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00:29 chris       back
00:40 brendan     cya in a bit #koha
03:08 brendan     hi Amit
03:08 Amit        heya brendan
03:09 Amit        heya chris
03:20 chris_n     only on a network running M$ does the network admin have to stay up late to install AV software :-P
03:45 brendan     chris_n -- so true
03:49 chris_n     chris about?
03:49 chris_n     hi brendan
04:00 chris       am now chris_n
04:01 chris_n     chris: have you used Catalyst?
04:02 chris       not in anger
04:02 chris_n     hehe
04:02 chris       ive poked with it, and liked what i saw
04:02 chris       dbix::class and TT are steps along the way
04:02 chris       if we decide to move Koha that route
04:03 chris_n     I'm beginning an in-house app and thought I might use it for that
04:03 chris       oh def, if i was starting a project yep i would be looking at catalyst
04:03 chris_n     what I'm reading about it sounds nice
04:03 chris       its like rails .. without the performance hit
04:04 chris_n     it appears that it would be a ton of work to move koha over to it
04:04 chris       yes, piles
04:05 chris       so first steps are take some of its good things Template Toolkit etc
04:05 chris       then maybe move the opac to it, then module by module
04:05 chris_n     yeah, TT looks much nicer than T::P
04:06 chris       *nod* we gain lots of neat tricks we can do with caching rendered fragments of templates too
04:08 chris_n     well, I'm off to catch sleep; tnx for the input
04:08 chris       np, sleep well
04:08 pianohacker see ya, chris_n
04:09 chris_n     g'night pianohacker (must be a late schoolwork night :-)
04:09 pianohacker heh. just a bit :)
04:39 pianohacker okay. good night, all
05:37 Ropuch      Morning, #koha
05:59 chris       *sigh*
06:37 sanelib     hello everyone
07:12 kf          morning #koha
07:13 Ropuch      Morning, kf
07:13 kf          morning Ropuch
07:25 login       morning
07:54 Amit        hi kf, paul_p
08:10 login       helloo
08:39 |Lupin|     hi all
09:07 kf          hi Amit, |Lupin|
09:23 |Lupin|     guten morgen kf
09:24 Amit        hi lupin
09:24 Amit        heya nahuel
09:24 nahuel      hi
09:27 |Lupin|     could someone please help me with the C4::Items::ModItem function ?
09:27 |Lupin|     I'm wondering whether its last arg should be an array ref or a hashref...
09:27 |Lupin|     can someone clarify ? nahuel perhaps ?
09:28 nahuel      I'm calling
09:28 nahuel      2s
09:28 |Lupin|     nahuel: sure !
10:29 |Lupin|     lunch
10:39 kf          survey: one institution one vote one person one vote?
10:57 kf          hm. just not sure if I should forward the survey in our institution too or at least to my colleagues involved in our koha project
12:04 jwagner     Good morning all.
12:05 jwagner     nengard, see email to list -- I can't find that holdCancelLength is implemented anywhere in the code.
12:05 nengard     jwagner - well that would make the whole question moot
12:06 nengard     you should report a bug for that - so that we can get that out of there before 3.2 releases
12:07 jwagner     But it's a useful idea and probably should be implemented somewhere -- if somebody's had a hold on an item for like a year and it's never been triggered, shouldn't that hold get wiped eventually?
12:11 kf          good morning nengard and jwagner
12:15 kf          nengard: I was not sure who can vote on the survey -  one vote / organisation or everybody?
12:16 nengard     one vote every person
12:16 CGI992      men+men
12:18 CGI992      gay + gay = LOVE :)
12:20 kf          nengard: thx :)
12:26 jdavidb     @seen rhcl
12:26 munin       jdavidb: rhcl was last seen in #koha 1 day, 19 hours, 41 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <rhcl> slef: amazing. Thanks.
12:38 schuster    nengard good job on the survey.  I had a specific opinion on this, and when it comes to second choices it was hard as I really didn't know enough about the other 2 options that I liked as to what the best option would be.  So I am concerned about the general public filling out this form and not understanding all of the issues behind it.
12:39 schuster    That's coming from someone who has tried to keep up with the formation of this foundation - and someone who has been involved with setting up a foundation...
