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00:08 chris         hmm am i dreaming
00:08 chris         or did we used to use Business::ISBN ?
00:09 * brendan     seems to remember that being in there
00:11 chris         hmm no sign of it, maybe its only in the 3.0.x branch
00:12 robin         Yeah, I can't find any ISBN module.
00:12 chris         i'm sure we did something with Business::ISBN
00:13 robin         I've found code that checks ISBN for length and formatting, but nothing that does checksums.
00:13 * chris       greps mail
00:13 robin         Oh well, I'll use Test::ISBN for this script, it does exactly what I need.
00:14 chris         ah i see a patch from gmcharlt with it
00:14 robin         (and builds on Business::ISBN)
00:14 chris         maybe he never pushed his patch :-)
00:14 robin         oh, actually, I can do this in Business:: anyway, so that'll be better.
00:14 chris         yeah use that and ill follow up with gmcharlt about the dependency
00:15 chris         its in debian already so thats good
00:15 robin         oh, cool
00:15 robin         Adding a smart ISBN/ISSN checker/seperator for this import thing to help handle noisy data.
00:16 chris         *nod*
00:22 nengard       done with a ton of wiki edits - now it's time to relax - it is sunday after all
00:30 gmcharlt      yep, let's go with Business::ISBN
01:09 chris_n       howdy brendan
01:09 brendan       heya chris_n how the day go?
01:09 chris_n       great
01:11 chris_n       yesterday we put up some new window baskets with flowers and today the kids and I took my wife out to eat
01:14 brendan       nice that sounds excellent
01:16 chris_n       ahh... hope they get this fixed: http://www.space.com/missionlaunches/nasa-tracking-voyager2-problem-100506.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+spaceheadlines+%28SPACE.com+Headline+Feed%29
01:16 * chris_n     wonders if some perl coding might help fix the problem
01:17 gmcharlt      a telegram asking the aliens to stop mucking with the probe might be better ;)
01:18 chris_n       lol :D
01:18 chris_n       maybe they speak perl, no?
02:11 brendan       night all
02:17 braedon|home  @wunder auckland
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02:18 braedon|home  @wunder wellington
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02:18 braedon|home  @wunder wellington, new zealand
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02:29 schuster      anyone about for a question?
02:30 chris         yes
02:30 schuster      I'm looking at loading 3.2alpha2 and I'm looking at the documentation where is the current git?
02:30 schuster      git clone git://git.koha.org/pub/scm/koha.git kohaclone
02:30 schuster      is what is in the document...
02:31 chris         what document?
02:31 schuster      INSTALL.debian-lenny
02:31 chris         yeah that needs updating, but if you have the tarball, then you dont use git anyway
02:32 schuster      ok I do have the tarball, just have not had success installing from that in the past so guess I will march onward with the tar.
02:33 schuster      thk.
02:33 chris         if you clone git, you arent installing the alpha2
02:33 chris         you are instally whatever master has moved on to
02:34 schuster      true.  Just trying to get closer to do some testing as I can.
02:34 chris         http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Version_Control_Using_Git
02:35 chris         if you want to do an install from git, that has the right urls in it
02:36 schuster      OK thanks.  appreciate the help.  Hope you had a good weekend...
02:39 chris         yep, busy but good
02:53 schuster      Same here...  Had a nice garden party tonight...
02:55 larsw         is there a deadline for kohacon Call for Papers? a date after which new proposals for talks/panels/etc won't be acceptedd?
02:55 chris         not yet, but we should make one
02:56 larsw         perhaps that'd be good to discuss in tomorrow's kohacon meeting
02:56 chris         yup
02:57 * larsw       e-mails Russ with suggestion
04:47 chris         we need to shift all this js out of the templates into files, then put expires headers on them, will decrease the pageload size on a lot of pages
04:47 * chris       writes notes to himself
05:09 chris         missing syspref too
05:10 chris         $maxitems =                                                                                       ( C4::Context->preference('maxItemsinSearchResults') )                                          ? C4::Context->preference('maxItemsinSearchResults') - 1                                        : 1
05:13 Amit_G        heya chris
05:36 robin         chris: when you're home, does Koha have a way of specifying a circulation list? As in, "when an item arrives, it should go to these people first"?
07:11 chris         robin: for serials yes, called a routing list
07:11 chris         in theory you could use it for any type of item
07:11 robin         OK, they'll be asking about that tomorrow I expect :)
07:11 chris         :)
07:12 chris         hdl_laptop: you about?
07:12 hdl_laptop    hi chris and all
07:14 chris         hi hdl_laptop :) hope you had a good weekend, was yesterday mothers day in france too?
07:14 hdl_laptop    it is a little later afaik
07:14 hdl_laptop    rather at the begining of June
07:15 chris         hdl_laptop: i notice that mail from lists.koha.org doesnt seem to be happening?
07:15 chris         ahhh
07:15 hdl_laptop    I saw your email
07:16 chris         cool
07:22 robin         chris: is it intentionally confusing that 'url' is described as 'Uniform Resource Identifier'? :)
07:23 robin         pedantically, they're different things...
07:27 chris         unintentionally confusing :)
07:38 robin         chris: how fun does a 4.7MB MARC XML file sound :) it's what I'm up to now, and I now just have to sort out some stuff relating to appending multiple columns into one field, and dewey validation, left.
07:38 chris         that should be fine :)
07:38 * chris       sends another email to koha-devel
07:40 kf            good morning all :)
07:40 chris         hi kf
07:48 * robin       calls it an evening
07:49 robin         otherwise I'll start dreaming about MARC records again :(
07:49 chris         yeah you don't want to do that :)
08:09 chris         hi nahuel
08:10 kf            is this still correct? http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.0/appendices/browser-compatibility?searchterm=browser
08:12 chris         maybe for 3.0
08:15 kf            hm, ok, I will state that koha follows web standards with no ref
08:15 chris         i would say, attempts to follow web standards
08:16 kf            good point
08:16 chris         or aims to be standards compliant
08:18 kf            chris: another question is about duplicate check in cataloging, no idea how this works - the question is about the fields that are checked
08:18 chris         when you add a new one and it says this loosk like a duplicate?
08:18 kf            yes
08:19 kf            I tried to find the code, but did not really find out how it works
08:20 chris         its in C4::Search
08:20 chris         it checks the isbn first
08:20 nahuel        hi chilts
08:20 nahuel        chris,
08:20 chris         if that matches, it stops looking and says this looks like a duplicate
08:21 chris         if that doesnt match, it then checks title, author and itemtype
08:21 chris         if all 3 of those match, says duplicate
08:22 kf            chris++
08:22 kf            thx a lot
08:23 kf            but why does it check the item type?
08:24 chris         because if you have same title, same author, but one is large print and one is paperback, then they aren't a duplicate
08:25 kf            but the check is during cataloging - so it will check with the biblio-level-itype and not the item-level-itype
08:25 kf            have to keep this in mind, our libraries are all using item-level-itypes
08:26 chris         yep thats fine
08:26 chris         but if you enter one the same as one you already have, then you should be just adding an item anyway, not a new record
08:33 kf            chris: thats right. I was thinking about how this field is set in our libraries, they do not edit it, its set to a standard value
08:34 miguel        good morning
08:34 kf            good morning miguel
08:55 vdsmile       hello everybody
08:55 vdsmile       I have a question about koha
08:57 vdsmile       I want develop a module of password lost
08:57 vdsmile       haev you an idea ?
08:58 kf            so that users can request new passwords in the opac?
09:01 vdsmile       not in the opac but in the back
09:21 kmkale        good afrernoon all
09:21 kmkale        @weather Mumbai
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10:12 kf            @weather Konstanz
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10:21 chris         @wunder wellington, nz
10:21 munin         chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0�C (10:00 PM NZST on May 10, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Rising).
10:22 kf            same temperature :)
10:23 chris_n       @wunder 28334
10:23 munin         chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 8.1�C (6:23 AM EDT on May 10, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 27%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Rising).
10:24 chris_n       g'morning
10:24 kf            hi chris_n :)
10:26 kf            gmcharlt: around?
10:26 gmcharlt      kf: yes
10:26 kf            hi :)
10:26 kf            I updated my installation to test xslt translation
10:27 kf            with english search works, with German I get an error 500 page
10:28 gmcharlt      what error messages do you get in the Apache error log?
10:28 kf            give me a minute
10:30 kf            is this log under koha or var/log/apache2?
