Time  Nick        Message
01:24 slef        in auckland, having lunch at a cafe with wifi
01:27 chris       yay
01:27 chris       is it cafenet? :)
01:27 slef        seen about 5pm tomoz
01:28 chris       excellent
01:28 slef        tomi at esquires?
01:28 slef        where's good for free wifi?
01:28 slef        hotel wifi not good in the room
01:28 chris       hmm, no idea in bucklame im afraid
01:29 slef        oi I'm the one on a phone not you
01:29 chris       :)
01:29 chris       every so often you will spot a cafe with free, but they are not the majority
01:32 chris       you didnt bump into magnus?
01:32 chris       i think he landed aroundish the same time as you
01:38 jransom     auckland library cafe has free wifi
01:39 jransom     MJ: Lee is at your hotel too
01:46 slef        oic
01:46 slef        magnus landed 2h before us I think
01:47 slef        we were delayed by swerving to avoid a typhoon
01:47 chris       ahhh
01:49 slef        I've an apache server with loads of sockets stuck as syn_recv
01:49 slef        :-/
01:50 slef        not got all my keys with me. not sure if I can fix it
01:50 chris       stink ;(
01:51 slef        jransom: airport express bus stop 3 is fine for the hotel
01:52 slef        not sure if you knew
01:52 slef        are chips here chips or crisps?
01:54 richard     chips are chips :)
01:54 chris       chips works for both hot chips (fries in americanese) and cold chips, crisps
01:54 slef        and jooi what do you call the white ///// area in the middle of the road?
01:54 chris       median strip
01:55 chris       oh pedistrian crossing?
01:55 slef        awww, not ghost island?
01:55 slef        no, median bit
01:55 chris       yeah median
01:56 slef        finally before I screw the server...
01:56 slef        what do you call the black/white post with orange ball by the zebra crossing?
01:56 richard     target
01:57 chris       well we dont call them zebra crossings, thats a pedistrian crossing .. and i have no idea what the post is called
01:57 chris       just dont cross when richard is driving apparently
01:57 chris       :)
01:57 richard     actually that was in poort taste, given that a policeman did use it as a target
01:59 jransom     slef: no I didn't know - but good to know :)
02:00 robin       chris: we do so call them zebra crossings.
02:00 jransom     not!
02:00 robin       at least, in the Mainland :)
02:00 slef        back home, the posts are Belisha Beacons
02:00 chris       you might
02:01 chris       but you guys are weird
02:01 chris       :)
02:01 jransom     pedestrian crossings (in Levin)
02:01 richard     but down their you call luncheon sausgage belgium
02:01 jransom     lol
02:01 jransom     weird ...
02:01 robin       richard: you're the ones with your "batches"
02:01 robin       "baches" rather.
02:01 robin       see, you can't even spell!
02:01 richard     lol
02:03 * slef      really hopes that server is just fscking
02:05 slef        oh well, will check in 10 or so
02:05 slef        bbl
02:12 masonj      http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/10/nsa-cartoon-animals-lure-youth-into-the-surveillance-arts/
02:14 pauln       hi all, Should macrons display correctly on Maori terms?
02:15 masonj      pauln short answer , yes
02:15 masonj      if they dont its a data/encoding issue , not a display issue
02:22 pauln       thanks masonj - its from a national library marc record so seems a bit odd
02:22 chris       got a url pauln ?
02:23 pauln       http://library.hauraki-dc.govt.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=47391
02:23 chris       ahh i think i know the problem
02:24 pauln       King P�otatau is what is showing - don't even know how to type o with macron
02:24 chris       yep
02:24 pauln       better work on that :)
02:25 chris       i think i can fix this pretty easily
02:25 pauln       look at that, i came here rather than email you direct to leave you alone and you come riding along to save us anyway!
02:25 chris       i just think its not setting hte right header
02:26 chris       hmm or maybe not
02:26 robin       Content-Type	text/html; charset=UTF-8
02:27 chris       nope thats messed up in the db
02:27 robin       but it claims it's running on IIS, so who knows what crazy it does to things.
02:27 chris       ah yeah, there is a proxy in front of it
02:27 chris       that might be doing it
02:27 * chris     logs in to check the record in the db
02:29 pauln       also - the 245b remainder of title does not show in opac i just noticed
02:29 robin       hi wizzyrea_, how's wellington been treating you?
02:29 chris       pauln: <subfield code="b">an account of the life of P?otatau Te Wherowhero, the first M?aori king /</subfield>
02:29 robin       Not been blown out to sea yet?
02:29 wizzyrea_   very well thanks for asking :)
02:29 wizzyrea_   today was about perfect (at last earlier when we were out)
02:29 chris       so its not a display thing, it got munged somewhere along the line
02:29 chris       oh you can fix that subtitle thing easy
02:29 chris       if you go to admin
02:30 robin       yeah, it wasn't bad when I was heading in to work.
02:30 chris       then keywords to marc mapping
02:30 chris       make one called
02:30 chris       subtitle
02:30 chris       245
02:30 chris       b
02:30 chris       that should fix that
02:32 chris       that record looks messed up in te puna
02:33 pauln       ok, done the mapping bit
02:39 chris       you pulled that record in via z3950 eh?
02:41 pauln       must have, added post-training
02:41 pauln       the te puna record looks ok to me
02:42 chris       yeah it seems to be coming across like that
02:42 chris       is there a way to search te puna from the web?