12:45 nengard     schuster - that's why we gave time to research the other options :)  But also - this time around your didn't have to pick options you were unfamiliar with or unhappy with
12:47 schuster    nengard again good job...
12:47 nengard     thanks
12:48 owen        Hi folks
12:49 Colin       morning/afternoon/evening all
12:54 jdavidb     Hi, Colin! :)
12:54 jdavidb     Howdy, owen.  :)
13:03 owen        Can anyone help me understand this error I get when I run rebuild_zebra.pl?
13:03 owen        08:01:56-15/10 zebraidx(21880) [warn] record.abs:67: Bad # of args to melm
13:04 jdavidb     What's record.abs line 67 look like?
13:05 owen        In etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/biblios ? Is that the right place to look?
13:05 jdavidb     yup! :)
13:06 owen        Line 67 is commented out: #melm 035       Local-number,Identifier-standard
13:07 jdavidb     Hm.   what about the one in ../authorities?
13:07 jdavidb     Oh!  The line above...what's it look like?
13:08 owen        melm 034        Map-scale
13:08 jdavidb     Well, that *looks* right.  hrm.
13:08 owen        What's strange is this is the test system I've been using for ages
13:09 owen        ...unless a git update changed this file I haven't.
13:09 jdavidb     git pull's wouldn't.  I think there's a make target for updating the indexes, but I've never used it.
13:17 Colin       last changes to it were May/June
14:15 owen        Hi CGI280
14:26 chris_n     g'morning #koha
14:27 jdavidb     Hi, chris_n
14:32 |Lupin|     hi again, everybody
14:34 jdavidb     Hi, |Lupin| ! :)
14:44 |Lupin|     hello jdavidb :)
14:44 |Lupin|     guys
14:44 |Lupin|     anybody knows how to remove an item from Koha without using the web interface ?
14:51 Ropuch      |Lupin|: you can always use sql
14:51 Ropuch      Hi paul_p
14:51 Colin       Lupin: DelItem in Items.pm
14:51 |Lupin|     Ropuch: I'm not sure it's that simple because I believe the items are also added to the marc(xml) fields somehow...
14:52 Colin       Yes you also might want to add it to deleteditems
14:53 |Lupin|     Colin: the thing is that the item has been incorrectly added: I think no item number has been inserted in it's marc record... I think..
14:53 |Lupin|     Colin: no I'd like to just get rid of it completely
14:55 Colin       Is there any trace in the marc record?
15:19 |Lupin|     Colin: let me check...
15:27 |Lupin|     Colin: there is a 995 field in biblioitems.marcxml but nothing in items.more_subfields_xml
15:27 |Lupin|     Actually removing all the items but keeping the biblio records untouched would be great
15:44 Colin       Lupin in that case I think you can just remove them from the items table
15:54 fredericd   |Lupin|: If you have 995 tags in marcxml you need to suppress them with related items table records: that's what DelItem function is for...
15:55 |Lupin|     fredericd: yes, I just wrote a purgeitems.pl script which should have done the jub just fine
15:55 pianohacker good morning
15:55 |Lupin|     Colin: thanks
15:55 owen        Hi pianohacker
15:55 pianohacker hi, owen
15:55 |Lupin|     hey Jesse. HOw are your ifngers ?
15:56 pianohacker good, healing bit by bit
15:56 pianohacker how are you, owen, |Lupin|?
15:56 * |Lupin|   is okay, thanks
15:57 |Lupin|     fredericd: hmm actually it seems that the script hasn't removed anything...
15:58 |Lupin|     fredericd: hmm no i t fact it has removed the items form the items table, but they seem to still appear as 995 fields...
15:59 fredericd   |Lupin|: After suppressing all items, your items table must be empty. If item table is empty, and item seem to still be present in biblio record, it may be an indexing issue with zebra
15:59 fredericd   you can check by trying to edit a record (not display on result page)
15:59 pianohacker well, items are stored as holdings tags regardless of zebra
16:00 |Lupin|     fredericd: hmm I won't be able to do record edition with lynx...
