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00:02 titleistfour    hello
00:02 titleistfour    can someone answer a few questions about importing marc records into koha?
00:02 brendan         go ahead and ask :)
00:03 titleistfour    thanks!
00:03 titleistfour    i'm trying to setup koha 3.00.06, and i'm import records from an old software program called Concourse
00:03 titleistfour    i'm been able to export all the biblio records to MARC format
00:04 titleistfour    but when I import, none of the items come over
00:04 titleistfour    i took a look at the MARC file
00:04 titleistfour    and all the individual items are in MARC record 852, but it looks like koha is expecting them in 952?
00:04 titleistfour    or field
00:04 brendan         yes you are correct koha wants them in the 952 field
00:05 titleistfour    is there a way I can tell koha to look somewhere else?
00:05 titleistfour    or have the import move them for me?
00:05 brendan         you could do that.  but you'd also have to edit a few other files
00:05 brendan         some of the 952's are hardcoded into the system
00:05 titleistfour    hmm..what is the recommended way of doing something like this then?
00:06 brendan         for the indexing engine
00:06 brendan         have you looked at marcedit
00:06 titleistfour    yes, thats what I opened the files with
00:06 titleistfour    should i just edit all the records?
00:06 brendan         ok
00:06 brendan         in koha if you go to administration
00:06 brendan         you'll see a section that is title > koha to MARC mapping
00:07 titleistfour    yes
00:07 brendan         if you go to the items section (in the pull down)
00:07 brendan         you'll see what fields koha wants which information
00:07 titleistfour    ok
00:07 titleistfour    i see them
00:07 titleistfour    quite a few
00:08 brendan         not all of them are important
00:08 titleistfour    ok
00:08 titleistfour    so i need to edit my MARC export to match this?
00:09 titleistfour    and then the import should work?
00:12 titleistfour    is that correct?
00:12 brendan         sounds good
00:15 titleistfour    what if I have thousands of records to import?
00:15 titleistfour    and what if that 852 field is a different format?
00:15 titleistfour    should I change the koha field? or would it be easier to leave that alone?
00:17 brendan         using marcedit you should be able to bulk edit the records
00:17 brendan         swaping the information from 852 to the correct 952 field
00:17 brendan         so 852 <barcode> to 952_$p
00:18 titleistfour    well i think there is more information in the 852 field
00:18 titleistfour    it appears that there is several things
00:19 titleistfour    1\$aMain Library$hB$i580$i.L6$p00000006$x{lcub}BookSysInc::00000006::A@@ ::BookSysInc{rcub}$9{dollar} 0.00
00:19 titleistfour    i'm not exactly sure what all of that is
00:19 titleistfour    some of it i know
00:19 titleistfour    is that a custom field you think?
00:20 titleistfour    custom from the older software?
00:20 titleistfour    i think the $ is the seperator
00:21 titleistfour    can koha seperate those for me?
00:22 titleistfour    i guess if I know what koha is expecting, then i can bulk edit that field to match so the import works
00:31 titleistfour    ok thanks brendan
01:02 titleistfour    \quit
01:16 brendan         @wunder 93117
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01:18 chris_n         heya brendan
01:18 brendan         hey chris_n
01:18 brendan         how goes things?
01:18 chris_n         not too swell atm
01:18 brendan         ooh sorry
01:19 * chris_n       is grabbing images of a catastrophically failed raid 5 array with no backup
01:19 chris_n         and looking forward to a night of stitching the images back together to do data recovery
01:20 brendan         good luck
01:20 brendan         i think luck is the correct term there
01:20 chris_n         heh
01:48 chris           you're up late schuster
01:56 brendan         fly bye
01:56 brendan         hehe
01:56 chris           yup
01:56 brendan         alright cya later or by the time I get home
02:30 schuster        I'm having trouble getting Zebra to run on my 3.2 lenny...  Any suggestions?
02:41 schuster        figured it out didn't like my sym link for some reason.  night all
03:32 brendan         wow auto-truncation is pretty lousy (or maybe my search terms are pretty lousy)
03:45 Amit_G          hi all
03:55 chris_n         hi Amit_G
03:55 Amit_G          hi chris_n
04:55 Anshul          Hi
04:56 Amit_G          hi Anshul
04:57 Anshul          I have installed koha and all ita modules
04:57 brendan         heya Amit_G
04:58 Anshul          but when making koha... it gives me wierd error that GD 2.39 and XML::RSS 1.31 is not installed.. although both are installed
04:59 Amit_G          heya brendan
05:10 CGI763          hi all
05:11 CGI763          catalogue search from my system is not working? how can I resolve this problem
05:11 CGI763          as Im using koha3.004_fixed
05:11 CGI763          on debian-lenny
05:18 Anshul          I have installed koha3.00.04_fixed in fedora 12
05:29 CGI135          I have installed koha-3.004_fixed on debian-lenny but catalogue search from my pc is not working yet
05:29 CGI135          could any one resolve my problem
05:47 CGI135          is any one help me
05:47 CGI135          ?
07:31 ropuch          Morning #koha
07:31 Amit_G          heya Ropuch
07:41 Amit_G          heya nicomo
07:41 nicomo          hi Amit_G
07:42 magnus          hiya #koha
07:42 Amit_G          heya magnus
07:43 magnus          hi Amit_G
07:45 chris           evening
07:46 paul_p          hello world
07:46 magnus          evening, chris
08:30 paul_p          spring here : birds are singing !!!
08:31 chris           heh
08:32 magnus          spring here too : the sun is shining!
08:35 magnus          i wonder... i will be promoting koha at the big, norwegian library conference in two weeks - should i use 3.2 alpha or the demo i have running which is at
08:37 chris           use master, its alpha plus a ton of bugfixes
08:38 magnus          i think i will do that, yes
08:38 magnus          need to do some work on the translations, at least for the opac
08:38 chris           yup
08:40 magnus          chris: i meant to ask you about that: the PO files seem to contain stuff like the subfieldselectors from XSLT - should they just be repeated or not translated or...?
08:40 chris           yeah, just copy and submit
08:40 magnus          ok
08:41 chris           i think i have gotten pootle working a little faster
08:41 magnus          and large chunks of xslt, like #43 and 44 here: http://translate.koha.org/nb/opac3_1/nb-NO-i-opac-t-prog-v-3002000.po?item=40&view_mode=translate ?
08:42 chris           yep, copy and submit again :)
08:42 magnus          ok
08:42 magnus          those are som MARC21 XSLT anyway, and i will use "my own" xslt for normarc
08:43 chris           right you could ignore those then
08:44 magnus          H, OK
08:44 magnus          ah, ok
08:49 Genji           hiya
08:50 Genji           for some reason, i have three zebraqueue instances running, this okay?
08:52 Genji           and three zebrasrv's
08:53 chris           do you have 3 koha's?
08:53 chris           in which case thats fine, if not it seems pretty pointless
08:55 Genji           hmm.. just did a diff on some init.d files... found that at last two of those zebrasrv's were started in init.d.. and the init.d files are exactly the same.
08:55 Genji           starting the same config file, twice...
08:56 chris           yeah that doesnt seem to be very useful
08:56 Genji           l
08:56 Genji           in fact, it could slow down the server?
08:57 Genji           zebraqueue seems to be hording operations.
08:57 Genji           exact same operations waiting, as 15 minutes ago...
09:02 chris           i wouldnt use zebraqueue
09:02 chris           im pretty sure the install docs say not too now
09:02 Genji           its a koha 3.0rc1 install.
09:02 chris           but to run rebuild_zebra.pl wth the -z switch
09:02 chris           yeah even so
09:03 chris           as a cronjob
09:03 Genji           rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -z every 5 minutes?
09:04 chris           yep
09:06 kf              good morning #koha
09:08 chris           hi kf
09:08 kf              hi chris
09:09 kf              will miss community handover meeting today
09:09 ropuch          Hello kf, chris, Genji
09:10 kf              :(
09:10 kf              hi ropuch
09:16 chris           ahh its in 10 hours time
09:16 chris           ill probably miss some of it as i will be on the bus
09:23 Genji           whts in 10hourstime?
09:24 chris           the community handover meeting
09:24 Genji           community handover meeting where we discuss koha.org not being given to the community?
09:24 chris           nope we wont be discussing that
09:25 chris           its a moot point
09:25 chris           nothing left to discuss
09:25 chris           but there will be a report from HLT about the koha subcommittee, maybe a report on koha-community.org
09:26 Genji           basically, liblime has got the koha name, at least in usa, and theres no way that we'll see koha.org back in community hands ever?
09:26 chris           who knows, but theres nothign to be gained by talking about it
09:26 chris           its certainly not stopping us doing anything
09:27 * Genji         nods. "okay.. so what is "community handover
09:27 Genji           then?
09:28 chris           what i said report from the HLT subcommittee, there are the EU trademarks etc
09:28 chris           and hlt has the koha-community.org
09:29 Genji           "Ahh
09:29 chris           [off] liblime will probably be bankrupt soon anyway, we can revisit them then but until then i prefer to pretend they dont even exist, and frankly the sooner they dont exist the better
09:30 Genji           [off] is the method of making something not hit the logfiles?
