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23:16 chris_n      vacation time; see you'ns in about 9 days or so
22:53 libtek       I have a question about item records.  I'm trying to figure out the logistics of Item Types.  I understand that type define how items circulate (i.e. number of days, fines, etc.), however, in creating a type for the different way items circ is weird when it comes to showing types in the advanced search.  No one cares about searching based on the way an item circs, but they do care about searching by format.  Is there a way to crea
21:42 JimmytheGeek well. I guess I'll just pop back in on Monday & catch everyone as they're sleeping
21:37 JimmytheGeek Okay. Attempt to start web installer gives failure to locate YAML.pm
21:33 JimmytheGeek I'm back
21:28 wizzyrea     ah I see the one
21:28 JimmytheGeek brb
21:28 JimmytheGeek same results for zebraqueue daemon command as well
21:27 JimmytheGeek I'm talking about the one in the command, after 'sudo' & before {SCRIPT_DIR}
21:25 wizzyrea     I think the $ denotes your linux prompt
21:24 JimmytheGeek Step just before setting up the Zebraqueue daemon should leave out the $
21:23 JimmytheGeek yeah, couldn't find Lenny stuff too easily on the wiki
21:21 wizzyrea     sorry
21:21 wizzyrea     I thought you were looking at the wiki
21:21 wizzyrea     you're looking at the install.X file
21:21 wizzyrea     sorry
21:21 wizzyrea     oh oh
21:21 JimmytheGeek Just cut & paste?
21:21 JimmytheGeek Filepath shows INSTALL.debian-lenny
21:20 wizzyrea     it's kind of slow going :)
21:20 JimmytheGeek Hmmmm....
21:20 wizzyrea     we are in process of moving/updating it all
21:20 wizzyrea     that documentation is old, and for older ubuntu
21:20 JimmytheGeek also found an error in documentation
21:20 JimmytheGeek **light bulb**
21:15 wizzyrea     aha!
21:15 JimmytheGeek plus, my zebra-ctl script was in a different place
21:11 JimmytheGeek kk
21:11 wizzyrea     yep
21:11 JimmytheGeek when symlinks are created, the first entry in the command is the source file, right?
21:09 JimmytheGeek duh I knew that
21:09 wizzyrea     sudo rm THE_FILE
21:09 JimmytheGeek how do you do that again? Unfortunately, I don't do a lot of under-the-hood work in Linux
21:08 wizzyrea     (I have done that too, can you tell >.>)
21:08 wizzyrea     okies, just delete the old symlink and do it again
21:07 munin        wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 21.2�C (4:10 PM CDT on May 21, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Steady).
21:07 JimmytheGeek crap. found it. I kinda forgot to type in  the stuff past the PATH
21:07 wizzyrea     @wunder 66045
21:07 munin        moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 19.2�C (4:05 PM CDT on May 21, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011.4 hPa (Steady).
21:07 moodaepo     @wunder 56001
21:06 wizzyrea     (don't be discouraged, if we don't get it figured out I'd pop back monday when half of the world isn't already into Saturday :)
21:06 JimmytheGeek let me look. damn typos!
21:05 wizzyrea     I'm wondering if there's a typo in there somewhere (I've done it, and it sucks because it's hard to find)
21:05 JimmytheGeek yes, and it appeared to work fine
21:05 wizzyrea     sudo ln -s ${SCRIPT_DIR}/koha-zebra-ctl.sh /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
21:05 wizzyrea     you've made the symlinks?
21:04 JimmytheGeek np, I do tech support too
21:04 JimmytheGeek path = /usr/share/koha/bin/ in y case
21:03 wizzyrea     ok good (sorry, don't mean to be insulting, we get all levels of folks here)
21:03 JimmytheGeek yes
21:03 wizzyrea     are you putting in your path instead of {SCRIPT_DIR}
21:03 JimmytheGeek yes
21:02 wizzyrea     oh you mean starting the zebraqueue daemon?
21:02 JimmytheGeek Step 5, option 2
21:01 JimmytheGeek I hate to be a bother
21:01 JimmytheGeek update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon: file does not exist
21:01 JimmytheGeek jim@testserv:~/kohaclone$ sudo update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon defaults
21:01 JimmytheGeek Now I'm getting this:
21:01 JimmytheGeek I must be doing something wrong
20:56 JimmytheGeek that's cool. Seems to work fine on this configuration
20:50 wizzyrea     :)
20:50 * wizzyrea   shrugs
20:50 wizzyrea     so
20:50 wizzyrea     someone else may have another opinion on it, but I haven't ever seen that one, and the only other time it's documented it doesn't seem to matter
20:49 JimmytheGeek I like it. Just bang on through the wall!
20:48 wizzyrea     see http://lists.katipo.co.nz/public/koha/2009-July/019309.html
20:48 wizzyrea     it may not matter
20:47 wizzyrea     well
20:47 JimmytheGeek (after make test invocation)
20:46 JimmytheGeek What does this mean: make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255
20:46 JimmytheGeek Hey, wizzyrea
20:32 wizzyrea     sure thing :)
20:29 JimmytheGeek Just needed a push into the right direction. Thanks, wizzyrea!
20:29 JimmytheGeek got it. I installed the libnet-z3950-zoom-perl and yaz-illclient packages & got the installer to work
20:25 wizzyrea     http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=koha_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy
20:25 wizzyrea     This may help you, the Install yaz and Zebra section
20:23 JimmytheGeek nope.
20:22 wizzyrea     but I'd guess you probably don't have Net::z3950::ZOOM
20:22 JimmytheGeek installing perldoc now
20:21 wizzyrea     then perldoc perllocal
20:21 wizzyrea     (ubuntu/debian)
20:21 wizzyrea     sudo apt-get install perl-doc
20:21 wizzyrea     so
20:21 wizzyrea     and it will show you every perl module you have installed
20:21 wizzyrea     you can perldoc perllocal
20:21 wizzyrea     if you have perldoc installed
20:20 wizzyrea     well I just learned
20:20 cait         good night all
20:18 JimmytheGeek how can I tell
20:17 wizzyrea     did you get Net::z3950::ZOOM installed?
20:16 JimmytheGeek What's not getting installed properly/configured correctly?
20:16 JimmytheGeek Can't locate ZOOM.pm in @INC. Any ideas?
