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23:35 * chris_n2      's virtual box install becomes a virtual disaster :-P
23:20 Nate            im gonna need it
23:20 Nate            thanks
23:19 chris_n2        heh... good luck
23:19 Nate            ive got a 1 year old comming over so ive got to kiddy-proof the house
23:18 Nate            ok I just popped on for a sec time to munch some pizza
23:12 chris           hell yeah
23:11 Nate            that always feels like a weight off the shoulders!
23:10 chris           not too bad, just finished a big rfi so thats good
23:09 Nate            how goes it
23:09 Nate            hey chris!
23:09 chris           hiya Nate
22:29 * chris_n2      gets confused by himself on occasion too :-)
22:28 wizzyrea        ;)
22:28 wizzyrea        it gets so confusing!
22:28 wizzyrea        _n2
22:28 wizzyrea        hi chris
22:28 brendan         evening chris_n2
22:19 chris_n2        g'evening
21:34 mdhafen         nope, the prev-install-log value is missed that way.  Have to add that to that block too
21:31 mdhafen         chris: yeah, a simple s/\$/\$\$/g before the return in _get_value should do the trick.  I make a patch for that.
21:28 chris           yeah sounds likely
21:27 mdhafen         chris: yeah, $$1000 ends up $1000.  Maybe Makefile.PL::_get_value needs to be checking for '$'?
21:25 mdhafen         chris:  I found the manual for make.  Looks like anything with a $ is a variable in make, except $$.  I'm going to try that now.
21:24 wizzyrea        we have users named sipterm...
21:24 wizzyrea        it said that the issuingbranch was SIPTERM, even though we don't have an issuing branch of SIPTERM ?!
21:23 wizzyrea        so I've been thinking more about that weird status deal we looked at yesterday
21:23 mdhafen         reserve constraints could be expanded to track item-level holds too.
21:23 mdhafen         be cool if it did though.
21:23 mdhafen         the reservecontraints table doesn't have itemnumber though, so maybe that isn't right.
21:22 mdhafen         I think
21:21 mdhafen         chris is right, if the field is still in use it would indicate if a reserve was originally item level
21:21 wizzyrea        they're hard to work around, those irritating exceptions that make ILS's so hard to write
21:20 wizzyrea        i can say it's relatively annoying that holds become true item level once assigned
21:20 wizzyrea        we don't either
21:20 mdhafen         I suspect it is still in use, but I'm not certain.  I don't see many item-level holds
21:19 mdhafen         right.  Maybe that field could be re-purposed to track the original state of the hold?
21:19 chris           if that is still in use, all you need to check is that column
21:19 chris           o = only the ones specified in constraints
21:19 jwagner         We'll just hope the traffic give me a break...
21:19 chris           a = all
21:19 chris           or an o in it
21:19 chris           that had either an a
21:18 wizzyrea        bye jwagner, sorry to make you late :)
21:18 chris           there used to be a field
21:18 jwagner         OK, I think I'll summarize the discussion in the bug report & see if anyone else has any input.  Tomorrow.  I've really gotta hit the road now....
21:18 mdhafen         what about the constraint column in reserves?  I believe it was used for group reserves, but I don't know what it's for now.  Maybe targetted holds?
21:18 wizzyrea        i like this, actually
21:17 chris           that oughta work
21:17 jwagner         chris, do you think that would be enough of a safeguard?
21:17 wizzyrea        that seems logical to me, insomuch as my puny brain can grasp it
21:16 * wizzyrea      is still thinking...
21:16 * wizzyrea      thinks that would work
21:15 jwagner         So if there's a barcode but the "waiting" flag isn't set yet, keep the hold as an item-level, otherwise make title-level?
21:15 chris           so if you just check that, a title level hold that is waiting, looks the same as an item-level
21:15 wizzyrea        I really do
21:15 wizzyrea        I think this is a case for a special hold rule
21:15 chris           yep, but a barcode gets set once an item is marked waiting
21:15 jwagner         I know if you place an item-level hold to begin with, it embeds the barcode.  The hold isn't triggered yet when our problem starts, it's still sitting there as priority 1.  So at that point, if there's a barcode, it should be because it was set that way.
21:15 chris           in the case of a title level hold, an item now gets assigned
21:14 wizzyrea        thank you, I knew there was something there that made my gut go EEKS!
