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00:15 wajasu         when you do an install of koha, do you run 'make install' as root? (or koha). Cause by zebra /var/lock/koha/biblios files are owned by root. I run zebrasrv and rebuild_zebra.pl as koha.
00:17 wajasu         when i rebuild my indexes, it says --> 17:57:40-23/02 zebraidx(20131) [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/norm..LCK [Permission denied]
00:20 chris          id chown those dirs -R to koha
00:20 chris          if you do a standard install it does that for you, a dev one misses that step
00:32 wajasu         i thought i did a standard install. ok , checking perms.
00:33 braedon|work   is this Zebra permissions?
00:34 wajasu         yes
00:35 wajasu         i did chown -R koha:koha /var/run/koha   and /var/lock/koha
00:35 wajasu         i'm doing a fast index now
00:36 braedon|work   chris: are you supposed to do the "make install" for a dev install as root? i did mine as root as usual, had the permissions issue, so next time tried doing it as Koha. It went through fine, and no permissions issues (obviously)
00:37 wajasu         now it gets further, but complains about "[fatal] Node node_zebra missing", "[warn] Cannot obtain EXPLAIN information", "[fatal] zebra_begin_trans: cannot open register"
00:37 wajasu         i did mine as root.
00:38 wajasu         but this is my first time using zebra.
00:38 wajasu         3.02 version
00:38 wajasu         i staged and imported 1600 records.
00:38 braedon|work   you need to do it as root for a standard install, but not sure how you would end up with the wrong user with standard install
00:39 braedon|work   unless you didn't set the koha user correctly in Makefile.pl run?
00:40 wajasu         i've been only changin the db password, and something to dom, and no SRU. The rest the same.
00:41 braedon|work   wouldn't have a clue about those later errors sorry - my knowledge of Zebra extends to what have personally encountered, and not an inch further :(
00:43 wajasu         i had put items in my marc records (952 field).  I don't see any in the db.  maybe because I didn't add the library code until after I imported.
00:43 wajasu         my items table is empty.
00:45 wajasu         lets see if undo import get me empty tables.
00:47 braedon|work   yeah, you need the library code
00:48 braedon|work   beware of undoing imports - kills zebra indexing for me
00:48 braedon|work   have to completely regen index, rather than letting the queue remove the old ones - it just doesn't seem to
00:49 braedon|work   i left one of mine running for at least 4 hours using 80%cpu processing zebraqueue after a import undo
00:49 braedon|work   when it finally finished, they sill where showing up in searches
00:50 wajasu         its undone.  and zero entries in my biblios, items, and biblioitems.
00:50 wajasu         now i'll try an import but with my library code.
00:50 braedon|work   is zebraqueue runing?
00:51 wajasu         the zebrasrv is.
00:51 braedon|work   if you search, does it being up any results?
00:52 braedon|work   s/being/bring/
00:52 wajasu         wait.  its importing. (1 minute and it will be done)
00:54 wajasu         i haven't run zebraqueue.pl yet on this system.  is that a queue that handles updating the zebra index on the fly or what?
00:54 braedon|work   yip
00:54 wajasu         what is the rebuild_zebra.pl every 5 minues(via cron) for then?
00:55 braedon|work   when you change things in Koha, they are pushed onto the queue, and the zebraqueue daemon handles them, as far as i am aware
00:55 braedon|work   ... good point
00:57 wajasu         hurray! the items show.  16000 biblios, biblioitems, and items
00:57 wajasu         now let me search
00:57 braedon|work   that cron job is set to -z, which is "process zebra queue" if i remember correctly
00:57 braedon|work   perhaps zebra queue recieves the tasks from Koha, and the cron job actually processes them?
00:58 braedon|work   not sure
00:58 wajasu         ahh
00:59 wajasu         ok.  the items show. good.
00:59 wizzyrea       braedon is correct: -z only does stuff that is waiting, instead of processing everything
00:59 wizzyrea       a full reindex takes a long time
00:59 braedon|work   then again, whenever i have added single books via Koha, they have shown up immediately in searches, without time for the cron job to run...
00:59 braedon|work   unless i have been repeatedly extremely luck with timing?
01:00 wajasu         i'm doing a fast index now
01:02 wajasu         my search isn't working
01:02 wajasu         i haven't run zebraqueue yet
01:03 richard        any danger to koha from upgrading from debian etch to lenny?
01:04 wajasu         i also get these after doing the fast search ( perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -v -b -w) as koha  --> "[fatal] Node node_zebra missing", "[warn] Cannot obtain EXPLAIN information", "[fatal] zebra_begin_trans: cannot open register"
01:13 braedon|work   wajasu: I would suggest getting the zebra and zebraqueue daemons running and then trying again
01:13 braedon|work   i'm not sure of the exactly how they are used, but that is the only thing i can see as different to mine
01:14 braedon|work   you can just start them from command line if you don't want to set them up permanently yet
01:14 braedon|work   http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=koha_3_install_guide_ubuntu_hardy#indexing_using_zebra
01:20 wajasu         i am trying to start the zebraqueue.pl fromthe command line.  the zebrasrv is running fine so far.
01:20 wajasu         zebraqueue.pl complains about not finding Unix/Syslog.pm
01:21 wajasu         I'll work on getting that cpan module
01:22 braedon|work   hmm, weird. what OS are you on?
01:23 wajasu         ok zebraqueue is running.
01:24 wajasu         mysqld is showing 4% cpu, maybe something is going on.
01:27 wajasu         nothing. no searches working yet.  maybe that [fatal] error about "Node node zebra missing" when i rebuild an index.
01:28 wajasu         i get ERROR 109 in the zerbasrv output
01:28 wajasu         let me try a rebuild_zebra.pl
01:30 braedon|work   chuck in a -r to rebuild from scratch
01:30 braedon|work   http://lists.katipo.co.nz/public/koha/2009-May/018314.html <- that is the only reference i can find to the error you are getting - unfortunately not answered by anyone
01:31 braedon|work   (i think it is -r - probably shuld check htat..)
01:32 wajasu         ok, i did rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r and its doing something, because it didn't return back yet
01:32 wajasu         cpu is pegged at 94%
01:33 braedon|work   that looks better :p
01:33 braedon|work   unless the error is only happening at the end
01:33 braedon|work   in which case it is just redoing all the ones before the error is hit
01:37 wajasu         i got   -->  from the rebuild output    zebraidx(22292) [warn] previous transaction didn't reach commit
01:38 braedon|work   hmm, weird
01:38 wajasu         when i search i get  -->  zebrasrv(13) [request] Search biblios ERROR 109 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr "1=Personal-name" "bridges, charles"
01:39 braedon|work   perhaps you have something in one of your marc files that Zebra doesn't like?
01:39 wajasu         let me revert and import a few
01:43 masonj         wajasu: 'zebraidx(22292) [warn] previous transaction didn't reach commit' is a *FAILED* zebra rebuild..
01:43 masonj         im pretty sure..
01:44 wajasu         i had dumped the records from librarymanager (DOS based).  Then wrote a program to read them, converting to utf8, search z3950 servers by isbn, then author and title, then add my call number to 090ab, add a 952 item, and write the marc records.
01:44 masonj         which also means your zebradb data-files should be around 0-bytes too
01:44 masonj         nice work ;)
01:45 wajasu         i'll look at the zebradb (/var...?)
01:45 masonj         so your rebuild_zebra.pl isnt succeeding, i think
01:46 masonj         have u had it built/indexed successfully before?
01:46 masonj         or is this a 1st time?
01:47 masonj         ahh, reading your previous messages, i see this...
01:47 masonj         'fatal] error about "Node node zebra missing"'
01:48 masonj         ah, i read more! :)
01:50 masonj         if youve never indexed a zebradb yet, you need to start with a test system that has CLEAN AND SANE bibs ;)
01:51 wajasu         nothing in /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios/{register,key,shadow,tmp} but README files.
01:51 wajasu         all the directories are owned by koha
01:51 masonj         what bibs are you using ?
01:52 masonj         and do you bibs have correct data in their 'biblioitems.marcxml' field?
01:53 masonj         if they are missing that field... then the zebra-build wont start
01:53 masonj         so...
01:53 wajasu         i reverted my import so no records exist. now I'll try a rebuild
01:53 masonj         a few things to check before the zeb-build is gonna fly
01:54 wajasu         ok
01:54 masonj         a rebuild wont work , without any bibs
01:54 masonj         but you knew that , i guess :)
01:54 masonj         easiest way to do is...
01:54 wajasu         ok, I'll add a couple that I exported from a prior koha
01:54 wajasu         is?
01:55 wajasu         add my own?
01:55 wajasu         by hand?
01:55 masonj         $ bulkmarcimport --file ./my-bibs.mrc
01:55 masonj         bibs , bibitems, items tables populated. then....
01:55 masonj         $ rebuild_zebra -r -b -v 1
01:56 masonj         then sucess.
01:56 wajasu         i had 16000 biblios, biblioitems, items, and my items where showing up fine.
01:56 masonj         make sure to set your KOHA_CONF, and PERL5LIB env-vars etc..
01:56 masonj         cool
01:57 masonj         your biblioitems.marcxml have vailid xml in them?
01:57 wajasu         then I tried the rebuild -r -b with those ENV vars set just as cron would like, but thats when I got that error.
01:57 wajasu         i had loaded them into marcedit and ran the validator, and there were lots of errors.
01:58 masonj         i have never used marcedit, so i dunno if thats common...
01:58 wajasu         many isbns were not split into $a $c and had '(pbk.)' and so on.
01:58 masonj         marcdump ./bibs.mrc
01:59 masonj         is a good way to check them
01:59 masonj         or marclint...
01:59 masonj         $ marclint ./bibs.mrc
01:59 masonj         etc...
02:00 wajasu         ok. i'll try marcdump
02:00 masonj         if your marc files are glitchy for starters, then nothing is gonna work
02:01 wajasu         i'm gonna have to take a break and eat.  but you may know an answer to another question.
02:02 masonj         start by importing *1* record, even ;)
02:02 wajasu         if i select the auto barcode generation  in the admin prefs, should I have barcodes after a staged style import?  or did I need to run a script to fill them in.  or have them in my marc records beforehand?