09:31 chris           [off] yep
09:32 Genji           [off] so if liblime bankrupts... the trademark is up for grabs?
09:33 chris           [off] i dont really care about a US trademark at all, that's a question for the USians to answer
09:33 Genji           [off] im thinking they will eventually bankrupt... problem is, the fallout for libraries using LEK.... suddenly, they have to grab their data via marc-detail spidering?
09:35 chris           [off] yep, if i was them id be looking to get in the lifeboats before the ship sinks
09:36 Genji           [off] as in, figuring out how to get data out, now, before liblime does a bad bankruptcy? Such as gong bankrupt with no notice, no warning, and pulling the plug on their AWS's at the same time?
09:38 paul_p          I think one could use SQL report facilities
09:38 paul_p          SELECT * from borrowers
09:38 paul_p          SELECT * FROM biblio
09:38 paul_p          SELECT * FROM biblioitems
09:38 paul_p          SELECT * FROM items
09:38 paul_p          SELECT * FROM issues
09:38 paul_p          SELECT * FROM systempreferences
09:38 paul_p          ...
09:38 Genji           does LEK have SQL report facilities?
09:38 chris           its capped at 9999 results
09:39 Genji           .....
09:39 paul_p          :(((
09:39 Genji           [off]  liblime is stupid!
09:39 Genji           but all rows are id'ed?
09:39 chris           i answered this question on the mailing list, there was a patch to fix it in november
09:40 chris           some are, some aren't
09:40 paul_p          Genji: yep. one could do limit 1,9999 then limit 9999,19998,... but that would be a long long time for someone with a large DB
09:40 chris           nope
09:40 chris           limit is ignored
09:40 Genji           ....
09:40 chris           the patch fixes that
09:41 chris           whatever limit you put in, it gets replaced with limit 9999
09:41 Genji           LEK imported the patch?
09:41 chris           i doubt it
09:41 Genji           liblime--
09:41 chris           when someone asked for it, they were told it was buggy
09:41 Genji           LEK--
09:41 Genji           They probably wanted them to be stuck in LEK.
09:42 chris           well, there was no point in making LEK apart from making ppl stuck
09:43 Genji           borrowers are ided by borrowernumber... biblio by biblionumber, biblioitems by biblioitemnuber, items by itemnumber... sysprefs have a id?
09:43 chris           but anyway, enough of liblime, we cant fix them, so lets fix koha bugs instead
09:44 Genji           so can they do 'select * from borrowers  where biblionumber between X and Y' /
09:44 Genji           ?
09:45 paul_p          Genji: yep. one could do limit 1,9999 then limit 9999,19998,... but that would be a long long time for someone with a large DB
09:45 paul_p          ah, nope, you're right
09:45 chris           except not using limit
09:45 chris           :)
09:45 paul_p          between X and Y should work
09:46 paul_p          other possibility to retrieve all biblios = write a small script that uploads all biblios in marcxml, from OPAC, one by one
09:46 paul_p          then write another script to re-enter them in koha
09:46 chris           yeah, the biblio stuff is the easy stuff, its accountlines and issues and oldissues etc
09:47 * paul_p        think that biblios / members / issues / syspref could be an acceptable minimum for anyone stuck
09:47 paul_p          but why the hell are we speaking of that. we don't care !
09:47 paul_p          (except if someone comes here and ask for some help)
09:48 magnus          +1
09:49 Genji           [off] well.. if we get any warning of LEK's plug being pulled... we will get asked for help... but somehow... i think liblime will just pull the plug without warning?
09:51 chris           [off] not worth worrying about, we cant do anything, lets work on stuff we can do
09:51 paul_p          Genji: dunno how it works in US, but in France, when a company goes "Liquidation judiciaire", the owners loose their hability to do anything. It's someone nominated by the judge that get power on the company. He can decide anything, from pulling everything immediatly to continuing the business
09:55 paul_p          (had to deal with that on my last position : the judge said at 11AM "stop activity", and at 11:01 we had a fax and the manager said: "stop immediatly doing anything. Immediatly"
09:55 paul_p          10 days later I started to work on koha ;-) (after chrismas & new year holiday)
09:56 chris           :)
10:01 Genji           in nz... a steel fabrication place closed.... with things still in molds, in turned off furnaces. guess they weren't going to continue business.
10:29 masonj          wow, are some koha vendors really refusing to give their customers database dumps?
11:29 Genji           masonj: only one....
11:30 Genji           i wonder if liblime knows how to do a db dump, nowdays.
11:33 Genji           found in a zebradaemon log...
11:33 Genji           20100302 14:12:32 koha-zebra-ctl.kohadb: failed to write(client_errfd = 6): File too large
11:33 Genji           what does this mean?
11:34 thd             Genji: lack of time to do beats lack of knowledge how to do every day.
11:34 thd             Genji"What is the size of that file?
11:34 Genji           of wht  file?
11:35 masonj          prolly the default 4-gig limit of a zebra setting
11:35 Genji           ah.
11:35 Genji           hmm.
11:35 thd             Well the relevant zebra file :)
11:35 Genji           could that also be the cause of zebrasrv running three times from one init.d file?
11:36 masonj          yep ;)
11:36 thd             Genji: what is the size of a dump of all the biblios on that system?
11:37 masonj          if they are pointing at the same files, from a typo - then yep
11:37 masonj          rebuild yr zebra-db from scratch, for starters
11:38 masonj          dont use that daemon
11:38 Genji           ya.. theres three servers, all using the same conf file... and zebraqueue has 18k records waiting for uplod.
11:38 masonj          err, that sounds like a fail right there ?
11:39 masonj          means they are accessing the same DB files ?
11:39 Genji           same zebradb files yup.
11:40 masonj          $ rebuild_zebra.pl -r -b -v
11:40 Genji           no one has noticed it probably because its not used for searching, the prod system is only used for adding records.
11:41 Genji           then ... well.. i gotta figure out how to efficently get daily updates from the prod machine to the hostgator machine, without bringing either server offline.
11:41 masonj          turn off the extra 2 zebras, for starters ;)
11:41 Genji           and slowing down neither.
11:41 Genji           hmm...  tried to, the other two keep coming back, when i start the init.d file.
11:42 masonj          mysql replication...
11:42 thd             slef: are you there?
11:42 masonj          thats yr first problem to fix  ;)
11:42 Genji           masonj: slowed down the server i think.... turned the slave off, and some speed came back.
11:44 Genji           that and some tables have to have different data.
11:44 masonj          my experience is that mysql-rep doesnt put much load on a busy box
11:45 Genji           so, you think mysql-rep was just making the problems with this box, more visible?
11:45 masonj          pass, but prolly
11:48 masonj          hostgator style VM's often have very poor DB performance, so ive read on the net
11:48 Genji           dedicated server
11:49 masonj          ah, pass then...
11:50 masonj          i have a loaded master/slave set-up doing mysql and zebraqueue replication,
11:51 masonj          and the difference between replication on/off isnt detectable, from munin
11:52 masonj          so its do-able, without too much effort and system-load
11:56 Genji           okay, gota sleeep. night all.
11:56 thd             good night Genji
12:56 jdavidb         Mornin', #koha
12:59 bgkriegel       \quit
13:07 nengard         hello all
13:07 magnus          hello nengard et al
13:07 jdavidb         Hi, nengard! :)
13:08 hdl_laptop      hi all
13:09 jwagner         g'morning...
13:12 gmcharlt        good morning
13:21 gmcharlt        @quote random
13:21 munin           gmcharlt: Quote #61: "*wizzyrea doesn't like hoity toity technical talk...<wizzyrea> wait, that's a lie" (added by jdavidb at 12:19 PM, February 24, 2010)
13:22 jdavidb         lol
13:22 jwagner         @quote random
13:22 munin           jwagner: Quote #16: "< wizzyrea> i mean, the point of american bacon is to erm, use the belly of the hog (I think)" (added by chris at 05:37 PM, July 17, 2009)
13:30 kf              guten morgen :)
13:31 jwagner         guten morgen kf
13:42 jdavidb         @quote random
13:42 munin           jdavidb: Quote #9: "pianohacker ponders drumstick->ear as a method of food acquisition...We haven't gone to this good mexican restaurant in a while..." (added by wizzyrea at 04:23 PM, June 19, 2009)
14:11 kf              gmcharlt: display and text alignment of 880 fields work now - thx again for pushing the patch and writing one for intranet yesterday!
14:12 gmcharlt        cool, glad to hear it
14:45 nengard         can anyone give me a short summary of why I need to use 'Koha to Marc Mapping' for the manual ...
14:45 nengard         i know how to use the tool, but i'm still not sure why i'm doing it :)
14:46 brendan         in case you want to quickly change the mapping for Koha to the database...
14:46 brendan         although I'd add many warnings
14:46 nengard         so if you were to write that as an intro to the koha to marc mapping tool - what would you say?
14:46 nengard         "this tool is used to define how marc fields are entere dinto the koha db"   ?
