Time  Nick        Message
23:56 slef        or is my hearing buggy?
23:56 chris       heh
23:56 slef        not crit, but did he just say she ended up as a library?
23:55 magnus      yo slef!
23:55 slef        yo magnus !
23:54 chris       yeah
23:54 slef        coveritlive_jargon--
23:54 slef        didn't know if that = broken
23:54 slef        ok nm
23:53 chris       cos i havent logged into it today, will fix
23:53 slef        why does the coveritlive say we're in standby mode?
23:52 slef        chris: par for the course...
23:46 chris       slef: ill tell don off for forgetting you
23:45 slef        hihi
22:56 slef        put right names in and so on
22:56 slef        will rewrite it after lunch
22:55 slef        think this one will do
22:44 slef        don't really want to call lawyers but guess I should
22:44 slef        anyone find exxample trademark mutual recognition agreements online anywhere?
22:43 slef        arghhhh
22:28 yhager      not sure why, but apache stopped running koha perl files for some reason. I upgraded from 3.2rc to 3.2, and it worked, but after apache restart, it didn't
22:26 cait        :)
22:26 cait        yay
22:26 chris       me me me
22:24 cait        who is going for lunch?
22:24 slef        so lunch for 1h10 now?
22:23 chilts      amazing what people can do given the starting point :)
22:22 chilts      wizzyrea_: too true :)
22:21 chris       yup
22:19 wizzyrea_   or encourages it anyway
22:18 wizzyrea_   but koha lets them do that
22:18 wizzyrea_   especially when using proprietary software... they don't think bigger than themselves
22:18 wizzyrea_   a lot of times libraries get caught in the "local trap"
22:18 wizzyrea_   and it's nice to feel like you can actually help libraries around the world while also helping yourself
22:17 wizzyrea_   Koha seems to meet many people's needs
22:17 chilts      use=people using it rather than use=features :D
22:17 chilts      that was a pretty cool talk ... amazing how much use Koha has in other countries and also amazing not having known much about it before (speaking personally)
22:11 slef        I'm not used to using a mic for a lecture, as you can probably tell
22:10 slef        call me stupid, but I didn't realise the presenter mic was wireless
22:02 slef        what was their peak market share? >60%
22:02 slef        yeah, I still can't believe how badly the foundation is screwing it up
22:01 braedon     ahh, symbian, the almost dead mobile os
22:01 slef        but still... multinetwork++
22:01 slef        ta-da!
21:59 cait        grats :)
21:59 slef        aha! I have wifi!
21:59 slef        symbian
21:58 braedon     which one?
21:58 slef        braedon: I'm using the least upgradable foss os in the room I think.
21:56 braedon|h   slef: this wifi issue is becoming a habit - did you byte your tongue again?
21:56 slef        heh, I can't type either
21:56 chris       heh
21:56 slef        KOHA KHA KOHA KOAH
21:45 slef        biab
21:45 slef        I'll reboot my phone...
21:44 cait        turned wifi off/on and it worked
21:44 cait        had some problems to get in, but it's ok now
21:44 * slef      can't connect again :-(
21:44 slef        everyone else on wifi cafenet ok?
21:29 bengard     indeed
21:29 brendan     bengard - worry that's suxy
21:29 bengard     that conjures up images of a bunch of librarians on horses, listening to other librarians on horses speak
21:28 brendan     actually all you kohirrim (likes the sound of that more)
21:27 bengard     I got a large sized long black from the coffee shop, then took a sip, then proceeded to drop the whole thing before getting any more
21:27 nengard     bengard's second coffee spilled all over :(
21:27 bengard     I could sleep more
21:27 bengard     heh
21:27 brendan     doing alright - tired of waiting for all you kohaians to wake up
21:26 bengard     how are you?
21:26 brendan     heya bengard
21:26 bengard     morning
21:25 chilts      morning all :)
21:25 nengard     hiya
21:25 brendan     heya nengard
21:25 brendan     there's another one who I know is not in NZ bankhead++
21:24 brendan     heya bankhead
21:20 brendan     awwhh thanks :)
21:20 hdl         brendan we miss you :)
21:20 cait        good :)
21:19 wizzyrea_   yea I think he's feeling better
21:18 cait        spud better?
21:18 * cait      waves to liz
21:18 wizzyrea_   hey peeps
21:18 * brendan   feels like he's the only one present who's not at #kohacon
21:18 cait        morning brendan
21:17 brendan     morning cait
21:16 sekjal      morning, cait!
21:16 cait        good morning #koha :)
21:11 brendan     you all have some success with chris
21:11 brendan     heya hdl
21:10 hdl         hi brendan
21:09 brendan     whoops sekjal
21:09 brendan     heya sekajl
21:06 sekjal      we're all gathering, chatting and firing up the equipment
21:06 sekjal      late start today
21:05 brendan     tired of waiting ;)
21:04 * brendan   feels like a little kid - "has kohacon started but up again - yet?"
