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21:36 wizzyrea    about poifect
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20:49 schuster    whew... OK thanks all for the help today...  It's Friday and time to go home...  busy weekend!
20:47 wizzyrea    cool :)
20:46 schuster    thanks LIZ!!!  I did this - $t.click(function() { return false; }); instead of $t.remove(); and it works great!
20:41 schuster    No so easy with jquery.
20:41 schuster    hmmm they have the link before the image display...  this was easy to hack the code...
20:31 schuster    I've discovered how to remove the image completly! HA....  ok down to serious business just the link...
20:29 schuster    Well at least it gave me somthing to look at and explore!
20:28 wizzyrea    my first whacks almost never go right.
20:26 wizzyrea    so the selector may be funky
20:26 wizzyrea    I haven't tested that
20:26 pastebot    "wizzyrea" at pasted "remove the links from contentcafe pics" (5 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/54
20:25 wizzyrea    erg sec
20:25 wizzyrea    });
20:25 wizzyrea    $t.remove();
20:25 wizzyrea    $t.after($t.text());
20:25 wizzyrea    var $t = jQuery(this);
20:25 wizzyrea    this goes inside $(document).ready() : $('.searchresults a[href*='contentcafe2']').each(function(){
20:21 schuster    Yes
20:21 * wizzyrea  did something like this pretty recently
20:21 wizzyrea    you mean the link on the contentcafe images? ok. Hm.
20:20 schuster    We use content cafe so the display is different at times when you click on certain things.  Like you click on the book jacket and it takes you to content cafe.  Which then the kids can't figure out where the call number is.
20:19 schuster    sure - http://catalog.pisd.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=south+dakota
20:19 wizzyrea    do you have an example I could look at?
20:18 schuster    I'm trying to remove the picture URL link on the summary display in the opac any hints?
20:18 schuster    Oh I love not being alone...
20:18 wizzyrea    but I'll do what I can
20:17 wizzyrea    that's kind of like the blind leading the blind ;)
20:17 schuster    :)
20:17 wizzyrea    yikes
20:17 schuster    oh Yes!!! Wizzyrea is here to help me now!...  do you feel loved?
20:15 wizzyrea    now that's a scary thought
20:03 schuster    No wait! 10 days without OWEN!
20:02 schuster    WOW 10 days without IRC...
19:54 owen        See y'all in 10 days
19:44 owen        I wondered what prompted the patron card bugs.
19:35 * chris_n   prints some very cool patron cards with Koha... after beating out a few bugs
19:14 schuster    ok so this is just like what you have posted on your blog still.  Just checking.
19:13 owen        Yes
19:13 schuster    <form id="auth" name="auth" method="post" action="/cgi-bin/koha/opac-user.pl"> <input type="hidden" value="opac" name="koha_login_context"/> <fieldset class="brief">
19:13 schuster    would that be the auth?
19:12 owen        First look to see if it is nested inside an element with a unique id
19:10 schuster    So if I wanted to change this text on that form - <legend>Log in to Your Account:</legend> how would I do it?
19:09 schuster    owen - well I swapped a jquery I already had in there and it works!
18:46 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1731 normal, P3, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, MARC detail screen doesn't know record has no items/isn't for loan
18:46 owen        It looks to me like Bug 1731 is fixed after all. Can anyone confirm?
18:44 tcohen      ppl, have a nice weekend
18:26 schuster    Yeah we are dead in the water right now I'm calling my support people...
18:22 owen        schuster: I'm trying to look at http://catalog.pisd.edu/ but it times out
18:21 schuster    Yes see above.
18:17 owen        schuster: Do you have that snippet wrapped in $(document).ready() ?
18:12 schuster    but it didn't change the login text so that was why I was asking if I have a plano-opac css if that mattered...  Didn't think it would but I must be missing something else.
18:10 owen        What you have is JavaScript, not CSS. So it goes in opacuserjs
18:08 schuster    On the catalog.pisd.edu page I wanted to change from Login to User ID on the opac login box.