14:46 brendan         sounds good
14:47 brendan         also a quick reference for how the item fields are laid out for the 952_fields
14:48 brendan         the real issue is that some or most of the item fields are hardcoded somewhere within the code of Koha
14:48 brendan         like the indexing files for zebra are hardcoded to index for 952's for the item information
14:48 nengard         okay
15:03 nengard         on the koha marc mapping tool there is a warning that i think needs some editing - but i'm not sure what it's trying to say -- it reads "Choose and validate 1 MARC subfield for biblio.frameworkcode. That will modify all frameworks which is usually what you need, but you have been warned."
15:03 nengard         how does it modify frameworks?
15:05 brendan         you could look at the koha to marc mapping as a scaled down (novice) framework...  sort of
15:05 kf              bye all :)
15:06 brendan         but if you change the koha to marc mapping - those changes should also be in the marc frameworks ... maybe not viewable but def. in the database
15:18 biglego         stupid question, but I gotta ask.  I want to install the latest version of 3.2 but the git address i have pulls 3.01.  Anyone care to clue me into the secret way to git it, thats funny git it!
15:19 nengard         this is the command I use:   git clone git://git.koha.org/pub/scm/koha.git kohaclone   from this page:   http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:git_usage&s[]=git
15:19 nengard         I believe that pulls HEAD - which is the latest 3.2 developments
15:22 * tekonivel     brain is melting from subtype translation :-P
15:24 tekonivel       subtype translation is dull, XSLT-translations are nervewrecking
15:25 tekonivel       (f.ex. ../../koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/xslt/MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl:505)
16:01 brendan         @wunder 93117
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16:04 moodaepo        @wunder 56001
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16:10 nengard         i've probably said this before - but it is so cool that when i find minor bugs while writing the manual that i know enough to fix them myself :) hehe
16:11 gmcharlt        nengard: you better watch out - if you're not careful, you'll find yourself fixing not-so-minor bugs :)
16:11 nengard         gmcharlt - not until I learn me some perl
16:11 * gmcharlt      encourages nengard to throw caution to the winds, of course
16:12 nengard         but that's the end goal!!!
16:14 ebegin          hi koha
16:14 chris_n         hey ebegin
16:14 ebegin          @wunder montreal, quqbec
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16:14 ebegin          @wunder montreal, quebec
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16:14 ebegin          hey chris_n
16:15 chris_n         ebegin: Toronto was nice
16:15 chris_n         Niagara was beautiful
16:15 ebegin          chris_n, good to hear.  Huge and beautiful, yes.
16:16 ebegin          the falls I mean, of course  :)
16:16 * chris_n       was very glad for his gps unit
16:17 ebegin          :)  How was the A/V system finally?
16:18 * ebegin        is getting an error with Zotero... Could not save item...
16:18 ebegin          Any clue
16:19 chris_n         ebegin: a very nice system
16:19 chris_n         lots of geeky gadgets :)
16:27 biglego         on the about page it shows shouldn't it show 3.2 something
16:27 gmcharlt        biglego: 3.1 is what will become 3.2
16:28 biglego         oh so its more of i work in a library but yet i can't read sort of a problem
16:37 ebegin          How does the integration with Zotero works exactly?
16:38 gmcharlt        ebegin: two ways - info on a title is embedded via COinS; Zotero can also fetch details for a title using unapi
16:38 gmcharlt        since Zotero knows how to look for COinS and unapi data, it can grab it
16:40 ebegin          ok.  I'll see if my problem is local to my zotero... thanks
16:42 amadan          Hi Folks, I just installed koha 3.00.05  successfully. Could someone help me take a peek to find out if all is well?
16:42 tekonivel       zotero-love <3
16:42 amadan          before i get my librarians into it?
16:48 jdavidb         @wunder 20817
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16:48 owen            amadan: What do you feel like you need to check?
16:49 owen            Does it search? Does it circulate? Can you place holds?
16:51 wizzyrea_       can you catalog? can you add patrons?
16:52 wizzyrea_       does it make you pizza?
16:52 wizzyrea_       wait
16:52 wizzyrea_       never mind.
16:52 wizzyrea_       koha doesn't make you pizza... it only makes you pizza metadata
16:52 wizzyrea_       and even that's like stone soup.
16:53 * gmcharlt      writes up RFC for pizza-making
16:54 * wizzyrea_     giggles
16:55 * owen          just hopes we don't try to rewrite pizza-xml on the fly for each transaction
16:56 * gmcharlt      starts working on MARBI proposal for PIZZA-MARC, realizes that that way lies starvation, desists
16:57 * wizzyrea      read that as "starvation, dentists"
16:58 wizzyrea        also applicable
16:59 gmcharlt        amadan: did we answer your question, by the way?
17:00 amadan          when i catlog a book, it appears on the database alright but can't access it with the search
17:00 gmcharlt        @quote add <wizzyrea_> koha doesn't make you pizza... it only makes you pizza metadata
17:00 munin           gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #65 added.
17:01 gmcharlt        amadan: there's a batch job that you need to make sure is running
17:01 amadan          which one and how do i ensure that?
17:01 gmcharlt        rebuild_zebra.pl
17:01 gmcharlt        misc/cronjobs/crontab.example  has the list of standard cronjobs you'd want to run
17:02 gmcharlt        actually, let me step back - I assume you chose the Zebra option?
17:02 amadan          sure
17:02 gmcharlt        k
17:02 gmcharlt        also make sure that there's a zebrasrv process running
17:03 amadan          so do i add "rebuild_zebra.pl to my cronjobs?
17:03 gmcharlt        yep
17:03 amadan          zebrasrv is running
17:06 amadan          could you help me with the exact line to put in the cronjob?
17:09 gmcharlt        it's listed in misc/cronjobs/crontab.example
17:09 gmcharlt        hi Lee
17:09 owen            Hi Lee
17:10 Lee             Hi guys
17:10 nengard         Hi Lee
17:10 Lee             just thought I'd drop in and see if there was anything exciting going on
17:10 nengard         at 2pm EST we have a meeting in here
17:10 nengard         but right now just the usual
17:10 Lee             Hi Nicole
17:11 Lee             excellent.. for once in my life i am early LOL
17:11 nengard         hehe
17:12 tekonivel       if i wanted to test a translation of the Koha OPAC, what'd be the best way for that?
17:12 tekonivel       set up a test-locale, fi-TEST or somesuch
17:13 gmcharlt        tekonivel: install the translation, and enable it in the opaclanguages syspref
17:13 tekonivel       i'd prefer not to forcefully expose my users to this translatin at this time
17:16 brendan         hi lee
17:17 Lee             sorry had a pause
17:17 Lee             board member dropped in
17:17 Lee             quick question for anyone
17:19 Lee             we want to add a RSS feed for trying to push notification of new materials added to the library out on twitter.  suggestions? World cat isn't working like we want
17:25 nengard         Lee, Koha has a custom RSS feed function
17:25 nengard         http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.2/opac/rss-feeds/custom-rss-feeds/view?searchterm=custom%20rss
17:27 Lee             Thanks Nicole
17:40 ebegin          Concerning Zotero, I discovered that it doesn't work because the XSLT is activated for the details... I'm trying to move the <!-- COinS / OpenURL --> section elsewhere in the .tmpl file without success... is there anything else that zotero is looking?
17:41 ebegin          I saw that there was a patch (bug 3559) about this, but i still have my Could not save item error after applying it.
17:41 wizzyrea        kyle++ for libki
17:41 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3559 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, chris@bigballofwax.co.nz, RESOLVED FIXED, Zotero does not work on opac detail page with xslt on
17:48 amadan1         gmcharlt, i did add the build_zebra.pl to the cronjobs and run it as well restarted my server and still when i run a search in catlog, i get "no results found  biblios in reservoir none"
17:57 wizzyrea        do you rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a?
17:57 wizzyrea        er, did you?
17:58 wizzyrea        (zebra is often the bane of my existence, don't feel bad if it's not working yet)
18:04 chris           morning
18:04 jdavidb         hi, chris!
18:05 Lee             Nicole. i think i am gonna need a bit more coaching-  does anyone else have RSS set for new aquistions set up so I could look at it?
18:05 Lee             Hi Chris
18:06 Lee             cron jobs not in my job description (embarrassed sad face)
18:07 Lee             :s
18:08 chris           Lee: if you wanted to restrict it to certain itemtypes, or collection codes you could do this
18:11 chris           http://opac.koha.catalystdemo.net.nz/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?&limit=mc-ccode:BF&sort_by=acqdate_dsc&format=rss2
18:11 brendan         morning chris
18:15 wizzyrea        mornin chris
18:29 fredericd       chris: Strange. In HEAD, sypref .po files repeat comment lines several times, up to 20 times...
18:30 thd             you can nevr have enough comments :)
18:31 fredericd       thd: but 20 times the same comment...
18:31 chris           yeah, its harmless so i left it for now
18:31 chris           but that seemed to be how the translate made them
18:32 fredericd       ok
18:32 thd             fredericd: That is a start.  We should trick the bug into writing new different comments. :)
18:33 chris           fredericd: they are all in pootle now too
18:33 fredericd       or say 20 times the same thing, but differently
18:33 chris           http://translate.koha.org/projects/sysprefs/
18:34 fredericd       uniq standard command can easily suppress repeated lines, but if it's on pootle...
