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00:22 * chris_n2  heads off to the strawberry patch ;-)
01:31 brendan     have fun :)
01:45 * chris_n2  begins to remember why he gave up on compiling XML::LibXSLT on Win32 :-P
01:46 chris_n2    and wonders why he is even attempting it again...
01:50 chris       heh
01:50 chris       glutton for punishment
01:53 chris       and that was the last liblimer still on #koha
01:57 richard     poor chap, prolly feels a bit like he shouldn't be raising his head above the parapet
01:57 chris       yup
02:04 brendan     @seen liblime
02:04 munin`      brendan: I have not seen liblime.
03:11 chris_n2    it looks like we are very close to having XML::LibXSLT in Strawberry Perl...
03:11 chris       oh cool
03:11 chris_n2    http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=48247#txn-669928
03:11 chris_n2    maybe end of October
03:12 chris_n2    which should remove the last impediment to a native Win32 install of Koha
03:12 chris       cool
03:12 chris_n2    and maybe even an msi type install
03:16 chris_n2    g'night
05:36 kf          good morning :)
05:39 Ropuch      Morning kf [;
05:40 kf          morning Ropuch
06:01 CGI482      hi there
06:01 Ropuch      ello
06:02 CGI482      any one help me for catalog ?
06:04 nicomo      morning
06:25 kf          morning nicomo
06:25 nicomo      morning kf
06:25 nicomo      how's the weather on the eve of this week-end in Konstanz?
06:26 kf          can someone help me with jquery? I want to hide the messaging tab in opac, its 7th li element in #menu
06:26 kf          its getting colder in the morning now, but dry and sunny during the day :)
06:26 kf          but will propably spent my weekend on training materials for monday and tuesday
06:27 kf          first koha training in our project library :)
06:31 nicomo      kf: very cool, when are they scehduled to go live?
06:33 kf          the party is on 12th
06:33 nicomo      will they be the 1st in Germany?
06:34 kf          Im not sure
06:34 kf          I think its safe to say the first academic
06:34 kf          there is a pharmacy using koha for health books I know of and I dont know what happened to the special library listed in the wiki
06:47 Ropuch      Hm
06:58 Ropuch      kf: you're working for University of Konstanz?
07:18 nahuel      hi all
07:18 kf          Ropuch: no, for BSZ
07:19 kf          kf: www2.bsz-bw.de
07:19 kf          kf = Ropuch ;)
07:29 Ropuch      kf: I've just started work at Willy-Brandt-Zentrum f�r Deutschland- und Europastudien
07:30 CGI041      I have a query on importing data from Mandarin to KOHA
07:40 kf          Ropuch: cool!
07:50 CGI041      ANybody with experience here
07:50 CGI041      Migrating from Mandarin LMS to KOHA?
07:53 kf          CGI041 - perhaps better write to the mailing lists to find someone - there are not so many people here and nz and usa are sleeping
08:05 * chris     is actually still at work :(
08:08 paul_p      yes, but CGI041 has left ;-)
08:08 paul_p      hello chris.
08:08 Ropuch      Hello paul_p, chris
08:08 paul_p      (I don't say good evening, because it seems not good for you...)
08:08 chris       nope, rss DDOS
08:09 chris       paul_p: can you see www.stuff.co.nz?
08:10 paul_p      chris:nope
08:10 paul_p      oh... yes, but VERY slow
08:10 chris       ta
08:10 paul_p      I have the title now
08:10 paul_p      (but nothing else
08:11 chris       yeah, something is maxing out our international bandwidth
08:11 kf          hi chris
08:13 paul_p      chris: ok, I see the text, but not the images yet :(
08:14 chris       ta
08:14 chris       hopefully we can get that fixed soon
08:28 kf          chris: good luck! hope you can solve it soon
08:28 chris       its hard to solve as its multiple (thousands and thousands) of ips all requesting the same files
08:28 chris       and using up all the bandwidth
08:38 paul_p      chris: it's a DoS ?
08:38 chris       not intentional i dont think
08:38 chris       but thats the effect
08:39 chris       i think its a toolbar, that is aggressive
08:39 chris       is www.stuff.co.nz any more responsive now?
08:40 paul_p      chris++ !