10:34 kf            ah I think I found it http://pastebin.com/ds4axd2y
10:39 kf            gmcharlt: lunch time now, just let me know if you want me to test something or add this to the bug, will read back later
10:40 gmcharlt      kf: looks like the XSL may not have survived the translation
10:41 gmcharlt      I'd be curious to see what xmllint --noout /path/to/de-DE/xslt/MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl shows
10:41 kf            have 3 more minutes - will test
10:42 kf            installing libxml2-utils
10:43 kf            a long list of error messages...
10:45 kf            http://pastebin.com/Mh7YkdmU
10:47 kf            have to leave now, will be back in about 30 minutes
11:00 gmcharlt      kf: looks like a bad translation - the closing </img> tags for the format icons were not supplied
11:12 kmkale        @seen wizzyrea
11:12 munin         kmkale: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 2 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> huh. http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ajaxian/~3/0C0mUe2JaHA/the-state-of-web-development-2010-web-directions
11:16 kf            gmcharlt: perhaps another problem with pootle, es-ES and fr-FR also dont work
11:17 gmcharlt      kf: looks that way; I'll add a fallback to the English XSLT in cases where the non-English ones don't work
11:17 kf            and Im pretty sure I translated/copied all code
11:17 kf            gmcharlt: good idea, I will try to repair our xslt files
11:20 kf            there was a lot of code in pootle, I tried to copy all of it, but perhaps I translated something by mistake
11:26 kmkale        @seen chris_n
11:26 munin         kmkale: chris_n was last seen in #koha 1 hour, 2 minutes, and 1 second ago: <chris_n> g'morning
11:26 kf            comparing de-DE and en - not sure where the missing img is
11:27 kf            ok, ... it was too obvious
11:34 kf            gmcharlt: I think it not a problem with pootle, the img tags are not in pootle, just the strings. so automatic translation seems to break xslt files :(
11:48 kf            gmcharlt: I added /> to all img tags and now the search is working. want me to add a new bug report fort his?
11:48 kf            his = this
11:48 gmcharlt      yes, please
11:50 kf            severity?
11:55 gmcharlt      blocker
11:56 kf            thx, I hope my description is understandable
11:59 kf            bug 4472
11:59 munin         04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4472 blocker, P5, ---, chris@bigballofwax.co.nz, NEW, img tags in xslt broken after automatic translation
12:06 kf            gmcharlt: close bug 4403?
12:06 munin         04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4403 blocker, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, ASSIGNED, XSLT files not translated
12:06 gmcharlt      yep
12:10 kf            I found another related bug 3214
12:10 munin         04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3214 enhancement, P3, ---, jmf@liblime.com, NEW, OPAC XSLT stylesheets are not translatable
12:11 nengard       is anyone else getting emails from the bugs or commits mailing lists?
12:11 nengard       I haven't gotten any since Friday morning
12:11 nengard       and I know that there were commits cause I just did a fetch and got stuff :)
12:11 nengard       also I edited/submitted bugs and got no emails
12:12 gmcharlt      nengard: looks like an issue with email - chris dropped BibLibre a note asking them to check
12:12 nengard       okey dokey!! Thanks :)
12:12 nengard       gmcharlt, should we get the commits list to point to the new git repo? Or was that done already?
12:12 kf            just noticed it too :)
12:13 kf            changed bugs and no mails got out
12:14 kf            nengard: can you test zotero export from koha detail page? Its not working for me. result list is fine.
12:14 nengard       kf - there is a bug report about that - it does not work from the detail page - it shows 2 titles as exportable, and if you choose one it gives you a ton of errors
12:14 kf            nengard: ah, sorry.
12:15 kf            yes, thats exactly what happens. will search the bug.
12:15 nengard       http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4018
12:15 munin         04Bug 4018: blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti@biblibre.com, ASSIGNED, Coins support problems and xslt
12:15 nengard       no problem at all!!!
12:15 nengard       we can't all know about all bugs ;) hehe
12:15 kf            I think I dont want to know about all bugs :)
12:19 kf            nengard: now you were faster than me :) Bugzilla: Mid-air collision detected!
12:19 nengard       LOL :) sorry
12:20 kf            no problem :)
12:56 kf            is there a bug for "swapped" sysprefs (where on is off and off is on)?
12:56 kf            and is 3164 a blocker?
12:56 kf            bug 3164
12:56 munin         04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3164 major, P5, ---, jmf@liblime.com, NEW, OPAC-placed holds broken in SingleBranchMode
12:57 jwagner       kf, I seem to remember the swapped syspref problem was a translation issue and someone is working on it.  But I could be wrong....
12:58 kf            jwagner: I think there was a problem, but its also wrong in English :)
12:58 nyaeven       hello, i am new to koha i hope you can help me, when i try and do a z30.50 from the catalouging interface i am getting the following error: Can't call method "data" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/cataloguing/z3950_search.pl line 233. does anyone know why this might be happning?
12:58 kf            nyaeven: which version of koha are u using?
12:59 nyaeven       3.05
12:59 nyaeven       on debian, if that makes any difference
13:00 kf            does this happen with every z39.50-server? what are you searching for?
13:00 kf            im not aware of a bug, but we are using 3.01.61
13:04 nyaeven       i am just doing a title search on 'computers'
13:09 kf            nyaeven: Im sorry, I have no idea why it is not working. perhaps someone else can help
13:11 owen          Line 233 says "$isbn = $marcrecord->field($bibliotag)->data;"
13:11 owen          I wonder if it's a problem with the info coming from "my ($bibliotag,$bibliosubf)=GetMarcFromKohaField('biblioitems.isbn','');" above that
13:12 nyaeven       nps kf :)
13:12 nengard       off to teach a webinar - be back this afternoon
13:12 kmkale        if I want to uograde a machine using to master is it a one shot upgrade or a rolling one?
13:13 nyaeven       owen: how would i be able to tell if it's a problem that info?
13:14 owen          I'm not sure nyaeven
13:14 nyaeven       hmm my testing was not complete it seems, for a couple of the servers i'm getting Results Connection failed to bobcat.nyu.edu  Nothing found. Try another search.
13:15 kf            gmcharlt: can I close bug 4208? not sure what you meant with "the opensearch template is a special case"
13:15 munin         04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4208 blocker, P1, ---, chris@bigballofwax.co.nz, NEW, Many submit buttons are not translatable in 3.2
13:24 kf            nengard: have you solved your problem with amazon content? I m testing it now and get no reviews (just as you wrote in your email)
13:24 kf            ah, she is gone teaching her webinar
13:25 owen          kf: Last I heard her problem wasn't resolved yet
13:27 kf            is there a bug report? I also noticed the amazonlocale is not used everywhere, still investigating, but perhaps part of my problem (no reviews in English, but in German)
13:30 gmcharlt      kf: you can close 208
13:30 gmcharlt      4208, even
13:31 kf            gmcharlt: done
13:33 owen          What is it with holds in HEAD? There always seems to be something....
13:33 owen          The OPAC says "none of these items can be placed on hold," but all are available
13:35 kf            ah check your circulation rules
13:35 kf            I had this problem and it was because maxreserves in smart rules defaults to 0
13:36 kf            I considered writing a bug report for this... because its confusing. max checkouts defaults to 'no limit' when empty
13:41 owen          You're right kf, I had my circ policy messed up from testing another bug
13:41 kf            what do you think - is this a usability bugß
13:41 kf            ?
13:42 gmcharlt      depends on the type of library you run
13:42 gmcharlt      if you allow holds, default unlimited is better
13:42 gmcharlt      if you don't allow holds, default 0 is better
13:53 kmkale        when I am printing fee receipts is there a easy way to change / remove the - sign that appears in front of the amount?
13:53 kmkale        'amount'            => sprintf("%.2f",$accts->[$i]{'amount'})
13:54 kf            gmcharlt: ok :)
13:55 gmcharlt      I think the deeper UI issue is that there's no easy way for library staff to readily determine exactly why an item is non-holdable without deep familiarity of Koha's hold policy configuration
13:59 owen          I notice that when I was allowed zero holds the message said "none of these items can be placed on hold" but when I exceed my holds limit it explains that I've  exceeded that limit
14:00 owen          I guess there needs to be a "you are not permitted to place holds" message for the OPAC and a condition set up to catch that situation
14:01 kf            owen: have you checked with staff? I think there is a better error message
14:15 kf            Im adding a bug for amazon reviews not working, I compared 3.1.61 and current head, got reviews in 3.1, no reviews for the same titles and same configuration in head
14:17 owen          kf: Works for me :|
14:17 kf            oooh
14:17 kf            so what is nengard's and my problem?
14:17 kf            have you activated all amazon content?