02:45 chris       AH HA!
02:45 chris       te puna is encoded in marc-8
02:45 chris       not utf-8
02:45 chris       fixinated
02:45 chris       http://library.hauraki-dc.govt.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=47391
02:45 chris       hows that?
02:46 wizzyrea_   oo, pretty OPAC
02:48 wizzyrea_   hrm, there ought to be a check out override for reserves if there is at least  one other item available to fill the hold
02:48 chris       ?
02:48 wizzyrea_   so say you have a patron who has an item checked out
02:49 wizzyrea_   and you have 4 items total
02:49 wizzyrea_   3 are avaliable
02:49 wizzyrea_   if that patron tries to renew it, and the reserve hasn't been assigned
02:49 wizzyrea_   it won't let them renew it, because it wants to give it to the reserve
02:50 wizzyrea_   even though there are other available items
02:57 pauln       Chris - te puna link http://nlnzcat.natlib.govt.nz/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?PAGE=sbSearch&SEQ=20101021160840&PID=OidXKWLmCUeXK3jLcbXz3UTxAJHM
02:57 chris       yep, fixed in the catalogue now
02:57 chris       http://library.hauraki-dc.govt.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=47391
02:58 chris       te puna is encoded in marc-8
02:58 chris       we were expecting utf-8
02:58 chris       fixed now
02:58 jcamins_a   Do other ILSes not set the LDR/whatever to indicate UTF-8 consistently?
02:59 chris       that would be a no
03:00 jcamins_a   Ridiculous.
03:00 chris       well they often do, but then what their z3950 server hands you
03:00 chris       might not match
03:00 jcamins_a   So the Z39.50 server changes it?
03:01 chris       basically you have to tell your z3950 client what encoding to expect
03:01 chris       and it cant mix and match
03:02 chris       so have mixed up records in your db, is messy when using Z3950
03:02 chris       and often records lie
03:02 jcamins_a   I just find the whole thing so baffling.
03:02 robin       MARC needs to go away
03:02 robin       and be replaced by something sane
03:03 robin       and standardised.
03:03 jcamins_a   You'd think the library world could get at least one thing right w/r/t languages.
03:03 chris       that whole marc-8 thing .. whats that about??? :-)
03:04 robin       to aid in standardisation, I'm going to make a commitment to only support MARC in ISO646 and EBCDIC from now on.
03:04 chris       heh
03:04 * wizzyrea_ giggles
03:05 chris       the first opac i worked on
03:05 chris       for wellington city library
03:05 chris       the data came out of their mainframe in EBCIDIC
03:05 chris       -I
03:05 robin       that must have been "fun"
03:05 chris       converted it, stuffed into sybase and searched it with perl
03:06 chris       ran once a night
03:06 chris       was supposed to last for 2 months until their vendor gave them their web opac
03:06 chris       it lasted 2 years
03:06 robin       goodness
03:06 chris       until they changed vendors
03:06 chris       agile ... you're doing it wrong!
03:07 robin       heh
03:16 pauln       chris - sweet, all good
03:16 jcamins_a   Okay, time to hit the hay.
03:16 jcamins_a   Good night (again), #koha
03:16 chris       pauln: excellent
03:16 pauln       RDA is almost here to replace MARC - don't ask me anything about it but, no me cataloguer
03:17 pauln       is there wifi at kohacon?
03:17 chris       there sure is
03:17 chris       citylink donated us 3 days of free wifi
03:18 wizzyrea_   !!! that's awesome :D
03:19 pauln       are they the ones doing free wifi in cbd?
03:19 chris       nope but they do www.cafenet.co.nz
03:19 chris       which is cheap wifi
03:22 pauln       nice one
03:24 pauln       cheers chris, catch ya
03:24 chris       cya later
04:09 Oak         \o
04:28 slef        yengh... on expensive hotel internet
04:28 slef        time to fix that server :-/
04:30 wizzyrea_   hey slef
04:30 wizzyrea_   omg, we're in the same time zone!
04:31 chris       Slef can ur phone take a sim?
04:31 chris       2degrees prepay 3g is probably cheaper
04:31 chris       If you can tether
04:32 slef        chris: yeah, I was wondering about that, but I want this fixed in the next 45m
04:32 chris       Right, as you were :)
04:32 slef        any idea of price/package name?
04:32 slef        as that may still be worthwhile
04:32 chris       Lemme find it
04:37 chris       Hmm not as goood as I remember 20 nz for 1gb
04:38 chris       http://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/broadbandzone-data-packs
04:38 chris       But still probably cheaper than hotel nets
04:39 slef        yeah, data aloways better than time for ssh
04:39 chris       If you aren't watching movies unlikely to use all that
04:39 slef        ta
04:40 chris       Are you in the president hotel?
04:40 chris       Lee was going to try to find you
04:41 slef        yes, just spooke with 20mins ago
04:41 slef        hence the 45min deadline ;-)
04:42 chris       Ahh :)
04:42 jransom     so wish I was in Auckland already
04:42 slef        I think this is a lost cause
04:42 chris       Ill leave you to it then
04:42 slef        I don't have the ssh keys I need.
04:42 slef        They're not in the file they should be.
04:42 chris       Stink one
04:43 slef        paging colo support now :-/
05:01 slef        @seen cait
05:01 munin       slef: cait was last seen in #koha 19 hours, 2 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <cait> the messages look not so nice too and you can't show the date and time at the beginning of a message
05:03 jransom     she lost somewhere between hong kong and australia and auckland
05:03 jransom     due in tomorrow at about 2pm ish
05:05 slef        ok ta
05:06 slef        HK airport has free wifi
05:06 slef        I think I might have mentioned that.
