Time  Nick              Message
06:03 Ropuch            Morning
07:12 brendan           heya #koha
08:12 Ropuch            Anybody using amicus z3950 server? I have trouble with encoding
11:00 hdl_laptop        Ropuch: have you tried iso 5426 or iso 6937 as charsets ?
11:05 Ropuch            Tried all - seems that sometimes there's same record in different encodings at time
11:06 Ropuch            In the end i've chosen marc-8 and it seems ok
11:42 CGI691            just installed 3.2 and I can't add a new user
11:42 CGI691            I get the error This patron does not exist.
11:43 CGI691            found this message: http://lists.koha.org/pipermail/koha-devel/2009-March/009248.html
11:45 kf                did you set up patron categories?
11:45 CGI691            yes
11:47 CGI691            so anyone who is running this version?
11:47 CGI691            and it works?
11:48 kf                hm, I have only a patched version, not a new installation and its not up to date :(
11:49 CGI691            what version of koha works?
11:49 kf                the message sounds strange. what where your steps to add the patron?
11:50 CGI691            went to patrons, clicked new, selected category, filled out form, saved
11:50 CGI691            it reloads page /cgi-bin/koha/members/moremember.pl?borrowernumber=0
11:50 kf                a stable 3.0.3 would sure work, 3.2 is not released yet
11:50 CGI691            with error This patron does not exist.
11:50 Ropuch            CGI691: i sugest trying 3.0.3
11:50 CGI691            ?
11:50 CGI691            where is 3.0.3?
11:51 kf                you can download it from git.koha.org, look at section tags
11:51 Ropuch            http://download.koha.org/koha-3.00.03.tar.gz
11:51 Ropuch            Or here
11:51 CGI691            ok
11:51 kf                :)
11:51 CGI691            i'll try that
11:52 CGI691            was 3.0.2 stable?
11:52 Ropuch            Quite'
11:52 kf                quite... is right
11:52 CGI691            it seems not :)
11:52 kf                there was a problem with requests in opac I know of
11:52 kf                there will soon be a 3.0.4
11:52 kf                but you can easily upgrade
11:52 Ropuch            My library is working with 3.02
11:52 kf                3.0.2 or 3.2?
11:53 CGI691            seems like creating patrons is a basic function :)
11:53 CGI691            3.0.2 is what I tried, sorry, I misspoke earlier
11:53 Ropuch            3.00.02
11:53 CGI691            yes
11:54 Ropuch            It's working just fine, but i remeber some problems with adding new patrons though
11:54 kf                3.0.3 is there for some time now, I think it should work
11:56 CGI691            I did: git checkout -b v3.00.03
11:57 CGI691            first git checkout v3.00.03
11:57 CGI691            is that correct for an upgrade?
11:58 kf                sorry, I know just a few git commands
11:59 kf                dont know how to do this with git
11:59 CGI691            kohaversion.pl still shows
11:59 CGI691            it appears the tag is done incorrectly?
11:59 kf                where did you check the version?
12:00 kf                I think if it worked you should get the web installer when logging into git, so that database will be updated
12:00 Ropuch            CGI691: http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:git_usage
12:00 CGI691            I'm quite familiar with git
12:00 Ropuch            Oh, so forget I've pasted the link ;>
12:01 CGI691            but it appears your git tag is done wrong
12:01 CGI691            even in git.koha.org you can see it
12:01 Ropuch            I know nothing about git :)
12:02 CGI691            is kohaversion.pl what it says it is?
12:02 CGI691            because your tag has kohaversion of
12:02 CGI691            oops, the 3.00.03 tag I mean
12:03 Ropuch            Hm, you can always post a message on koha-devel if you think something is not right with the git
12:03 CGI691            has kohaversion of
12:03 CGI691            srsly
12:03 Ropuch            Yes
12:03 Ropuch  
12:03 Ropuch            Have the same
12:04 CGI691            well I did upgrade and the new patron still doesnt work
12:04 Ropuch            It's confusing, really, as I was sure i have 3.00.3 on this machine
12:04 Ropuch            Any error in koha-error_log/
12:04 Ropuch            ?