14:18 owen          I have  OPACAmazonEnabled,  OPACAmazonCoverImages ,  OPACAmazonSimilarItems , and  OPACAmazonReviews all on and working
14:18 wizzyrea      good morning.
14:18 owen          Hi wizzyrea
14:18 gmcharlt      nahuel: could you unstick my latest koha ML email?
14:19 kf            have you set all three private, accesskey and  AmazonAssocTag?
14:20 slef          did I send a koha list email from wrong domain? :-/
14:20 owen          slef: Mailing list problems all around since Friday
14:21 gmcharlt      nahuel: oops, disregard, wrong list
14:32 kf            owen: not sure what to do about the reviews :( my installation is a fresh isntallation from head from about a week ago. I see no difference in the settings between my 3.0.61 and the 3.2. Only that no reviews show
14:33 owen          No "similar items" either kf?
14:37 owen          kf if you "select variable,value from systempreferences where variable like '%Amazon%'" do you see "OPACAmazonReviews      | 1"
14:38 owen          ...and "OPACAmazonEnabled      | 1"
14:38 owen          ?
14:38 kf            owen: found none
14:39 kf            testing your sql now
14:39 kf            but I checked in the old syspref editor
14:39 kf            and in the new
14:39 kf            you showed me how to open the old syspref editor some time ago :)
14:40 kf            Locale is DE, all other settings are 1, except AmazonAssocTag which is empty
14:46 owen          Sorry kf, I can't imagine what is different about my system that would make it work for me when yours and nengard's are not
14:47 owen          However, I'm starting to look like I'm in the minority
14:47 kf            netviewer training mom
14:48 kf            be back in a few minutes
15:08 kf            owen: I will reply to nicole's mail
15:09 kf            owen: thx for your help and sorry, had to show one of our libraries how to catalog fast adds :)
15:26 hdl_laptop    hi jwagner
15:28 jwagner       Hi, hdl_laptop
15:34 kf            wb nengard
15:34 nengard       thanks :()
15:34 nengard       or :)
15:35 kf            I answered your mail about amazon on the mailing list - no Amazon reviews
15:36 kf            :( can someone test limit to currently available?
15:37 owen          kf: By clicking "limit to currently available items" in the OPAC search results?
15:37 kf            yes
15:38 kf            I have 3 items, record A: available, checked out, record B: checked out
15:38 kf            I think my result should be record A?
15:39 owen          My test: Initial search: 249 results. Limited to available: zero results
15:39 sekjal        what a coincidence, I was just reading the code surrounding "limit to available"
15:41 owen          kf: Did you see that there is a discussion of this issue on the mailing list?
15:41 * owen        didn't realize the problem was in HEAD
15:42 owen          I tried chris's suggestion to run misc/migration/fix_onloan.pl
15:42 kf            owen: no, can you point me to it?
15:42 kf            I added ths items
15:42 kf            no migration
15:43 kf            I imported records without items, so had to manually add them
15:43 owen          http://lists.katipo.co.nz/pipermail/koha/2010-May/023776.html
15:43 nengard       any word on the koha emails that aren't coming through?
15:43 wizzyrea_away i've gotten a slew today
15:43 owen          I've gotten some, but not a slew
15:43 kf            nengard: not on irc so far
15:44 * kf          goes to look up slew
15:44 chris_n       @dict slew
15:44 munin         chris_n: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: wn: slew See {slay}; gcide: Slew \Slew\, imp. of {Slay}. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Slew \Slew\, v. t. See {Slue}. [1913 Webster]; wn: slay v : kill intentionally and with premeditation; "The mafia boss ordered his enemies murdered" [syn: {murder}, {hit}, {dispatch}, {bump off}, {polish off}, {remove}] [also: {slew}, {slain}]; gcide: Slew \Slew\ (sl[=oo]), (7 more messages)
15:44 chris_n       @more
15:44 munin         chris_n: n. [See {Slough} a wet place.] A wet place; a river inlet. The praire round about is wet, at times almost marshy, especially at the borders of the great reedy slews. --T. Roosevelt. [Webster 1913 Suppl.]; moby-thes: 55 Moby Thesaurus words for "slew": batch, bunch, clump, cluster, considerable, copse, crop, deal, gobs, good deal, great deal, group, grouping, groupment, grove, hassock, heap, heaps, (6 more messages)
15:44 kf            a lot?
15:45 chris_n       kf: see the Moby Thasaurus words there
15:45 chris_n       batch, bunch, etc
15:45 chris_n       yes 'a lot'
15:45 kf            always get to learn new words here :)
15:45 chris_n       gobs... hehe
15:45 chris_n       copse is a new one on me
15:47 owen          the Wiktionary definition is much simpler: (US) A large number.
15:47 owen          But I'm surprised by the "(US)". US-specific?
15:48 owen          Anyway... sekjal: any luck understanding Koha's definition of 'available' ?
15:49 rhcl          @dick copse
15:49 munin         rhcl: Error: "dick" is not a valid command.
15:49 rhcl          @dict copse
15:49 munin         rhcl: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: wn: copse n : a dense growth of bushes [syn: {brush}, {brushwood}, {coppice}, {thicket}]; gcide: Copse \Copse\, v. t. 1. To trim or cut; -- said of small trees, brushwood, tufts of grass, etc. --Halliwell. [1913 Webster] 2. To plant and preserve, as a copse. --Swift. [1913 Webster]; gcide: Copse \Copse\, n. [Contr. from coppice.] A wood of small growth; a (2 more messages)
15:49 sekjal        owen: until Nov 9, 2009, it was defined as items.onloan is NULL AND items.itemslost = 0
15:49 slef          @dict scads
15:49 munin         slef: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: carangid \carangid\ n. any fish of the family {Carangidae}, including the {cavallas}, {jacks}, {pompanos} and {scads}. [WordNet 1.5]; wn: scads n : a large number or amount; "made lots of new friends"; "she amassed a mountain of newspapers" [syn: {tons}, {dozens}, {heaps}, {lots}, {mountain}, {piles}, {scores}, {stacks}, {loads}, {rafts}, {slews}, {wads}, (3 more messages)
15:50 sekjal        then that section of buildQuery() was commented out, and 'available' was dealt with less explicitly
15:52 sekjal        looks like ' and available' is being tacked on to the end of the ccl query, and it's left to Zebra to know what that means
15:59 rhcl          @dict staid
15:59 munin         rhcl: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Staid \Staid\ (st[=a]d), imp. & p. p. of {Stay}. [1913 Webster]; wn: staid adj : characterized by dignity and propriety [syn: {sedate}]; gcide: Staid \Staid\, a. [From {Stay} to stop.] Sober; grave; steady; sedate; composed; regular; not wild, volatile, flighty, or fanciful. "Sober and staid persons." --Addison. [1913 Webster] O'erlaid with black, staid (8 more messages)
16:00 owen          hdl_laptop: Do you know anything about the mailing list problems?
16:18 owen          kf: Regarding Bug 4475, I notice there doesn't seem to be a "http://images.amazon.de" as there is a "http://images.amazon.com" I'm not sure how that affects non-US users
16:18 munin         04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4475 normal, P5, ---, oleonard@myacpl.org, NEW, AmazonLocale not used consistently
16:19 owen          kf: Do you get good cover image results normally? I'm curious, because any results you get are from images.amazon.com.
16:19 kf            sorry, meeting, will read back later
16:19 kf            covers are perfect and link is to .de
16:19 * owen        notices amazon.fr and amazon.de seem to use "ecx.images-amazon.com" as a source for their covers...
16:38 kf            owen: dont know if I would see more covers with those services
16:38 kf            owen: but we have covers for German titles in our catalog
16:38 owen          I guess I would assume that we're using the right source if you're happy with the results.
16:38 kf            even for school books
16:39 kf            thx for fixing the link
16:39 kf            :)
16:43 kf            ok, time to leave for me - bye #koha!
17:06 slef          bah, another "shut up and code" email about listings requiring solidarity and linkback
17:12 javier        hello
17:14 JavierFM      brendan nos conocemos??
17:17 JavierFM      hello
17:17 JavierFM      somebody want talk??
17:18 owen          Do you have a question JavierFM ?
17:18 JavierFM      no
17:18 JavierFM      but I just want to talk!!!
17:19 owen          This channel is not a social gathering, it is a place for discussing use and development of Koha
17:21 JavierFM      owen, sorry my friend did you know where i can make friens
17:22 JavierFM      owen???
