Time  Nick        Message
00:02 chilts      he's doing well for being up at 1am and on Skype :)
00:02 wizzyrea_   for sure
00:03 wizzyrea_   the internet is amazing sometimes.
00:03 chilts      heh, it is ... he's in Nigeria talking to us and we're in the same room talking in a chatroom :)
00:03 chilts      weird
00:05 wizzyrea_   shhh hobbit people!
00:05 chilts      lol
00:05 magnus      hobbit people?!?
00:05 wizzyrea_   outside, the cheering
00:05 slef        magnus: outside the window
00:06 slef        some protest about Warner Bros making Nz part of Aus or summat
00:07 magnus      i hear them, but don't quite get who they are or what they are shouting about...
00:08 slef        magnus: some protest about Warner Bros making Nz part of Aus or summat
00:08 robin_      devel debian packages updated
00:09 slef        I'm going to write with paper so as  not to stress the net link and garble the presentation
00:35 nengard     back online now that the skype call is done
00:36 sekjal      me too
00:36 nengard     :)
00:36 wizzyrea_   whew I was getting lonely
00:36 wizzyrea_   j/k j/k
00:40 sekjal      oh, I think Bob is wrong about that.... I think this will be VERY exciting
00:40 wizzyrea_   heh
00:40 sekjal      after 13 min of buildup....
00:41 robin_      robin@debmaker32:~$ apt-cache policy koha
00:41 robin_      koha:
00:41 robin_      Installed: (none)
00:41 robin_      Candidate: 3.2.0-1
00:41 robin_      Version table:
00:41 robin_      3.2.0-1 0
00:41 robin_      500 http://debian.koha-community.org squeeze/main Packages
00:41 robin_      :D
00:41 wizzyrea_   ohhhhh
00:41 wizzyrea_   nice one
00:43 robin_      even better:
00:43 robin_      Version table:
00:43 robin_      3.2.0-2~git20101025130816.6f80cb06 0
00:43 robin_      500 http://debian.koha-community.org squeeze-dev/main Packages
00:43 robin_      3.2.0-1 0
00:43 robin_      500 http://debian.koha-community.org squeeze/main Packages
00:43 robin_      (I wasn't sure if they'd both play nicely together like that. Turns out they do.)
00:44 chilts      yeah, using ~ or + between the version and your (date|gitversion|whatever) is always a good choice :)
00:46 robin_      yeah, in this case it make migrating from devel to stable easier.
00:46 * sekjal    banters
00:48 wizzyrea_   hehe
00:48 wizzyrea_   as long as it's good natured
00:49 sekjal      wizzyrea_: always!
00:49 wizzyrea_   hehe
00:56 chris       man,bob is doing a great job
00:57 wizzyrea_   lol I cannot spel
00:57 wizzyrea_   spell*
00:57 wizzyrea_   ^^ as evidence
00:57 chris       i pity the fool up after him
00:57 chris       oh wait, thats me
00:57 sekjal      lol
00:57 wizzyrea_   ba dum bum
01:00 cait        chris: you will do great!
01:02 magnus      chris: you have a great topic - it will be great!
01:08 robin_      OK, so who's coming for some drinks instead of the next talk? ;)
01:08 chris       quick everyone go
01:08 chris       and ill have a nap instead
01:08 cait        no, we will stay
01:09 cait        flew around the world to see you in action!
01:09 bengard     chris: you forgot to point and say, "What in the world can that be!?"
01:09 chris       hehe
01:13 wizzyrea_   ooh, drinks
01:13 bengard     heh
01:13 wizzyrea_   so which one of you wants to take my ever so patient and loving husband out for an evening of fun?
01:13 wizzyrea_   >.>
01:13 wizzyrea_   poor fella's stuck at home with the kiddo
01:13 wizzyrea_   where home = our smallish (now) hotel room
01:14 chilts      robin_: sounds like a plan ... then we can come back for the last talk of the day :)
01:14 chilts      chris: only jesting, am looking forward to the new features
01:14 robin_      wizzyrea_: if he likes beers, he's welcome to join in.
01:15 wizzyrea_   he does like beers!
01:15 robin_      wizzyrea_: well, I expect that I'll be going to The Library with everyone else initially, but they don't have much good beer, so I'll probably move on to Hashigo Zake before too long.
01:16 robin_      <-- beer snob
01:16 wizzyrea_   lol
01:16 sekjal      robin_: good to know
01:17 bengard     robin_: oddly, I find that libraries often don't have good beer on tap
01:17 robin_      http://hashigozake.co.nz/beerlist.html <-- all the beers but the first two are from NZ, too
01:17 robin_      (the first is Japanese, the second is Australian.)