02:03 wajasu         ok let me try one record
02:04 masonj         pass.. it really depends on how they were created/added
02:05 masonj         but if they were added correctly, then yes - barcodes will be created after AddItem() sub, i think
02:06 wajasu         ok.  i imported 400 records i had lying around, and then rebuilt (success!)  and the search worked.
02:07 wajasu         i will have to divide and conquer the 16000 batch
02:08 masonj         congrats! :)
02:09 wajasu         thanks!
02:10 wajasu         do you know what authorites records are? and whether I need to get them? and how to get them?
02:15 wajasu         ok break time for me.
02:17 chris_n        g'evening
02:22 braedon|work   ahoy chris_n
02:27 braedon|work   wajasu: as i understand them(not well) authority records provide standard (authoritative) versions of names/titles/etc
02:28 braedon|work   you can link a field to one when cataloging
02:28 braedon|work   if you change a authority record, any fields linked to it will also change in sync
02:30 braedon|work   and you can do things like show all biblios linked to a specific authority record, for example the authoritative name of an author. Thus, instead of searching for the author, and getting all books by people with similar names to the author, you only get books actually written by that specific author, assuming your authorities are set up correctly
02:31 braedon|work   exactly how you implement authority records, i am not entirely sure
02:31 braedon|work   apparently they are usually imported from a marc file provides by some authority(surprisingly)
02:32 braedon|work   whether you can automate the process of linking existing biblio fields to these authorities, or if you have to go through each biblio in your catalogue and do it manually, i am not sure.
02:51 wajasu         thanks for the background.  So once I get things going, I may have to work on that.
03:23 Amit           hi all
03:23 Amit           heya brendan, chris
03:33 chris_n        heya Amit
03:36 Amit           heya chris_n
04:03 brendan        heya amit
04:15 brendan        @wunder asheville, nc
04:15 munin          brendan: The current temperature in Sunset Mountain, Asheville, North Carolina is -0.3�C (11:15 PM EST on February 23, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008.4 hPa (Falling).  Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 6 PM EST Wednesday... 
06:45 htaccess       chris: got everything setup at home now too, can pull from you (upstream) and my github (origin)
06:46 chris          awesome
06:46 chris          cooking with gas
06:59 nicomo         morning #koha
07:03 Ropuch         Morning #koha
07:04 chris          hi nicomo and Ropuch
07:05 nicomo         evening chris
07:09 Amit_laptop    heya nicomo, Ropuch
07:09 nicomo         hi Amit_laptop
07:10 Ropuch         Hi chris, nicomo, Amit_laptop ;>
07:10 nicomo         hi Ropuch
07:10 nicomo         ok let's call it a draw
07:10 nicomo         :-)
07:17 Ropuch         [;
08:21 Ropuch         Can anybody take a look at http://bagno.be/rcv_error.png
08:23 Ropuch         I have trouble receiving some items
08:24 chris          that looks like a bug
08:25 * chris        takes a look at the code
08:27 Ropuch         I've examined the "receive" link from the working "receiveable" item and one of those - they are the same (with different &receive= and &biblionumber)
08:29 chris          i see 2 bugfixes for orderreceive.pl since 3.0.5
08:30 chris          hmm or maybe not, looking more
08:31 chris          ah yep, its because it is missing the ordernumber
08:31 chris          which means it cant find the bookseller
08:31 chris          so this line
08:32 chris          name             => $bookseller->{'name'},
08:32 chris          blows up
08:33 chris          does the receive link have a supplierid parameter in the url?
08:33 Ropuch         Yes
08:34 chris          interesting
08:35 Ropuch         One sec, I'll find 'working' item and pastebin good & bad links
08:35 chris          on line 191 could you put
08:36 chris          die $bookseller;
08:36 chris          to test my theory
08:36 chris          paul_p: are you about?
08:36 paul_p         hi chris, yes i'm here
08:37 chris          you've heard of neemia tialata?
08:37 paul_p         ??? (nope)
08:37 chris          (all black prop)
08:37 chris          number 3
08:37 chris          plays for wellington too
08:37 paul_p         no, I didn't. why ?
08:38 chris          he is buying coffee for people tomorrow :)
08:38 chris          Ok (wellington) "Twitter Fam" who is down for lunch at @laffare tomorrow? come along my shout! http://twtvite.com/scb3wv re-tweet pls
08:39 Ropuch         chris: with die $bookseller; in 191 I get Error 500
08:39 Ropuch         But I'm not sure if my 191 is your 191 - I haven't patched 3.00.05
08:40 chris          yep, you can check the apache error log now
08:40 chris          and htere it should have the value of bookseller
08:42 chris          paul_p: its not everyday an allblack buys lunch for people :)
08:45 Ropuch         HASH(0x3c5bcc0), referer:
08:45 Ropuch         Premature end of script headers: orderreceive.pl, referer:
08:45 Ropuch         Date is in weird format in log, in link it;s 2010-02-24
08:46 chris          right so my theory is wrong, bookseller looks fine
08:46 chris          (it should be a HASH)
08:49 chris          can you paste what is on your line 192?
08:50 Ropuch         sure
08:51 Ropuch         $template->param(
08:51 Ropuch         Hm
08:52 Ropuch         datereceived     => $datereceived->output(),
08:52 Ropuch         datereceived_iso => $datereceived->output('iso'),
08:52 Ropuch         It's ok that datereived is empty?
08:53 chris          ahhh that will be the issue
08:55 chris          that looks like us format date in the link ... which i suspect yuo dont use in poland?
08:55 Ropuch         Nope
08:58 Ropuch         Hm, actually I can use us or iso date format, it's fine by me
08:58 chris          what is your syspref set to?
09:00 Ropuch         I was set to us
09:00 Ropuch         I've changed it to iso
09:00 Ropuch         And now i have illegal date in apache log
09:01 Ropuch         But it's weird that some of items from same basket work, and some don't
09:02 chris          yeah that is weird, it must be something that happened when they were ordered
09:03 chris          if you modify one (dont change anything just choose modify and then save it)
09:03 chris          does that now make it work when you receive?
09:07 Ropuch         No - I've ordered them at the same time
09:09 chris          stranger and stranger
10:40 tekonivel      magnus: hi
10:40 magnus         hiya tekonivel
10:40 tekonivel      magnus: yesterday you mentioned that norwegians are thinking of something like ÖB
10:41 tekonivel      magnus: i'm weeding my emails, and ve've had discussion of ÖB, or that we should have a shared, centralized "honeypot" of UGC too
10:42 tekonivel      magnus: so my question is, have there been discussion about joihing the swedes, or setting up your own honeypot in norway?
10:43 tekonivel      we've not decided... but things tend to happen /sloooooow/, so personally i'd prefer joining someone and then maybe forking out later if need be
10:43 magnus         tekonivel: we have talked about getting the code and setting up our own installation - to play with it a bit and think about what we need and want and can do
10:43 tekonivel      some nordic cooperation here?
10:43 tekonivel      :)
10:44 tekonivel      magnus: so the code is ready for production?
10:44 * tekonivel    haven't looked at it in a while
10:44 magnus         we are also thinking about nordic cooperation - some kind of meta-service to aggregate stuff
10:44 tekonivel      magnus: yea
10:44 magnus         i don't think they have released the code, but we have been in contact with them a bit and they have said we can have it
10:45 tekonivel      magnus: it's easier for you with a shared language, but we've got ppl here with swedish as the first language too
10:45 tekonivel      magnus: that's good to hear
10:45 magnus         yeah, the language-stuff is interesting! ;-)
10:45 tekonivel      i wonder what the danes are up to
10:45 magnus         lots, probably
10:45 tekonivel      magnus: lol propably :)
10:45 tekonivel      esp. in Århus
10:46 magnus         by the way: "we" are the norwegian library laboratory: http://www.biblab.no/
10:46 tekonivel      magnus: ours is http://labs.kirjastot.fi :)
10:47 magnus         cool
10:47 magnus         i hadn't seen that
10:49 * tekonivel    adds biblab to rss aggregator
11:11 bigbrovar      Hey guys I have a friend who is a librarian and she wants to do her masters in IT but I advised her to do something related to IT and library. Does anyone have tip on a masters course of certification in a related field?
11:26 fallor         Hello again guys
11:27 fallor         What do you make of this: http://koha.kepa.fi/
11:27 fallor         the database seems to be messed up pretty bad
11:28 gmcharlt       fallor: at a guess, mysqld is not running at all
11:28 fallor         that much i figured, so i went ahead and checked that
11:28 fallor         i tried to restart it, but it refused to stop
11:28 fallor         then i booted the server and now it refuses to start up
11:28 fallor         Koha database is 1,7 MB (it was 103 MB yesterday)
11:29 gmcharlt       just 2% of its former size?  ouch
11:29 fallor         yep
11:30 fallor         i have a recent dump so that's not a problem
11:30 fallor         but how am i supposed to feed the data back in if the damn thing won't start
11:32 gmcharlt       what error messages is it giving you?
11:33 fallor         ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)
11:34 gmcharlt       anything in /var/log/mysql.log or /var/log/mysql.err ?
11:34 fallor         the server hasn't actually completed the bootup procedure (rc.M is still running) because the MySQL server is acting up
11:35 fallor         nope, nothing
11:36 fallor         whoops
11:36 fallor         i think i found the problem
11:36 fallor         this is what df says:
11:36 fallor         /dev/hda1              20G   19G     0 100% /
11:36 fallor         so 0 bytes of free space on disk
11:36 gmcharlt       that would do it :)
11:37 fallor         for sure :D
11:37 fallor         now unfortunately the guy that takes care of this server is out on a holiday until 1.3.
11:37 Genji          hey all. how do i step through values in a field, in a marc::record?
11:38 gmcharlt       Genji: MARC::Field->subfields() returns an array of subfields
11:42 chris_n        g'morning
11:47 gmcharlt       hi nelsonf
11:51 fallor         hmm... there are a lot of mysql-bin.0000nn files under /var/lib/mysql
11:51 fallor         they seem to be eating up the diskspace
11:51 fallor         is is dafe to remove them?
