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00:41 chris       ssshhhhhh
00:41 chris       you guys are too lou
00:41 chris       d
00:42 * druthb    runs in circles and yells real loud.
00:43 cait        hm?
00:43 * cait      looks confused as always
00:44 cait        time to go to bed :)
00:44 druthb      g'night, cat.
00:44 cait        good inight all and happy new year chris :)
00:44 druthb      cait, even.
00:44 chris       night cait
00:52 chris       heh
00:52 chris       i forgot i even wrote this stuff
00:52 chris       http://git.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha-qa-tools;a=tree
00:52 chris       i wonder if any of it is actually useful anymore
00:54 chris       actually yeah, the koha-git-upgrade.sh probably is
00:56 chris       for running on branches that arent being checked by hudson, (ie local branches)
02:35 Oak         \o
02:35 druthb      hi, Oak.  :)
02:36 Oak         hello druthb :)
02:36 Oak         end of a decade, huh
02:37 druthb      yup.  It's been eventful, to be sure.  For me, anyway.
02:37 jcamins     Has it ever!
02:37 druthb      hi, jcamins.
02:40 Oak         how time flies
02:41 druthb      Gosh, in the last decade, my career took a u-turn, then a quick left-right-left zigzag, I've had a marriage happen and fail, plus all sorts of other personal changes.
03:41 Amit        heya all
04:28 jcamins     Happy New Year, New Zealand!
04:28 jcamins     And good night, #koha
05:44 druthb      o/
08:20 francharb   morning!
08:27 Amit        heya francharb
12:33 paul_p      @munin say chris happy new year (1 hour late ;-) )
12:33 munin       paul_p: Error: "munin" is not a valid command.
12:33 paul_p      say chris happy new year (1 hour late ;-) )
12:33 paul_p      @logbot say chris happy new year (1 hour late ;-) )
12:33 munin       paul_p: Error: "logbot" is not a valid command.
12:34 paul_p      well... chris, happy new year !
12:57 Nate        Happy New Years to all of you Kiwis and Aussies!
12:58 ebegin      Happy New Year to all from Canada
13:18 owen        Hi #koha
13:19 druthb      howdy!
13:19 jcamins     Hello.
13:20 jcamins     I guess you don't get today off?
13:23 owen        Not me. But I do Monday
13:23 Nate        hiya Owen and jcamins
13:24 jcamins     Hello Nate.
13:24 Nate        :)
13:24 paul_p      hello world.
13:25 Nate        hiya paul_p
13:25 druthb      hi, paul_p! :D
13:25 paul_p      have a good last day of the year for those who are on morning !
13:25 paul_p      I'll leave now (2PM here, but a lot of things to do for tomorrow : at least 18 ppl at home for lunch !)
13:25 owen        Happy new year to you paul_p
13:26 jcamins     Hapy new year, paul_p
13:27 paul_p      i'll be back on monday, even if i have a meeting monday&tuesday.
13:27 paul_p      farewell, don't drink too much. don't drive if you drink too much & see you later for a new year full of good things !
13:29 owen        Okay everyone, last chance to fix a bug in 2010. What'll it be?
13:31 jcamins     owen: my desk is slowly collapsing, and I can't put my computer on it.
13:31 jcamins     But perhaps you meant a bug in Koha.
13:31 paul_p      owen, where is the koha-community.org server ? (i'm afraid you won't fix the last 2010, but probably you'll fix the 1st 2011 :D
13:31 owen        paul_p: The timestamps on my patches are my own :)
14:44 francharb   happy new year guys/ladies! ;)
14:44 francharb   see you next year
14:44 francharb   ;)
14:54 pergi       hello
14:54 owen        Hi pergi
14:55 pergi       Guys, i have a question regarding a question in Makefile.PL
14:55 owen        Not many people here today pergi, but go ahead
14:55 pergi       When it asks about "Please specify Zebra database user", what i have to write? :P
14:56 owen        pergi: I always accept the default
14:56 pergi       it says kohauser, as defualt
14:57 pergi       but i haven't created any user with the name kohauser
14:57 jcamins     pergi: you don't need to.
14:57 jcamins     You can just accept the default, and it will work.
14:58 pergi       this user will be created automatically when i will issue "make install" ?
14:58 jcamins     Yes.
14:58 pergi       aha ok
14:58 jcamins     It's not a system user, just a Zebra user.
14:58 jcamins     So the password doesn't matter, either.
14:59 pergi       i will choose the default then :)
14:59 pergi       thank you very much :)
15:01 owen        Does anyone know where the default manual invoice values come from? Are they simply hard-coded into template?
15:01 owen        I mean, I know they are, but do those correspond to a canonical list somewhere else?
15:02 jcamins     No idea, sorry.
15:05 pergi       me too :(
15:05 * owen      wonder what the chances are of pianohacker stopping by...