16:00 pianohacker if you want to get rid of items, you have to remove those holdings tags. the api will do all of this for you if you're deleting one-at-a-time
16:01 fredericd   pianohacker: If you suppress 995 (952 in MARC21) tags in bibioitems.marcxml fields, they may still be extracted from zebra until all biblio record are reindexed
16:01 fredericd   on OPAC result page for example
16:05 |Lupin|     brb
16:12 owen        Why does the Koha installer default to "grs1" for Zebra indexing when it says it's for legacy support?
16:15 Colin       owen: I can't think of a good reason and I've seen folk update an install and set it back to grs as a result
16:16 owen        Colin: You mean by mistake?
16:22 owen        Okay, got some warnings: "Makefile.PL: Warning: prerequisite DBD::SQLite2 0.33 not found." (and others)
16:23 owen        Does that mean these weren't included in "ubuntu.packages," or did I miss a step?
16:24 pianohacker owen: DBD::SQLite2, at least, is a fairly new dependency; it might not have been added to the package list yet
16:25 owen        What's the best way to acquire these? When I see a name like "DBD::SQLite2" I assume I can't just apt-get that name
16:26 pianohacker owen: you can try apt-cache search sqlite2
16:26 pianohacker often, though, perl packages are named something like libdbd-sqlite2-perl
16:29 ColinC      owen: I did mean by mistake. It's a potential trap
16:30 |Lupin|     owen: apt-cache search DBD::SQLite2
16:30 owen        Okay, found libdbd-sqlite2-perl
16:31 |Lupin|     owen: that one does not seem to be packaged, but in general apt-cache search themodulename works, with the module name displayed by the makefile
16:32 owen        Also on my list: HTTP::OAI, IPC::Cmd, JSON, Memoize::Memcached, Test::More, and XML::SAX::Writer
16:33 |Lupin|     owen: some of them are not packaged
16:33 |Lupin|     owen: what I generally do is that when apt-cache search modulename does not return anything meaningful, I do a cpan modulename
16:35 |Lupin|     owen: there is also the case where the module is packaged for Debian but is present with a version too low for KOha. IN that case, chris recommends to use dh-perl-make to build a debian package from the Perl sources. With this method you allow the distribution to update the package, should it once become more recent than the one you built yourself
16:36 |Lupin|     fredericd: ok, I just checked the database and the items are still present in the xml field although the items table is empty...
16:38 owen        Thanks |Lupin|. How would I know if that was the case?
16:41 |Lupin|     owen: the makefile would tell you that it needs version x.y but only version z.t was found
16:42 owen        Okay
16:44 |Lupin|     any idea about how to remove these remaining item fields in the xml columns, please ?
16:46 pianohacker |Lupin|: You would have to write a basic perl script to go through each record and remove the 995 tags (using MARC::Record)
16:46 |Lupin|     hmm, gotta run, will see this later... bye !
16:46 pianohacker bye, |Lupin|
16:46 owen        Thanks |Lupin|
16:47 |Lupin|     pianohacker: but then once the 995 field is removed, how which function should be called to update the xml things ?
16:47 pianohacker |Lupin|: ModRecordMarc is the name, i believe
16:47 pianohacker it's in C4::Biblio
16:47 |Lupin|     pianohacker: ah ok, thanks a lot !!
16:47 pianohacker np
16:49 kf          bye #koha
17:08 CGI522      hello!!
17:08 CGI522      is anyone live here?
17:08 CGI522      I need some help with Koha...
17:08 pianohacker alive, that's questionable
17:09 CGI522      :)
17:09 jdavidb     Present, yes.  Alive...maybe.
17:09 CGI522      you're speaking - that's a good sign:)
17:09 pianohacker but we can help. what would you like help with?
17:10 CGI522      I need to change a password for staff client  - for kohaadmin, can't find the option...
17:10 pianohacker CGI522: what version of koha are you running?
17:11 CGI522
17:11 pianohacker okay. since koha uses the kohaadmin username and password to access the mysql database, you have to change it in mysql first
17:12 CGI522      on the server?
17:12 pianohacker yes
17:12 CGI522      eh... that's exactly what I was afraid of - can't catch the goddamn sysadmin...:)
17:12 pianohacker ahhh
17:12 pianohacker okay
17:14 pianohacker just let him know that he has to change the password for the kohaadmin user in mysql, then put the new password in the <password> element at the bottom of /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
17:14 pianohacker or wherever it was installed
17:15 CGI522      thanks a lot, pianohacker:)
17:15 CGI522      oh
17:15 CGI522      onemore thing
17:15 CGI522      sincec I'm already here:)
17:15 pianohacker shoot
17:16 CGI522      barcode
17:16 pianohacker indeed, barcodes
17:16 CGI522      I know I can switch that option on and off, but how can I assign barcoded to already catalogued biblios?