18:35 chris           yep can fix them up before the release, but the comments only appear once on pootle
18:35 chris           (they are repeated in the file, but it doesnt show them)
18:35 chris           so ill just fix them before the release and replace the files in pootle, but for now its safe to get ppl translating
18:36 chris           i finished english-NZ last night  :)
18:37 Lee             thanks for the link Chris, more questions later
18:37 thd             chris: what differs between English and English NZ or is English not English?
18:39 jdavidb         Take out a lot of the Z's, put in S's, add some extra U's....
18:39 * thd           was forgetting that English had become not English under US influence
18:39 chris           thd english is really english-US
18:39 chris           yeah
18:40 chris           change patrons to members that kinda thing
18:40 collum          Noah Webster changed a bunch of spellings for Americans.  To make it easier?
18:40 fredericd       jdavidb: very clear for English hobbyist
18:40 thd             chris: I assume that you are still intending to reverse that for 3.4
18:40 owen            collum: I think it was just as much political
18:40 collum          Yep.
18:40 chris           naw, its fine with the translation
18:42 thd             I think that it is currently inconsistent with both English and the American dialect labeled English.  Which is problematical.
18:42 chris           ok bus time
18:42 jdavidb         You're expecting Americans to be consistent, thd?  Irrational.
18:42 chris           back later, apologies for missing the start of the coming meeting
18:43 jdavidb         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dialects_of_the_English_language#North_America
18:43 thd             jdavidb: I am expecting programmers to be consistent.
18:43 fredericd       Koha 'en' templates are not American english, airport English at best
18:48 thd             slef: are you here?
18:51 wizzyrea        lol airport english
18:51 * wizzyrea      just found that funny
18:52 russel          it would be lot easier to use irc on my phone if it didn't try to autocomplete irc to orchestra
18:52 nengard         heh
18:52 nengard         spell check on my phone is usually pretty good - but sometimes i end up with some funny things
18:53 gmcharlt        amadan: do you get anything informative if you run rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -z -v ?
18:57 Jo              morning all
18:57 gmcharlt        hi Jo
18:57 Jo              Hi Galen
18:57 Jo              I just emailed the list
18:59 davi            hi
19:00 davi            thd, slef is in traveling
19:00 BobB            Good morning all.
19:00 Jo              Morning Bob
19:00 chris_n         hello
19:00 BobB            Its early here.  still dark.
19:01 Jo              Volunteers / nominees for who will drive this meeting?
19:01 Jo              (bags not me)
19:02 Jo              early Hi Liz
19:02 wizzyrea_mobile Hello
19:02 Jo              So would someone like to chair this meeting,
19:02 gmcharlt        Jo: I'm willing to moderate
19:02 Jo              Thanks Galen
19:02 gmcharlt        so let's get this show on the road
19:03 gmcharlt        first, round of introductions
19:03 * gmcharlt      = Galen Charlton, 3.2 RM, Equinox
19:03 Jo              Joann Ransom, Horowhenua Library Trust, NZ
19:03 wizzyrea_mobile Liz Rea, NEKLS
19:03 * owen          = Owen Leonard, Nelsonville Public Library
19:03 magnus          Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
19:03 russel          russel garlick catalystit
19:03 jdavidb         J. David Bavousett, PTFS   (kindasorta here.)
19:03 * nengard       = Nicole Engard, ByWater Solutions
19:03 davi            Davi Diaz, worker for software.coop
19:03 * chris_n       = Chris Nighswonger, FBC
19:03 collum          Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library
19:03 jwagner         Jane Wagner, PTFS
19:03 sekjal          Ian Walls, formerly NYUHSL, so-to-be ByWater Solutions
19:03 fredericd       fredericd: Frédéric Demians, Tamil
19:04 brendan         brendan gallagher, ByWater Solutions
19:04 * brendan       forgot that it was meeting time :)
19:04 gmcharlt        ok, people can chime in as they show up
19:04 Lee             Lee Phillips Butte Public Montana
19:04 gmcharlt        the page for this meeting is http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:events:meetings:irc_meetings:meetingnotes10mar02
19:04 * owen          notices we now have no ops
19:05 Nate            Nate Curulla, ByWater Solutions
19:05 * ropuch        Piotr Wejman, Biblioteka CSNE
19:05 gmcharlt        and we have 5 agenda items, not counting the intros
19:05 gmcharlt        first up - Report on DRAFT Horowhenua Library Trust KOHA Committee RULES
19:05 brendan         yeah we need to get better a keeping some ops on channel
19:05 BobB            Bob Birchall, Calyx
19:05 gmcharlt        brendan: off-topic, but feel free to bug Si :)
19:05 Jo              ok, well the Trust meet last week and accepted the Draft rules except for 1 clause which they would like to strengthen
19:06 thd             Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
19:06 gmcharlt        draft rules:  http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:organisations:koha_project_organisation:hlt:rules
19:06 Jo              that is the clause about eligibility.
19:06 Jo              I have emailed out their suggestion to the list.
19:06 gmcharlt        link to Jo's email: http://lists.katipo.co.nz/pipermail/koha/2010-March/022802.html
19:06 chris_n         I agree with Bob that it is a bit much, but will not object to its inclusion
19:07 Jo              lol - their very response to the rules :)
19:08 gmcharlt        Bob's point about the trustee vs. committee member is apropos regardless
19:08 Jo              so if we tweak it accordingly, ie substitute committee memebrs for Trustees we could be pretty much there I think
19:08 Jo              (it was a cut and paste job)
19:08 gmcharlt        I agree with chris_n and Bob about it being a bit much, but I have no objection and don't see it likely becoming a practical issue
19:08 nengard         agreed
19:09 Jo              but as trustees, they can't have a subcommittee of members who don't meet the eligibility criteria for the trust itself, as it binds the trust
19:09 russel          +1
19:09 chris_n         +1
19:09 gmcharlt        one question, though - what does "a person to whom an order made under Section 151 of the Companies
19:09 gmcharlt        >       Act 1993 (NZ) applies;
19:09 gmcharlt        mean?
19:09 Jo              NZ laws basically provide the definitions.
19:10 Jo              I think that is the bankrupt one
19:10 Jo              its about criminals so maybe not
19:10 Jo              I
19:10 Jo              I'll go look
19:10 Jo              (coz heaps of people go pbankrupt)
19:10 BobB            I don't know the NZ Companies Act, but it might mean someone debarred from being a Director
19:10 gmcharlt        New_Zealand++ # http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1993/0105/latest/DLM320690.html#DLM320690
19:10 russel          iirc it means they have been barred from being a company director
19:11 jdavidb         New_Zealand++ # for lots of other reasons, too.
19:11 davi            Could it be amended in next years?
19:11 Jo              legislation can alwasy be amended
19:11 BobB            Its only a committee we're talking about here.  It has no power to act in its own right.
19:11 Jo              which is i guess why trusts point to the legiclation
19:12 Jo              I guess its rules like this which compensate for the very open and enabling Trust Deed
19:12 davi            I am pro direct democracy when possible
19:12 russel          keep in mind that this will only apply when under hlt
19:12 Jo              yep
19:12 davi            Although it requires an educated population ;)
19:12 gmcharlt        +1 # I see no roadblocks in the draft rules as proposed, accepted by HLT, and modified per Jo's email (the textual correction about committee members aside)
19:13 Jo              Bob: will you be willing to incorporate this clause into the draft and make it so please?
19:13 thd             gmcharlt: I have one concern
19:13 BobB            Yes Jo, I can do that.
19:14 thd             Bob: How many votes in a minimum quarum count as a majority?
19:15 thd             BobB: How many votes in a minimum quorum count as a majority?
19:15 BobB            If there are seven members, then a quorum is four so a majority is three.  the Chairman has a casting vote
19:16 gmcharlt        davi: (and a reminder to all) HLT's stewardship is not necessarily permanent if the community decides to establish a Koha foundation or other non-profit entity, trust, governance agency, ????????, etc.
19:16 BobB            So if it was split 2 - 2, the Chairman can choose to resolve it one way or the other, or not resolve it.
19:16 thd             BobB: My concern is that if two are from the same organisation, they only need one other to have a majority in a minimum quorum
19:16 Jo              HLT would much prefer a seperate Koha foundation be established - but happy to be temporary guardians
19:16 gmcharlt        thd: seven days written notice of meetings should avoid game playing with quorums
19:17 davi            sounds good gmcharlt
19:17 Jo              Remember too, that in the worst case scenario HLT can sack the committee if they think its in the best interests of the community
19:17 thd             gmcharlt: and the rule about no more than 30% of members with the same business relationship
19:18 Jo              (they never would unless it was the will of the community I am certain)
19:18 thd             thank you Jo
19:18 thd             I am satisfied that the monarch can intervene in case of extreme danger :)
19:18 chris_n         hehe
19:18 * gmcharlt      salutes HLT, our benevolent dictator ;)
19:19 * chris_n       wonders what he would look like in a sack :)
19:19 gmcharlt        OK, I think we have a finalization of the draft rules (or rather, we will once BobB updates it)
19:19 davi            30% is a good rule to add too
19:20 gmcharlt        davi: it's in there already
19:20 chris           back
19:20 BobB            davi: Its there.
19:20 davi            ack
19:20 thd             davi: 30% is there for the total members
19:21 gmcharlt        so to give a statement of the will of the community, can we have +1/0/-1 for the draft rules as discussed?
