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21:50 * chris_n         grabs another glass of lemonade
21:50 munin             chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 30.5�C (5:46 PM EDT on May 01, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 13%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.56 in 1000.9 hPa (Falling).
21:50 chris_n           @wunder 28334
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19:39 brendan           @wunder 93117
19:39 brendan           afternoon all
19:22 chris             4405 works for me, i like that you fixed all my typos
19:19 munin             indradg: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 30.0�C (12:20 AM IST on May 02, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 26.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Falling).
19:19 indradg           @wunder kolkata
18:40 bgkriegel         ok
18:40 gmcharlt          bgkriegel: yep, 4405
18:39 bgkriegel         gmcharlt: 4505 does not exist. Is 4405?
16:53 gmcharlt          solicited, even
16:53 gmcharlt          comments on patch series I submited for 4036, 4505, and 4429 solicated
14:39 chris_n           any suggestion on an inexpensive printer for use on a circ desk with Koha?
14:33 gmcharlt          hi chris_n
14:33 chris_n           hi gmcharlt
14:30 gmcharlt          anybody about who can translate a syspref to French for me?
14:07 * braedon|home    gives up and goes to bed - hopefully it will be done in the morning
14:02 braedon|home      uploading mediawiki unzipped - 1500 files over ftp later...
14:01 wizzyrea_laptop   :/ yea
14:00 braedon|home      /sigh - not having ssh access to your web hosting is very frustraiting
13:16 wizzyrea_laptop   super dee duper
13:14 gmcharlt          wizzyrea_laptop: yep, I'm putting release notes together this weekend for alpha2, but will be throwing them up on a wiki somewhere as well
13:06 wizzyrea_laptop   an accurate one
13:05 wizzyrea_laptop   guess it's time to do a feature list for.3.2
12:58 slef              I took a look at RDA. Wondered if it was flawed or if I was flawed. Left it for later.
12:42 gmcharlt          exactly
12:38 mason             ... it sounds like a grand-unifying theory, that isnt quite finished?
12:37 mason             ive had someone show me some doco from a nz-rda workshop...
12:37 gmcharlt          mason: I only wish I could take credit ;)
12:36 mason             gmcharlt: i liked your fake-rda post last nite
12:33 gmcharlt          let's make a deal - I won't try to dictate how you guys use UNIMARC, and you won't dictate how MARC21 is used, or blatantly choose to ignore it standards
12:19 hdl_laptop        congrats nah
12:19 nahuel            and thanks
12:19 nahuel            were leaving
12:19 nahuel            see you
12:19 nahuel            :)
12:19 nahuel            it works how we want
12:19 nahuel            don't care
12:16 gmcharlt          in MARC21 authorities?  no, that's not what's it's for
12:01 nahuel            just linking a thesaurus to the 260$a
12:01 nahuel            well I found how to do it
11:47 kmkale            munin++
11:43 munin             04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3429 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, Searching fails for MARC21 authorities with ERROR 114 in zebrasrv log
11:43 munin             04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=900 enhancement, P2, ---, antoine@koha-fr.org, NEW, Unimarc Authorities
11:43 slef              bug 900 and bug 3429 are related... actually tons of authorities bugs :-(
11:41 slef              if there is, it's not in my notes I have here :-/
11:40 slef              let me see if I can find a kohabug for it
11:40 gmcharlt          not a big deal, just saying that it would need to be accounted for
11:39 gmcharlt          slef: yep
11:39 slef              or did I dream that?
11:39 hdl_laptop        slef: just kidding
11:39 gmcharlt          hdl_laptop: no lockin, and to *share* authority records :)
11:39 slef              gmcharlt: don't we already have some tag stripping?
11:39 gmcharlt          but there would need to be an option to strip out them out during export
11:39 slef              hdl_laptop: no lock-in, ok?
11:39 hdl_laptop        slef: who would like to get out from Koha ;)
11:39 gmcharlt          *tacking on, that is
11:39 gmcharlt          taking on $9 in MARC21 auths wouldn't be a problem
11:39 slef              yeah, $9 and more :-/
11:38 slef              won't export from koha well, though
11:38 hdl_laptop        But using $9 could be ok imho
11:38 slef              gmcharlt: it's been a while, but I think an emulation is possible
11:38 hdl_laptop        So respecting strictly the norm would be a nightmare.
11:38 nahuel            :)
11:38 nahuel            well...
11:38 nahuel            gmcharlt, in unimarc too :)
11:38 nahuel            héhé
11:38 hdl_laptop        MARC21 is not using authids but headings.