11:51 fallor         safe even
12:03 chris_n        bbl
12:15 gmcharlt       fallor: they're MySQL binary logs - it's safe to remove them or move them onto another filesystem
12:16 gmcharlt       if you're planning to restore from your dump
12:16 gmcharlt       they're used for replication and data recovery
12:21 Genji          so, i just do foreach my $item (@$tag->subfields()) { print $item)?
12:23 Genji          foreach my $item (@{$tag->subfields()}) { print $item)
12:24 Genji          ?
12:33 fallor         gmcharlt: thanks, that's what I did :)
12:33 fallor         gmcharlt: I also switched of binary logging from my.cnf
12:33 fallor         +f
12:34 gmcharlt       Genji: just about - each subfield entry return is a two-element arrayref
12:34 gmcharlt       first elment of which is the subfield code, the second is the subfield value
12:34 Genji          so... $ele->{value}/
12:34 Genji          ?
12:35 Genji          wait.. arrayref.. so.. $ele[1]?
12:36 Genji          eh.. that didn't work.
12:36 Genji          oh.. duh...
12:38 Genji          oh nevermind.
12:38 Genji          didn't work it out yet.
12:40 Genji          foreach my $element ($tag->subfields()){
12:40 Genji          foreach my $ele (@$element){print "$ele\n";
12:40 Genji          }
12:40 Genji          }
12:40 Genji          }}
12:41 Genji          so far, i get both the subfield key, and value..
12:41 gmcharlt       yep
12:41 Genji          $ele[1] doesnt work.
12:49 jdavidb        Mornin'.   Harrrrumph!
12:50 jwagner        I have a monopoly on the harrumphing this morning....
12:50 gmcharlt       so early?
12:50 * jdavidb      did *not* wanna get out of bed this morning.  Arthritis is kicking up a little; staying *still* feels much better.
12:53 Genji          any idea,gmcharlt?
12:54 gmcharlt       $element->[0] contains the subfield code, $element->[1] the value
12:54 gmcharlt       i.e., in your loop, $element is the array ref for each subfield
12:55 gmcharlt       i.e., ($subf_label, $subf_value) = @{ $element };
12:55 Genji          ah
13:46 owen           Hi randyc
13:53 jdavidb        Hi, Colin!
13:55 owen           Another tweet about our catalog. I just don't get it. http://twitter.com/ExtremeSurvival/statuses/9568844062
13:55 nengard        owen is it possible he lives in your area and did a search he thought had good results?
13:55 * nengard      thinking positively
13:56 owen           This is the third one I've seen, and each was from a different account
13:56 nengard        hmmm
13:56 nengard        it's not bad spam ...
13:56 owen           It's just odd
13:57 nengard        bleh - weatherman just said we're getting more snow tonight into Friday!!
14:01 owen           Hi brendan, how's code4lib going?
14:01 brendan        good so far, but there doesn't seem to be enough coffee - it always runs out quickly
14:02 brendan        been seeing some cool xml stuff
14:02 chris_n        coffee_shortage--
14:02 owen           Somehow that doesn't surprise me, all those caffeine-addicted geeks in one place.
14:03 brendan        hi nelsonf
14:03 nelsonf        gooood morning brandon!  another code4lib day, oh boy
14:04 nelsonf        how was the beer last night?  Did you drink your $40 worth?
14:04 jwagner        owen, see, that's where us tea-drinkers have the advantage.  While everyone else is fighting over the coffee, we can slip in and brew our caffeine of choice :-)
14:08 brendan        I think so
14:08 brendan        but feeling great this morning - so not too much
14:18 tekonivel      okrap
14:19 * tekonivel    comes across translations from XSLT-files
14:20 tekonivel      these are used for string matching xpaths :(
14:21 owen           nengard: I looked at Bug 4248 yesterday and got stumped by the Perl too
14:21 munin          04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4248 normal, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, Cities Town Pull Down Missing Zip
14:21 nengard        yeah - that's why i changed who it was assigned to - but it looks like someone may have figured it out - i forget who now ....
14:22 collum         It was me.
14:22 owen           Oh, great collum, I didn't see that
14:23 * owen         goes to look at the patch to see if he can learn from it
14:23 collum         i just appended the zip to the city/state string.
14:23 Colin          I think the patch should checked whether zip is defined though
14:24 collum         Zip is used in the value element
14:24 collum         of the select statement.
14:25 Colin          Outside the US zip is not city level so it won't be defined in many cases generating a warning
14:25 collum         Ah.  I just assumed it was already checked because it was already used.
14:26 collum         Probably a bad assumption.
14:26 nengard        thanks collum!!!
14:26 nengard        I'm off to do day 2 of training and to sing your praises for fixing that - even if it is only partially fixed :_)
14:26 nengard        :)
14:26 Colin          the perennial problem of nulls
14:27 collum         OK.  Off to meeting.
14:27 collum         a meeting rather.
14:27 * owen         is a Perl newb so that $city{ $data->... construction was greek to me
14:27 * owen         wonders if other find that their City/State dropdown contains 2 blank lines?
14:32 Colin          owen: I've got two blank lines then the two cities I defined
14:34 * owen         remembers that symptom from Bug 2399
14:34 munin          04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2399 normal, P3, ---, chris.nighswonger@liblime.com, REOPENED, All status fields in the item edit interface offer two blank/null entries per dropdown instead of one
14:35 Colin          If you look at it in firebug one is "" and one is " "
14:36 owen           #    insert empty value to create a empty choice in cgi popup
14:36 owen           push @id, " ";
14:41 Colin          and later there's an unshift. I think the routine is asking to be tidied up
14:44 wizzyrea_      owen: that is an extremely interesting use of the library catalog, if it's legit
14:45 wizzyrea_      i mean, look at the account: http://twitter.com/extremesurvival
14:45 wizzyrea_      he's got 2900 followers
14:46 wizzyrea_      and your catalog was one of the resources he linked to, pretty good promotion for your library
14:46 owen           wizzyrea_: I think it's a spam robot of some kind, but I can't figure out the angle.
14:47 owen           Like maybe each tweet is a Google result for "wilderness survival" or something
14:47 wizzyrea_      dunno, he linked to a subject search of survival
14:47 wizzyrea_      the company looks kind of legit to me
14:47 owen           Except no contact info, no information about where the company is located
14:48 owen           Only an email link
14:48 owen           No classes listed on the calendar
14:48 wizzyrea_      yea, but it could be a very small company
14:49 wizzyrea_      with bad design skills >.>
14:49 wizzyrea_      i dunno, it could be automatic, but I still think it's an interesting use of a library catalog
14:50 owen           Yeah I don't think it does us any harm, I'm just curious about it. I've got a Google alert set up for results that include "Athens County Public Libraries" so it caught my eye
14:52 wizzyrea_      it was sent from a twitter client called twitterfeed: http://twitterfeed.com/
14:52 wizzyrea_      so yea, it's automated somehow
14:52 wizzyrea_      maybe his facebook?
14:53 owen           Oh nice, my Google alert for "nelsonville public library" was returning no results because I misspelled "library" :P
14:53 wizzyrea_      hehe
14:53 gmcharlt       come joins us at the libary
14:53 gmcharlt       :)
14:55 owen           Serves me right, I was just grouching about the misspellings in a recent email to parents from my daughter's school principal
14:55 owen           spelling karma
14:55 wizzyrea_      hehe
14:55 owen           Does chris's IRC stats page grade us on spelling?
14:55 wizzyrea_      oi I hope not
14:56 magnus         @karma spelling
14:56 munin          magnus: spelling has neutral karma.
14:56 magnus         ;-)
14:58 owen           @karma karma
14:58 munin          owen: Highest karma: "chris" (108), "gmcharlt" (108), and "owen" (87).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-43), "failed" (-26), and "-" (-21).  You (owen) are ranked 3 out of 719.
14:59 gmcharlt       chris++ # just because
14:59 owen           karma++
14:59 gmcharlt       spelling++ # honoured more in the breach, perhaps :)
15:00 jdavidb        @karma
15:00 munin          jdavidb: Highest karma: "chris" (109), "gmcharlt" (108), and "owen" (87).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-43), "failed" (-26), and "-" (-21).  You (jdavidb) are ranked 18 out of 721.
15:01 owen           <!++ # for consistently and reliably beginning HTML comments
15:01 wizzyrea_      hehe
15:02 jdavidb        @karma wizzyrea
15:02 munin          jdavidb: Karma for "wizzyrea" has been increased 56 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 56.
15:02 gmcharlt       -++ # math just wouldn't be any fun without it
15:02 wizzyrea_      oh no a karma party
15:02 * jdavidb      thinks someone oughta hide the sugar and caffeine...
15:02 owen           wizzyrea++ # for her holds bug detective work
15:02 wizzyrea_      @karma -
15:02 munin          wizzyrea_: Karma for "-" has been increased 1 time and decreased 21 times for a total karma of -20.
15:03 wizzyrea_      well I'm not sure I've found it, but I'm a lot closer
15:03 wizzyrea_      but thanks all the same
15:03 wizzyrea_      :)
15:03 wizzyrea_      owen++ # for the super slick intranet interface
15:04 owen           Made with real butter
15:04 wizzyrea_      mmmm... buttery
15:18 owen           The vacuum of space was so cold...
15:18 moodaepo       @wunder 56001
15:18 munin          moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -18.6�C (9:16 AM CST on February 24, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: -22.0�C. Windchill: -27.0�C. Pressure: 30.22 in 1023.2 hPa (Rising).
15:18 moodaepo       owen: it's nearly that cold here
15:19 brendan        wow moodaepo.  that's insane
15:19 jwagner        @wunder Bethesda, MD
15:19 munin          jwagner: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 5.8�C (10:19 AM EST on February 24, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011.4 hPa (Steady).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from late tonight through late Thursday night...
15:19 brendan        small kids will freeze solid if they stood still outside in the temp for too long
15:20 moodaepo       brendan: it sounds a lot better in fahrenheit, how was the beer-cruise?