01:17 robin_      bengard: you're just going to the wrong ones :)
01:17 chris       and we get a discount!
01:17 wizzyrea_   I like cheap beer
01:18 robin_      yes, and we get a discount there, too :)
01:18 bengard     robin_: evidently
01:18 robin_      and there is no public hol surcharge
01:24 robin_      Wiki page for the packages updated. Now to start writing an email.
01:34 paul_p      chris ?
01:35 chris       yep
01:35 paul_p      do you remember when we moved to git exactly ?
01:35 chris       it was 2007\
01:35 paul_p      it's not written in history
01:35 chris       july
01:35 chris       when i was in the US
01:35 chris       not sure the day
02:05 * wizzyrea  prepares to heckle chris
02:09 nengard     LOL
02:09 nengard     be nice to chris ;)
02:09 wizzyrea    i know I know
02:13 slef        who shouted kiaora?
02:15 slef        robin_: woulld you nudge me when you go for good beer?
02:16 slef        depend what I've drunk / who I've not yet talked to if I'll  go
02:17 robin_      slef: sure
02:18 slef        robin_: tyvm
02:20 slef        oops
02:20 slef        I didn't meann to put chris off there
02:21 slef        don't expect to see bottles of wine at the circ desk
02:27 wizzyrea    is that the CORES schema or...
02:27 wizzyrea    it's on the wiki right?
02:49 slef        wizzyrea: yeah, NISO CORE I think, on wiki
02:49 wizzyrea    ok whew, that's what I thought but wasn't sure
02:49 wizzyrea    I just deferred to magnus on it lol
02:49 slef        :-( prezi, time for me to get motion sickness
02:50 wizzyrea    :(
02:50 slef        I'm going to try not to look
02:50 wizzyrea    maybe he won't be a manic prezi user.
02:50 slef        anyone else find this hard to watch?
02:51 slef        maybe it's just me
02:51 wizzyrea    I have a coworker who finds it bothersome, but I'm ok with it
03:00 brendan_l   good-night all - enjoy the beer tonight ;)
03:01 * braedon|h is up to 11:30 in the feed
03:01 braedon|h   (serves me right for getting up at 3...)
03:11 slef        so drinks now
03:12 magnus      first day of kohacon10 done - wow the day has just flown by!
03:13 sekjal      good game, good game
03:13 sekjal      so very excited to start working up some bug fixes and feature enhancements
07:03 mirbolt     hi there, i am using 3.06, and have removed all my items from my database, i have run ./rebuild_zebra.pl -a -b but when i search the opac i still get all the same results from when there were still items in the database - can anyone help me to clean out zebra?
07:10 CGI186      hello
07:11 CGI186      kindly some one help me i am doing hardwork previous 3 weeks i have completely installed koha 3.0.6 on fedora
07:11 CGI186      but doesnot show on webinstaller
07:11 CGI186      every time just show default appache page
07:11 CGI186      Index of
07:12 CGI186      even i have enable port Listen 8080 in koha-httpd.conf file and include /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf
07:12 CGI186      in httpd.conf
07:13 CGI186      please some one help me
07:20 hdl1        CGI186: ?
07:22 hdl1        What is the problem ?
07:22 CGI186      i am unable to get the output it show default apache page
07:23 CGI186      SElinux preventing /usr/bin such type of error
07:25 CGI186      (13)Permission denied: exec of '/usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/errors/500.pl' failed
07:32 CGI186      No one help me
07:32 CGI186      bye
09:37 cait        hi #koha
09:40 * cait      waves to magnus
09:41 * magnus    waves to cait
09:46 Amit        heya cait
09:47 cait        hi Amit
09:50 magnus      hi Amit
09:54 chris       fever dropping?
09:55 cait        not sure
09:55 cait        slept until 9, was ok for about an hour, now I feel like melting away
09:55 magnus      let's hope it does during the night, at least
09:55 chris       i can bring some paracetemol tomorrow
09:56 chris       which is good for reducing fever
09:56 cait        chris: I had some paracetamol in my back, hope it will help
09:56 cait        back = bag
09:56 chris       :)
09:56 chris       yeah, you are supposed to eat it, not put it in your back :)
09:56 cait        but thx for the offer :)
09:56 cait        lol
09:56 cait        will try to remember that!