05:08 chris       Wellington does too
05:18 slef        ok, off downstairs
05:29 pianohack   Hi #koha
05:42 wizzyrea_   hey ph :)
05:43 jransom     Liz baby :)
05:44 jransom     hey pianohacker
05:57 wizzyrea_   jo! hi :D
05:58 wizzyrea_   doh I missed her
05:58 wizzyrea_   I was going to show her this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wizzyrea/5100808621/
06:18 chris       good photo
06:23 wizzyrea_   it's a little blurry but eh
06:25 chris       yeah, not bad for a night photo from a phone
06:27 chris       did you eat?
06:28 wizzyrea_   yep, we had hell pizza... not very original, but it was really good
06:28 wizzyrea_   well I should say, we had salmon, spring onion, and cream cheese pizza
06:28 wizzyrea_   not one we'd have had at home
06:28 wizzyrea_   ^.^
06:28 chris       :)
06:29 chris       we get hell for pizza thursdays, so im kinda over them
06:29 chris       but i do like the one with gherkins on it
06:30 wizzyrea_   ! I missed that one
06:30 wizzyrea_   very original combinations
06:32 chris       cursed
06:32 chris       Honey Mustard, Ham, Onions, Gherkins, Chicken, Bacon & Smoked Cheddar.
06:34 wizzyrea_   mmm ok yea that sounds yummy
06:37 chris       tv is crap tonight eh
06:38 wizzyrea_   lol ya
06:41 wizzyrea_   do they run trains on sunday?
06:41 chris       yup
06:41 wizzyrea_   woot. Think we'll maybe try to do the train thing then.
06:41 chris       where do you want to go?
06:42 wizzyrea_   well I'm a little torn between out of town to see the country (isn't there a wine area to the north?) and a train around the harbor
06:43 chris       well you gotta go round the harbour to go out to the vinyeards :)
06:43 wizzyrea_   there you go then
06:43 wizzyrea_   so that
06:43 wizzyrea_   lol
06:44 chris       http://www.metlink.org.nz/journeyplanner/plan?JourneyOrigin=wellington&origin_easting=&origin_northing=&origin_type=&JourneyDestination=Martinborough%2C&destination_easting=271504463&destination_northing=599486232&destination_type=locality&departure=departafter&time=Now&date=24-10-2010&modes[]=bus&modes[]=rail&modes[]=ferry&modes[]=cablecar&submit=Go
06:44 chris       bad url, but hopefully works
06:44 wizzyrea_   ohhhh journey planner
06:45 wizzyrea_   ugh. web usage fail. lol
06:45 wizzyrea_   me, not you
06:46 chris       yeah, have a play with the journey planner, martinborough has the vineyards
06:46 chris       hmm none of those look that good
06:47 chris       greytown is a neat little town
06:47 chris       good shops and restaurants
06:48 chris       looks like only 1 train each way on the wairarapa line on sunday
06:49 chris       but the hutt line has tons
06:49 chris       so you could go to petone
06:50 chris       which is quite a fun little place to look around too
06:51 wizzyrea_   really, 12 miutes by train? I don't know if I can handle that ;)
06:51 chris       hehe
06:51 chris       heres a plan
06:52 chris       take the ferry to eastborne
06:52 chris       bus to petone station
06:52 chris       train back to wellington
06:52 wizzyrea_   the scale of the maps is what's getting me... nothing is really that far
06:52 wizzyrea_   but it looks like it should be
06:52 chris       yeah
06:52 chris       hehe
06:53 wizzyrea_   in kansas, maps with that distance mean an hour at least :P
06:53 wizzyrea_   well, what *appears* to be that distance
06:53 wizzyrea_   the scale messes with me
06:53 wizzyrea_   it's just a much smaller place :)
06:53 chris       yup
06:57 wizzyrea_   this ferry? http://bit.ly/adsy7u
06:58 chris       yep
06:59 chris       http://eastbywest.co.nz/  <-- that one
07:00 chris       http://eastbywest.co.nz/places-to-see/
07:00 chris       you could stop at the island on the way
07:08 koha_mong   hello,
07:11 newnick     hello,
07:11 newnick     is anybody here
07:47 jransom     Magnus - kiaora my friend
07:47 jransom     welcome to NZ
07:48 magnus      thanks jransom - it's been great so far
07:48 jransom     did you have a good trip over?
07:55 magnus      jransom: well... it could never be "good", i think, but it was uncomlicated, at least - unlike some, i hear
08:00 wizzyrea_   jo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wizzyrea
08:09 chris       heya magnus :)
08:11 magnus      hi chris - we're in the same timezone (as wizzyrea said some days ago) ;-)
08:16 chris       its paul ... in malaysia?
08:16 chris       magnus: yeah its weird eh
08:19 magnus      hiya paul_p
08:20 magnus      chris: it is. and my head is starting to feel weird too, so i'll hit the hay shortly
08:20 chris       yeah, its about that time
08:20 chris       sleep well
08:22 slef        sparkly worly world
08:23 slef        whirly even
08:23 slef        saw a bus going to Torbay on the walk back. That always amuses me.
08:23 slef        Clevedon wines are pretty hilarious too.