18:08 owen        What are you trying to do?
18:08 owen        Wait, schuster are you talking about JavaScript or CSS?
18:07 schuster    I put this in to change the verbage on the login to opac - $(document).ready(function(){ $("label[for='Login']").html("User ID"); });
18:07 owen        OPACUserCSS is used for the OPAC
18:06 schuster    Ok so I have another question - If I have "custom" opac css stuff - can you still use opacuserjq to change stuff?
17:54 jwagner     (Firefox)
17:54 jwagner     Hmmm.  Does it to me almost every time I'm in your system.
17:53 wizzyrea    in either firefox or chrome
17:53 wizzyrea    that's weird, I can't make it do that
17:51 jwagner     Happens in a few other situations too.  Haven't had a chance to troubleshoot, but all those script entries are at the top of my "suspicious" list, just because this doesn't happen on any other server.
17:51 wizzyrea    I do that exact thing all the time and I have never seen that. Let me go try.
17:50 jwagner     It's erratic, but usually if I go into your admin (esp sysprefs), then go to something else, then try to go back to admin, the link just doesn't work. You can click on it all day, but it won't go there.  I have to log out & back in.
17:50 wizzyrea    or change labels.
17:50 wizzyrea    and my scripts don't do anything but hide things that are weird or wrong.
17:49 wizzyrea    interesting. We haven't heard any complaints of stuff like that you'd have to be specific.
17:49 jwagner     wizzyrea, I've seen your examples of that, but I think it may be causing problems elsewhere -- locking up staff side going in and out of admin, for example.  I have a lot of trouble on your site that I don't have anywhere else, and all that script stuff is about the only difference.
17:48 wizzyrea    simple answer, I like that.
17:48 wizzyrea    Ah, very good point.
17:47 owen        wizzyrea: One way to tell if something is generated by javascript is to turn off javascript and examine the difference
17:45 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3381 enhancement, P5, ---, paul.poulain, NEW, Add an IntranetUserCSS system preference
17:45 owen        jwagner: Bug 3381
17:44 wizzyrea    (that wasn't my idea, btw. It was genius of owen)
17:44 wizzyrea    it's a hack, but it works
17:44 wizzyrea    etc
17:44 wizzyrea    so </script><style> style stuff </style> <script> $(document).ready
17:43 wizzyrea    jwagner
17:43 wizzyrea    I always do it by escaping intranetuserjs
17:42 wizzyrea    http://lifehacker.com/5623313/how-to-run-windows-mac-and-linux-side-by-side-and-pain+free-with-virtualbox
17:32 jwagner     Hey, would it make sense to have an equivalent to the OPACUserCSS syspref on the staff side?  A place to enter just a few stylesheet tweaks instead of going for a whole auxiliary stylesheet?
17:20 jwagner     beats the heck out of me :-)
17:17 wizzyrea    how would I know when to apply that
17:17 wizzyrea    is how do you tell if something is being generated by javascript (i'm such a nub...)
17:16 wizzyrea    the real question I have
17:16 wizzyrea    now
17:16 wizzyrea    yep, I will
17:10 jwagner     wizzyrea/owen, can you add that example to the wiki page?  I wouldn't have known how to do the javascript one either.
17:07 wizzyrea    lol
17:07 wizzyrea    I thought I was losing my mind
17:07 wizzyrea    owen++
17:07 owen        Cool
17:07 wizzyrea    thank you.
17:07 wizzyrea    owen: that was totally it
16:48 wizzyrea    Aha, ok
16:48 owen        No, after it
16:48 wizzyrea    )
16:48 wizzyrea    (just so I'm clear
16:48 wizzyrea    so the $(window).load goes inside the document ready?
16:47 owen        $(window).load() fires after $(document).ready
16:47 owen        If you try to use document.ready() on an element which is created during the same document.ready() you have problems.
