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23:59 pianohackr|work Will be sending in some of our library's custom changes over the next few months as we get ready to switch to outside support
23:59 pianohackr|work thanks.
23:58 chris           awesome !
23:58 chris           keeping busy :)
23:58 pianohackr|work Yup, an engineering school in my state
23:58 chris           i hear you got accepted into a good university?
23:58 pianohackr|work You?
23:58 pianohackr|work Almost out of high school (glory hallelujah)
23:58 pianohackr|work Very good
23:58 pianohackr|work Hi, chris
23:58 chris           how the heck are you??
23:57 chris           :)
23:57 chris           its pianohackr|work
23:57 chris           holy crap
23:55 pianohackr|work Hi, #koha
23:04 larsw           but I'm all for command line learning, it is the path to automating everything in your life so you have more time to spend on automating everything else in your life
23:04 larsw           oh, the mysql admin gui tool does not run on the server, just connects to it
23:03 libtek          Thanks.  I'm not using a gui on the server.  I'm pushing myself to learn command line again.  I haven't done a lot with it since my pre windows days in DOS.  Time to remember things again and learn to take control  :)
23:01 larsw           libtek, it seems to have commands for backing up and restoring
23:01 larsw           libtek, another thing: I have just learned about the MySQL Admin GUI tool, for GNOME, which seems like a nice one for many things
22:57 libtek          thank you for the advice.  I have copied it down and will see what I can do!
22:52 larsw           possibly even kohabackup-$(date +%Y%m%dT%H%M%S).sql to have more than one backup per day
22:51 bgkriegel       something like kohabackup-$(date +%Y%m%d).sql
22:50 bgkriegel       a use a name that ends with the date
22:50 larsw           it will replace it, so it's better to use a different name, yes
22:50 bgkriegel       use a different name
22:49 libtek          I'll see what I can do.  If I make another backup, do I need to delete the old one, or does the mysqldump replace it if I use the same filename?
22:49 larsw           that's what test environment are for, so you can safely destroy everything in order to learn :)
22:48 bgkriegel       with a test database
22:48 bgkriegel       try a couple of times
22:48 libtek          ah.  Okay.  I hope I never have to use it.
22:47 bgkriegel       libtek, you could do a restore this way:  1) first drop database, 2 create database, 3 gunzip backup, 4 load backup, or by commands "mysqladmin -uroot -pxxx drop koha; mysqladmin -uroot -pxxx create koha; gunzip kohabackup.sql.gz; mysql -ukohaadmin -pyyyy koha < kohabackup.sql"
22:47 larsw           libtek, mysqldump makes a file that contains normal sql commands that re-create a database; the /usr/sbin/mysql command reads any sql commands and executes them; when it reads the dump file, it executes the commands to re-create the databse
22:45 reed            (but I might be wrong)
22:45 reed            libtek, it's the normal mysql command, I don't there there's a separate restore command
22:42 libtek          anywhere
22:42 libtek          I don't see a myrestore script anyware
22:41 robin           larsw: I think that is the correct way for mysql
22:40 larsw           libtek, but I am not sure if that is the best way to do it, I am new to databases
22:40 larsw           libtek, my restore script uncompresses it and feeds the uncompressed file to the mysql command (/usr/bin/mysql), you may need to provide --user and --password options to that, too
22:39 larsw           it should be a compressed file (compressed with gz), so it is customary to name it something like kohabackup.sql.gz (the .sql to indicate that is an sql dump file)
22:39 libtek          larsw: If I ever have to restore from this backup, what do I do?
22:38 libtek          okay.  I see it.
22:37 larsw           what does ls tell you?
22:37 larsw           locate uses a database that is updated only once per day
22:37 libtek          Yeah, I put kohabackup, but I am not find a file my that name anywhere with locate.
22:36 larsw           it should be in the filename you put in place of $dbdump
22:35 libtek          okay, I ran it, but I can't locate the "kohabackup" I supposedly created.
22:32 larsw           keep them, replace whatever is inside them with the right value for user, password, name of database, and name of compressed dump file
22:31 libtek          do I use the quotes or drop them?
22:29 larsw           that's what the dump script I am including the Koha Debian package uses
22:29 larsw           gzip > "$dbdump"
22:29 larsw           mysqldump --databases --user="$mysqluser" --password="$mysqlpass" "$mysqldb" |
22:28 libtek          what is the syntax for using mysqldump?  Never used it before.
22:26 larsw           libtek, do a dump of the database using mysqldump, and store that somewhere safe
22:26 brendan         mysqldump
22:26 libtek          anyone have a suggestion for backing up the mysql koha database before I mess it up again?
22:14 chris           http://www.kohacon10.org.nz/   <-- more sponsors, thanks chilts for putting the logos up
22:06 gmcharlt        wajasu: not needed, and you should have it anyway
22:04 wajasu          should i grab MARC21slimUtils2.xsl or is it not needed
22:04 wajasu          that was it!
22:04 wajasu          gmcharlt++
21:59 wajasu          ok
21:59 wajasu          as well?
21:59 gmcharlt        wajasu: you need the MARC21slimUtils.xsl
21:57 wajasu          i ended up pulling the MARC21slim2intranetDetail.xsl from http://git.librarypolice.com/?p=koha-galen.git;a=tree;f=koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/xslt;h=6a80d8cfec2cc87eac62007a9ff775064229ab50;hb=HEAD but still get m880Select was not found errors.
21:51 * chris         will fix and send a patch
21:51 chris           500 error on the opac
21:50 chris           [Wed May 19 09:49:56 2010] opac-detail.pl: XISBN Failed Can't use string ("1") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /home/chrisc/git/koha/C4/XISBN.pm line 121.
21:50 chris           [Wed May 19 09:49:55 2010] opac-detail.pl: WARNING: URL Request Failed 500 read timeout
21:50 chris           and kabloom
21:50 chris           $response->{isbn} = [ @{ $xisbn_response->{isbn} or [] },  @{ $syndetics_response->{isbn} or [] }
21:50 chris           then we do
21:50 chris           will return 1, if it fails
21:50 chris           _get_url in XISBN
21:50 wizzyrea_laptop uh oh
21:49 chris           hmm i just discovered a nasty
21:31 libtek          thanks for the help!  I appreciate the time.
21:31 libtek          that will get rid of the patron/staff account I am using and the matix and libraries too, right?
21:30 chris_n         gotta run, bbl
21:30 chris_n         dropping even
21:30 chris_n         well, as I say, droping the db will fix it
21:29 libtek          not hoha
21:29 libtek          That shoud read KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha...
21:29 chris_n         that's right
21:28 libtek          Okay.  Well, I stopped the daemon as you instructed, and I do have the crontab set as */5 * * * * KOHA_CONF=/etc/hoha/koha_conf.xml PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib/ /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -z >/dev/null
21:24 chris_n         and the two don't seem to cohabit nicely
21:24 chris_n         yes, but the zebraqueue daemon was running based on your ps output
21:23 libtek          chris_n:  This is how I set this up.  These are the same instructions I used.  I initially did the Zebraqueue Daemon instructions, but then later setup the crontab per instructions.
21:23 chris_n         in any case, you don't want to run the zebraqueue daemon
21:22 chris_n         and should take all of 5 min
21:22 chris_n         that should clear it for sure
21:22 chris_n         and reindex zebra
21:22 chris_n         then walk back through the web installer
21:22 chris_n         libtek: if you have not done any data entry, you could drop and re create the database in mysql
21:18 libtek          still there and still hung
21:18 chris_n         if that does not fix it, you should probably setup zebrasrv as mentioned
21:18 chris_n         no, you can check first
21:17 libtek          do I need to do this zebrasrv setup or restart the daemon first?
21:14 chris_n         check to see if your item is still hung now
21:14 chris_n         that way it logs and auto starts on reboot
21:14 chris_n         you should also setup zebrasrv to start this way: http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=INSTALL.debian;h=07d13a4ed8964dd8c7d71d40ab4e3cb131a75719;hb=HEAD#l332
21:14 libtek          and I didn't even have to ask how to stop the daemon!  Score 1 for me!
21:13 libtek          done
21:12 chris_n         and then re-run the rebuild script
21:11 chris_n         for starters, stop the zebraqueue daemon
21:10 pastebot        "libtek" at pasted "results for ps -ef | grep zebra" (6 lines) at http://paste.workbuffer.org/10
21:09 chris_n         paste.workbuffer.org
21:09 libtek          what's the clipboard url?