09:57 chris       i saw you leave after my talk ... i didnt think it was that bad :-)
09:57 chris       i have to leave, chris's talk made me sick :)
09:58 kmkale      Hi all
09:58 chris       hi kmkale
09:58 kmkale      hey chris
09:58 Amit        heya chris, kamkale
09:58 * chris     is about to go to sleep big day again tomorrow
09:58 cait        no, your talk was great
09:58 kmkale      hi Amit
09:59 cait        worth staying
09:59 kmkale      I was wondering why chris was here yet
10:00 slef        moo
10:01 chris       hey slef, find food?
10:01 slef        yeah, majestic was good
10:01 slef        we went and had a banquet
10:01 kmkale      is there any link where we can watch live stream like video & audio?
10:01 slef        kmkale: no stream, recordings up later
10:02 kmkale      :(
10:02 chris       slef: http://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/5113928450/in/set-72157625236896938/
10:02 chris       when two debian developers meet :)
10:02 slef        kmkale: the venue net link barely did audio stream for a presenter today
10:02 kmkale      oh
10:03 chris       http://www.kohacon10.org.nz/live/index.html <-- is kinda good
10:03 slef        aaargh
10:03 slef        stop talking a mo!
10:03 slef        copy-paste is really hard on this
10:03 chris       heh
10:04 slef        got it
10:05 cait        back to sleep, see you tomorrow!
10:05 chris       feel better
10:05 slef        ok bye cait get well soon
10:05 * chris     goes to sleep too
10:05 cait        thx!
10:09 magnus      see you tomorrow, folks (at least some of you)
10:32 kmkale      @seen druthb
10:32 munin       kmkale: druthb was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours, 45 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <druthb> hee hee...that's the weak forces of the universe...The Force is duct tape:  it has a light side, and a dark side, and it binds the galaxy together.
11:50 zipporah    when I try to place a Hold on a book in the Library, I am getting  " No copies are avalaible to be placed on hold" even though there 2 books showing as number of copies. What is the problem? Help plse.
11:54 zipporah    By the way this is the first time I am testing Koha 3.0.6 Live CD . May be I have not put in the necessary data in the MARC 21 record for the books to indicate the copies!
11:57 zipporah    I am asking the correct forum?
11:57 zipporah    Am I asking the right Koha forum?
11:58 kmkale      zipporah: yes this is the right forum for Koha
11:58 kmkale      but most of the guru's are asleep after a hard day at kohacon
11:59 kmkale      zipporah: in my meager experience, kost of the holds problems stem from circulation rules
11:59 kmkale      have you set any?
12:00 zipporah    Let me know what I should do which part of the manaul should I look up?
12:02 kmkale      zipporah: http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=x3301#AEN3542
13:16 cyrixbmx    Why in Koha when I have a double quote in my sentence I can not translate de sentence in my file .po?  Exemple : in the file fr-CA-pref.po I have the following string : msgid "enhanced-content.pref#AmazonEnabled# data from Amazon on the staff interface (including reviews and \"Search Inside\" links on item detail pages). This requires that you have signed up for and entered an access key."
13:16 cyrixbmx    But since there is double quote in the string, koha can not translate the sentend with : msgstr "les donn�es d'Amazon sur l'interface professionnelle (y compris les critiques et les liens \"Recherche interne\" sur les pages de d�tails de l'ouvrage). Ceci n�cessite une demande de cl� d'acc�s et la saisie de cette m�me cl�."
13:16 owen        cyrixbmx: Have you tried asking your question on the Koha mailing list?
13:17 cyrixbmx    no owen
13:17 cyrixbmx    what is the mailing list?
13:18 owen        You might have better luck there: http://koha-community.org/support/koha-mailing-lists/
13:18 cyrixbmx    ok thanks :)
13:30 * chris_n   greets owen
13:30 owen        Hi chris_n
13:31 jcamins     Good morning, owen and chris_n
13:31 chris_n     heya jcamins
13:32 jcamins     How was your weekend?
