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22:50 pianohacker  an exercise often attended by weeping and lamentations
22:50 gmcharlt     while this can be problematic is left as an exercise for the reader
22:50 pianohacker  bleh, true
22:49 gmcharlt     pianohacker: close, but it's actually more correct to say that card cataloging is the basis of 21st century MARC cataloging
22:32 pianohacker  Heh. I dug through that out of curiosity a while back; it's rather scary that it's the basis of 21st century MARC cataloging as opposed to card-cataloging
22:31 gmcharlt     pianohacker: it's basically designed to force one to crack open the rather largish binder that is AACR2 in paper form
22:31 pianohacker  gmcharlt: Dare I ask what your assignment is?
22:04 chris        have fun ;)
22:04 * gmcharlt   wanders off to dig through AACR2 for an assignment
22:03 chris        *nod* this is true
22:03 hdl_laptop   But so many deep changes occurred that I reckon going smoothly would really had been a miracle
22:02 chris        cool
22:02 hdl_laptop   I had some conflicts between biblibre-integration and new-Acq...
22:01 hdl_laptop   we shall publish that branch as soon as it has been well tested
21:54 chris        maybe ill do a wiki page and post a link to that
21:53 chris        speaking of which i need to do a post about the public git repos i know of
21:53 hdl_laptop   yes.
21:53 gmcharlt     hdl_laptop++ # and make sure you post a note to Koha ML afterwards about it
21:49 hdl_laptop   had no time on that
21:49 hdl_laptop   It is.
21:49 chris        excellent
21:49 * hdl_laptop prepared coderun for tomorrow
21:49 chris        i hope its helpful :) now get some sleep :)
21:48 hdl_laptop   chris : thanks a lot
21:43 cait_laptop  good night #koha
21:29 pianohacker  Yup
21:28 chris        that is actually really handy :)
21:26 munin`       pianohacker: A meeting name used as a main entry in a bibliographic record. [a,c,d,e,f,g,j,k,l,n,p,q,t,u,4,6,8]
21:26 pianohacker  @marc 111
20:42 richard      hi brendan
20:42 brendan      hi richard
20:38 richard      hi pianohacker,. chris
20:37 chris        hiya richard
20:37 pianohacker  Hi
20:37 richard      hi
20:02 chris        back
19:18 pianohacker  cya
19:17 chris        right and now time to catch a bus, bbiab
19:02 brendan      was holding a sleeping baby for awhile and now that's made me tired :)
19:01 * brendan    time for a nap
19:01 * chris      grabs some breakfast
18:59 brendan      heya pianohacker
18:59 pianohacker  Hi brendan
18:59 brendan      hi chris
18:59 chris        hi brendan
18:42 pianohacker  Yup
18:41 chris        wow garry collum is the bug fix king
17:55 pianohacker  Good morning, Katrin
17:55 cait         good morning chris and pianohacker
17:53 pianohacker  Good morning, chris
17:53 munin`       chris: The operation succeeded.
17:53 chris        @later tell hdl_laptop i did some work on the tests for virtualshelves, it is passing most of them now, will finish it today
14:20 cait         you know self check out is thought to be used by patrons at a station, staff will prefer intranet checkout
14:19 cait         there are currently no other themes for koha that I know of
14:19 cait         doctormo: sorry, havent seen your question
13:13 doctormo     So have you seen any good looking self checkout themes? possibly using ajax?
13:13 cait         :)
13:13 doctormo     Yes it does work with the barcode
13:12 doctormo     Aye, type_id vs item_id,
13:12 cait         does it work with the barcode?
13:12 cait         isbn is no help when you have more than one item, the barcode identifies every item
13:11 cait         yes
13:11 doctormo     Yes, got it, it wants the "barcode" not the ISBN
13:11 cait         so you are in the self checkout?
13:10 doctormo     It doesn't show on the self checkout page,
13:09 cait         is a library set? (is shown in the top right corner of the screen)
13:09 doctormo     yep
13:08 cait         sounds a little like web self checkout. are you in staff?
13:08 cait         uh
13:08 cait         library for staff set? whats the message you get?
13:08 doctormo     "Sorry, This item cannot be issued at this station."
13:07 cait         itemtype and barcode set?
13:07 doctormo     huh, I wonder what's wrong then
13:06 cait         you can leave them empty when importing items
13:06 cait         you dont need a withdrawn status for checkout
13:06 doctormo     At the moment I can't check anything out because my items have no withrawn status.
13:05 doctormo     hmm, I could do with some good Authorized values, does anyone have a good scheme for them?
12:02 doctormo     Now that it's updated, the MARC/File/SAX.pm error is still present, advice please
10:52 Ropuch       ;>
10:51 chris        ahh, so just waking up :)
10:50 doctormo     Actually in boston, but I'm british
10:49 chris        im guessing you are in europe somewhere?
10:49 chris        no problem, hope it all works out for you
10:45 doctormo     thanks chris, you've been ahuge help
10:40 chris        sudo make upgrade
10:40 chris        make test
10:40 chris        make
10:40 chris        perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
10:39 chris        nope
10:39 doctormo     Should I just run the make and make install again?