17:23 nengard       wizzyrea did you say that the manual auto updates on sundays? my content from last week isn't showing on the web version of the manual today
17:23 nengard       hi Lee
17:23 Lee           hey Nicole and Liz
17:28 brendan       hi Lee
17:29 wizzyrea_away hey lee
17:31 wizzyrea_away oh one sec, i think I'm pulling from the wrong repo
17:34 cait          hi #koha
17:35 Lee           hey Liz are you really dumping FB?
17:41 chris         been there done that
17:41 owen          it's getting pretty scary... I'm still on the fence about whether the social connections are worth it
17:43 Lee           hmm
17:43 Lee           my life is pretty boring- but I do hate the targeted marketing
17:44 Lee           hey brendan!
17:45 Lee           there is a volunteer irc meeting today ...right?
17:50 chris         yes, in about 4 hours
17:52 * owen        would really like to be receiving bug emails again
17:52 chris         i have a bunch of mail for koha-devel too
17:55 nengard       i get too much out of FB (like jobs) - but it is very scary and I think I'll be making some major profile edits
17:56 nengard       chris - mail to send to devel? or mail that came through? I haven't gotten any yet today
17:56 owen          "Can't locate MARC/Crosswalk/DublinCore.pm in @INC" Anyone know if that is something I can apt-get?
17:57 gmcharlt      owen: libmarc-crosswalk-dublincore-perl
17:57 owen          Thanks gmcharlt, I don't think I would have guessed that off the top of my head ;)
17:57 gmcharlt      owen: ah, but you can
17:58 gmcharlt      perl module Foo::Bar will almost always be libfoo-bar-perl
17:58 gmcharlt      if it's packaged for Debian
17:58 owen          Oh, I didn't realize it was consistent
17:58 chris         nengard: ive sent bunches, it hasn't come through
17:59 nengard       okay - same here
17:59 nengard       not that i sent anything - just that i'm not getting anything
17:59 Lee           I am working on a grant to migrate xl tab delimited files into Marc XML or DC anyone out there interested?
18:00 chris         Lee: robin at catalyst is working on one to do csv (extending to tab would be trivial)
18:00 chris         its already mostly done
18:00 Lee           great! its a paying gig
18:00 chris         too late
18:01 Lee           if i give the # of records think I could get an estimate?
18:02 gmcharlt      # records + sample of what the source data looks like + idea of what the records will be used for after they're converted
18:02 chris         i meant robin is working on a script, so you can do it into MARCXML yourself :)
18:02 Lee           ;)
18:02 gmcharlt      and MarcEdit can do CSV to MARC, I believe
18:02 Lee           maybe...with a little assistance
18:03 chris         yep, this script will free software of course
18:03 Lee           naturally
18:03 chris         we are actually using it to convert a db, but its general enough that it should be useful for anyone thats the idea
18:04 Lee           we are co-opting with a local museum to add them as a branch to our opac
18:04 Lee           their records are unsearchable
18:04 Lee           as is
18:04 Lee           hence undiscoverable
18:05 Lee           you get the idea
18:05 gmcharlt      records for their books, or records for their "stuff"?
18:05 Lee           its an IMLS grant
18:05 Lee           mostly all images
18:05 Lee           TIF anf jpeg
18:06 Lee           although some day DC would be helpful for the 3d objects, eh?
18:06 gmcharlt      are the images on display already?  if not sounds like it might be a job for kete as well
18:06 Lee           yeah I was thinking about Kete
18:06 Lee           we have a HUGE archive in town too
18:07 Lee           http://www.miningmuseum.org/
18:08 Lee           http://www.buttearchives.org/collections.php
18:09 Lee           I want to get all our records linked and searchable with Koha or possibly Kete
18:10 owen          Okay, another one: Text/CSV/Encoded.pm.
18:11 owen          apt-get doesn't find libtext-csv-encoded-perl
18:11 chris_n       owen: try apt-cache search Text::CSV::Encoded
18:11 * chris_n     seems to remember you have to cpan that one however
18:12 owen          No output at all from the apt-cache command
18:12 chris         will be soon
18:12 chris         http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=lars%40catalyst.net.nz&comaint=yes
18:13 chris_n       you'll have to get it from cpan for now owen
18:13 * owen        is amused by the "excuses" column in that table
18:16 * owen        would add all kinds of excuses to his unfixed bugs
18:18 chris_n       hehe
18:22 jwagner       The dog ate my patch?
18:23 chris         owen: its in unstable, it *might* isntall if you grab the .deb and sudo dpkg -i it on
18:23 slef          Someone mentioned http://www.joindiaspora.com to me as a forthcoming FB-alternative.
18:24 owen          Hi jdavidb
18:29 chris         Lee: kete uses zebra too
18:29 chris         so with pazpar2 and a bit of hackery, you can search koha and kete simultaneously and group the results
18:30 chris         walter is planning to talk about koha + kete at kohacon
18:34 gmcharlt      koha-patches also seems to be one of the victims of the mailing list outage
18:34 chris         yeah, all @lists seems to be
18:34 chris         mail is not bouncing
18:34 chris         so its queued up somewhere, behind a cork
18:35 chris         someone has jammed the tubes
18:36 slef          anyone got a support number for biblibre?  nengard?
18:36 nengard       nope
18:37 chris         i think they are aware of it, i emailed and hdl said he saw my email
18:38 slef          well, if anyone would like our sysadmins to help, let me know and I'll send ssh public keys
18:39 slef          although we don't have much spare hosting capacity just now, I think we could add it to our monitoring setup if we had access
18:40 gmcharlt      slef: what do you use for monitoring?
18:40 slef          gmcharlt: the core is nagios3.
18:41 slef          but the main thing is we're sysadmins and we're in Europe where I think lists is, so we should notice and react fairly quick to alerts
18:42 gmcharlt      sounds like a good idea - I hope biblibre picks up on it
18:42 slef          I'll mention it next time we see them
18:43 slef          for now, I'm hacking PHP :-(
18:43 gmcharlt      my condolences
18:58 cait          javaserver pages homework...
18:58 chris         thats even worse
19:01 slef          chris++
19:03 zico          hi
19:03 zico          i need your help very badly guys
19:03 owen          Hm, so Perl > PHP > JSP ? I wonder how the rest of the hierarchy goes
19:04 zico          my koha-3.0.5 cannot print unicode barcode label
19:04 zico          i mean, i need to print barcode in Bangla ( Bangladesh ). but, this is not working
19:04 zico          i have more than 10,000 books in Bangla
19:04 chris_n       zico: did you check out kbarcode?
19:05 zico          Now, some professors are really giving a bad look at me & my team
19:05 zico          chris_n: kbarcode is based on KDE
19:05 zico          but, our library officer is running windows
19:07 chris         does the barcode printer in master handle unicode? does anyone know?
19:08 chris         its very unlikely that anyone can back port the barcode work to 3.0.5 (or would have time to)
19:08 chris         firing up virtualbox with linux on it, and kbarcode would probably be the best bet
19:12 zico          chris: virtualbox + kbarcode??? owaoo!!! it`s too high for that non-techy guy!!! :D
19:14 wizzyrea_away ok... the problem is that you need to print unicode barcodes on windows, ones that have or have not been generated by koha?
19:17 zico          wizzyrea: i need to print unicode barcode generated by koha
19:19 wizzyrea      would something like this work?
19:19 wizzyrea      http://www.softmatic.com/
19:21 chris         well its not the barcode itself, its the spine lable, ie the barcode doesnt is just some lines
19:21 chris         wow, grammar fail
19:21 nengard       big time! :)
19:21 chris         what i meant is, it is the spine label that needs to be able to be generated in unicode
19:21 chris         the barcode is just lines
19:22 chris_n       chris: its not strictly a koha-barcode utf8 issue; it is also a pdf standards issue
19:22 chris         yep
19:23 chris_n       I pointed someone the other day (maybe zico) to an list thread that sums it up
19:23 chris         what i was trying to say, the chances of someone getting it to work for 3.0.5 are zero to none
19:23 chris_n       yup
19:23 chris         so exploring other options is the alternative
19:24 wizzyrea      zico: could you export them to csv and then do some kind of merge with word to get your labels?
19:24 wizzyrea      word/openoffice
19:25 zico          wizzyrea: when i import it in csv, i got some "symbols" instead of Bangla language
19:33 slef          owen: god writes in Lisp code.