08:24 paul_p      hi magnus & chris & slef
08:24 slef        (Clevedon is 7 miles from home. No vineyards)
08:24 paul_p      klia++
08:24 paul_p      free wifi (2 hours) everywhere
08:24 paul_p      take off in 4 hours.
08:24 paul_p      i'm 30hours without sleeping, start to be really tired...
08:24 slef        HK seems to have unlimited free wifi.
08:25 slef        erm? no hotel at AMS?
08:25 paul_p      french airport have a 0mn free wifi
08:25 slef        Yeah, LHR has no free either
08:25 paul_p      slef, yep, but I wake up a 6AM
08:25 slef        but my 3g is cheap enough there
08:25 paul_p      and that was 30h ago now...
08:25 slef        no sleep in flight?
08:26 paul_p      (could not sleep in the plane, even with an emergency exit seat)
08:26 slef        aww
08:26 paul_p      was 11PM in my body when we landed, so ...
08:26 paul_p      (and I forget the sleeping drugs my doctor gave to me :(((( )
08:27 slef        I'm ignoring my sleep-disrupting medication today.
08:29 slef        hi hdl
08:29 magnus      g'night #koha
08:30 slef        hdl: are you hd or just h in speech usually?
08:30 hdl         hd.
08:30 hdl         But usually american and foreign folks use henri only ;)
08:32 slef        I will carry on confusing them then :)
08:36 chris       heh
08:37 slef        chris: good NZ tv now guide website?
08:37 chris       hmmm
08:38 chris       http://telstraclear.co.nz/residential/inhome/digital-tv/tvg-grid.cfm
08:38 slef        ta
08:38 chris       thats missing 2 channels
08:38 chris       tv3.co.nz and c4tv.co.nz
08:38 slef        oh and Emmerdale after the lunchtime news? really?
08:38 chris       who have some retarded rule
08:39 chris       yep, its for the 70 year olds who watch lunchtime news :)
08:39 chris       theres bugger all on tonight
08:40 hdl         hi from Kuala Lumpur
08:40 slef        chris: http://bleb.org/tv/channel.html?ch=itv1
08:40 chris       heya hdl
08:40 slef        while talking about retarded rules
08:40 chris       yeah tv3 and c4 must have some rule about that
08:40 chris       too
08:41 chris       actually if you are in hotels
08:41 chris       http://www.skytv.co.nz/tv-guide.aspx
08:41 chris       you probably have sky
08:42 slef        we seem to have a bizarre mix here
08:42 slef        one two three six prime dw-tv bvn tv5
08:43 chris       ahhh, freeview
08:43 slef        http://www.presidenthotel.co.nz/test/tp.html says different channels to what is on the very slow tv
08:44 slef        It's a Lifestylepanel.
08:44 slef        I suspect that is because you have to plan your life around its boot time.
08:44 slef        MSIE inside
08:45 chris       ahhh yeah
08:46 chris       http://www.freeviewnz.tv/whats_on_freeview/tv_guide  <-- like that?
08:52 slef        chris: yeah, about half of that.
08:58 chris       those are all the free to air ones
09:02 slef        oh other thing that was worrying to see: NZ imports the Jeremy Kyle show???
09:14 paul_p      hdl should not say "hi from KL", but "Hi from KL business class lounge, where I am on a comfortable chair, could take a shower, while Paul is in economy, on an uncomfortable chair in the airport". But I agree that would be longer :D
09:15 paul_p      chris, about ?
09:15 hdl         paul_p: that's just an unexpected Happy Birthday from circomstances ;)
09:16 * si        wanders by
09:16 paul_p      yes ! I forgot that : Happy Birthday once again hdl !!!
09:17 si          paul: you're on your way to Wellington?
09:19 paul_p      si, nope. On the way to Auckland.
09:19 paul_p      we are in Kuala Lumpur, after many events !
09:19 si          woo, cool
09:19 paul_p      -hdl tickets cancelled by company
09:19 * si        lived in KL for several years as a boy
09:19 paul_p      - france on strike, missing our AMS<>KL
09:20 si          paul: but you'll be in Wellington next week?
09:20 paul_p      - we could have had a problem with my luggage, it was not supposed to be given to me in KL, but I saw it by chance when passing near the baggage drop !
09:20 paul_p      si, yep, of course ;-)
09:20 si          heh
09:20 si          splendid
09:21 chris       hi paul_p
09:21 si          I can categorically state that it will not be as warm as KL here :-)
09:21 chris       hehe
09:21 paul_p      NZ++
09:21 paul_p      and conditionned air is really cold everywhere, so we get hot/cold/hot/cold
09:23 paul_p      hi chris. I want your opinion about the 2008-2009 history of Koha. do you think I should speak of the events with ptfs/ll ? I plan to do something like : "title => Houston, we have a problem" and explain in a few lines what happends, and why it has slowed the project (lot of time spent instead of happy hacking)
09:25 chris       i think maybe very briefly
09:25 chris       patrick jones is no longer coming
09:26 chris       but jane wagner is instead
09:26 si          Copyright 2005-2006 Ookla
09:26 si          Calculates the size of a HTTP Request.
09:31 slef        [off] we wondered at dinner who from ptfs would be coming
09:32 slef        It's blooming freezing in bucklame president but I think I have figured out the heating.
09:33 chris       [off] well when it became clear that we wouldnt be dropping everything to talk to patrick about the foundation, we no longer rated sending management
09:34 slef        where should I email my slides?