20:25 slef        I will get out of my room at some point. zzzz
19:30 richard     hi brendan
19:30 brendan     hey richard
19:29 richard     good day for the visitors
19:29 richard     hiya chris
19:29 chris       hi richard
19:28 richard     hi
19:21 brendan     wb chris
19:19 chris       found farasat, had a chat got his presentation loaded, hes now off to have a look at te papa
19:19 chris       back
19:12 jcamins     Good night, #koha
19:12 * jcamins   adds "invent teleporter device" to his to-do list
19:12 jcamins     Okay, time to head downtown for a meeting before I head back uptown for another meeting.
19:10 * chris_n   goes down for a reboot
18:57 hdl         thx jcamins
18:56 jcamins     And that's what code review is for.
18:56 jcamins     I'm not sure what people will think of my AJAX-y authority control, but that was the easiest way I could come up with to make it work.
18:55 jcamins     MVC_frameworks++ # because chris_n is absolutely right
18:54 chris_n     MVC_framworks++
18:53 jcamins     tightly_coupled_logic_and_ui--
18:53 jcamins     I also redid the authority control bit, since the code we already had was tightly coupled to the addbiblio user interface.
18:53 chris_n     jcamins++ #for using it
18:53 chris_n     TT++
18:52 chris       Ok my stop bbiab
18:52 chris       Nice!
18:51 jcamins     It's also written using Template::Toolkit because I figured if I was going to learn a templating system, I should learn the new one, not the old one. ;)
18:50 jcamins     No, I actually started from scratch, so that I wouldn't be mindlessly copying things that weren't relevant just because I didn't understand them.
18:50 jcamins     Thank you!
18:50 hdl         I will try and test that tomorrow
18:50 hdl         is it based on pianohacker's work ?
18:49 jcamins     hdl: if you (or someone else from BibLibre) would check that my fix for Bug 5311 doesn't break anything for French UNIMARC Koha libraries, I'd be very grateful.
18:48 jcamins     http://github.com/jcamins/koha/commits/simple_cataloging
18:48 jcamins     Of course!
18:48 hdl         jcamins: Do you have that on a repo ?
18:48 jcamins     There's a mock-up here: http://demo.cpbibliography.com:8080/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/addbiblio-simple.pl
18:47 jcamins     hdl: not one that works, because I haven't made it authenticate properly.
18:47 hdl         jcamins: is there a demo somwhere ?
18:47 jcamins     It is certainly necessary for me.
18:47 jcamins     I'm glad people like the idea.
18:47 chris       Ahh cool thanks
18:46 chris       In my preso
18:46 chris       The idea of it anywya
18:46 chris       jcamins: your simple cataloguing interface met with lots of approval
18:46 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5311 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Language dropdown in advanced search broken?
18:46 jcamins     chris: I'm not sure this is clear from my commit messages, but -- in case anyone wants to poke at the easy cataloging interface -- the fix for bug 5311 is needed for the interface to correctly populate the language selector.
18:44 jcamins     It certainly would be.
18:43 chris       Be a shame to waste the money
18:41 jcamins     Oh, that makes sense.
18:41 chris       And then he can use the ticket and we run a mini conf
18:41 chris       we are going to try and get him the transit visa, keep pushing there
18:40 jcamins     Well, so much for my optimistic next question - "did they at least give him a refund?"
18:39 chris       The airline wouldn't refund him, so to go through singapore would have been another 5k us
18:39 jcamins     I wasn't sure if he was Skyping from Nigeria or Singapore (was it Singapore he was trying to transit through?).
18:38 jcamins     Yeah, I heard.
18:38 chris       Kohacon in nigeria within the next 10 years he says :)
18:37 chris       Was a great presentation
18:37 chris       Nope :( but he skyped in
18:37 jcamins     Did Olugbenga make it?
18:37 chris       Stupid australian transit visas again
18:37 jcamins     Wow!
18:37 brendan     oh man
18:36 chris       He's finally made it to wellington, started travelling on Friday!!
18:36 chris       Farasat has awesome commitment
18:31 brendan     catch you in a bit than
18:31 brendan     sweet
18:30 chris       brendan: I'm going in now anyway to work on branching stuff with biblibre to get it ready for qa
18:27 jcamins     chris_n++ # for learning super-useful tools
18:27 * chris_n   learns how to use lynx and irssi :-)
18:20 brendan     10:30 NZ time
18:20 brendan     ah a late start to kohacon today
18:20 munin       jcamins: The current temperature in Astoria, Astoria, New York is 22.5�C (2:30 PM EDT on October 26, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 17.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa (Falling).
18:19 jcamins     @wunder 11105
18:19 munin       brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 20.2�C (11:31 AM PDT on October 26, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 41%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Steady).  Wind Advisory in effect until 9 PM PDT this evening... 
18:19 brendan     @wunder 93117
18:12 drulm       OK, back to werk
18:12 drulm       Here is NEU grand: http://library.neu.edu.tr/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl (click a barcode) - the current stuff I coded can do that now, but only if I want to manually create about 80 animated gifs or flash -
18:12 jcamins     [off] drulm: we like them, yes, but we don't always do so well making them in a timely fashion!