20:16 wizzyrea     you're welcome, though I mostly just came up with the same ideas as chris, more slowly :P
20:14 mib_mike     and thank you too wizzyrea!
20:13 JimmytheGeek Hello, all. I'm attempting to set up koha on a fresh Debian install for testing. I'm running into an error when I try to invoke the Makefile.PL script
20:13 mib_mike     Thanks, chris!
20:12 mib_mike     I don't like explosions on a friday afternoon B-)
20:12 chris        now i have to go get my kids breakfast
20:12 JimmytheGeek Anyone awake?
20:12 mib_mike     Wait, what's this about explodes?
20:12 mib_mike     O.K. that sounds like a plan I can live with.
20:12 chris        then if it explodes you can use marclint
20:11 chris        to keep the records
20:11 chris        and with -k
20:11 chris        then id try the rebuild_zebra and specify a directory
20:11 mib_mike     Yeah, it seems to be set "as temporary files"
20:11 chris        id switch that, then id reboot the machine, (if you can) thats the fastest way to clear /tmp
20:10 chris        just type session in the syspref search
20:10 mib_mike     I don't see anything in system preferences under web services, where else might it be?
20:10 wizzyrea     but have never bothered with it >.>
20:10 wizzyrea     ^^ is how it is in most similar apps, I figured it was there
20:09 chris        wizzyrea: you have to switch it on
20:09 chris        its in system preferences
20:09 wizzyrea     I have never seen it keep them in tmp
20:09 mib_mike     How can I tell which setting I have?
20:09 chris        but you can tell it to do with temporary files
20:09 chris        normally koha stores its session data in the sessions table in mysql
20:09 mib_mike     Uhm that was supposed to be cgisess_XXX
20:08 mib_mike     are you saying you don't recongnize cgisess_CCC as a koha temp file?
20:08 wizzyrea     ok just checking
20:08 chris        do you have the sessions set to use files instead of mysql?
20:08 mib_mike     no
20:08 wizzyrea     but you're not running a bunch of other webapps
20:08 mib_mike     memcached is running
20:07 mib_mike     there's a postfix for system use
20:07 mib_mike     Just koha components: apache, mysql, memchached maybe
20:06 wizzyrea     server, even
20:06 wizzyrea     what else are you running on this serveR?
20:06 mib_mike     ls is still listing cgisess_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
20:05 mib_mike     Nothing since last restart
20:05 mib_mike     ls -l dmesg    -rw-r----- 1 root adm 35256 2010-03-08 14:13 dmesg
20:04 chris        anything complaining about IO
20:04 chris        yeah but it stopped at 10000
20:04 mib_mike     dmsg says some stuff, what am I looking for?
20:03 mib_mike     15:31:51-21/05 zebraidx(11061) [log] error grs.marcxml.record /tmp/o1Hiuwdkph/biblio/exported_records 18226621
20:02 wizzyrea     ^^
20:02 chris        cos 10000 isnt a lot of records at all
20:01 mib_mike     ls is still running.
20:01 mib_mike     Let me check.
20:01 chris        dmesg say anything?
20:01 wizzyrea     that's a lot of thrashing
20:01 wizzyrea     anytime it takes a long time to do something simple like ls on a directory, and it takes minutes instead of seconds...
20:00 chris        yeah
20:00 wizzyrea     to me that would be another indicator that there's something awry with the HD
20:00 mib_mike     a lot of cgisess_XXXXXXXX
19:59 mib_mike     I'm getting results from ls /tmp now
19:59 mib_mike     I thought I traced that to the c code in zebra
19:58 chris        nope
19:58 mib_mike     i.e. the record was corrupted.
19:58 chris        is wht leads me to believe your hd is having trouble
19:58 mib_mike     I assumed that refered to the directory in the MARC record.
19:58 chris        15:31:51-21/05 zebraidx(11061) [log] MARC: Bad directory
19:57 chris        it would tell you that
19:57 mib_mike     I mean maybe it's a memory problem?
19:57 mib_mike     It looks to me in the code like all the bibnumbers in my database are gathered in one go and then records are added.  Is it possible my database is too big to rebuild_zebra.pl -r?
19:54 mib_mike     Nothing is over 65% usage
19:54 chris        that does look to me like it ran out of space exporting records
19:54 chris        can you do a df
19:53 mib_mike     It looks like there's some bad marc somewhere, but how can I tell what record is bad?
19:52 mib_mike     http://mibpaste.com/ztC1dk
19:52 mib_mike     Well, maybe interesting, I can't really tell
19:52 mib_mike     I added "log" to  $zebraidx_log_opt = " -v none,fatal,warn,log ";  in rebuild_zebra, and got some interesting results
19:51 chris        hmmm, not much on today
19:50 mib_mike     I'll give that "different directory a try.
19:49 mib_mike     Of course, I wouldn't be able to tell anyway.
19:49 gmcharlt     also, you pass -d /name/of/directory to rebuild_zebra.pl to specify a different scratch directory
19:49 mib_mike     I'm betting its almost all zebra stuff, but I still haven't gotten a response from that "ls /tmp"
19:49 gmcharlt     but if you have a bunch of non-Zebra stuff in /tmp, you can lclear it
19:48 mib_mike     But there's not really much else important on this box, so I supose I could risk deleting everything.
19:48 gmcharlt     well, true
19:48 mib_mike     If I started deleteing the directory zebra was using to index while it was indexing, that wouldn't be good
19:46 gmcharlt     mib_mike: in principle, *anything* in /tmp can be deleted at any time
19:42 mib_mike     Still nothing on that "ls /tmp"
19:42 mib_mike     I know this isn't really the place to ask, but is there any way to tell what files in /tmp I can safely delete?
19:38 mib_mike     I know it's making ME sick.
19:38 chris        that doesnt sound healthy at all
19:38 mib_mike     I typed "ls /tmp" about 3 minutes ago and my terminal has yet to respond.
19:36 wizzyrea     lol
19:36 wizzyrea     oh you mean fun things
19:36 mib_mike     Hi, Guys! Could a very full /tmp directory have something to do with my zebra reindexing problem? http://mibpaste.com/ujyXCX
19:36 wizzyrea     you don't have a honeydew list?
19:33 * chris      starts the normal weekend looking for things to do task
19:24 wizzyrea     chris: ok cool
19:24 chris        owen: no problem
19:24 chris        wizzyrea: the answer is yes (munin just messaged me)
19:22 cait         hi jdavidb and good morning chris :)
19:22 owen         Hi chris, thanks for your work in moving Bugzilla
19:21 jdavidb      Hi, cait and chris!