17:17 pianohacker CGI522: hmm. you can edit the items of each individual biblio, but if you want to do it in a batch, you'd have to do some perl programming
17:19 CGI522      Good Lolrd, the computer is gonna restart now, I'm gonna kill the sysadmin:) didn't leave me option to cancel it:((( I'll be back in a minute. pianohacker,  don't forget your words, brb
17:19 pianohacker okay
17:28 CGI875      I'm back:0
17:28 CGI875      so, pianohacker, I suppose this programming should be done on the server as well?
17:29 pianohacker yes.
17:30 CGI875      could you tell me what to do exactly? :)
17:31 pianohacker it's a bit involved, and assumes you have perl scripting experience
17:31 CGI875      ok, I don't, but I neeed to assign the barcodes anyway...:(
17:32 pianohacker hrm. are you working from an import, or is this an existing installation?
17:33 CGI875      the latter
17:34 pianohacker things get trickier, then. just out of curiosity, why are they lacking barcodes?
17:38 CGI875      I was told that all the material's gonna be only reference, and the dean told me not to bother with the barcodes, so I left the option off. Now he wants to circulate all the staff (it's  a new small library, and they are still not certain what they want, ,,so they find job ffor me all the time:))
17:38 pianohacker (right, I know that feeling very well...)
17:39 pianohacker okay. will these reference books be getting physical barcodes?
17:39 CGI875      yyeep
17:39 CGI875      the keyboard is killing mee:) I''m sorry, it doublles al the letters....
17:40 pianohacker it might be easier to assign them manually by editing each individual biblio then try to find some way to assign them accurately in a script
17:40 pianohacker I'm typing one-handed, so believe it or not i sympathize
17:40 pianohacker :)
17:41 CGI875      oh man..:)
17:41 CGI875      ok the script - what script:)
17:41 CGI875      sorry, Koha is all new to me, just started using it last week:)
17:42 chris_n     gmcharlt about?
17:42 chris_n     @last gmcharlt
17:42 munin       chris_n: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message must (1 more message)
17:42 pianohacker @seen gmcharlt
17:42 chris_n     @seen gmcharlt
17:42 munin       pianohacker: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 1 day, 8 hours, 3 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> hi Amit (and goodbye for moment, about to board airplane)
17:42 munin       chris_n: gmcharlt was last seen in #koha 1 day, 8 hours, 3 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <gmcharlt> hi Amit (and goodbye for moment, about to board airplane)
17:42 chris_n     hehe
17:42 pianohacker heh
17:43 pianohacker CGI875: pretty much any way you do it will involve heartache and a fair amount of labor. what's the size of your collection?
17:44 CGI875      its about 70 biblios so far:) not much, so I guess I'll survive:)
17:44 chris_n     @later gmcharlt I had to submit and additional patch for bug 3706; would you be so kind as to push it when you have a moment? tnx
17:45 munin       chris_n: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
17:45 chris_n     @later tell gmcharlt I had to submit and additional patch for bug 3706; would you be so kind as to push it when you have a moment? tnx
17:45 munin       chris_n: The operation succeeded.
17:45 pianohacker CGI875: oh, okay. if you haven't banged your head against perl before, for a collection that size it would be much easier to do it manually imho
17:45 chris_n     missing lunch will really mess with your mind :-P
17:46 CGI875      okay,  will do:) so first i will have to swith the option on< and then start editing? is it in the iTEM EDITING?
17:47 CGI875      the keyboard is getting worse:)
17:47 pianohacker CGI875: you shouldn't have to switch it on... do you mean the autobarcode system preference?
17:47 CGI875      yes, that one
17:48 pianohacker CGI875: ahh, okay. you want that to stay off; all it controls is whether barcodes are automatically assigned by koha
17:48 pianohacker you only want it if you're printing barcode labels from within koha
17:49 CGI875      ohhhh right...