18:10 drulm       A collection of 50 locations could be done in an afternoon for a library with only a few maps - using the javascript library, there could even be selectable animations since they are so easy to do- librarians like choices!
18:09 brendan     yeah that sounds to be more useful - than the NEU method
18:09 drulm       It is coming. NEU library in Turkey did this 3 years ago, but made a different custom animated gif for *each* location - So I want to make a rectangle selector to allow a library to quickly create location mapsby just showing where the shelves are and then animate the rectangles overlayed on the map
18:08 brendan     I'd have to play with it to get you any useful comments
18:07 brendan     pretty cool drulm
18:07 drulm       Questions? Comments? :)
18:07 drulm       Started working on it, but got too caught up in the grant PC project (we landed 50 new PCs for patrons - big grant) took lots of time
18:06 drulm       Here is a video demo link: http://www.screencast.com/users/SMFPL/folders/Jing/media/28a78519-ecd2-46ba-bb2d-e5c2970c689c
18:06 drulm       OK, progress on a koha mapping project - & working on a Javascript shelf selector to allow Koha admins to put multiple different shelf markers on a map - and animate automatically without creating 50 animated Gifs
18:05 chris       right time to feed the kids
18:05 chris       she does take good photos
18:05 chris       heh
18:05 brendan     http://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/5113360017 #look at the grinning fool
18:04 chris       at that table there was france, norway, us, fiji, nz and south africa
18:03 brendan     it's better than my native american name -- "eats with hands"
18:03 chris       thats magnus next to him
18:03 brendan     I like the hands in the pocket approach - I usually talk with my hands too much
18:03 chris       http://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/5113369277/   <--- nothing like building a rod for your own back :)
18:02 brendan     hdl++
18:02 brendan     this in is great --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/5113980370/in/photostream/
18:02 * brendan   doesn't know - I have a rfid tag to get in
18:01 gmcharlt    brendan++
18:01 brendan     how to say koha in elfish
18:01 brendan     almost galen
18:01 brendan     heh go nate++
18:01 chris       brendan: http://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/5113384619/
18:01 gmcharlt    mellon!
18:00 drulm       chris: ouch
17:59 chris       one of my favourite slides, what could happen if koha was proprietary
17:58 chris       http://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/5116627927/
17:58 brendan     you need to speak elfish to make it past the security
17:58 drulm       The auto change feature in 3.2 for status change is going to be well liked - although can be scripted now
17:58 brendan     we're working on our hobbit hole
17:58 gmcharlt    brendan: speaking of which, I will be very disappointed if you tell me that ByWater's office doesn't have a round door
17:57 drulm       Koha statuses, yeah
17:57 chris       hehe
17:57 chris       wow, kristina takes good photos
17:57 brendan     for Nate - "silly little hobbit"
17:56 chris       heh
17:56 brendan     or "this person needs to shower"
17:56 gmcharlt    they may not appreciate that when filling out their expense forms ;)
17:56 chris       heh
17:56 brendan     create a new status - of "slighty hungover" or "this person is done"
17:55 * chris     went home and got some sleep, feeling a lot more human today
17:55 gmcharlt    lol
17:55 brendan     heh
17:55 chris       i think a few people had big nights
17:55 brendan     ah - says the brown cow
17:55 chris       koha statuses .. to damaged :)
17:55 chris       http://kohacon10.mykoha.co.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-MARCdetail.pl?biblionumber=72
17:54 brendan     and good morning chris
17:54 brendan     you talking git?
17:54 brendan     from what to what?
17:54 chris       i think im gonna have to change a lot of statuses today
17:51 brendan     I hear that everyone is having a great time though
17:49 drulm       Drat, sorry to hear that! :) Well good job holding down the fort.
17:48 brendan     someone had to stay behind :)
17:48 brendan     nope I'm at home in Cali
17:48 drulm       Are you at the conference? If so how is it?
17:48 brendan     morning
17:42 drulm       Hello
16:02 brendan     heya joetho
14:51 brendan     so reorder don't do that in acq.  but in normal staged marc records
14:50 brendan     would acq even recognize a reorder (item info) in the 952
14:50 gmcharlt    well, that's a matter for the profile that the library has set up with the materials vendor
14:50 brendan     like you said - reorders or going to a vendor with Z3950 then it could be helpful to have the 952 already in there?
14:49 brendan     I'm not sure that's where my logic is failing me
14:49 gmcharlt    would or wouldn't?
14:47 brendan     I think that wouldn't be helpful
14:47 brendan     so some logic to the Add to Order for Z3950 - that it shouldn't pull in 952's ?