09:34 slef        not absolutely final but I would like to get something saved
09:35 chris       kristina at catalyst or chrisc at catalyst
09:35 * paul_p    happy with the idea to see jwagner, but don't know (or fear to know) where all this ...(silence here) ... will go :\
09:37 slef        so does this mean I should drop the section of my session on the future of koha-community.org?
09:37 slef        ;-)
09:39 slef        catalyst.co.nz?
09:39 chris       net
09:40 slef        net or net.nz?
09:41 chris       net.nz :)
09:41 slef        oh oops - from line on that will be wrong, so please let me know here :)
10:01 chris       you sent it to me slef ?
10:02 * chris     is falling asleep, so ill let you know in the morning when it makes it through the greylisting or whatever has caught it
10:04 chris       oh there it is
10:05 chris       cool, now im going to sleep
11:46 Brendan-O   morning :)
11:59 jcamins_a   Morning.
11:59 Brendan-O   morning jcamins_a
11:59 jcamins_a   !!!
12:00 jcamins_a   Looks like Amit was pretty busy!
12:00 jcamins_a   Amit++
12:26 Brendan-O   @wunder 93117
12:26 munin       Brendan-O: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.5�C (5:36 AM PDT on October 21, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Steady).
12:26 Brendan-O   @wunder -help
12:26 munin       Brendan-O: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
12:30 jcamins     Hm. First item on my to-do list is figuring out how to duplicate input boxes.
12:33 jcamins     I think maybe I'll move that to later in my to-do list.
12:56 jcamins     Wow. C4::Languages is impressively confusing.
13:08 brendan     So I guess I was talking in my sleep lastnight - I woke up my wife by saying
13:09 schuster    jwagner is going to NZ?
13:09 brendan     "How much for a MARC record?  2 dollars!!!  that's ridiculous!!  They should be free!"
13:09 braedon|1   hahaha
13:09 braedon|1   you better be serious brendan
13:09 schuster    someone is really proud of their work...
13:09 brendan     I guess I kept talking about MARC records - so much that She had to get up and turn the light on for me to stop talking
13:09 jwagner     schuster, yes I am, last minute decision as of yesterday.
13:10 * jwagner   is VERY busy getting things organized to go....
13:10 brendan     then I said - wow that's extreme and rolled over and kept sleeping
13:10 schuster    Enjoy!  wish there was a last minute decision like that around here, but since my passport has expired I doubt that would work!
13:11 jwagner     My passport is about the only thing that IS ready.  But I ticked off a lot of errands yesterday.  Still a bunch more to go.
13:12 * jwagner   is so distracted this morning that I made my second cup of tea with cold water -- guess we're having iced tea....
13:12 jcamins     Woohoo! I successfully read the list of languages from the database!
13:20 brendan     have a fun trip jwagner!!!  hopefully the plane ride treats you ok and you don't have too difficult of time :)
13:21 braedon|1   and don't sleep talk about marc records on the plane :)
13:22 jwagner     It's going to be rough.  I'm getting handicapped assistance through the various airports, but my arthritic legs aren't going to like that much time in a plane seat.
13:22 jwagner     Dunno about sleep talking, but many years back, when I was managing a migration from an old ILS to Unicorn, I was dreaming in MARC record format by the end of the project.  I can think of better things to dream about.
13:23 * braedon|1 dreams about uni projects and assignments
13:23 braedon|1   i imagine it will only get worse with work projects :P
13:24 braedon|1   spending the entire night planning out intricate details of an assignment, and then waking up to find it is all nonsense is, well, interesting
13:24 jcamins     Why I am I getting an array reference from GetRecordValue?
13:25 jcamins     Does that make sense? I don't think it does.
13:25 brendan     yeah I can't believe $2dollars for a MARC record and that's nonsense this morning ;)
13:26 jwagner     Actually I get some of my best solutions in dreams :-)  If I'm struggling with a script or something, I often wake up about 2 AM thinking, oh, THAT'S how to fix it.
13:26 brendan     sounds like jcamins is talking in his sleep
13:27 braedon|1   sometimes takes me upwards of half an hour to sort out exactly what i have planned is actually usable, and what is based on some fantasy version of the assignment - not good when the assignment in question is due in a couple of hours
13:27 jcamins     brendan: sadly not.
13:28 jcamins     I have a keyword mapping 'city'->260a, but when I use GetRecordValue to retrieve it, I get an array reference.
13:28 jcamins     When I try to dereference the array, I get nothing.
13:34 jcamins     Okay, so according to ref it's an array of an array of a hash.
13:38 * jcamins   hates Perl variables
13:38 jcamins     Everything is type '$'
13:41 jcamins     Okay, supposedly GetRecordValue returns an array of hashes.
13:41 jcamins     A shame it doesn't appear to do that when I call it.
13:42 jcamins     Except when I try to dereference it, it tells me it's not a hash value.
13:47 * jcamins   has decided he doesn't like C4.
13:51 jwagner     jcamins, that's a potentially explosive statement :-)
13:54 jcamins     Yes, I know.
13:54 jcamins     But it seems that C4 is tightly coupled to the template system we use.
13:55 braedon|1   and if you disconnect the couplings in the wrong order, the device will be triggered?
13:56 jcamins     I think so, yes.
13:56 * braedon|1 votes for the red wire
13:57 braedon|1   (so long as you change your mind at the last second, you should be fine)
13:58 * jcamins   bangs his head on the table
13:59 jcamins     Interesting fact: the limited comments in C4 are often misleading or wrong.
