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21:39 chris      nz 1 - aus 0 :-)
21:38 chris      http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/3543314/Online-ambushes-hit-Tourism-Australia
21:32 chris_n    somewhere along the way, I lost track ;)
21:32 chris      yeah labour is gonna be the lions share
21:32 chris_n    so really, the scanner and the hours were the lion's share
21:31 wizzyrea   and the person to wear the belt and suspenders
21:31 chris_n    full disclosure: /me owns a large part of it
21:31 chris_n    the server was donated by a local business
21:31 gmcharlt   it's not the cost of the box, it's the cost of the belt and suspenders in many cases
21:30 chris_n    lol
21:27 wizzyrea   I tease. ;)
21:27 wizzyrea   >.>
21:27 wizzyrea   I wonder how we quantify the necessity of "genius"
21:26 chris_n    and *lots* of person-hours
21:26 * chris_n  did it on < 300USD equipment budget :)
21:25 chris      and lee
21:25 chris      im sure jo from hlt would
21:25 chris      maybe jesse's library might, and chris_n
21:25 wizzyrea   < hosted, of course
21:25 wizzyrea   I wonder if my boss would be willing to work up something
21:24 chris      but some diy ones would be good
21:21 wizzyrea   also true
21:21 chris      and it varies wildly
21:21 chris      yeah, its hard to get people to give up that information tho
21:20 wizzyrea   recommendations based on size of collection would be SO helpful
21:20 wizzyrea   ^^ yes
21:20 chris_n    it might be nice to have a section on the website with sample cost analysis for various size/configuration installations
20:19 chris      (Well depends on the airline so check with them first)
20:19 wizzyrea   excellent to know
20:19 chris      you know you can bring the car seat and not count it as luggage eh?
20:18 wizzyrea   not sure yet
20:18 chris      where are you guys staying wellington?
20:18 wizzyrea   might be hard with a 2 yr old
20:18 wizzyrea   man I want to do the road trip, dk if I will be able too though.
20:18 nengard    i looked my the dates i was planning on and think i'll have to pass on the road trip - but i'll see you all in wellington when you get there :)
20:09 chris      oh cool lee is doing the roadtrip :)
20:07 wizzyrea   zing
20:06 chris      "Why i failed at business"
20:06 chris      and call it
20:06 chris      someone should write a book with all the excuses in it
20:04 owen       chris don't you remember? LEK is full of "sensitive customer data"
20:03 chris      my mums recipes
20:03 wizzyrea   i merged your mom, now that just sounds just wrong.
20:03 wizzyrea   your mom?
20:03 chris      its true for everything
20:03 chris      or everything
20:02 owen       Oh, okay
20:02 chris      the latter
20:02 wizzyrea   lek, probably
20:02 owen       chris: Re: 3.2 ?
20:01 wizzyrea   stir stir stir
20:00 * chris    is always gonna be an agitator im afraid
20:00 chris      ok,  i just cant resist, .... things could happen very quickly if there was a public repo, because then a crapload more ppl could do merging
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19:39 cait       @wunder Konstanz
19:37 wizzyrea   just some folks who do weather in lawrence
19:37 wizzyrea   http://www.sunflower.com/~rkhoury/wx.htm
19:37 wizzyrea   oh
19:37 wizzyrea   you know I don't even know what the khoury's is
19:37 munin`     wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 26.6�C (2:37 PM CDT on April 01, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.64 in 1003.6 hPa (Falling).
19:37 wizzyrea   @wunder 66047
19:21 munin`     owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 26.1�C (3:16 PM EDT on April 01, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 22%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008.0 hPa (Steady).
19:21 owen       @wunder 45701
19:19 * chris_n  heads off to fix that problem ;)
19:19 chris_n    its way to nice to be inside
19:19 chris_n    ahh... heatwave
19:19 munin`     chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 30.9�C (3:16 PM EDT on April 01, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 8%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006.0 hPa (Falling).
19:19 chris_n    @wunder 28334
19:16 DarrellUlm Bye!
19:16 DarrellUlm (in NE Ohio) and Sunny, usually or weather is like England
19:16 DarrellUlm Be well, all it is 75 degrees!
18:53 DarrellUlm Yes
18:52 munin`     jdavidb: Karma for "ptfs" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
18:52 jdavidb    @karma ptfs
18:52 wizzyrea   b
18:52 wizzyrea   br
18:52 wizzyrea   weird, it must be me
18:52 wizzyrea   later jane
18:52 wizzyrea   like traffic. Or code. or getting married.