19:21 Jo              +1
19:21 chris_n         +1
19:21 russel          +1
19:21 BobB            +1
19:21 magnus          +1
19:21 pnalon          +1
19:21 thd             daivi: my concern had been that 30% of seven rounded down is half of a quorum
19:21 owen            +1
19:21 collum          +1
19:21 Lee             +1
19:21 nengard         +1
19:22 gmcharlt        +1
19:22 Jo              so 30% should equal 4?
19:22 Jo              not 3?
19:22 thd             +1 although, if the monarch ever has to intervene then the rules will need reconsideration
19:22 davi            thd, well, at least it is not a quorum
19:22 davi            half of one
19:23 sekjal          +1
19:23 davi            It is true that to represent the _community_ a better valance should be set
19:23 davi            The more diversity the better
19:24 gmcharlt        davi: as with so much else in Koha, it ultimately depends on who shows up
19:24 davi            So, maybe 20% ?
19:24 davi            gmcharlt, I know, but evolution is being good. We are setting a good base
19:24 Jo              its only words, but to be honest the way the TRust works is by consensus.
19:24 BobB            I think we need to bear in mind the limited purpose of the committee.  Its  role is not the governance of the community.
19:24 Jo              In 10 years I have only ever seen 1 issue come to a vote and be divisive
19:24 chris           the other thing to remember is, the trust wont be governance
19:25 chris           BobB: *snap*
19:25 chris           its a place to hold community property, its not going to be running the project
19:25 Jo              and anything the subcommittee proposes has to be approved by the trust.
19:25 davi            Should be a 20% be a better balance?
19:25 chris           30 is fine
19:26 davi            ack
19:26 BobB            The risk of two people from the same organisation being on the committee is low.  The risk of them then behaving badly is even lower, imho.
19:26 gmcharlt        the commitee is seven members tops, so it's the difference bweteen 1 and 2
19:26 chris           like i say, its not doing governance, i dont think its worth overengineering something just for the sake of it
19:26 thd             Jo: which vote was the divisive one?
19:27 gmcharlt        under those circumstances, I think we're ready to move onto the next agenda item
19:27 davi            So it looks good as an start point
19:27 gmcharlt        which is
19:27 gmcharlt        #
19:27 gmcharlt        Report on status of negotiations over assignment of trademarks and domains.
19:27 Jo              zero to report.
19:27 Jo              no communication what so ever of any sort.
19:27 Jo              my emails disapear into ether :(
19:27 wizzyrea_mobile Sigh
19:28 Jo              thd: whether to develop Kete or not
19:28 davi            Are some of our question to them pending of an answer?
19:28 thd             davi: less than 2 may not allow seven people to be found who would show up sadly
19:28 gmcharlt        davi: all of them are, AFAIK
19:28 Jo              just the one asking them to give back the community assets :)
19:28 Jo              the only one we've asked
19:28 BobB            Jo: does the Trust yet hold any community property?
19:28 davi            gmcharlt, I see
19:29 Jo              other than koha-community.org, no. although EU trademark stuff is in process
19:29 davi            gmcharlt,  What next to do?
19:29 gmcharlt        that brings us to our next agenda item, possible suggestions on unresolved negotiations
19:29 chris           i think we stop
19:29 gmcharlt        from my POV, I see no reason to expect any further word from LibLime
19:30 Jo              I have heard from paul Poulain.
19:30 BobB            Apart from Liblime, are there any other holders we would like to hear from?
19:30 chris_n         koha-community.org becomes a permanent home then?
19:30 Jo              his opinion is that we have no hope of retrieving koha.org over forthcoming months.
19:30 chris           chris_n: i think we wait and see what happens with liblime
19:30 davi            Proposal: Build on koha-community.org, and announce.  Then announce later on next release.
19:30 davi            too.
19:30 thd             there are other parties BobB
19:31 chris           BobB: ptfs hold kohails.org and kohadigitallibrary.com
19:31 thd             LibLime is merely the most important
19:31 chris           potentially talking to them
19:31 Jo              I fear that with the press of a key, just to spite the Koha community, we could lose access to a bunch of stuff residing on koha.org
19:31 chris           yeah theres nothing on there we need
19:31 chris           its all backed up
19:31 davi            I think we should announce as soon as possible that koha.org is out of control of Koha community, and that koha-coomunity.org is the new way to go
19:31 owen            But the wiki and bugzilla...
19:31 gmcharlt        chris: including the bugs database?
19:32 chris_n         we can move them
19:32 chris_n         the data that is
19:32 chris           gmcharlt: it was, probably need a recent one
19:32 davi            Jo, migrate-copy as soon as possible
19:32 russ            davi: might be a bit heavy handed at this stage
19:32 thd             I would volunteer to migrate the wiki assuming my troubles with a recent injury are over
19:32 nengard         also there is git.koha.org - right?
19:32 gmcharlt        yep
19:32 gmcharlt        but git is trivial to recreate
19:32 nengard         got it
19:33 chris           yup, tis the wiki and bugs
19:33 davi            russ, It seems we have already back up. That is good news
19:33 Jo              Paul gives our support to take decisive action to move to koha-community.org if that is the decision we make
19:34 Jo              and then announce it widely and loudly
19:34 nengard         as a side note - my upcoming open source book only links to koha-community :) not koha.org
19:34 gmcharlt        I agree that we should move forward with koha-community.org, with one proviso - a clear statement that koha.org is, of right, community property
19:34 Lee             IMHO the sooner we move the less confusion for new Koha users
19:34 Jo              Lee: I agree
19:34 wizzyrea_mobile Im working on the google rank actively
19:34 davi            great nengard
19:35 Lee             hee hee
19:35 Jo              and a clear statement about the relationship / status between the 2 domains needs to be made too.
19:35 chris           yes, i agree with gmcharlt
19:35 gmcharlt        Jo: agreed
19:35 chris_n         +1
19:35 nengard         +1
19:35 wizzyrea_mobile Jo: there kind of is already
19:35 Lee             a generous reference...you may also see....org
19:35 Jo              do we want a formal motion put to the meeting?
19:35 Jo              (its quite a big step "
19:35 thd             +1
19:35 gmcharlt        yes
19:35 Lee             lets vote
19:35 gmcharlt        I move that we migrate all koha.org websites and services to koha-community.org
19:36 chris_n         I second
19:36 nengard         +1
19:36 owen            +1
19:36 Jo              +1
19:36 thd             +1
19:36 Lee             +1
19:36 brendan         +1
19:36 collum          +1
19:36 davi            gmcharlt, Each time we write (koha.org) we should state that they are the bad guys, creating customer locking ...
19:36 hdl_laptop      +1
19:36 magnus          +1
19:36 wizzyrea_mobile +1
19:36 Jo              paul Poulain +1
19:36 sekjal          +1
19:36 BobB            +1
19:36 pnalon          +1
19:36 gmcharlt        davi: more precisely, koha.org isn't the problem itself; don't want to hurt our own name; it's the current holders
19:36 * hdl_laptop    Henri-Damien LAURENT, BibLibre for the record
19:36 davi            You are right gmcharlt
19:37 BobB            However, lets not denigrate Liblime in doing so.  Calm statements of facts.  Not wanting to burn bridges, as far as possible.
19:37 thd             davi: calling people bad may be true but it generally does not help persuade  and seems especially unconvincing wwhen thhey have been good in the past
19:37 Lee             Koha.org is archieval community is the future
19:37 wizzyrea_mobile on a practical level someone will have to properly host the dns
19:37 davi            So, include always the name of such bad entities.  Could you repeat here again the bad name of such bad entity?
19:37 thd             BobB++
19:37 russ            err so we are giving up all hope of getting back to koha.org then?
19:38 gmcharlt        russ: hope of getting it via negotiations with LibLime
19:38 thd             russ: not giving up all hope
19:38 thd             gmcharlt++ sadly
19:38 wizzyrea_mobile We just really need a place we have access to to post news
19:38 Lee             think of it as rebranding
19:38 russ            so migrate to koha-community, hope to get koha.org back some time, then migrate back?
19:38 gmcharlt        russ: ideally, yes
19:39 chris           yes
19:39 gmcharlt        well, not ideally, but you know hwat I mean
19:39 russ            gmcharlt: yep
19:39 wizzyrea_mobile Or just use one and redirect
19:39 pnalon          yes
19:39 Lee             +1 Liz
19:39 davi            wizzyrea_mobile, post copies of the same article at several ones, redit, dig, social networks and so on
19:39 gmcharlt        ok, that brings us straight into the next agenda item
19:39 gmcharlt        #
19:39 gmcharlt        Next issues if negotiations have concluded.