12:04 CGI691            anyone who started with 3.00.3 fresh install? because it doesnt work :)
12:05 CGI691            http://lists.koha.org/pipermail/koha-devel/2009-March/009254.html
12:05 CGI691            this was reported in March it appears
12:05 Ropuch            I can always sent my members-home.pl and memberentry.pl
12:06 CGI691            ?
12:07 Ropuch            I can sent you those files (with C4\Members, maybe) - you can always try to switch them, worked for me few times ;>
12:07 CGI691            is that the normal install procedure for Koha? :)
12:08 Ropuch            switching files? I don't think so :)
12:08 Ropuch            bbl
12:08 CGI691            anyone who runs 3.00.3 or tests it as a new install? sounds like you aren't running that version
12:09 kf                no
12:09 CGI691            kf: no?
12:09 kf                I have only "3.2" installations for testing now, earlier I had 3.0.0 patched to the next stable version
12:09 CGI691            you mean you dont run 3.00.3
12:09 kf                adding patrons was never a problem sof ar
12:10 CGI691            well, in case anyone else asks, 3.00.2 adn 3.00.3 cant add new patrons when installed from scratch :)
12:11 Ropuch            I don't have that problem either
12:11 CGI691            did you install 3.00.3 from scratch?
12:11 Ropuch            Just checked: it was a fresh 3.003 install on new virtual machine
12:12 CGI691            also, it was reported in March here : http://lists.koha.org/pipermail/koha-devel/2009-March/009254.html
12:12 Ropuch            You have patron categories defined/
12:12 CGI691            yes, I have patron categories
12:13 kf                was my first question ,)
12:13 kf                ;)
12:13 Ropuch            As ordinary user all I can do is send files i've mentioned above for you to switch & test it
12:13 Ropuch            kf: ooops ;>
12:13 kf                hm, perhaps git can help
12:13 Ropuch            maybe
12:14 Ropuch            Ok, bbl
12:14 kf                lets check recent changes too memberentry.pl
12:16 kf                ok.. I thought perhaps there was a patch of something, but if there is I dont recognize it
12:17 CGI691            kf can you try a fresh install of 3.00.3 to see if you also have same problem?
12:17 kf                perhaps check if table borrower was correctly created
12:17 kf                sorry no
12:17 kf                I have no access to our servers here at work
12:17 kf                and should be working on my presentation, came in for that today
12:20 kf                table borrowers
12:21 CGI691            well, it looks the same as the kohastructure.sql file, which appears to be the right one
12:21 CGI691            that the install process uses
12:32 kf                it would be good to add a bug report
13:38 kf                owen around?
13:47 kf                @seen owen
13:47 munin`            kf: owen was last seen in #koha 17 hours, 28 minutes, and 0 seconds ago: <owen> That's why it's ridiculous to say that Koha development is only driven by developers. It ignores those of us who are librarian *and* developer
16:54 pianohackr|work   Hi, liz
17:02 chris_n^2         hey pianohacker|work
17:02 chris_n^2         mighty quiet in here today
17:02 * chris_n^2       bangs a virtual pot
17:03 Ropuch            ;>
17:03 pianohackr|work   *bang* *bang* *bang*
17:03 pianohackr|work   How are you, chris_n²
17:03 pianohackr|work   ?
17:03 pianohackr|work   Also Ropuch
17:03 chris_n^2         well, spent the morning hunting w/my son
17:03 Ropuch            Quite good, actually
17:04 chris_n^2         and just ate lunch
17:04 pianohackr|work   chris_n^2: ah
17:04 chris_n^2         now I'll go dig a row of yams
17:04 chris_n^2         sweet potatoes
17:04 pianohackr|work   s/yams/sweet potatoes/g
17:04 chris_n^2         hi Ropuch
17:05 Ropuch            hello chris_n^2
17:05 chris_n^2         the farmer who leases some land from my father-in-law raises sweet potatoes and has left a (very) long row for us
17:06 pianohackr|work   How do homegrown sweet potatoes compare to storebought?
17:06 Ropuch            I've never had a chance to eat one of those
17:06 chris_n^2         they are on the order of magnitudes better
17:06 pianohackr|work   (Have been eating homegrown tomatoes this summer, will be tough to go back to cardboard and food coloring this winter...)
17:06 pianohackr|work   Ooh
17:07 pianohackr|work   Have you done candied yams with them yet?