16:46 wizzyrea    I will try that (I never would have gotten to there, lol)
16:46 wizzyrea    hmm
16:46 owen        You may have to wrap that in a separate "$(window).load(function(){"instead of your standard "$(document).ready()"
16:45 owen        wizzyrea: nengard and I worked on a problem like this the other day
16:45 owen        Oh wait... unless that element is being created by javascript
16:44 wizzyrea    maybe I just did something dumb (likely)
16:44 owen        That worked for me in the Firebug console
16:44 wizzyrea    see I tried that... let me try again.
16:44 owen        $("#printbiblioc").hide();
16:43 wizzyrea    hide the print button (don't ask)
16:43 CGI825      thanks
16:43 owen        What are you trying to do?
16:42 wizzyrea    i've tried every way I can think of and I'm just not getting it
16:42 wizzyrea    hey owen, how would you go about selecting one of these buttons (http://screencast.com/t/NmUxNGZl) in jquery?
16:40 owen        Check this: http://koha-community.org/documentation/faq/searching/
16:39 CGI825      Hi I have never done this before but I have a question.  We recently upgraded to KOHA 3.0 and my problem is when we finish catlaoging a record it doesn't show up in the card catalog but it is there somewhere because I was able to check it out?  I have gone through the admin stuff and I just can't find the problem? Any thought?
16:36 owen        Hi CGI825
16:36 CGI825      Hello,
15:17 ivanc       without success
15:17 ivanc       test:/usr/share/koha/misc/translator# ./tmpl_process3.pl install -i /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/en -o /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/prog/it-IT/ -s
15:17 ivanc       I've installed koha just for testing how can enable different language? I've try with
15:03 wizzyrea    good. he's off getting married. As it should be.
15:03 * wizzy_awa does a check for jcamins...
15:02 ivanc       hi all
14:53 magnus      have a nice weekend, #koha
14:03 kf          bye :)
14:03 kf          habe a nice weekend all #koha :)
13:48 LBA         Good morning Owen and all
13:37 schuster    ok drat.  Thanks!
13:37 owen        Yes
13:36 schuster    So just to clarify - you can change labels like this but if I wanted the data in that column to be different from branchcode to address that actually has to be changed in the template?
13:35 owen        Hi Lori
13:35 schuster    nah...  Tough love is overrated when it comes to programming...:)
13:33 jwagner     owen, you had a blog post on enlittling the login box, which seemed to put it on the top login line.  I had a site that wanted to keep it where it was, just smaller in size, & I figured out how to do that.
13:32 owen        schuster: If you need some tough love, next time you ask I can tell you to buzz off ;)
13:32 munin       druthb: Quote #34: "<chris> oh except that time .. when katipo decided to write an ils just for fun, then forced HLT to use it" (added by gmcharlt at 02:23 PM, September 16, 2009)
13:32 druthb      @quote random
13:32 munin       jwagner: The operation succeeded.  Quote #92 added.
13:32 jwagner     @quote add <schuster> Why even learn when there is a genius in the room...
13:30 schuster    owen - the great as always!
13:30 schuster    I'm reading your blog post on jquery which I may play with later as they want the wording to change above the login next.
13:30 schuster    Ok that was my next question about the 0 .ok well I think I understand that one modification but every page is slightly different and each mod is as well.  So I may be back!
13:28 owen        #2 is our target <th>
13:28 owen        You count the <th> tags starting from 0: 0, 1, 2
13:28 owen        the ".eq(2)" means that we want only the <th> whose "index" is 2
13:27 schuster    ok
13:27 owen        The "#overduest th" means we're finding a "collection" of all the <th> tags
13:26 schuster    I NEVER would have come up with that.
13:26 schuster    OK - but then what is the eq(2)
13:25 owen        It's the unique id of the "target" for our js
13:25 kf          unique id :)
13:25 schuster    I think I get it - I found the overduest which is the "element"
13:24 owen        ?
13:21 owen        I'll walk you through it if you'd like
13:21 schuster    Why even learn when there is a genius in the room...
13:20 owen        $("#overduest th").eq(2).text("Homeroom");
13:19 schuster    on overdue.tmpl - where it says library I want to change that to homeroom.