19:34 chris         prolog i thought
19:35 jdavidb       Actually, perl:  http://xkcd.com/224/
19:35 slef          No, I wasn't joking: http://www.catonmat.net/blog/musical-geek-friday-god-wrote-in-lisp-eternal-flame/
19:35 slef          well, maybe a little ;-)
19:45 owen          All done, folks, see you later
19:55 mib_98t2xr    Hi folks
19:56 mib_98t2xr    I just ran the "upgrade" from koha-3.02.00-alpha, { perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /usr/share/koha/misc/koha-install-log  make  make test  sudo make upgrade }  and now both the install log and the about koha page agree:  Not exactally the result I was hoping for.  Does anybody know  1) how could the two have gotten out of sync in the first pl
19:57 mib_98t2xr    ce? 2) why don't they both say 3.02.00.xxx?  Here's something. The koha/apache error log says:  [Mon May 10 15:12:42 2010] [error] [client] [Mon May 10 15:12:42 2010] about.pl: Can't exec "httpd2": No such file or directory at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/about.pl line 49., referer: http://hslcat.med.nyu.edu:8080/cgi-bin/koha/mainpage.pl  when
19:57 mib_98t2xr    I click on "About Koha"
19:58 cait          mib-98t2xr: there is no 3.02 yet, because its not released. 3.01 is correct
19:59 cait          once 3.2 is released the number will be
19:59 mib_98t2xr    So http://koha-community.org/category/alpha/ is suppose to list itself as 3.01?
20:00 cait          yes, its 01 until release, .03 will be development for 3.4 and so on
20:01 mib_98t2xr    O.K.  So how am I to distinguish the version I currently have from the version I had before the upgrade?
20:02 cait          not sure what you ask
20:02 chris_n       mib_98t2xr: what version did you have before the upgrade?
20:02 cait          ah, thx chris_n :)
20:02 chris_n       ahh... alpha
20:03 mib_98t2xr    I'm asking about how I tell people what version I have.  Right now I know I've got the 3.02 alpha, but the in system documentatation (i.e. the about page) says something else
20:03 cait          alpha2 ;)
20:04 wizzyrea      ^^
20:04 chris_n       mib_98t2xr: .111 is alpha
20:04 cait          you can give the number
20:04 chris_n       alpha2 is .133
20:04 mib_98t2xr    O.K. any idea about the new error message I get in the logs when I click on the about page?
20:05 chris_n       we don't know what the "new error message" is
20:05 mib_98t2xr    "The koha/apache error log says:  [Mon May 10 15:12:42 2010] [error] [client] [Mon May 10 15:12:42 2010] about.pl: Can't exec "httpd2": No such file or directory at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/about.pl line 49., referer: http://hslcat.med.nyu.edu:8080/cgi-bin/koha/mainpage.pl"
20:05 cait          ah, sorry
20:06 mib_98t2xr    No need for apologies, you guys are helping me.  I'm grateful.
20:07 chris_n       what platform are you running on?
20:07 mib_98t2xr    Ubuntu
20:07 chris_n       it appears that your apache is not returning a version number via 'httpd -v'
20:08 chris_n       what version of ubuntu?
20:08 mib_98t2xr    8.04.2
20:10 mib_98t2xr    I realize that's pretty far back.  Do you think an old platform might have practical implications?
20:10 mib_98t2xr    i.e. real "stuff doesn't work" errors as opposed to errors showing up in logs.
20:10 chris_n       nope, you can safely ignore that error
20:11 mib_98t2xr    O.K. guys.  Thanks again.  You guys are the best!
20:11 chris_n       np
20:16 cait          chris_n++
20:25 chris_n       wb paul_p
20:58 hdl_laptop    chris slef gmcharlt sorry about the list shortage
20:58 hdl_laptop    I asked nahuel to see that.
20:58 hdl_laptop    But he was ill today
20:59 hdl_laptop    hopefully all wil be ok tomorrow
20:59 chris         thanks hdl_laptop
20:59 chris         wow, my rss reader just went mental
21:00 chris         ptfs have just pushed a whole pile of things to their public repo !!!
21:01 wizzyrea      !!!
21:01 * jdavidb     looks up from the bleeding stubs of his fingers, and nods.
21:01 chris         w00t
21:01 chris         jdavidb++
21:01 * chris       updates his clones
21:01 wizzyrea      we've been looking over the release notes, there's some good stuff in there
21:02 * wizzyrea    wonders if she dares...
21:02 wizzyrea      ptfs++
21:02 wizzyrea      jdavidb++
21:02 jdavidb       thanks, Chris, but it wasn't just me.    There should be some detail description stuff coming out in a PR shortly, but a lotta work went into what you're seein' there.
21:02 chris         sweet
21:02 jdavidb       jwagner++
21:02 wizzyrea      jwagner++
21:03 cait          jdavidb++ jwagner++ ptfs++ ;)
21:03 chris         i guess rebasing onto master is the next step? Sing out if you want a hand with that, hdl have a bunch of practice cherry-picking
21:03 * cait        wants to be as brave as liz ;)
21:03 wizzyrea      hehe
21:03 jdavidb       We'll see where the honchos wanna go from here;  Getting those branches up to master level shouldn't be overly hard; I've kept them all as tidy as I could.
21:04 jdavidb       (In other words, if you see something you want to haul to master and get into 3.4--or even 3.2, gmcharlt--grab that ball and run with it.)
21:04 chris         sweet
21:04 chris         i might do some topic branches for 3.4
21:05 chris         (for features)
21:05 chris         and gmcharlt might want to grab some bug fixes :)
21:05 wizzyrea      jdavidb, please tell your superiors thanks, it's really great to see your stuff
21:05 gmcharlt      chris: jdavidb: yep, already on it
21:05 jdavidb       There are quite a few nifty-nice-but-not-too-huge features--useful buttons and shortcuts--as well as some huge new features like item suppression in the OPAC and suspend-and-resume holds.
21:05 cait          liz, where are these release notes? github confuses me
21:06 gmcharlt      and yes
21:06 gmcharlt      jdavidb++
21:06 gmcharlt      jwagner++
21:06 chris         cait: http://github.com/ptfs/Koha-PTFS/commits/harley
21:06 wizzyrea      http://github.com/ptfs/Koha-PTFS/blob/harley/HarleyReleaseNotes.pdf
21:06 gmcharlt      ptfs++ # good start
21:06 chris         last commit there
21:06 cait          thx!
21:06 paul_p        ptfs++
21:06 jwagner       We'll soon have a more user-friendly link to the release notes up.
21:06 wizzyrea      Ah! There she is!
21:06 cait          hi jwagner
21:06 wizzyrea      we roused her!
21:07 * wizzyrea    highfives jwagner
21:07 wizzyrea      that 2nd one goes straight to the PDF
21:07 * cait        sends some more chocolate
21:07 paul_p        jwagner+=
21:07 paul_p        jwagner++
21:07 wizzyrea      it's pretty friendly
21:07 paul_p        jdavidb++
21:08 wizzyrea      well, as friendly as github gets
21:09 jdavidb       @karma jwagner
21:09 munin         jdavidb: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 32 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 32.
21:09 jdavidb       @karma jdavidb
21:09 munin         jdavidb: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 26 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 26.
21:09 jdavidb       Thanks, everyone.
21:09 wizzyrea      only 6 behind jdavidb ;)
21:09 cait          I will not finish this jsp homework today, becaue need to read release notes...
21:10 jwagner       wizzyrea, I could _use_ rousing.  And so could jdavidb.  A lot of overtime put into these features over the last year.
21:11 wizzyrea      it's obvious :)
21:11 cait          its awesome
21:11 cait          worth all the chocolate ;)
21:11 jdavidb       jwagner writes good release notes, doesn't she?  Those are (all but one little paragraph) off her bat, not mine.
21:14 wizzyrea      ok, taking my girlie self to do girlie things. ttyl everyone
21:14 cait          bye wizzyrea
21:14 jdavidb       Links to a FAQ, a download tarball, the release notes, and a reminder link to github are now up at http://www.liblime.com/downloads
21:15 jdavidb       (looks like someone typoed the FAQ link; a comma snuck in.  I'll ping 'em, but make that a period, and it works.
21:17 chris         cool
21:20 mason         meh, rdl's box has hung...
21:20 joetho        @karma jdavidb
21:20 munin         joetho: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 26 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 26.
21:20 joetho        @karma wizzyrea
21:20 munin         joetho: Karma for "wizzyrea" has been increased 91 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 91.
21:21 joetho        I just hope jdavid doesn't get fired for doing that
21:22 paul_p        joetho, doing what ? releasing their code? for sure, he's been asked by his bosses to do so !
21:22 cait          why should he be fired? i think this is official
21:22 cait          its already on koha.org too :)
21:22 jdavidb       What, for tossing all those branches over the wall?    nope.  Someone at the hgher-up owes me happy hour.
21:22 jwagner       This is definitely official.  We have committed all along to releasing these features.