18:52 jwagner    gotta run to make the next meeting -- see you all later
18:52 wizzyrea   I like merging.
18:52 DarrellUlm "Merging" could be good.
18:52 jdavidb    how 'bout now?
18:51 DarrellUlm I mean "Merge" (not the Simpsons)
18:51 wizzyrea   jdavidb it tells me you are offline are you makred as DND or invisible?
18:51 DarrellUlm I like that word you used "marge" ;)
18:51 jwagner    Just remember, nothing is going to happen _quickly_ -- it's really going to take a lot of time to merge things together & do something with them.
18:50 wizzyrea   me too
18:50 DarrellUlm Looking forward to good collaborations with PTFS + Community
18:50 jwagner    Who would have thunk that these mergers involved so many MEETINGS!
18:50 DarrellUlm Glad to hear it, I will check it out
18:49 * jwagner  is too tired to do a happy dance, but does one mentally
18:49 * jdavidb  does a happy dance.
18:49 * jdavidb  grins happily at wizzyrea.
18:48 jdavidb    My evil minion's mother got quite-a-bit more pregnant over the summer, when we were in college...one sophomoric friend nearly perished when he said, "Gosh, I thought you'd just gained a buncha weight."
18:48 * jwagner  smiles not-wryly!
18:48 wizzyrea   ptfs++
18:48 jwagner    That MARC edit tool is one that we developed and have been using in house for a while.  Rashid is a data wizard.
18:48 wizzyrea   ok, here goes nothing
18:48 * wizzyrea smiles wryly
18:48 jwagner    Am out of my day-long set of meetings just in time to head home for yet another one.  But we are still active!
18:47 wizzyrea   or "what you got in there, the green bay packers?"
18:47 wizzyrea   as well he should be ;)
18:47 jdavidb    She *does* look beautiful, from the pics I've seen.  And cfouts is clearly thoroughly ga-ga over her.
18:47 wizzyrea   "are you having twins?"
18:47 wizzyrea   no
18:46 wizzyrea   just for your reference ;)
18:46 wizzyrea   in fact, the only words re: looks that should be uttered around pregnant women are "you look beautiful"
18:46 wizzyrea   >.>
18:46 wizzyrea   you probably don't want said lovely wife to see you describe her like that
18:46 jdavidb    She's itty-bitty, wizzyrea, and is "carrying" it all out front.
18:46 * owen     braces himself
18:45 wizzyrea   ok, just as a note
18:45 wizzyrea   !!
18:45 owen       If cfouts was the one-legged man in the butt-kicking contest he would win hands down
18:45 jdavidb    His lovely bride is due any day; from the picks, it looks like she's going to give birth to the Green Bay Packers or something.
18:44 wizzyrea   ^^ what he said
18:44 jdavidb    I'm trying to coax cfouts back out into the world, but he's busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest just now.
18:44 owen       It will be interesting to see if any LibLime people start becoming active in the community
18:44 wizzyrea   haveta say, life in LL land has gotten a lot more pleasant of late
18:43 jdavidb    jwagner is sorta here, too (in a meeting)
18:43 owen       PTFS people were active before the buyout!
18:43 wizzyrea   jdavidb is here >.>
18:43 DarrellUlm Have the PTFS people been active in the community since the buyout?
18:43 jdavidb    He *does*, DarrellUlm.
18:43 wizzyrea   ^^ what he said
18:42 DarrellUlm Because he rules
18:42 wizzyrea   Ah, a brand new, PTFS branded something on the LL site. Nice!
18:42 jdavidb    owen++ # beat me to it.
18:42 DarrellUlm Yeah, there is a link on the site in the annoucements sect.
18:42 owen       http://www.liblime.com/news/ptfs-presents-marc-utilities-2013-metadata-converter
18:41 wizzyrea   har de har
18:41 DarrellUlm ;)
18:41 DarrellUlm liblime.com
18:41 wizzyrea   link?
18:40 DarrellUlm Hey, didn't Liblime just release a marc tool?
18:40 DarrellUlm I suspected we had a few bad ones here so we should not do a full re-index until I can do a verify on all the marc
18:39 DarrellUlm Yes, probably
18:37 wizzyrea   so I'd guess you may have a borked marc record somewhere.