21:14 jwagner         It makes sense.  Does the barcode in the reserves table change if it gets assigned?
21:14 wizzyrea        yes yes yes
21:13 chris           if that makes sense
21:13 chris           not how it is now
21:13 chris           to do it properly, you need to know the state the reserve started in
21:13 jwagner         Sounds like it :-(
21:13 chris           its a trickier problem than it seems
21:13 chris           consequently, if it started as item at the start, it should stay item
21:13 jwagner         I have one of the programmers looking at it now.  Sounds like we could either do it as a local fix, or maybe make it controlled by one of the all-proliferating sysprefs?
21:12 chris           but if it gets issued, it needs to go back to title
21:12 chris           once a hold is marked waiting, its switched to item-level from title
21:12 wizzyrea        right, that's what I was trying to get across, I think
21:12 jwagner         So it sounds like fixing it the way we want really wouldn't work for you, wizzyrea.
21:12 wizzyrea        i'm afraid that if you fixed all item level holds to only map back to item level holds, that functionality would break
21:12 chris           that is the problem right there wizzyrea
21:12 jwagner         Yes, a de-duping routine of some kind would be nice.
21:12 chris           *nod*
21:11 wizzyrea        BUT, I can say that once an item is assigned to a patron, it essentially becomes an item level hold, and if that item is checked out to another patron, we WANT it to go back to being a title level, instead of waiting in the queue for that specific item
21:11 chris           personally i hate nothing more than getting 6 rows of the same item
21:11 chris           but its on my list
21:11 chris           this doesnt exist in koha yet
21:11 chris           so you can group all the months together, and the search displays just one row
21:10 wizzyrea        I will have to do a little looking into how we do that
21:10 chris           that groups biblio records together
21:10 chris           is a meta record
21:10 wizzyrea        but you could say Time, january
21:10 chris           well a solution
21:10 chris           so the solution for that
21:10 wizzyrea        yes
21:10 chris           yes
21:10 wizzyrea        (that's in NExpress)
21:10 jwagner         That would mean that you get gazillions of hits in the hitlist, if you search that title?
21:10 chris           now we just have to reimplement groups
21:09 wizzyrea        this may be the wrong method of handling it
21:09 wizzyrea        i am pretty sure, that in the case of magazines, each month has a bib, and every library adds their copy to that bib
21:09 chris           we'll get back there, its a tradeoff, internal marc support, breaking the group model
21:09 chris           or similair work
21:08 chris           cos marc doesnt understand manifestations of the same work
21:08 chris           thats how it is now
21:08 jwagner         (one biblio, one biblioitem, many items?)
21:08 chris           now its 1 to 1, 1 to many
21:08 chris           1 to many, 1 to many
21:07 chris           koha used to have a three tier structure, biblio, biblioitem and item
21:07 wizzyrea        i may have to draw myself a picture
21:07 chris           it died when we started storing marc interntally
21:07 wizzyrea        so you were looking at both macro and micro title
21:07 jwagner         Well, that sounds like a useful feature.  I take it that it bit the dust with later versions?
21:07 wizzyrea        etc
21:07 wizzyrea        (walkin, local hold)
21:07 wizzyrea        that would probably be an enhancement to the special holds rules
21:06 chris           jwagner: thats right
21:06 chris           (in a consortia quite possible)
21:06 jwagner         Hmmm.  But a checkin of something outside that group wouldn't fill the hold?
21:06 chris           of the same thing
21:06 chris           the problem with item level, say you have 28 copies
21:06 wizzyrea        oh those halcyon days
21:06 chris           you could place a group level reserve, and either of those would satisfy it
21:05 chris           so if you had 2 copies of Vol 32. No 5
21:05 chris           cos you had group level holds
21:05 chris           this all worked fine in koha 1
21:05 jwagner         Because it's the same title?
21:05 wizzyrea        (and I am not really sure how we do it)
21:04 wizzyrea        why would you have those on the same bib? (this may be a dumb question)
21:04 jwagner         Right, but I don't understand why you would want it to change to a title level hold.  Our particular case is journal issues, for example.  If you've put a hold on Vol 32. No 5, you don't want it satisfied by Vol 31. No 2.