19:40 gmcharlt        as I see it, what we have facing us is now a simple practical matter of getting the various services recreated
19:40 thd             gmcharlt: just to be clear there are still parties with whom to negotiate
19:40 nengard         recreated and promoted well enough to bring new koha users to the right place
19:41 wizzyrea        ok back at keyboard whew
19:41 gmcharlt        thd: BibLibre's transfer of the EU copyright to HLT is not a problem AFAIK
19:41 davi            I would include a <div> in koha-community asking to get back koha.org to community control, but stating we do not have in any hurry. Up to them, LibLime
19:41 Jo              paperwork filed re EU koha stuff
19:41 wizzyrea        davi: I would really, really rather leave koha-community as apolitical as possible
19:41 gmcharlt        which leaves as outstanding issues some points of discussion with PTFS, which I suggest we ask Jo and HLT to conitnue to pursue
19:42 wizzyrea        just keep the hight ground
19:42 thd             gmcharlt; I meant various domains held by businesses with Koha in the name
19:42 Lee             +1 Liz
19:42 Jo              not Jo and HLT anymore : The Koha Subcommittee
19:42 davi            wizzyrea, It is not political, It is informing users
19:42 * owen          agrees with wizzyrea
19:42 thd             gmcharlt; and any other types of registrations
19:42 Jo              wizzyrea : I agree
19:42 russ            wizzyrea: +1
19:42 wizzyrea        as koha.org gets more and more out of date, and koha-community has updated and good content, informing people won't be necessary
19:43 Lee             agreed
19:43 nengard         thought of another url - contribs.koha.org
19:43 chris_n         wizzyrea++ # the high ground is the best ground
19:43 davi            wizzyrea, Maybe you are right
19:43 gmcharlt        wizzyrea++ # we're on the mainstream side of the fork, in any event
19:43 wizzyrea        and, frankly, it looks bad to denigrate one sector of our own community
19:44 wizzyrea        even if they are <things we cannot say in public>
19:44 Jo              so where we are up to again sorry - lost the thread
19:44 chris_n         [off] but we can off the record ;)
19:44 davi            ok, I see
19:44 wizzyrea        like it or not LL is still in our community, to some extent.
19:45 davi            are they giving back?
19:45 gmcharlt        Jo: the current agenda item is #
19:45 gmcharlt        Next issues if negotiations have concluded.
19:45 wizzyrea        their copyright notice is in zillions of our files
19:45 Jo              thanks
19:45 thd             wizzyrea: I think that is something to like
19:46 davi            wizzyrea, But are they continuing to give back?
19:46 gmcharlt        so as far as practical next steps are concerned, we have the following services to recreate
19:46 gmcharlt        main website # NEKLS and wizzyrea are doing that right now
19:46 gmcharlt        bugs database
19:46 thd             wizzyrea: in the community even somewhat is helpful
19:46 gmcharlt        wiki
19:46 gmcharlt        contribs
19:46 gmcharlt        git & gitweb
19:46 Jo              can we move on please folks (sorry but I have leave very soon)
19:46 * wizzyrea      lets it die ;)
19:46 BobB            Two issues are being discussed : koha-community.org and gathering community property from others than Liblime
19:47 gmcharlt        so at this point, I'd like to call for volunteers for people to host koha-community.org subdomains
19:47 thd             I have much experience setting up and modifying dokuwiki
19:47 gmcharlt        and to distribute them internationally
19:47 gmcharlt        forgot one - translations
19:47 * wizzyrea      notes that there will need to be some changes re: DNS hosting before they can go up
19:47 russ            gmcharlt: chris and i would need to talk to our directors here first
19:47 chris           thats already hosted offsite, so that would just be dns
19:48 gmcharlt        ok, then I propose we move this discussion onto the mailing lists
19:48 chris           (translate.koha-community.org)
19:48 chris           yep sounds good
19:48 russ            gmcharlt: thanks
19:48 wizzyrea        thd++ for docuwiki expertise
19:48 nengard         gmcharlt speaking of the lists - there is also lists.koha.org :)
19:48 gmcharlt        so then regarding the of gathering other community property, I suggest we ask HLT to report back during the next meeting
19:49 wizzyrea        contribs we could do as a subdomain of the existing koha-community
19:49 chris           nengard: also hosted offsite
19:49 gmcharlt        nengard: BibLibre controls lists.koha.org, easy enough to add an additional name
19:49 nengard         awesome
19:49 chris           so another dns thing, like translate
19:49 chris           its only the ones hosted at LL taht are a problem
19:49 Lee             Butte has server space but limited tech support
19:49 gmcharlt        well, also the issue that LL controls top-level DNS for koha.org
19:50 hdl_laptop      gmcharlt: we host lists.koha.org
19:50 hdl_laptop      But DNS is hosted by LL
19:50 thd             I hope to avoid extra tedious copying of content
19:50 davi            Who control the parent koha.org?  That is to say, do we have control of lists.koha.org if we do not have control of its parent koha.org?
19:50 gmcharlt        davi: that would be LibLime
19:50 chris           davi: not the dns, but the site yes
19:50 Jo              (I'm inclined to ask for an amenesty on all Koha property: just return it - no questions asked :)
19:50 wizzyrea        jo++
19:51 davi            chris, So it can be switch via DNS change IP
19:51 Lee             lol
19:51 nengard         Jo++
19:51 magnus          Jo++
19:51 gmcharlt        Jo++ # hope it works :)
19:51 thd             Jo: amnesty?
19:51 davi            Also, all koha-community.org would be less confusion than some koha.org and other not
19:52 hdl_laptop      davi++
19:52 davi            A complete re-branding
19:52 Lee             I think I said that...
19:52 hdl_laptop      But we could give back lists.
19:52 davi            Forget about koha.org up to we get it back on control
19:52 hdl_laptop      quite quickly.
19:52 gmcharlt        I think we're veering into chatter now
19:52 gmcharlt        let's set the time for the next meeting
19:52 BobB            thd: A general pardon of past offences granted by government
19:53 Jo              (thd: was a joke ... we run amnesty's on library books)
19:53 thd             Jo+1
19:53 gmcharlt        I propose 6 April 2010 at 19:00 UTC+0
19:53 chris_n         +1
19:53 Jo              cool
19:54 Lee             +1
19:54 magnus          +1
19:54 davi            There is not better announcement than leave lists.koha.org and go to lists.koha-community.org
19:54 davi            +1   6 April 2010
19:55 gmcharlt        davi: yeah, but that should probably be the *last* subsite we change the name of, as people do get tetchy about messing with their email settings
19:55 davi            ack gmcharlt
19:55 wizzyrea        tetchy, i like that
19:55 chris_n         grrrr
19:56 davi            It is good stay in lists.koha.org for some time to direct people to new lists.koha-community.org
19:56 gmcharlt        ok, thanks all - I declare this meeting done and Jo free to run away and leave us ;)
19:56 Jo              thanks folks - gotta run sorry
19:57 wizzyrea        bye jo
19:57 owen            Thank you Jo
19:57 Lee             thanks Jo
19:57 Jo              nick /joaway
19:57 chris_n         bye Jo
19:57 Lee             thanks for chairing gmc
19:57 wizzyrea        lol really?
19:57 * wizzyrea      looks around for her evil twin
19:58 chris_n         quite mobile today Liz?
19:58 BobB            Thanks all.  Bye
19:58 wizzyrea        lol apparently... my phone has gone crazy... it's off and locked!!
19:58 wizzyrea        wow that was nuts
19:58 chris_n         hehe
19:59 * wizzyrea      is unnerved
19:59 gmcharlt        wizzyrea: run, run fast if it is getting its cellular service from SkyNet
20:00 wizzyrea        ATT, same thing.
20:00 * gmcharlt      shivers
20:01 wizzyrea        ok, so practical
20:01 wizzyrea        DNS: the registrar's hosting isn't all too flexible
20:02 chris           i thought katipo offered to host the dns?
20:02 wizzyrea        oh, well problem solved then :()
20:02 wizzyrea        :)_
20:02 wizzyrea        sorry, i was on my phone reading, I might have missed that
20:03 chris           that was last meeting
20:03 wizzyrea        hm. As far as I know the DNS is still hosted by the registrar
20:03 richard         gah. sorry i forgot to ask si about it
20:03 wizzyrea        richard++ ok, mystery solved
20:03 wizzyrea        :D
20:04 BobB            quit
20:05 nengard         wizzyrea to help with that google rank i changed every link to koha.org on my blog to koha-community - i also updated the facebook & linkedin pages :)
20:05 wizzyrea        ty ty
20:06 nengard         in FL
20:06 nengard         oops - wrong window
20:07 Lee             chris see my verison on other channel
20:07 chris           yep
20:10 * magnus        sees koha-community.org as hit #9 in a google-search for "koha" - not too bad?
20:10 * owen          has been trying to chase down koha.org links on myacpl.org
20:10 chris           its 3rd for koha ils
20:15 magnus          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koha_%28software%29 has both koha-community.org and koha.org in the sidebar, but only koha.org at the bottom - should we remove koha.org?
20:16 gmcharlt        magnus: no - that would be a NPOV violation from wikipedia's point of view
20:16 magnus          gmcharlt: ok
20:16 magnus          add koha-community.org at the bottom, then?
20:17 gmcharlt        yep
20:20 wizzyrea        do we want to change the Temp home statement, gmcharlt?
