 magnuse                gmcharlt: that would work too, i guess
14:57 magnuse                yeah, the main point is that browsers set to sv and sv-se should all see the same news.
15:00 magnuse                but on a related note, browsers set to nb-no should not see the opac as nb-no when that is not even activated for that opac, as described in bug 2562 - they should see some default language set by the library, i think...
15:00 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2562 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, SYSPREFS: 'languages' and 'opaclanguages' sysprefs *dont* set default languages
15:00 magnuse                oh well, gotta run!
15:01 druthb                 fun_with_css--
15:01 wizzyrea               O.O
15:02 druthb                 http://l1.load.bywatersolutions.com
15:02 wizzyrea               I like those colors though
15:02 druthb                 It  has a certain gravitas that I like, and I think it'll be nice for a medical research library.
15:03 * wizzyrea             just had a radical thought... brb
15:03 druthb                 The shadings and such on hitlist and detail pages are a little dark for my taste, but They Are The The Ones Paying...
15:04 wizzyrea               mmm yea if it's only 2 shades lighter than the text behind it...
15:04 druthb                 When they see it, they may wanna lighten up a couple of notches.
15:05 wizzyrea               I er, never liked it that relevant text was grey on white
15:14 rhcl                   ah, and educated poster! I'm quite fond of saying a popular US political figure lacks gravitas and has questionable veritas for president
15:21 druthb                 gravitas, like hard liquor, is best in small quantities.  Too much of it can wipe you out at an early age.
17:57 rangi                  morning
17:57 druthb                 hi, rangi.
17:58 magnuse                ata marie, rangi
18:44 cait                   hi #koha
18:46 magnuse                guten abend cait
18:47 cait                   hi magnus
18:47 magnuse                someone told me Foxton was the very first library to actually use koha, can anyone confirm that?
18:48 rangi                  no
18:48 rangi                  who told you that?
18:48 rangi                  levin was
18:48 rangi                  foxton is of course part of HTL
18:48 rangi                  HLT even
18:48 rangi                  so would have been about the same time
18:48 wizzyrea               oh that's interesting
18:48 wizzyrea               when using parameters
18:49 wizzyrea               you can't page through the results of a saved report
18:49 rangi                  but the first returns in the live system where done at levin
18:50 magnuse                ok thanks rangi, i don't remember where i heard it... just want to get my details right when i'm pitching koha tomorrow morning
18:50 rangi                  first issue was too
18:50 rangi                  just say HLT
18:50 wizzyrea               SELECT  items.itype,items.dateaccessioned,items.itemcallnumber,items.barcode,biblio.title,biblio.copyrightdate FROM items LEFT JOIN biblioitems on (items.biblioitemnumber=biblioitems.biblioitemnumber) LEFT JOIN biblio on (biblioitems.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber)  WHERE items.itype=<<Item type to find|itemtypes>> and items.homebranch=<<Enter Branch|branches>> ORDER BY items.dateaccessioned asc
18:50 rangi                  :)
18:51 wizzyrea               can anyone get that to page the results correctly?
18:51 rangi                  its one library system, foxton is a branch, levin is a branch
18:51 rangi                  shannon and tokomaru are the other 2
18:51 rangi                  but the first book to be issued in the live koha was at the levin branch
18:51 rangi                  it was done by Leonard
18:51 * rangi                is looking at the statistics table now
18:51 mtj                    morning all
18:51 wizzyrea               hehe
18:51 wizzyrea               hey mtf
18:51 magnuse                hehe, and what time was it?
18:52 wizzyrea               mtj*
18:52 magnuse                kia ora mtj!
18:52 rangi                  9:10:10
18:52 cait                   wizzyrea: there is also a bug with group by killing the paging
18:52 wizzyrea               hmm
18:53 mtj                    wizzyrea:  mtf? wtf!   :)
18:53 cait                   bug 3315
18:53 huginn                 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3315 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Aggregate SQL clauses break pagination in guided reports
18:54 rangi                  theres no group by in that sql tho cait?