21:08 * chris_n       thinks it should work too
21:08 * cait          is perhaps too tired
21:08 cait            oh
21:07 chris_n         libtek: what does 'ps -ef | grep zebra' say?
21:07 cait            :)
21:07 cait            libtek:  reindexing should work, it did when I had the field error
21:07 libtek          Now, I was checking the koha db in MySQL earlier.  Did I look at the right db?
21:06 libtek          I still have the 1 result in the catalog, and it gives the field error when clicked on.  :/
21:05 chris_n         that should do it
21:05 chris_n         nope
21:05 libtek          do I need to restart the db?
21:05 libtek          It does not report any errors
21:04 libtek          Then: perl /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r -v
21:03 libtek          Okay. I did: sudo su koha
21:03 libtek          it is
21:02 chris_n         the -v will show up any errors during the rebuild
21:02 chris_n         assuming your kohauser is the default 'koha'
21:01 chris_n         then 'perl /usr/share/koha/bin/micration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r -v'
21:01 libtek          okay...I'll give that a whack.
21:01 chris_n         sudo su koha
21:01 libtek          that should read migration_tools
21:01 libtek          chris_n: that's all I knew to type
21:00 libtek          chris_n: sudo perl /usr/share/koha/bin/micration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r
20:56 chris_n         libtek: did you run rebuild_zebra.pl as your kohauser?
20:50 libtek          I'm going to have to list each table till I find the bad record :/
20:48 libtek          didn't do any good.  Still gettingthe fields error.
20:45 wajasu          the rebuild hopefully syncs reality.
20:45 libtek          gmcharlt: I located 3 instances of that script.  Does it matter which one I run?
20:44 wajasu          when the database is empty, you get that "fields" error.  i struggled when i 1st installed koha, built indexes, then unimported my staged records.
20:41 gmcharlt        libtek: then just run rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r
20:41 libtek          gmcharlt: I figured out how to get in the database.  biblio and biblioitems are empty.  I am not sure where else this record information lives.
20:36 chris           back
20:35 wajasu          that code assertion check that the sortFile is not NULL.  a file being specifed for sorting  (si-> current_file) in the code, was not specified correctly for some reason.
20:32 richard         hi
20:30 wajasu          let me check modem signal db ratio
20:28 Mike            Can anyone decode this error message for me? zebrasrv: sortidx.c:472: zebra_sort_read: Assertion `sf' failed.
20:28 wajasu          maybe throttling?
20:27 wajasu          i'm receiving objects now.    6 KiB/s
20:27 wajasu          letme research .
20:26 wajasu          shouldn't filter anything as far as i'm concerned.
20:26 wajasu          not that i know about.
20:26 gmcharlt        port 9418, rather
20:26 gmcharlt        wajasu: your ISP isn't filtering on traffic 9418?
20:25 wajasu          http://pastebin.org/249862
20:24 chris_n         strange indeed
20:24 brendan         weird the main hosting spot for that is in Dallas-Fort-worth
20:23 wajasu          the slowest was 68ms
20:23 chris_n         no slow ones?
20:23 wajasu          12 hops.
20:22 wajasu          i just did that
20:22 chris_n         wajasu: traceroute git.koha-community.org may tell
20:22 wajasu          unless its an ISP thing TWcable
20:22 chris_n         works for me too
20:22 hdl             wajasu: looks ok for me
20:22 wajasu          aaargh.  dallas tx
20:21 gmcharlt        whereabouts are you located?
20:21 gmcharlt        wajasu: works for me
20:20 libtek          gmcharlt: okay...I am really green with ubuntu.  I am learning everything as I go.  Can you give me a little push?  How do I get into MySQL?
20:20 wajasu          can someone try git clone git://git.koha-community.org/koha.git  so i know if its me thats the problem?
20:18 libtek          gmcharlt: okay...let me see if I can figure that one out....
20:13 gmcharlt        from SQL, you could delete it from the biblio and biblioitems table, then run an index rebuild (using rebuild_zebra.pl)
20:13 libtek          gmcharlt: Okay...I'll get the hang of this eventually.  Getting a crash course in cataloging... I found marcflavour and it is indead MARC21.  I've setup a new OCLC server per your request.  However, I still have this piece of record in the db.  Any clue as to how I can purge it?
20:11 wajasu          i can't get a git clone for koha.git to happen. hangs at Receiving objects usually.
20:09 wajasu          maybe your indexes need to be rebuilt.
20:06 libtek          Can't call method "fields" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/catalogue/MARCdetail.pl line 123.
20:06 libtek          There is part of a record left.  If I click on it to remove it, it now throws up the error
20:03 libtek          I am such an idiot :/
20:03 libtek          um, I think I corrupted the database
20:03 gmcharlt        and tell us what the value of that system preference is
20:02 gmcharlt        search for marcflavour
20:02 gmcharlt        also, please go the Administration | System Preferences
20:02 gmcharlt        and the syntax to MARC21
20:02 gmcharlt        the database to OLUCWorldCat
20:02 gmcharlt        try changing the server to zcat.oclc.org
20:02 gmcharlt        libtek: as a first step, in the z3950 server definition for OCLC
20:01 libtek          ah, one of our catalogers says MARC-21
19:58 libtek          wizzyrea_laptop: Yes, US.
19:58 libtek          gmcharlt: I don't see it listed in the instructions, so if it presented me with choices during install, I went with defaults.
19:55 wizzyrea_laptop or elsewhere?
19:55 wizzyrea_laptop libtek: us library?
19:55 gmcharlt        libtek: the marcflavour system preference would be a hint; if your library has catalogers on staff, they would be able to definitively tell you what MARC format they are using
19:54 chris_n         libtek: you had to select either UNIMARC or MARC-21 during the webinstaller run
19:51 libtek          gmcharlt: I am a tech only.  I don't know anything about diacritics.  Also, Koha is a new install we are testing.  I don't know if it is using UNIMARC or not.
19:49 Mike            Can anyone cast any light on this error msg: zebrasrv: sortidx.c:472: zebra_sort_read: Assertion `sf' failed.
19:48 gmcharlt        also, can you confirm whether your library in fact uses UNIMARC or not
19:48 gmcharlt        libtek: were there any diacritics or the like (in say the call number) of the item you attempted to add
19:48 wajasu          just checked up on how my git clone is doing. its sitting at Receiving objects: 0% (115/147608), 36.00 KiB    Hmm.
19:48 * owen          shudders
19:48 libtek          gmcharlt: sorry, IE crashed
19:44 libtek          gmcharlt: sorry.  I'm trying to be clear.
19:42 gmcharlt        libtek: ah, you didn't say that the problem was occuring when you came to same an item, as opposed to the bib
19:40 libtek          gmcharlt: Honestly, I don't know.  I just tried these settings and it was pulling the information up.  Everything worked for the import.  It was only when I saved the item record that the error was thrown up.
19:39 gmcharlt        libtek: zcat.oclc.org , base OLUCWorldCat , syntax MARC21/UNIMARC, charset UTF-8 work for me
19:37 chris           ok bus time back in a bit
19:36 gmcharlt        libtek: are you in fact using UNIMARC, not MARC21?
19:35 libtek          gmcharlt: I'm guessing on the settings.  Basing some of this on current settings in our current ILS.  Had to guess on syntax and encoding (which is set to UTF-8)
19:30 libtek          gmcharlt: OLUC and UNIMARC.
19:29 gmcharlt        libtek: what z39.50 database name and syntax?
19:27 libtek          gmcharlt: This is only my 2nd attempt.  I've tried two different records with the same results.
19:27 chris           just cos
19:27 chris           cait++
19:27 cait            jsp--
19:26 libtek          gmcharlt: I searched for ISBN 0764507060 on the OCLC server fsz3950.oclc.org:210
19:26 chris           apache2--
19:26 chris           nginx++
19:26 cait            no :)
19:26 chris           was just checking for sarcasm :-)
19:26 chris           cool :)
19:25 cait2           no, it didn't. just wanted to say thank you again
19:23 chris           cait2: it didnt crash again or anything did it? the problem is apache/pootle use too much ram
19:22 gmcharlt        *which* record from *which* Z39.50 server are you trying to import?
19:22 gmcharlt        libtek: you need to provide more information
19:22 libtek          I'm not sure what to do with the files.  Nothing guides me in updating any files.  Anyone have any suggestions?