14:00 braedon|1   positive thinking jcamins - remeber, if you want it hard enough, you can do anything
14:00 braedon|1   those comments are the negative thinkgers
14:00 braedon|1   thinkers even
14:01 braedon|1   always trying to bring you down
14:01 braedon|1   don't let them lead you astray!
14:01 braedon|1   read the code, understand the code, BE the code!
14:02 jcamins     I think that this is a hash.
14:02 jcamins     Unfortunately, apparently Perl disagrees.
14:02 jcamins     The Template Pro agrees with me, however.
14:06 braedon|1   alas, my "usefulness" re perl is currently limited to motivational comments
14:07 jcamins     Okay, Perl is convinced this is not a hash reference.
14:08 jcamins     It says it's an array.
14:10 jcamins     Ah ha.
14:10 jcamins     It's an array of an array of a hash, and Perl won't let you access it directly.
14:12 jcamins     I have successfully extracted "New York."
14:20 jcamins     my @cities = GetRecordValue('city', $record, GetFrameworkCode($biblionumber));
14:20 jcamins     my $city = shift @cities;
14:20 jcamins     print @$city[0]->{'subfield'};
14:20 jcamins     exit;
14:20 jcamins     Hm. That didn't work.
14:21 jcamins     If anyone wants to retrieve the value from GetRecordValue directly, the code for that is $whatever[0][0]->{'subfield'} with $whatever declared as an array.
14:29 jcamins     Do you put subroutine definitions at the top or bottom of a a file?
14:33 brendan     I think usually practice is at the end
14:33 brendan     bottom
14:34 jcamins     Okay, thanks.
15:04 brendan     ah which table are lists stored in?
15:09 jcamins     virtualshelfcontents?
15:10 jcamins     How come scalar() is returning an array reference?
15:20 jcamins     I think Perl didn't use pointers?
15:23 jcamins     *thought
15:31 jcamins     Does anyone here understand Perl arrays?
15:40 * jcamins   remembers why he hates working with Perl.
16:01 jcamins     Okay, this can wait until NZ wakes up.
16:01 jcamins     Two hours and I've made no progress.
16:05 gmcharlt    jcamins: one trick is to use Data::Dumper;
16:05 gmcharlt    then Dumper($foo) will print the structure of a variable that is a reference
16:06 schuster    gmcharlt - you going to NZ?
16:06 gmcharlt    schuster: no; I'll be attending the conference is spirit, as it were
16:07 * jwagner   will hoist a glass for gmcharlt, in the spirit
16:09 schuster    Stuck here with the rest of us US unable to leave the country!  Now I don't feel so bad!
16:14 jcamins     gmcharlt: I'll try that.
16:14 jcamins     Actually, I think I'll make this save MARC records first.
16:16 jcamins     Now I just have to figure out whether someone's hit the "Submit" button or not.
16:17 jcamins     Is it just me or does the Perl documentation make exactly no allowance for people who don't already know how to do what they want to do?
16:17 jcamins     I decided to give up.
16:17 jcamins     Sorry, wrong window.
16:17 gmcharlt    jcamins: that's what the Camel book is for
16:17 jcamins     (the giving up bit... that was about another project)
16:17 jcamins     gmcharlt: I shall have to get a copy then.
17:17 brendan     schuster you a rangers fan?
18:05 chris       gah this weather is disgusting
18:05 chris       @wunder wellington nz
18:05 munin       chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 9.0�C (7:00 AM NZDT on October 22, 2010). Conditions: Rain Showers. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Rising).
18:05 brendan     morning chris
18:05 brendan     @wunder 93117
18:05 munin       brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.6�C (11:15 AM PDT on October 21, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1018.8 hPa (Steady).
18:05 brendan     not too much better here
18:05 wizzyrea_   @wunder Lawrence, ks
18:06 munin       wizzyrea_: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 20.7�C (1:17 PM CDT on October 21, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 30%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.02 in 1016.5 hPa (Falling).
18:06 chris       we are getting 70kmph gusts
18:06 wizzyrea_   hrmph.
18:06 chris       wizzyrea_: its a southerly, straight from antartica ... we want it to change to a northerly
18:06 wizzyrea_   I'll order that rigt up
18:06 wizzyrea_   right*
18:07 chris       http://www.metservice.com/national/maps-rain-radar/maps/tasman-sea-nz-colour-latest
18:07 chris       that high is taunting us
18:08 wizzyrea_   heh yea it is
18:09 chris       what time does the tour start?
18:09 wizzyrea_   1:30
18:10 chris       ahhh
18:10 brendan     what tour?
18:10 chris       it might blow itself out by then
18:10 chris       fingers crossed
18:10 chris       i can see blue to the south
18:10 wizzyrea_   lotr tour
18:10 wizzyrea_   :)
18:10 brendan     oh man - so jealous
18:11 chris       im gonna say 2 hours the rain will be gone
18:11 brendan     lotr++
18:11 wizzyrea_   says the guy from bywater :)
18:11 brendan     YAY!!!