21:04 wizzyrea        in NExpress, we really try to avoid starting out with item level holds
21:03 * chris         looks in the direction of ohio
21:03 wizzyrea        we may be talking about two different things, which is why I'm thinking about it
21:03 chris           too much of that happens with koha
21:03 chris           so you cant fix it for someone and break it for someone else
21:03 wizzyrea        to another patron
21:03 wizzyrea        if it has been checked out
21:02 chris           liz is saying they want an item level to change to title level
21:02 jwagner         But this one makes sense to me -- an item-level hold should STAY an item-level hold.  Same for a title-level hold.
21:01 chris           is my theory
21:01 chris           but its best to just let them
21:01 wizzyrea        may the force be with you
21:01 wizzyrea        good luck, jwagner
21:01 chris           libraries act in retarded ways all the time
21:01 jwagner         Yes, let's talk tomorrow.  I've got to brave the Beltway traffic now....
21:01 wizzyrea        :)
21:01 chris           it should be an option
21:01 wizzyrea        have a good evening
21:00 wizzyrea        let me think about this
21:00 wizzyrea        sorry, thinking... we can talk more about it later
20:59 jwagner         no.  Why wouldn't you want to keep an item-level hold as item-level?
20:59 wizzyrea        it's totally right, for them
20:59 wizzyrea        i'm not saying what your library wants is wrong
20:59 wizzyrea        seewhatimean?
20:59 wizzyrea        then that would break the way we use it (or want it to work)
20:58 wizzyrea        right, but if you change it
20:58 jwagner         No, the problem my people are having is that an item-specific hold suddenly becomes a title level hold, which is a problem if they're trying to reserve one particular issue of a journal, for example.
20:58 wizzyrea        yes, yes it is
20:57 wizzyrea        which is probably what 2830 is saying...
20:57 wizzyrea        because we would WANT it to be title level if that happened
20:57 wizzyrea        I don't think you can specify the behavvior either way
20:57 jwagner         Not very long 'cause I'm about to hit the road :-)
20:56 wizzyrea        wait...
20:51 jwagner         hdl, I saw 2830, but it seemed to be the reverse -- comment #2 says it's going back into the holds queue as a copy specific instead of next available.  I'm guessing it's probably related, though.
20:50 hdl             I could ask nahuel to do it he had some ideas about that and a clear vision of C4/Reserves.pm but might take time as well
20:49 hdl             But had no time.
20:49 hdl             I wanted to fix that for 3.0.4 and then for 3.0.5
20:49 hdl             should be the same.
20:49 hdl             jwagner: see 2830
20:49 chris           ahhh 3.0.x doesnt have the problem its ok
20:45 chris           will do
20:44 hdl             chris please cherry-pick directly
20:44 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3792 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, Checking out on-hold item to someone else replaces item-level hold with next available
20:44 hdl             jwagner bug 3792 has a similar bug defined
20:33 chris           yup :)
20:32 * mdhafen       thinks this is a good time to also consult google ;)
20:31 mdhafen         apparently not, I got \000
20:30 mdhafen         hmm, yeah, I'll try that
20:30 chris           ?
20:30 chris           \$100000
20:29 chris           slash?
20:29 mdhafen         I've tried adding single quotes to the Makefile too, that doesn't work either.  It ends up as '000'
20:26 mdhafen         nope, looks like it's the export.  I added a warn to rewrite-config.PL.  In the Makefile it's $1000, but when rewrite-config.PL checks $ENV it's 000
20:09 mdhafen         That's kinda what I'm thinking too.  I'll have to take a closer look at rewrite-config.pl
20:09 chris           im guessing in the perl
20:08 mdhafen         is it export, or is it in rewrite-config.pl ?
20:07 mdhafen         I see it at the bottom of Makefile as 'export __VARIABLE__ := $10000' but make renders it as '__VARIABLE__ =000'
20:06 mdhafen         I have a value with a '$', but it doesn't make it to the koha-conf.xml
20:05 * mdhafen       needs some help with make.