15:20 brendan        my wife from cambridge, minn...  told me that they canceled school sometimes because it got too cold
15:21 moodaepo       hah I'm not surprised, but not that cold yet
15:21 brendan        beer- cruise was good..  got a good tour of brewery and had some good beers
15:21 owen           They do that here too, but I'll bet MN has stricter standards ;)
15:22 brendan        one of the top beers was a gaelic ale from highland breweries
15:22 brendan        a little bit sweet (but a good session beer)
15:23 Kuna           Is this an america chatbox? :)
15:24 brendan        it's global
15:24 jwagner        Kuna, not even close
15:24 brendan        just america's the most awake at the moment
15:24 wizzyrea       the americans happen to... what he said
15:24 jwagner        For certain values of "awake"
15:25 Kuna           haha :)
15:25 * owen         grumbles "speak for yourself brendan"
15:25 brendan        some more so than others
15:25 wizzyrea       "the most awake" not "awake" ;)
15:25 * wizzyrea     is awake
15:25 * brendan      's very awake
15:25 Kuna           Yea because it looks pretty quiet in here
15:25 wizzyrea       ok, now the word awake looks weird to me
15:25 wizzyrea       well we just got back from a brief interruption in service to the channel :P
15:26 Kuna           It's cool that it's a browser chatbox, and yea not everybody is awake. :)
15:26 Kuna           So Where you from Wizzyrea?
15:26 wizzyrea       US - Kansas
15:27 owen           Kuna did you come to talk about Koha?
15:27 magnus         europe, on the other hand, is getting ready for dinner...
15:27 Kuna           No , what is koha actually?
15:27 Kuna           Yea it's near 5 pm over here.
15:27 owen           Kuna I think this isn't the place you want to be. We're here to talk about software development
15:27 wizzyrea       Koha is an open source library automation system
15:27 Kuna           magnus, you seem to be european too?
15:27 Kuna           o ok :)
15:28 wizzyrea       www.koha-community.org
15:28 Kuna           i'll check it out :)   in wich kind of domain are you develloping.  Sound, 3D, ERP, or operating systems?
15:28 wizzyrea       speaking of koha-community... I'm still a bit fuddled by this problem with docbook2html
15:28 wizzyrea       Library Automation Systems/Web Application, among other things
15:29 Kuna           nice.  So it's the language that should run a whole range of websites, right?
15:30 wizzyrea       erm, well: http://koha-community.org/about/
15:30 Kuna           ok checkin
15:31 wizzyrea       it's the system that enables automated tracking of library materials (library, as in, the large (sometimes) civic buildings filled with items circulated (sometimes) free to anyone)
15:32 Kuna           this would be great to manage a biotonic library :)
15:32 Kuna           Because the classes would devellop a tree and would gradually contain all the plant information
15:33 wizzyrea       It could probably do that, but not all too particularly gracefully
15:34 wizzyrea       it's really more for library metadata/tracking
15:34 Kuna           ok a little bit like a search engine would use
15:36 Kuna           ok i'm gone.  See you guy's around.  Have fun..
15:36 wizzyrea       thanks we always do :)
15:36 Kuna           great
15:36 owen           Good like finding your america chatbox!
15:37 owen           Are we the first result for "chat" on Google or something?
15:37 wizzyrea       man I have no idea
15:39 * wizzyrea     envisions the physical space of #koha as a dimly lit room with lots of squishy things to sit on, endless coffee, and a floor covered with power outlets
15:39 owen           Bug 4250
15:39 munin          04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4250 normal, P5, ---, oleonard@myacpl.org, NEW, cart missing print button
15:39 magnus         hehe - talking of which: looks like koha-community.org is now hit number 12 on google when you search for "koha"...
15:39 wizzyrea       NIC
15:39 wizzyrea       NICE
15:39 wizzyrea       will have to keep on that
15:40 owen           Cart missing print button because owen added "display:none" to cart link for some reason.
15:40 wizzyrea       !!
15:40 schuster       heo...
15:40 * owen         wonders what owen was thinking on 2009-12-31 12:45:54
15:40 brendan        hi schuster
15:40 wizzyrea       ...
15:40 wizzyrea       never SU after 2 :P
15:40 schuster       well should we go check the logs!
15:40 gmcharlt`      cool
15:41 jwagner        Hi, schuster, did you get much snow this time around?
15:41 schuster       NONE!  All SOUTH of Dallas - which is really funny - one would think the NORTH would get it...
15:42 wizzyrea       "That print button is UGLY! No one will miss it..."
15:42 wizzyrea       <zaps it>
15:42 wizzyrea       ;)
15:42 jwagner        Latest forecast here is that we're going to be on the southern fringes of this one.  People further up the coast and inland are going to get it worse.
15:43 jwagner        wizzyrea, I can think of lots of things where that logic could be applied :-)
15:43 jwagner        Starting with those item-type icons....
15:43 schuster       So I have an sql question  - I need to find all of the "first available" type holds...  I was looking at the reserves table but can't figure where that is indicated?
15:44 owen           schuster: Meaning all holds which are on "next available" rather than for a specific copy?
15:44 schuster       So if itemnumber is blank does that mean it is next available?  yes owen
15:45 owen           An itemnumber will be present for item-level holds and for non-item-level holds which have had an item allocated for them.
15:46 schuster       ok - for now until we can get local (school only holds) implemented I need to change these to specific copies.  I was able to "adjust" the tmpl to remove the next Available option forcing them to a specific copy.
15:48 schuster       Most schools only have one copy except for the current award books - but still...
15:50 wizzyrea       you could probably suppress the next avail option with jquery too
15:50 jwagner        schuster, does changing the circ rule setting on holds to "from home library only" limit the holds the way you want?
15:50 wizzyrea       I don't think he has that code yet :(
15:50 jwagner        Ooops.
15:51 schuster       :(
15:52 schuster       wizzyrea do you have that code? what version are you on?
15:52 gmcharlt`      sekjal is presenting now
15:52 wizzyrea       WOOO Sekjal!
15:52 wizzyrea       yea, NEKLS sponsored that
15:53 schuster       I have something that says item type and hold policy but I wasn't able to figure out how it works.
15:55 brendan        sekjal's presentation is going great so far
15:55 brendan        getting some laughs
15:55 brendan        sekjal++
15:56 owen           What's the topic?
15:56 nelsonf_       migrating from millennium to koha
15:56 brendan        migration from iii to koha
15:57 brendan        had the best slide ever - titled when titans clash
16:00 wizzyrea       hahah
16:00 wizzyrea       oh, schuster, maybe you do have it
16:00 wizzyrea       it's kind of twitchy, you have to have the rules configured just so
16:00 wizzyrea       let me send you a screencap of how we do local holds in our catalog
16:00 wizzyrea       schuster: http://screencast.com/t/NzQyYzczOT
16:00 brendan        with a picture of two kittens fighting with a bomb going off in the background
16:02 janewagner     What's happening with the IRC today?  Just got bounced for the 3rd time.
16:08 schuster       wizzyrea - so what do you have on the "default" location level?
16:08 schuster       I tried to limit all locations itemtype to Book - local only - but that didn't take.
16:08 schuster       sorry "from home library"
16:10 gmcharlt`      sekjal++
16:10 schuster       sekjal++  there will be lots of people interested in those slides...
16:14 jwagner        All these identity crises this morning....
16:32 wizzyrea       here's the default level http://screencast.com/t/MzNhZWE3M
16:34 wizzyrea       sorry, was afk
16:34 wizzyrea       schuster
16:41 schuster       wizzyrea - so does that limit both in staff and pac or??
16:41 wizzyrea       yes, the local hold rules, as I understand it, use the patron's home library setting to determine eligibility for holds
16:42 wizzyrea       gmcharlt would know definitively
16:42 wizzyrea       and that applies in both pac and intranet
16:43 gmcharlt       wizzyrea: correct
16:44 wizzyrea       owen: lol
16:44 owen           You too wizzyrea!
16:45 wizzyrea       i'm still giggling
17:05 CGI757         hey any one with tools to trade
17:06 owen           CGI757: Yeah, I've got an old hammer. What'll you give me for it?
17:07 CGI757         lol
17:07 CGI757         just wanna know if there is anyone here lol
17:10 nengard        anyone know what's up with the kohacon site?
17:10 nengard        http://kohacon.appspot.com/
17:10 * wizzyrea     is not it
17:10 owen           nengard: It was working early this morning
17:10 owen           earlier, that is
17:10 wizzyrea       google has been funny all day
17:10 nengard        hmm
17:11 * owen         didn't wake up first thing to check it
17:11 wizzyrea       i wonder if translate.koha.org is broken too
17:11 wizzyrea       sho nuff
17:11 wizzyrea       I thought that error looked familiar
17:11 wizzyrea       they must be on the same server >.>
17:12 owen           Damn now I've got this hammer I still need to get rid of.
17:12 wizzyrea       aw
17:12 wizzyrea       oh there it is
17:12 wizzyrea       I think there might be something funky with the trans-ocean interweb link
17:12 wizzyrea       today
17:13 * wizzyrea     doesn't like hoity toity technical talk
17:13 wizzyrea       wait, that's a lie
17:14 wizzyrea       I totally dig it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vioZf4TjoUI
17:19 rhcl           seems lots of sites are down. I can't get to tigerdirect.com, globalgoved.com, compusa.com, et al.
17:19 jdavidb        @quote add *wizzyrea doesn't like hoity toity technical talk...<wizzyrea>	wait, that's a lie
17:19 munin          jdavidb: The operation succeeded.  Quote #61 added.
17:20 * jdavidb      chuckles evilly.
17:21 wizzyrea       lol sigh
17:21 wizzyrea       @quote random
17:21 munin          wizzyrea: Quote #7: "Snow_Fox: a rift opens in space the information is shuffled to dev_hyperspace rift then closes" (added by wizzyrea at 11:28 AM, June 18, 2009)
17:21 wizzyrea       lol
17:21 jdavidb        @quote random
17:21 munin          jdavidb: Quote #7: "Snow_Fox: a rift opens in space the information is shuffled to dev_hyperspace rift then closes" (added by wizzyrea at 11:28 AM, June 18, 2009)
17:21 * jdavidb      pokes munin in the ribs, and calls it a dork.
17:21 wizzyrea       @be
17:21 munin          wizzyrea: Error: "be" is not a valid command.