18:54 magnuse                thanks rangi! ;-) (i was thinking of maybe sneaking this in: http://www.flickr.com/photos/enger/5205479118/ and it would have been perfect if foxton was *the* first... but i'll make it fit somehow)
18:54 rangi                  magnuse: cant tell you the book, its been deleted
18:55 rangi                  :)
18:55 magnuse                rangi: oh no, that's too bad! ;-)
18:55 rangi                  it was probably the 2nd
18:55 wizzyrea               no, what it does is when you click next page
18:55 rangi                  its the 2nd biggest of the branches
18:55 wizzyrea               it wants to run the report again
18:55 rangi                  magnuse: 4459026 issues
18:56 rangi                  5120503 returns
18:56 rangi                  367517 renewals
18:56 rangi                  as of right now :)
18:56 cait                   rangi: you are right
18:57 cait                   but perhaps there are more things breaking it?
18:57 * rangi                is the king of useless stats
18:57 rangi                  wizzyrea: i think it always runs the report again
18:57 rangi                  with a different limit clause, i dont think it loads the whole report into js and pages over it that way
18:58 rangi                  that would kill most browsers
18:58 wizzyrea               true
18:58 magnuse                useless_stats++
18:58 wizzyrea               but in this case, it doesn't bring back the 2nd page
18:58 wizzyrea               it puts you back at the 1st page
18:58 wizzyrea               http://screencast.com/t/VFM4Cx0VtHpU
18:58 rangi                  right, so the limit is not right
18:58 * rangi                has to catch bus will look when im at my desk
18:59 wizzyrea               thx... I"m going to go ahead and file a bug
19:02 * magnuse              tries not to think about why HLT has 661477 more returns than issues...
19:03 rangi                  just made it
19:03 wizzyrea               no need to file a bug: http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5793
19:03 huginn                 04Bug 5793: normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, parameters in guided reports are lost when changing result page
19:03 wizzyrea               not the description I would have used, but eh
19:03 rangi                  bus coming round corner as I walked out the door
19:03 wizzyrea               at least the dupe finder found it
19:03 rangi                  magnuse: transfers
19:03 wizzyrea               I love the dupe finder
19:04 magnuse                dupe_finder++
19:04 rangi                  you end a transfer by doing a return
19:04 wizzyrea               dupe_finder++
19:04 rangi                  thus more returns
19:04 magnuse                rangi: ah thanks, i'll sleep easy tonight now... ;-)
19:12 * wizzyrea             idly wonders if a return that does nothing but a transfer should be classified as such
19:13 wizzyrea               but sometimes it does both, so would it mark it'self twice, once for return, and once for transfer?
19:13 cait                   would be nice for statistics
19:13 cait                   hm. right
19:13 wizzyrea               itself with no ' of course
19:13 wizzyrea               stupid fingers.
19:20 rangi                  they could also be just returns for the sake of it
19:20 rangi                  often when librarians clean up
19:20 rangi                  they run all the books left lying through returns
19:20 rangi                  catches holds etc
19:22 rangi                  if theres a mad scheme
19:22 rangi                  a library somewhere will be doing it
19:22 rangi                  except madder
19:22 rangi                  I may get that on my tombstone
19:29 magnuse                hehe
19:29 cait                   world would be boring without mad schemes :)
19:30 magnuse                does a return on a not-for-loan item make it into the stats then?
19:30 wizzyrea               mhm
19:31 wizzyrea               well
19:31 wizzyrea               there's a difference between a return that does something
19:31 wizzyrea               and a return that doesn't
19:31 wizzyrea               if it says "not checked out"
19:31 wizzyrea               does it count that as a return?
19:31 wizzyrea               this is really complicated, lol
19:33 magnuse                it is!
19:33 magnuse                and of course anything to do with libraries will be far removed from things like reason and common sense ;-)
19:33 wizzyrea               hehehe
19:35 wizzyrea               a return should probably note itself with a double field: return - transit, return - not checked out, return - checkin only
19:36 wizzyrea               that's stupid. Just don't bother with return stats :P
19:36 wizzyrea               there, problem solved
19:36 wizzyrea               ^.^
19:36 magnuse                yay!
19:36 rangi                  yeah, do people actually bother with return stats?
19:37 wizzyrea               well I know we did, before we realized it was counting every time they scanned something
19:37 wizzyrea               but I think we only count issues now
19:38 rangi                  i just like to see them to know how busy the system is
19:38 rangi                  but it isnt really useful for much else
19:39 rangi                  (its not everytime the scan someting btw, its everytime they go to check in and check something in :))
19:39 rangi                  at least thats what the statiscts table counts
19:39 wizzyrea               so it doesn't count a return if it says "not checked out?"