19:21 jwagner      morning chris
19:19 chris        morning
19:19 cait         hi wizzyrea and jwagner
19:18 jwagner      hi cait
19:18 wizzyrea     hi cait
19:18 cait         hi #koha
19:06 wizzyrea     i know our state ILL would rather be using NCIP than sip2
19:04 gmcharlt     but, YMMY, IAAFEV, etc.
19:04 gmcharlt     for *right* now, absent a specific reason to fund NCIP work, I'd lean more towards enhancing Koha's SIP2 support
19:02 wizzyrea     hm.
18:59 gmcharlt     and things like the XC NCIP toolkit might ease the pain
18:59 mib_mike     Does this "error" in the extended zebrasrv logs mean anything to anyone? http://mibpaste.com/J2iVuH
18:58 gmcharlt     there are enough systems that speak NCIP 1.0 out there that it wouldn't be wasted if you have to communicate with such a system
18:58 gmcharlt     depends on what you need
18:55 wizzyrea     or is that a philosophical question that is rife with conflict
18:53 wizzyrea     what should we be putting dev bucks towards
18:53 wizzyrea     in your opinion
18:53 wizzyrea     soo
18:53 gmcharlt     NCIP has a ways to go
18:53 wizzyrea     doh
18:53 wizzyrea     Interesting
18:53 gmcharlt     but considering that 3M recently announced plans to define SIP3
18:53 gmcharlt     e.g., fewer messages to support
18:53 gmcharlt     version 2 of NCIP is supposed to make it simpler
18:52 wizzyrea     hmmm
18:51 gmcharlt     it was certainly intended to be such, but that didn't work out in practice due to the complexiity of NCIP
18:51 gmcharlt     wizzyrea: NCIP qua successor to SIP2 is an interesting philosophical question :)
18:43 wizzyrea     I did not realize that 3M and Envisionware were going head to head
18:43 wizzyrea     http://www.librarytechnology.org/ltg-displaytext.pl?RC=%2014595
18:43 wizzyrea     whoa
18:40 wizzyrea     this is totally a lazyweb.
18:40 wizzyrea     NCIP is the successor to SIP, correct (I thought so, but it's friday and my brain's not working so well)
18:40 * jwagner    visualizes a half-baked wizzyrea
18:39 wizzyrea     before I go off all half baked
17:43 mib_mike     My problems seemed to start about the time I upgraded my alpha to koha-3.02.00-alpha2.tar.gz
17:42 mib_mike     I get some results when I search the catalog, but not all
17:42 mib_mike     My zebrasrv is running.
17:42 mib_mike     If you're just joining us, I'm trying to find out how to fix my zebra index.
17:22 mib_mike     Any more zebra index troubleshooting ideas?
17:18 mib_mike     This problem seems to roughly correspond to the installation of koha-3.02.00-alpha2.tar.gz
17:16 mib_mike     When I search the catalog, I get some hits, but not all, so I'm guessing its a problem with re-indexing.
17:15 gmcharlt     roughly speaking, yes
17:13 mib_mike     The second one was spawned from the first, so I guess that's the init.d script?
17:12 mib_mike     /usr/bin/zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
17:12 mib_mike     daemon --name=koha-zebra-ctl.koha --errlog=/var/log/koha/koha-zebradaemon.err --stdout=/var/log/koha/koha-zebradaemon.log --output=/var/log/koha/koha-zebradaemon-output.log --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 --user=koha koha -- /usr/bin/zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
17:12 gmcharlt     mib_mike: double check that one of those two processes isn't the grep itself
17:11 mib_mike     I seem to have two
17:10 jwagner      gmcharlt, I'll wait until he tests it to be sure -- I think I set the branch up & replicated properly, but he's the expert....
17:10 mib_mike     I'm pretty sure it is, but give me a min.
17:10 gmcharlt     ps -ef | grep zebrasrv
17:10 gmcharlt     mib_mike: step 1 of troubleshooting - on server, see if the zebrasrv proess is running
17:09 gmcharlt     jwagner: if you've of a mind to do so, please sign off on the patch (or have your programmer do so) and send to the patches list
17:09 mib_mike     Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting procedure?
17:09 mib_mike     Hi, guys.  My zebra index doesn't work.
17:09 * collum     just received several trouble tickets because Google's pac-man logo is producing sound.
17:08 jwagner      gmcharlt++ that seems to have fixed it.  MANY THANKS!
17:02 jwagner      Or maybe I'll replicate it on my server in a few minutes -- I think he's in a meeting right now.
17:01 jwagner      I'll have the programmer check it .
17:01 jwagner      gmcharlt, wow! that was fast.
17:00 jwagner      Right, the workaround the site developed was to put a space in 245b
16:59 munin        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4464 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Editing a record with a 245a triggers warning about 245 is mandatory
16:59 gmcharlt     jwagner: check patch now attached to bug 4464
16:59 owen         I see, the problem was that my tests used a record with a 245b, and the check must look for *any* subfield to be filled in (although is it possible to have a 245b with no 245a?)
16:55 * owen       can't duplicate the problem even if he imports a new record and tries to save it with the same long title
16:55 jwagner      On the way.
16:55 owen         jwagner: oleonard@myacpl.org
16:51 jwagner      Let me send you this record & you try to import -- what's your email?
16:50 owen         Hm, a different check for new records?
16:49 owen         Editing an existing record to be longer than 100chars; saving; Editing again. No warning.
16:49 jwagner      There may be a difference between importing a record, then editing, versus creating/editing in Koha.
16:49 * jwagner    just got the lunch order delivered, will be off eating Chinese food for a bit :-)
16:48 jwagner      Are you creating or editing the record from scratch in Koha to be longer than 100 chars?
16:47 owen         ...but if all that's necessary to trigger the bug is a 245a textarea, I've got that. But no warning.
16:47 jwagner      Doesn't have one, it's a manuscript.  OCLC # ocn612362974
16:45 owen         What's the ISBN, I'll try to search for it
16:45 jwagner      owen, did you get it to trigger the bug?  I can send you a sample record to import that has the long title.
16:45 * owen       is lost
16:41 jwagner      That was the workaround we were using, I think -- manually changing the size limit.  Works as an immediate cure but isn't a good long-term fix.