19:22 cait2           :)
19:22 cait2           morning chris and thx again for pootle
19:21 libtek          http://sourceforge.net/projects/marcpm/
19:21 libtek          I found the following link:
19:21 chris_n         always evaluates as true
19:21 chris_n         IE eq PROBLEM
19:20 libtek          Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/SAX.pm line 92.
19:20 libtek          need some advice.  I've attempted to create a record through a z39.50 search (I am no cataloger by any means).  When I try to save the record I get the error:
19:20 libtek          Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/SAX.pm line 92.
19:19 jwagner         owen, is there anything that DOESN'T have problems in IE?
19:18 owen            Hmmm.. the notices template has its own problems in IE.
19:15 chris_n         hey chris
19:15 jwagner         morning, chris
19:15 chris           morning
19:13 gmcharlt        i.e., there's a difference between the reports dictionary and the main guided reports wizard
19:13 gmcharlt        note that allowing multiple copies of the same column to be displayed in report output, although unusual, could be desierable
19:12 * owen          imagines the notices template may use the same faulty js
19:12 gmcharlt        owen: for the reports dictionary, I think just allow a column to be selected once
19:12 jwagner         owen, you're talking strictly about reports?  There shouldn't be a need to repeat fields there.  In notices, I could see a use for it.
19:10 owen            Anyone have an opinion/directive regarding my guided reports dictionary question?
19:08 jwagner         schuster, it should already be in the version that you'll be getting when we do your update
19:08 schuster        Just noting a problem.  Thanks gmcharlt...
19:07 gmcharlt        commit fc798b0e8d9605b8fbacdc07eb83f3925bf6fc2f should be cherry-pickable just fine
19:07 schuster        Nothing against PTFS...
19:07 jwagner         We're working on that!
19:06 schuster        Well that's what happens when you are on an OLD version of Koha... :0
19:06 gmcharlt        fixed in HEAD in June 2009
19:06 munin`          04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3329 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti@biblibre.com, RESOLVED FIXED, missing dependency in inventory.pl
19:06 gmcharlt        schuster: that's an old bug (bug 3329)
19:04 schuster        We are now thinking that - Undefined subroutine &main::AddReturn called at /home/liblime/kohaclone/tools/inventory.pl - mean AddReturn subroutine is supposed to "RETURN" the book if it is found but inventory.pl can't find the subroutine.
19:03 gmcharlt        owen: for the reports dictionary, I think just allow a column to be selected once
19:03 wajasu          cloning da git now.
19:03 schuster        Question - about inventory - seems like there were some patches done by BibLibre to Inventory...  Can anyone expound on those fixes?  I think I have run across a but in 3.2 that biblibre may have fixed.
18:58 owen            In other words, should the user be able to select a certain column more than once?
18:58 munin`          04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3125 normal, P3, ---, oleonard@myacpl.org, NEW, IE7: Selected columns list in Reports Dictionary is not showing column names.
18:58 owen            Looking at Bug 3125... When you choose to add a field from the list of choices, should that field be removed from the first column? Or just added to the second column?
18:57 wajasu          my speedtest is fine 7Mbps down, 1.5up.   i'm in dallas. its takeing me 5-10 minutes to get a page .  still transferring...
18:51 jwagner         Yes, indeed.
18:51 jdavidb         harrrumph!
18:44 wajasu          yes. i'm doing a speed test now.
18:44 gmcharlt        wajasu: Texas, I believe
18:33 owen            It's very fast for me
18:33 wajasu          that gitweb site is slow.  where's it at?
18:31 munin           gmcharlt: Quote #10: "< pianohacker> You helped start an open source project; clearly your sense of what to avoid to make your life easier has been impaired for a while :)" (added by chris at 03:59 PM, June 23, 2009)
18:31 gmcharlt        @quote random
18:26 gmcharlt`       also see http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commit;h=e65fcb998bbba11b9d695cd42fcfbfb65924dc5a
18:25 wajasu          ok.
18:25 gmcharlt`       wajasu: check that your copy of koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/xslt/MARC21slimUtils.xsl is up to date
18:16 wajasu          I have a problem showing a detail view for XSLT in the staff client interface. http://pastebin.org/249237
17:47 nengard         I was more asking what a stuff interface was :)
17:47 gmcharlt        nengard: "stuff interface"?  why not?  Koha is all about managing the library's stuff ;)
17:43 cait            hi jwagner
17:42 jwagner         Hi cait
17:36 cait            hi #koha
17:10 nengard         hehe
17:10 nengard         "stuff interface" ??
17:10 brendan         heh
17:07 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3594 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, two item dropped from the data base or stuff interface
17:07 owen            Wow, Bug 3594 is a real train wreck of a report
16:49 nengard         :)
16:49 brendan         that will help :)
16:49 brendan         nengard++
16:47 nengard_lunch   owen - i keep getting kicked too
16:45 owen            :)
16:44 brendan         maybe that will help
16:44 brendan         owen++
16:44 munin           brendan: *click*
16:44 brendan         @roulette
16:43 owen            What's the deal #koha? Why you keep kicking me?
16:42 jcamins         I found a bug on handling holds, when searched for limits.
16:42 jcamins         *limits
16:42 jcamins         Does anyone know if there has been a bug reported on the staff client's handling of holds (in 3.2-alpha)?
16:40 wizzyrea        hm?
16:40 CGI905          hm
16:39 wizzyrea        hahahahahaha
16:38 * owen          curses and throws away his sick leave request form
16:38 wizzyrea        tee hee
16:37 munin           wizzyrea: Quote #41: "owen: Being an ass doesn't qualify as a medical condition ;)" (added by jwagner at 11:13 AM, October 16, 2009)
16:37 wizzyrea        @quote random
16:30 munin           gmcharlt: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 09:55 PM, June 11, 2009)
16:30 gmcharlt        @quote random
16:06 janewagner      OK, cardnumber wouldn't work for email address then.
16:06 gmcharlt        a borrower attribute is varchar(64)
16:05 gmcharlt        cardnumber is varchar(16)
16:05 janewagner      gmcharlt, that was something I was wondering as well.  I'd much rather use a unique number as cardnumber than mess around with trying to match on email address.  I'llhave to talk to them.
16:05 gmcharlt        janewagner: how much did you miss?
16:03 gmcharlt        jwagner: even if it has no status as an official campus ID, can the registrar include whatever the student record primary key is?
16:03 janewagner      Harrumph
16:03 jcamins         (assuming you can use college-assigned addresses for matching, and a preferred address for contact)
16:01 jcamins         jwagner: The other problem with e-mail addresses is that some colleges assign two e-mail addresses to TAs- one for being a student, one for being a TA (not an issue if there are no TAs, of course).
16:00 jwagner         If I remember correctly, there's a character limit on cardnumber field (10?), but not on a patron attribute.  Is that the case?
15:59 jwagner         gmcharlt, yes, that was one of the problems I saw with that approach -- they have multiple email addresses for each patron.
15:59 gmcharlt        but if the college *does* enforce such a policy, email address qua unique identifier may be good enough
15:58 gmcharlt        jwagner: problem with email addresses is that while the campus may hand out unique email addresses from the campuses' domain, unless they have a policy to the effect that the students *must* use those addresses for official colllege communication, the library is going to be under pressure from the students to use whatever their actual addresses are
15:58 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2318 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, Attempting to view details of a biblio that does not exists results in a 404 error
15:58 owen            See the comments on Bug 2318 for discussion of whether it should be a 404 or a more specific error
15:58 wizzyrea        "that item is no longer in the catalog"
15:58 jwagner         gmcharlt, we thought about hashing the SSN, but I'd really rather not get into allowing SSN data in _any_ form if we can find some alternative.
15:57 gmcharlt        owen: yep, it should be a 404 (or probably better, a friendlier page explainign that no such bib exists)
15:56 gmcharlt        I agree that SSNs should stay out of the database
15:56 gmcharlt        jwagner: maybe you can generate a salted hash of the SSN to use as the match key?
15:52 owen            Or, with XSL enabled: "Can't "next" outside a loop block at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/C4/XSLT.pm line 67."
15:50 owen            "Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/C4/Koha.pm line 1233."
15:49 owen            I'm finding that I'm getting an error message instead
15:49 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2318 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, Attempting to view details of a biblio that does not exists results in a 404 error
15:49 owen            Bug 2318 seems to imply that at one time one would get a 404 error for an invalid biblionumber
15:49 jwagner         Yes.  They would have to do those manually in the library.  They want to do regular patron updates from the registrar, and there is no usable ID number from that system.  (They use SSN which I flatly refuse to import into Koha for privacy/security/identity reasons.)