20:21 gmcharlt        wizzyrea: yes, we should
20:22 * gmcharlt      plays rock, paper, scissors with wizzyrea
20:22 wizzyrea        you lose, I already did it ;)
20:23 gmcharlt        though I think we should say something about today's decision as well, if nothing else to point to the IRC log
20:23 gmcharlt        I'll do that as a comment to that post
20:23 wizzyrea        ok sounds good
20:24 wizzyrea        I just took out all references to "temporary"
20:24 wizzyrea        and I think I'll unlink koha.org
20:27 gmcharlt        k, comment posted
20:28 wizzyrea        gmcharlt++
20:31 nengard         magnus - read my mind - i was in there editing the page you should refresh it
20:31 magnus          nengard: goody, i got sidetracked on something else
20:32 schuster        Question - I have my 3.2 database loaded but am having trouble getting the zebra index to run.  When I do rebuild_zebra.pl -b -w it just sits there and acts like it's doing something...
20:33 magnus          nengard: gmcharlt thought removing koha.org completely might be a bad idea, i think...
20:33 nengard         well that page has nothing up to date on it - so i removed it
20:33 chris           yeah wikipedia wont like that
20:33 nengard         it's not the official site
20:33 nengard         you guys can add it back - but it's not the official site - the community just said so
20:33 chris_n         schuster: add -v
20:34 chris_n         and are you running the script as your kohauser?
20:34 gmcharlt        nengard: as I told magnus, that's going to be considered a NPOV violation by wikipedia regulars
20:34 schuster        AH!!!  -v +++
20:35 nengard         NPOV?
20:35 magnus          nengard: i agree with you so i wont change it, but i know too little about the inner workings of wikipedia...
20:35 gmcharlt        neutral point of view
20:35 schuster        Guess that maybe needs to be added to the INSTALL.debian-lenny instructions?
20:35 nengard         but it's not nuetral - i'll add a reference to it to show that it's official
20:36 gmcharlt        heh - define official - it's official to me and thee, but would be contested by others
20:36 wizzyrea        nengard that's the point, wikipedia articles are *supposed* to be neutral
20:36 gmcharlt        i.e., it may not be a big deal, but don't be surprised if the wikipedia change gets reverted
20:36 nengard         i'll put a reference in
20:36 nengard         and i put a lot of edits to update things - not just that link
20:37 wizzyrea        and whoa, about sekjal joining bywater!? That's so cool!
20:37 magnus          yeah, i noticed that too - nice!
20:39 nengard         we're excited!!! :)
20:41 nengard         reference added to wikipedia page
20:42 Lee             :)
20:42 Lee             later peeps
20:43 schuster        gmcharlt - so last night I added a comment to log 4151 - about some other typo stuff, would you prefer a new log or just keep commenting there?
20:43 gmcharlt        schuster: add to 4151
20:44 schuster        ok thanks.  There is a log 4146 that I created dealing with dependancies too that is probably a duplicate to what is in 4151...  Do you want me to compare and edit 4151 and then close the other?
20:44 schuster        bug 4151
20:44 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4151 blocker, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, ASSIGNED, Document new perl modules for those upgrading
20:44 schuster        bug 4146
20:44 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4146 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, dependancies needed for installation
20:44 gmcharlt        yep, please merge the bugs
20:45 schuster        ok will do ..
20:52 schuster        Whoo who!  Squished a bug without looking!  ...
20:52 schuster        ;)
20:53 schuster        off to the dentist...  thanks everyone have a great night!
20:54 * gmcharlt      sees that schuster has made other plans
21:09 brendan         @wunder 93117
21:09 munin           brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.3�C (1:08 PM PST on March 02, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Steady).
21:10 wizzyrea        oh, it's the weather time of day
21:15 moodaepo        @wunder 56001
21:15 munin           moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 2.2�C (3:11 PM CST on March 02, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: -1.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1019.9 hPa (Steady).
21:16 moodaepo        Yes it got warmer! Thanks Sun.
21:22 bgkriegel       @wunder 87344
21:22 munin           bgkriegel: Error: No such location could be found.
21:31 psychokiller    hello
21:31 chris           talking heads fan? :)
21:31 psychokiller    im amazed that there are some many people here
21:31 psychokiller    yes and to be honest i feel like one
21:31 psychokiller    after trying to install kohan on ubuntu
21:32 chris           what version?
21:32 psychokiller    any help provided here ?
21:32 psychokiller    latest version of Koha and Ubuntu too
21:32 chris           so 3.0.5 ?
21:32 psychokiller    im stuck with step 5
21:32 psychokiller    of the install readme
21:33 chris           the INSTALL.ubuntu one?
21:33 * chris         is checking he is reading the same thing
21:33 chris           right, for step 5
21:33 psychokiller    one minute
21:34 psychokiller    thats actually step 4
21:34 chris           it is better to follow INSTALL.debian-lenny, option 2
21:34 chris           (configure and start zebra)
21:34 psychokiller    Configure and start Apache     $ sudo ln -s /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha     (note that the path to koha-httpd.conf may be different depending on your     installation choices)
21:34 chris           ah apache
21:34 wizzyrea        Ah yea
21:34 chris           right
21:35 psychokiller    yes ?
21:35 psychokiller    whats right ?
21:35 wizzyrea        did you do a dev or standard install?
21:35 psychokiller    dont know about that
21:35 psychokiller    i guess i did a dev
21:35 psychokiller    im new on ubuntu I was guided by a fellow
21:35 psychokiller    up to now but he had to leave
21:36 psychokiller    they put him in a mental hospital
21:36 bgkriegel       psyckokiller: you downloaded a tarball or use git
21:36 psychokiller    i downloaded this :
21:36 wizzyrea        hopefully not because of ubuntu
21:37 psychokiller    http://koha.org/download
21:37 psychokiller    the first one
21:37 psychokiller    well he is familiar with ubuntu
21:37 psychokiller    but i was joking
21:37 wizzyrea        oh, 3.0.2?
21:37 psychokiller    so where is my APACHE directory ?
21:37 psychokiller    i have none
21:37 wizzyrea        usually /etc/apache2
21:37 psychokiller    i installed XAMPP
21:37 wizzyrea        OH
21:38 psychokiller    but no apache directory
21:38 psychokiller    doesnt work with XAMPP ?
21:38 wizzyrea        xampp on ubuntu?
21:38 psychokiller    it needs plain old LAMP
21:38 psychokiller    yes XAMPP on UBUNTU it can be done
21:38 wizzyrea        same thing, just weird paths
21:38 psychokiller    it works
21:38 psychokiller    so what can i do ?
21:39 psychokiller    please im begging
21:39 * wizzyrea      is here to help
21:39 psychokiller    i need this for my degree project
21:39 bgkriegel       there is no /etc/apache2 ??
21:39 psychokiller    no
21:39 wizzyrea        sok, we feel ya
21:39 psychokiller    i installed XAMPP
21:39 wizzyrea        we'll get there, let me check out xampp real quicky like
21:39 psychokiller    not plain LAMP
21:40 * wizzyrea      hasn't used it in a while
21:40 bgkriegel       ok, do you know where are the configuration files for your web server?
21:40 psychokiller    i assume the Control Panel
21:40 psychokiller    will point me to them
21:40 psychokiller    lets see
21:40 wizzyrea        is there a /lampp/etc/ directory?
21:41 wizzyrea        can you 'locate httpd.conf'
21:41 wizzyrea        or are you gui ubuntu only
21:41 psychokiller    i did
21:41 psychokiller    there is etc
21:41 psychokiller    and its in there
21:42 bgkriegel       just /etc/httpd.conf or in a directory?
21:42 psychokiller    so what do i do ?
21:42 psychokiller    its opt/lampp/etc/httpd.com
21:43 wizzyrea        ok, can you 'locate koha-httpd.conf' ?
21:43 psychokiller    in the terminal ?
21:43 wizzyrea        that's the easiest, i think
21:44 psychokiller    i get nothinh
21:44 wizzyrea        ok... here's the hard truth:
21:44 psychokiller    i can take it
21:45 wizzyrea        1. the istructions weren't written for xampp, so that immediately makes it much harder
21:45 wizzyrea        2. it really works better if you go straight LAMP, and it's really not hard to configure
21:45 psychokiller    is there a 3. ?
21:46 wizzyrea        that said, I propose you do the following:
21:46 psychokiller    aha
21:46 wizzyrea        download the latest ubuntu server
21:46 wizzyrea        pick the LAMP option
21:46 wizzyrea        and try the instructions again
21:47 wizzyrea        we will have a MUCH easier time trying to help you
21:47 wizzyrea        :)
21:47 psychokiller    so do i need to unnistall XAMPP ?
21:47 wizzyrea        i'm not sure, but it probably wouldn't hurt
21:47 psychokiller    so where can i find LAMP ?
21:48 wizzyrea        www.virtualbox.org, if you don't want to dedicate an entire computer to it
21:48 wizzyrea        erm
21:48 wizzyrea        LAMP is linux/apache/mysql/php
21:48 psychokiller    i know that
21:48 psychokiller    so no package ?
21:48 chris           yeah but you dont want php
21:48 psychokiller    i have to install one at a time ?
21:49 wizzyrea        when you are running the installer from the CD for ubuntu server, one of the options is "LAMP server"
21:49 chris           not for koha anyway
21:49 psychokiller    i do need PHP
21:49 psychokiller    for other reasons
21:49 wizzyrea        he might though ;)
21:49 psychokiller    one of the options is this  ?