16:40 nengard      thanks wizzyrea
16:40 gmcharlt     jwagner: feel free to copy-and-paste the chat
16:40 gmcharlt     to artificially change the size limit, adjust line 479  of addbiblio.pl
16:40 jwagner      gmcharlt, could you add your notes to the bug report?
16:40 owen         Long enough to trigger the textarea display, right? I've got that
16:39 wizzyrea     nengard: your blockquote p problem is fixed
16:39 gmcharlt     in order to trigger the bug, you first have to save or import a record that has more than 100 characers in the 245 $a
16:39 jwagner      owen, I just reproduced in my current head system.  The workflow is importing the bib record (he gets his records from OCLC).  Then open up in Koha to edit record.  Save it, it triggers the error.
16:38 owen         Am I not doing the right thing to trigger the bug?
16:37 gmcharlt     but for now, patching it to also take textareas for subfields into account is the least disruptive way to change it
16:37 gmcharlt     whole thng is a candidate for inserting jquery
16:36 gmcharlt     that part of the mandatory field check looks for <input> elements, but ignores textareas
16:36 gmcharlt     I was able to reproduce the issue by artificially changing the threshhold to use textareas instead of inputs to 20
16:36 gmcharlt     owen: issue probably lies around line 130 of addbiblio.tmpl
16:35 owen         jwagner: I did this: open existing record, edit the 245a to make it very long. Save. Open the record again for editing, save again.
16:35 jwagner      owen, sorry was off-screen for a minute.  The site in production is at roughly .061, but I think my programmer's test environment is at current head.  I'll doublecheck that with him.  He reproduced the problem on his dev box.
16:34 gmcharlt     chris_n`: yep, it's desirable, but not at the top of my queue
16:30 chris_n`     gmcharlt: any more thoughts on getting munin to announce commits?
16:30 chris_n`     nengard: thanks, I am now subscribed :)
16:29 nengard      chris_n are you subscribed now? if not then my link is for you - if so - they listen to gmcharlt :)
16:28 nengard      https://lists.koha-community.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/koha-commits
16:28 gmcharlt     no change to subscription needed
16:28 chris_n`     gmcharlt: where do we subscribe to get commit emails?
16:27 owen         Is it only in older versions?
16:27 owen         I tried entering a really long title and editing that, but I can't reproduce your issue
16:27 munin        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4464 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Editing a record with a 245a triggers warning about 245 is mandatory
16:27 owen         jwagner, I'm looking at bug 4464 now since FTEs are making my brain hurt
16:25 nengard      okey dokey
16:25 gmcharlt     nengard: yep, will fix it later today or tomorrow
16:25 nengard      gmcharlt, you pushed some patches, but I didn't get a commit email - is that cause of the domain change?
16:22 wizzyrea     and that
16:22 owen         "Oh my god! We handed control of our ILS data to a proprietary vendor and they're doing evil stuff!"
16:22 wizzyrea     i'm less hairy than that though.
16:21 sekjal       wizzyrea: yeah, that was a good one.  been circulating around my sphere all morning
16:21 wizzyrea     sounds like a few conversations we've had in my office re: overdrive
16:21 wizzyrea     hmm. http://xkcd.com/743/
16:20 owen         maybe I should look at circs per day per FTE and expand it to the month for the report...
16:19 owen         Number of hours worked by all staff in a month, divided by 7 (full time work day) divided by number of days in the given month... But that last number is completely arbitrary
15:53 * wizzyrea   was imagining a scenario where one staff member wasn't doing their job, and you needed a metric to prove it
15:52 wizzyrea     aha!
15:52 owen         wizzyrea: It's supposed to be a gauge to help understand which libraries are over- or under-staffed
15:51 wizzyrea     ooh, ouch
15:51 wizzyrea     fwiw, this is the kind of cheesiness I'm wanting: http://images.google.com/url?source=imgres&ct=img&q=http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1124/1061879878_3e04aeed4b.jpg&ei=p6z2S9__K5fsNM7MtIQI&sa=X&oi=image_landing_page_redirect&ct=legacy&usg=AFQjCNFVoZLsfqGNROzclOximRMpZiI8Ew
15:50 wizzyrea     haha this sounds like a people problem in search of a technical metric
15:49 jwagner      Are there other areas in the MARC edit screen(s) that have worked around character limits?
15:49 owen         Slightly off topic, but has anyone ever done a calculation of circulations per full-time employee?
15:48 nengard      wizzyrea++
15:48 jwagner      The programmer investigating this isn't a JS expert.  Ideas or pointers for him?
15:47 gmcharlt     jwagner: extending the JS to check textareas is the better long-term solution
15:46 munin        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4464 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Editing a record with a 245a triggers warning about 245 is mandatory
15:46 jwagner      owen, gmcharlt, any other MARC/javascript experts, see my update on Bug 4464 -- ideas?
15:44 owen         That's the last koha.org link on my blog and I can update it now
15:43 owen         wizzyrea++
15:43 owen         thank you!
15:43 wizzyrea     for owen
15:43 wizzyrea     http://koha-community.org/get-involved/irc/
15:40 wizzyrea     i like the sentiment though
15:40 wizzyrea     man, I really want some kind of cheesy graphic of multicolored people holding hands around the koha logo. I must be nuts.
15:36 * chris_n`   remembers finding a bug in Galaxian which allowed him to play forever
15:35 chris_n`     google++
15:27 * owen       was never very good at the game, was always saving his quarters to buy Star Wars figures
15:26 brendan      turn your speakers on too
15:25 brendan      :)
15:25 brendan      nice
15:25 gmcharlt     owen: check out google's home page
15:25 kmkale       bye all good night
15:24 owen         ?
15:23 gmcharlt     google++
15:05 owen         Use a doily or something maybe.
15:03 wizzyrea     I'll make it purty
15:03 wizzyrea     sounds good
15:02 owen         I would just like to be able to point to a specific page
15:02 owen         Duplicating it would be fine with me.
15:02 wizzyrea     or something different?
15:02 wizzyrea     owen: http://koha-community.org/support/ you want to duplicate the IRC info available here?