21:22 jwagner       It just took us a lot longer than we would have liked to get them all tidied up & ready to go.
21:23 * jwagner     REALLY wishes we could have made the 3.2 code freeze....
21:23 cait          me too
21:23 joetho        this is marvelous
21:23 cait          every time I hear about a new feature i want it immediately. now i have to wati for 50....
21:23 cait          *sigh*
21:24 * jwagner     sends cait a boatload of patience :-)
21:24 joetho        maybe we could make an exception?
21:24 jwagner       But you'll note that we did set this up as a full install version as well as the individual branches.
21:24 gmcharlt      joetho: not if we want to see 3.2 come out this year
21:24 cait          jwagner: really needed :)
21:24 jdavidb       press release is up, at http://www.liblime.com/news/liblime-a-division-of-ptfs-announces-201charley201d-a-new-stable-release-of-koha-available-for-immediate-download
21:24 jwagner       Just remember that the install version is based off the .061 code level so it won't have any of the 3.2 stuff.
21:24 chris_n       wow! ptfs++
21:24 chris_n       jwagner++
21:24 chris_n       jdavidb++
21:25 cait          perhaps we could try and hurry up a bit with 3.4? :)
21:25 jwagner       We did cherry-pick a lot of bug fixes, most of which aren't mentioned in the release notes.  Things like chris_n's followup patches for the label creator, etc.
21:26 jwagner       jdavidb knows better than I do about the bug fixes.
21:26 cait          but when you run harley, you cant update to 3.2 easily I think or 3.4
21:26 jwagner       That's where we need to work with Galen & Chris.
21:27 jdavidb       Pretty much, if a bug was found by one of our customers, and a fix was in HEAD that wasn't in HEAD prior to Oct 12, I cherry-picked it.  if someone sent a patch to the list, that hadn't made head, I snagged it and git-am'd it.
21:27 chris         yeah we are going to have to create an upgrade path
21:27 chris         probably to 3.4
21:27 jdavidb       Just given the data struct changes, 3.0.x -
21:27 chris         its a bit late for 3.2
21:28 jdavidb       to 3.4 will be easy.  3.2 should not be *too* hard.
21:28 chris         which means some of the refactoring is gonna have to slide
21:28 chris         but thats a good topic for the next irc meeting :)
21:29 jdavidb       chris:  depends.  We didn't do much to C4::Search, for instance, which I know was one of your big rocks.  Might be able to get there without too much pain and suffering.
21:29 chris         C4::Search, C4::Languages, and DBIx::Class
21:29 chris         are the ones id die in a ditch on
21:29 chris         the rest id love to have
21:30 jdavidb       We didn't touch C4::Languages at all.  There are some areas of overlap--notices, C4::Letters, in particular, and granular permissions will need some reconciliation.
21:30 * gmcharlt    concurs with chris, particularly regarding C4;:Search and C4::Languages
21:30 jwagner       And there's one big new Perl dependency -- the Aspell library
21:31 jdavidb       The "did you mean" feature is a little raw, but it functions; dbirmingham here is going to be adding a syspref so you select how many suggestions to get (or zero, to turn it off).
21:32 cait          upgrade path from where to where?
21:32 cait          sorry, should really sleep, but cant sleep now...
21:32 jdavidb       3.0.x - harley - 3.4 should be a snap, depending on chris's work..
21:33 cait          but where does 3.2 fit in there?
21:33 jdavidb       3.0.x - harley - 3.2 will be tricky, but if you don't use some of the new geekery in harley that changes data structures, you should be okay.
21:33 chris         cait: for most ppl they will got 3.0.x to 3.2.x to 3.4.x
21:33 jdavidb       (since those features would disappear when you went to 3.2.)
21:33 chris         but it is important we provide an upgrade path for ptfs customers also
21:34 * chris_n     agrees
21:34 cait          I think we are most people then, running 3.01.61 in production right now
21:34 chris         yeah you are already 3.1.ish
21:34 chris         so you will got to 3.2 when its released
21:34 cait          cant wait :)
21:34 chris         and on to 3.4 soon after
21:35 chris         as soon as i can manage :)
21:35 cait          we will all try to help you :)
21:35 chris         the best help now, is fixing 3.2 blockers
21:35 chris         so we can get it released :)
21:35 * chris       looks at everyone including himself
21:36 jdavidb       I'm off to catch my bus.  Y'all have a good evening.
21:36 cait          I wrote a lot of bug reports today... *ducks*
21:36 cait          bye jdavidb
21:37 * jwagner     is going to go home too, and go to bed early....
21:37 chris         sleep well
21:37 cait          sleep well
21:38 cait          I love to have my own koha at work now, makes my life much easier (testing patches and perhaps writing some more patches soon :) )
21:39 chris         :)
21:42 genji         how difficult is it to go from 3.0.5 to 3.2?
21:44 chris         why do marketing ppl have to ruin it all
21:44 chris         genji: it shouldnt be hard, if its a standard 3.0.5
21:45 cait          chris: dont know...
21:51 jo            so with PTFS code now inthe wild isn't that fantastic news for Koha?
21:51 genji         wow.. PTFS released code!
21:51 jo            yep :)
21:51 genji         this is LEK?
21:51 cait          no
21:51 cait          its not llek, but the features ptfs developed
21:51 jo            imagine, not to far down the track, Koha code could once again incorporate all the development that other Koha libraries contracted through LL
21:52 jo            that is a hige step for PTFS
21:52 jo            huge even :)
21:52 jo            and the best news for the Koha community
21:52 chilts        that is great news!
21:52 genji         its released under GPLv3?
21:53 chris         gplv2 or later
21:53 jo            its the path to wards getting the fork incorporated back into the trunk again.
21:53 chris         just like the rest of koha is currently
21:53 jo            I'm really impressed with PTFS for doing that :)
21:56 larsw         ptfs++ in that case
21:58 russ          kohdcon volunteers meeting will start in 2 mins
21:58 genji         gpl2.
21:58 chilts        so it looks like they are aiming for inclusion in 3.4
21:58 genji         does gpl2 allow us to bring the code back into head, and make it gpl3?
21:58 * mason       waves
21:59 chris         its gplv2 or later .. the same as everything else is genji
21:59 chris         so yes
21:59 mason         ive got to get a kapiti-train in 15 mins
21:59 russ          just giving nicole a few more mins, then we will start
22:00 richard       cool
22:00 irmalibraries Irma from CALYX - G'day all!
22:00 joetho        I just got an email from PTFS, mentioning 3.2.
22:00 joetho        Excellent news!
22:00 mason         heya russ, long time - old buddy :)
22:01 russ          hiya mason
22:01 joetho        probably too late for 3.2, unless there are some very specific overlaps in development, which seems unlikely.
22:01 mason         i thought i had missed this meeting, happy i didnt
22:01 chris         joetho: bug fixes tho, its possible to pull them in
22:01 chris         no new features tho
22:02 joetho        But the best part is PTFS cooperating with the community.
22:02 irmalibraries What is the "Excellent news"? pls
22:02 jo            hi guys.
22:02 joetho        I will quote a few key lines from the listserv email
22:02 irmalibraries ho Jo
22:03 jo            I need to offer apologies for leaving early - 10.30
22:03 jo            training for 3.2 go live on 27 may
22:03 chris         http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/2010/05/11/code-hits-the-wild/
22:03 russ          all good we will get started then
22:03 chris         (for irmalibraries
22:03 chris         )
22:03 joetho        "LibLime has made available a tested, stable release of Koha for immediate download at http://koha.org/download. "
22:03 russ          KohaCon10 Volunteers meeting starting - sorry folks can we take over the channel for 30 mins or so
22:04 russ          Who is here for the meeting?
22:04 joetho        ...see main koha listserv for more
22:04 joetho        which I was going.
22:04 * russ        - Russel Garlick, Catalyst
22:04 joetho        *wish
22:04 jo            or t ake kohacon to another channel?
22:04 russ          no main channel
22:04 russ          it is logged
22:04 * chilts      Andrew Chilton, Catalyst IT
22:04 jo            Joann Ransom - HLT
22:04 chris         Chris Cormack, Catalyst IT
22:05 * larsw       Lars Wirzenius, Catalyst IT
22:05 russ          heh we could almost have this meeting at the water cooler then ;-)
22:06 irmalibraries BobB has a tech issue but is sitting in with irmalibraries
22:06 russ          thanks all for turning up moving on
22:06 russ          first up - apologies, i didnt get round to the minutes of the last meeting or doing much of late
22:07 russ          been flat out here and moving house etc etc
22:07 jo            apology accepted :)
22:07 * mason       -> KohaAloha, NZ
22:07 mason         hi all
22:07 russ          but our 2 topics today are sponsorship and programme updates
22:07 russ          so Sponsorship
22:08 russ          Catalyst have confirmed that they will sponsor the conference, and with that amount we have all the funds for the venuw
22:08 russ          s/venuw/venue
22:08 jo            thank you for getting that commitment Russ. Trustees grateful :)
22:09 russ          so chris and i won't have to dip into our piggy banks :-)
22:09 irmalibraries +1 catalyst!