17:07 chris_n^2         no, but will this week for sure
17:08 chris_n^2         we also have a recipe to do them backed w/butter and brown-sugar
17:08 chris_n^2         baked even
17:08 chris_n^2         Ropuch: you are missing a real treat ;-)
17:08 pianohackr|work   Hrm, now I'm hungry
17:08 pianohackr|work   That sounds pretty incredible
17:09 chris_n^2         do you have yams/sweet potatoes in Poland?
17:09 Ropuch            Hm, i believe so, it;s called batat
17:09 chris_n^2         they are actually a tuber and not a potatoe at all
17:10 chris_n^2         http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yam_%28vegetable%29
17:11 chris_n^2         actually: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_potato
17:11 chris_n^2         "In the U.S., North Carolina, the leading state in sweet potato production, provided 38.5% of the 2007 U.S. production of sweet potatoes."
17:11 Ropuch            Ipomoea batatas - that's it [;
17:11 * chris_n^2       lives in North Carolina
17:13 chris_n^2         french fried sweet potatoes are good also
17:13 pianohackr|work   Yup
17:14 Ropuch            Hmm, I think I'll give them a try, although the "sweet" part does not convince me ;>
17:14 pianohackr|work   They're not, really
17:14 pianohackr|work   They go well in sweet dishes though
17:14 Wizzyrea_         omg, sweet potato fries
17:14 pianohackr|work   candied yams, or sweet potato pie
17:14 Wizzyrea_         *swoon*
17:15 pianohackr|work   Wizzyrea_: A restaurant here in florence, co, serves them
17:15 chris_n^2         Ropuch: they do require additional sweetening to be good, imho
17:15 Ropuch            Sweet potato aka not-realy-sweet tuber ;>
17:15 Wizzyrea_         we have a few places here that serve them
17:15 * chris_n^2       fans Wizzyrea
17:15 Wizzyrea_         HEHE
17:15 * pianohackr|work grabs a palm frond
17:15 Wizzyrea_         ...wow
17:16 chris_n^2         Ropuch: use plenty of brown-sugar and butter the first time and modify to taste from there
17:16 Wizzyrea_         in 1.5 hrs I get to go drive a formula 1 race car around the kansas speedway
17:16 Wizzyrea_         up to 165MPH
17:16 pianohackr|work   O_o
17:16 * chris_n^2       covets Wizzyrea_ now
17:16 Wizzyrea_         :D
17:17 Wizzyrea_         it was my birthday present from my sweet hubby
17:17 chris_n^2         last time I had a car over 100mph, I saw blue lights flashing
17:17 pianohackr|work   hehe
17:17 Wizzyrea_         ^.^
17:17 pianohackr|work   wizzyreas_husband++
17:17 Wizzyrea_         wizzyreas_husband++
17:17 Wizzyrea_         I can't wait it's going to be fun
17:18 chris_n^2         whereabouts in KS?
17:18 Wizzyrea_         Kansas City KS
17:19 chris_n^2         my dad was born in Viola, KS
17:20 Wizzyrea_         http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=kansas+speedway&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=25.565517,56.513672&ie=UTF8&ll=39.116027,-94.834993&spn=0.006093,0.013797&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A
17:20 Wizzyrea_         wow small world
17:20 pianohackr|work   Hmm. What's that small building to the southeast?
17:21 Wizzyrea_         not sure, honestly i'm not really a nascar fan... I just want to drive fast :P
17:22 pianohackr|work   Hahahaha
17:22 Wizzyrea_         will be my first time to the ks speedway
17:22 Wizzyrea_         ^.^
17:22 * chris_n^2       has to run off
17:22 chris_n^2         have a great time Wizzyrea_
17:23 pianohackr|work   see ya, have a good day chris_n
17:23 Wizzyrea_         thanks chris_n, I will
17:23 chris_n^2         bye all
17:23 Wizzyrea_         full report later ;)
17:23 Ropuch            Bye
17:23 Wizzyrea_         later12
17:23 Wizzyrea_         !
17:24 pianohackr|work   Ropuch: I've seen you at some of the meetings, but I'm not sure I've introduced myself
17:24 pianohackr|work   I'm Jesse Weaver, a koha geek
17:29 Ropuch            pianohackr|work: I'm Piotr Wejman, open source fan and koha user
17:30 Ropuch            But I'm sure we've never met
17:30 pianohackr|work   You also take care of the Polish translation, right?