13:19 owen        Go on...
13:19 schuster    ok owen - or whomever jquery question.  I'm trying to learn this and I need to change a "row" header.
13:04 gmcharlt    owen: fun; although with any luck hopefully it will just be a bug in usage of YUI, not a bug in YUI itself
12:53 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=5180 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Autocomplete broken on overdues report
12:53 owen        gmcharlt: Bug 5180 is all yours. I really don't want to dig into that YUI code if I don't have to!
12:45 druthb      You might be surprised, owen, at what will work out on the hinterlands of the network.  But yeah, that one seems a little bit silly.
12:45 kf          owen: I really hope not
12:45 kf          Sundays are not so much fun as Saturdays
12:45 owen        What kind of moron joins a random IRC channel and asks "any female?" Does that ever work?!
12:44 * druthb    thought about saying something to MisterA, just to watch him squirm.  Man-people like that sort tend to get a little bit freaky around woman-people of my sort.
12:42 druthb      well, yes.
12:42 jwagner     Even easier to have fun on Saturdays....
12:41 * druthb    concurs with jwagner.  Much easier to have fun on Fridays.
12:27 * jwagner   checks. Am I having a good time? Well, it's Friday!
12:27 jwagner     Hmmmmm.
12:27 Braedon     i should hope so
12:26 owen        And any females here are already having a good time discussing Koha I should think
12:26 Braedon     ...interesting...
12:25 owen        MisterA, this channel is for discussing Koha software
12:25 MisterA     wanna hav a good time?
12:25 MisterA     female?
12:25 MisterA     Any fe,ale?
12:21 owen        Hi schuster
12:20 schuster    Howdy all.
12:03 * owen      is very happy to do it
12:00 kf          owen++
11:59 kf          you make me so happy by fixing translation bugs! :)
11:59 kf          hi owen :)
11:59 owen        Hi #koha
11:54 jwagner     Hi kf
11:42 druthb      Hi, kf!  :D
11:41 kf          hi jwagner and druthb :)
08:55 magnus      hiya kf
08:55 kf          hi magnus :)
08:51 magnus      g'day #koha
08:10 kf          hi paul, hdl and wasabi :)
08:01 wasabi      quassel is my fav, http://quassel-irc.org/downloads
08:00 wasabi      'always-on' irc etc..
08:00 wasabi      well, irc proxies are good for other things too :)
07:59 wasabi      but, a good *temp* solution
07:59 wasabi      yeah, or Si increases the connection-limit for ircd-ratbox
07:58 wasabi      and everyone connects to your office dirc-proxy, etc...
07:58 hdl         I think this could be a soluction
07:58 wasabi      set up a dirc-proxy , on your network...
07:57 wasabi      ok...
07:57 wasabi      so is limiting your connections,
07:57 hdl         yep
07:57 wasabi      the katipo IRC daemon, thinks your office IP has too many connections?
07:57 wasabi      hmm, i dont think so...
07:56 hdl         ( paul_p and I share the same office)
07:56 hdl         looks so.
07:55 wasabi      paul_p:  is the problem 'local' to your office network?
07:50 hdl         any american ppl ?
07:48 hdl         chris around ?
07:40 paul_p      hi kf
07:23 kf          good morning #koha
07:20 paul_p      we now are 10 in our office, so it will happen frequently that we are many connected to this channel...
07:20 paul_p      should I send a mail to some katipo sysadmin ?
07:19 paul_p      thanks mibbit
07:19 paul_p      impossible to connect here through xchat : "Closing Link: biblibre-breteuil.pck.nerim.net (Too many host connections (local))"
07:18 paul_p      hello ppl.
06:26 munin       hdl: The operation succeeded.
06:26 hdl         @later tell gmcharlt congrats http://www.esilibrary.com/esi/newsitem.php?id=136
06:26 hdl         later tell gmcharlt congrats http://www.esilibrary.com/esi/newsitem.php?id=136
05:07 cait        hi #koha
03:22 Amit        heya chris