18:11 chris       so 9.22am ... lets see how wrong i am
18:11 brendan     just reading --> http://ur1.ca/254b4 from ranginui tweets
18:12 wizzyrea_   yup, it's a big deal here
18:12 wizzyrea_   like, huge
18:12 chris       imho its Warner brothers being dicks
18:12 wizzyrea_   stupid americans >.>
18:12 wizzyrea_   afk a min
18:13 chris       this bit gives it away "It had been agreed the ban would be lifted on Monday. Warner Bros had asked to consult about how it would be announced, but had not issued a press release so Actors' Equity lifted the ban yesterday. "
18:13 brendan     wizzyrea_ let me know when you post pics from your tour :)
18:14 chris       bbiab
18:14 wizzyrea_   supposedly they have elf ears in the vans so you can "be the elf you are"
18:15 wizzyrea_   def will do brendan. I'm putting most things on flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/wizzyrea
18:16 brendan     oh man elf ears
18:17 brendan     I need to sign off soon - I can't handle the suspense of waiting to see your pics
18:17 brendan     spud with elf ears!!!  woohooo!
18:17 wizzyrea_   lol
18:20 brendan     :sigh:
18:20 brendan     I should of gone to Kohacon
18:30 jcamins     brendan: you know, I never made the connection to LotR before.
18:30 brendan     heh - yup bywater - that small community meeting place in the shire
18:31 brendan     prancing pony is there IRC
18:31 jcamins     Green Dragon, I think.
18:31 jcamins     Prancing Pony is in Bree. :)
18:32 jcamins     Hey, there's a "List of Middle-earth inns" on Wikipedia.
18:43 schuster    brendan - when in Texas and the local team is winning EVERYONE is a Rangers fan.  It is red and blue day at work tomorrow.
18:46 brendan     cool hopeing the rangers bet them bums (yanks)
19:00 schuster    Yep!
19:02 schuster    sql question - I want to find things that have booksellerid like "%PO%" but not booksellerid like "%BOND%"
19:02 schuster    any hints?
19:05 slef        just as you wrote but s/but/and/ and ' instead of "
19:05 slef        might be a more optimised way of writing it - iDunno
19:06 schuster    Guess I wrote it almost correct anyway!  booksellerid like "%PO%" not booksellerid like "%BOND%"
19:06 brendan     like '' and not like '';
19:06 schuster    yes anyway That wasn't in my mysql book in a nutshell!
19:08 brendan     @seen sekjal
19:08 munin       brendan: sekjal was last seen in #koha 1 day, 0 hours, 9 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <sekjal> ok, time to find my gate. cheers, all!
19:09 brendan     sekjal has got to be getting close
19:09 brendan     @seen nengard
19:09 munin       brendan: nengard was last seen in #koha 1 day, 23 hours, 19 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <nengard> collum sent a reminder email - let me know if  you get it
19:17 CGI903      Buenas tardes
19:18 CGI748      Buenas tardes me gustaria  saber como emito un listado de materias en el sistema
19:22 CGI748      traducción del español al inglés
19:22 CGI748      Good afternoon I would like to know how to print a list of materials in the system
19:26 richard     hi
19:39 brendan     heya richard
19:39 richard     hi brendan
19:43 slef        anyone know a good bakery in central auckland? :-)
19:45 chris       from what i remember theres not a lot of anything in central auckland
19:47 slef        I might stroll out towards mt eden then
19:47 chris       ah yeah there are a couple of decent places out there
19:48 chris       sleep well?
19:48 slef        yeah fine. oddly, a +12 jump seems easier than a +5
19:49 chris       yep
19:49 chris       i found europe easier to adjust to than the us
19:49 slef        Maybe it's just that NZ is more euro than US ;-)
19:49 chris       that could be it :)
19:52 CGI818      Good afternoon I would like to know how to print a list of materials in the system
19:53 CGI818      Buenas tardes me gustaria saber como genero un reporte de las materias o descritores tematicos en el sistema
19:59 slef        biab - food time
20:18 CGI858      Good afternoon I would like to know how to print a list of materials in the system
20:19 CGI858      Buenas tardes me gustaria saber como generar un reporte de descriptores tematicos en Koha
20:33 fcapo       Hello, I have a problem : in my koha instance, if I activate EnhancedMessagingPreferences and then try to configure a patron category, I get an empty "Default messaging preferences for this patron category" table.
20:39 fcapo       It seems my message_attributes table is empty and EnhancedMessagingPreferences needs it.
20:40 CGI550      Buenas tardes
20:40 rhcl_away   Everybody: a lot of the people that could normally help with questions are in New Zealand for the Koha Conference.
20:41 fcapo       oh, good to know... :/
20:41 rhcl_away   It's probably OK to go ahead and ask questions, but responses may be a little slow for a while.
20:41 chris       fcapo: it might be better to mail the list
20:42 chris       as yeah, most of us are busy with last minute things
20:42 chris       (like writing my presentation)
20:42 CGI550      Good afternoon I would like to know how to print a list of materials in the system
20:42 fcapo       ok, no problems
20:45 CGI550      Buenas tardes me pueden indicar como generar un reporte de materias ingresadas al sistema?
20:58 brendan     CGI550 --> http://koha-community.org/documentation/
20:58 brendan     try looking there and see if you can't find some information
21:01 CGI550      thanks
21:06 chris       cait is in sydney
21:08 gmcharlt    chris: any last minute translations?
21:09 chris       lemme just quickly check
21:10 magnus      auckland city library yay!
21:10 chris       :)
21:10 chris       free wifi?
21:11 magnus      yup!
21:11 magnus      hey, they should be using koha...