15:49 wizzyrea        ooh, good call on that one
15:48 gmcharlt        more commonly, colleges tend to use the student's college ID number for that purpose
15:48 gmcharlt        jwagner: does the library plan to issue barcodes later?
15:44 jwagner         I suppose we could also try using email addresses as the card number; not sure that's a good idea either.
15:44 jwagner         Not for this particular site (it's a college), but in general that could be a problem.
15:43 wizzyrea        could you end up with kids having the same email addresses as their parents?
15:43 jwagner         I just don't know if that's a good/workable idea
15:43 jwagner         I was just experimenting, and it looks like you can't use anything but cardnumber from the main patron fields.  But you can create a patron attribute field that's configured as unique, and then use that.
15:42 jwagner         Got a question for anyone who does patron load updates (dschust, anyone else) -- if there is absolutely no unique number associated with the incoming data, has anyone tried loading, say, email addresses into a patron attribute & using that as the patron load match point?
15:40 owen            So how about offering the same kind of options that a 404 or 500 error give you?
15:39 owen            presumably if you've got the debug level set to 0 you want to hide weird errors from your users
15:39 owen            How does that help?
15:39 owen            Why is the debug_level "0" message "<p>production mode - trapped fatal error</p>" ?
15:22 munin           brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 12.7�C (8:21 AM PDT on May 18, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017.2 hPa (Rising).
15:22 brendan         @wunder 93117
15:16 chris_n         sleep well braedon|home
15:12 * braedon|home  calls it a night
15:12 braedon|home    and fried brain
15:11 gmcharlt        tough crowd
15:11 wizzyrea        awww
15:09 braedon|home    sigh
15:09 * braedon|home  retracts his lame and incorrect joke
15:09 kmkale          bye all good night
15:09 braedon|home    actually, two trailing underscores, so isn't mangled.
15:05 braedon|home    o, wait, this is a perl club isn't it :(
15:05 braedon|home    s/exported/imported/
15:05 braedon|home    of course not - that name isn't exported
15:05 brendan         chris_n++
15:05 chris_n         and we're back
15:04 * brendan       doesn't know this __chris__ character
15:04 * brendan       prefers chris_n
15:04 braedon|home    not c tab underscore
15:04 wizzyrea        maybe you should be _chris_n
15:04 braedon|home    just need the underscore plus tab
15:04 brendan         heya __chris__
15:04 braedon|home    actually, that is stil easier
15:04 __chris__       hehe
15:04 braedon|home    hey!
15:01 braedon|home    though would hit the same thing with multiple mibbit accounts
15:01 braedon|home    i have to type an underscore to complete it
15:00 braedon|home    yours is the most annoying for me
15:00 braedon|home    does chris_n not have autocomplete?
15:00 kmkale          :))
14:59 wizzyrea        :D
14:59 kmkale          i think wyzzyrea is a tongue twister too ;)
14:58 wizzyrea        heya kmkale
14:57 wizzyrea        but I wish mibbit had less stupid nicks too
14:57 chris_n         heya kmkale
14:57 kmkale          hi chris_n
14:57 gmcharlt        mib_7wo0o6: http://bugs.koha.org would be a place to detail your problem
14:57 kmkale          hi wizzyrea
14:56 wizzyrea        is that they have the option to type in a name
14:56 wizzyrea        what's funny
14:55 * chris_n       thinks it would be nice if mibbit generated nicks that were more conducive to typing :-P
14:54 wizzyrea        boy, would be nice if his complaints were registered somewhere official so we could fix those problems...
14:54 chris_n         since there is no 'downgradedatabase.pl'... :)
14:53 chris_n         yup
14:53 wizzyrea        it would probably be better to "suffer" through til the official release
14:53 chris_n         mib_7wo0o6: you will probably have problems with your db when downgrading
14:52 wizzyrea        ok
14:52 mib_7wo0o6      I've got to go to a meeting right now, but I'll be back.
14:52 mib_7wo0o6      I think there's also an issue of renewals not working, but we've got an odd collection.
14:52 wizzyrea        ...no time like the present
14:52 mib_7wo0o6      I keep having to go back and fix that, and I've been meaning to let you guys know about it.
14:51 mib_7wo0o6      One thing that keeps coming up is the history of messages that an individual has gotten tends to show the history of messages that every individual has gotten.
14:51 jcamins         Okay. Just figured I'd check, because if it were just MARC records, you could just do a straight export/import.
14:50 mib_7wo0o6      Well...
14:50 wizzyrea        if I can ask what kind of problems are you having with the alpha?
14:50 mib_7wo0o6      At least now I'm not shooting in the dark.
14:50 mib_7wo0o6      We've got lots and lots of data.
14:49 jcamins         mib_7wo0o6: How much data do you have in your Koha installation?
14:48 wizzyrea        won't be too long, I don't think (a few weeks to a couple of months?)
14:48 braedon|home    unless anyone else has any better ideas, i would make a complete backup of everything, and try "upgrading" to the 3.0.06
14:48 mib_7wo0o6      Would I have to wait a long time for a non alpha 3.02 version?
14:47 braedon|home    you should be able to move to 3.0.06 the same way(i think), but of course the upgrade path is designed for moving from older to newer, not the other way around. Some issues may arrise. I am not sure if anyone has tested doing so
14:47 mib_7wo0o6      What would be a good way to move this production box to production code?
14:46 mib_7wo0o6      That sounds promising.
14:45 braedon|home    ok, standard install then
14:45 mib_7wo0o6      I followed the upgrade instructions.
14:45 braedon|home    did you just pull the new version? or did you have to explicitly upgrade the old install with a make once you had it?
14:44 mib_7wo0o6      I think that was obtained via git
14:43 mib_7wo0o6      over the code we had.
14:43 mib_7wo0o6      The last thing -I- did was install koha-3.02.00-alpha
14:43 mib_7wo0o6      I don't.
14:43 braedon|home    do you know if it is a dev install? or standard?
14:42 mib_7wo0o6      The last guy who managed our site moved us to the alpha branch.
14:41 mib_7wo0o6      Well, I want to move to stable code.
14:41 gmcharlt        mib_7wo0o6: koha-3.02.00.alpha2 is an update to the first alpha
14:41 wizzyrea        you mean back off of alpha to 3.0.06?
14:41 braedon|home    wizzyrea: alas, braedon does not currently have a credit or debit plus card to easily do so(nor a proof of current address to get one)
14:41 wizzyrea        3.00.06 is an update to 3.00.05
14:41 mib_7wo0o6      How do I get off alpha?
14:41 wizzyrea        sorry
14:40 mib_7wo0o6      I was hoping for the other answer.
14:40 wizzyrea        nope
14:40 mib_7wo0o6      Is koha-3.00.06 an update to koha-3.02.00.alpha
14:40 wizzyrea        okies
14:39 mib_7wo0o6      I'm confused about version numbers.
14:39 mib_7wo0o6      Hi guys
14:39 wizzyrea        lol if you want to donate that to the cause i'll change it :P
14:38 braedon|home    do not begrudge it a few dimes for the cause
14:38 braedon|home    never fear, the mighty google is fighting as we speak to push back the spreading darkness
14:37 wizzyrea        t
14:37 wizzyrea        oh tha
14:37 braedon|home    (Koha isn't a Internet corporation)
14:36 wizzyrea        ... i thought that was koha :P
14:36 braedon|home    let us not doubt our solitary ray of sun in a forest of evil due to the dimming of a few passing clouds
14:34 braedon|home    we must keep faith!
14:33 * chris_n       wonders if google has come to the end of its rainbow
14:33 wizzyrea        er, 900
14:33 wizzyrea        we're pushing 800 on k-c now
14:33 wizzyrea        but still
14:33 wizzyrea        it's pretty cheap, $100/yr for <1k pages
14:33 jdavidb         wizzyrea++
14:33 wizzyrea        yea, they charge for sitesearch now
14:32 nengard         chris_n wizzyrea said google was charging ... which kind of knocks one of those pluses off
14:32 wizzyrea        good morning
14:32 wizzyrea        ...lol
14:32 jcamins         And, good morning, #koha
14:32 jcamins         Obligatory UserFriendly reference: http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/?id=19991001
14:31 wizzyrea        pbbbt
14:31 * chris_n       gives wizzyrea an 'E' for 'Effort' :)
14:31 wizzyrea        only that the webmaster tools work a little bit better :P
14:30 wizzyrea        hey I didn't say I am like a bing supporter now
14:30 chris_n         google++
14:30 chris_n         bing--
14:28 * wizzyrea      sobs
14:28 * braedon|home  chants "shun, shun"
14:28 wizzyrea        but... but...