15:08 druthb      wizzy! :D
15:14 owen        Hey druthb, maybe you can help me
15:14 druthb      I could try! :)
15:15 owen        In pianohacker's work on Bug 3484 he references some accountlines.accounttype values
15:15 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3484 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jwagner, ASSIGNED, Break down fee display on checkout tab
15:15 owen        "L" and "F" I see as defined in maninvoice.tmpl
15:15 owen        But there is also "FU" and "Res"
15:15 owen        Are those two codes that PTFS/clients use?
15:16 druthb      That patch, or something nearby, changed the way fines are set up so that still-overdue items have a separate fine code for still-accruing fines.  F remains as it was--a Fine.  FU is "Fine Updating".
15:17 owen        Okay, that makes sense
15:17 druthb      Res was for reserve fees to have their own fine type, rather than M/Sundry.
15:19 owen        I wonder why this change doesn't manage all the defaults from maninvoice.tmpl:
15:19 owen        http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=wip/koha-ptfs.git;a=blobdiff;f=circ/circulation.pl;h=9b4f37c8369a6ba926f02d6feabd93e49e0f777a;hp=75e079c3d5b0bf3bc65e62ae56131762eed44f60;hb=c3516b0c8c7fce9589a0805d37876caa14617d69;hpb=9c54d010c05faff700b115be499534337f2ceaf1
15:20 owen        Just prioritizing?
15:20 druthb      Yah, I think so.
15:22 owen        Okay, thanks druthb
15:22 druthb      you bet.
15:22 * owen      steps away from the mirror where he was chanting pianohacker's name
15:27 druthb      owen++
15:56 owen        Okay, same as yesterday... Someone submitted a patch which works but doesn't work with git am.
15:56 owen        How can I sign off on it while giving the submitter credit?
16:02 Brooke      kia ora
16:02 druthb      hi, Brooke! :)
16:02 Brooke      howdy, miss
16:27 Brooke      @roulette
16:27 * munin     reloads and spins the chambers.
16:30 * owen      tries to cherry-pick Bug 3475 but it doesn't seem to work
16:30 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3475 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jwagner, ASSIGNED, Add copy patron function
16:31 owen        druthb: any idea if I should be grabbing more than the last three commits here? http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=wip/koha-ptfs.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/Bug3475
16:33 druthb      Grabbing those three would be consistent with the way that I was building things then.
16:34 * owen      wonders why he's getting a blank form when I tries a copy
16:38 druthb      hm...
16:38 druthb      I don't see it, owen.
16:39 owen        memberentry.pl: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: called with 1 bind variables when 0 are needed at C4/Members.pm line 562
16:39 owen        memberentry.pl: DBD::mysql::st fetchall_arrayref failed: fetch() without execute() at C4/Members.pm line 563
16:40 druthb      almost like there's somethin' missing from Members.pm that you need.
16:40 * owen      is investigating
16:48 owen        Ah: GetMember's parameters "should contain one or more pairs of borrowers column names and values, e.g., $borrower = GetMember(borrowernumber => id);"
16:49 * owen      presumes this must be fixed in production installations of Harley!
16:49 owen        s/presumes/hopes
16:49 druthb      I would hope so, too!
17:03 owen        Easy enough fix. I'm also surprised that it doesn't copy more data from the source record. No alternate address info, no alternate contact info?
17:48 owen        wizzyrea_, is it really you?
17:48 wizzyrea_   it is
17:48 druthb      hi, wizzyrea_ :)
17:48 wizzyrea_   hi there
17:49 * owen      was just speculating about whether the "copy patron" functionality was broken for you
17:53 owen        http://www.librarytechnology.org/ils-turnover.pl
17:53 owen        Someone switched from Koha to Spydus?
17:54 owen        And in New Zealand?! http://www.librarytechnology.org/diglib-fulldisplay.pl?SID=20101231735900878&code=lwc&RC=29779&Row=2
17:57 druthb      The folks that are trying to push Spydus in the US tried to hire me back before I got on with LL.   Clearly, they've had little success.
17:57 wizzyrea_   hmmmm
17:58 wizzyrea_   I don't think that it is
17:58 * wizzyrea_ will check
17:58 druthb      It's a decent-enough system, for a windows-based thing.
17:59 owen        Spydus is what we left behind when we switched to Koha
17:59 owen        We balked at the 10K hardware upgrade they wanted for the new version
18:00 druthb      They did a demo for me when I was with the Abilene consortium.  Totally, totally worthless, for what they needed there.
18:00 wizzyrea_   owen: dupe patron works
18:00 druthb      (Cheaper than Unicorn, but so are paper cards.)
18:01 wizzyrea_   it propagates the last name, address, phone, email
18:01 wizzyrea_   and that's about it
18:01 owen        That's nice to hear wizzyrea_. The code in the repo is broken.