21:49 psychokiller    haven't seen it
21:49 wizzyrea        plus, as I have said many times, ubuntu server installer, for nubs, is win
21:49 psychokiller    but anyways are you telling me i have to re-install 9.10 ?
21:49 wizzyrea        (no offense)
21:50 psychokiller    conlusion , you are telling me to do this :1
21:50 psychokiller    Reinstall Ubuntu 9.10
21:51 wizzyrea        yes, or try it in a virtualbox, if you don't feel like wiping
21:51 psychokiller    oh my god
21:51 psychokiller    i've already installed it 2 times
21:51 wizzyrea        so the project is due tomorrow then
21:51 psychokiller    so i better prepare a ladder
21:51 psychokiller    a rope
21:51 wizzyrea        !!
21:52 bgkriegel       you can try to install the requiered package individually: apache2, php-mysql, mysql-server
21:52 wizzyrea        ^^
21:52 psychokiller    well thats what LAMP is , isn;t ?
21:52 bgkriegel       yes
21:52 bgkriegel       but on standard paths
21:53 psychokiller    well how do i uninstall XAMPP from Ubuntu ? does it take 4 hours too ?
21:53 bgkriegel       rm -rf /opt/lampp
21:53 psychokiller    that's it ?
21:53 psychokiller    it can't be that GOOD ?
21:53 psychokiller    oh please GOD !!!!
21:53 bgkriegel       yes, it's all on tha path
21:53 psychokiller    please
21:54 bgkriegel       but tou don't need to uninstall
21:54 bgkriegel       simply stop it: /opt/lampp/lampp stop
21:54 psychokiller    i dont ?
21:54 psychokiller    and there isnt going to be a conflict ?
21:54 bgkriegel       no if it remains stopped
21:55 wizzyrea        not if you stop it
21:55 psychokiller    ok
21:55 psychokiller    i know have to get some TUTORIALS on how to install
21:55 psychokiller    every single part of LAMP
21:55 psychokiller    dont think there something in the greek ubuntu forum
21:55 psychokiller    for that
21:55 psychokiller    oh lord
21:57 wizzyrea        that's why we propose the LAMP option on Ubuntu server install
21:57 wizzyrea        it's working pretty much out of the box.
21:57 bgkriegel       as wizzyrea told you, if you install ubuntu server it simply as select LAMP server on the installation screen
21:57 psychokiller    can't do a reinstall
21:57 psychokiller    i didnt see that selection to be honest
21:57 wizzyrea        did you do server or desktop?
21:58 psychokiller    is there a tutorial handy for LAMP installation
21:58 psychokiller    i think i did desktop
21:58 wizzyrea        http://tinyurl.com/ygk29dx
21:58 wizzyrea        that would be why you didn't see it
21:59 psychokiller    oh lord
21:59 psychokiller    so you are all librarians ?
22:00 psychokiller    web developers working on libraries ?
22:00 wizzyrea        all of the above
22:00 psychokiller    *in libraries
22:00 wizzyrea        developers, interested parties
22:00 wizzyrea        is this for library school?
22:00 psychokiller    that's nice
22:01 psychokiller    do you steal books from the libraries ?
22:01 wizzyrea        no, we check them out, like normal people
22:01 psychokiller    lol
22:01 psychokiller    but you are the masters
22:01 psychokiller    who can tell if you checked them out or not ?
22:01 wizzyrea        with great power comes great responsibility
22:02 psychokiller    well actually im studying in a university in the Digital Systems department
22:02 psychokiller    and doing my senior project
22:02 psychokiller    we call it here Degree project
22:02 wizzyrea        Ahhh
22:03 psychokiller    its building an e-library
22:03 psychokiller    and i want to pursue after my first degree
22:03 psychokiller    a post-degree course on librarianship
22:04 psychokiller    so i wanted to check out some open source library software before
22:05 psychokiller    starting to build my site
22:05 psychokiller    well no greek uni that i know of uses koha but
22:05 psychokiller    oh well
22:05 psychokiller    does koha reign only in New Zealand ?
22:06 wizzyrea        no sir
22:06 wizzyrea        http://www.librarytechnology.org/map.pl?ILS=Koha
22:06 wizzyrea        in fact you  may be interested in http://koha-community.org
22:06 wizzyrea        which is a much better resource than koha.org, at the moment
22:06 wizzyrea        (for one, it's up to date)
22:07 brendan         nice plug wizzyrea_
22:07 brendan         wizzyrea
22:07 psychokiller    oh my god !
22:07 brendan         morelinks++
22:07 psychokiller    do you people no about a place called Europe ?
22:07 psychokiller    it's where civilization started
22:07 psychokiller    no one uses Koha in Europe ?
22:07 chris           bzzt that was africa
22:07 richard         lol
22:08 chris           and yes lots of people use Koha in Europe
22:08 psychokiller    no it wasnt africa
22:08 wizzyrea        they just aren't on that map
22:08 psychokiller    anyway
22:08 chris           civilisation != white people
22:08 psychokiller    nope
22:09 psychokiller    civilisation = first written documents
22:09 chris           lol
22:09 psychokiller    it started in mesopotamia
22:09 psychokiller    and egypt
22:09 chris           egypt is in africa
22:09 psychokiller    3500 bc
22:09 psychokiller    well mesopotamia is actually the
22:10 psychokiller    established first place for civilization
22:10 chris           and id dispute that writing is the measure of civilisation
22:10 chris           but that's an argument for philosophers not me
22:10 psychokiller    but oh well lot of what we now call western civilization started in this dreadfull place that i know live
22:10 psychokiller    that i *now live
22:11 chris           there is even a koha greek site
22:11 psychokiller    yes i saw that too
22:11 psychokiller    dont know who the hell translate it
22:11 psychokiller    is there an email of that guy ?
22:11 chris           its a woman
22:12 wizzyrea        ...wow, batting 1k there
22:12 wizzyrea        So
22:12 psychokiller    it is ?
22:12 psychokiller    well she didnt translate much to be honest
22:12 psychokiller    lol
22:12 wizzyrea        1. download ubuntu server
22:12 * chris         heads out
22:12 wizzyrea        2. pick the LAMP option
22:13 wizzyrea        3. come back when you've got a stable, standard environment
22:13 wizzyrea        and we can help you
22:13 psychokiller    where is 1. ?
22:14 bgkriegel       http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download-server
22:14 psychokiller    yes
22:15 wizzyrea        ^^
22:15 wizzyrea        bgkriegel: you're just *that* much faster than me ;)
22:15 bgkriegel       :)
22:15 psychokiller    oh my god i just remembered does this mean i have to set up AGAIN my internet connection with an ethernet cable ?
22:15 Genji           use virtualbox.
22:16 bgkriegel       keep a copy of /etc/network/interfaces
22:17 wizzyrea        ^^
22:18 psychokiller    no such dir
22:19 psychokiller    ok found it
22:19 psychokiller    sorry
22:19 bgkriegel       no problem
22:19 bgkriegel       in that file is the network configuration
22:19 psychokiller    really ?
22:19 wizzyrea        yep
22:19 psychokiller    its small
22:19 wizzyrea        linux is cool like that :P
22:20 psychokiller    and what do i do it ?
22:20 psychokiller    i store in a usb drive and then copy it to my new installation ?
22:20 wizzyrea        pretty much
22:20 psychokiller    its too good to be true
22:21 psychokiller    ill give it a try anyway
22:21 psychokiller    so  i have a question suppose you want to check out a book
22:21 psychokiller    and you just do that
22:22 psychokiller    and someone comes in and wants the book you borrowed
22:22 psychokiller    what do you do ?
22:22 wizzyrea        they can put a hold on it.
22:22 psychokiller    but YOU ARE THE LIBRARIAN
22:22 wizzyrea        and the next time it's checked in, the staff member will get a notification that the next person in line gets the book
22:23 psychokiller    do you scan books from your library ?
22:24 bgkriegel       to make an electronic copy?
22:24 psychokiller    no to illegally upload them on internet
22:24 wizzyrea        psychokiller: to circumvent library policies, as a staff member, would be unethical and unfair to the patrons
22:25 wizzyrea        no, libraries do not do that
22:25 wizzyrea        our patrons... on the other hand...
22:25 psychokiller    im not talking about libraries
22:26 psychokiller    im talking about librarians off papers
22:27 psychokiller    well sometimes scanning a book that's not on the market anymore
22:27 psychokiller    is a contribution to civilization
22:27 psychokiller    even the writers are happy when you do that
22:28 psychokiller    ... so i came across with another opensource software
22:28 psychokiller    called greenstone
22:28 psychokiller    or something
22:29 psychokiller    it wasn't that exciting
22:29 wizzyrea        yep
22:30 psychokiller    that was from New Zealand too however
22:30 wizzyrea        yep, lots of good stuff there
22:30 wizzyrea        hey john
22:30 wizzyrea        indy*
23:02 chris           hi pianohackr|work
23:02 pianohackr|work Hi, chris
23:02 chris           you all healed up now?
23:02 brendan         hey pianohackr|work
23:02 brendan         :)
23:03 pianohackr|work Hi :)
23:43 chris_n         nice; Breeding's releases use koha-community.org