17:21 jdavidb        @quote random
17:21 munin          jdavidb: Quote #38: "<owen> Holy Bugzilla activity explosion, Batman!" (added by ricardo at 10:00 AM, October 07, 2009)
17:21 wizzyrea       man, you really gotta work on that
17:22 wizzyrea       to be, or not to be, that is the question
17:22 wizzyrea       for some reason I never get tired of that joke w/ munin
17:22 jdavidb        "to be, or not to be?"  That is the question....that will crash a SirsiDynix Unicorn OPAC spectacularly...
17:22 jwagner        We have to work on munin's sense of humor....
17:23 * jdavidb      would *so* hack munin to respond to "@be" with "I am, <requestor>."
17:23 wizzyrea       lol
17:23 jwagner        @do
17:23 munin          jwagner: Error: "do" is not a valid command.
17:24 wizzyrea       @try
17:24 munin          wizzyrea: Error: "try" is not a valid command.
17:24 wizzyrea       that's right!
17:24 wizzyrea       do, or do not, there is no try
17:24 jwagner        Yes, Yoda
17:24 wizzyrea       ;)
17:24 * jdavidb      chuckles
17:26 jdavidb        I used to program an LP Mud, and hacking up interactives was my favorite thing.  The girls were *little* then, so I cobbled up Lindsey and Libby interactives as test exercises.
17:40 brendan        @wunder asheville, nc
17:40 munin          brendan: The current temperature in Sunset Mountain, Asheville, North Carolina is -0.4�C (12:40 PM EST on February 24, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 80%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.72 in 1006.3 hPa (Falling).  High wind watch in effect from Thursday afternoon through Friday afternoon...
17:40 brendan        ok gonna brave it and go out side :)
17:42 jdavidb        @wunder 20817
17:42 munin          jdavidb: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 7.3�C (12:42 PM EST on February 24, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010.0 hPa (Steady).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from midnight EST tonight through late Thursday night...
17:47 wizzyrea       man what is with the weather this year
17:49 jdavidb        owen++ #for his truly-fun Facebook status;  I needed the giggle.
17:52 nengard        @wunder 19030
17:52 munin          nengard: The current temperature in JAT Observatory, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania is 5.4�C (12:45 PM EST on February 24, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.67 in 1004.6 hPa (Steady).  Winter Storm Watch in effect from late tonight through Friday morning...
17:52 nengard        stupid snow!
17:52 nengard        wonder what I should have hubby pick up on the way home from work
18:04 jdavidb        We're expecting 4-6" here, nengard.  shouldn't be bad.
18:09 sekjal         nengard: putting my slides up on slideshare now.  network is kinda slow just now, it seems
18:12 collum         Colin++
18:12 * collum       likes it when you guys take existing code and improve it.
18:12 collum         It helps me to learn.
18:26 * owen         is off to get his eyeballs prodded
18:30 jdavidb        jwagner++
18:32 jwagner        Wha' for?
18:34 jdavidb        For being jwagner, mostly.  Do I need other reasons?
18:35 jwagner        Well, that's probably a good one :-)  (But you'll take it back when you see the ticket I just assigned you....)
18:37 jdavidb        Naah.  I see it.
18:46 nelsonf_       it's been real code4lib - later alligator
18:47 sekjal         later, nelsonf_!
18:47 brendan        bye nelsonf
18:47 brendan        make sure you stop by ever so often and say hi :)
18:47 brendan        well on IRC of course
19:07 seneca         Does anyone know what table in the database a searching of the catalog draws from?
19:08 seneca         I deleted some itemless records from the biblio table, but the items' records are still showing up in searches (but then giving a 404 error when you click on them)
19:13 gmcharlt       seneca: are you using Zebra?
19:13 gmcharlt       if so, you'll need to run rebuild_zebra.pl
19:13 seneca         dunno - I'm using the prebuilt Koha vm
19:13 seneca         slightly embarrasingly, I don't know if htat uses Zebra
19:14 gmcharlt       seneca: try dropping to the command line and running rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r
19:14 gmcharlt       also, if ps -ef | grep zebrasrv returns results, that will tell you if you're running zebra
19:14 gmcharlt       or check the value of the NoZebra system preference in adminsitration
19:16 seneca         Hmmm.. errors with the command, and can't find "NoZebra" where is it supposed to be?
19:17 seneca         ok, ps returns results, so I guess zebra is running
19:17 seneca         I'll try to get the rebuild working
19:22 seneca         looks like a perl INC error - can't find Context.pm
19:35 wizzyrea       seneca: export PERL5LIB=/path/to/your/koha/
19:35 wizzyrea       and
19:35 wizzyrea       export KOHA_CONF=/path/to/your/koha-conf.xml
19:38 wizzyrea       they won't probably be the same :/
19:38 wizzyrea       example, mine are
19:38 wizzyrea       export KOHA_CONF=/home/liz/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml
19:38 wizzyrea       export PERL5LIB=/home/liz/kohaclone/
19:38 seneca         thanks, though I'm just chasing errors by this point
19:38 wizzyrea       (I have to look this up almost every time)
19:39 seneca         after those two things:
19:39 seneca         Use of uninitialized value $db_driver in concatenation (.) or string at /etc/perl/C4/Context.pm line 666. Can't connect to data source 'dbname=__DB_NAME__;host=__DB_HOST__;port=__DB_PORT__' because I can't work out what driver to use (it doesn't seem to contain a 'dbi:driver:' prefix and the DBI_DRIVER env var is not set) at /etc/perl/C4/Context.pm line 666
19:39 wizzyrea       can't say I've seen that one before :/
19:40 wizzyrea       anything in the list archives?
19:40 seneca         Errors like these make me feel like I missed something VERY important on the setup step of Koha...
19:40 seneca         but I used the VM, so someone else must have missed it... ;)
19:40 wizzyrea       well you're using a pre configured VM... yea, that's what I was going to say ;)
19:40 seneca         buck passed.
19:41 brendan        which path did you use to set your KOHA_CONF
19:41 wizzyrea       if you're down with the VM's, you could try just using Debian Lenny and doing an install from the INSTALL.debian-lenny file
19:41 seneca         for me: /home/koha/koha3.0.5/koha-3.00.05/C4/Context.pm
19:41 wizzyrea       the zebra bit is always dicey
19:41 brendan        you could have set it to the file that has sym-links in it and not the file that has that information already filled in for you
19:42 seneca         well, I've already got a good amount of work put into this VM, so if I could fix it, that would be grand
19:42 brendan        you want to look for your koha-conf.xml file
19:42 wizzyrea       so your PERL5LIB would be /home/koha/kohw3.0.5/koha-3.00.05/
19:42 seneca         right
19:42 wizzyrea       it's always the dir above
19:42 seneca         did that
19:43 wizzyrea       the other thing that trips people up is not running the indexing as the right user
19:43 wizzyrea       but in a VM, you're probably logged in as the right user
19:43 wizzyrea       or what brendan said
19:45 seneca         how would I know if my koha-conf.xml file is funky?
19:47 brendan        you probably have two copies of it
19:47 seneca         oh weird - if I "sudo export" I get an "export: command not found"
19:47 brendan        and you're just pointing to the wrong one
19:48 seneca         yeha, that was it
19:48 seneca         I pointed to the old one (before the 3.0.5 upgrade) and it appears to be working
19:48 seneca         at least, it's not erroring yet
19:49 brendan        heya wizzyrea for your knowledge when you see the __DB_NAME_ or similar stuff
19:49 brendan        that information is filled in during the makefile.pl (you know the install part)
19:49 chris          morning
19:49 wizzyrea       right
19:49 wizzyrea       (mornin chris)
19:49 braedon|work   seneca: when you upgraded, did you point the makefile to the correct install log?
19:49 richard        hey chris
19:49 brendan        so when you answer the questions on that part --> it will use that file make a new one and plug your desicions into it
19:49 brendan        hi chris
19:49 seneca         so if you don't actually run the makefile, like how I manually upgraded this from 3.0.0, that info wouldn't be filled in?
19:50 seneca         perhaps not
19:50 braedon|work   o, manual upgrade? fun. yip, you would be left with the template
19:50 seneca         I hada  hell of a tiem upgrading the CM
19:50 wizzyrea       oh, this makes sense to me brendan
19:51 wizzyrea       it's reporting the variables
19:51 seneca         (should the zebra rebuild still be going?)
19:51 wizzyrea       yes, probably :)
19:51 seneca         what is the official way to upgrade koha, VM or not?
19:51 seneca         thanks, wizzyrea
19:51 wizzyrea       yepper :)
19:52 seneca         I will continue to be patient...
19:52 seneca         *tapping pen*
19:52 braedon|work   is the vm the one with a dev install? or a standard?
19:52 seneca         both, I think
19:52 seneca         in /home/koha
19:52 braedon|work   (do you have a kohaclone and koha-dev folder in the Koha user's directory?)
19:53 braedon|work   that is a dev install
19:53 seneca         there's a koha-dev dir and a kohaclone
19:53 seneca         yep
19:53 braedon|work   you can checkout new versions from git
19:53 seneca         guess I should figure out how to use git, eh? ;) HA
19:53 seneca         it's about time, I suppose
19:54 braedon|work   in the kohaclone folder, run git branch -a
19:54 seneca         (btw: the zebra rebuild finished and the problem results have disappeared from the searches - THANKS ALL)
19:55 braedon|work   that will show you all the branches you can check out
19:55 braedon|work   but if you are wanting to checkout an official release, they are tags, not branches
19:56 seneca         tags?
19:56 braedon|work   git tag will list the tags
19:56 braedon|work   basically pointers to points in development
19:56 braedon|work   ie, releases in this case
19:56 seneca         wonder if I should restore to before my "manual" upgrade to 3.0.5 to do this...
19:56 braedon|work   what you can do, is pull down the tag from git
19:56 braedon|work   and then run the installer again
19:57 braedon|work   to get you back to a git dev install
19:57 braedon|work   in the kohaclone directory, run git tag to list tags, and find the name of the one for 3.00.05
19:58 seneca         I will have to go back to the original, pre-manual upgrade
19:58 seneca         git gives a fatal error in my upgraded kohaclone folder
19:58 braedon|work   then run git pull <name of tag>
19:58 seneca         ok - let me make a snapshot...
