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00:06 wizzyrea_laptop   for 3.0.6
00:06 wizzyrea_laptop   ?
00:21 wizzyrea_laptop   nengard do you need help reassigning bugs
00:21 wizzyrea_laptop   ?
01:43 * chris_n         peeks in
01:46 * wizzyrea_laptop perks up
01:57 chris_n           wizzyrea_laptop: yup... 3.0.6
01:57 chris_n           hdl was trying his best to get it out this evening
01:57 chris_n           but I think sleep overtook him :)
02:18 wizzyrea_laptop   well that seems logical it's effin late there.
03:05 SJeffery          Evenin folks
03:32 wizzyrea_laptop   hi there
04:24 wajasu            ok. so i had used marc4j to read my non marc cp1252 CSV export file from ancient library pc app.  I though I set UTF8 conversion at al points, and used an AnseltoUnicode converter , but...
04:26 wajasu            I see <U+00fc> in various records in the DB.  So I messed up.  Its imported into koha.  No I need to export and fix.  I guess I'll export all the biblios.  write a program to read teh marc recs, and convert properly back to marc utf8. then import into koha again.
04:32 kmkale            Good morning all
05:05 kmkale            10:00:00 UTC is good time for us. The last few meetings were at half past mid night in India
05:07 wajasu            if i export biblios as koha.xml, and fix fields.  Then when I import them again, does koha fix the leaders accordingly?
05:21 kmkale            is there any way to disable staff patron from logging in to a different branch than his/her assigned one?
07:25 chris             evening
07:55 cait              hi #koha
07:56 chris             hiya cait
08:12 cait              hi chris
09:55 mle               allo  :)
09:56 mle               @eightball one or two sugars
09:56 munin             mle: Maybe...
09:56 mle               @eightball one or two sugars
09:56 munin             mle: No clue.
09:58 chris             hi mle
10:04 mle               hey chris was just checking your comment on nicole's blog.
10:06 chris             ah, yeah i felt i need to do a little defense as she was coming under a bit of an attack
10:07 chris             play the ball, not the man and all that
10:07 mle               clarity is a keyword that has been popping up in a couple of my projects
10:09 chris             what projects do you work on? and i see you are in the UK .. do you know slef?
10:12 cait              @eightball javaserver pages homework?
10:12 munin             cait: The outlook is hazy, please ask again later.
10:12 chris             heh
10:14 cait              later suits me well
10:14 cait              @eightball late breakfast?
10:14 munin             cait: The outlook is good.
10:14 cait              :)
10:16 mle               http://loldebian.wordpress.com/2008/03/10/not-yours/
10:35 chris             heh
10:51 mle               yes i know slef. he is a great guy. i like the cooperative way of doing business. i note a few tllp ppl in here. : )
10:52 chris             yep davi is another one
10:53 mle               projecs- mostly focused on incoming baby at the moment. SO i have had to rationalise what else i work on. : )  but i also host stuff.  My main thing is Moodle, teaching and advocating FOSS.
10:54 chris             ahh cool
10:54 chris             catalyst (who i work for) do a lot of moodle stuff
10:55 mle               soon i will look into moodle koha integration.
10:55 chris             we have single sign on going
10:55 chris             using saml
10:55 mle               saml
10:55 mle               ok
10:55 mle               ty
10:55 mle               that is the next project
10:55 mle               does that help you get federated access to journals?
10:56 chris             it could potentially yes
10:56 mle               sweet
10:56 davi              yes, I am.   I had a hardware computer crash, and was off line some days
10:56 chris             have you heard of mahara?
10:56 mle               i have
10:57 mle               i was a bit stumped by the moodle partners thing.
10:57 chris             yeah their project organisation is a bit different to koha
10:57 mle               i have been foss advocate for years and used moodle for years. but i fidn that i cannot advertise my services since i am not moodle partner.
10:58 mle               ho hum
10:58 mle               i guess their model is one way to keep the project from being taken over by large corps.