18:37 wizzyrea   I haven't heard anybody complain about large reindexes
18:34 cait       :)
18:34 DarrellUlm Zebra 3.2 re-index issue from yesterday was due to large (production) marc data, and it worked fine with 5,000 record test data everytime, so looking for records (or code?) that cause problems during rebuild_index
18:34 cait       hi jdavidb
18:32 DarrellUlm Hello
18:31 jdavidb    Hi, cait...welcome back, owen. :)
18:21 Vlad       thanx chris_n
17:33 chris_n    brendan: I'll have a look, tnx
17:32 brendan    I think dimdim may have a "community-version"
17:31 chris_n    Vlad: Unfortunately I am not familiar with the VM images; my suggestion would be to 'make && make install' again, but that might not work on the VM images
17:31 brendan    you look at dimdim ?
17:29 chris_n    does anyone know of any FOSS alternatives to Go-To Meeting that provide the same features?
16:42 wizzyrea   oh snap!
16:30 mib_2mut7u Nevermind.  The unfindable patron was findable when I looked in the right branch.
16:21 mib_2mut7u I notice the unfindable patron has borrower.privacy=1, borrower.debarred=0, borrower.lost=0, borrower.dateexpiry="2010-07-32"
16:16 mib_2mut7u I've found a patron in the borrower table who I can't find by searching by patron name or barcode. Is there some field that hides patrons from circulation?
16:15 mib_2mut7u I've got another question about the borrower table.
16:07 Vlad       mdea...
16:02 Vlad       Some suggestions for my problem?
16:00 mib_2mut7u ah ha!  Thank you very much!
15:59 owen       filling in the "Email (home)" field updates borrowers.email. filling in "Email (work)" updates borrowers.emailpro
15:58 mib_2mut7u so the koha "add a patron" screen would update the borrowers.email field?
15:57 owen       My first guess is that someone entered them when adding the patron?
15:57 mib_2mut7u owen: some of our records have different (but seemingly valid) values for email and emailpro do you have any idea how that could happen?
15:56 owen       Display in the staff client. For informational purposes only.
15:56 mib_2mut7u owen: display where?
15:55 owen       mib_2mut7u: the difference is that borrowers.email is used to send emails, borrowers.emailpro is used only for display (as far as I know)
15:54 jdavidb    you betcha. :)
15:54 ccurry     Thanks for your help!
15:54 ccurry     It was probably dragging because the table is so large.  I think I'll truncate to start set up a cron (like I should have done in the beginning)
15:54 jdavidb    it does DELETE from zebraqueue WHERE blahblah..  TRUNCATE is absolute; it just tosses the contents of the table in the garbage.
15:53 mib_2mut7u Our overdue notices are not going out because many of our borrowers have an empty "email" field.  What is the difference between borrowers.email and borrowers.emailpro?
15:53 ccurry     ah...makes sense
15:53 jdavidb    no, it selects on the "time" field--the timestamp of when it was added.
15:53 ccurry     *select for done=0
15:52 ccurry     so, does your script just select for that done=0 and truncate everything else?
15:51 jdavidb    nope, as long as you omit --sessions, as you noted.
15:51 jdavidb    you might select for done=0 in zebraqueue to see if there are things that didn't get indexed; if it doesn't return any records, then you shouldn't even need to reindex, and truncating will be just fine.
15:51 ccurry     jdavidb: any problem running it while users are logged in and working?
15:51 Vlad       cris_n: on Virtual Machine image was preinstalled, and I just lunched it. What you can sugest for this situation?
15:50 jdavidb    There isn't a verbose option.
15:50 jdavidb    ccurry:  I'm the author of that script.  yes, the zebraqueue option keeps (x) days worth.  (the most-recent).
15:50 ccurry     or is there a verbose option?
15:50 mib_2mut7u Hi all
15:50 ccurry     I have a huge zebraqueue table that is refusing to load into my test server.  I tried running this script in the past (on my test server) and I got no output and it seemed to hang, so I canceled the process.  I guess now is the time to sort this out.  Any problem with just truncating the zebraqueue table and reindexing to catch any edits that didn't get indexed?
15:47 ccurry     and does 10 mean that it will retain 10 days of old zebraqueue data?
15:47 ccurry     cleanup_database.pl  --zebraqueue 10
15:47 ccurry     Is it a problem to run this script while users are logged in and working, as long as I don't use the "--sessions" option?
15:47 ccurry     Good morning, all; question about cleanup_database.pl:
15:46 chris_n    the __VAR__ variables should be replaced during the install process
15:46 chris_n    Vlad: something went wrong during the 'make install' or perhaps it has not been run
15:36 Vlad       Anybody who fix this error?
