Time  Nick         Message
00:25 chris        yep he does now :)
00:29 russ         chris: when is your talk?
00:31 chris        tomorrow
00:31 chris        1.30pm
00:31 russ         right
00:31 chris        should be live streamed
00:31 * russ       just found the miniconf programmes
00:31 chris        nice
00:31 chris        i think im just going with 1 slide
00:31 chris        15 mins .... you dont need slides
00:33 russ         yeah nice
01:42 chris        hiya brendan
01:43 brendan      hey chris
01:43 brendan      how you doing?
01:43 * chris      is in a talk about accessibility and FOSS
01:43 brendan      was your linux conf..  good?
01:43 chris        just started today, finishes on friday
01:43 brendan      ahh I see you're there now
01:44 brendan      one more day at ALA then back home for me
01:44 chris        ah cool, hows it going?
01:44 brendan      tired of standing :)
01:44 brendan      some good things some not so good
01:44 chris        yeah, i hear that, that's always the worst part of exhibiting
01:44 chris        yeah, ive been hearing that too :(
01:44 brendan      PTFS koha party going on right now...  so good for koha spreading
01:44 chris        cool
01:44 brendan      hopefully
01:45 * brendan    too tired to crash
01:45 brendan      err...  to tired going to crash
01:45 chris        fair enough :)
02:54 brendan      @wunder 93117
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02:54 brendan      @wunder 02140
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03:36 Amit         heya brendan, chris
03:36 Amit         good morning #koha
03:50 pongtawat    Hello #koha
03:50 pongtawat    May I ask about translation here?
03:53 russ         sure, but some eyes are not watching at the moment :-)
03:53 russ         so we can try, but may direct you to the translate list
03:54 pongtawat    Ok
03:54 richard      you might be better to ask on the translation mailing list - http://lists.koha.org/mailman/listinfo
03:54 pongtawat    My team has translate Koha into Thai language
03:54 pongtawat    But we have to it offline, translating the PO file.
03:55 pongtawat    Now I would like to submit that to Koha
03:55 russ         right
03:55 russ         have you seen - http://translate.koha.org/th/
03:55 pongtawat    The point is, we were translating 3.0.1, and now it is 3.0.5
03:56 pongtawat    I'm looking at that and wondering how could we submit our translation
03:56 russ         if my memory serves me, you should just upload it
03:56 russ         most of it will be the same
03:56 russ         i think it will attempt a merge
03:56 * russ       checks
03:57 pongtawat    So, we will try
03:57 pongtawat    Thank you :)
03:57 russ         yeah just choose 3.0.X and upload your file
03:57 russ         thanks for the translation :-)
04:04 pongtawat    Is the translation history logged?
04:07 pongtawat    If I remember correctly, our team have done OPAC translation online.
04:08 pongtawat    But the current translation seems to be a little bit different in many places.
04:11 pongtawat    So, I would like to know if it our translation edited by someone, or it is somebody else translation entirely
04:14 russ         ah you should be able to see something under the news tab
04:14 russ         for that "project"
04:15 russ         sorry - not sure on that front
04:16 russ         pongtawat: did you try uploading your po file?
04:17 pongtawat    not yet
04:17 pongtawat    I just fear I will mess it up :P
04:17 pongtawat    So, I just check the diff first
04:19 russ         right - i wouldnt worry about it too much
04:19 russ         if you check Merge the file with the current file and turn conflicts into suggestions
04:19 russ         then it would be pretty easy to see them all
04:20 russ         anyway - hometime
04:21 russ         pongtawat: if you have any concerns, put them in an email to the translate list :-)
04:21 russ         i am sure someone will get back to you
04:22 pongtawat    Ok, thank you. I will try to merge it as suggest. And we will review them again.
04:22 pongtawat    Thank you.
04:23 pongtawat    BTW, the one who will be handling translation is neelawat, in case you need to track it :)
05:48 greenmang0   indradg: good morning :)
05:48 indradg      greenmang0, morning! :)
06:33 Amit         heya indradg
06:33 indradg      Amit, hola
06:58 Amit         heya nicomo
06:58 nicomo       hello Amit
07:11 Ropuch       Morning #koha
07:23 greenmang0   @wunder mumbai
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08:04 indradg      @wunder kolkata
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08:10 paul_p       hello world.
08:11 * paul_p     not very optimistic after reading tweets from vickyteal about LLEK/PTFS
08:12 chris        ill settle for being able to edit the website short term, i dont mind giving them time to sort out the rest, and if they want to run LLEK as LLEK .. thats fine, just give the community rights on the website, and don't call it opensource until you release it
08:13 paul_p       chris++ starting with access to koha.org is a VERY good idea !