10:58 davi              Typo3 also ask you _to pay_ to be listed as service provider in the typo3 site
10:58 mle               but i was suprised that moodel partnership is not based upon meritocracy rather than percieved market capacity.  : <
10:59 davi              It is a way to keep it under _your control_, and a way to get money too (for you, of course)
10:59 mle               ahh yes the benefits of a beneficial dicator.  :)
10:59 davi              You are the one who do most of the work, you know
11:00 davi              It would be a way to finance the future "Koha democratic Association"
11:00 mle               yes and sometimes design by committee doesnt work so well. imho
11:01 mle               as long as there is clarity
11:01 mle               thats what i say
11:01 davi              Anyway, I am not sure if that is a good idea, (the pay per be listed one), However, even the FSF use it in its job listing. So it sure is ethic ;-)
11:02 mle               for those that have not seen it, I think that this video has a great deal to offer. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4216011961522818645#
11:02 davi              Let me look
11:02 mle               "How to protect your Open source project from pOisonous peopel"
11:02 * mle             apologies for sloppy typing
11:03 davi              How old are you, and what IT do you have?
11:03 mle               davi i think that the video appliees to software.coop btw . : )
11:03 mle               i has an old ibm thinkpad
11:04 davi              ack
11:06 gmcharlt          good morning
11:06 davi              mle, Google is a Free Software parasite in some way
11:07 chris             morning gmcharlt
11:07 davi              mle, and by being a parasite Google success
11:10 mle               davi sorry it was a google video. i do not condone google. but i do like the content.
11:13 davi              sure, content is good
11:13 mle               :)
11:13 davi              I just was exposing a comment, a personal opinion about Google.
11:15 davi              The use of 'Affero GPL v3" would have avoid such Google parasite behaviour
11:15 davi              s/avoid/avoided/
11:15 mle               i respect your opinion. I ws impressed at how quickly scroogle came back after google changd their api which broke scroogle last week.
11:16 davi              when there is demand, there is solution
11:17 mle               thus its about raising the demand for Freedom.  :)
11:19 davi              in the way we will get lots of parasites
11:19 chris             davi: can you convince slef on the benefits of apgl3 ? ;)
11:19 davi              What we must do is not allow such parasites get  too much big, because else
11:20 davi              it will be very hard to get rig of them
11:20 davi              They will only allow us be alive, as much as to keep they getting healthy
11:20 mle               but then we come up against lazyness (ease of use) and ubiquity (everyone else does it)
11:21 mle               but yes, i agree
11:21 davi              chilts, I will vote in favour of AGPLv3, but I can not convince him as they is inside a hole of irrationality about this subject
11:21 davi              chris ^
11:22 mle               davi: this is exactly why I like the coop methodolgy.
11:22 davi              mle, cooperative is not the panacea, but it is for sure the way to good. Free Software philosophy and movement is not enough alone
11:23 mle               we live in interesting times. :)
11:23 chris             ah well a vote is good enough ;)
11:24 mle               re AGPLv3 is it irrationality or perfectionism. ?
11:24 davi              I think it will be an easy win for the AGPLv3+ switch, after 3.2
11:24 davi              mle, Do you know slef rationales about AGPLv3?
11:24 mle               will google help me?
11:25 mle               i.e. no i dont yet know.
11:25 davi              no for a complete view, as it is spread on several lists
11:25 mle               i owuld be interested i respect slef
11:26 davi              Rationale thinking require analysis and previous predisposition to accept other points of view if they are the right ones
11:27 davi              Unfortunately I have discovered my old mother is not able to change position any more ;-)
11:27 davi              That is biology
11:28 davi              It is a lot harder change a old mind because almost all neurological connection are "hard connected and defined"
11:28 mle               for sure
11:28 mle               s/work/play/  :)
11:28 mle               keep mind young
11:28 mle               play++
11:28 davi              Also the ability to learn new things is reduced, and that only make it harder to accept new rationales, which are just rejected
11:28 gmcharlt          davi: not all older people are like that of course :)
11:28 davi              no, of course
11:29 * gmcharlt        remembers newspaper article from yesterday about somebody is about to get her masters degree at the age of 98 or 99
11:29 Ropuch^_          Morning #koha
11:29 * grumpy_old_man  rants about the old days
11:29 chris             hi Ropuch^_
11:29 chris             hows poland today?
11:29 davi              Education while you were young is a factor which helps, because it help to define an open mind for the rest of life
11:29 davi              helpS
11:30 mle               davi: good point
11:30 davi              Education is *key*
11:30 davi              I have to go, later
11:30 chris             cya later
11:30 * mle             notes that a great way to educate is via play  :)
11:30 mle               ttfn davi
11:33 jbglaw            To introduce myself a bit, I'm playing with Koha these days.
11:34 jbglaw            My girlfriend an I, we both have quite a collection of books and magazines, both of which are lend to other people quite a lot.