13:49 hudsonbot   Starting build 89 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
13:50 munin       New commit(s) kohagit: Further fixes for Bug 3211, cataloging value plugin forms should be valid XHTML <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=dc6f6546237e0366d2087888eea7ba6218a34dd3>
13:57 hudsonbot   Project Koha build (89): UNSTABLE in 8 min 36 sec: http://bugs.koha-community.org:8080/job/Koha/89/
13:57 hudsonbot   Owen Leonard: Further fixes for Bug 3211, cataloging value plugin forms should be valid XHTML
13:57 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3211 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, cataloging value plugin forms should be valid XHTML
14:21 owen        yay, another bugfix branch can be pruned
14:24 chris_n     jcamins: great... three days away in the outback without inet or phone is quite refreshing
14:24 chris_n     bbiab
14:29 chris_n     theres nothing quite like a reboot to blow out the cobwebs
14:37 chris_n     !hudson testresult
14:37 hudsonbot   test results of all projects:
14:37 hudsonbot   Koha build #89 had 7 of 1636 tests fail
14:37 hudsonbot   xt_author_translatable_templates_t.intranet templates are translatable failed in 21.967722s
14:37 hudsonbot   xt_author_valid_templates_t.no errors in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/cataloguing/value_builder/unimarc_leader.tmpl failed in 0.04465798s
14:37 hudsonbot   xt_author_valid_templates_t.no errors in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/cataloguing/value_builder/unimarc_field_121b.tmpl failed in 0.04465798s
14:37 hudsonbot   xt_author_valid_templates_t.no errors in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/cataloguing/value_builder/unimarc_field_110.tmpl failed in 0.04465798s
14:37 hudsonbot   xt_author_valid_templates_t.no errors in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/cataloguing/value_builder/unimarc_field_140.tmpl failed in 0.04465798s
14:37 hudsonbot   xt_author_valid_templates_t.no errors in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/cataloguing/value_builder/unimarc_field_141.tmpl failed in 0.04465798s
14:37 hudsonbot   xt_author_valid_templates_t.no errors in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/cataloguing/value_builder/unimarc_field_105.tmpl failed in 0.04465798s
14:37 chris_n     opps
15:00 munin       New commit(s) kohagit: bug 3211: fix some errors that crept into the cleanup <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=391ce2b4693a98753b16980d42c3a5682660ba6f>
15:00 owen        At least we've got hudsonbot and munin to talk to.
15:04 hudsonbot   Starting build 90 for job Koha (previous build: UNSTABLE -- last UNSTABLE #89 1 hr 15 min ago)
15:10 gmcharlt    owen: I dunno, they seem more interested in talking to themselves
15:12 hudsonbot   Yippie, build fixed!
15:12 hudsonbot   Project Koha build (90): FIXED in 8 min 5 sec: http://bugs.koha-community.org:8080/job/Koha/90/
15:12 hudsonbot   Galen Charlton: bug 3211: fix some errors that crept into the cleanup
15:12 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3211 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, cataloging value plugin forms should be valid XHTML
15:46 drulm       How is the conference thus far?
16:18 joetho      sleepy, I would guess?
16:22 drulm       joetho, ah, wondered if they had the 1stb sessions, or it is tomorrow for them
16:24 jcamins     drulm: it started yesterday. See www.kohacon10.org.nz/live/
16:24 drulm       Thanks!
16:28 joetho      what is the filepath to user authentication?
16:28 joetho      I can't figure it out yet from the table structure
16:30 brendan     morning
16:31 drulm       Yo.
17:01 joetho      ha! /borrowers
17:02 joetho      I think I should have known that without looking it up...
17:33 joetho      hi owen
17:33 joetho      I am here in my stuffy landlocked office, deep in the midwest, lightyears from any international border. You?
17:47 chris_n     g'morning kohacon10'ers
17:59 brendan     heya chris_n
18:00 * chris_n   breaks out the peanut-butter m&m's
18:06 jcamins     hdl, paul_p: if either of you get a chance, I'd be grateful if you took a look at my patch for Bug 5311, to make sure it doesn't break French-language UNIMARC.
18:06 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5311 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Language dropdown in advanced search broken?
18:38 chris       Morning
18:41 brendan     morning chris
18:41 jcamins     Morning.
18:42 chris       brendan: nate entertained us all with card tricks and impressions of your bird calls last night :)
18:43 brendan     nice Nate++ has got great card tricks
18:43 brendan     yeah the bird calls are a lot of fun :)
18:45 chris_n     g'morning chris
18:46 chris       Hey jcamins and chris_n
18:46 brendan     do you know what bird calls he did - or do you remember any of them?
18:46 chris       One was the barn owl
18:47 brendan     a Bard owl
18:47 brendan     that's the best one there is
18:47 chris       Hehe
18:47 brendan     besides a "song-sparrow"
18:48 chris       Next kohacon we need a slot for card tricks and bird calls
18:48 brendan     song-sparrow -- " maid, maid, maid - put on another TEAAA-kettle kettle kettle"
18:49 chris       Hehe
18:51 joetho      is "i-bistro" the opac front-end for... triple i?