22:09 jo            I do believe Calyx also contrubuted :)
22:09 russ          i am still waiting to hear back from a couple of other places, but all good there
22:09 mason         yay catalyst
22:09 chilts        catalyst ... and others :)
22:10 russ          yep thanks to Calyz and Xercode as well for coming on board since our last meeting
22:10 russ          fingers need more coffee
22:10 chris         we mustnt forget libriotech also
22:11 russ          i am not sure if there is much more to add on that topic
22:11 chris         who don't have a logo, but contributed all the way from norway even though they can't make it
22:11 chris         (+bywater and biblibre)
22:11 * chris       notes for the log
22:11 russ          :-)
22:11 jo            wow - can't we put their name up or something?
22:12 russ          i'll do a sponsors page sometime soon listing everyone
22:12 chris         they are up
22:12 jo            cool :)
22:12 chris         libriotech are on the frontpage
22:12 russ          their names are on the site
22:12 mason         sorry folks , im running very late for a train to kapiti
22:12 jo            cya Mason
22:13 russ          cya mason
22:13 mason         ill catch up with russ later, bye all
22:13 jo            I've got 15 mins left
22:13 irmalibraries cheers Mason
22:13 richard       sorry had a phone call - Richard Anderson - Katipo
22:13 jo            (for the agenda: i have info about trip up to leving for mayoral reception / marae visit)
22:13 russ          ok so action point is to tidy up the sponsors logos and make a page
22:13 russ          ok jo, nicole hasnt shown yet so lets jump to that
22:14 jo            sorry forbeing pushy
22:14 russ          all good
22:14 chilts        russ: I've been helping Chris get the sponsorts logos up, so anymore to be added, send the logos my way :)
22:14 chilts        sponsors even
22:14 jo            the bus cost for return transport wellington - levin is about $22 - $25 a head (based on 100 people)
22:14 chilts        though chris has been keeping on top of it I think
22:14 chris         re the programme i have been plugging stuff into the spreadsheet
22:14 jo            $720 a bus for 49 people ish
22:15 jo            local Iwi have agreed to host us out at the marae for an evening meal, preceded by a formal welcome / powhiri
22:15 russ          ok cool - so we should put some information up about that then
22:15 jo            this will be around $35 per head
22:15 jo            the mayoral recption at council is all good - had a letter from the mayor
22:16 russ          so $25 for bus + $35 for dinner = $65 all up for the trip?
22:16 jo            I think so, trying to get confoirmation that the recepotion will be free
22:16 irmalibraries Discount for Au and US dollars, of course
22:17 jo            It will be cool - driving up the coast at say 4pm, nice scenery, see levin, marae visit
22:17 russ          jo - can you send me all the details via email please
22:17 russ          and i will make a page on the site
22:17 chris         up the coast at 4pm ... eek :)
22:17 jo            good opportunity for conference attendees
22:17 irmalibraries Good value imho
22:17 jo            3pm then :)
22:17 russ          jo - we will have to leave earlier than 4
22:17 chris         yeah
22:17 russ          otherwise we wont get there until very late
22:17 chris         im looking at thursday for that
22:17 jo            Thursday is fine.
22:17 jo            3pm is fine
22:17 chris         we can always stop at lindale for icecream
22:17 russ          chris: so after the conference itself?
22:18 chris         yeah
22:18 russ          cool
22:18 chris         monday, tues weds conference
22:18 jo            George is trying to find a sponsor for this so we can do it for free but is a bit stuck
22:18 chris         thurs day morning do your own thing, afternoon bus trip
22:18 russ          ok if that is the case, may be we will try and leave a little earlier than 3 even
22:18 chris         friday dev conference starts
22:18 chris         i was think yeah 1 or 2
22:19 russ          good plan
22:19 jo            well we could change this around a bit then .... make a day of it
22:19 russ          it will take a while to get people sorted, and best to miss the traffic
22:19 chris         i was thinking an afternoon
22:19 jo            the bus costs will be dearer then
22:19 russ          right
22:19 chris         not the full day
22:19 chris         leave the morning for shopping etc
22:19 russ          meet MFC Carpark say 1:30
22:19 russ          and then go from there
22:19 chris         that'd work
22:20 jo            lets advertsise at approx $70 per head TBC
22:20 russ          by the time everyone gets on board etc
22:20 russ          jo: we need to have a confirmed price
22:20 jo            on phone now
22:20 jo            getting an updated price
22:20 russ          and we may only get 1 bus
22:20 jo            ok
22:20 russ          some people may leave straight after the conference etc
22:21 jo            yep
22:21 chris         re the programme
22:21 russ          jo i know you have to leave soon
22:21 russ          can you send me all the details of the trip and your proposed plan
22:21 jo            yep
22:21 russ          and i'll make a page
22:22 russ          over to chris for programme
22:22 chris         we are doing pretty well
22:22 irmalibraries Russ, BobB asks: how many people are registered for the conference now?
22:22 chris         we have monday and tuesday sorted
22:22 chris         (if ppl who said they can speak ... really can)
22:22 chris         with about 4 more talks in the wings for wednesday, so we are lookgin good
22:23 russ          irmalibraries: i havent checked recently - chris or chilts might know
22:23 chris         not a huge amount Bobb
22:23 chilts        that reminds me, I should go and register :)
22:23 chilts        heh
22:23 russ          i think it is still early days in that regard
22:23 chris         yeah most nzers havent bothered
22:23 chris         well its getting less early
22:23 russ          chris that is great news about the programme
22:23 chris         only 5 months away
22:24 irmalibraries Chris: +1
22:24 russ          so nicole wont have to present 6 times :-)
22:24 chris         but nicole is sending out a reminder in the next newsletter
22:24 chris         shes not even up once yet, neither am I :)
22:24 russ          ok that has to change :-)
22:24 chris         i havent slotted in paul yet either
22:25 russ          right - well that is sounding really good
22:25 chris         if ppl email an address they use with google docs
22:25 chris         ill give access to the program
22:25 chris         and list of potential papers
22:25 russ          so should we call for a closing date now?
22:25 jo            ($65 pp including transport and marae visit 1.30 - 10pm confirmed )
22:25 chris         and others can help :)
22:25 russ          i was thinking 1 june
22:25 jo            (and Mayoral reception)
22:25 chris         i think yeah, end of june for papers?
22:26 chris         actually yeah mid june
22:26 russ          or end june
22:26 chris         lets split the diff
22:26 russ          lol
22:26 jo            gotta go - cya
22:26 russ          thanks jo
22:26 irmalibraries Bye Jo
22:26 chris         cos we need time to contact ppl and say, right you are up
22:26 chris         etc
22:26 russ          ok
22:26 chris         and then rearrange the programme
22:26 russ          so how about 15 June
22:27 chris         works for me
22:27 russ          and we can have our next meeting the day after
22:27 irmalibraries 15 June +1
22:27 russ          then we know what kind of posistion we are in - if we have enough speakers or not
22:28 chris         yep
22:28 russ          cool
22:29 * russ        makes a todo item to send out minutes today
22:29 russ          chris do you have anything else?
22:29 chris         nope
22:29 chris         just htat ppl should start working their networks
22:29 irmalibraries What should we do to promote KohaCon and get ppl to register?
22:29 chris         id hate for a conference in nz to not have a decent presence of nzers and aussies
22:30 russ          irmalibraries: i think we get into high gear on that once we have a programme
22:30 chris         we are doing pretty good on the further afield people
22:30 russ          i know many people don't register until they can see what is on offer
22:30 russ          so if get the programme sorted by end of June, and confirmed for beginning of July
22:30 russ          then we can start promoting who is talking etc
22:31 chris         yep
22:31 russ          hi nicole :-)
22:31 nengard       did i miss the meeting??