20:02 richard         hi jo
20:02 Jo              Morning all
19:45 brendan         :)
19:45 richard         and everyone :)
19:45 richard         hi brendan
19:44 brendan         morning richard
19:44 richard         hi chris
19:44 chris           morning richard
19:37 richard         hi
18:39 chris           (if you are still awake)
18:39 chris           hdl: i sent a patch to fix the internal server error on detail.pl with invalid biblionumber, do you want me to cherry-pick and submit for 3.0.x as well
18:38 chris           sure sounds like a bug to me
18:15 jwagner         Any ideas?
18:15 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3792 normal, P3, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, Checking out on-hold item to someone else replaces item-level hold with next available
18:15 jwagner         One of my sites found a brand new holds bug, I think -- see Bug 3792
17:58 chris_n         yeah, I think I abused git a little too much on this one and confused it
17:53 brendan         doesn't sound too good there chris_n
17:53 brendan         oh man
17:41 chris_n         and the changes got pushed to my github repo over night.... so much for backups
17:41 hdl             mmm... could have been a problem of file permissions for reading.
17:40 * chris_n       reaches for another box of tissues :-(
17:40 chris_n         #git is at a loss as well it appears
17:40 hdl             chris_n sorry
17:40 chris_n         I can retrace exactly what I did, but the present state of my repo makes no sense in light of it
17:40 jdavidb         :((
17:39 chris_n         hdl: well it appears through some unknown sequence of keystrokes or just dumb blind misfortune, my code is lost
16:55 LadyNight32     I am from Cuba
16:54 LadyNight32     alguien que hable espaƱol?
16:53 LadyNight32     hi
16:53 owen            Hi LadyNight32
16:52 LadyNight32     hola a todos
16:07 chris_n         tnx
16:07 chris_n         I'll wander over to #git and see what comes up
16:07 chris_n         but the files still show up blank... and I know I was not dreaming when all of that code worked... ;-)
16:06 chris_n         I tried doing 'git reset --soft HEAD~3' to roll back before the commit
16:06 hdl             not mine
16:06 hdl             but then you would need #git assitance
16:06 hdl             maybe digging into objects.
16:06 hdl             mmmm
16:05 hdl             the commit is a snapshot of your tree
16:03 chris_n         hdl: ^^
16:03 pastebot        "chris_n" at pasted "git log" (14 lines) at http://paste.workbuffer.org/61
16:01 hdl             chris_n : are you sure you commited ?
15:52 chris_n         well the situation is more hopeless as the commit contains empty files :-(
15:49 hdl             git log -p -n1 your commit id
15:47 chris_n         and one commit
15:47 chris_n         I see a number of dangling blobs
15:47 chris_n         hdl: any wisdom on how to apply git fsck to my situation?
15:43 chris_n         lol
15:41 munin           jdavidb: Quote #31: "<@gmcharlt> but hacking Koha *should* be a restful part of any vacation ;)" (added by chris at 07:31 PM, September 02, 2009)
15:41 jdavidb         @quote random
15:34 munin           jwagner: Quote #45: "<CGI988> sekjal - you are a genious!!!!! asking me about the browser!!!! yes it's the #$%$#%$#ing IE was messing my cataloguing, oh I hate miscrosoft, the evil!" (added by gmcharlt at 02:00 PM, November 05, 2009)
15:34 jwagner         @quote random
15:34 munin           jwagner: Quote #23: "<gmcharlt> /msg munin register nick password" (added by wizzyrea_ at 12:25 PM, August 06, 2009)
15:34 jwagner         @quote random
15:06 * chris_n       definitely needs help atm :-P
15:06 hdl             git fsck can help you
14:57 chris_n         if that is so, this will not be a good day
14:57 * chris_n       has somehow lost hours of code in a commit which appears to contain empty files >:-(
14:56 chris_n         arggg....
14:25 Nate            same to you chris_n!
14:07 chris_n         or whatever time of the day it is at your locale
14:06 chris_n         howdy Nate, top of the morning to you :-)
14:04 Nate            good morning #Koha!
13:31 owen            Hi
13:31 chris_n         hi owen
13:23 |Lupin|         bye
13:23 |Lupin|         k, till soon everybody
13:18 chris_n         it's rather convoluted and not pretty atm iirc
13:17 chris_n         but both are server side
13:17 chris_n         |Lupin|: there is a code in the additem.pl script, but also plugins which are eval'd depending on the syspref
13:16 chris_n         |Lupin| it depends on the syspref for auto generating barcodes
13:08 jwagner         A manual search for a "real" collection code works (e.g., mc-ccode:BOOK), so I'm guessing there's something that's checking any mc-ccode search against the list of policies.