15:01 wizzyrea     owen: very good, will do
15:01 wizzyrea     it's ok :)
15:01 nengard      sorry - left out words
15:01 nengard      rushing through too much
15:01 owen         wizzyrea: I would like to put in a vote for a single page devoted to IRC like on koha.org (http://koha.org/about/get-involved/irc/irc)
15:00 nengard      i remember not liking that about that style
15:00 wizzyrea     well say that then! :D
15:00 nengard      there is supposed to be space in between those paragraphs
15:00 nengard      look at the survey post
15:00 nengard      see here: http://koha-community.org/
15:00 nengard      but you don't need one
15:00 wizzyrea     hehe thanks
15:00 nengard      coming your way
15:00 wizzyrea     nengard I'm not even sure what you're talking about lol, screencap?
14:59 * chris_n`   grins evilly
14:58 munin        wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
14:58 wizzyrea     @later tell chris do you want to put a post on k-c.org re: completing the move to new bugzilla?
14:57 * chris_n``  heads off to take care of chris_n`
14:56 * chris_n``  had his url fun this morning
14:48 wizzyrea     < made me happy
14:48 wizzyrea     and you're g2g
14:48 wizzyrea     from the links
14:48 wizzyrea     you can for the most part add the -community and remove the /cgi-bin
14:48 wizzyrea     fwiw, if you have links to bugs
14:43 * wizzyrea   gets to work updating the links on k-c.org
14:41 jwagner      it's there
14:41 gmcharlt     jwagner: ok, just let me know once you've registered an account
14:41 jwagner      gmcharlt, thanks, that would help.  Too many of them for me to want to recreate manually.
14:41 jwagner      Now I am.  I wasn't before today.  Maybe that's the problem.  But it should still pick up my name in the body.
14:40 gmcharlt     jwagner: might not be until the weekend, but if you have an account in the new BZ now, I can get your bugs linked back to you
14:40 owen         Are you registered on the new site?
14:40 owen         Very strange that it doesn't return anything if you search on that as the reporter
14:38 jwagner      jwagner@ptfs.com, same as everywhere else
14:38 owen         jwagner: What email address do you use in Bugzilla?
14:38 wizzyrea     yepper
14:37 jwagner      wizzyrea, thanks, yes it does.  You just searched on the jwagner, not the full address?
14:37 wizzyrea     does that help?
14:36 wizzyrea     jwagner: http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=jwagner
14:35 * jwagner    grumbles
14:35 jwagner      I either created or was cc'd on a whole lot (probably upwards of 100 when you count the closed ones).  I can only find 2 of them, by searching on my own name.  All the other search variations I tried, didn't find anything.
14:35 owen         Important matters for rapt attention: Should the new bugzilla use munin's quote collection?
14:32 owen         Any == 2 ?
14:31 jwagner      owen, I can't find any (well, two) of the bug reports I either created or was cc'd on.
14:30 owen         Aw man, I didn't think about my saved Bugzilla searches getting left behind. Bummer.
14:10 jwagner      Hmmm.  Will have to experiment...
14:08 gmcharlt     jwagner: possibly -  opac_search_limit  is supposed to take any CCL query
14:04 jwagner      Can you embed something like that in the apache conf file, though?
14:03 gmcharlt     jwagner: in principle, it's possible, but may need a little work on the search code to take on the equivalent of (ccode = 'foo' or ccode = 'baz' or ccode = 'quux') to the search
13:59 genji        okay.. whats sample_notices_message_transports exactly?
13:59 jwagner      Is it possible to have multiple branch codes or item type/ccodes as limits?  Or only one?
13:59 jwagner      owen, gmcharlt, anyone else who might know -- didn't get an answer yesterday.  With regard to http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:rfcs3.2:rfc32_multiple_opac
13:58 jwagner      genji, it's a stripped down framework for creation of brief records -- only has the bare minimum of fields (like 245 etc.)
13:55 genji        whats fast add marc21 framework?
13:50 * magnus     wishes everyone a happy weekend
13:40 genji        okay. thats curious. my apache thinks i want the opac.. when im giving it the correct port, for the intranet...
13:39 kmkale       gmcharlt: thats two birds in a stone :)
13:38 nengard      gmcharlt++
13:38 nengard      gmcharlt you rock!!
13:37 chris_n``    I think you can also do 'git config --global sendemail.to koha-patches@lists.koha-community.org' to have it populated with that as the default
13:34 gmcharlt     nengard: http://galencharlton.com/blog/?p=60
13:18 eiro         hello all
13:11 genji        okay... created kohaclone db...  maintenance.pl is errored out.. but the log has no error message.
13:06 nengard      LOL
13:05 chris_n``    my worst nightmare has been realized.... friday has turned into monday
13:05 * chris_n``  apologizes for spamming the new patches list :-P
13:05 kmkale       gmcharlt: thanks :)
13:04 gmcharlt     kmkale: ok, I see what the problem is, fix is on the way
12:55 * chris_n``  got to quick with sed the first time through :-\
12:54 chris_n``    gmcharlt: please ignore the first patch and use the second
12:54 gmcharlt     kmkale: yep, I see it
12:53 nengard      chris_n did that already
12:53 kmkale       ^^ is
12:52 kmkale       in 3.00.00 it shows 25 records and rest are accessible through the page number links
12:52 owen         now I need a bookmarklet to redirect me from old bugzilla to the new one
12:50 chris_n``    only wiki links left to update now
12:50 * chris_n``  submits a patch to update INSTALL* docs for the new bugs and lists servers
12:50 kmkale       gmcharlt: :
12:49 gmcharlt     kmkale: what version?
12:49 kmkale       Hence on large batches it sometimes hangs. IMHO its not necessary to show ALL records on 1st page. The paging links are good enough
12:49 gmcharlt     fair enough
12:48 magnus       gmcharlt: i'd love to, but i don't think i'm quite ready for it yet...
12:48 kmkale       Now it shows ALL the records in the batch plus the paging links
12:48 kmkale       earlier Manage Staged MARC Records used to show few records from the batch and there was paging for rest of the records.
12:46 nengard      kf it was both
12:44 nengard      hdl_laptop - chris said he was waiting to make it live until after 3.2 was released
12:44 gmcharlt     hdl_laptop: as I understand it, it's not ready for prime time yet
12:44 hdl_laptop   am I dreaming ?
12:44 hdl_laptop   nengard: http://translate.koha-community.org/ seems to be up.