17:50 CGI875      since i didn't any barcodes yet, I can still deecide which way to do it... would koha's autobarcodee be easier?
17:50 pianohacker you just have to go to each biblio, then click edit -> edit items
17:51 pianohacker wait, did you say that they had physical barcodes (not isbns) on them already?
17:51 CGI875      yes
17:51 CGI875      no
17:51 CGI875      no there's only ISBN, no barcodes sticked on them
17:52 pianohacker ok then
17:52 pianohacker you can do it two ways
17:52 CGI875      so I still can decide which way to do it - autobarcode and then print them out, or stick them frist and then print them in:)
17:52 pianohacker right
17:52 CGI875      good,  so which way is easier?:)
17:53 pianohacker pre-printed barcodes involve little work and are not at all expensive
17:53 CGI875      okay...
17:53 CGI875      now... there's a problem
17:53 pianohacker ?
17:53 CGI875      I already placedd the order and didnt order any barcodees:)))
17:54 CGI875      so I guess I will have to print them out:))
17:54 pianohacker CGI875: order?
17:54 CGI875      i mean librrary supplies
17:55 pianohacker ahh, okay
17:55 pianohacker time pressure? :)
17:55 CGI875      you got me:)
17:56 CGI875      so do i need to autobarcode in this case>?
17:57 pianohacker okay, guess you don't have much choice for this batch then. you can switch it on for now, make barcodes with autobarcode then print them (the manual at koha.org is very helpful for this)
17:57 pianohacker I recommend pre-printed for the future, but you'll have to see which option works better
17:57 CGI875      okay...
17:58 CGI875      uff... I'm all confused here :) but you helped me a lot, thanks, pianohacker:)
17:58 pianohacker no problem, happy to help
17:58 pianohacker good luck
17:58 CGI875      don't mind if I trouble you again in the future?:)
17:59 pianohacker I'm not always here, but #koha is always open
17:59 CGI875      okay! take care:0
17:59 pianohacker you too
17:59 CGI875      :)
18:39 chris_n     go HLT
18:39 chris_n     opps ;-)
18:55 owen        Okay, my go at installing Koha on Ubuntu has gone better today, I've gotten further this time.
18:55 owen        Now I'm hung up on the Apache config
18:56 owen        Warning: DocumentRoot [/etc/apache2/__OPAC_WWW_DIR__] does not exist
18:57 brendan     owen do you do a koha-dev install ?
18:57 owen        yes
18:57 brendan     if so I think you'll need to copy the koha-httpd.conf file from koha-dev
18:57 brendan     not kohaclone
18:58 chris       what he said
18:58 owen        Ah, I'll bet you're right
18:58 chris       probably /home/owen/koha-dev/etc/
18:59 chris       (they live out there so that they dont get overwritten when you do a git fetch/rebase)
18:59 brendan     then when you get to zebra daemon part -- you'll most like need to edit you koha-zebra-ctl.sh file a little bit
18:59 brendan     but we can help you out when you get there :)
18:59 brendan     yup what chris said
18:59 brendan     morning chris
19:00 chris       so, im gonna write up a report on the lianza conference for my bosses today, reckon i should send it to the koha-devel list too?
19:00 sekjal      hey, neat, I was just doing a new dev install for my test system, and was wondering about some of the set up
19:00 brendan     would be cool
19:00 sekjal      chris: yes
19:00 chris       will do
19:01 chris       sekjal: i will drop you an email sometime today, to do an introduction to the system librarian at Waikato Uni here, they are considering Koha in the future and he would like to chat to you about how you guys did it
19:01 chris       if thats ok
19:02 sekjal      chris: that's more than ok.  happy to talk about my experiences
19:02 chris       excellent
19:02 sekjal      some local NY-area folks are looking to have a meeting, too
19:02 chris       ok, time to catch my bus, back in a bit
19:02 sekjal      later, chris
19:03 sekjal      there are also the two meetings in Hartford, CT that Nate from ByWater tipped me off to
19:03 sekjal      looking forward to those
19:07 chris_n     owen++ #for doing a self-install :-)
19:07 owen        It's about time ;)
19:12 owen        Should I be concerned about this error? "apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName"
19:13 brendan     not too concerned
19:13 brendan     just something to do with your hosts setting -- but should work for you
19:13 pianohacker owen: I've had that exact error on my ubuntu koha install for quite some time. should probably fix it, but it hasn't caused any problems
19:15 owen        pianohacker: So you use and :8080 to access your opac and staff client?