08:40 paul_p      yes, it's fast now
08:40 chris       kf: can you check too please?
08:41 chris       (and anyone else not in nz)
08:42 chris       it was only using up our international bandwidth
08:46 magnusenger chris: reasonably fast from up here!
08:46 chris       thanks magnusenger :)
08:49 chris       traffic is down to 22Mbit/sec overseas traffic .. from 40 (which is the whole of the overseas pipe)
08:49 kf          chris: still a bit slow but loading completely now
08:49 chris       cool
08:49 kf          chris: dont know how fast it should be
08:49 paul_p      kf: nz is always a little bit slow from here!
08:50 kf          paul_p: ok, should be ok then :)
08:52 chris       i think thats fixed enough so i can go home :)
08:52 chris       10pm ... too late on a friday to be at work ;)
08:52 Ropuch      ;>
08:58 nahuel      hi chris !
11:05 Crusoe      hi all!
11:06 Ropuch      Hi Crusoe
11:06 Crusoe      In Russia the university libraries have very specific task: they must provide the students with the learning aids and textbooks
11:07 Crusoe      so we have to know, how many students per book do we have
11:07 Crusoe      is there anything like this anywhere in the Earth?
11:08 Crusoe      I'm just curious how to name my report generator
11:09 Ropuch      Don't know, actually
11:10 Crusoe      in russian this sounds like 'literature provision'
11:11 Crusoe      and i don't like this translation
11:11 Crusoe      git status
11:12 Ropuch      Crusoe: how it sounds in original?
11:12 Crusoe      Cardbox of the provision with the literature - something like that
11:13 Ropuch      I mean in russian
11:13 Crusoe      kartoteka knigoobespechennosti
11:15 Ropuch      I'll try to ask someone to translate this, wait
11:24 Ropuch      Books providing reserve?
11:25 Crusoe      sounds much better
11:25 Ropuch      (I don't have any russian speaker around
11:25 Ropuch      I just named it in polsih and tried to translate to english ;>
11:26 Ropuch      s/posih/polish
11:26 Crusoe      nice trick %-))
11:26 Ropuch      hehe
11:26 Crusoe      dzenkuju pan!
11:26 Ropuch      Rezerwa zabepieczenia ksi�zkowego/czytelniczego
11:27 Ropuch      :)
11:27 Ropuch      What library are you working for?
11:27 Crusoe      the library of the ivanovo state university of chemistry and technology
11:28 Ropuch      I'm starting a page about koha in polish, but I'd like to have list of libraries using in close aproximity of Poland
11:29 Crusoe      no we don't use Koha yet
11:29 Ropuch      But you plan to?
11:30 Crusoe      I'm not sure
11:30 Crusoe      actually I'm thinking of rolling my own ILS
11:30 Crusoe      which is not a monolith like Koha but rather an integrating system
11:30 Ropuch      I envy people with so much free time ;-)
11:30 Crusoe      a kind of
11:31 Ropuch      Hello jdavidb
11:31 jdavidb     Hello, Ropuch.  :)
11:31 Crusoe      hi
11:32 Ropuch      Crusoe: you can try to ask native english speakers for translation of kartoteka knigoobespechennosti, maybe they will figure something better
11:32 Ropuch      Ok, back to work
11:33 * jdavidb   is a native-English speaker, but doesn't speak much of anything else.
11:34 Ropuch      jdavidb: http://pastebin.com/m538e262
11:35 Ropuch      I've came up with Books providing reserve, but I'm not sure it means what i think it means ;>
11:35 jdavidb     No, "Reserve" in en_US libraries means something totally different.
11:36 Ropuch      provision then?
11:36 jdavidb     If it's applied to students, this concept would be "Texbook management" or simply, "Students per textbook report", if that's what it's telling you.
11:37 Ropuch      Crusoe: here you are :)
11:38 jdavidb     If the report is actually telling you a number of students per textbook available, then I would name it that; that would be consistent enough across all the en_ variants for people to know what it's about.
11:38 Ropuch      jdavidb: I know it's not #learn-basic-english channel, but is "book providing provision" any close to what it's supposed to mean?