18:01 wizzyrea_   but that's fine
18:01 wizzyrea_   how is it broken?
18:01 owen        You get nothing copied into the entry form!
18:01 wizzyrea_   Ha!
18:02 owen        Easily fixed, though.
18:02 wizzyrea_   interesting
18:02 wizzyrea_   I know we have a bunch of fixes on ours that aren't in the repo (afaik)
18:02 owen        I'm submitting a correction for that and expanding the list of fields it copies to include alt address, alt contact, etc.
18:02 wizzyrea_   ooooo
18:02 wizzyrea_   good one
18:02 wizzyrea_   owen++
18:02 druthb      owen++
18:03 wizzyrea_   I'm glad that somebody is goin through that harley stuff
18:03 wizzyrea_   are you documenting on the wiki at all? I think there's a page for it
18:04 wizzyrea_   http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/PTFS_Harley_Integration
18:05 wizzyrea_   3483 is a neat one too
18:07 owen        I was confused by that one wizzyrea_
18:07 owen        What's the point?
18:07 wizzyrea_   it lets the librarians know if the patrons have been managing their own items
18:07 wizzyrea_   it's more of a fluffy one for sure
18:08 owen        Okay, I see how that could be interesting
18:09 owen        I haven't been updating the wiki, I'm glad you reminded me of that page
18:09 * owen      has been working off the "needs signoff" list in Bugzilla
18:10 chris       owen: their council has merged with 4 others in a 'shared solution' they havent actually switched yet either
18:10 chris       but it will be a hosted spydus install
18:11 chris       that they all share
18:11 chris       i personally think its doomed to failure but shared solutions are the buzzword at the moment
18:12 owen        Happy new year chris, how's 2011 shaping up so far?
18:12 * wizzyrea_ is dying to know
18:13 * druthb    waves to chris
18:13 chris       so far so good
18:13 chris       i still think marshall needs to figure out what hes doing
18:14 chris       he doesnt have evegreen split up by support company
18:15 chris       or any other system for that matter
18:16 owen        Is that because there isn't X number of non-Equinox Evergreen support companies?
18:16 chris       theres more than 1
18:17 chris       and there are definitely Evergreen - Independent too
18:17 chris       splitting it up just makes it a pita to actually see how many switched
18:19 chris       vendor/support compnay should be a seperate column
18:19 chris       he needs to get with the new milennium, only 11 years too late
18:20 chris       also his list is missing some
18:21 chris       http://www.librarytechnology.org/lwc-displaylibrary.pl?RC=59677
18:21 chris       isn't counted
18:22 chris       if i was tutoring his stats class
18:22 chris       he would FAIL
18:33 chris       he did fix it when i complained (at the least the missing one) so maybe a c-
18:41 munin       New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5550 - correct filename referenced in docs <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=e88cee532643ce0cfbf1127c2b9ee2d6ede1cbb4>
18:42 chris       robit gets the first commit of 2011
18:42 hudsonbot   Starting build 257 for job Koha_Master (previous build: SUCCESS)
18:42 chris       mostly because it was the first one in my inbox and was a no brainer to test :)
18:45 chris       hi Brooke
18:45 * Brooke    salutes Chris with respect.
18:45 druthb      welcome back, Brooke. :)
18:45 * Brooke    tips her hat to Ruth.
18:54 * owen      doesn't understand the color-coding rules of http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/PTFS_Harley_Integration
18:54 wizzyrea_   i think red is conflict, green is pushed, and black is "nothing done"
18:55 Brooke      grey looks closed, too
18:55 owen        Should something be red or gray if the Harley fix has been superseded by someone else's work?
18:55 wizzyrea_   I think grey
18:56 wizzyrea_   unless it's a combine for a more complete feature, like the batch item edit
18:56 wizzyrea_   though I'm terrified of that batch edit
18:56 wizzyrea_   the harley batch edit
18:56 wizzyrea_   very easy to accidentally select a bunc of stuff
18:57 wizzyrea_   that you don't really want to batch edit
19:02 Brooke      I've always thought there should be about 3 levels of confirmation messages that read summat like
19:02 Brooke      "Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?"
19:02 Brooke      "Swear on your mothers' grave this is necessary."
19:02 Brooke      and
19:03 Brooke      "Fine, fine, I'll do it, but remember you told me to."
19:03 druthb      "We're logging that *you* did this, you know..."
19:03 Brooke      *nod*
19:03 owen        First round of wiki edits done
19:03 * owen      goes to get his ears lowered
19:04 hudsonbot   Project Koha_Master build #257: SUCCESS in 21 min: http://hudson.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master/257/
19:04 hudsonbot   Robin Sheat: Bug 5550 - correct filename referenced in docs
19:11 * owen      returns, unshorn
19:11 Brooke      unshorn>?!