19:58 braedon|work   o, did you touch the kohaclone folder?
19:58 braedon|work   tha's bad... may have to checkout again
19:59 braedon|work   (sorry, using svn terminology. you may have to 'clone' again)
20:00 seneca         I renamed the old kohaclone folder
20:01 braedon|work   ok, just a sec, confirming commands
20:01 braedon|work   havn't done this for a while
20:01 seneca         then made the 3.0.5 folder "kohaclone" (actually, I use a symlink)
20:01 braedon|work   prob best to start with a new kohaclone
20:01 seneca         I think I can put it back and give it a try
20:01 braedon|work   but keep the one one for config files
20:02 seneca         what do you mean by "new" kohaclone?
20:02 braedon|work   the old one*
20:02 seneca         oh, ok
20:03 braedon|work   kohaclone is a git repository pulled down from the web
20:03 seneca         snapshot's done - giving it a try
20:03 braedon|work   if you have touched it, you really need to start again
20:03 braedon|work   pull it down again with git clone git://git.koha.org/pub/scm/koha.git kohaclone
20:03 braedon|work   but remove that symlink first
20:03 seneca         ok
20:04 seneca         working...
20:04 seneca         (thanks a million for the help)
20:06 braedon|work   once that is done, in the kohaclone directory, run git tag -l, and find the name of the 3.00.05 tag
20:06 braedon|work   then run git checkout <tag name>
20:06 braedon|work   then git pull
20:06 braedon|work   then you need to find your original install log file
20:07 braedon|work   (make sure it has variables filled correctly, not filled with __SOMETHING__ )
20:11 braedon|work   then you need to run the Makefile.pl with the old log linked in (check the install docs under "upgrade" for the syntax
20:11 braedon|work   then make
20:11 braedon|work   make test
20:11 braedon|work   if that succeeds, make upgrade
20:12 wizzyrea       braedon|work wins for best instructions of the day
20:12 seneca         indeed
20:13 chris          wizzyrea: does wordpress have a nice faq plugin?
20:13 wizzyrea       There used to be one, I'd have to look
20:13 wizzyrea       for one, but I bet there is
20:13 wizzyrea       lots of people do that with PS
20:13 wizzyrea       WP*
20:13 chris          might be nice to add one to the site
20:13 wizzyrea       ps? where did I come up with that typo
20:13 wizzyrea       agreed
20:13 chris          and make braedon|work type in what he just typed ;-)
20:14 wizzyrea       oh no kidding
20:14 wizzyrea       actually. I will do that right after I finish with this thing I'm working on now
20:14 chris          awesome!
20:14 wizzyrea       because, yes, that is important
20:14 wizzyrea       lol
20:14 cait           pootle does not like me working on translation... Error accessing  /home/chris/src/Pootle-2.0.0/po/intranet3_1/de/de-DE-i-staff-t-prog-v-3002000.po.pending,  Filesystem sent error: Too many open files
20:14 wizzyrea       we need that, desperately
20:14 chris          try again cait
20:14 braedon|work   haha, make sure it is correct first! I did this like a month ago
20:15 cait           An error has occurred. Thank you for your patience.      unable to open database file hmmm
20:15 wizzyrea       the faq ;) You can type it in :P
20:15 cait           its polite g
20:15 cait           Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
20:15 cait           hmm
20:15 chris          yep im just restarting it
20:15 cait           its getting worse with every F5 g
20:16 cait           ah :)
20:17 cait           thx chris!
20:18 chris          no worries
20:18 chris          hiya IrmaCalyx
20:20 ccurry         Hello all.  I'm trying to upgrade from to, using git.
20:20 seneca         HA! You should have been here 10 mins ago, ccurry!
20:21 ccurry         should I check the logs then?
20:21 chris          yep
20:21 ccurry         ok...I'll take a look.  Thanks
20:21 seneca         braedon|work just outlined it
20:21 seneca         following his steps myself right now
20:22 chris          http://stats.workbuffer.org/irclog/koha/2010-02-24#i_399973 starts about there
20:23 braedon|work   well, actually, does anyone know if a upgrade make run is ever necessary when upgrading in git?
20:23 chris          no, not usually
20:23 chris          if you did a dev install you dont need to
20:23 seneca         braedon|work: I'm hung on the git pull stage
20:24 chris          you just rebase your repo to the level you want
20:24 chris          and then the web based upgrader kicks in
20:24 seneca         "git pull" gets me You asked me to pull without telling me which branch you want to merge with, and 'branch..merge' in your configuration file does not tell me either.  Please name which branch you want to merge on the command line and try again (e.g. 'git pull <repository> <refspec>').
20:25 braedon|work   ccurry: if you have a "clean" dev git install, then you just need to run the checkout and pull lines. unless you have changed anything from the 3.00.04 tag, in which case you need a rebase(some correct me if i am wrong here)
20:25 braedon|work   seneca: ahh, that's right
20:25 chris          no changes pull is ok, changes yes rebase is safer
20:26 braedon|work   just a sec, there was something different about pulling tags
20:26 braedon|work   i got around it somehow...
20:26 * braedon|work curses his hopeless memory
20:27 chris          git pull origin tagname
20:27 chris          i think
20:28 seneca         git pull origin v3.00.05: fatal: Couldn't find remote ref v3.00.05
20:28 seneca         hmm
20:28 seneca         not the tagname...
20:28 braedon|work   what was the checkout command you ran?
20:28 seneca         git checkout v3.00.05
20:28 braedon|work   and it went through fine?
20:28 seneca         "HEAD is now at 4f9aff4... Changing version number 3.0.5"
20:29 braedon|work   oo, try "git fetch"
20:29 seneca         git fetch tagname?
20:29 * braedon|work crosses fingers
20:29 seneca         or just git fetch?
20:29 braedon|work   um...
20:29 chris          ahh
20:29 chris          got it
20:29 seneca         git fetch returned a line, no output
20:29 seneca         think it worked?
20:29 chris          git checkout -b 3.0.5 v3.00.05
20:30 chris          will get you a local branch called 3.0.5
20:30 braedon|work   chris: shouldn't need to
20:30 seneca         is that the full checkout command I should run?
20:30 chris          which is exactly at the point where v3.00.05 is
20:30 braedon|work   there is a way to do it without a local branch
20:30 chris          no fetch, pull or anything needed
20:30 chris          yeah but a local branch is a lot safer/easier
20:30 ccurry         still processing the log....i tried the steps that Henri-Damien sent out with the release of 3.0.5, along with the upgrade steps in INSTALL.debian and I never get a prompt to use the web-based installer....perhaps all I need to do is log out and log back in in the intranet?  I can probably sort this out with the abundance of information that is stacked up in the current chat feed, just for...
20:30 ccurry         ...me (how convenient).  If I have trouble, I'll come back and ask.  Thanks, seneca for having the same request as me.
20:30 chris          if he does a git checkout something else now .. his branch will be gone
20:30 seneca         ha! no prob
20:31 ccurry         I'm running standard, by the way
20:31 chris          but with a local branch it will stay there
20:31 seneca         *confused*
20:31 braedon|work   chris: true.
20:31 seneca         *but waiting patiently*
20:31 ccurry         I'm a newbie and I had trouble getting dev to work correctly, so I stuck with standard for now...
20:31 braedon|work   seneca: try it chris's way, with the branch
20:31 seneca         ok
20:32 seneca         quick return
20:32 braedon|work   ccurry: what is your current setup, and what do you want to move to, exactly?
20:32 seneca         Switched to a new branch "3.0.5"
20:32 seneca         no pull or fetch needed now?
20:32 chris          nope
20:32 chris          good to go
20:32 chris          you just need to find the path to your install log
20:33 chris          and run something like
20:33 chris          perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log make make test sudo make upgrade
20:33 ccurry         Well, I'm trying to set up a test server with the same version as my live server.  3.0.5
20:33 chris          gah, those should be on different lines
20:33 chris          perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
20:33 ccurry         The strange thing is that I ran sudo git checkout -b 3.0.x --track origin/3.0.x
20:33 chris          make
20:33 chris          sudo make upgrade
20:33 seneca         do we know the name of the install log file?
20:33 ccurry         but that gave me 3.0.4 for some weird reason.
20:33 chris          it'll have install-log in it ;)
20:33 seneca         got it, chris:)
20:34 chris          i think it will be somewhere under /usr/share/koha
20:34 ccurry         even though I used the same git command to get the stable branch when I installed my live server.
20:34 seneca         heh
20:34 seneca         might it be in the koha-dev fodler?
20:35 braedon|work   seneca: should be in old kohaclone, i think....
20:35 braedon|work   open it when you find it
20:35 ccurry         I thought I would use this opportunity to test an upgrade, but it has been a failed effort so far.
20:35 braedon|work   and make sure it has variables filled
20:35 seneca         looks good
20:35 chris          in misc
20:35 chris          is that where you found it?
20:35 seneca         eah
20:36 seneca         yeah
20:36 braedon|work   ccurry: so you have a git dev install?
20:36 ccurry         standard
20:36 chris          cos i think the one in
20:36 chris          blib/MISC_DIR/koha-install-log
20:36 chris          is the better one
20:36 seneca         hmm
20:36 chris          take a look at them both, one will have proper info
20:36 braedon|work   ccurry: ok, and what is saying it is 3.00.04?
20:36 chris          the other will look like
20:37 chris          (thats the wrong one)
20:37 seneca         same info in both
20:37 braedon|work   chris: there is usually one like that in koha-dev
20:37 ccurry         oops
20:37 ccurry         about.pl
20:38 chris          seneca: can you paste one line (not the one with a password :))
20:38 seneca         so, just double checking, my next step should be to run the Makefile.pl, right?
20:38 seneca         KOHA_INSTALLED_VERSION=
20:38 seneca         DB_NAME=koha
20:38 seneca         etc
20:38 chris          yep looks good
20:38 chris          perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
20:38 braedon|work   ccurry: weird. not sure sorry
20:39 braedon|work   ccurry: o, did you actually run an upgrade after the checkout?
20:39 seneca         now make?