19:39 rangi                  it didnt used to
19:40 wizzyrea               (that's what I mean by "every time they scan an item") cool, that's really good to know.
19:40 rangi                  it may well do now
19:40 rangi                  because there was a bug when it wasnt checking for holds if it wasnt out
19:40 rangi                  in fixing that, it might now count the return
19:40 rangi                  2 secs ill find out for you
19:41 magnuse                nope, not even the crazy stats collected from norwegian libraries count returns, only issues
19:41 rangi                  yeah i cant imagine it would be a useful stat from a librarians point of view
19:41 rangi                  but like i say .. mad .. except madder :-)
19:41 magnuse                :~)
19:42 magnuse                ooh, "make test" is taking like forever now...
19:42 rangi                  good :
19:42 rangi                  )
19:43 rangi                  wizzyrea: nope it will updatestats if its not on loan
19:43 rangi                  wizzyrea: it would be a really really easy patch
19:43 wizzyrea               that's also a good thing to know
19:44 rangi                  look at C4/Circulation.pm line 1583
19:44 rangi                  then at line 1473
19:45 rangi                  see how we set the $doreturn=0;
19:45 rangi                  if we did an updatestats call in that if, and set it to returnednotout
19:46 rangi                  then did
19:46 rangi                  if ($doreturn) {
19:46 rangi                  updatestats 'return'
19:46 rangi                  down at the bottom of that sub
19:46 rangi                  we would only log stats for those returned, and we would get stats for those returned that werent out
19:47 rangi                  now, if you feel so moved, its over to you :)
19:47 wizzyrea               :) I might feel moved. I strongly feel it should not count returns that say "not checked out"
19:50 rangi                  yep, while you are in that sub you can see if there are other things it should count separately (or as well) too
19:51 magnuse                go wizzyrea go!
19:52 wizzyrea               separately, have any of you looked at the gnome3 beta?
19:52 wizzyrea               http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Makeuseof/~3/WI0UySeZRxg/
19:55 rangi                  not me
19:55 wizzyrea               I didn't expect that you would have :)
19:55 rangi                  :)
19:55 * wizzyrea             is a pleb... I like my puter to be purty.
19:56 wizzyrea               another aside: i love the word pleb.
19:56 rangi                  i like mine to be fast
19:56 wizzyrea               purty + fast enough is fine by me
19:58 rangi                  ull change .... they all do
19:58 rangi                  :)
19:58 rangi                  building packages will make you want a faster machine
19:58 wizzyrea               :)
19:59 magnuse                rangi: is there a distro you can recommend?
19:59 rangi                  for a desktop? server? netbook?
20:01 mtj                    gnome3 looks nicer, thats good - i just hope its not slow/bloaty
20:02 magnuse                rangi: i was thinking desktop or laptop
20:02 * ibeardslee           has been playing with Ubuntu Natty .. not sure that I like that unity interface
20:02 rangi                  debian squeeze or sid
20:02 rangi                  and xmonad (or bluetile) as a window manager
20:02 magnuse                ah, might have thought as much... ;-)
20:03 * ibeardslee           would suggest ubuntu
20:03 wizzyrea               i have ubuntu 10 on my macbook: it runs quite well now that I've worked through the initial annoyances
20:03 wizzyrea               I hardly even notice that it's linux... which is a first: usually I"m keenly aware
20:03 rangi                  the reason i say debian, is all the koha dependencies are packaged, and under debian security team watch
20:04 rangi                  whereas in ubuntu, they are out in the unsupported universe (or a lot of them are)
20:05 rangi                  which is ok, as long as you remember to keep an eye on the debian security list yourself
20:05 ibeardslee             and that'd be a very good reason to run debian on the server
20:06 ibeardslee             and it makes some sense to to run the same thing on the workstation
20:06 rangi                  yup, and i try to run the same so i can test on my desktop, but if you run your test/dev machine as a vm then yeah ubuntu would be fine
20:06 rangi                  but yeah, a .deb based distro of some sort :-)
20:06 rangi                  having said that
20:06 rangi                  i run meego on my netbook
20:06 rangi                  and like it a lot
20:07 rangi                  but its just a webbrowser and an xterm anyway ;)
20:07 * ibeardslee           has ubuntu on his netbook
20:07 rangi                  i used to
20:07 rangi                  but yeah, i didnt like unity either :)
20:07 rangi                  ubuntu netbook remix
20:07 rangi                  thats what i was running
20:09 ibeardslee             same
20:10 rangi                  http://www.halfarsedagilemanifesto.org/
20:10 ibeardslee             I do wonder if the not liking unity is just getting old and not liking change
20:10 rangi                  could be
20:10 rangi                  its probably why i like xmonad
20:11 wizzyrea               I like it >.>
20:13 rangi                  LBA: gotta watch out for the bcc's thats why reply all to beatrice didnt work, she had bcced the list
20:14 rangi                  (which is a really odd thing to do)
20:14 rangi                  But
20:14 rangi                  http://twitter.com/ranginui/status/51008167383019520
20:14 wizzyrea               I have a feeling you'll be pulling that tweet out a lot lol
20:14 magnuse                re-tweeted!