19:11 * owen      found that his barber had already begun his New Year's revelries
19:11 Brooke      tee hee
19:11 Brooke      let your freak flag fly.
19:12 Brooke      try as I might, I can't picture you with long hair. Ever.
19:12 owen        Photos exist.
19:13 Brooke      there's yer trouble. ;)
19:23 chris       right kids awake bbl
19:24 owen        What is the purpose of Bug 3478?
19:24 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3478 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, jwagner, ASSIGNED, Display patron middle initials
19:29 Brooke      seems to me like it'd sort one Johnson from another.
19:29 Brooke      or rather allow the Librarian to look at it
19:29 Brooke      look at the Patron
19:29 Brooke      and do the sorting ;)
19:53 owen        I'm not sure how that's different from including the middle initial in the firstname field, sort-wise
19:55 Brooke      mmm the test that's in the attachments could have been more logically delineated.
19:55 Brooke      I prolly would have used Johnsons, but that's just me ;)
19:56 Brooke      at very least they should have had a Pan A Cake
19:56 Brooke      just to show us how it sorted.
19:56 * Brooke    trusts there *is* a difference or Chris would have tossed it.
19:56 owen        It hasn't been approved
19:57 owen        You're right, the screenshots don't tell how the change improves things
19:57 Brooke      I think mebbe you should ask that in bugzilla.
19:57 owen        ...which makes me think they were done to satisfy someone who wanted it because that's the way they thought it should be
19:57 * owen      ends up asking this about many Harley enhancements
20:01 Brooke      I'm still picking at the frayed ends of that concept.
20:01 Brooke      we've to start somewhere for enhancements
20:02 Brooke      and I like that the community recognises cool enhancements and rolls them into the mainstream of things,
20:02 Brooke      like all of your wonderful OPAC stuff.
20:03 Brooke      but I often wonder where the line is
20:03 Brooke      like if a given Library wants summat
20:03 Brooke      and um
20:03 Brooke      it's just not cool
20:03 Brooke      I don't think we should be resentful that they just frittered some money away
20:03 Brooke      but I wonder how to avoid that apart from participation.
20:04 owen        I think the Solr discussion is probably the first big example of this conflict
20:04 Brooke      mmm
20:04 Brooke      not sure
20:04 ibot        not sure are you using git?
20:05 Brooke      I think there must have been things under previous RMs that were similar.
20:06 Brooke      and I also think that the sticking point on that is more complex. recursive compatibility comes to mind
20:06 Brooke      more frequent release of things in process also comes to mind
20:06 Brooke      I don't think the tripping point is that solr is uncool and not useful to more than one library
20:07 Brooke      but that ONLY solr is a bit dodgy.
20:07 Brooke      but I'm just a bullshitter, so what do I know.
20:09 Brooke      end of the day, isn't part of the appeal of OS and certainly Koha that you get *whatever* you want?
20:09 Brooke      the crappy part of that whatever being that it might be quite silly?
20:10 owen        It is incumbent on the support provider to make it clear to the client that their enhancements may not make it into the official version
20:10 Brooke      yes
20:11 * Brooke    feels that that statement ought be chiseled in Carrera someplace.
20:12 Brooke      it would also help if we Librarians related that to other Librarians
20:12 Brooke      along with "If you don't _want_ to share, stay proprietary."
20:13 jcamins_a   Along with "your changes won't get in if they're implemented badly, and then it'll be a double headache."
20:14 * jcamins_a goes back to wiping all the dust off his various spice racks so they can be packed away.
20:14 * Brooke    steals his a
20:14 owen        Along with "if you want to change Koha just because your old ILS did it differently maybe you should just stick with what you've got"
20:15 Brooke      yeah, that one is worrisome to me
20:15 * Brooke    loses sleep over Koha becoming less innovative.
20:39 Brooke      time for the boob tube, methinks.
20:57 * owen      boggles. A Harley commit that includes changes to updatedatabase? Inconceivable!
21:26 * jcamins_a had no idea that wrapping jars took so long.
21:26 druthb      it does, if you have a lot of them.
21:26 jcamins_a   34.
21:27 jcamins_a   Which seems like it shouldn't be that many.
21:27 jcamins_a   It is.
21:33 druthb      34 jars....if I had that many, they'd all be full of home-canned pickles, I think.
21:35 jcamins_a   How many pickles do you have?
21:36 druthb      I think I have about three jars left from my last batch.
21:39 druthb      I've got a pretty good stack of empties...time to make something yummy in them, imma thinkin'.
21:46 * druthb    waves to Nate
21:47 Nate        Greetings!
21:55 chris       Sup nate
21:56 Nate        hey Chris
21:56 Nate        happy new year!
21:56 chris       Thanks