21:12 chris       yeah, not III
21:12 chris       sekjal needs to show them his presentation
21:12 chris       gmcharlt: just committed the changes
21:12 chris       norwegian and spanish
21:12 gmcharlt    thanks much
21:12 chris       so if you want to pull from the translation branch on workbuffer
21:13 chris       you'll grab them
21:13 CGI550      buenas tardes como puedo generar un reporte de subject
21:14 CGI550      es decir libros ingresados al sistema
21:16 CGI550      podrian indicarme en que tabla de la base de datos de Koha se almacena los subject de los libros catalogados ?
21:17 CGI550      could tell me that table Koha database stored the subject of the books entered into the system?
21:20 CGI550      I want to generate a list through a mysql query
21:20 hudsonbot   Starting build 74 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
21:20 richard     CGI550 this might help - http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library
21:22 munin       New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'translation' of git://git.workbuffer.org/git/koha into to-push <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=bdd1f81fc119b2ae18b26c60144cb4446af35b96> / Translations <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=e9aabbee5461bcf0cd03c4968524c7d88f9ae48d>
21:23 magnus      hiya wizzyrea_
21:23 wizzyrea_   hi there
21:26 CGI550      thanks richard
21:26 CGI550      :)
21:27 hudsonbot   Project Koha build (74): SUCCESS in 7 min 59 sec: http://bugs.koha-community.org:8080/job/Koha/74/
21:27 hudsonbot   Chris Cormack: Translations
21:51 darling     http://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/4263177/Sunny-outlook-for-Labour-weekend
21:51 wizzyrea_   just in time for us to be inside at kohacon ;)
21:52 chris       heh
21:52 darling     yeah, it's been a little nasty past day or so
21:52 darling     we'll want it to be nice for lunchtimes
22:32 munin       New commit(s) kohagit: Fixing a double count of a developer and adding a new one to the history <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=1896508f93054115ef65ddcb00a5b233bf9a027f> / Bug 4305 - prevent errors when handling invalid ISBN13 values <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=e81bc5ce81c594e71379df1168fd99d4062cea4f>
22:34 hudsonbot   Starting build 75 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:42 hudsonbot   Project Koha build (75): SUCCESS in 7 min 54 sec: http://bugs.koha-community.org:8080/job/Koha/75/
22:42 hudsonbot   * Robin Sheat: Bug 4305 - prevent errors when handling invalid ISBN13 values
22:42 hudsonbot   * Chris Cormack: Fixing a double count of a developer and adding a new one to the history
22:42 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4305 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, ASSIGNED, Amazon book covers do not work with ISBN13
22:43 chris       Nate: you are in nz already!!
22:43 Nate        Yessiree!
22:43 * gmcharlt  pouts
22:43 chris       sweet, where you at?
22:43 Nate        Nomad backpackers
22:44 chris       cool, ill be dropping ian off there later today
22:44 Nate        Need to find food soon or I'll be on the news
22:44 wizzyrea_   "crazy american tries to eat raw fish from harbor"
22:44 chris       ahh, 2 secs lemme check what my wife is up to, if she isnt coming into town i could meet you for lunch
22:45 Nate        Great!
22:46 chris       ahh, she is coming in .. rain cheque!
22:46 chris       ill see you later today anyway im sure
22:46 Nate        Sounds good
22:46 Nate        What time are you dropping by here?
22:46 chris       they land at 3.10
22:46 chris       so prolly 4.30ish
22:47 chris       by the time clear customs etc
22:47 Nate        Cool I'll make sure im here
22:47 chris       sweet
22:47 Nate        Off for sustenance
22:47 chris       if you head out the hostel, turn right, then right
22:47 chris       too late :)
22:48 darling     lunch now anybody?
22:48 chris       im being picked up 12.30, so ill pass
22:50 chris       nate is wandering around cuba street somehwere :)
22:50 jcamins     chris: that sounds like a good place to find food...
22:51 chris       it is
22:51 jcamins     How is my desk a mess again?
23:33 cyrixbmx    Why in Koha when I have a double quote in my sentence I can not translate de sentence in my file .po?  Exemple : in the file fr-CA-pref.po I have the following string : msgid "enhanced-content.pref#AmazonEnabled# data from Amazon on the staff interface (including reviews and \"Search Inside\" links on item detail pages). This requires that you have signed up for and entered an access key."
23:33 cyrixbmx    But since there is double quote in the string, koha can not translate the sentend with : msgstr "les donn�es d'Amazon sur l'interface professionnelle (y compris les critiques et les liens \"Recherche interne\" sur les pages de d�tails de l'ouvrage). Ceci n�cessite une demande de cl� d'acc�s et la saisie de cette m�me cl�."
23:36 cyrixbmx    hmmm I will go sleep then if someone know the response he can to reply me in private :)  thanks
23:43 munin       New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5303 Overdue notices subject is improperly encoded <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=4a7bb77e4fcd7ad78ef7ba6f984ef69fccd8a163>
23:48 slef        @seen magnus
23:48 munin       slef: magnus was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <magnus> hiya wizzyrea_
23:49 hudsonbot   Starting build 76 for job Koha (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:57 hudsonbot   Project Koha build (76): SUCCESS in 7 min 42 sec: http://bugs.koha-community.org:8080/job/Koha/76/
23:57 hudsonbot   Frédéric Demians: Bug 5303 Overdue notices subject is improperly encoded
23:57 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5303 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, frederic, ASSIGNED, Overdue notices subject is improperly encoded