12:43 gmcharlt     magnus: however, feel free to offer to host contribs ;)
12:42 gmcharlt     magnus: translate.koha-community.org is under way - fredericd will be hosting it
12:42 kf           was it always koha-patches@...? I think patches@ worked too
12:42 chris_n``    owen: LOL
12:42 magnus       so that leaves 2 sites to be moved from .koha.org to .koha-community.org, as far as i can see :-)
12:40 nengard      ah - thanks gmcharlt
12:40 nengard      magnus - i didn't create that list
12:40 gmcharlt     magnus: there was no debian.koha.org, but larsw is planning to set up debian.koha-community.org soon
12:39 owen         It's not that there are too many chris_n's, it's that there are too few of everyone else
12:39 magnus       nengard: was there ever a debian.koha.org? i think only translate and contribs are left... but anyway: woohoo! ;-)
12:38 * chris_n``  cracks the whip :)
12:38 gmcharlt     chris_n``: if you set your clones to work, problem solved
12:37 * chris_n``  notes that there are too many chris_n's today
12:36 chris_n``    nahuel++
12:28 nengard      woo hoo - only 3 left on the list of koha site to move!  http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Main_Page#Koha_Community_Sites_.28and_their_status.29
12:26 nahuel       ??
12:25 gmcharlt     I'm working on convincing nahuel to set up patches@koha-community.org ;), but still long
12:25 owen         That's a mouthful
12:25 gmcharlt     owen: koha-patches@lists.koha-community.org
12:22 owen         Where should we be sending patches now? Has the address changed?
12:15 owen         Hi
12:14 jdavidb      howdy, owen
12:09 gmcharlt     hdl_laptop: paul_p: ^^
11:58 nahuel       each one said me to do something different
11:58 nahuel       plz :)
11:58 nahuel       gmcharlt,
11:58 nahuel       hdl_laptop,
11:57 nahuel       paul_p,
11:57 nahuel       You should all be decided between yourself :)
11:57 nahuel       bad idea I think...
11:57 gmcharlt     nahuel: can you set up a reflector so that patches@koha-community.org forwards to the list?
11:57 paul_p       nengard, I did'nt understand your mail : "can we put an english translation ..." ?
11:56 nengard      thanks gmcharlt :)
11:56 gmcharlt     nengard: scroll down a bit on http://www.vflare.org/2009/09/linux-kernel-workflow-with-git.html
11:55 paul_p       nengard, ?
11:55 gmcharlt     nengard: there's a git option called sendemail.aliasesfile that you can use to point to a file of aliases for email addresses
11:55 jdavidb      kf:  I use google reader, and like it fine.  I group some things together, and that helps a bit.
11:54 nahuel       gimme more !
11:54 jdavidb      nahuel++
11:54 jwagner      hi kf
11:54 kf           :)
11:54 kf           thx
11:53 nengard      i am still using bloglines though because greader has some things that just bug me!
11:53 nengard      kf - most people seem to like google reader
11:53 kf           nahuel++
11:53 nengard      got a question - is there a way in Git to set up an address book? or an email alias? koha-patches@lists.koha-community.org is a lot to type everytime I want to send a patch :) hehe
11:53 kf           has someone a recommendation for me? I use Newsfox (firefox plugin) now and want to swith to something web based for reading feeds
11:53 nahuel       w00t !
11:52 nengard      nahuel++
11:52 kmkale       nahuel++
11:52 kf           hi jwagner
11:44 nahuel       looking
11:41 gmcharlt     the links to the lists on http://lists.koha-community.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo still have https instead of http
11:40 gmcharlt     thanks
11:39 nahuel       fixed
11:39 nahuel       you're right
11:39 nahuel       ah ok
11:39 gmcharlt     not with a self-signed certificate, it isn't
11:38 nahuel       https is great :)
11:38 nahuel       yep
11:38 gmcharlt     nahuel: well, it is still doing the same thing - redirecting to https
11:37 nahuel       gmcharlt, you should go there http://lists.koha-community.org/
11:37 nahuel       gmcharlt, what is http://lists.koha-community.org/mailman ?
11:37 gmcharlt     is that intended?
11:37 gmcharlt     nahuel: http://lists.koha-community.org/mailman appears to be redirecting to https://lists.koha-community.org/mailman
11:36 kmkale       anyone running a production server on ubuntu 10.04 yet?
11:33 nahuel       chris, migration finished !
11:32 genji        hm...  quiet..
11:28 genji        always wanted to know, hdl_laptop... what is in your laptop? what os are you running?
11:28 * jdavidb    waves to hdl_laptop.
11:27 jdavidb      hi, Amit.
11:27 Amit         heya genji, jadavidb
11:27 jdavidb      yep!  should work fine, genji.
11:27 hdl_laptop   hi all
11:27 genji        why is munin looking good?
11:26 mle          chris: munin *is* looking good. nice one
11:26 genji        so.. i figure i'll just call zebrasrv again, with the new -f?
11:25 genji        ah. well.. ive got my kohaclone in a seperate directory from my working code.. and its config/zebra directory seperate from my working code's directory.
11:24 jdavidb      it's hard to put multiple config files at /etc/koha/koha_conf.xml.  The filesystem doesn't like that; it just persists in erasing whatever is there when you put a new one in its' place.  Running all of them as dev installs lets each stay totally contained in its' user's home dir.
11:22 genji        why?
11:22 genji        uhh.....
11:21 genji        different user?
11:21 jdavidb      that's what I do, gengi.  then you run the zebrasrv process multiple times, pointing at the different KOHA_CONFs.  It's *much* easier with all dev installs, with each running as a different user.
11:19 genji        just a different config file with different paths?
11:19 genji        hiya all. how do i run multiple zebra databases on one machine?
11:17 munin        mle: slef was last seen in #koha 1 week, 1 day, 11 hours, 15 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <slef> I'll accept nominations
11:17 mle          @seen slef
11:17 mle          : )
11:05 chris_n      heya kf, jdavidb
11:05 kf           howdy jdavidb
11:05 jdavidb      howdy, #koha.
11:04 kf           morning chris_n
11:03 chris_n      g'morning #koha
11:00 CGI197       Ok, I'm trying
10:59 kf           you can try to rebuld_zebra manually and test again
10:59 kf           zebraserver will not index your record
10:58 CGI197       In effecct, I tried to restard zebraserver using "/etc/init.d/zebra restart" but never changed in my OPAC search result
10:55 kf           dont use zebraqueue deamon, its recommended to use rebuild_zebra as cronjob
10:53 kf           ok, check that zebrasrv is running and you need to set up a cronjob with rebuild_zebra -z -a -b to reindex every x minutes
10:53 CGI197       Yes, I do
10:53 kf           have you installed koha with zebra?