19:16 pianohacker owen: 8000 and 8080, but yes
19:20 owen        What do you know, it's actually working.
19:21 pianohacker hey, awesome
19:21 brendan     sweet
19:21 brendan     now onto zebra :)
19:21 pianohacker very satisfying to get a koha install running on your own
19:21 brendan     cheers to that
19:21 pianohacker brendan: that's just cruel
19:22 brendan     :)
19:22 jwagner     Quick question -- have to run back to my meeting.  Koha should be able to place a hold on a title which has no items attached, correct?
19:23 jwagner     I could swear I've seen that functionality.
19:23 pianohacker jwagner: i'm not sure. it can place a biblio-level hold, but might list a biblio with no items as unavailable
19:24 owen        As far as I know pianohacker is right, the interface will not offer you the hold link if no items are attached
19:24 jwagner     That's what I'm trying to do -- a title (next available) hold, but it's complaining about not having any items attached.
19:24 jwagner     Drat.  Thanks, owen & pianohacker.  I was afraid of that answer....  Now to work around it.....
19:25 wizzyrea    jwagner: you create an "on order" item
19:26 wizzyrea    they can put a hold on that item but it won't hit pick lists until it's changed from "on order"
19:26 wizzyrea    that's how we do holds on items that don't physically exist yet
19:27 wizzyrea    maybe a better question: what workflow are you trying to accommodate?
19:28 wizzyrea    owen: I've had that same error on my ubuntu installs forever. I haven't bothered to try to fix it either
19:33 richard     hi
19:33 pianohacker hello, richard
19:33 richard     hi pianohacker
19:39 brendan     hi richard
19:39 richard     hey brendan
19:39 sekjal      if I'm doing a dev-install on the same server on which I have a production installation, do I need to muck around with my koha-httpd.conf file a lot?
19:40 pianohacker sekjal: not really. just copy-paste the two virtualhost sections and edit the servername and setenv lines
19:40 brendan     not too much -- I just enable a second site
19:40 pianohacker and documentroots and whatnot, of course
19:41 sekjal      ah, okay.  that's what I've done
19:41 sekjal      I just haven't done it right yet...
19:42 pianohacker sekjal: what's going wrong?
19:43 sekjal      my document root was bad, and restarting apache caused my production instance to disappear
19:43 pianohacker yikes
19:43 sekjal      fortunately, I got it back up before anyone complained
19:43 brendan     :)
19:43 sekjal      still, kinda freaky
19:43 pianohacker I've done the fix-apache-conf scramble before
19:45 sekjal      so, for a dev-install, my document root is going to be much different, isn't it?
19:46 pianohacker yes
19:52 sekjal      yar, so many ScriptAliases....
19:53 pianohacker the first is the only one you have to change, the others depend on it
20:00 jwagner     wizzyrea, back from my meeting again -- could you send me a description of how your workflow goes?  That would be a big help.
20:01 wizzyrea    jwagner: sure, gimme a min
20:04 chris       back
20:10 brendan     wb chris
20:14 ricardo     Hi everyone!
20:14 pianohacker hi ricardo
20:14 brendan     hi ricardo
20:15 * brendan   is disliking IE for messing with my templates
20:15 ricardo     I'm having a problem here in a machine with Koha 3.0.3 (in SLES 11). SLES = SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
20:15 ricardo     "make install" seems to be "stuck":
20:15 brendan     looks so nice in Firefox -- but "crappy" with IE
20:15 pianohacker you need another reason to dislike ie?
20:15 ricardo     ~/koha-3.00.03 # make install
20:15 ricardo     /usr/bin/perl "-Iblib/arch" "-Iblib/lib" fix-perl-path.PL blib
20:16 ricardo     (and then... no more output)
20:16 pianohacker ricardo: how long has it been running
20:16 ricardo     pianohacker: 2 minutes, maybe
20:16 pianohacker also, can you check to see if it's doing anything with top?