14:46 brendan     right it doesn't mean anything to normal views - but going into the item-editor -it's got 10 extra items
14:46 gmcharlt    but if a vendor is provding a MARC file of reords to order from, they potentially could be creating item records for the library
14:45 gmcharlt    a random Z39.50 server likely won't have 952s that mean anything to the library
14:45 brendan     look at the MARC view
14:45 brendan     a good example is here --> http://catalog.paine.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=57480
14:45 gmcharlt    it should either be stripping the 952s or creating real items
14:44 brendan     should a bit of logic be added somewhere?
14:44 brendan     of course the extra items will not show in the opac of staff details view - but if I go to item-editor I can see all those extra items in there
14:43 brendan     in acq that is
14:43 brendan     let's say I pull a record in via Z3950 and it's already got some 952's info in there
14:43 brendan     alright - I need some help with some logic here
14:18 jcamins     Thanks.
14:16 jcamins     I see.
14:15 gmcharlt    I am also pushing out new topic branches at times
14:15 gmcharlt    jcamins: bugfixes meant to be cherry-picked to 3.2.x
14:14 jcamins     gmcharlt: what are the changes that you're pushing into the git repository for? I mean, is HEAD still 3.2-branch or is it 3.4?
14:14 brendan     morning
13:42 jcamins     Good morning, #koha
13:31 kmkale      bye all
13:13 schuster    Yep it is fun...  I like to make comments on the picture out of context... he he he...
13:05 kmkale      its good to put faces to peoples names by looking at flicker photos
12:48 kmkale      :)
12:44 * gmcharlt  uses really big bullhorn to shout to New Zealand:  WAKE UP
12:36 schuster    Hey!...  pretty quiet when half the community is in the same room... ;(
12:31 chris_n     hi schuster
12:10 chris_n     I think there are several new features already working that will be pushed rather quickly
12:10 kmkale      thanks gmcharlt
12:09 gmcharlt    agreed
12:09 kmkale      thanks chris_n
12:09 chris_n     I'd say so
12:08 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4440 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, kmkale, ASSIGNED, Adding feature to print fines/fees receipts
12:08 kmkale      gmcharlt: any chance of patch bug 4440 getting into next version?
12:06 kmkale      opps in the network
12:02 gmcharlt    doing some revamping of the book jacket code would be a good thing
12:02 gmcharlt    right
12:00 kmkale      somehow seems wrong. If an image is found it should stop.. chris earlier said it was one js unaware of the other & needs a code change.
11:59 gmcharlt    define correct :)  however, having it display just one image and query multiple sources, a la the syspref description, seems like more desirable behavior
11:57 kmkale      So display of multiple images it the correct behavior?
11:57 gmcharlt    syspref description is currently incorrect
11:57 gmcharlt    yes
11:56 kmkale      but in OPAC if cover images are available from both Amazon & Google it displays both. Bug?
11:56 kmkale      One more on Enhanced contents syspref page it says "NOTE: if you have more than one source of cover images set up, Koha will use the first available."
11:55 kmkale      gmcharlt: ouch! was afraid of that answer
11:54 gmcharlt    kmkale: such data wouldn't be embedded in the bib record; you'd need to populate tables like aqorders directly
11:53 * chris_n   is afraid he is not much help there
11:53 kmkale      chris_n: gmcharlt: sorry for repeating my question but  In a retrospective conversion of bib data to Koha where would I put Invoice Date, Invoice No, Order Date, Purchase Order Number?
11:51 chris_n     me thinks there is a bug
11:51 chris_n     kmkale: thanks
11:51 kmkale      I can verify tomorrow. That library is closed for the day by now.
11:48 chris_n     on the first day the item is overdue, the notice shows a fine of $0.00 which is incorrect, yet the patron's account shows $0.25 which is correct
11:48 kmkale      incorrect how chris_n ? I am running fines & overdue
11:47 * chris_n   listens to the sound of the echo of his voice slowly die away in the distance
11:46 chris_n     anyone about running fines.pl and then overdue_notices.pl who could verify the resulting notices are incorrect
11:45 chris_n     gmcharlt: hehe
11:44 hudsonbot   chris_n: you're so kind to me! I just love cinnamon melt!
11:44 chris_n     !hudson botsnack cinnamon melt
11:44 gmcharlt    chris_n: you miss munin without the crown of op-hood?
11:44 chris_n     nm
11:43 chris_n     gmcharlt: ping
11:43 * chris_n   misses munin
11:43 chris_n     g'morning #koha
10:39 kmkale      slef: I can accomodate Invoide Date in 952$d but what about the rest?
10:35 slef        bbl
10:34 slef        952 subtags?
10:28 kmkale      In a retrospective conversion of bib data to Koha where would I put Invoice Date, Invoice No, Order Date, Purchase Order Number?
08:07 mib_David   I'm getting some strange results back when I do a catalog search.  I get several records of "0: No error: : ZOOM:" as the title and the final one says "10007: Timeout: : ZOOM".  What might be causing this issue?
07:09 mib_David   what kinds of hardware server requirements do you guys use?  This would be for less than 25k records.