11:39 Crusoe      actually there are different requests: one may wander how many students per book there is for a given discipline, or a set of disciplines taught by some department
11:39 Crusoe      so the application requires a more general name
11:40 Crusoe      s/wander/wonder/
11:40 jdavidb     Pretty close, yeah.  Generally, when it's learning materials meant for students to work directly out of, it's "textbooks."   You normally wouldn't see "providing provision" as an English construct.
11:41 Crusoe      textbooks? provision then ?
11:41 jdavidb     Crusoe:  The first report could be simply "Students per book report", but the second...is this the kind of thing where you have fifty copies of the same book, and everyone in a class has one, or where you have a bunch of different books?
11:41 jdavidb     "Textbook provision" would be a good descriptor, Crusoe, I think.
11:42 Crusoe      each discipline is associated with main literature list and optional literature list
11:42 Crusoe      so there are many books per discipline and the report contains that many numbers
11:42 jdavidb     I did a report like that, on another system, where certain call numbers were assigned to a university department, and we could take counts and average ages of the collection for that department.  Sound similar?
11:43 Crusoe      alike
11:43 jdavidb     A user didn't need to know all the call number ranges, they just entered "Art department", and got everything that we'd decided fit there.
11:44 jdavidb     Our report was used so that the department could figure out what they needed to buy more of, so we called it the "Collection Development Report."    You could also call something like that a "Departmental collection analysis."
11:45 Crusoe      analysis sounds very good!
11:46 jdavidb     Excellent!  Anything else I can help with on that?
11:46 Crusoe      thank you
11:47 jdavidb     Glad I could help, Crusoe.  Never thought I'd get to help with translation! :)
11:48 Ropuch      Don't forget english tips ;>
11:49 jdavidb     en_US and en_UK are a bit different, and I speak the US version, southern style, but so far I've not had any trouble being understood.
11:53 Ropuch      My english is result of reading unix man, some rpg handbooks and watching Seasame Street, so my grammar is often non-existen
11:54 jdavidb     Sesame Street is not the worst place to learn basic English, Ropuch.  Lots of people my age (I'm 41) learned to read and speak English with the help of Sesame Street.
11:55 Ropuch      I strobgly agree, I'm 30 and started just like that
11:55 Ropuch      s/strobgly/strongly
11:55 paul_p      ( everybody says hello fo francharb, the new BibLibrian, started yesterday, he's a geeky librarian )
11:56 Ropuch      Hello francharb [;
11:57 jdavidb     Hello, francharb!  Welcome!
12:00 jdavidb     <== J. David Bavousett, PTFS in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.
12:03 jwagner     Bonjour francharb!
12:04 magnusenger God dag francharb! Velkommen!
12:04 magnusenger geeky librarians++
12:05 paul_p      francharb => francois charbonnier
12:06 Crusoe      CY All!
12:23 chris_n     g'morning
12:23 Ropuch      Morning, chris_n
12:33 * chris_n   sees chris found the problem w/his data pipe
12:47 schuster    Hey all.
12:49 jdavidb     Howdy, schuster. :)
12:50 brendan     morning #koha
12:50 jwagner     Morning, all
12:52 chris_n     hi schuster, brendan, et al
12:57 kf          morning usa :)
12:57 jdavidb     Good afternoon, kf! :)
12:57 chris_n     howdy kf
12:58 chris_n     git stash++
12:59 jwagner     Guten tag, kf
13:00 kf          Guten morgen jwagner ;)
13:02 Ricardo     Hi all  :)
13:02 Colin       Hi folks
13:03 jwagner     Colin, I _like_ the idea of "large man with big stick visits patron" as a fine option!
13:05 Colin       It's simple to implement too!!
13:06 chris_n     hehe
13:06 jwagner     But is there a Perl module for it?
13:08 Colin       I suspect the London perl mongers would be only too eager to whip one up
13:08 * chris_n   thought about a GPS tag for use in books
13:09 chris_n     then the large man could drive right to where the book is
13:10 brendan     just get conan the librarian
13:12 schuster    Question - in the opac - when an item is put in transfer the opac indicates "In transit from Forman Elementary, to Dooley Elementary, since 05/08/2009" - is that a table or where is this information stored?
13:14 schuster    I'm also curious about how many items I have in this situation - "transfer/transit" any sql suggestions?