22:31 russ          almost :-)
22:31 nengard       dinner was longer than usual
22:31 nengard       sorry
22:31 nengard       what do you all need me to do
22:32 russ          so to recap deadline for papers is 15 June (NZ time)
22:32 chris         yep
22:32 russ          next meeting is 16 June (NZ time)
22:32 russ          aim to get the programme finalised by 1 July
22:32 russ          so we can publish it and start promoting who is speaking
22:32 russ          and start driving registrations
22:32 nengard       I will be on the road on the 16th of June, but will get an update to you all before the meeting
22:32 chris         i have you penciled in at 4pm tuesday nicole, so start thinking on what you want to talk about
22:33 jo            back until 11
22:33 nengard       I need to review the topics that have been chosen already and I'll fill in a gap
22:34 jo            can someone point me towards the programme so far please
22:34 nengard       it's a google doc that i'll share with you
22:34 jo            hfields19@gmail.com
22:35 irmalibraries Chris Has Sue Lavery registered for a talk?
22:35 chris         not that ive seen
22:35 jo            I'd quite like PTFS to come down and present
22:35 irmalibraries She is a librarian in Canberra and wishes to share her experience of Koha in a prison
22:35 jo            would be good for the cpommunity
22:35 russ          jo - i am about to send them an email re sponsorship
22:35 jo            cool.
22:36 irmalibraries Please keep a spot - We will co-present
22:36 irmalibraries and register asap
22:36 russ          irmalibraries: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGJjUWtHMTE2X0J0Vm5ENXlaSnJnTFE6MA ;-)
22:36 chris         yep there is room
22:37 nengard       i'll put out a final call in the newsletter
22:37 nengard       i'll include the deadline
22:37 irmalibraries thanks
22:37 russ          nengard: thank you
22:37 chris         2pm tuesday ive pencilled in
22:37 russ          nengard: what is your availbility like at the end of june?
22:37 nengard       that's ALA
22:37 russ          ah
22:38 russ          so not good then
22:38 nengard       24th-30th
22:38 nengard       so i'll be available at nights EST
22:38 nengard       if I'm not totally exhausted :)
22:38 nengard       why?
22:38 russ          chris seems to be doing a pretty good job with the programme
22:38 nengard       I know - thanks Chris!!
22:38 russ          just if we need to throw some ideas around etc
22:38 russ          we'd like to get i published at the beginning of july
22:38 nengard       chris usually finds me whenever i'm online :)
22:39 slef          dang, missed the meeting again :-/
22:39 russ          yeah he is good like that
22:39 nengard       I'll be home on the 21st-23rd of June
22:39 russ          ok
22:39 * russ        makes a note of that
22:39 nengard       that's the time in between SLA & ALA
22:39 nengard       June is crazy
22:39 irmalibraries Good morning Slef
22:39 slef          evening irmalibraries!
22:40 chris         9am on the 26th slef :)
22:40 slef          9am for who and 26th of what? :)
22:40 * slef        scrollbacks
22:40 russ          i think he is talking about when you are presenting
22:40 russ          :-)
22:40 chris         :)
22:40 chris         pencilled in anyway
22:40 slef          cool... did I send in any title yet?
22:41 chris         yep
22:41 chris         you are talking about cooperatives :)
22:41 slef          great... I must fix my memory :)
22:41 chris         Koha: A cooperative view
22:41 nengard       hehe
22:41 slef          oh yeah, NZCA were meant to be getting back to me
22:41 nengard       slef no worries- i never remember what i'm talking about until the day before i have to talk
22:42 nengard       usually it's fine - unless it's a totally new topic - then i have to scramble to prepare
22:42 slef          Ironically, I'm back at my PC working for co-operative.coop now, so Koha stuff was out of my mind :)
22:42 russ          sorry team i have to run
22:42 russ          i think we are sorted now
22:43 irmalibraries Thanks Russ, good meeting today.
22:43 jo            Thanks Russ
22:43 jo            thanks all
22:43 russ          minutes will be out in a few hours or so
22:44 nengard       thanks!
22:50 nengard       chris bob wants to be penciled in too
22:50 chris         which bob?
22:51 chris         Bob Birchall?
22:51 jo            http://www.ngamanu.co.nz/visit.php
22:51 jo            we would have tons of time heading  north to levin if we left at 1.30
22:51 jo            c ould go nga manu
22:51 chris         maybe :)
22:52 jo            chris: you'll bring Laurel and the bambini with you yes?
22:52 jo            to levin i mean
22:52 jo            on bus trip
22:52 chris         highly likely yes
22:52 chris         someones gotta sing my waiata
22:52 jo            well i think we should build in a wee detour to Nga manu then :)
22:53 jo            oh yes - you will be our alpha male in the powhiri
22:53 jo            when we are welcomed on to the marae
22:53 jo            better brush up your te reo my friend :)
22:53 chris         heh
22:53 jo            and we'll have to learn a waiata in the bus on the way
22:54 jo            Te Hiira said he would help us with the powhiri - make sure we are left floundering :)
22:59 jo            $10 discounted rate for freedom walk at nga manu or $15 for Tui package: Visitors are welcomed and given a talk by a staff member. The talk covers aspects of Tuatara and Kiwi life cycles and unique features. This is followed by a walk to the eel feeding area and a presentation and feeding by your guide.
22:59 chris         id say lets leave that
22:59 jo            yep
22:59 chris         and run it by people at the conference
22:59 jo            its getting quite pricey aye
22:59 chris         i think taking it leisurely
22:59 chris         with a stop for ice cream at lindale
22:59 jo            ice cream at lindale
22:59 chris         is the low stress option
23:00 chris         theres a lot of walking at nga manu
23:00 jo            could also stop at otaki outlet stores on main drag
23:00 chris         we dont want to have ppl having to power walk
23:00 jo            no indeed
23:00 chris         if we get to levin to early
23:00 jo            that whats i'm thinking
23:00 chris         we can just go out to the beach for a look
23:00 jo            leaving wgtn at 1.30 - its 1,5 hrs to levin driving
23:00 jo            of course we could :)
23:00 chris         so 2 in a bus
23:01 chris         with no accidents
23:01 chris         on that stupid piece of road
23:01 jo            oh -and the road woprks.
23:01 chris         between pukerua and paekakariki
23:01 jo            right - thats settled :)
23:05 chris         ok enough playing with the programme, someone elses turn, back to bugfixing i go
23:09 chris         jwagner: http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/2010/05/11/code-hits-the-wild/
23:10 jwagner       Just saw the link, haven't read it yet :-)
23:10 chris         :)
23:11 jwagner       Thought I'd poke my head back in, in case anyone had any more questions tonight.
23:11 chris         we were all busy with a kohacon planning meeting, but im sure some will come :)
23:20 chris         ok time to make a coffee before meetings
23:20 chris         bbiab
23:20 gmcharlt      chris: possible way to keep track of integration: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/PTFSHarleyIntegration
23:22 jwagner       gmcharlt, nice
23:22 jwagner       I was telling chris earlier, this includes the 4-5 features that are parallel development.  Some of them I think can integrate, but at least one is going to be a real bear.
23:24 gmcharlt      ep
23:24 gmcharlt      yep
23:24 gmcharlt      that's what the 'conflict' column is for
23:24 gmcharlt      like what I did with Bug4257
23:24 gmcharlt      4247, rather
23:25 gmcharlt      jwagner: if you wouldn't mind filling in descriptions on that wiki page as well as noting when things are already present in 3.2, that would save chris and I a lot of time
23:25 jwagner       The overall install package also includes some things that are already in head or sent.  I'll have to check w/jdavidb in the morning; I _think_ the individual branches are only for the new stuff.
23:25 gmcharlt      since I think you'll be going through all of those bugs anyway
23:25 jwagner       Will do -- I have an internal list that's updated, and I would be referring to that when I update the bugzilla entries.
23:26 gmcharlt      there are at least 7 or 8 branches that include stuff already in head when I spotchecked
23:26 jwagner       He might have pushed everything, then.
23:26 gmcharlt      that's fine - those will be the easiest to straighten out
23:28 chris_n       is it me or is irc.katipo.co.nz timeing out in the states?
23:28 Nate          gnight all
23:28 chris_n       three different clients time out for me when attempting to connect
23:29 jwagner       chris_n, I haven't had any trouble.
23:29 chris_n       rtt's are nearly 400ms
23:30 chris_n       jwagner: how about trying this: http://widget.mibbit.com/?settings=1392bed8b563d8534da6aec9288199ef&server=irc.katipo.co.nz&channel=%23koha
23:31 mib_2kq0s1    This is jwagner -- seems to be fine, chris_n.  Must be you :-(
23:31 * chris_n     wonders what he's done to offend the irc server :'(
23:36 chris_n       success
23:37 chris_n       heya cn_perl_bot
23:38 chris         :)