06:35 Amit        thanx chris
06:35 chris       Amit: saw them, will apply them to a branch and get colin to do qa on them after kohacon10
06:31 kmkale      brb
06:20 kmkale      I observed it behaves correctly by displaying only one image in staff client, but in OPAC it displays both if found
06:20 Amit        chris: i have send some patches for analytical records have u seen?
06:20 kmkale      chris so the note displayed is a bug?
06:19 chris       heya Amit
06:19 kmkale      hi Amit
06:19 Amit        heya chris, kmkale
06:19 chris       and they js doesnt really know what the other js is doing
06:19 chris       they are pulled in by js
06:19 chris       kmkale: it'll need a code change
05:58 kmkale      hi chris
05:57 chris       cool, got control of the freshmeat listing of koha
04:58 kmkale      IN the enhanced content syspref it says "NOTE: if you have more than one source of cover images set up, Koha will use the first available. " but if I have Amazon AND Google cover images enabled, It displays both. How to prevent that?
04:57 kmkale      Hi all
04:18 kmkale      brb
04:16 braedon     'mornin
04:13 kmkale      Good morning all
03:25 * cait      waves
03:25 cait        iam here
03:22 braedon     wizzrea and cait run away...
03:22 * cait      tries to distracts nengard
03:22 cait        nengard: want a cookie?
03:21 braedon     nengard, trainer of trainers
03:21 sekjal      hehe
03:21 nengard     was i just volunteered for something???
03:20 sekjal      nengard
03:20 braedon     but who will train the trainer trainers?
03:20 wizzyrea    Yea, that's handy
03:20 sekjal      yes
03:20 slef        train the trainers
03:20 cait        check lists or something
03:20 cait        hm, tutorials for trainers sound like a good idea
03:19 sekjal      web of trust
03:19 sekjal      and anyone else can verify that verification, and so on
03:19 sekjal      then, if anyone does a training, someone else (anyone) can compare the program against the list to see if it jives
03:19 cait        and who will certify people in other countries?
03:19 sekjal      I'm just saying that if the community can agree on some general things that make a good training program, we could publish that list
03:19 cait        sounds like adding a new barrier to me
03:18 slef        just not always in ptfs's direction
03:18 slef        we beat ourselves up to go faster enough anyway
03:17 slef        I almost commented when ptfs suggested ksf employing ppl to manage the community... like why do we want to pay bosses to whip us?
03:17 sekjal      our presenter brought up the idea, so at least someone out there is thinking of it
03:17 slef        cait++
03:17 cait        or perhaps I don't get it
03:16 wizzyrea    I think it's a fine idea
03:16 cait        but shouldn't we have a reason to do it?
03:16 sekjal      if we wanted to
03:16 sekjal      but we could do it
03:16 sekjal      not saying we need it
03:16 cait        sekjal: why do we need that?
03:16 slef        and why koha doesn't like that
03:16 wizzyrea    kansas has just struggled through that re: general library training
03:16 slef        it's figuriong out what the self check sends and why
03:15 sekjal      if the community could agree on a set of standards for 'certifying' any given training program, anyone could offer up an accreditation for a training against those standards
03:15 slef        yeah but debugging koha is not the problem
03:15 cait        he can simulate sip requests, probably written in python
03:15 slef        and I doubt catalyst has a selfcheck handy for hacking
03:15 cait        slef: I think my coworker has something
03:14 slef        but lots easier to do in hackfest
03:14 wizzyrea    yes. But... I've just hatched an idea
03:14 * cait      spend days on creating test cases for vendor
03:14 slef        maybe I should offer to write a sip debugger for koha
03:14 cait        it's difficult because you have to work with another company, can't test it all yourself
03:14 wizzyrea    blind in the dark anyway really. Hrmph.
03:13 slef        sip seems expensive to debug :-/
03:13 wizzyrea    add on the fact that I don't have direct server access and I might as well be blind in the dark.
03:13 wizzyrea    ^^ that
03:13 slef        then debugging is hell
03:13 cait        like everything
03:13 slef        except when it doesn't
03:13 wizzyrea    HA
03:13 slef        sip works
03:13 wizzyrea    the RFID works fine
03:12 wizzyrea    actually, the RFID isn't the problem. It's the SIP that's the problem. So I should probably be more accurate
03:12 slef        ?
03:12 slef        but is everyone else using proprietary or bespoke staff terminal devices
03:11 wizzyrea    because to hear the complaints from my only RFID library you'd think the whole thing was esplodey with nuclear proportions
03:11 cait        use of...
03:11 cait        slef: lots of interest and use in rfid in Germany too
03:11 wizzyrea    or it really works ok for everyone else?
03:10 wizzyrea    seriously, do no other koha libraries transit reserves with RFID?
03:10 slef        I'm dizzy with all the rfid interest.