20:14 rangi                  i will :)
20:16 magnuse                huh, my newest dev install has some weirdness, e.g. no images for item types... would that be an error during the make/make install phase?
20:16 rangi                  seems unlikely, do the images exist?
20:16 mtj                    "friends don't let librarians spec bib formats"
20:17 mtj                    thats my one...
20:18 mtj                    i wonder who did create the MARC format?
20:18 rangi                  @quote get 121
20:18 huginn                 rangi: Quote #121: "mtj> friends don't let librarians spec bib formats" (added by chris at 08:18 PM, March 24, 2011)
20:19 mtj                    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henriette_Avram
20:19 wizzyrea               hi jo :)
20:19 cait                   hi jo :)
20:19 rangi                  heya jransom
20:19 wahanui                somebody said jransom was so pleased!
20:20 magnuse                kia ora jransom!
20:21 jransom                hi everyone
20:21 mtj                    aaaw, i take that back - Henriette sounds like a nice lady
20:26 magnuse                ok, that problem with the images was indicative of some shortcoming in my normarc work - it still has a ways to go...
20:29 jransom                ranginui: can you text si and tell him I am on irc now please (no cellphone today)
20:29 rangi                  hmm i hope i have his new number
20:30 rangi                  sijobl: jransom is on irc now! :)
20:30 jransom                I thight be logged in but not here really
20:30 jransom                i have his new number
20:31 rangi                  message it to me cos i dont :)
20:31 jransom                nope - i don't. its in my phone ....
20:31 jransom                i'll phone him at home
20:48 cait                   rangi++
20:49 rangi                  ?
20:49 cait                   acq branch this time :)
20:49 cait                   but there are a lot of reasons of course
20:49 rangi                  ah right
20:51 * cait                 is making a lit of things she wants to do before april 1st
20:52 cait                   s/lit/list
20:52 rangi                  excellent :)
20:53 cait                   yeah, only that the list is too long :)
20:54 cait                   we can sign-off on things after april 1st, right? but everything has to be submitted until then?
20:57 rangi                  thats right
20:57 rangi                  you have until the 8th to sign stuff off
20:57 rangi                  (new features stuff)
20:58 rangi                  but no more new features submitted after the 1st
20:58 cait                   ok
21:05 cait                   wizzyrea: still around?
21:06 wizzyrea               yesm
21:06 cait                   what do you think about showing the codes in the cataoging screen?
21:06 wizzyrea               which codes (sorry to be dense)
21:06 cait                   talking about the pull downs in the items thing
21:06 cait                   no, my fault
21:07 cait                   I had a librarian complain about it
21:07 cait                   I think ti shows the codes for some of the authorized values now before the descripption in the pull down list
21:07 wizzyrea               you mean the thing where it shows the first authorized value? yes
21:07 wizzyrea               it's annoying
21:07 cait                   ok
21:07 wizzyrea               it should be empty unless it's set to something
21:07 cait                   so you don't like it
21:07 cait                   ?