14:27 braedon|home    Shun the non believer!
14:27 * wizzyrea      ducks
14:27 braedon|home    blasphemy!
14:27 nengard         hehe
14:27 wizzyrea        the bing webmaster tools work a lot better than google's
14:27 wizzyrea        I hate to say this
14:26 wizzyrea        yep
14:25 nengard         like the HTML ones
14:25 nengard         there are scripts for that
14:25 nengard         nope
14:25 wizzyrea        PDF shouldn't be too hard
14:25 nengard         Maybe one day - when someone has time (ha ha) we can put an open source one on there- but this is better than nothing!!!
14:25 wizzyrea        :D
14:25 nengard         THANK YOU!!
14:21 wizzyrea        yea, I just now put it on
14:21 nengard         so now it's evil google too!!!
14:21 nengard         but it doesn't seem to have all of the pages indexed yet ... i searched for opac and only got 3 results
14:21 wizzyrea        well you have to pay google now
14:20 nengard         even though it's evil M$ - OH BOY!
14:20 nengard         OH BOY OH BOY!!!!!
14:19 wizzyrea        nengard: please see: http://koha-community.org/documentation/
14:17 braedon|home    s/to the/to sleep the/
14:14 braedon|home    not very conducive to the next night however
14:14 braedon|home    yes, it does turn into that sometimes
14:13 brendan         or could be considered early
14:13 braedon|home    damn you internets!
14:13 braedon|home    2:15
14:13 braedon|home    hmm
14:13 brendan         braedon - you up late?
14:13 braedon|home    howdy
14:13 brendan         good morning all :)
13:45 dschust         hmmm - I copied some of the barcodes to a file even though it looks like a LF<return> is there it isn't reading that as it loads.  When I manually put it in then the file loads....  hmmmm interesting.
13:33 dschust         jwagner - I'm afraid there is something in the .pl...  Yes Jane Addams :
13:33 Koha-Noob       hey thanks
13:32 jwagner         dschust, and that's a valid barcode in your system?
13:32 owen            Have you been here Koha-Noob? http://koha-community.org/documentation/
13:32 dschust         30126012569023
13:32 jwagner         dschust, is fh00001bio2.txt your input file? If so, what does line 4 of it look like?
13:31 Koha-Noob       please =)
13:31 Koha-Noob       could you guys help me by recommending me some tutorials?
13:31 Koha-Noob       hey i'm new into this whole Koha thing and i'm totally unexperienced
13:29 dschust         I've been able to upload files in the past so this is a new mystery...
13:28 dschust         I'm on
13:27 dschust         Undefined subroutine &main::AddReturn called at /home/liblime/kohaclone/tools/inventory.pl line 137, <fh00001bio2.txt> line 4.
13:27 dschust         Alter ego of schuster here...  Trying to do inventory with a file and getting an error...  owen you calling me a koha-Noob?  I probably deserve it... ;)
13:27 owen            Hi Koha-Noob
13:25 Koha-Noob       hi =)
13:21 paul_p          chris, sweet dreams
13:19 chris           good night all
13:19 chris           sleep time
13:16 owen            chris: Unfortunately for me the sass has already started at age 6
13:11 * jwagner       repeats chris's "heh"
13:11 munin           gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #75 added.
13:11 gmcharlt        @quote add <jwagner> They do get over it though.  Starting along about my 20s, the older I got the smarter my parents got :-)
13:10 chris           :)
13:10 jwagner         They do get over it though.  Starting along about my 20s, the older I got the smarter my parents got :-)
13:09 jwagner         I was thinking, at least until they become surly teenagers instead....
13:09 chris           then they just tell you you suck for 6 years
13:09 chris           i think they stop around 12
13:08 jwagner         Fortunately, there's an endless supply of cute kid quotes, right?
13:08 chris           heh
13:08 munin           gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #74 added.
13:08 gmcharlt        @quote add <owen> chris: Not to mention the "cute kid quote" AI you've been developing.  that takes a lot of cycles
13:07 gmcharlt        owen++
13:07 owen            that takes a lot of cycles
13:07 owen            chris: Not to mention the "cute kid quote" AI you've been developing
13:07 * jwagner       read that as irc clog....
13:06 chris           but not on my home machine, with the bots, and the irclog search, and 3 kohas etc
13:06 chris           well, pootle is ok on its own server
13:05 gmcharlt        fredericd: will you be running something other than pootle?
13:03 owen            magnus: :)
13:03 munin           kf: Karma for "pootle" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
13:03 kf              @karma pootle
13:03 magnus          owen: i can decline and then suggest they contact you... ;-)
13:03 kf              pootle--
13:03 kf              chris: its slow again, I take the poor pootle back
13:01 magnus          nicely put, chris
13:00 chris           thats what i said
13:00 chris           If the book was instead on something more immutable like the project history, or if it had involved the wider Koha community from the start I might be interested.
13:00 chris           I have talked it over with her and it sounds like the book is written as a manual. We already have a manual available under a free software license, GPLv2 or later, which being digital is able to change at the rapid the software changes. For this reason alone I would have to decline.
13:00 nengard         jwagner they thanked me and said they would improve upon it ... but we'll see
13:00 nengard         it's just my manual in print form ...
13:00 jwagner         I suppose they don't want negative reviews....
12:59 chris           i think its out of date now, and will be more out of date by the time its published
12:59 * owen          grumps about not getting an invitation anyway
12:59 nengard         sorry :(
12:59 nengard         I did volunteer and then said no thank you after I read it
12:59 nengard         Oh!! That book is not good ...
12:59 jwagner         I don't have time right now (or any real inclination)
12:59 nengard         what am I being volunteered for?
12:59 chris           nope
12:58 nengard         huh?
12:58 magnus          anyone planning on volunteering? sounds like nengard would be the perfect candidate...
12:58 chris           magnus: me too
12:56 magnus          me too... :-)
12:56 kf              chris: poor poootle
12:56 jwagner         Gee, and I was feeling all special :-)
12:55 magnus          guess they scraped the mailinglist archives or something then
12:55 paul_p          magnus, I did too (a long time ago)
12:55 jwagner         magnus, I did
12:54 magnus          been away for a week... did anyone else get an invitation from Packt Publishing to be a "Technical Reviewer" for a book called "Koha 3 Library Management"?
12:44 chris           i wont be sorry to say goodbye to pootle :)
12:43 chris           should be fixed now
12:43 kf              chris: im sorry, phone call - thx for your help
12:22 jwagner         Hi Amit
12:22 Amit            heya owen, jwagner
12:19 chris           ill have to have a look in the morning if it hasnt come right by then
12:19 chris           answering ping, just nothing else
12:19 jwagner         an edible club?
12:19 hdl             oh no I can't eat any longer :P (club is also a sandwich in france )
12:19 chris           its probably google
12:19 * jwagner       hands kf's colleague a big club
12:18 kf              cant imagine her to do something like that
12:18 chris           yeah something is beating the machine to death
12:18 kf              but my colleague is changing acq translation and she said its loading for minutes
12:18 kf              not crashed yet
12:18 kf              dont want to keep you awake
12:18 chris           someone crashed pootle eh?
12:17 kf              oh
12:17 chris           for a few more minutes
12:07 kf              chris: around?
11:57 kmkale          right. bye all
11:55 kmkale          thanks hdl. I think Schipol is not closed. I am a bit worried about them as they are quite aged..
11:55 hdl             Click layers/ volcano ashes layer
11:55 jwagner         chris, thanks.  There are several staff pages where people have asked me to hide things, but they aren't set up for jquery to do it.  I might work on them at some point.
11:54 hdl             you can see it there.
11:54 hdl             http://www.radarvirtuel.com/
11:53 chris           just to the template tags
11:53 chris           no changes to the html
11:53 chris           nope
11:53 jwagner         chris, as long as you're online -- I was asking owen yesterday.  The templating changes you're planning for 3.4, will that make any difference to pages that need to get more markeup tags?  Like adding div tags so jquery can hide stuff on the staff side?  owen didn't think so, but I figured I'd ask you too.