15:35 Vlad       I read this archive http://stats.workbuffer.org/irclog/koha/2010-02-24, but not understand how this error was fix
15:33 Vlad       Can't connect to data source 'dbname=__DB_NAME__;host=__DB_HOST__;port=__DB_PORT__' because I can't work out what driver to use (it doesn't seem to contain a 'dbi:driver:' prefix and the DBI_DRIVER env var is not set) at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/Context.pm line 666
15:33 Vlad       Use of uninitialized value $db_driver in concatenation (.) or string at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/Context.pm line 666.
15:33 Vlad       and obtained this error:
15:33 Vlad       I try to make ./rebuild_zebra -b -a -z
15:33 Vlad       after that I add a new record in catalog, add new item on shelf, but in search this item not found.
15:31 owen       Vlad: do you have a question?
15:27 Vlad       I lunched koha on VM
15:26 Vlad       Hi there
14:40 wizzyrea   thanks for applying a few brain cycles to it though, owen
14:39 wizzyrea   bah, guess it will have to stay
14:39 wizzyrea   or at least I'm not smrt enough to
14:39 wizzyrea   but you still can't get down to just the text
14:38 wizzyrea   but that seems overly manipulative
14:38 wizzyrea   I suppose you could prepend a tag, then append a tag, then remove what's between the tags
14:38 wizzyrea   right, I've done lots of those
14:37 owen       $("a:contains('Holds to pull')").parent().remove();
14:37 wizzyrea   dk if any of you are lost fans
14:37 owen       The example we have in effect:
14:37 wizzyrea   http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/dharma-alarm-clock.shtml
14:37 owen       Normally I'd say use ":contains", but this isn't wrapped in a tag
14:37 wizzyrea   okies
14:36 owen       Sorry wizzyrea I got nothin'
14:32 * owen     ponders
14:31 jdavidb    yes, it was.
14:31 wizzyrea   hey, that was a good one
14:31 munin`     jdavidb: Quote #25: "<wizzyrea> ha, in #koha we don't pick each other's brains... we git pull them." (added by gmcharlt at 03:40 PM, August 14, 2009)
14:31 jdavidb    @quote random
14:30 jdavidb    lol
14:30 munin`     jdavidb: The operation succeeded.  Quote #70 added.
14:30 jdavidb    @quote add <wizzyrea>	owen: I have a jquery... um... query for you
14:30 wizzyrea   but there are no tags around it to select, except for td
14:30 wizzyrea   http://screencast.com/t/MmE4MjM2 i'm trying to remove the No Holds Allowed text (it's redundant and inaccurate in our install sometimes)
14:29 owen       Shoot
14:29 wizzyrea   owen: I have a jquery... um... query for you
13:56 * jdavidb  enters his phone number as either 867-5309 or BR-549 on testing systems...
13:47 owen       Except someone is going to want to put in "555-2392 dont call during lunch"
13:47 owen       I could see stripping all spacing and punctuation from phone numbers and managing it all on output
13:45 collum     Yep.  In our database we have these characters separating numbers ()-:.# and space.
13:42 jwagner    The possibilities are endless :-)
13:35 collum     And some US locations have to use 10 digits, some 7, some can use either.
13:33 jwagner    And for business phones, don't forget to allow for extension numbers.
13:31 ebegin     biblibre phone number on their website: 04 91 81 35 08
13:30 ebegin     especially that phone number in France looks like
13:24 owen       You never can tell in what format someone is going to enter a phone number
13:23 jwagner    owen, could be useful for the patron edit screen & the OPAC patron account update.
13:21 owen       This looks nice (assuming you're working with a fixed locale): http://digitalbush.com/projects/masked-input-plugin/
13:03 munin`     jwagner: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 13.1�C (9:03 AM EDT on April 01, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020.2 hPa (Rising).
13:03 jwagner    @wunder 20817
12:56 chris_n    http://www.linux-mag.com/cache/7749/1.html
12:56 chris_n    hmm... "Effectively, Solaris is no longer free for more than 90 days. ...With this latest move, Oracle has well and truly hammered the final nail into the coffin for Solaris. What next MySQL?"
12:51 ebegin     Hi owen!
12:38 owen       Good morning fellow North American chris_n
12:38 kmkale     I have been on
12:38 kmkale     koha is the most helpful & tolerant mailing list
12:38 chris_n    heya owen
12:20 ebegin     :)
12:19 jwagner    Bonjour
12:19 ebegin     good morning!