21:07 cait                   hm, no, talking about smething different
21:07 rangi                  you are talking abour different things
21:08 cait                   yep
21:08 wizzyrea               oh
21:08 rangi                  yeah what she said ;)
21:08 cait                   sorry, was looking at some mails from my libraries, figuring out what I can do for them :)
21:08 cait                   it shows the authorized value codes now in the add items scree
21:08 cait                   n
21:08 * wizzyrea             is confused >.< (no surprise though)
21:08 wizzyrea               right
21:08 cait                   and the question I had was if you like it :)
21:08 rangi                  the code and the description right cait?
21:08 cait                   yes
21:09 cait                   because my library didn't
21:09 cait                   and it's not showing for all fields
21:09 cait                   and I have no koha I can access on this laptop #fail
21:09 * wizzyrea             is looking at add items
21:09 wizzyrea               un mo
21:12 * druthb               would install a couple of Koha servers for you on your lappy, cait, but you'll have to bring it here to me.
21:12 * druthb               tempts you with monuments, good food, and all the Kohas on your lappy that it'll handle.
21:13 wizzyrea               I don't know if this is just the way our authorized values are set up or I'm just dense (more likely) I don't see what you're referring to cait... sorry
21:14 rangi                  cait: visit in june, then we can hang out too
21:14 rangi                  :)
21:14 wizzyrea               http://screencast.com/t/lmGT4xcDMzK is what I'm looking at
21:14 cait                   druthb: it is tempting... :)
21:14 wizzyrea               is that not the right place?
21:15 cait                   rangi: that's not fair! :)
21:15 cait                   below
21:15 cait                   the pull downs
21:15 wizzyrea               so this http://screencast.com/t/vcDT1pNl8
21:15 cait                   wizzyrea: you are great :)
21:16 cait                   wizzyrea++
21:16 cait                   does it show codes for you for collection, shelving location or itemtype?
21:16 wizzyrea               oh, codes vs description?
21:16 wizzyrea               now I get it I think >.<
21:16 wizzyrea               lol
21:17 cait                   rangi: you will be in washington in june?
21:17 wizzyrea               descriptions, I believe we like it that way
21:17 cait                   only descriptions without codes? or with codes?
21:17 wizzyrea               without codes
21:17 cait                   ok
21:17 wizzyrea               sorry, I know that was painful
21:17 wizzyrea               lol
21:17 cait                   do you see the codes in your installation? or is it our 3.2.2?
21:17 rangi                  new orleans, with druthb and nengard and bg and sekjal and natec and and
21:17 wizzyrea               there are no codes in my install, only descriptions
21:17 cait                   hmpf
21:18 wizzyrea               you could put the code in the description if you wanted to see both >.>
21:18 cait                   I will have to check where that comes from tomorrow - sorry :(
21:18 cait                   no, we don't want to see them, they showed up after our upgrade
21:18 cait                   thought it was a new feature
21:18 wizzyrea               oof
21:18 wizzyrea               hrm
21:18 rhcl                   is there a conference in NOLA?
21:18 cait                   it shows CODE description
21:18 cait                   rangi: which conference is that?
21:19 wizzyrea               and it's not like that in the authorized value description?
21:19 wizzyrea               (surely not if it just appeared one day)
21:19 wizzyrea               suppose we could look at one of the 3.2 demos
21:19 cait                   I am getting the other laptop ready
21:21 cait                   werid
21:21 cait                   weird
21:21 rangi                  ALA
21:21 cait                   wizzyrea: sorry for stealing your time - it's not there
21:21 rangi                  ALA annual
21:22 wizzyrea               I don't mind at all cait
21:22 cait                   either it's a problem with our installation or a 3.2.2 thing
21:22 wizzyrea               I've done the same many times :)
21:22 cait                   will check tomorow
21:22 rangi                  apparently it is
21:22 rangi                  http://www.alaannual.org/
21:22 wizzyrea               "look at this annoying thing! .... o crap it's just me"
21:22 wizzyrea               but how else would you know?
21:22 cait                   hehe
21:22 wizzyrea               :)
21:22 schuster               ALA Annual is in New Orleans this June.
21:23 rangi                  im going to try and stand as still as possible
21:23 cait                   do you have a presentation? or only going for the mad schemes? :)
21:23 rangi                  to make them liars
21:23 cait                   lol
21:23 schuster               Watch out the librarians will just run you over... Especially in the exhibits stand aside...
21:23 jransom                rangi: are you going to do a presntation?