11:52 kmkale          hdl: my parents are flying to amsterdam tonight. any news about the ash cloud stuff?
11:52 hdl             yes kmkale
11:51 chris           i wonder if they will televise the nz vs sri lanka game
11:51 kmkale          hdl you are in europe I suppose?
11:51 kmkale          hi hdl
11:51 jwagner         of the Marlins game?  I was too busy watching my other teams get beat "-(
11:51 chris           and the marlins doing cricket skills drills, and vice versa
11:51 nengard         hiya both
11:51 chris           jwagner: i saw the first pitch
11:51 jwagner         Good [time of day] all
11:51 chris           hi jwagner and nengard
11:50 hdl             hi kmkale
11:26 kmkale          hi chris , jdavidb
11:25 chris           hi jdavidb
11:25 kmkale          hi anyone from europe around?
11:25 jdavidb         hello, #koha!
11:05 chris           sweet
11:03 gmcharlt        and you can clone gitmaster@git.koha-community.org:gitolite-admin and push changes to the config when you need to
11:03 gmcharlt        we both have permissions to push to new/*
11:03 gmcharlt        cool
11:02 chris           that worked
11:00 chris           will do
10:59 gmcharlt        chris: try pushing to new/ptfs_patron_features
10:58 chris           not urgent just was another branch i was gonna push up ... and then get colin to look at
10:57 chris           error: hook declined to update refs/heads/newfeatures/ptfs_patron_features
10:57 chris           gmcharlt: W refs/heads/newfeatures/ptfs_patron_features koha chrisc DENIED by fallthru
10:56 chris           hi gmcharlt
10:53 hdl             hi gm
10:53 gmcharlt        good morning
09:53 chris           just tweeted to me  -  http://community.eldis.org/Ayuko/.59c6e759/.59d1f791
09:46 munin           kf: No clue.
09:46 kf              @eightball should i have another piece of chocolate?
09:24 chris           good enough for me
09:24 munin           chris: Maybe...
09:24 chris           @eightball should i have another piece of chocolate?
09:17 munin           kf: You know the answer better than I.
09:17 kf              @eightball sunny weekend?
09:16 kf              so at least we know now: munin does know
09:16 kf              too many other things coming out of the nowhere that need to be done first
09:16 chris           :(
09:15 kf              chris: munin was right - will not finish my xslt project this week :(
09:14 kf              hi chris and magnus
09:12 chris           hi kf
09:12 magnus          hi kf
09:10 kf              hi #koha
08:18 chris           the cant call method field one
08:17 chris           yep there is a patch out there for that
08:12 kmkale          umm.. one more thing. I cant get the above error to go away unless I do a -r in the rebuild_zebra
08:06 kmkale          hdl: thanks.
08:06 kmkale          ok I have just deleted a record and zebra reindexing has not ran yet as its on a 5 min cron; so when I search for it i get "Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at /home/kalibindia/kohaclone/C4/Koha.pm line 1233" should't there be a more graceful way of handling it?
08:06 hdl             kmkale: to both
07:49 kmkale          hdl: is it necessary for authorities to be also using icu to be able to search for devanagari data? if yes how do i get zebra to use icu for authorities too? or are the changes to default.idx for icu.xml applicable to both biblios and authorities databases?
07:38 kmkale          hdl:thanks
07:38 kmkale          hdl: guess i will need to keep diacritics for devanagari?
07:36 hdl             And the NFD NFC Nonspacing marks is to remove any diacritics.
07:36 kmkale          hdl: oh ok. and transliterate?
07:35 hdl             kmkale: it suppress the - in the numbers.
07:35 hdl             kmkale: It is a special process for ISBN normalization.
07:33 Ropuch^_        chris: fast forward ;-)
07:33 kmkale          hdl: whenever you have some free moments please have a look at the above paste
07:32 pastebot        "kmkale" at pasted "icu.xml" (21 lines) at http://paste.workbuffer.org/9
07:30 chris           hiyea Ropuch^_ hows things going?
07:30 Ropuch^_        Hi chris
07:28 chris           heya richard
07:26 kmkale          hdl: can you please tell me whats going on with this transliterate element from the icu.xml?
07:25 pastebot        "kmkale" at pasted "hdl: icu.xml Unknown element transliterate" (6 lines) at http://paste.workbuffer.org/8
07:24 richard         hey chris
07:21 chris           :) cya later
07:21 robin           I think this import process may take a little while. Time to go home I think :) cya later
07:21 robin           ah right
07:20 chris           to create a dublin core file
07:20 robin           dc?
07:20 chris           marc2dc
07:20 chris           you can do stuff like
07:20 chris           the nice thing is
07:19 robin           yeah
07:19 chris           --format=xml --format=iso2709 (which is usmarc)
07:18 robin           yeah, I'll add that some stage soon.
07:18 robin           $record->as_usmarc :)
07:18 chris           having a switch might be nice
07:18 chris           or you can do that
07:18 chris           xml2marc
07:16 robin           ahh right. I just made my app output us_marc files.
07:16 miguel          good morning
07:16 chris           you need to use the commandline script
07:15 robin           chris: so, it seems koha won't import marc XML
07:12 chris           evening
07:00 Ropuch^_        3.00.06 with all translations and english only
07:00 Ropuch^_        There's two gz's
06:59 Ropuch^_        mib_cxlj4t: http://download.koha-community.org/
06:57 kmkale          nope
06:53 Amit            kmkale: Any new news
06:53 kmkale          hi amit
06:53 Amit            heya kmkale
06:51 mib_cxlj4t      how can I install koha-3.06. I have installed koha3.05 but koha3.06 is not available like 3.05. it is in signature
06:47 kmkale          good morning all
06:43 Ropuch^_        Morning #koha
06:04 robin           cya :)
06:03 wajasu          enough for today. gnite.
06:03 wajasu          but even if we created 10000 words, we could get alot of business running through it world wide.
06:01 wajasu          its hard work. i'm not up to it.
06:01 wajasu          we don't need that many words  (i.e  item=1, product=2, order3, and on) and we need a torrent for the vocabulary. then watch the fireworks.
06:01 robin           More semantics is always a good thing, I don't want to be the one to design it though ;)
05:59 wajasu          just like unicode has 65000 codes/numbers that represent concepts of letters.  i think if we do the same for words pertaining to the vocabulary of business, then different languages could bind to the numbers and interoperate semantically.
05:57 wajasu          once i started reading about the authority record stuff and lcsh, i knew there is a power struggle over managing concepts, words, etc.
05:53 robin           Yeah, I think that is already happening, books provide the topical centralisation though.
05:52 wajasu          i which i had your script. so make it happen.
05:50 wajasu          i think the information in books today will b over run by the digital content produced by the upcoming genration(s). that is if we edumacated them enough.
05:49 robin           There is already something out there along those lines, aimed at p2p sharing of bibliographies for academic writing. Can't think of the name.
05:48 wajasu          instead of napster, its bibster.
05:48 wajasu          flasg based bib editor, hiding the implementatio.
05:47 wajasu          exactly.
05:47 wajasu          and what should the semantic vocabulary be.
05:47 robin           make it a wiki! they solve everything ;)
05:47 wajasu          but then the problem of who should be the ones to add /edit biblios?
05:47 robin           that would be pretty cool
05:47 wajasu          i feel i should put a distributed database (graph like api) with couchodb or the like, on a cloud, or in tahoe distributed file system, so no one owns the biblios.
05:46 mib_cxlj4t      how can I install koha-3.06. I have installed koha3.05 but koha3.06 is not available like 3.05. it is in signature
05:46 robin           Well, also things from the era of fixed-length records, too.
05:45 wajasu          everything that industry is doing is being done by computer science guys with no library background.  createing metadata repos for callable services.
05:45 robin           haha I know exactly where you're coming from :)
05:44 wajasu          i learned way too much about marc.  and cried one evening for the library community.
05:44 wajasu          i really like the fact i could do sql queries like "select callnumber, author, title from x where MARCSTRING(marcbinaryblob) like '%Joe%' for record that made koha choke. and update a colum to marc as skippable to be fixed later.
05:41 robin           not a bad idea, although I'm pretty much done with it (I hope :)
05:40 robin           If not for the lack of time I had, I wouldn't have minded making this a GUI app.
05:40 wajasu          i should give you my java source so you can read all the stuff i went through for your script.
05:40 robin           it'd be nice to have an open source one.
05:39 robin           This is hopefully going to be a scriptable alternative to marcedit, at least for the purposes of going from CSV to mark.