12:18 jwagner    Can someone confirm a possible bug?  Current head, OPAC advanced search, the Language search section shows up under the "fewer" options.  If you click "more" options, the Language section shows up again -- it's repeated.  It looks like it should be removed from the "fewer" options.
12:05 kmkale     but funnily its the govt company BSNL which does the greatest job of providing broadband in smallest of villages
12:05 kmkale     its got revolutionized in last few years after privatization
12:04 jdavidb    excellent!
12:04 kmkale     even small villages have broadband
12:04 kmkale     telecom here is fantastic
12:04 kmkale     nope
12:04 jdavidb    is getting internet access for those small libraries difficult?
12:04 kmkale     so libraries can just use a pc and dsl connection
12:03 kmkale     thats why this idea of lots of koha's on a central server
12:03 kmkale     and try to get them strated on koha
12:03 kmkale     we even scavenge for old pc's to give to some libraries which dont have any
12:02 kmkale     this project granthalaya.org I am working on is funded by an educational institute, purely to get libraries here to come out from card base age to computers
12:01 jdavidb    So very many of the world's issues are solve-able, with just a little bit of education, and libraries--even little bitty ones--can be a huge part of that.
12:00 kmkale     aye, true
11:59 jdavidb    There's an NGO here in the US that takes donated books and money, and sets up small-town libraries in sub-Saharan Africa and Central America; I've thought a couple of times about talking to them about IT needs generally, as I think that's a *fantastic* bit of philanthropy.
11:57 kmkale     Thanks jdavidb
11:57 kmkale     *monthly
11:57 kmkale     humm yes and in public libraries there are minthly fees too
11:57 jdavidb    mornin', chris_n
11:57 jdavidb    sounds like you have an admirable set of projects going on, kmkale.   Good luck!  :)
11:57 chris_n    morning
11:54 jdavidb    There's also a need for better accounting, if you set up deposit accounts, like some universities do for ILL fees.  Got to account for that money somewhere.
11:53 kmkale     haha
11:53 jdavidb    heh.  We've had libraries here who realize they spend almost as much collecting fines as they get from the fines, and have stopped charging overdue fines altogether.
11:53 kmkale     oh. if only it was like that here in India. These ppl spend equal time in accounting as on catalouge stuff
11:52 jdavidb    Sure.  In the US, they've kinda skipped over the accounting part of that by summarizing ("We collected $x in fines last year"..)  but the capability of more detail accounting would be nice.  ($x in overdus, $y in new-member fees, $z in lost-book charges...)
11:51 kmkale     so accounting is important to them
11:51 kmkale     also public libraries have a lot of reporting to various Govt bodies and trusts etc
11:49 kmkale     *python
11:49 jdavidb    I should think so, yeah.
11:49 kmkale     so they say its pretty easy to integrate with most front ends
11:49 kmkale     gnukhata is pythin xml-rpc
11:49 kmkale     had a meeting with gnukhata dev ppl, they are also very interested
11:49 jdavidb    That'd be clever; that's always been a big missing spot for a lot of libraries...their general accounting just treats the patron accounting as a summary line-item, and that's not detailed enough to be useful, sometimes.
11:48 kmkale     hope that works out
11:48 kmkale     that is one of the requirements of all public libraries, to have integrated accounting
11:48 kmkale     we are trying to get a group together here which will try to integrate koha member accounting and other library general accounting with a FOSS project called gnukhata.org
11:47 kmkale     yes. mostly public libraries requirements are pretty simple
11:46 kmkale     hope I can finangle one more server from the supporters of the project, else the present one is quite strong
11:46 jdavidb    Awesome!  keep 'em simple, not a lot of customization outside of what you can do with sysprefs and CSS; that'll make you life much, much easier.  Stock Koha installs are easy-peasy to update that way.
11:45 kmkale     I may but its for a cause. PLanning to give libraries under granthalaya.org which dont have any IT infra a live server from which to use koha
11:44 jdavidb    It gets a little tiring once you have a couple dozen of them, natch.  :)  But not many folks have that problem.
11:44 kmkale     and applying patches is super easy as gmcharlt showed me the other day ;)
11:43 jdavidb    (also, obviously, each is independent, so you can do test without hurting production.)
11:43 jdavidb    Right.  Typical use-case is two installs:  production, and test.  Do it on test, let the users check it out, then a few nights later, do it on live.  Takes effect immediately when you do it on any given install.