10:52 CGI197       No, it works fine, but when I search my records in OPAC, I have this error message: "No results match your search for “kw,wrdl: marino ”
10:51 kf           it didnt work?
10:49 CGI197       After some tries, everything seems to work. I started with configuration tools and I tried to add records viaaaa Z39.50
10:48 CGI197       During last days I installed Koha version 3.00.05 on CentOs5 with Perl 5.10
10:47 CGI197       thanks kf
10:47 kf           or better hi Vincenzo
10:47 kf           hi CGI197
10:47 CGI197       I'm Vincenzo and I'm calling from Italy
10:46 CGI197       hi friends, I think I'm the latest newbie in Koha
10:04 CGI752       can anyone why cannot add member in koha 2.2.9?
09:59 munin        Amit: An added entry in which the entry element is a personal name. (Repeatable) [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,x,3,4,5,6,8]
09:59 Amit         @marc 700
09:59 munin        Amit: Contains a related or an analytical title that is controlled by an authority file or list. (Repeatable) [a,d,f,g,h,k,l,m,n,o,p,r,s,t,x,3,5,6,8]
09:59 Amit         @marc 730
09:57 CGI752       anyone can help me in koha 2.2.9 cannot add member?
09:53 kmkale       ?
09:53 kmkale       should be system generated.
09:53 munin        kf: This field contains 40 character positions (00-39) that provide coded information about the record as a whole and about special bibliographic aspects of the item being cataloged. These coded data elements are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes. []
09:53 kf           @marc 008
09:52 chris        part of the 008 tag
09:52 chris        http://www.loc.gov/marc/holdings/hd008.html
09:52 chris        actually
09:51 chris        http://www.loc.gov/marc/holdings/hd005.html
09:50 chris        lemme check
09:50 chris        i think 003
09:50 chris        one of the 00 ones
09:46 kmkale       any idea which marc tag I can put entry date? not accession date but the date on which data was entered in system..
09:44 kf           not so cold here but still raining
09:33 kmkale       *green is my color*
09:32 jransom      In contrast it is freezing cold and wet where I am, and we have the fire roaring away making us nice and warm
09:29 kmkale       to top it all I am working on converting awful foxpro based data to MARC
09:26 jransom      oh lordy
09:26 chris        ahh bummer
09:26 kmkale       + a/c's gone Kaput
09:26 munin        kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 33.0�C (2:40 PM IST on May 21, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1003 hPa (Falling).
09:26 kmkale       @weather Mumbai
09:24 jransom      why melting?
09:24 melting_man  :(
09:23 CGI752       hi all
09:22 chris        hi kmkale
09:20 jransom      hiya
09:20 kmkale       hi hdl_laptop chris jransom
09:19 kf           jransom: :)
09:17 jransom      hi there
09:16 hdl_laptop   hi all
09:08 chris        cool
09:07 jransom      Hi katrin
09:07 nahuel       migration is running
09:07 nahuel       yep
09:06 chris        nahuel: let me know when to change the koha-bugs email address in bugzilla
09:05 kf           hi jransom
09:05 jransom      hiya
09:05 kf           hi chris
09:04 chris        evening
08:58 kmkale       humm figures..
08:58 * munin      reloads and spins the chambers.
08:58 munin        *BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
08:58 kmkale       @roulette
08:57 kf           CGI752: from all what I have heard windoes is really difficult, linux is the better option
08:56 munin        Amit: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 33.0�C (2:10 PM IST on May 21, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Falling).
08:56 Amit         @weather Mumbai
08:56 kf           CGI752: im not sure i it can run in windows, its not an official release
08:56 munin        Amit: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error
08:56 Amit         @weather Mumabi
08:56 munin        Amit: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 37.0�C (11:30 AM IST on May 21, 2010). Conditions: . Humidity: 11%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.54 in 1000 hPa.
08:56 Amit         @weather Dehradun
08:56 munin        Amit: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 41.0�C (2:00 PM IST on May 21, 2010). Conditions: Unknown. Humidity: 9%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.59 in 1002 hPa (Steady).
08:56 Amit         @weather New Delhi
08:55 munin        Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 25.0�C (11:30 AM IST on May 21, 2010). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 22.0�C.
08:55 Amit         @weather Bangalore
08:55 kf           kmkale: hm, sum and /2?
08:54 kmkale       CGI752: no its for Linux
08:53 CGI752       is it stable? it can run in windows?
08:53 CGI752       how about this LibLime's Harley?
08:53 kmkale       its boiling here
08:53 kmkale       kf wanna switch the temp?
08:51 munin        kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 11.6�C (10:54 AM CEST on May 21, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.36 in 1028.0 hPa (Rising).
08:51 kf           @weather Konstanz
08:51 munin        kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 33.0�C (2:10 PM IST on May 21, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Falling).
08:51 kf           hi kmkale
08:51 kmkale       @weather Mumbai
08:50 kmkale       hi kf
08:42 kf           yes, you can download it from koha-community.org
08:38 CGI752       koha-3.00.06.tar this one?
08:37 kf           current stable release is 3.0.6
08:37 kf           2.2.9 is an old version of koha
08:36 kf           and you can use virtualbox for your test installation
08:36 kf           you dont need to, there are nice tutorials you can follow
08:36 CGI752       not expert in linux
08:36 kf           its recommended to use linux
08:35 kf           koha on windows is problematic
08:35 CGI752       all of know why?
08:35 CGI752       after installed koha 2.2.9, cannot add members
08:34 CGI752       can i ask regarding koha 2.2.9 in windows
08:33 kf           hi CGI752
08:33 CGI752       hi all
08:24 kf           good morning #koha
08:14 kmkale       hi Amit
08:14 Amit         heya kmkale
08:03 kmkale       Good afternoon all..
07:53 Amit         heya nahuel, hdl
07:25 hdl_laptop   chris Happy birthday once again
07:21 nahuel       chris,
07:21 nahuel       Today is the day of lists.koha.org move :)
04:51 ray          how can i send notifications to users through their email address a notification every time they borrowed or return a book...
03:58 munin        Amit: Error: "wounder" is not a valid command.