20:40 chris          yep
20:40 braedon|work   if you have a standard install, you need to actually install the new version - it is not linked in from your git repo
20:40 ccurry         braedon|work: http://pastebin.com/wUpYe38d
20:40 ccurry         that's all the commands I issued to upgrade
20:40 braedon|work   seneca: when you get to it, try the make upgrade without sudo - should work, and saves permissions issues later
20:41 seneca         ok - make test and make upgrade seemed to have worked
20:41 seneca         nope - needed sudo
20:41 seneca         got permission errors after a few successful lines
20:41 ccurry         I tried make install (instead of make upgrade); still didn't work.
20:41 braedon|work   seneca: really? weird
20:41 braedon|work   seneca: check hte ownership of koha-dev
20:42 ccurry         about.pl still tells me it's running 3.0.4 and no web installer runs when I log into the intranet.
20:42 braedon|work   ccurry: sure you had the right install log?
20:42 chris          yeah you need sudo unless you are running as the koha user
20:42 ccurry         pretty sure
20:42 seneca         drwxr-xr-x  8 koha  koha    4096 2009-06-03 12:48 koha-dev
20:43 braedon|work   seneca: and you are running as koha user?
20:43 seneca         I'm running as koha
20:43 seneca         doh!
20:43 seneca         the permissions errors I got were all on release_notes
20:44 seneca         think I should re-run it without the sudo?
20:44 ccurry         braedon|work: "git checkout -b 3.0.x --track origin/3.0.x" should have given me 3.0.5, right?
20:44 braedon|work   ccurry: nope, it will get you the dev branch of 3.0.x
20:44 chris          ccurry: no, that will give you what is about to become 3.0.6
20:44 seneca         wait, no they weren't - nevermind that
20:44 chris          :)
20:44 ccurry         ah
20:45 seneca         when is 3.0.6 due?
20:45 braedon|work   ccurry:  git checkout -b 3.0.5 v3.00.05
20:46 chris          seneca: there were a couple of little bugs, once they are sorted any day now
20:46 braedon|work   seneca: just run as sudo
20:46 seneca         cool
20:46 braedon|work   but beware that you will need to chown some files to get zebra running
20:46 seneca         should the steps I just took get me to 3.0.6 when the time comes?
20:46 ccurry         braedon|work: awesome; since this is just a fresh test server, i'll just reinstall and deal with the upgrade issues later.
20:47 braedon|work   seneca: you will need to checkout the 3.0.6 tag when it is created
20:47 braedon|work   and then run the web installer on your first login after
20:47 schuster       bug 2975
20:47 munin          04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2975 critical, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, Offline circ tries to circ on biblio-level "itemtype"
20:48 ccurry         Thanks for all the help; this has been very fortuitous.
20:48 schuster       I see a patch was sent is noted, but has it been accepted gmcharlt?
20:48 seneca         hmm
20:48 seneca         I'm getting some errors now:
20:48 seneca         libraries.mvschool.com
20:49 chris          seneca probably missng modules
20:49 chris          ah no, thats a config error, check your koha-conf.xml file
20:49 chris          does it have the right username and password?
20:49 seneca         chris, I had a working system that I had manually upgraded before I just upgraded the git way, so I should have all my modules, I think
20:50 chris          yeah check you koha-conf.xml file (in /etc/)
20:56 seneca         well, I got rid of the kohaadmin password problem, but there's more...
20:57 chris          oh yeah it looks like the koha-conf.xml is totally screwed up
20:57 chris          i thought you had a standard install? not a dev one?
20:59 chris          maybe your apache config is pointing to the wrong config file?
20:59 seneca         no, dev from the VM - checking tags and syntax now...
20:59 chris          oohh if you have a dev
20:59 chris          install
20:59 chris          there was totally no need to do the upgrade, since it runs out of your git checkout
21:00 chris          you only do the upgrade on standard installs
21:00 braedon|work   chris: he was getting back to using the correct dev install, after chnages
21:00 braedon|work   upgrade should do it(did for me)
21:00 chris          it might, but it's not going to consistently work
21:01 braedon|work   it doesn't have it
21:01 braedon|work   jsut onece
21:01 braedon|work   then he can use git
21:01 chris          no i mean for all people
21:01 braedon|work   o, right
21:01 chris          it might just bugger up the config file
21:02 chris          seneca: does the rest of the file look right, does it have actual info in it?
21:02 chris          if so, we just need to fix the tag issue
21:03 seneca         yeah, it was just a tag issue
21:03 seneca         tired eyes took some time to find it though. ;)
21:04 chris          :)
21:04 seneca         all better
21:04 seneca         thanks to all for help
21:05 seneca         this is why I love the open source community/ies and why I hope to one day know enough about Koha to give back some useful adive!
21:05 seneca         er - advice
21:05 seneca         I also hope to someday learn to type
21:06 seneca         so, what part of all that I just did will be necessary for upgrades from here on out?
21:07 seneca         the git stuff, I mean - not the fixing my own typos ;)
21:07 chris          if you are running a dev install
21:07 chris          just the git checkout bit
21:07 seneca         which I am
21:07 seneca         no make, etc?
21:07 chris          nope
21:08 seneca         so, just "git tag -l" to find the version I want to upgrade to
21:08 chris          thats it
21:09 seneca         which git checkout line, though
21:09 seneca         git checkout -b 3.0.5 v3.00.05 < this one?
21:09 seneca         or without the base?
21:11 braedon|work   base?
21:11 chris          yeah if you are running out of git, checking out a local branch is the safest
21:11 chris          git fetch before the checkout tho
21:12 seneca         sorr "-b" part
21:12 ccurry         braedon|work: back for a quick confirmation: My live server version reports ""; will git checkout -b 3.0.5 v3.00.05", which you recommended to me a few minutes ago, give me exactly the same koha as my live server or did I manage to get 3.05 + a few patches when I originally pulled 3.0.x from git?
21:12 chris          before the tags even
21:12 seneca         I meant branch :}
21:13 seneca         so, just making sure:
21:13 braedon|work   ccurry: 3.0.x has more patches, than 3.0.5, yes
21:13 seneca         step 1: get fetch
21:13 seneca         er -git
21:13 seneca         step 2: git tags -l
21:13 ccurry         braedon|work: so is there any way to grab exactly or has that ship sailed?
21:14 seneca         step 3: (in kohaclone) git checkout -b _BRANCH_ _TAGNAME_
21:14 seneca         and voila?
21:14 ccurry         after checking out a tag in git, can you see this long version number before installing?
21:15 mdhafen        ccurry: the version number is in the kohaversion.pl file
21:15 braedon|work   ccurry: have to ask chris(or someone else who is lurking) about that i think
21:15 braedon|work   like mdhafen!
21:15 ccurry         thanks
21:15 mdhafen        :) your welcome
21:16 seneca         seems far too easy ;)
21:17 braedon|work   seneca: are you planning on making any changes to the code?
21:18 seneca         braedon|work: not planning on it
21:18 ccurry         and btw, can anyone recommend good entry level documentation for using git with koha?  I feel like I'm doing a lot of feeling around.  I looked at the man pages, but there's a lot there and most of it is about committing changes to remote repositories and sharing patches, etc.  I'd love to be doing that some day, but for now I just want to be able to efficiently navigate git and grab updates.
21:18 seneca         why?
21:19 braedon|work   seneca: if you do, you will need to rebase, rather than checking out to a new branch.
21:19 braedon|work   actually, can you rebase off a tag?
21:19 wizzyrea       http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:git_usage
21:19 seneca         you and I are int he same boat, ccurry
21:20 mdhafen        ccurry: git_usage braedon mentioned is good for usage.  For navigating I like gitweb at http://git.koha.org/
21:20 ccurry         thanks; that should help.
21:20 mdhafen        ccurry:  Looks like there are some database changes between 3.0.5 and where 3.0.x is now.  Might be to late to go back.
21:21 seneca         braedon|work: what do you mean by rebase?
21:21 ccurry         mdhafen:  thanks for the heads up.  I'm hoping it'll be close enough for testing.
21:22 braedon|work   rebase basically tries to merge your changes with a new version of base code
21:22 ccurry         I just wanted to get my test server as close to possible to a mirror
21:22 chris          but without the merge ;)
21:22 braedon|work   for example, git rebase origin/3.0.x will merge the current 3.0.x with your changes
21:22 chris          what rebase does is rewind your repo back to the common point with what you are rebasing from
21:22 chris          (not merge braedon|work )
21:22 mdhafen        braedon: if he's based on a tag will he even want to follow new code?
21:23 chris          then it will replay the commits from the branch you are rebasing from, then replay your commits after
21:23 braedon|work   chris: but what is the effective result?
21:23 chris          quite different to a merge
21:23 chris          rebase changes commit ids
21:23 braedon|work   and will git rebase v3.00.05 work?
21:24 chris          it will make a mess trying to rebase to an older version than you have checked out
21:24 seneca         well, I will inquire about submitting changes I make when I actually make some changes;)
21:24 braedon|work   chris: i know it is not a merge, but i was attempting to explain it in a simple manner
21:24 chris          yeah, but it does a very different thing to a merge
21:25 chris          so is slightly dangerous to call it that, because ppl will use it when they should merge
21:25 mdhafen        ccurry:  yeah, should be good for testing.  Just know that 3.0.6 should be out soon (couple months?)
21:25 braedon|work   chris: from the Koha docs: "Sometimes you'll be working on something on a branch that needs to be updated to the latest 'origin'. Running the following commands will grab all the changes since you last pulled and merge them with your current changes: "  "git fetch
21:25 braedon|work   $ git rebase origin"
21:25 chris          yes
21:25 ccurry         ok
21:25 chris          that needs to be fixed
21:26 chris          it doesnt merge them at all
21:26 chris          git fetch
21:26 chris          git merge
21:26 chris          does (which is what git pull does by default)
21:26 wizzyrea       oh plox update that
21:26 braedon|work   yip
21:26 wizzyrea       because I use it all the time :P
21:26 wizzyrea       like, every day
21:26 chris          now for koha we rebase because we send patches
21:27 chris          BUT if you have a public branch, that someone has pulled from
21:27 braedon|work   ok, so if you have a branch created from tag version, which you make changes to, and you want to upgrade it to a new tag version, which should/can you use?