20:16 brendan     ricardo -- did you ever get zebra to run on SUSE
20:16 pianohacker the blib fixing part will take some time
20:17 ricardo     brendan: Nope... I quit trying to set up Zebra in openSUSE. I don't predict resuming that battle in the next several months (if at all). Why?
20:17 brendan     just curious if you ever did --- I gave that battle up like a year and half ago and switched to debian full-time
20:18 ricardo     brendan: Yeah, I understand that ("path of least resistance")
20:18 brendan     :)
20:18 ricardo     pianohacker: OK, thanks for the info
20:18 pianohacker not sure why you're fighting so hard just to stay in the land of (shiver) RPM, but to each his own :)
20:20 ricardo     pianohacker: The place I work uses SuSE.... And, actually, I don't have anything against "rpm" (you have"yast" / "zypper" on top of if, to take care of dependencies... like you have "yum" in Red Hat / Fedora... or "aptitude", "synaptic" and others for "deb"s in the "Debian World")
20:23 ricardo     @later tell hdl_laptop Hi Henri! The "koha-br" and "koha-pt" mailing lists have no messages posted yet. So, it doesn't seem necessary to announce the Koha Ballot there
20:23 munin       ricardo: The operation succeeded.
20:24 ricardo     pianohacker: Yay! The "blib" stuff finished. I think a warning about this delay could be nice (or better still, some descriptive output about each step being done)
20:27 Ropuch      Agreed, when compiling the first time i was about to kill the process too
20:29 ricardo     Ropuch: Right. Thanks for confirming it  :)
20:30 Ropuch      ;>
20:30 Ropuch      It's quite a moment before some output starts to show up on the screen
20:30 ricardo     Ropuch: Yep... In my case, it took several MINUTES
20:30 Ropuch      I kn ow patience is a librarian's virtue, but.. ;>
20:30 ricardo     Ropuch: LOL!
20:32 Ropuch      I had to work with win 3.11 (1999!) in my library while studying, as students we were sure this is Path of teaching Patience ;-P
20:33 ricardo     Ropuch: eheheh...
20:33 ricardo     Hmmm... It seems that I have this installation "botched up" somehow:
20:33 ricardo     [Thu Oct 15 21:31:26 2009] [error] [client] [Thu Oct 15 21:31:26 2009] mainpage.pl: HTML::Template::Pro:template doc-head-open.inc not found! at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/mainpage.pl line 70, referer: http://myhost:8080/cgi-bin/koha/admin/systempreferences.pl?tab=OPAC
20:35 ricardo     Just what I needed in the day before a presentation  :-(
20:37 ricardo     (Running "updatedb"... because I want to find some files now, and I admit I like "locate" better than "find")
20:42 Ropuch      /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/includes/doc-head-open.inc
20:43 ricardo     Ropuch: Cool... Thanks. The weird part is that I *do* have that file  :-/
20:43 pianohacker bbl
20:43 Ropuch      mainpage.pl line 70, let me see
20:43 ricardo     pianohacker: OK
20:43 ricardo     Ropuch: It's the last line of that mainpage.pl file
20:44 ricardo     Something like "output_http_with_headers"
20:44 Ropuch      output_html_with_http_headers $query, $cookie, $template->output;
20:44 Ropuch      yup
20:45 * chris_n   needs a stronger brand of bug spray... :-P
20:45 ricardo     chris_n: LOL!
20:46 ricardo     Talking about bugs, the log files mention some "pt-BR" files... and the Brazilian translation ("pt-PT") one, AFAIK, hasn't been done yet... only the standard European Portuguese one ("pt-PT")
20:46 ricardo     I guess I'll have to check if this is fixed in git, for 3.0.4
20:47 chris       http://translate.koha.org/pt_BR/
20:48 chris       only the opacs have been done
20:48 ricardo     chris: Hi Chris! You're right... I thought that NOT even the OPAC was done for "pt-BR" had been done.