17:30 Ropuch            From a two week or so
17:30 Ropuch            ;>
17:30 pianohackr|work   For the last two weeks?
17:31 Ropuch            Maybe you mean Benedykt Barszcz
17:31 pianohackr|work   Maybe
17:31 pianohackr|work   Sorry, good to meet you anyways :)
17:32 Ropuch            pianohackr|work: I've been wroking on translation for some time, but week or two weeks ago chris made administrator of polish translation for 3.x
17:32 pianohackr|work   Ah
17:32 Ropuch            pianohackr|work: nice to meet you too [;
17:33 Ropuch            I'm gathering informations about polish koha user, but there aren't plenty of them
17:33 Ropuch            And the ones I know of are using some 2.2 fork with hardcoded translations
17:35 pianohackr|work   ouch
17:43 Ropuch            Yep
17:43 Ropuch            Waiting for replies from 3 more libraries
17:46 Ropuch            although I don't need polish intranet, I think I'll translate it. Without it no library will ever consider using koha
17:47 pianohackr|work   Yup, will help
19:08 chris             morning all
19:08 pianohackr|work   Good morning, chris
19:08 * chris           is getting ready to go to sofware freedom day
19:09 chris             http://softwarefreedomday.org.nz/Schedule
19:11 * chris_n^2       returns with an half wagon load of sweet potatoes
19:11 chris_n^2         hi chris
19:11 chris_n^2         software freedom++
19:23 cait_laptop       good morning
19:47 hdl_laptop        chris : any new patches on 3.0.x ?
19:47 pianohackr|work   Good morning, cait
19:52 chris_n^2         hello hdl, cait
20:09 chris_n^2         hrmm... it appears that current code generates mod43 checksums for mod10 code39 barcode
20:09 hdl_laptop        chris around ?
20:10 * chris_n^2       wonders if anyone is even using code39 w/checksums
20:17 chris_n^2         actually current code generates code39 w/ mod9
20:17 chris_n^2         :-P
20:27 thd               chris_n^2: would you use code39 symbology without checksums?
20:28 chris_n^2         thd: current code allows three methods: code39 w/no checksum, code39mod10, code39mod43 (which is standard for code39)
20:29 chris_n^2         in reality both selections which include checksums currently produce code39mod9
20:29 thd               chris_n^2:  Now I am doubting.  I wrote an application to use it a few years ago
20:29 * thd             checking
20:29 chris_n^2         the 'visa' method produces modulo 9
20:31 thd               Now I remember
20:31 thd               Checksums are optional for code39 and I had not used them
20:32 thd               You do need the start and stop charcters
20:32 chris_n^2         it appears that anyone thinking they were getting code39 mod10 or 43 were really getting mod9
20:32 thd               :)
20:33 chris_n^2         it probably only matters if you try scanning them with applications expecting mod10 or 43 :-S
20:33 thd               The start and stop characters are asterisks which makes it very simple to implement
20:33 thd               Definitely you need what the application expects.
20:34 chris_n^2         the library here uses code39 w/no checksums
20:34 thd               chris_n^2:   Had you expressed interest in the SFLC?
20:34 chris_n^2         yes
20:35 chris_n^2         it is second to HLT on my own list
20:35 thd               chris_n^2:   I think that they could and should serve as legal council for any choice.
20:36 chris_n^2         thd: they are wholly dedicated to FOSS from the legal/business standpoint which is very impressive
20:37 chris_n^2         thd: I agree on that point
20:37 thd               chris_n^2:   I am less confident about the conservancy but I know the people involved somewhat.  Others do not know them and they may have less confidence.
20:38 thd               chris_n^2:   SFLC invented Software Freedom Day
20:38 thd               ... at least that is my understanding.
20:38 thd               They are the cosponsors where I am in New York City.
20:39 thd               I am going to obtain more information about the conservancy etc. this evening.
20:39 chris_n^2         thd: I was impressed with the info on their website
20:39 chris_n^2         Samba is under them
20:40 chris_n^2         and wine
20:40 thd               They are council for FSF and founded by FSF legal council.