11:38 gmcharlt          it's not a Koha problem so much as a MARC21 problem
11:37 gmcharlt          nahuel: that kind of semantic is not really expressable in MARC21
11:37 slef              nahuel: marc21 linking support in Koha is waaay behind unimarc
11:37 slef              nahuel: this is on my TODO
11:37 chris_n           I have not tried putting Koha on yet though
11:37 slef              aha
11:37 nahuel            gmcharlt, ?
11:36 hdl_laptop        good
11:36 hdl_laptop        hi chris_n
11:36 chris_n           and g'morning #koha
11:35 chris_n           and I installed the server version on a new box and that went fine too
11:35 chris_n           hdl_laptop: I did a distro upgrade to lucid this week on my desktop and it went fine
11:35 nahuel            like between personnal name and corp. name
11:34 gmcharlt          between broader and narrower terms, e.g.?
11:34 nahuel            I need between auth and auth
11:33 gmcharlt          there is no conception of linking between authorities themselves
11:33 nahuel            no
11:33 gmcharlt          for links between bib headings and authorities
11:33 gmcharlt          nahuel: $9 works
11:29 nahuel            :)
11:29 nahuel            hdl_laptop,
11:27 nahuel            don't know
11:27 nahuel            perhaps i'm wrong...
11:26 nahuel            in default auth fwk we cannot find any $9
11:26 nahuel            how can we do to do links between authorities ?
11:26 nahuel            gmcharlt, ?
11:26 nahuel            someone that knows koha and marc21 ? :)
11:26 nahuel            heya
10:51 chris             going into winter
10:51 chris             its autumn
10:49 indradg_          or?
10:49 indradg_          chris, so technically it is late winter / early spring now?
10:47 chris             indradg_: starts around october, ends in march
09:25 munin             kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 33.0�C (2:10 PM IST on May 01, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Falling).
09:25 kmkale            @weather Mumbai
08:36 kmkale_laptop     when I try to upgrade from ubuntu 9.10 I get an error could not download release notes. :(
08:18 indradg_          chris, (probably) dumb and OT question when is it summer in NZ?
08:00 chris             yep, they should all just work
07:54 braedon|home      i may have another go at building ubuntu packages for the dependencies, since this is a LTS and someone may actually care :P. And i may be able to simply port some of lars' debian packages over, which would simplify things a lot
07:52 braedon|home      downloading server version now - will have a go with 3.2
07:51 chris             braedon|home: i havent yet
06:37 braedon|home      ubuntu 10.04*
06:37 braedon|home      anyone tried koha on 10.04 yet?
06:02 munin             kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 34.0�C (11:10 AM IST on May 01, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 25.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Falling).
06:02 kmkale            @weather Mumbai
04:34 * chris           wanders off
04:32 chris             but i thnk its worth investigating
04:32 chris             it needs to be tidied up, and better error handling
04:31 brendan           night chris_n
04:31 brendan           yeah going to play with it
04:31 chris             night chris_n
04:31 chris_n           g'night all
04:31 chris             script is a simple as that
04:31 chris             http://git.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=a2fbfb5e70d6947578eb96822e45acd3f8c27a50
04:31 chris             nginx + a FCGI::Async script
04:31 reed              you know how much i adore nginx
04:30 reed              sweet
04:30 chris             yep
04:30 reed              chris, thinking of using it in place of apache for koha?
04:30 chris             ok time to cook some dinner
04:30 chris             yep we use that at work too
04:28 chris_n           nginx supports memcached
04:28 chris             ok thats enough playing with that for now
04:28 chris             nginx++
04:17 brendan           errr.. njinx
04:17 brendan           jinx
04:17 brendan           http://wiki.ngins.org
04:17 chris             best place
04:17 chris             http://wiki.nginx.org/Main
04:16 chris             yep
04:16 chris_n           is this it: http://nginx.org/
04:15 chris             FCGI::Async was the missing piece, i knew nginx is fast we use it at work
04:15 chris_n           hehe
04:14 brendan           reading about nginx now
04:14 brendan           true :)
04:13 chris             i need laurel to take the kids to gallery openings more often ... its quite productive :)
04:10 chris             through even
04:10 chris             so 216 throw .. so the sweet spot is around there
04:10 chris             H/F/S Req:0,1xx:0,2xx:0,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0,T-Err:0,D:0ms,D-2xx:0ms,Ti:0B/s,To:0B/s
04:10 chris             yep
04:10 brendan           is this only the opac side ?