03:10 cait        yeah, or we can use one of our installations
03:10 slef        I think he told me that at coffee
03:10 wizzyrea    cait: should be much easier for them to install now that it's packaged for debian
03:10 slef        ooh another rfid user
03:09 bengard     hey, that's awesome
03:09 * cait      remembers it was all talk and we never really got to play with something
03:09 cait        made a note to ask my library school about a koha workshop
03:09 wizzyrea    that's a pretty library
03:09 slef        the even
03:08 slef        I blame they tiny keyboard
03:08 darling     the cert topic is interesting
03:08 slef        license even
03:08 slef        yeah, koha authoritative body to licence training, eh?
03:08 wizzyrea    is that the ruler slap, teacher
03:08 nengard     you're distracting me - can't blog a talk if i'm paying attnetion to you all :)
03:08 darling     i hope you all were minding the presentation also
03:07 wizzyrea    that might be true
03:07 slef        I look away and it goes all star wars on me.
03:07 bengard     that just means I'm a bigger geek
03:07 wizzyrea    things that cause fires in hotel rooms
03:07 cait        lol
03:07 slef        huh?
03:07 bengard     ;)
03:07 wizzyrea    ok ok you win
03:07 wizzyrea    /facepalm
03:06 braedon     moons?
03:06 bengard     that's no moon!
03:06 bengard     Death Stars!
03:06 bengard     there you go
03:06 braedon     super star destroyers?
03:06 wizzyrea    or wait... sorry, that's focused radiation
03:06 wizzyrea    ... a solar sail 1000km wide? I don't think so
03:06 sekjal      Starscream?
03:05 bengard     wait, Star Destroyer beats Scramjet!
03:05 wizzyrea    Scramjets!
03:05 bengard     Star Destroyers!
03:05 wizzyrea    Saturn rockets!
03:05 bengard     ICBMs!
03:05 nengard     oh boy - you guys got him started
03:04 wizzyrea    nuclear submarines!
03:04 braedon     breeder reactors
03:04 wizzyrea    arc welders
03:04 bengard     flamethrowers
03:04 wizzyrea    blowtorches
03:04 bengard     also campfires
03:04 wizzyrea    I miss that place :/
03:04 wizzyrea    our old room had a convection oven/micro
03:04 darling     bengard, deep fryers too
03:03 bengard     ovens in hotel rooms typically end in catastrophic fire, I'd guess
03:03 darling     you can do a lot w/ a microwave
03:03 cait        but no oven :(
03:03 cait        I have a microwave in my room
03:03 darling     brownies here can be very miss -- tend to be too dry to bite
03:02 nengard     it was yummy
03:02 wizzyrea    someone get me a kitchen, stat >.>
03:02 nengard     totally craving sugar now - oh - i had a 'american style' brownie at lunch
03:02 * nengard   doesn't bake, but i can do the pillsbury rolls
03:02 * braedon   will take 5
03:02 * cait      wants one too
03:02 wizzyrea    lol
03:02 darling     well pass some over here then
03:02 * wizzyrea  makes totally passable cinnamon rolls
03:01 darling     braedon, only on the important things
03:01 wizzyrea    (it takes hard work to mess up cinnamon rolls properly)
03:01 braedon     you guys are obsessed
03:01 wizzyrea    you can do it relatively badly and still do ok :P
03:01 wizzyrea    and since there aren't many
03:01 wizzyrea    no, I'm thinking that maybe what wellington *really* needs are proper cinnamon rolls
03:00 darling     dang, now I'm hungry
03:00 darling     cool!
03:00 nengard     darling they are at breakfast - not the kind i'm used to at home - but they are cinnamon rolls
02:59 darling     some nz sweets blind spots exist
02:59 darling     i think they're not highly available here
02:58 nengard     did he get one this morning?
02:56 wizzyrea    spud's favorite
02:55 cait        hm, cinnamon rolls
02:54 nengard     okay my nose is smelling a sandwich now -- the cinnamon roll was better ;)
02:52 slef        I warned russel about that
02:50 nengard     i've had much worse heckling at talks before :)
02:50 nengard     i didn't mind
02:50 nengard     hehe :)
02:45 * slef      naughty
02:44 slef        I should really
02:44 slef        couldn't resist the will anyone pay call
02:44 nengard     awws shucks :) you're all so nice :)
02:40 wizzyrea    I just checked it, it's on every page of the manual
02:38 slef        moo!
02:38 magnus      hear, hear
02:34 paul_p      the world is full of awesome ppl, but with nengard we've found a grade-A one !!!
02:34 paul_p      nengard++
02:33 cait        biased or not, he is right
02:32 bengard     me? no way!
02:32 wizzyrea    you might be biased though
02:32 wizzyrea    she's amazing ^.^
02:31 * cait      is not a big fan of kebabs
02:31 bengard     also, nengard's pretty awesome, huh?
02:31 cait        no, not really
02:31 slef        cait: do you say kebaps?
02:31 chilts      :)
02:31 darling     dang, now I'm hungry
02:31 chilts      do we talk about kebabs?
02:31 bengard     mmm . . . kebabs
02:06 slef        wizzyrea_: and addled your net link?