05:39 wajasu          i was going to write a javaFX gui to be a marc editor.  or and ajax marc editor.
05:39 robin           haha :)
05:38 wajasu          i realized i had written marcedit and koha. with no gui.  Eclipse ide...
05:38 wajasu          the records i didn't find in z3950 servers, i built my own records.  i also generated barcode numbers with the format in koha.
05:37 robin           And what I'm about to test.
05:37 robin           yeah, that's what this can do.
05:37 robin           It was quite close to someone using a spreadsheet as a database as a catalogue.
05:37 wajasu          then i wrote an exportto marc using marc4j and added 1 945 item for each book. then staged those 16000 records and imported into koha.
05:36 robin           cool. The CSV file I'm working with has very inconsistent data, which make it interesting.
05:35 wajasu          then i wrote a routine that went out and harvested marc records from z3950 servers. and store in db.
05:35 robin           that's nifty.
05:35 wajasu          then i added a java db function that called the yaz marc record to string, i could select records based on that text version of a marc record.
05:34 wajasu          when i did my db migration, i exported to CSV.  then wrote a java program to import it into a java based database(h2), then i could do sql queries through the web based sql console.
05:31 wajasu          pretty
05:31 robin           http://paste.ubuntu.com/435331/ <-- so far, this is what my CSV-to-MARC conversion script is capable of. It's becoming quite a monster.
05:02 wajasu          thx
05:02 wajasu          chris: that works. I'll leave it there ISBD by default.
04:59 wajasu          so add the 245c in the ISBD
04:59 * chris         has to catch his bus
04:59 chris           set the default view to isbd
04:59 chris           then in the opac prefs
04:58 chris           then edit the ISBD
04:58 chris           /cgi-bin/koha/admin/preferences.pl?tab=cataloguing
04:58 chris           in staff go to
04:58 wajasu          hmm.
04:58 chris           but that whole ISBD view is editable in the system preferences
04:57 chris           it already does :)
04:57 chris           http://library.redeemerseminary.org/cgi-bin/koha/opac-ISBDdetail.pl?biblionumber=4
04:57 chris           you can totally do that in the sysprefs
04:57 chris           ohh thats isbd
04:56 wajasu          my librarian want things to look like: http://library.dts.edu/uhtbin/cgisirsi/pnnuVbskVj/SIRSI/154000005/9  (choose the catalog record tab)
04:55 chris           ah well, was worth a shot
04:54 wajasu          chris: the normal mode author idea had no effect.
04:46 chris           hi cait
04:46 cait            morning koha
04:36 Amit            heya genji
04:35 genji           omg.. blame is amazing. just what i needed.
04:31 wajasu          i tried the xslt mod. got the 245 3 times. a bit more time needed.  will try the subtitle way w/o xslt
04:31 chris           and my brain started to hurt
04:30 chris           i was trying to think how to do it with subselects
04:30 brendan         thanks chris
04:30 brendan         yeah that's what I thought - was checking first
04:27 chris           you might have to do script that
04:24 brendan         and place that non-null itemcallnumber into the rest of the callnumers
04:22 brendan         I'm looking for a mysql statement that would go through and copy the first non-null itemcallnumber per biblionumber
04:21 brendan         a few different records in my database that mulitple copies - only one item has a itemcallnumber
04:21 brendan         ok I've got a mysql question
04:19 chris           i have no idea if it will work, but its worth a shot
04:19 chris           swithc off xslt, set up that mapping like you have done for subtitle
04:19 chris           that might be worth trying
04:18 chris           is that you would be able to do author=245c
04:18 chris           like setting subtitle = 245b
04:18 chris           the idea with the keyword thing
04:18 chris           and let others make local mods :)
04:18 chris           the best you can do is follow the standards, and then you can at least say you did that
04:17 wajasu          can't please all the cataloguers all the time.
04:17 wajasu          i'm sure you guys get in catch-22 situations.
04:17 wajasu          245c is "Statement of Responsibility"
04:15 chris           it would have ot be a local mod
04:15 chris           *nod* you can make it show, but for it to show before the 700's
04:15 wajasu          i'll try a quick mod. i hope.
04:15 chris           (general search will, it searches pretty much everything)
04:15 wajasu          my librarian want 245c showing because he says there is lots of other info in that field, and he cites other theological libraries.
04:15 chris           in terms of searching too, if you do an author search, it won't be searching 245c
04:14 brendan         heya amit
04:14 wajasu          ok.
04:14 Amit            heya chris, brendan
04:14 chris           so it would have to be a local mod to the xslt file
04:14 chris           but its not a mod we could do to koha, because cataloguers would go mental
04:13 chris           nope, you could add that, 100a, then 245c
04:13 wajasu          but no 245c
04:13 chris           *nod*
04:13 wajasu          i see.  since no 100a, then we go to 700s
04:10 chris           right, instead of using the 100a field, where most ppl put author?
04:09 wajasu          my librarian wants 245c, which has "_cRobert Maynard Hutchins, editor in chief." showing in normal.
04:08 chris           thats an author field
04:08 chris           but yes 700 should never ever be in title
04:08 chris           lemme check the code that was in alpha
04:06 wajasu          ok.  so you think it should match. right?
04:06 chris           if thta doesnt match, you might want to try upgrading to alpha2
04:06 chris           thats what is in git currently
04:06 chris           <xsl:with-param name="codes">abhfgknps</xsl:with-param>
04:06 chris           <xsl:with-param name="basetags">245</xsl:with-param>
04:06 chris           <xsl:call-template name="m880Select">
04:06 chris           <h1 class="title">
04:05 chris           <xsl:with-param name="basetags">100,110,111,700,710,711</xsl:with-param>
04:05 chris           <xsl:call-template name="m880Select">
04:05 chris           <h5 class="author">
04:05 chris           700, 710 etc are author fields
04:05 chris           thats author
04:05 wajasu          the url i gave for great books... you can see in the ISBD view the 245 fields.  But not in Normal.
04:04 wajasu          i looked at MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl and it looks like it pulls from 700s  (alpha1 tar from a month ago)
04:03 wajasu          i see.
04:02 chris           stock standard koha ... (master branch) no changes ... and its showing 245 ... i knw .. because this record has no 700's
04:02 chris           with xslt turned on
04:02 chris           http://opac.koha.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=325
04:02 chris           heres one here
04:02 chris           wajasu: must be, thats one in the US
04:01 wajasu          chris ur url is taking forever "transferring data". maybe its me?
04:00 genji           hmm..
04:00 robin           e.g. 00000000 (Not Committed Yet 2010-05-18 16:02:48 +1200 25) if (!@ARGV) {
04:00 genji           what does a uncommited change look like?
04:00 robin           larsw: yeah
04:00 larsw           does git blame report uncommitted changes?
03:59 genji           when people don't commit, causing a hassle.
03:59 chris           well yeah but thats just a git diff
03:59 robin           if you have uncommitted changes
03:59 robin           chris: it does
03:59 chris           umm that doesnt happen
03:59 chris           lines that no commit created??
03:58 genji           ?
03:58 genji           how do i do the opposite? find lines that have no blame/
03:58 genji           git blame identifies lines, and the commit that created them.
03:57 chris           what?
03:57 genji           ?
03:57 genji           how do i git blame for lines without blame/
03:56 chris           cos that is 245
03:56 chris           http://search.myacpl.org/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=174786
03:56 wajasu          yes
03:55 wajasu          quick check. hold on.
03:55 chris           is that with xslt on?
03:54 wajasu          chris: this http://library.redeemerseminary.org/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=4   pulls from the 700,710 fields.  No 245 fields are in the normal view.  The MARC and ISBD views show 245 fields though.
03:00 chris           *nod*
03:00 reed            so, always good to review
03:00 chris           as long as you have your changes committed, but the more changes you make the more likely you are to have conflicts
03:00 reed            but sometimes it will shoot you in the hed
03:00 reed            you can often merge safely / correctly w/git
02:59 chris           git will upgrade anything
02:59 genji           git can upgrade files which are lightly modified, correct?
02:52 chris           they are all controlled by either the css, or sysprefs
02:52 chris           there are few images that are sysprefs, you can change them with no change to the templates, in fact there are no images that are harcoded into the templates
02:52 genji           "templates should only be customized by ccs or jquery"  so.. no new / different text.... and what about images?
02:49 chris           yep
02:48 genji           in other words, manually bring the changes that are  necessary, into the custom templates eh?