11:34 chris             ahh cool
11:35 jbglaw            So I installed Koha twice right now, with different amount of initial data during the very first steps with the web frontend.
11:35 chris             different amounts of the sample data?
11:37 jbglaw            chris: In the very first steps done with the web browser after the shell'ish part of the installation, you get a list of (I guess) SQL sets that can be loaded to initialize common data structures, like currencies, item types, patron types etc.
11:37 chris             yep
11:38 chris             (sample data)
11:38 jbglaw            Some are mentioned to be mandatory, others are optional. However, to have a really working system, you either need to install the optional examples, or configure really matching entities on your own.
11:38 chris             yep
11:39 jbglaw            However, Koha's Perl sources *depend* on a lot of readily done configuration right now. (If you omit the sample data and don't do the needed configury by yourself, you'll get at least a hugh amount of "Use of uninitialized value" in the logs.)
11:40 jbglaw            Of course, a lot of actions (eg. ordering books, which needs budget and funds) won't work (partially eg. because of missing biblio stuff.)
11:40 chris             yep, you have to work through the checklist in the manual
11:41 jbglaw            To draw a lie, I'm asking myself if it would be helpful to actually *check* that needed stuff is already in the database.
11:42 jbglaw            Eg. while trying to order a book, check that there's at least one fund/budget available; check for biblio matching (I haven't yet understood that interfacing part with MARC, though. Remember, I'm just a book owner, not a librarian :-D)
11:43 jbglaw            However, with loaded sample data, Koha seems to mostly simply "work" in an intuitive way.
11:44 chris             it certainly wouldn't hurt
11:44 chris             nicer error messages ftw
11:44 chris             any patches aimed at doing that i would love to see :)
11:45 jbglaw            Even without knowing a lot of the field's names (of course things like Author, Title, ISBN etc. tell me something, but especially the MARC and Z39.50 are out of my horizon right now...)
11:45 jbglaw            Probably that's not even hard to do.
11:45 chris             if you never have to learn about MARC .. you can consider yourself blessed :-)
11:45 jbglaw            Though I'm usually hacking in C and shell.
11:45 jbglaw            *g*
11:47 jbglaw            Media can be checked out and in. Simple case, but what are "holds"?
11:47 chris             you may have heard them called reserves
11:48 chris             placing a reservation on an item (or group of items)
11:48 chris             is called placing a hold in the US at least
11:48 chris             here in nz we use reserve
11:49 chris             so say im at home, and i want a copy of the hobbit, i can reserve it, so its there waiting when i go into the library to pick it up
11:50 jbglaw            Ah.
11:50 jbglaw            Thanks!
12:12 cait              have a nice weekend all !
12:48 chris             night all
12:48 gmcharlt          good night
12:58 chris_n           sleep well chris
16:32 zico              hi
16:33 zico              i am facing problem regarding printing label in Bangla ( unicode ) from koha - 3.0.5
16:33 zico              as some of you suggested me to use 3rd party lable printing tool for Unicode character
16:33 zico              but, i tried to do so & i failed
16:33 zico              the reasons are
16:33 zico              1. our library officer who is using Windows machine...
16:34 zico              2. some of you suggested me kbarcodeprinter
16:34 zico              but...though he is using windows machine it has become impossible to do something there
16:34 zico              is there any other way to print Bangla ( Bangladesh ) character barcode?
16:35 zico              i need it badly, because, we have more than 12,000 books in Bangla
16:42 zico              is there anyone who can help me to bring any suggestions regarding this unicode barcode printing issue?
16:42 zico              professors of my university is really giving a bad look at me all the time :D
16:43 zico              and, now they are questioning, "What is the purpose of using open source software if it has sooo many problems"???? :(
17:11 * chris_n         suggests that perhaps zico could work on code to fix the problems and contribute that back to the project
17:12 zico              :)
17:12 zico              chris_n: i am thinking of that
17:13 zico              chris_n: but, my question is, how people other than english language working on with their native character label printing?
17:13 chris_n           probably most are using an open source os and kbarcode, I imagine
17:21 zico              :( :(
18:30 zico              chris_n: by the way
18:30 zico              another issue... say... somehow i managed to use kbarcode there in windows machine
18:31 zico              but... the point is..how can i import barcode data from koha to kbarcode? is it possible?
22:36 brendan           afternoon #koha
23:52 chilts            chris_n: am enjoying your email exchanges with Sean McIntyre, you write very well and with great enthusiasm ... and so does Sean