13:17 Colin       there's the table branchtransfers see C4::Items,pm ModItemTransfer
13:20 schuster    Thanks! overlooked that table I was looking for transfers! not in the b's.
13:22 Colin       select count(*) from branchtransfers where datearrived is NULL should get number in transit
13:24 Ricardo     Question: In Bugzilla, how should I refer to the HEAD of a different branch from MASTER? Should I pick "HEAD" and in the comment textarea explain that it applies to other branch (3.0.x) in this case?
13:39 slef        hi all
13:39 Ricardo     Hi MJ!  :)
13:39 slef        I think I've botched a template update. Do we have a syntax checker?
13:47 slef        found it - LOOP and IF nesting problem
13:47 Ricardo     slef: Good. I'm afraid that I couldn't help you there, anyway  :(
14:05 Ricardo     hdl_laptop: Henri, are you there? I just corrected the bug I talked here yesterday :)
14:05 Ricardo     Bug 3689
14:05 munin`      04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3689 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, ricmarques@spamcop.net, ASSIGNED, Searching for a single keyword returns no results, although they exist
14:08 hdl_laptop  Ricardo: congrats where the patch ?
14:12 Ricardo     hdl_laptop: http://lists.koha.org/pipermail/koha-patches/2009-October/004690.html
14:13 gmcharlt    slef: there's is a way to check syntax, actually
14:13 gmcharlt    prove xt/author/valid-templates.t
14:13 gmcharlt    that will catch unclosed tmpl_if and tmpl_loops and nesting problems
14:13 slef        gmcharlt: I'll add it to http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:codingguidelines some time
14:14 slef        any way to run it on one file?
14:14 hdl_laptop  Ricardo: imho, you could have disabled auto_truncation on your install
14:14 jwagner     @seen owen
14:14 munin`      jwagner: owen was last seen in #koha 18 hours, 27 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <owen> chris: I'd be happy to receive anniversary congratulations on April 10th *and* Oct. 4th :)
14:15 gmcharlt    slef: xt/author/test_template.pl file_name path_to_approprate_template_incudes_dir
14:16 hdl_laptop  gmcharlt: seems that prepare_cached when using from command line and not CGI requires to be cautious
14:16 slef        gmcharlt: tyvm
14:17 gmcharlt    hdl_laptop: how so?
14:17 hdl_laptop  prepare_cached(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM zebraqueue
14:17 hdl_laptop  WHERE server = ?
14:17 hdl_laptop  AND   biblio_auth_number = ?
14:17 hdl_laptop  AND   operation = ?
14:17 hdl_laptop  AND   done = 0) statement handle DBI::st=HASH(0xa0824d0) still Active at /home/koha/gitosis-admin/am123//C4/Biblio.pm line 2417
14:18 hdl_laptop  I have those errors.
14:18 gmcharlt    hmm - that may be a case where we *do* want to add a $sth->finish after we've fetched from the statement handle
14:18 gmcharlt    does that make a difference?
14:18 Ricardo     hdl_laptop: Well, I think that I didn't change the "auto truncation" value from the default one.
14:19 hdl_laptop  gmcharlt: this is what I thought too.
14:20 hdl_laptop  But have not tested
14:21 hdl_laptop  gmcharlt: yep that DOES make a difference
14:21 gmcharlt    hmm
14:21 gmcharlt    a bit odd though - select count(*) will always return exactly one row
14:22 gmcharlt    so the first fetch ought to be enogh to clear the statement handle
14:22 gmcharlt    unless DBI needs you to attempt (and fail) to fetch subsequent rows in order to mark the sth finished
14:23 gmcharlt    are there any paths by which the $sth can get prepared and executed but not fetched from?
14:23 hdl_laptop  I don't know.
14:24 hdl_laptop  have reviewed all the code used by bulkmarcimport to hunt prepare_cached
14:28 Colin       hdl_laptop: does setting the if_active flag alter the behaviour?
14:30 hdl_laptop  Colin: I guess that setting that to 1 would do the job.
14:30 hdl_laptop  Should we ?