02:46 chris           but if you must modify them, you will have to maintain a local git branch and track changes
02:46 chris           and templates should only be customised via css or jquery to keep an upgrade path
02:46 chris           po files are used to generate new templates, based on the english ones
02:44 genji           and how do i ensure that custom templates are git-upgradable?
02:44 genji           how does templates, html files and po translations, work in koha?
02:44 genji           hiya..
02:43 chris           hi brendan, genji and Joann
02:28 brendan         evening
01:36 bgkriegel       yes
01:36 chris           good luck, its hard work reading Makefile.PL
01:36 chris           its probably just not passing them (rather than forgetting)
01:35 chris           :)
01:35 bgkriegel       ok :), I look on it. It's too late here
01:35 chris           then it needs to be fixed so it doesnt forget them
01:35 bgkriegel       but Makefile.PL asks you about them, then choose to forget... only those values.
01:33 chris           and remember them, and pass them to rewrite-config.pl
01:33 chris           or make makefile.pl ask for them
01:33 chris           yep
01:33 bgkriegel       sorry, env variables?
01:33 bgkriegel       they must be defined as snv variables?
01:32 bgkriegel       I understand, but Makefile.PL ask other things like DB_NAME, if I choose a value different than the default, it catch it, but not the username
01:30 chris           it uses koha:koha
01:30 chris           two
01:30 chris           if you dont pass those to
01:30 chris           yeah but when you call rewrite-config.PL you have to pass it variables either in the ENV or on the command line
01:28 bgkriegel       there is no KOHA_USER and KOHA_GROUP on Makefile, on Makefile.PL it seems to read those like the other variables
01:15 chris           so probably the makefile generated by Makefile.PL
01:14 chris           is not passing it KOHA_USER and KOHA_GROUP
01:13 chris           it will be the thing calling it
01:13 chris           it wont be it
01:12 bgkriegel       good. I look on it and try a fix. Thank you
01:12 chris           rewrite-config.PL
01:10 bgkriegel       I have a question: which is the script that updates the info in koha-zebra-ctl.sh in the install process? because it updates every variable except USER and GROUP. If you choose a user different from "koha" then you need to edit that file by hand
00:58 nelsonlib       If I leave the two date fields blank, and enter "symbol" (as in the lost symbol by dan brown, which is in the catalogue) in the title field, then I am returned back to that very same page
00:57 nelsonlib       Hmm
00:57 bgkriegel       that wilcard search give no results to me
00:56 nelsonlib       I actually returned to the search pop-up when I search for anything but '%'
00:53 bgkriegel       only try with a particular subject
00:53 bgkriegel       not all the results, in fact
00:53 nelsonlib       What do you type in in order to get all of the results?
00:51 bgkriegel       I do a select all from the results
00:50 bgkriegel       sorry, I was trying, I obtain a pdf with many pages
00:46 nelsonlib       Unless I am searching for the records incorrectly, whch could very well be the case
00:45 nelsonlib       When I do a wildcard '%' search on 'Title' for the Label creator - I get enough rows for all of my items, but the data for only the first 22 are listed
00:44 nelsonlib       However - I do have one last question
00:44 nelsonlib       Thanks to you, bgkriegel! :)
00:44 nelsonlib       Actually, is not necessary - I fixed it
00:42 bgkriegel       no problem, write to me (bgkriegel@gmail.com), I need to found it, I wrote it a year and a half ago
00:41 nelsonlib       Would be interested in sharing the script?
00:40 bgkriegel       for the labels, I use a script to generate a LaTeX file, then a PDF
00:39 bgkriegel       thats from the README
00:39 bgkriegel       you download the module and try passing arguments to perl Makefile.pl http://pastebin.com/QLwP7Skw
00:39 nelsonlib       Ok, then I guess another question is posed.... does anyone know of a good way to generate the labels for all of the records in the Koha database?
00:36 nelsonlib       Unless I can supply configure arguments to cpan
00:36 nelsonlib       Nope didn't work
00:32 nelsonlib       I am trying it now
00:32 bgkriegel       don't know if you could install a new version of libxslt, from centos 5.5 o 5.4
00:30 nelsonlib       libxslt*
00:30 nelsonlib       And XML::LibXSLT will not compile because yum gave me an out-of-date lbixslt
00:30 nelsonlib       I tried, XML::LibXML is up to date
00:29 bgkriegel       perhaps you could try to updates those modules from CPAN
00:27 nelsonlib       This version of XML::LibXSLT requires XML::LibXML 1.59 (ABI 1), which is incompatible with currently installed XML::LibXML 1.70 (ABI 2). Please upgrade XML::LibXSLT, XML::LibXML, or both! at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/CGI/Carp.pm line 314.
00:27 bgkriegel       oops, what error
00:26 nelsonlib       Unfortunately, I am now running into an error regarding the XML module but I think I can fix that
00:26 bgkriegel       cool
00:26 nelsonlib       Ok, thank you bgkriegel, the sax_printer script passes now
00:25 bgkriegel       nelsonlib, http://pastebin.com/2Q1wMKFT
00:24 nelsonlib       In fact, the only thing that has changed is an update of the packages on the server today
00:24 nelsonlib       Thank you
00:24 bgkriegel       I try
00:24 munin           nelsonlib: Error: "bgkriegel" is not a valid command.
00:24 nelsonlib       @bgkriegel - could you pastebin me your ParserDetails.ini?
00:23 nelsonlib       This feature (specifically, searching for titles to add to a label batch) has worked for weeks and now, all of a sudden it does not work
00:23 bgkriegel       nelsonb, I only left the first one, and comment the second
00:23 nelsonlib       larsw - this is not a common issue
00:21 chris           wajasu: oh, so he doenst want 245abc showing he wants the 700's showing? sorry i misunderstood i thought you said he wanted 245abc
00:21 larsw           brb
00:21 larsw           actually, I don't know how CentOS handles that, I use Debian and it might do things differently
00:21 nelsonlib       Except the vendor_perl one has got the PurePerl lines commented out at the bottom
00:20 nelsonlib       [XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser] http://xml.org/sax/features/namespaces = 1  [XML::LibXML::SAX] http://xml.org/sax/features/namespaces = 1
00:20 nelsonlib       I am finding copies only in vendor_perl and site_perl - both of which are correct and look like:
00:20 wajasu          i saw "by Cobb, John B." on the normal results display.  then looking closer, I saw that the info he wanted was in the 700 710 730 fields.
00:19 larsw           that would find all copies
00:19 nelsonlib       I am running CentOS 5.3
00:19 larsw           find /etc -name ParserDetails.ini
00:19 larsw           nelsonlib, are you running Debian or some other operating system? do you have more copies of ParserDetails.ini? e.g., somewhere under /etc?
00:18 nelsonlib       I have gotten rid of any reference to the PurePerl module in both the site_perl and vendor_perl ParserDetails.ini file - but the setting checker still says it looks bad
00:18 larsw           nelsonlib, what kind of trouble?
00:17 nelsonlib       Hey guys, I am having some troubles with the SAX parser in my koha install
00:16 chris           cool
00:16 wajasu          yeah, ur right. the XSLT was all that was needed.
00:16 chris           what im wondering about is where it got these 700 things from
00:13 wajasu          maybe he didn't need the subtitle thing, but once he added the XSLT.  I'll remove and check.
00:13 chris           with no edits
00:13 chris           it does for me
00:13 chris           yeah but the xslt should be showing 245abc
00:10 wajasu          i also found out that the 245b didn't show until he: 1) went to keywords to MARC mappings and added fields subtitle, 245b and 2) switch to XSLTDetailDisplay from normal.
00:07 wajasu          once he goes down that road it might be hard to upgrade koha. right?
00:06 wajasu          now he wants me to find the XSLT or templates and start changing things to make all that other stuff show.
00:06 wajasu          what he is doing is going to other proprietary libraries, pulling up the equivalent record, and comparing.  so he is upset that a lot of info is missing.
00:05 chris           (at least for MARC21)
00:05 chris           koha out of the box uses 245  for title
00:05 chris           700 etc
00:05 chris           yeah thats totally non standard
00:04 wajasu          thre is a tone of info in the 245 that the acaemics want
00:04 wajasu          it seems that the title was shown from 700, 710, 730, and he wanted 245abc
00:04 chris           what was the issue?
00:04 wajasu          ok. i found out why by librarian was upset about the detail record.