13:06 jwagner         hdl, the record.abs line is melm 590$a      ccode -- I copied the 952$8 line.
13:05 mahesh          hdl: how can i disable zebra in koha 3 ?
13:04 jwagner         Yes, I added the 590a line -- just a sec while I get logged in to find it.
13:03 hdl             would you mind showing your 590$a line and see if there is any melm 590 line in your record.abs
13:02 hdl             jwagner: I can surely help.
13:01 |Lupin|         hdl: yeah but it's in the additem.pl script, I think. And since I replaced it by a home-made one, my barcodes are not computed correctly. Actually I thought the calculation would take place somewhere deeper in Koha...
13:00 jwagner         I have an indexing question for anyone who understands zebra.  One of my sites wants to set off a particular group of items/titles, and it doesn't quite work to give them normal item type or collection code settings.  I tried to set it up so that the 590a would be indexed in the ccode index, thinking I could then fake a ccode search for a particular code -- e.g., mc-ccode:GRANTCOLL.  I've reindexed etc., but a search for that doesn't find anything.  (A r
12:59 mahesh          how can correct it . i am not familiar with that .
12:58 hdl             any even
12:58 hdl             mahesh: it misses an
12:58 hdl             mahesh: I think it is owed to dom authorities configuration.
12:57 hdl             |Lupin|: serverside
12:46 |Lupin|         are the barcodes calculated on the server, or in the client, for new items, please ?
12:43 mahesh          ok
12:43 kf              its about the same error message
12:43 kf              mahesh: perhaps this thread can help you: http://old.nabble.com/Cron-Daemon-Warning-td22472776.html
12:43 mahesh          how can i disable zebra ?
12:42 |Lupin|         guten nachmitag kf :)
12:42 kf              hi lupin
12:41 |Lupin|         hi there
12:40 kf              perhaps someone else can help out?
12:40 kf              uh, im sorry, I am not sure
12:40 mahesh          how can i check it ?
12:40 kf              I think your zebra is not running correctly
12:34 mahesh          but journal search is working
12:30 mahesh          but still no results
12:29 mahesh          16:24:45-18/11 zebraidx(5988) [warn] Index 'any' not found in attset(s)
12:29 mahesh          its showing a [warn]
12:29 mahesh          i did a rebuild_zebra also
12:28 mahesh          zebra
12:28 kf              mahesh: have you chosen zebra or nozebra during install? zebra requires cronjobs and zebresrv running
12:00 mahesh          search is not working with opac and Intranet
11:59 mahesh          i have problem with koha
11:59 mahesh          hello all
11:28 kf              lunch time :)
09:26 imp             heyho
09:25 Amit            heya kf
09:00 kf              guten morgen Ropuch :)
08:58 Ropuch          Guten Tag, kf
08:29 kf              good morning #koha
08:23 richard         hey chris
08:23 chris           hi richard
08:18 richard         hi
07:12 Amit            hi ropuch
06:49 Ropuch          Good morning #koha
04:39 pianohacker     good night
03:45 brendan         excellent
03:44 Amit            i think next month delhi public library server is available like z39.50 server first in india
03:43 brendan         :)
03:43 brendan         that's great
03:43 Amit            i think biggest academic library in india which we have done
03:43 Amit            christ university library
03:43 Amit            yes
03:43 Amit            everything is fine here
03:43 brendan         I saw the note about another library in India going live with koha
03:43 brendan         how are you doing amit
03:42 Amit            heya brendan
03:42 brendan         Heya Amit
03:21 Amit            good morning #koha
03:21 Amit            hi chris, chris_n2, mason
02:46 pianohacker     good night
02:40 chris_n2        g'night #koha
02:35 Stang           is there a site that has more information on the prep of the os before installation
02:35 Stang           k
02:34 mason           deb packages, perl/cpan updating, etc...
02:33 mason           theres a reasonable amount of OS-level prep before the koha install proper
02:32 mason           if youve got to pay someone to set those up , then yes ;)
02:32 mason           "so operating systems and hardware would also qualify as cost?"