14:31 Colin       It might be worth a try. (mind you I've had some nasty experiences with prepare_cached and mysql before )
14:36 rhcl        Is there a Koha tag for this? http://www.ala.org/ala/alonline/currentnews/newsarchive/2009/september2009/denverbedbugs093009.cfm
14:51 gmcharlt    rhcl: one could make a special damaged authorized value for that
14:51 * jdavidb   shudders.
14:55 slef        anyone know from memory what it means when C4::Members::ModMember returns 0E0?
14:58 slef        "no rows to be affected"
14:59 slef        ARGH!  Stupid error
15:00 slef        borrowernumber was getting replaced by cardnumber at some point
15:00 slef        which is sometimes the same on this database
15:00 slef        ho hum
15:08 hdl_laptop  gmcharlt: abouut what I said before I think it is because I read about the bad usage of finish and wanted to remove them all from C4:::Biblio.
15:09 hdl_laptop  And I did on a wip branch.
15:09 gmcharlt    ok
15:09 hdl_laptop  and used that branch to import.
15:09 gmcharlt    *most* uses of $sth->finish were not necessary
15:09 gmcharlt    but I guess all
15:09 gmcharlt    *not all
15:10 hdl_laptop  prepare_cached(....,{},1) can also does the job
15:10 hdl_laptop  I mean get prepare_cached OK
15:19 nengard     just had my first official work related phone call for my new job :) hehe
15:21 slef        nengard: the novelty will wane
15:22 nengard     slef I know!! :)
15:28 ccurry      Hello all.  I've been testing the import of a periodical bib with 1900+ issues.  Each issue has an item record attached.  Zebra chokes on this.  I did some experimenting and found that I can import the record as long as it has 1238 items or fewer.  The import file is 46 KB.  Is there a limit to the size of an individual MARC record that is set somewhere in the zebra config?  If so, is there...
15:28 ccurry      ...some reason I shouldn't increase this limit?
15:30 slef        ccurry: I'm not aware of a limit but it would explain a similar thing I've had at one site and not examined yet, so I'd love to know what you find.
15:30 slef        zebrasrv is still a bit of a black box to me
15:32 ccurry      slef:  I'll let you know when it becomes demystified, but hopefully somebody here has an idea.
15:39 jwagner     Question for people -- how can library staff load MARC authority records into Koha?  I tested, and the Stage/Manage records for import under Tools does't recognize that these are authorities -- tried it and Koha thought they were bib records.
15:43 ccurry      http://pastebin.com/d76b1f2d  Here's the error message from my zebra index (perl /usr/share/koha/bin/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -w -r -v)
15:46 jwagner     I don't see any link from within the staff client to an authority load script like  bulkauthimport.pl
15:47 schuster    slef and ccurry - there is a limit to the size of a marc record
15:48 ccurry      schuster: do you know what it is and if it can be increased?
15:48 schuster    I can't remember what it is but that may be your problem is the character count gets off and you can't import it.
15:48 schuster    It is a MARC limitation not a system limitation.
15:48 ccurry      hmmmm...
15:48 schuster    Let me check with someone who would know off the top of their head - our migration specialist!
15:49 ccurry      any idea how to import a record with so many items?
15:49 ccurry      schuster: Great!   Thanks!
15:50 schuster    I had to break several records when we migrated to limit the number of characters so they would import and also to SEARCH in Koha.  From my understanding 3.2 will remove the items from the marc so this won't be a problem in the future.
15:51 schuster    99,999 - characters on a marc
15:52 schuster    So every subfield you add creates more characters.  So the number of items varies based on the amount of data in the MARC and item records attached to it.
15:53 ccurry      schuster:  what do you mean by: "3.2 will remove the items from the marc so this won't be a problem in the future"  How can you import items without adding 952 fields to a record?
15:56 CGI049      I am succesflly intalling kOha , and tried to test it using sample records using cataloging menu, but the fields in add new biblo page are not compateble with my library system so how can i customize the fileds to enter new record for example a new book to the cataloging record
15:57 ccurry      schuster: this particular record is 61,125 characters.  So it should be a valid MARC record.  Still doesn't index in zebra.  argh.
15:58 CGI049      i dont understan your response
15:59 ccurry      CGI049: if you're referring to my last post, you didn't understand it because it wasn't a response to your question.  I was writing to schuster.