18:52 chris       Is that seriously the name for something?
18:52 jcamins     joetho: that's where the engineers at Apple eat.
18:52 joetho      ha ha ha ha
18:53 joetho      yes, it is a real name
18:53 joetho      my mac.com account is under ijoey
18:53 joetho      i think
18:54 chris       We have a bunch of ibad stickers
18:54 brendan     yup i-bistro is iii or SD IRC
18:54 gmcharlt    III
18:54 brendan     heya gmcharlt
18:54 chris       Want me to get wizzy to bring some back for you joetho ?
18:54 jcamins     joetho: Pronounced "eee yo eee"?
18:54 gmcharlt    no, I'm mistaken - it's SD
18:55 chris       Ok my stop bbiab
18:55 gmcharlt    hi brendan
18:55 joetho      I found a bunch of s-d installations using it, but I thought iii installations could use it too.
18:55 gmcharlt    that would be weird
18:56 joetho      not if it is a REAL thirdparty opac, but you're right- s-d would never go for that.
18:57 brendan     @later tell Nate - "who cooks for youuuuu - who cooks for you awwlllll"
18:57 munin       brendan: The operation succeeded.
18:57 joetho      chris: yes?
18:57 brendan     that's the Bard owl call :)  #just incase anyone was interested
18:57 joetho      i mean "yes!"
18:58 joetho      I see the conference is off to a very serious start.
18:58 joetho      Excellent!
18:58 jcamins     LJ is doing their annual movers and shakers piece, I see.
18:59 jcamins     Has chris been featured yet?
19:00 jcamins     :)
19:04 brendan     here's a vermont librarian that uses koha --> http://www.libraryjournal.com/csp/cms/sites/LJ/LJInPrint/MoversAndShakers/profiles2010/moversandshakerschase.csp
19:07 brendan     I don't think chris has been featured - but jo was this year
19:38 jcamins     Whoops.
19:40 brendan     morning NZ kohacon10
19:44 nengard     morning #koha - has anyone gotten the ceiling due date to work right?
19:52 cait        good morning :)
19:52 richard     hi cait
19:53 * chris_n   hates it when people send their passwords to the list :-P
19:53 jcamins     cait: you made it all the way to NZ, just to be struck down by fever? :(
19:54 cait        jcamins: yeah, yesterday was bad, today I am almost back to normal and at the conference now
19:54 cait        jcamins: really hope it's gone
19:55 jcamins     Me too!
19:55 jcamins     Is someone else responding to Kevin Jones, or should I?
19:55 * braedon|h was going to
19:56 braedon|h   but go ahead
19:56 jcamins     Yay!
19:56 jcamins     braedon|h++
19:57 braedon|h   ... does that mean i should?
19:57 jcamins     Yes please. :D
19:58 hdl         cait: glad you recovered.
19:59 cait        thx hdl
19:59 * chris_n   responded
19:59 chris_n     opss
20:00 chris_n     poor fellow... what a way to end an already bad day
20:00 braedon|h   braedon|h--
20:00 munin       braedon|h: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
20:01 braedon|h   (chris_n got there before me)
20:01 chilts      is twitter broken? or just my wi-fi
20:01 braedon|h   wait, i can't decrease me own karma?
20:01 chris_n     ouch... munin is handing out hand-smacks now days
20:01 braedon|h   hmm
20:01 braedon     braedon|h--
20:01 wizzyre-1   chilts I'm not having trouble, but I have a client
20:02 chris_n     bbl
20:02 chilts      wizzyrea: ok thanks, I'll try reloading :)
20:02 chilts      (again)
20:03 jcamins     chris_n: do the instructions on kohadocs.org even work?
20:03 jcamins     That's for Koha 2.2.7.
20:04 wizzyrea    another erm, ptfs asset. Wonder if they know they own it
20:04 jcamins     I was just reflecting on that question.
20:05 jcamins     Well, that and the question "what on earth is that," but you answered that question for me.
20:05 wizzyrea    at least, it was an old liblime asset
20:06 jcamins     Yeah, it was transferred to PTFS.
20:06 jcamins     Heh. I like the phone number.
20:06 wizzyrea    ?
20:07 jcamins     +1.9999999999 :)
20:07 jcamins     From the WHOIS.