20:50 ricardo     Now, I wonder why Koha is searching "pt-BR" in this 3.0.3 install... Because I'm having problems seeing the web pages for the Intranet part, I'll have to look directly at the MySQL database
20:50 chris       check what languages you have enabled in sysprefs
20:52 ricardo     mysql> select variable from systempreferences where variable LIKE '%languages';
20:52 ricardo     opaclanguages
20:52 ricardo     mysql> select variable from systempreferences where variable LIKE '%language%';
20:52 ricardo     language
20:52 ricardo     opaclanguages
20:52 ricardo     opaclanguagesdisplay
20:52 chris       id check what values you have set for them
20:53 ricardo     chris: *nod*
20:53 * chris_n   greets chris
20:53 ricardo     "language" is set to "en"
20:53 ricardo     "opaclanguages" is set to "pt-PT,en"
20:54 ricardo     "opaclanguagesdisplay" is set to "1" (ON)
20:54 chris       that all looks ok
20:54 * ricardo   asks chris_n to hand him his bug spray can  ;-)
20:54 ricardo     chris: right
20:56 ricardo     Here's a log entry that (strangely) mentions "pt-BR":
20:56 ricardo     [Thu Oct 15 21:43:32 2009] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/pt-BR/lib, referer: http://myhost:8080/cgi-bin/koha/admin/systempreferences.pl
20:58 Ropuch      True
20:58 Ropuch      I have only css and modules in pt-BR
20:58 chris       id delete the whole pt-BR folder
20:58 chris       then that error will go away
20:58 chris       (since there is nothing in it anyway, you dont lose anything)
20:59 chris_n     chris: some mailing list weirdness... I seem to get send copies of emails I send to the list now? (or is it me that's confused?)
21:00 ricardo     usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog # mv pt-BR old_pt_br
21:00 chris       which mailing list?
21:00 chris       koha-devel?
21:00 chris_n     dev list
21:00 chris       you'll have to ask hdl, he looks after that one
21:00 chris_n     ahh, tnx
21:00 ricardo     chris: Yep, that solved it. Thanks!  :)
21:01 ricardo     chris: I'm still worried that there was some bug that caused this
21:01 chris_n     @later tell hdl_laptop some mailing list weirdness... I seem to get send copies of emails I send to the list now? (or is it me that's confused?)
21:01 munin       chris_n: The operation succeeded.
21:01 chris       no bug ricardo
21:01 chris       just bad .po file for pt-BR
21:01 ricardo     "Bad PO file! Bad!"  ;-)
21:02 chris       its a harmless error, its just saying there is a pt-BR folder here, but i cant find any actual templates
21:02 chris       because the bad .po file stopped them being made
21:02 ricardo     chris: Err... Actually, for my setup... The consequence was much BIGGER than that
21:02 ricardo     Let me try to show you screnshots
21:02 chris       or in this case the no existent .po file
21:02 ricardo     s/screnshots/screenshots
21:02 chris       non-existent
21:03 chris       yep, not a bug tho, just probably someone editing po files with a text editor again :)
21:04 ricardo     Is there a "paste.workbuffer.org" for images?
21:04 chris       nope
21:07 ricardo     chris: http://twitpic.com/lnjb7
21:09 chris       right, ill get hdl to not include the pt-BR files in the 3.0.4 release
21:09 ricardo     chris: Yeah... I think that's better... Even for the Brazilian folks!
21:21 sekjal      time to catch my train.  cheers, all!
21:24 ricardo     This is weird...
21:24 ricardo     http://myhost:8080/cgi-bin/koha/mainpage.pl  is (wrongly) being displayed in English, although all the other Staff pages (correctly) appear in Portuguese. I wonder if this some cache (local or proxy) problem ...
21:25 Ropuch      Doon night everyone
21:25 Ropuch      s/doon/Good ;>
21:25 ricardo     Ropuch: Good night Ropuch :)
21:28 ricardo     BRB (Restarting Firefox, just in case)
22:07 |Lupin|     hi again
22:17 brendan     hi |Lupin|
22:17 |Lupin|     hi brendan
22:17 |Lupin|     pianohacker: still around ?
22:19 brendan     @wunder 93117
22:19 munin       brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 22.9�C (3:14 PM PDT on October 15, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Falling).  Wind Advisory in effect until 9 am PDT Saturday... 
22:19 brendan     ah nicer than the last two days
22:19 brendan     thanks munin
22:19 |Lupin|     :)
22:40 |Lupin|     could someone please explain me how to call the function C4::Biblio::AddItem ?
22:41 |Lupin|     it takes optional arguments and I'm not sure how to deal with them...