16:03 CGI049      ok thank you, I need a detailed answer for my question, my time is up now but i will not close my pc so i will get your response next time
16:27 schuster    ccurry - sorry - what I meant was that you will be able to load lost of records match and you won't have a limitation on the MARC record - currently if you load a record with more than 99,999 characters it won't even index in Koha as it keeps all the 952's accurate in Koha.
16:28 schuster    It will be taking the 952 from my understanding out of the equation with 3.2 so you can have a bib with more than 250 items on it and it will still search etc.
16:28 schuster    Currently I have to watch how many items we add to a bib otherwise we will search and get 1 response when we should see 2 titles.
16:29 schuster    ccurry - don't forget to wait the 10 minutes or so for the zebra indexer to catch up to you when loading records
16:30 schuster    jwagner - there is no authority loader interface for the staff side just the command line loader.
16:31 jwagner     schuster, that's what I figured.  I was just hoping I'd overlooked something really obvious :-(
16:34 kf          time to go home - bye #koha :)
16:41 ccurry      schuster: thanks for the info.  any idea when 3.2 is due?
16:41 Ricardo     CGI049: When you come back, I suggest that you read the Koha 3.0 Manual - http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.0
16:42 Ricardo     CGI049: For your particular question, the following topic may be particularly relevant - http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.0/administration/catalog-administration/marc-bibliographic-frameworks
16:43 chris_n     ccurry: alpha release should happen in the near future
16:43 chris_n     ccurry: "target" release date for stable is end of November
16:43 ccurry      sweet.  thanks.
16:43 chris_n     of course all of the typical caveats and disclaimers apply ;-)
16:44 wizzyrea    chris_n: not to mention who you ask about it; Waldo would say they're already using it
16:44 * wizzyrea  fumes
16:44 chris_n     waldo--
16:45 wizzyrea    you know, it was "their" release, after all
16:45 wizzyrea    <eyeroll>
16:48 Ricardo     I have to leave now. Take care!  :)
17:15 slef        schuster: can MARC length limit be dodged by using XML?
17:28 schuster    Probably - but you can't load XML into Koha.
17:28 schuster    slef - you could xml it out and use something like MARCEdit to break it and rebuild it into a marc record.
18:07 gmcharlt    slef: schuster: actually, yes you can load MARCXML directly into Koha, and yes, it would be a way of going over the limit - there are a couple bugs still if you do that, but it is *workable*
18:19 cait_laptop evening :)
18:19 nengard     afternoon cait_laptop
18:19 nengard     :)
18:19 jdavidb     Hi, cait_laptop :)
18:20 cait_laptop nengard: saw the tattoo fotos - really nice! the d20 is a great idea
18:20 nengard     that's my geeky hubby for you :)
18:20 cait_laptop I know, your book is nice too, but I spent a lot of time with d&d when I was younger
18:21 nengard     hubby still plays - he has a group that comes over once a month and he write about it on his blog as well www.gamecrafters.net
18:25 cait_laptop :)
18:25 nengard     yeah - i'm an open source geek and he's a gamer geek - perfect geeky combo
18:27 cait_laptop where did you find him? (perhaps interested in one for myself ;) )
18:29 cait_laptop got an email today, will give another talk on koha in april, perhaps this will attract some geeks :)
18:30 cait_laptop nengard: I will do my first koha training next week - something I shouldn't do or shouldn't miss?
18:30 nengard     hehe - found him in college
18:30 nengard     as for training
18:31 nengard     let the librarians tell you how they work and then base your training on that - no matter how well we know koha- we can't know how those in the library use it without listening to them
18:32 cait_laptop good advice :) they had no library system before, so some workflows will change. I hope for the better.
18:33 nengard     awesome
19:02 schuster    FYI I've posted more videos today on the KohaCon09 website.  http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=conferenceprogram  I hope to finish getting these loaded next week.
20:19 cait_laptop good night :)
20:41 chris       morning
20:53 brendan     good morning chir
20:53 brendan     chris
20:53 brendan     think most of the east coasters are getting ready to head to happy hour :)
20:55 chris       :)
22:06 brendan     cya later #koha everyone enjoy the weekend