01:57 * wizzyrea  just undertook the cleanup of the lenny install docs, and should have gotten that right. Vacation has addled her brain
01:56 wizzyrea    what he said, lol
01:56 chilts      yup, saw that :)
01:56 wizzyrea    >.<
01:56 sekjal      actually
01:56 sekjal      Makefile.PL
01:56 wizzyrea    that is :)
01:56 wizzyrea    Makefile.pl
01:56 chilts      excellent, thanks wizzyrea
01:56 wizzyrea    yea, makefil.pl should ask you what kind you want
01:56 chilts      (sudo make install) :D
01:56 chilts      so perl Makefile.PL, make, then make install ... and it'll ask me what type of install I want?
01:56 chilts      yeah, sounds like it
01:53 wizzyrea    is that what you're thinking of?
01:53 wizzyrea    Makefile.pl sets dev vs. standard install
01:53 chilts      some kind of install thing
01:53 wizzyrea    anybody have some tylenol? Ms. Wagner is in dire need :/
01:52 chilts      can anyone let me know what that script is (I think) which sets up your machine to serve from your Git checkout?
01:50 wizzyrea    that's probably true, wiki syntax sucks and does take time to learn
01:47 sekjal      my understanding is that Kete has a lower barrier for entry
01:47 wizzyrea    yes, indeed we do
01:46 sekjal      but don't we get a lot of folks lamenting dealing with wiki syntax?
01:46 sekjal      I do realize it would duplicate a lot of what's in the wiki
01:46 wizzyrea    do note I'm not opposed to kete-koha
01:46 sekjal      another benefit: if we find that we need to stretch Kete to make it meet our needs, we're contributing to a sister system
01:44 wizzyrea_   that was kind of a random disconnect
01:43 wizzyrea_   nengard, have you done much work in those internal help files?
01:43 wizzyrea_   well frankly, we should be doing that *already*
01:43 sekjal      have dynamic connections for the help files, perhaps
01:42 sekjal      would be easy to pull in content from a Kete into Koha directly, as we saw yesterday
01:42 cait        perhaps replace kohadocs?
01:42 wizzyrea_   ^^
01:42 magnus      but kete would be great for files/documents etc
01:42 wizzyrea_   the obvious question that you'll get, I think, is "why can't you put that stuff on the wiki?"
01:42 magnus      i think the wiki is better for text - easier to create links
01:41 sekjal      also sound files to use in the HTML5 parts of circ
01:41 wizzyrea_   I like the idea of keeping the multimedia content there
01:41 wizzyrea_   so you're thinking of replacing the wiki?
01:41 sekjal      could add icon sets, logos, other image files to connect to your system preferences
01:39 sekjal      images from conferences, regional get togethers, what-have-you
01:39 slef        yeah well some  dev co spent years flaming kea, so kete didn't really get considered ever
01:39 sekjal      conference recordings
01:39 wizzyrea_   !!
01:39 sekjal      video tutorials
01:39 sekjal      well, all the wiki content could fit there
01:39 cait        wizzyrea: what I see a lot is KoHa *shivers*
01:38 wizzyrea_   agreed... what would we keep in it?
01:38 sekjal      I think it'd be pretty cool
01:37 wizzyrea_   I don't think we have
01:37 sekjal      does anyone remember if we've discussed setting up a Kete instance for the Koha community?  I feel like it may have come up before, but my initial searches just return info on integration
01:35 wizzyrea_   well, yesterday afternoon for them really. :P
01:35 wizzyrea_   I got an email from one of my librarians with the dreaded all caps this morning
01:34 sekjal      magnus: only on a couple of the slides, though
01:32 magnus      oh no, she says "KOHA"...
01:26 bengard     kebab: it's like a popsicle, only made of meat
01:23 Nate        :D
01:22 wizzyrea_   ^.^ kidding, kidding
01:22 Nate        O.O
01:21 * magnus    thought we just had lunch
01:21 wizzyrea_   >.>
01:21 wizzyrea_   (that's your breath, dude)
01:21 wizzyrea_   lol
01:21 Nate        Kebabs.... Mmmmmmm
01:21 Nate        I smell kebabs
01:20 wizzyrea_   so ti may not waft to you
01:20 wizzyrea_   the cinnamon bun is nearly devoured
01:19 paul_p      cinnamon has not reached my line yet ;-)
01:19 wizzyrea_   >.>
01:19 wizzyrea_   kind of *is* a modern library
01:19 cait        you did very well
01:18 cait        paul_p: she is right
01:18 wizzyrea_   uh...
01:18 wizzyrea_   hehe, "simulates a modern library"
01:18 paul_p      nengard, (thanks)
01:18 slef        see twitter.com/mjray
01:18 cait        ?
01:17 slef        ?
01:17 slef        #weSupportHLT
01:15 nengard     cait - oh there she is!! :)
01:14 * cait      smells the cinnamon too
01:14 wizzyrea_   --------->
01:14 cait        I think it's the woman in front of me
01:14 wizzyrea_   I smell it too, I think it's her pastry
01:13 nengard     why do i smell something cinnamony? who has yummy sugar behind me?