21:23 rangi                  get out my way, wheres my free stuff
21:23 rangi                  nope jransom
21:23 * wizzyrea             is still scheming to go to ala, if only to bring rangi beer (since you can't [aside, worst law ever] ship beer out of kansas)
21:24 schuster               rangi pretty much.
21:24 schuster               I'm still hopeful that I will get to buy him a beer... ;)
21:24 rangi                  but we will doing lots of hacking in the evenigns
21:24 schuster               I'll be there!
21:24 rhcl                   Oh yea, I was supposed to apply for some grant money for that
21:25 cait                   rangi: you go there for hacking?
21:25 cait                   temptation reaches a critical value...
21:25 rhcl                   Ah Ha! found the paperwork. Amazing
21:26 rhcl                   rangi: are you going to be at the preconference on 24 June?
21:26 rangi                  yep thats the plan for the evenings, bywater are having me come over ill be helping them in the exhibition hall during the day, and we will be coding during hte evenings
21:26 rangi                  i think so, ill defer to bg on that, i think so tho
21:27 rangi                  i think gmcharlt was thinking to do something in one of the LITA sessions?
21:27 wizzyrea               oh no, if cait comes...
21:27 gmcharlt               rangi: yes, if available
21:27 wizzyrea               i might have to go >.<
21:27 rangi                  23-29
21:28 rangi                  arriving in NOLA on the 23rd
21:28 cait                   wizzyrea: ?
21:28 wizzyrea               if you come to the US in june, I might have to meet you in NOLA
21:28 wizzyrea               :)
21:29 * wizzyrea             has never been to ALA
21:29 * rangi                either
21:29 rangi                  :)
21:30 wizzyrea               well but I don't have a 14000km excuse :P
21:30 wizzyrea               maybe not that far... dangit now I have to look it up
21:30 cait                   hehe
21:30 rangi                  there is a gaming pavilion???
21:30 cait                   was going to ask you if you did look it up
21:31 wizzyrea               12535
21:31 wizzyrea               km
21:31 rangi                  close
21:31 schuster               I'm on a couple of ALA Committees so need to go otherwise generally couldn't afford it.  I'll be there the 24th through the 27th.  Would love to know if it is an open hack fest!
21:31 rhcl                   is Equinox doing this talk: Open Source Integrated Library Systems in Consortia
21:31 rhcl                   http://alaannual.org/content/digital-information-and-technologies
21:32 wizzyrea               12741 to very near here
21:32 schuster               That is a panel discussion of open source users - SCLS is on it I believe and bibliomation? and the Colorado group I think.  Valerie Horton is putting  that together.
21:32 rangi                  schuster: have a chat with brendan and nat
21:32 rangi                  nate even
21:33 schuster               I don't want to intrude when they are paying!!  Thanks
21:33 schuster               rhcl - it is open source agnostic I believe
21:33 cait                   hm, about 740 euro
21:34 cait                   and only 15 hours :P
21:34 cait                   nothing after nz
21:34 schuster               ok end of day see you tomorrow!
21:34 rangi                  cya schuster
21:37 gmcharlt               rhcl: confirmed, ESI isn't participating on that panel
21:37 rangi                  bshum is bibliomation eh?
21:38 gmcharlt               yes
21:38 rangi                  he's good people
21:38 gmcharlt               he is
21:44 cait                   getting late here - good night all :)
21:44 rangi                  night cait
21:51 rangi                  hiya ebegin
21:51 ebegin                 Hi all!
21:52 ebegin                 Any librarians around ? :)
22:41 magnuse                when IndependantBranches is set to "_Prevent_ staff (but not superlibrarians) from modifying objects...", should non-superlibrarian librarians even get to see patrons from other branches than their own?
22:59 mtj                    super prolly should see all branches
23:03 mtj                    my 2 cents...
23:30 brendan_               @wunder 93109
23:30 huginn                 brendan_: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 11.0�C (4:30 PM PDT on March 24, 2011). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Falling).
23:48 jcamins_away           @wunder 11375
23:48 huginn                 jcamins_away: The current temperature in Middle Village, Queens, New York is 5.5�C (7:46 PM EDT on March 24, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Windchill: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008.4 hPa (Rising).
23:48 * jcamins_away         votes that he be relocated to Santa Barbara. :D
23:56 brendan_               heh