04:10 chris             H/F   Req:217,1xx:0,2xx:216,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:1,Err:0,T-Err:0,D:24894ms,D-2xx:24690ms,Ti:18143B/s,To:478B/s
04:10 chris             Test total duration was 83 seconds and CAPS average 3:
04:08 chris             now 4
04:06 chris             H/F/S Req:0,1xx:0,2xx:0,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0,T-Err:0,D:0ms,D-2xx:0ms,Ti:0B/s,To:0B/s
04:06 chris             H/F   Req:167,1xx:0,2xx:167,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0,T-Err:0,D:24456ms,D-2xx:24456ms,Ti:15384B/s,To:391B/s
04:06 chris             Test total duration was 75 seconds and CAPS average 3:
04:04 chris_n           this looks sweet
04:03 * chris           will try 3
04:03 chris             92 secs, got all 159 through
04:02 chris             H/F/S Req:0,1xx:0,2xx:0,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0,T-Err:0,D:0ms,D-2xx:0ms,Ti:0B/s,To:0B/s
04:02 chris             H/F   Req:159,1xx:0,2xx:159,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0,T-Err:0,D:25431ms,D-2xx:25431ms,Ti:12037B/s,To:301B/s
04:02 chris             Test total duration was 92 seconds and CAPS average 2:
04:02 chris             2 backends, 1 nginx
04:02 chris             same test
04:00 chris             curl-loader
03:59 mason             hay, wots the http-profiler called?
03:59 chris             yeah 500's probably scripts dying
03:58 mason             5xx:75 ?
03:58 chris             and then see how we go
03:58 chris             ill get another 2 backend fastcgi running
03:58 mason             ok
03:58 chris             yeah 200's
03:58 mason             so, http 2xx are successes?
03:57 chris             gimme 5 mins
03:57 chris             i only have one backend running
03:57 chris             and
03:57 chris             but nginx and FCGI::Async coped a lot better
03:57 mason             even more telling...
03:57 mason             aaaaah
03:57 chris             which is pretty high
03:57 mason             ah, click..
03:57 chris             i was requesting 100 at a time
03:56 chris             so apache only served up 11 pages successfully
03:56 chris             on 11 were 200 tho mason
03:56 mason             nginx: 206 in 142 secs
03:56 chris             111 requests
03:56 chris             looking at my results?
03:55 mason             apache: 111 hits in 259 secs
03:55 chris_n           very nice
03:55 brendan           and you've got m$ books in your catalog too ;)
03:55 brendan           oh nice
03:55 chris             so yeah this deserves more investigation i think
03:54 chris             but still got 123 requests through
03:54 jdavidb           I'm gonna head to bed.  y'all have a great weekend.
03:54 mason             thats a big difference
03:54 chris             got some 500's
03:54 chris             H/F/S Req:0,1xx:0,2xx:0,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:0,Err:0,T-Err:0,D:0ms,D-2xx:0ms,Ti:0B/s,To:0B/s
03:54 chris             H/F   Req:159,1xx:0,2xx:123,3xx:0,4xx:0,5xx:36,Err:0,T-Err:0,D:34403ms,D-2xx:25939ms,Ti:8025B/s,To:231B/s
03:54 chris             Test total duration was 112 seconds and CAPS average 2:
03:53 mason             heya
03:53 chris             it maxed out as
03:53 chris             .61
03:53 chris             finished
03:52 chris             apache2 was swapping by now
03:52 chris             .46
03:51 chris             0.27, 29.73, 41.26
03:51 chris             hehe its running now
03:50 chris             im gonna run 100 concurrent requests against it
03:50 chris             ok, .92
03:50 chris             cool
03:49 chris_n           quite snappy from here now chris
03:47 chris             waiting for the load to drop and will try nginx again
03:47 chris             ill take that as a win
03:46 chris             i got 131 from nginx
03:46 chris             in 142 seconds
03:46 chris             so in 252 seconds i got 11 200s from apache2
03:45 chris_n           504 error now
03:45 chris             it may not recover
03:45 chris_n           wow, thomas the tank engine.. .the kiddies would love your library :)
03:45 brendan           :)
03:45 chris             108.67
03:45 chris             swapping hard
03:45 chris             3 gig gone
03:45 chris             right ive topped out the ram
03:45 brendan           Available: Chris Office
03:45 chris             heh
03:45 brendan           love this title --> this title has a < and " and a & in it
03:45 chris             yeah cos im poundng the apache2
03:45 brendan           slowed way down -
03:45 chris             still will be interesting to compare against the nginx set up
03:43 chris_n           hehe
03:43 chris             i suspect i put a bit too much load on
03:43 * chris_n         is on about a 35k foot loop
03:43 chris              74.68
03:41 chris_n           probably my last mile link
03:41 wizzyrea_laptop   !!
03:40 chris              49.93
03:39 chris             yikes
03:39 chris             got the load up to 31 already
03:38 chris             k, profilng the old set up
03:37 jdavidb           Very quick for me.