01:12 nengard     fixed
01:11 nengard     oopsie - typo - will fix
01:11 paul_p      nengard,  In 2002 Koha 2.1 was released along with the introduction  =>  In 2002 Koha 1.2 was released along with the introduction  (1.2 not 2.1)
01:06 slef        which is dangerous
01:06 slef        as I remembered that I'd looked that up on wikipedia instead of a real source
01:05 slef        chilts: yeah, I was double-checking that sofia is in bulgaria about 10mins before I spoke
01:05 chilts      :)
01:05 chilts      memebad
01:05 slef        is that a bugmeme?
01:04 paul_p      slef, on twitter, no, it's paul_poulain
01:04 chilts      welcome to the internet and copying info without checking sources :D
01:04 slef        yeah I was copying
01:04 chilts      heh
01:04 nengard     slef i think that was my fault - i linked to paul_p first and then saw that I did the wrong thing and everyone followed suit
01:04 chilts      slef: dunno, but I copied and got it wrong too :)
01:04 slef        :)
01:04 slef        who did I link???
01:03 slef        oops not paul_p?
01:03 paul_p      slef, yep, even in France, he plays with his english accent, doing some performances in "frenglish" that are really lol !
01:03 chilts      sweet, thanks :)
01:03 paul_p      chilts, paul_poulain
01:02 chilts      paul_p: do you have a Twitter account?
01:01 slef        it's infinitely better than that.
01:01 slef        which is bad, I know :)
01:01 slef        I think you imagine it is like an anglo accent en francais
01:00 slef        paul_p: he is cult hero on uk tv
01:00 paul_p      slef, of course yes !
01:00 wizzyrea_   ^^ hehe
01:00 slef        paul_p: you ever heard of Antoine de Caunes?
00:59 nengard     he's not kidding
00:58 slef        not
00:58 paul_p      slef, kidding or not ? (/me think yes)
00:58 slef        paul_p: I think you do not know how great that accent is :)
00:57 slef        paul_p++
00:30 slef        multinetwork_devices++ anyway
00:29 slef        back!
00:28 slef        aha I have wifi... brb
00:28 braedon     could be it - wi-fi connections are all about how you hold your tongue
00:28 nengard     :(
00:28 wizzyrea    noes!
00:27 slef        I think I bit my tongue at lunch :-(
00:27 slef        I'll move nearer the back and see if I get a better ap link
00:26 bengard     heh
00:26 sekjal      bengard: going to try not to, though those kebabs are pretty good!
00:26 slef        nah, I have no wifi ap connection
00:25 * wizzyrea_ thought it was dead too
00:25 wizzyrea_   cafenet*
00:25 wizzyrea_   no, but you can't have alternate dns in or it won't find the caenet website
00:25 bengard     so you won't be going to get kebabs with Nate every night?
00:25 * braedon   keeps for getting not to make obscure references to cartoons here...
00:25 slef        is the wifi dead?
00:24 sekjal      trying not to eat the same place too many times; want to get a broad range of experience while I'm here
00:24 braedon     dagnamit
00:24 sekjal      won't be doing it again
00:24 braedon     still mainly cardboard and napkins though
00:23 bengard     well, they do seem to be more environmentally conscious here
00:23 sekjal      I think so.
00:23 bengard     so less toxic waste in NZ BK?
00:23 chris_n     snap
00:23 chris_n     is it as bad as in America?
00:23 sekjal      it's a little better.  not much, but I don't feel as contaminated
00:23 bengard     what's the verdict?
00:23 wizzyrea_   lol
00:23 sekjal      I was also curious about the experience of BK out of America
00:23 nengard     sekjal++ for working :)
00:23 wizzyrea_   right, they have a good cafe there
00:22 nengard     the real library - not the bar library
00:22 nengard     we ate at the library - it was DELICOUS!!
00:22 sekjal      I was in here late working on tickets for our clients, and had to grab something quick!
00:22 wizzyrea_   we broke down once in the airport, and had dunkin and a mcmuffin (but that was spud and the hubs... I AM STILL PURE)
00:21 nengard     i think sekjal is listening to paul_p and not seeing his picture :)
00:21 * chris_n   refused to eat McD's when he visited Spain
00:21 wizzyrea_   chris_n++
00:21 chris_n     nengard: that is sad indeed ;)
00:20 * chris_n   makes the first push toward 3.2.1
00:20 braedon     thanks
00:20 braedon     found it
00:20 braedon     i assumed it was a technical glitch
00:20 nengard     yes
00:20 braedon     o, it was part of a pres?
00:20 nengard     summary on my blog of that talk braedon
00:19 * braedon   is reading the feed
00:19 braedon     what was all that fuss about win7?
00:19 wizzyrea_   :P
00:19 wizzyrea_   I had a lovely kebab
00:18 braedon     is BK all wellington has to offer? :P
00:18 wizzyrea_   shameful!
00:17 nengard     so sad :( http://www.flickr.com/photos/nengard/5116260332/ hehe