11:42 kmkale     thats for each user though..
11:42 jdavidb    The other beauty, if you use git clone to fetch your code, is that updating it is *super* easy--git pull, then run installer/data/mysql/updatedatabase.pl.
11:41 jdavidb    That's the beauty of the dev install; if you have all the packages installed, you don't have to be a superuser for *most* of the setup work, other than restarting apache and setting up a DB.
11:40 kmkale     great!!
11:40 jdavidb    If you do a dev install, all of that will end up under the users $HOME/koha-dev/var/lib, automagically.
11:40 * jdavidb  likes simple solutions, truly.
11:40 kmkale     whare do you put zebras db dir and sockets?
11:39 kmkale     :)
11:39 jdavidb    So on reboot, you'll be back up and happy in five minutes or less.
11:39 jdavidb    So every five minutes, it tries to start zebra.  If it's already running, nothing happens.  If not, it starts.
11:39 kmkale     aahhh!!
11:39 kmkale     a central script from rc.local or init.d? which sudo's to each user and runs the zebra?
11:39 jdavidb    */5 * * * *  $HOME/koha-dev/bin/koha-zebra-ctl.sh start >/dev/null 2>&1
11:38 jdavidb    I do it the brute-force way...in each account's crontab, I put this line:
11:38 kmkale     How do I start all zebras automatically?
11:38 kmkale     yes, thought of that
11:38 jdavidb    Glad I could help.  :D
11:37 jdavidb    use NameVirtualHost tricks so you don't even need multiple IP addresses; you can also eliminate using port 8080 that way--everything on 80.
11:37 kmkale     Thanks..
11:37 kmkale     thats what I want precisely..
11:37 jdavidb    It really is that easy.
11:36 jdavidb    I've got nearly a dozen of 'em on one server.  One instance of mysql, one apache instance, and a whole herd of zebras.
11:36 kmkale     wow!! cant be that simple surely? Will try and report SIR!!
11:36 jdavidb    For each install, create a separate user account, home dir, database, etc...  install Koha using the "dev" install method in each.  Run zebra (using koha-dev/bin/koha-zebra-ctl.sh start) as each user.   Celebrate success.
11:35 kmkale     "each zebra in its own user space." how to set that up? some hints please?
11:34 jdavidb    Each one thinks it's the only one on the system, and there's nothing to contradict that, since they're not running privileged.
11:34 kmkale     i havent started yet. want to try today so gathering info
11:34 jdavidb    if you do dev installs, you just run each zebra in its' own user space.  Works fine.
11:33 kmkale     but what about zebra? can one zebra daemon support multiple db's?
11:33 jdavidb    kmkale:  did you do dev installs?
11:33 kmkale     independent db and httpd-conf etc
11:33 kmkale     i am pretty ok with rest of the setup except zebra
11:32 jdavidb    kmkale:  Sure; it's not hard.
11:32 * jwagner  thinks jdavidb is starting the morning on the wrong note....
11:31 kmkale     Has anyone setup a server with multiple independent koha installations on it? complete with zebra?
11:31 kmkale     Hi all
11:29 * jdavidb  goes "Harrrrumph!" at jwagner.
09:47 kf         http://koha-community.org/documentation/3-2-manual/?ch=c19#AEN218
09:45 kf         yes, look at sys prefs for authorities. I think nicole answered this question on the mailinglists too.
09:40 CGI647     if that is the case. is there a way i can activate the Personal name field for input direct from keyboard, rather than searching from the Aurhority record?
09:33 kf         CGI647: I dont know if there is a free source for authority data. Perhaps someone else knows.
09:32 CGI647     pls an anyone help me on this
09:29 CGI647     hi guys, pls where can i get Authority records to upload on my koha,
09:18 kf         chris: ah, works now :)
09:17 kf         chris: around?
09:09 munin`     kf: The operation succeeded.
09:09 kf         @later tell gmcharlt I have the marc data ready - just tell me where to send it. 11.000 records / about 5 mb
09:01 kf         gmcharlt: around?
07:18 Nouman     Good morning
07:06 kf         good morning koha
06:10 Nouman     is nay one know about the examination project
05:37 Nouman     Any body have any idea about this project
05:37 Nouman     assign grades,percentage and GPA
05:37 Nouman     I have asked Question about Examination project which will store marks, Generate Mark sheets,Transcripts, Degrees of University
05:36 Nouman     Good morning all