08:14 paul_p       easy to do, (almost) nothing related to business & business model, probably the best way to show their good behaviour (or not)
08:16 chris        exactly
08:16 chris        and then they can take time to sort out their business plan
09:18 nahuel       chilts,
09:18 nahuel       chris,
09:18 nahuel       hi
09:18 nahuel       are you around ,
09:18 nahuel       ?
09:20 Amit         heya nahuel
09:20 nahuel       hi Amit
09:20 nahuel       gmcharlt, around ?
09:21 chris        hi nahuel
09:49 slef         hrm, why are nz conferences on so damn early ;-)
09:51 chris        slef: http://www.itwire.com/content/view/30541/1090/
09:53 slef         chris: jberkus is or was one of board@spi-inc
09:54 chris        he was a pretty good speaker, the talk was funny
09:54 Amit         hi self
09:54 Amit         hi slef
09:54 slef         hi all
09:55 * slef       boggles at "Shipping Method: Bicycle" on his order for a bicycle
09:59 chris        heh
10:01 chris        right i should get some sleep, doesnt look good to fall asleep while presenting
10:01 chris        night all
10:02 slef         heh
10:02 slef         night
10:14 nahuel       chris, do you know how to use git request-pull ?
10:21 CGI695       5 January 2010 09:00:08 Action: Message Accepted Client: From:
10:21 CGI695       root@MOODLEKOHA.mydomain.com
10:21 CGI695       To: mainuser@MOODLEKOHA.mydomain.com Subject: Cron <root@MOODLEKOHA> /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -z -v 2> /usr/share/koha/Rebuild.out Size: 1719
10:21 CGI695       Can anyone help out with an email loop problem we are having? We had to shut down the smtp service on koha because of mails coming from here:
10:21 CGI695       5 January 2010 09:00:08 Action: Message Accepted Client: From:
10:21 CGI695       root@MOODLEKOHA.mydomain.com
10:21 CGI695       To: mainuser@MOODLEKOHA.mydomain.com Subject: Cron <root@MOODLEKOHA> /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -z -v 2> /usr/share/koha/Rebuild.out Size: 1719
10:22 CGI695       Sorry about the multi-posts, not sure how that happened
10:34 slef         CGI695: which smtp service software?
10:35 CGI695       The mail service on the Koha box. It sends out emails from the address above to a local server (relay) but the source and destination are the same and the SMTP server goes into a loop and eventually crashes
10:36 slef         CGI695: yes, but what is the SMTP server software?  I think you need to fix that mail loop problem, else regardless of what you do to Koha, you've a way for someone to denial-of-service attack your email server.
10:37 slef         CGI695: on the cron site, adding MAILTO=whatever@some.domain to the koha crontab will change where it is sending the report.
10:37 slef         CGI695: cron side, even
10:38 slef         put MAILTO=whatever@some.domain (replacing whatever@some.domain) on the line before the rebuild_zebra cron line
10:38 slef         check "man 5 crontab" for details I think
10:38 CGI695       It's an exchange server. But the problem is that the ex server doesn't know where to send the mail to and tries to reply to the sender but it can't get back to the sender. I think, I need to modify the source addresses
10:38 slef         what is the smtp server software on the Koha server?
10:39 slef         If it is a debian server, /etc/email-addresses may let you set a different source address for root
10:39 slef         but really having an exchange server doing SMTP is not good IMO.
10:40 CGI695       yeah, it debian alright. The problem seems to be a huge amount of emails are being generated from the Koha server though. The Exchange Server is the clients, I can't change that, I'm afraid, more is the pitty!
10:41 slef         a huge amount of emails is either something breaking messily or something not quite tuned to succeed silently.
10:42 CGI695       OK. Any ideas where I might start to find out which?
10:42 slef         I'd start by reading the emails, so modify the source address for root in /etc/email-addresses
10:43 CGI695       But I can't see the emails as the are not being delivered, they are looping
10:43 slef         alternatively, run the cron jobs from the commandline, but there may be environment differences which will hide the reason
10:43 CGI695       Oh wait, I see what you mean now
10:43 slef         well, get the emails delivered somehow
10:44 slef         even if it means reconfiguring the debian server not to relay for a while
10:44 slef         so that you could read the emails with the "mailx" command-line client
10:44 slef         (man mailx first if you've never used it before!0
10:44 slef         )
10:44 CGI695       Thanks, I will see how that goes!
10:44 slef         I've got to pop our for a moment - hopefully someone else can take it up if needed
10:44 slef         no worries
10:45 * slef       returns to software.coop writing
11:25 kf           hi #koha
11:31 Amit         hi kf
11:32 kf           hi Amit
11:42 greenmang0   hello friends.. can anybody tell me how to enable RSS in koha?