03:35 * wizzyrea_laptop noticed that too, but ditto on the link
03:33 chris_n           here even
03:33 chris_n           but that may be due to a poor quality link hree
03:33 chris_n           bit slow from my neck of the woods
03:32 brendan           wow that's way faster than the opac.demo.catalyst
03:31 chris             umm 3 metres away from me in my house
03:31 chris             (running load test)
03:31 brendan           what's the location of the server
03:31 chris             i may just have blown it up
03:30 chris_n           very nice
03:30 brendan           really snappy here
03:30 chris             http://git.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=a2fbfb5e70d6947578eb96822e45acd3f8c27a50
03:30 chris             nginx + this
03:30 brendan           nice chris
03:28 wizzyrea_laptop   hm, i haven't ever noticed that, but mine's a macbook that vents out the back
03:28 chris             no apache involved at all
03:28 chris             http://opac.koha.workbuffer.org:82/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=&q=fish
03:27 * chris_n         finds that running laptops on the bedtop tends to dramatically shorten the life of the battery
03:27 brendan           hiya
03:27 chris_n           hey brendan
03:26 brendan           yup not allowed to bring my laptop to bed either
03:24 jdavidb           I couldn't take my lappy to bed.  the wahrless doesn't like our metal-stud walls, and my work lappy is a 9-pound road warrior.  Don't want it anywhere near my lap.
03:16 wizzyrea_laptop   so I"m free to laptop anyplace I like ^.^
03:16 chris_n           yup, kids do change things
03:16 wizzyrea_laptop   s/or/for
03:15 wizzyrea_laptop   the hubs plays bass in a band, he's got a gig tonight. I'd go except no sitter or el bebeh.
03:15 wizzyrea_laptop   hehe
03:15 chris_n           my wife would probably have both it and me on the floor :)
03:14 * wizzyrea_laptop 's laptop has a mind of its own
03:14 chris_n           lol
03:14 wizzyrea_laptop   by your laptop? or your wife?
03:14 chris_n           if I took my laptop toward the bed, I'd probably get pushed out... ;-)
03:13 chris_n           hehe
03:13 wizzyrea_laptop   because it's comfy and warm
03:13 wizzyrea_laptop   wizzyrea_types_inbed
03:13 wizzyrea_laptop   or more accurately...
03:12 wizzyrea_laptop   yep :)
03:12 * chris_n         wonders if wizzyrea_laptop == wizzyrea_home?
03:12 jdavidb           hi, wizzy.  :)
03:12 wizzyrea_laptop   sup jdavidb
03:01 jdavidb           howdy, chris_n
03:01 chris_n           heya jdavib, chris
03:00 * chris           is experimenting with FCGI::Async and nginx
03:00 jdavidb           hi, chris.
03:00 chris             hi jdavidb
02:28 wizzyrea_laptop   I'm guessing it's not really possible.
02:28 wizzyrea_laptop   re: the fight, it depends on if mac can fashion a god foot from paperclips, chewing gum, and duct tape.
02:07 mason             ahh, its actually linda blair, not vicki :/
02:05 mason             this one's got RDA kissing Vicki in the final frame, priceless...
02:04 mason             http://rdanderson.com/photos/love/love.htm
02:04 mason             and a last one....
02:03 mason             http://www.chucknorris.com/html/kids.aspx?id=1045
01:59 mason             "Chuck Norris can kick through all 6 degrees of separation, hitting anyone, anywhere, in the face, at any time."
01:58 mason             hay, i wonder if chuck norris has a similar fan-site...
01:57 mason             its good to see the RDA fandom depicted in 'the simpsons' exists in real life!
01:55 brendan           who would win in a fight MacGyver or Chcuk Norris
01:55 mason             a fav. fotos page....
01:55 mason             http://rdanderson.com/phpBB/viewforum.php?f=6
01:55 brendan           that's fabulous
01:54 mason             and a forum too... http://rdanderson.com/phpBB/index.php
01:54 * richard         scrubs up pretty well for the photos
01:54 mason             http://rdanderson.com
01:54 mason             heh, looks at this...
01:52 brendan           lucky streak is on
01:52 munin             brendan: *click*
01:52 brendan           @roulette
01:49 richard           pretty close tho, eh chris :)
01:49 chris             yep :)
01:48 wizzyrea_laptop   at least you didn't type in your password
01:48 chris             doh, wrong window
01:47 chris             w
01:45 wizzyrea_laptop   j/k
01:43 wizzyrea_laptop   i.e. should we be concerned about you?
01:43 wizzyrea_laptop   lol
01:43 wizzyrea_laptop   omg, dude, do you really want to die?
01:40 munin             brendan: *click*
01:40 brendan           @roulette
00:41 reed              heh
00:40 chris             ohh, that looks like a great coffee discussion topic on monday :)
00:38 chris             looking now
00:32 reed              chris, you there? check yer mail
00:10 slef              you too
00:10 slef              ta
00:05 brendan           enjoy the weekend
00:05 brendan           cya #koha