21:27 chris          and you rebase it, causig commit id's to change, and then that person pulls from you again ... you make a huge mess of their repo
21:27 chris          so you should never rebase on a branch that someone has pulled from
21:28 chris          whereas a merge is safe
21:28 chris          braedon|work: id merge
21:29 braedon|work   ok, good to know
21:29 chris          but with git you have a ton of options
21:29 chris          you could checkout the new tag
21:29 chris          and then cherry-pick your commits over
21:29 braedon|work   yipyip
21:30 * braedon|work better get back to work...
21:31 ccurry         I'm getting the following error wen executing "sudo git checkout -b 3.0.5 v3.00.05" on a virtualbox vid that has a "myinstall origin" branch on it already:  fatal: git checkout: updating paths is incompatible with switching branches/forcing; Did you intend to checkout 'v3.00.05' which can not be resolved as commit?  do I need to delete "myinstall" first?
21:32 ccurry         it's a vid I created, following all the steps of INSTALL.deb up to the perl Makefile.pl step.
21:33 mdhafen        I think there is more potential for a merge conflict when pulling from a branch that has used merge.  But it's usually more convenient than having to recreate the link after they have rebased.
21:34 mdhafen        ccurry:  I think that error is because you have changed a file there.  Git doesn't want to loose the change, so you have to either commit the change so git knows about it, or revert the change so it goes away
21:34 ccurry         ah...maybe I ran the makefile.pl
21:34 ccurry         how can i revert the changes?
21:35 mdhafen        ccurry: I think the command is `git revert --hard HEAD`
21:35 ccurry         I tried git status and got: "nothing to commit (working directory clean)"
21:35 mdhafen        ccurry: ah, then I must be mistaken
21:36 ccurry         I also tried "sudo git-branch myinstall -d" and the following is shouted at me "error: Cannot delete the branch 'myinstall' which you are currently on."
21:36 ccurry         oy
21:36 ccurry         can I move out of the branch somehow and delete it?
21:37 mdhafen        ccurry: yeah, can't delete the branch you are on.
21:37 mdhafen        ccurry: I think the v in v3.0.5 is supposed to be upper case
21:37 ccurry         ah...I'll try that.
21:38 braedon|work   as in the tag name?
21:38 ccurry         same error
21:38 braedon|work   it is lowercase
21:38 braedon|work   why are you sudoing btw?
21:38 ccurry         yep
21:39 braedon|work   git should be managed by one user - shouldn't need to sudo
21:39 braedon|work   probably not related...
21:40 ccurry         hmm; I get errors when I don't sudo; perhaps that's my problem.  I think I used another user when I set this vid up.
21:40 braedon|work   what is the owner of the kohaclone folder?
21:40 braedon|work   (and contents(
21:41 ccurry         i'll check
21:42 ccurry         oops: root; I guess I did it with root originally.
21:42 ccurry         in my earlier, wilder days.
21:42 braedon|work   ok, so the sodo probably isn't the issue then
21:43 braedon|work   but probably best to chown it to someone, and not use sudo
21:43 ccurry         I get the same error as root
21:44 mdhafen        ccurry: maybe splitting the command into it's components would reveal the source of the error.  try first `git branch 3.0.5 v3.00.05` then `git checkout 3.0.5`  and see where the error is.
21:44 braedon|work   have you run a git fetch?
21:44 schuster       Just realized the default for syspref insecure   (modified) - is set to Allow....???  even though it says you shouldn't do that?
21:45 mdhafen        schuster: is it!  that doesn't seem right to me.
21:45 ccurry         i did forget to fetch
21:45 ccurry         doing so now
21:45 braedon|work   that could be it apparently
21:45 braedon|work   git doesn't know about the branch
21:46 mdhafen        schuster:  which branch are you looking at?
21:46 ccurry         makes sense; it didn't exist when I set up this vid, so how could it.  thanks for talking me through it.
21:46 braedon|work   thank google and stackoverflow :p http://stackoverflow.com/questions/945654/git-checkout-on-a-remote-branch-does-not-work
21:46 schuster       I'm running against the current HEAD as of 2 days ago.
21:51 mdhafen        schuster:  I'm looking at the sysprefs.sql in the installer/mysql/en/mandatory, and it's set to 0 there?  Where are you looking?
21:54 schuster       Well I don't know the unders I was looking at it and it said Allow so I changed it to Don't Allow.
21:57 schuster       hmmm when I change it to "dont allow" I get an error that it can't be saved.
21:57 schuster       well that would make sense as I'm not actually logged in!
21:58 wizzyrea       oh, schuster
21:58 wizzyrea       you probably need to install JSON
21:58 wizzyrea       I think I did cpan -i JSON
21:58 wizzyrea       but these fine folks probalby know what the debian package is
21:58 mdhafen        schuster:  if insecure is set you probably don't need to be logged in.
21:59 mdhafen        debian package should be something like libjson-perl
21:59 wizzyrea       mdhafen++
21:59 seneca         thanks again to all who helped, gotta run
21:59 wizzyrea       later seneca
22:00 wizzyrea       in that case you could apt-get install libjson-perl
22:02 schuster       hmmm libjson-perl isn't in the dependancies
22:04 schuster       I'm still concerned about how to get all of those "required" pieces into the install.  The apt-get magick piece still isn't automatic and several others are not listed.  I hesitate to edit the document, but guess that's what the RM is for to make sure I do it right?
22:05 wizzyrea       bug 4151
22:05 munin          04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4151 blocker, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, ASSIGNED, Document new perl modules for those upgrading
22:05 wizzyrea       it's listed there :P
22:05 gmcharlt       yep
22:05 wizzyrea       add anything new you find
22:06 schuster       OK as long as someone edits it before the next "beta" release?  I was still working off of the HEAD alpha instructions.
22:08 wizzyrea       it = ?
22:13 brendan        @wunder ashevill, nc
22:13 munin          brendan: Error: No such location could be found.
22:13 brendan        @wunder asheville, nc
22:14 munin          brendan: The current temperature in Sunset Mountain, Asheville, North Carolina is -0.4�C (5:13 PM EST on February 24, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 999.9 hPa (Steady).  Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 6 am EST Friday... 
22:14 schuster       wizzyrea ya lost me?
22:14 schuster       OOO afternoon weather report
22:14 schuster       @wunder 75074
22:14 munin          schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 10.6�C (4:00 PM CST on February 24, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 29%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Pressure: 29.53 in 999.9 hPa (Falling).
22:15 schuster       Well off to the family...  see ya all tomorrow!  Hopefully I will be able to do more 3.2 testing.  I'm going to pull head again tonight.
22:15 wizzyrea       what is the it that needs updating?
22:15 wizzyrea       you lost me first ;)
22:15 schuster       INSTALL.debian-lenny instructions
22:15 wizzyrea       OH
22:16 wizzyrea       ok, yea, I've been poking at those
22:16 schuster       Doesn't have all the dependancies etc...
22:16 wizzyrea       with gmcharlt's guidance/help it'll get done
22:16 wizzyrea       and 4151
22:16 wizzyrea       bug 4151
22:16 munin          04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=4151 blocker, P5, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, ASSIGNED, Document new perl modules for those upgrading
22:16 wizzyrea       :)
22:17 schuster       All I know is trying to install 3.004, 3.005 was a bugger and I never got it quite right there was something always missing.
22:17 wizzyrea       there are lots of dependencies :/
22:18 wizzyrea       the only two I had trouble with were libjson and something about snowball :P
22:18 schuster       I have discovered it makes a difference on which Mirror you setup your debian from - it shouldn't but it has made a world of difference with the ...Simple dependancy for labels.
22:18 schuster       Did you do a fresh debian install or just a new install of koha?
22:19 wizzyrea       this last time it was on a pristine debian netinstall
22:19 schuster       I had 4 items the Magick thing that I had to apt-get, and 3 others that I have noted on that laptop.  I'll make sure they are on your log.
22:20 wizzyrea       ty kindly :)
22:20 wizzyrea       oh yea the magick stuff
22:20 wizzyrea       not sure I even have that on mine, but I don't use pics
22:20 wizzyrea       so makes sense that you would trip up on it
22:21 schuster       by for now...
22:21 wizzyrea       bye!
22:35 mdhafen        I need some help with Internet Explorer.  I'm trying to get an object tag sourcing an .ogg file to play automatically.
22:36 mdhafen        I've got the classid of media player set, and the vorbis codec installed, and autostart in the params, but no luck.
22:41 mdhafen        any suggestions?
22:44 * wizzyrea     uses firefox/chrome on the mac, sorry :(
22:44 chris          chromium on linux here
22:45 chris          again no help
22:45 mdhafen        I'm trying to find an alternative to the audio tag, which I expect chromium supports.  Thanks anyway
22:47 mdhafen        it's not easy for me, I use linux too.  My librarians though... but that's another story :)
22:50 wizzyrea       :)
22:52 chris          is the page viewable on the web?
22:53 chris          i could ask the html dudes at work
22:54 mdhafen        it isn't really right now.  It's based on a patch I send to the patches list.  I've already changed that though because IE doesn't like new lines in a quote.
22:55 mdhafen        There is a url that might be accessible though.  I'll have to update that code.  it's koha-dev.washk12.org/stuff/html5_audio_text.html
22:55 mdhafen        if you can get to that I'll fix it.
22:57 chris          ill look
22:59 mdhafen        I modified it anyway :)
22:59 chris          doesnt look like i can get to it
23:00 mdhafen        oh well.
23:00 mdhafen        how about I paste the code here?  could you pass it to them?
23:09 Genji          hiya all
23:09 Genji          my $val = Encode::decode_utf8($value);
23:09 Genji          print "$val\n";
23:09 Genji          its still gives wide character in print error.
23:09 gmcharlt       Genji: binmode STDOUT, ":utf8"
23:10 gmcharlt       is the missing bit
23:11 Genji          yay.
23:13 Genji          why im doing this, is because zebra is indexing marcfield 653 subjects - phrases, by words, and not total string.. even though 'melm 653 subjects:p'
23:15 Genji          so im having to loop through all the db, getting all the subjects, and their occurances, by hand.