20:40 chris_n^2         They are very clear on minimal interference in the projects under them
20:41 chris_n^2         and the cost of membership can't be beat
20:41 thd               Did you see what I wrote about them on the wiki?
20:41 chris_n^2         I missed that
20:42 thd               Do you know what the page is?
20:42 * thd             checks
20:42 chris_n^2         I added them to the chart here: http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=kohaheldbyfoundation
20:46 thd               Do you know where the text page with similar content is?
20:47 pianohackr|work   thd: did you add this? http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=kohafoundation#software_freedom_conservancy
20:48 thd               yes pianohackr|work found it.
20:50 thd               chris_n^2:    The drawback that the conservancy has of controlling member assets is the same as I suspect it would be for HLT
20:50 thd               s/conservancy/Conservancy/
20:51 chris_n^2         *nod*
20:52 thd               chris_n^2:    Some of the text content from the page which pianohackr|work found should be incorporated into the chart and the other way around.
20:52 thd               We need a wiki page which links to whatever there is about the issue, the wiki is a mess for finding things.
20:53 * chris_n^2       agrees with that
20:54 thd               The page to which I added what I wrote about the Conservancy and indirectly SFLC was the one linked from the meeting agenda.
20:54 thd               I did try to raise SFLC in the meeting as a discussion topic but I was not forceful about it.
20:55 thd               I had missed the beginning of the meeting when I could not access an X-windows session.
20:55 chris_n^2         I really wish SFLC had made it onto the first poll nengard created as it seems much more relevant than IFLA
20:56 chris_n^2         thd: I missed that totally in the meeting, sorry
20:56 chris_n^2         IFLA does not have any mechanism in place to provide anything relevant to koha's needs afaict
20:57 thd               All the organisations have merits for status as an additional affiliation.
20:57 thd               chris_n^2:    I do not think that it matters much about the interim choice.
20:58 thd               NZ is safest for issues involving Koha trademark use.
20:58 chris_n^2         thd: it would not be hard, I suspect, to gain control of the Koha tm in the US in any case if that is what the community desired
21:00 thd               As long as you are nice to the Mauri then you cannot have problems about using words which are part of an official language.
21:00 chris_n^2         hdl_laptop about?
21:00 hdl_laptop        yes
21:01 chris_n^2         hdl_laptop: that patch I submitted for bug 3649 should be ported to 3.0.x as soon as possible as it is a rather serious bug for anyone using code39 mod10 or mod43 barcodes
21:01 munin`            04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3649 blocker, P5, ---, cnighswonger@foundations.edu, ASSIGNED, Code39 Mod10 and Mod43 barcodes are produced with Mod9 checksums
21:02 * chris_n^2       does not know if many are using those formats
21:02 hdl_laptop        Do you have commit id ?
21:02 chris_n^2         cf523d10949c4d354cd06f88437316f530ac87f6
21:02 thd               chris_n^2:    I think we should be coaxing LibLime as I am trying to do quietly rather than pushing them further away over trademarks and such.
21:03 chris_n^2         thd: I agree that it would be best for everyone if LL were to voluntarily fulfill their own promises to the community
21:04 chris_n^2         I suspect the matter will finally be one for whatever organization emerges to address
21:05 chris_n^2         thd: I enjoyed the discussion... it gives me more food for thought
21:05 chris_n^2         gotta run, bbl
21:05 thd               chris_n^2:    However unlikely it may be given the current state, I am hoping that kados finds something to use in a proposal which I have put to him.
21:05 chris_n^2         thd: I truly hope you are successful in that regard
21:06 chris_n^2         I really wish Josh would just straighten up, apologize, and get back to work inside the community
21:07 * chris_n^2       heads out
21:23 * chris           clocks in from SFD
21:23 pianohackr|work   How was it?
21:24 chris             just about to start :)
21:24 chris             we are just about to do the barcamp planning
21:25 pianohackr|work   Ah.
21:25 pianohackr|work   That's what you meant by clocked in :)
21:26 chris             yep
21:28 chris             hdl_laptop: i have been pushing language changes up into 3.0.x
21:28 chris             (i can with gitosis)
21:29 * chris           puts the laptop away for a bit
21:54 chris_n2-away     hdl_laptop: on second look, it appears that only Code39 Mod10 is incorrect in the 3.0.x branch so only that part of the commit mentioned needs to be applied