02:30 Stang           ok
02:29 mason           you'll get a better cross-section of results
02:29 mason           np, try the mailing-lists first
02:29 Stang           thx all
02:28 Stang           if I have any more questions about Koha I will let you all know
02:28 mason           your question are probably best answered if you send it the 'koha' and 'koha-devel' mailing-lists
02:27 mason           10 -20  hours , would be a good ball-park number, i think..
02:26 Stang           ok
02:26 Stang           so operating systems and hardware would also qualify as cost?
02:26 mason           apache tuning, etc...
02:26 Stang           i just don't know estimated completion time to install this system
02:26 Stang           and costs may come down to installation or maintenance
02:26 Stang           because it's open source
02:26 mason           including OS, hardware, mysql-tuning ?
02:25 Stang           I know the cost for koha is pretty much free
02:25 Stang           "Estimation of completion time and costs"
02:25 mason           depends on whos doing it.. ;)
02:25 brendan         howdy
02:24 Stang           about how long does it take to install koha
02:24 Stang           so I have several questions here
02:24 Stang           I'm trying to create a project proposal which would hypothetically use Koha in a library system
02:23 Stang           ok
02:23 Stang           I need some help with a project and I'm going to do my project on Koha so if anyone has any more information on this ILS it would be appreciated, just let me know
02:23 mason           whats up?
02:23 mason           im about stang...
02:22 Stang           Is anyone here?
02:22 Stang           Hello
02:12 chris_n2        heya brendan
01:56 pianohackr|work bbl, headed home
01:33 pianohackr|work so grand plans :)
01:33 pianohackr|work I do wish I had a grand piano. You really can tell the difference between a well-made grand and an upright
01:33 chris_n2        pianohackr|work: grand plans or grand pianos?
01:09 pianohackr|work * ... ->{'display'} & DISPLAY_SUBFIELD_EDITOR, rather
01:09 pianohackr|work Instead of -5 <= hidden < 6
01:09 pianohackr|work chris: I have a partially-implemented design for a new marc_subfields_structure.display column where the editor can say something nice and sane like $subfieldlib->{'display'} | DISPLAY_SUBFIELD_EDITOR
01:07 pianohackr|work heh. Don't know if I want to stay in college that long, but that could change :)
01:07 pianohackr|work right after I take off my bones outfit
01:07 brendan         by that time you will be a PH.D though
01:07 brendan         pianohackr|work - I'll stop calling you doctor sometime soon
01:06 pianohackr|work committee member is closer, I keep coming up with grand plans and never finishing them
01:06 chris           heh
01:05 brendan         Hi doctor
01:05 pianohackr|work hi, brendan, Jo
00:22 imp             ^^
00:21 pianohackr|work Good night, glad it's working
00:21 imp             anyway, need to sleep now :/
00:21 pianohackr|work It's more several cumulative wasteful things than one particular culprit
00:21 imp             db access isn't that much (but only based on a quick look on the process infos)
00:19 pianohackr|work oh, so many reasons. XML config file, lots of uncached database calls, etc etc
00:18 imp             why does it burn so much cputime? ;)
00:17 pianohackr|work Yeah, 7 seconds for some of koha's scripts sounds about right for something of that speed
00:16 imp             s/mz/mhz/
00:16 imp             500mz sparc, 256mb ram (might be a little bit small, but no problems so far) -> http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/validateUser.do?target=Systems/Netra_T1_AC200_shared/spec
00:15 pianohackr|work Not entirely out of bounds. What specs on the machine?
00:14 imp             just saw 7 seconds cpu time for a perlscript
00:13 pianohackr|work Fixing that is one of the priorities for 3.4
00:13 pianohackr|work Koha can be a bit slow currently
00:11 imp             maybe i'm expecting too much from the machine, dunno
00:09 pianohackr|work ah
00:09 imp             yes
00:09 pianohackr|work on 3.0.1 ?
00:09 imp             it was slow before
00:09 imp             didn't even notice a differnce between both
00:09 pianohackr|work but that is really not well supported
00:09 pianohackr|work You most likely got used to high performance with mod_perl
00:08 pianohackr|work np :)
00:01 imp             thanks pianohacker :)
00:01 imp             but it's working :)
00:01 imp             it's still slow like a slug :/
00:00 imp             \o/
00:00 imp             *wait*