11:42 greenmang0   i used rss.pl to generate an xml file
11:42 greenmang0   it works fine
11:42 greenmang0   but in opac when i click on RSS Orange icon
11:42 greenmang0   i get xml parsing error
11:42 greenmang0   what to do??
11:46 kf           I think the opac rss feature works without a cronjob or script
11:46 kf           which version are u using?
11:47 greenmang0   kf: Koha version:
11:48 kf           I just tested in our installation, it works there -  we are on
11:48 greenmang0   kf: oh!!
11:48 greenmang0   ok
11:48 kf           I dont know if there was a bug
11:49 kf           perhaps you can try an update to 3.00.05
11:49 * greenmang0 is still in 2009
11:49 greenmang0   kf: sure
11:50 chipsy       hi guys, i'm having this error while trying to catalogue
11:50 chipsy       Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/SAX.pm line 92. at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/i586-linux-thread-multi/XML/LibXML/SAX.pm line 80  at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/XML.pm line 445
11:53 kf           chipsy: which version are u using?
11:54 CGI695       My koha-error log is riddled with the following: opac-search.pl: Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/Biblio.pm line 1001. Should we be worried?
11:54 chipsy       3.0001005
11:59 chipsy       that is the version
12:01 kf           http://lists.katipo.co.nz/public/koha/2009-September/020440.html
12:01 kf           I googled a bit with the beginning of the error message, there are some threads and mails
12:02 kf           first thing I would try is an update to current stable 3.00.05
12:47 slef         collum: hi. Hope you didn't mind me grumbling at calling a flash app a webinar.
12:56 collum       slef: no problem. I was using webinar of the sense of "seminar on the internet"
12:57 collum       It was extremely boring.  I didn't make it through it.
12:57 slef         that's confusing... webinar should mean a web seminar
12:57 collum       Yep.
12:57 collum       I didn't realize it was flash until I clicked the link.
12:57 slef         the flash app fraudsters annoy me, mostly because they usually only work correctly on microsoft windows
12:58 slef         sorry to hear it was boring... a hard-to-use usability seminar? ouch
12:59 collum       It's hard to keep interest in something, when you can do 5 other things.
13:03 slef         I once saw a lovely comment about an online test for ADHD: "I didn't finish the test because I started clicking on the adverts on the page"
13:03 collum       lol
13:38 brendan      morning #koha
13:43 slef         hi brendan - when did ByWater start?
13:52 chris_n      g'morning #koha
13:54 slef         hi chris_n, bye brendan :-/
14:38 nengard_     slef bywater listed as official support for Koha in 2009
14:47 chris_n      heya nengard_
14:47 nengard_     hiya
14:52 chris_n      wb brendan
14:53 ccurry       Hello, all.
14:54 ccurry       I'm having a few issues with the serials module that I think are bugs, but before I submit them I wanted to ask a few questions.  One issue I'm having might be a configuration problem and I want to rule that out.
15:00 ccurry       We're entering serial issues as subscriptions.  In opac-detail.pl, Issue and Volume information from serial.serialseq displays correctly in the "Subscriptions" tab, but under the "Holdings" tab, the "Serial Data" field, which is also populated by serial.serialseq, is empty.  The only difference between this two section of the tmpl are that the latter is wrapped in <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="serials"...
15:00 ccurry       ...--> <!-- /TMPL_IF -->.
15:00 ccurry       Anyone have an idea what could be causing this?
15:00 ccurry       I tried removing the <!-- TMPL_IF><!-- /TMPL_IF --> with no change in display.
15:01 ccurry       I know the condition is registering as true, anyway, because the columns are showing up and their presence is also conditional, depending on TMPL_IF NAME="serials" being true.
16:20 nengard_     so - seems like everyone is on vaca for the US holiday or at ALA midwinter ... very very quiet in here
16:43 paul_p       hi nengard_ : frenchies still here ;-)
16:43 nengard_     :) hi paul_p
16:43 * toins      too
16:44 toins        hi paul_p and nengard_
16:45 kf           me too, preparing koha presentation for tomorrow
16:45 kf           some hints for big public library systems with many branches?
16:45 nengard_     awesome
16:52 * chris_n    is here too
16:52 chris_n      hdl_laptop about?
16:53 chris_n      paul_p: did hdl do the CAS work?
16:54 paul_p       hi chris_n. Nope, it's matts
16:54 paul_p       (not here)
16:54 chris_n      ahh
16:54 paul_p       chris_n: if you want to drop him a mail : matthias.meusburger at biblibre com
16:54 chris_n      tnx
16:55 chris_n      logging out of opac results in some sort of CAS redirect which throws an error
16:55 chris_n      while running over the current HEAD
16:57 * chris_n    discovers the problem
16:57 chris_n      casAuthentication and casLogout are enabled by default
16:58 paul_p       chris_n: mmm... we were supposed to do a patch for this one. where does your head come from ?