20:07 wizzyrea    heh
20:07 wizzyrea    flip it over and it gets much more sinister >.>
20:30 wizzyrea    jcamins: slef just gave a recipe for oat shortbreads, the cooperative cookie
20:30 wizzyrea    ^^ awesome
20:30 jcamins     Cool!
20:31 chilts      damn, I can't find the recipe
20:31 wizzyrea    hehe
20:31 wizzyrea    we'll ask him for it
20:31 chilts      yup :)
20:32 jcamins     Time to close up shop.
20:32 jcamins     Good night, #koha
20:32 wizzyrea    gnite jcamins
20:32 jcamins     Enjoy all the Kohacon awesomeness.
20:32 wizzyrea    :)
21:56 chilts      this talk is awesome :)
21:56 chilts      I always like listening to MarkO
21:59 wizzyrea    does anyone else smell menthol?
21:59 * wizzyrea  is worried she's having a stroke
21:59 wizzyrea    (not literally)
22:04 cait        wizzyrea: my guess would be someone with menthos near to you?
22:05 wizzyrea    maybe
22:10 slef        amen! 3m-rfid-sip-nyaargh
22:10 wizzyrea    heh
22:10 wizzyrea    if we can get the special characters to work it'll be about perect
22:10 slef        we have rfid working but 3m-sip is, erm, intersting
22:10 wizzyrea    well for NEKLS anyway
22:11 wizzyrea    same
22:11 wizzyrea    RFID isn't really a challenge, it's the damn SIP that needs work. (pardon)
22:11 slef        we're on the sip 3.0 dev list but meeting times suck
22:11 slef        tips onwhat needs work in sip 3?
22:12 slef        oh and any funding we can access?
22:12 wizzyrea    ^ that I might have
22:12 cait        don't scare me - our new customer is looking at 3m for rfid
22:12 wizzyrea    we're about to issue a rfp for our ISP work
22:12 wizzyrea    SIP even
22:13 slef        mail me about sip stuff... I will do some of their meetings after I get home
22:15 wizzyrea    will do
22:15 slef        [off] one lib we couldn't hack it, handed over to ptfs as they said they could... yeah: nah, sip is like poke with pointy stick til it works stuff, 1980s comp engineering
22:16 sekjal      I like the idea of a centralized place for Koha users to contribute ratings, reviews and anonymized circ data
22:16 sekjal      opt in, of course
22:17 sekjal      add in some bibliographic records, too.
22:17 sekjal      open it up to anyone, Koha user or not
22:17 sekjal      either by establishing a data standard, or using one that's already created
22:17 sekjal      expand it far enough, we could have an open-source bX replacement
22:18 slef        popcon from debian already exists
22:18 slef        popcon.debian.org for output IIRC
22:20 wizzyrea    sekjal: sounds like a project for OCLC (or not...lol)
22:20 wizzyrea    I thought, and then I thought again, and then I thought again.
22:22 cait        slef: one of our libraries already use rfid/sip with equipment from a German vendor - works great
22:22 sekjal      its a bigger project than Koha, for sure, and not trivial.  I'd love to help with it, but there is that pesky issue of time
22:22 cait        slef: there is only one problem: books with reserves don't go into a status, where they can't be checked out by another user
22:22 darling     robin, you getting one of those tablets?
22:23 cait        slef: so this is the only real problem they have right now.
22:23 rhcl        sekjal: was our SIP hard to cfg?
22:23 sekjal      rhcl:  not terribly, no
22:24 wizzyrea    but you're not transiting holds and such
22:25 wizzyrea    slef: what things about SIP are causing you consternation?
22:25 cait        wizzyrea: right, a one branch library :)
22:27 wizzyrea    the things that cause us consternation are actually the way that koha processes the data coming from the sip server, not as much the sip server itself
22:28 wizzyrea    though the thing where it crashes when you throw any in do special character at it is definitely a consternation
22:28 wizzyrea    and needs to be fixed.
22:29 wizzyrea    I think I've seen this guy before... on a TED talk
22:29 wizzyrea    am I crazy?
22:29 cait        really want an answer? :)
22:29 wizzyrea    right, the interwebs.
22:29 wizzyrea    on it
22:31 slef        wizzyrea: compatibility between vendors, but rfid is more to blame
22:31 wizzyrea    hrm, no doesn't look like it's him... checking someplace else
22:32 slef        wizzyrea: the sip stuff just doesn't explain why it errors properly. so we'll try to get richer errors in sip 3
23:02 hdl1        slef: and sip stuff is coming also from combined efforts with evergreen
23:03 hdl1        what is tough in sip is localisation and dates display