03:58 Amit         @wounder Bangalore
03:56 brendan      going to delhi ?
03:56 brendan      hey Amit
03:55 Amit         heya Chris, brendan
03:14 chris        np
03:14 brendan      thanks chris
03:14 * brendan    slaps forehead
03:14 brendan      know the file you're talking about -
03:14 brendan      doh
03:13 chris        and i probably spelt that wrong :)
03:13 chris        to find out
03:13 chris        you will need to check you zebra-biblio.cfg file
03:13 chris        whereever you tell it to
03:13 brendan      hmm...  I don't know if I know this - where does zebra store the raw binary indexes or data (generally)  (maybe I'm having a brain fart - but who knows)
03:01 chris        weird
03:00 chris        pull from it everyday
03:00 chris        that one works fine for me
02:58 wajasu       tried koha community git pull today again.  it still hangs for me receiving objects.  maybe by git version 1.7.1 is broke?  i pulled other koha git repos just fine.
02:00 chris        done
01:59 chris        that ive had for 7 million years
01:59 chris        spelt right
01:59 chris        i just use my livejounral one
01:59 chilts       cool, thanks chris
01:59 chilts       no, but thanks
01:58 * chris      is changing it now
01:58 robin        chilts: use launchpad, it's an openid provider :)
01:57 chilts       amazing how hard Google make it to use their open id with Google Apps, don't think the wiki has the extensions required (and probably best not to either)
01:52 larsw        openid++. revelation++.
01:52 chilts       true
01:52 chris        :)
01:52 chris        who has passwords anymore
01:51 chris        do it with openid man
01:51 * chilts     bows head in shame
01:51 chilts       ok, I'm failing at the wiki since I have forgotten my user/pass (and the email hasn't come through yet) ... anyone, feel free to go edit the front page yourself, else I can do it later tonight :)
01:48 chilts       if only I could remember my password :)
01:47 chris        yes please
01:47 chilts       chris: shall I change the wiki front page to put a 'Use Now' on bugs.k...
01:46 chilts       just something I noticed :)
01:45 chris        :)
01:45 gmcharlt     chilts: your wish is my command
01:44 chilts       heh, I guess the component 'bugs.koha.org' could also be renamed :)
01:43 chilts       and the new BugZilla is awesome - nice work chris
01:42 chilts       munin's looking good :)
01:42 chris        kaplow!
01:42 munin        04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4800 enhancement, P5, ---, chris, NEW, Disable book cover image in the title view if the feature is on.
01:42 chris        bug 4800
01:42 chris        and i got a bug mail
01:42 chris        w00t
01:41 ray          i already posted my requested feature
01:35 larsw        gmcharlt, tsk, using fixed size integers is often a bad idea :)
01:35 chris        heh
01:34 gmcharlt     larsw: I think munin just suffered overflow ;)
01:34 chris_n      chris++
01:32 chris        ray: cool, figured out how to add a bug?
01:28 larsw        chris += INT_MAX
01:28 larsw        I would even go so far as saying...
01:28 chris        :)
01:27 larsw        chris, yeehaa!
01:27 ray          i successfully created an account...
01:26 brendan      YAY!
01:26 chris        if you sign up here, then add a bug :)
01:26 chris        http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/
01:26 chris        ok, all clear
01:26 chris        wellington, nz
01:25 ray          i mean what's your location?
01:25 ray          by the way where are you from?
01:24 ray          :)
01:23 chris        ill yell out when its all clear
01:23 chris        then bugs.koha-community.org is definitely your best bet
01:23 ray          ;)
01:23 ray          definitely..
01:22 larsw        DIY = do-it-yourself
01:22 ray          disabling the book cover in the title view will increase the responsivenes.. what's DIY?
01:22 chris        im guessing you have a DIY koha install? no support company eh?
01:21 chris        i can see that being able to choose only show covers in search results, or only in detail results would be useful
01:20 ray          i see. ok i'll just post it there.. tnx!
01:20 chris        when thats done, its gonna be safe to use again, and you can make a bug there, and someone might do the work for you
01:20 chris        im in the middle of migrating bugs there
01:20 chris        yes
01:20 ray          20 minutes?
01:20 chris        register as a user, and create a new bug, mark it an enhancement request
01:19 ray          20 minutes?
01:19 chris        then go to http://bugs.koha-community.org
01:19 chris        if you wait about 20 minutes
01:19 chris        well if you dont know perl, you won't be able to do that very easily
01:18 ray          ahm.. ok. im using google jacket feature. since i dont know much about perl or html much i think i would go to making a new sys preference.. any suggestion?
01:16 chris        so disabling it is probably the only way, but as gmcharlt says you would need to either edit the templage or better yet make a new sys preference
01:15 chris        thats your browser fetching the image from amazon (or google)
01:15 ray          any suggestions?
01:14 ray          ahm i see. i would like to disable the cover images in the title view because of performance issue... there is always a delay of approximately 5 seconds in the title view when the feature is on.. is it just normal?
01:12 gmcharlt     ray: there's no setting at present to do that; you would have to change the bib detail template or code in a new system preference
01:12 ray          gud day! how can you disable the cover images in the title view of books. Cover of books should be only seen in the search view but will be hidden in the title view.
01:12 ray          gud day! how can you disable the cover images in the title view of books. Cover of books should be only seen in the search view but will be hidden in the title view.
01:08 ray          gud day! how can you disable the cover images in the title view of books. Cover of books should be only seen in the search view but will be hidden in the title view.
00:44 gmcharlt     does the human wag the bot, or vice versa?
00:44 chris        nearly halfway
00:44 brendan      err.. gmcharlt
00:44 brendan      hey nice job - way to go munin
00:44 chris        2148
00:44 chris        sweet
00:43 munin        gmcharlt: 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1813 normal, P3, ---, chris, RESOLVED FIXED, Syspref OPACItemsResultsDisplay isn't in defaults syspref table
00:43 gmcharlt     @bug 1813
00:32 chris        on the second try
00:32 chris        right up to 1813
00:30 genji        haven't done a complete install in ages.
00:29 genji        ah .. web installer...
00:25 chris_n      this is the only time I'd say that bugs look good :)
00:19 chris        its in INSTALL.debian-lenny
00:19 chris        you have to make it
00:19 genji        okay. how do i then?
00:19 genji        ah
00:19 chris        it doesnt
00:18 genji        koha's install didn't install the database...