16:58 chris_n      git.koha.org
16:58 chris_n      probably not there yet
16:58 paul_p       maybe the patch is not here :(
16:59 chris_n      that's ok, I'll get it when galen gets the merge done
16:59 paul_p       yep, hopefully !
16:59 chris_n      tnx paul
17:25 kf           ok, time to leave - bye #koha!
17:32 nengard_     chris_n paul_p it's in the biblibre community branch
17:32 nengard_     the fix is that is
17:32 nengard_     so it has been patched
17:32 nengard_     just not pushed to head
17:33 chris_n      great
18:19 chris        yay for thomas krichel
18:19 chris        given me some great talking points for today
18:29 chris_n      hey chris
18:29 chris_n      is your talk streaming?
18:32 chris        should be
18:32 chris        its only a short one, so im not doing slides, its at 1.30 nz time
18:33 chris        which is in 6 hours
18:33 chris        http://www.lca2010.org.nz/programme/schedule/tuesday
18:34 chris        live video links should appear there in an hour or so
18:36 brendan      @later tell slef ByWater started in Jan. of 2009
18:36 munin        brendan: The operation succeeded.
18:37 chris        http://www.lca2010.org.nz/programme/schedule/video
18:37 brendan      hey chris
18:37 paul_p       hi brendan
18:37 brendan      hi paul_p
18:37 chris        im in renouf 2
18:37 paul_p       (& good bye, family time for me ;-) )
18:37 brendan      bye
18:37 chris        by paul_p
18:37 chris        bye even
18:37 brendan      ok chris looking for you in renouf 2
18:38 chris        well i will be, im at home at the moment :)
18:39 chris        at 10.35 (3 hours)
18:39 brendan      ah..  looks dark at the moment
18:39 brendan      cool I'll look
18:39 chris        mark osborne is talking about the open source school (There is a senior high school in auckland that runs everything FLOSS )
18:40 chris        they run koha, so im sure he will mention that
18:40 brendan      that sounds like so much fun
18:40 chris        so cost effective too
18:41 chris        brb
18:49 chris        ok time to catch my bus
19:54 magnus       i'm trying to make two dev-installs live on the same (virtual) box - first one works like a charm, the second one refuses to give me any hits when i search the opac but i do get hits in the intranet. anyone have any experience with this?
19:54 magnus       i'm on a recent install from git, running zebra
20:28 richard      hi
20:29 chris_n      magnus: you'll have to setup a second instance of zebra iirc
20:30 * chris_n    groans at the thought of keeping two zebras in hand at the same time
20:30 chris_n      I think you can run two separate instances of the daemon pointed at to different configs
20:31 chris_n      you might want to search the list archives as well, as it seems the topic has been discussed there a time or two
20:31 magnus       chris_n: i've done that, one a-zebra-daemon and one b-zebra-daemon
20:31 magnus       search works in the intranet, so it looks like zebra is at least doing half it's job...
20:32 chris_n      hmmm
20:32 chris_n      I know there are people running multiple kohas on the same box
20:33 magnus       i remember it being talked about on the lists, but couldn't find it at the first try, only one guy who did the whole installation a-fresh...
20:34 chris_n      yuk
20:34 chris_n      well, I'm afraid I'll not be much help on that one
20:34 chris_n      it does not seem that opac could get confused
20:35 magnus       thanks for trying, chris_n ;-)
20:35 chris_n      np :-)
21:42 chris        in the open source in education mini-conf now
21:42 magnus       chris_n and for the record: it seems my problem with getting search results in the intranet but not in the opac was solved by putting a value in 942$n for just one of the records and reindexing. the differences between the searches was that opac was also searching 1=9011 Suppress, and since no records had any value for 942$n zebra was complaining (rather silently) about a missing index.
21:42 magnus       case closed
21:42 magnus       good night #koha
21:43 chris        http://www.lca2010.org.nz/schedule/video/renouf-2
21:43 chris        for anyone interested
21:49 chris        nice plug for koha from mark osborne "The best Library system in the world"
21:53 richard      bummer - http://repeater.xiph.org:8000/lca-renouf-2.ogg -> 404
21:53 chris        :(
22:21 chris        walter bender about to present about OLPC (remotely)
22:21 chris        and sugarlabs
22:28 chris        this entire room is now full of OLPC's
22:30 hdl_laptop   hi chris
22:33 chris        hiya hdl_laptop
22:34 hdl_laptop   ahh conferences..
22:39 chris_n2     @later tell magnus glad you solved the problem; silent fails are always a bummer
22:39 munin        chris_n2: The operation succeeded.