10:39 doctormo     So I've downloaded the new version
10:35 Ropuch       But switching the C4/Charset.pm to one from 3.0.2 seems to be working
10:34 Ropuch       s/seatch/search
10:34 Ropuch       I've had a  problem with unicode in z3950 seatch in 3.0.3
10:34 chris        its right in the middle of having a pile of things cherry-picked to it
10:34 doctormo     ok
10:33 chris        nope
10:33 doctormo     So i'd be going from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3, although I'd rather go to 3.0.4 right now, is it ready to use considering I don't have it in production?
10:31 chris        and it will be easy 3.0.x to the 3.2.0 when its released, hasnt been tested yet (it might work fine, wouldn't bet on it yet)
10:30 Ropuch       Between 3.0.x and 3.0.y it's no problem at all
10:28 Ropuch       Easy
10:28 doctormo     how easy is it to upgrade these systems?
10:28 chris        or if you arent in production yet, you could run from master
10:27 chris        well 3.2.0 when its been released
10:27 chris        http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commit;h=7f7dfa0a11dd5d983deca2c18715b5126a11b12c
10:27 doctormo     Or is it very unstable?
10:27 doctormo     Not to 3.2.0? Keep up with git version?
10:26 chris        yep, go to 3.0.3 or wait for 3.0.4
10:26 doctormo     sounds like I should upgrade tot he latest version, your thoughts?
10:24 chris        http://www.nabble.com/Error-when-appending-record-to-a-biblio-td25076037.html
10:23 chris        http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.0/administration/catalog-administration/authorized-values
10:23 doctormo     Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/SAX.pm line 92. <- or right, that's what went wrong last time, sorry
10:22 chris        authorised values
10:21 doctormo     So I did add item types already, it's all those other drop downs, "Withdrawn status", "Lost Status" etc
10:20 doctormo     :-) good to hear
10:20 doctormo     Your interface is always your first documentator.
10:20 chris        but the sysprefs have been totally overhauled
10:19 chris        oh i was meaning the documentation
10:19 doctormo     The enhanced features seem hidden, and that you have to press save on each setting per change seems tedious.
10:19 chris        they are and they aren't :)
10:19 doctormo     chris: Well the first 4 sections I managed to do because the website it's self suggested that these be added in order. the Z39.50 Client targets were important and yet it seems like they aren't
10:17 chris        we are always open to suggestions how to make the documentation easier to use
10:16 doctormo     I am going through the manual, but it's very bookish. Not that I shouldn't be surprised, but as a structural thinking it's hard reading.
10:15 doctormo     Oh well there was a slight difference in those js, but updating that one file didn't seem to help just now.
10:14 chris        http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.0/administration/basic-parameters/item-types
10:13 chris        you have found the manual eh?
10:13 chris        yep
10:12 doctormo     hmm, anyway I'm also trying to add a holding but all the drop downs are empty. Seems I need to add status types.
10:12 chris        is the js that actually does the stuff
10:12 chris        http://opac.koha.workbuffer.org/opac-tmpl/prog/en/js/google-jackets.js
10:12 chris        but afaik google hasnt changed only amazon
10:12 chris        its what is soon to be 3.0.4
10:11 doctormo     I take it that that is running 3.0.0?
10:11 chris        2nd book on the list, is getting one from google
10:10 chris        http://opac.koha.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=test
10:09 doctormo     Because it does exist, with images and everything on that API
10:09 doctormo     http://books.google.com/books?id=vpTAq4dnmuAC&pg=PA283&lpg=PA283&dq=9780596100469&source=bl&ots=AOP7E-JbAB&sig=xv5eW3hZMM2m8VKssdnW5-_ZjM4&hl=en&ei=wsSsSq7gNcG2lAf_1NXMBg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1#v=onepage&q=&f=false
10:09 doctormo     Is there a way you can do a manual check?
10:07 chris        :)
10:06 doctormo     ISBN:9780596100469
10:06 doctormo     var NO_GOOGLE_JACKET = _("No cover image available"); <- well that pretty much clears that up
10:04 chris        if you view source you should be able to see the link it is trying to call, could you paste thta in?
10:04 chris        cool
10:04 doctormo     Oh for sure, I added via the isbn
10:03 chris        the book has an isbn in the catalogue eh?
10:02 doctormo     Negative, although the browser is making a request to books.google.com, so perhaps it's trying
10:01 chris        hi Ropuch
10:01 chris        and see if that makes it work
10:00 chris        try disabling amazon
09:59 Ropuch       Morning
09:59 doctormo     I do
09:59 doctormo     Then it mustn't be working, this Python in a nutshell book should have a cover on google, unless I should disable amazon
09:59 chris        you have the googlejackets syspref set to yes?
09:59 |Lupin|      have a nice sunday
09:58 |Lupin|      bye all
09:58 chris        i have actually tried them lately, but yes i would expect they would
09:58 doctormo     OK, so what about the google book covers, surely they work?
09:57 doctormo     heh, I feel like I've picked an inopertune time
09:57 |Lupin|      3.2++ !!
09:57 chris        it seems my internet is back
09:56 chris        or, 3.2.0 (with that change and a lot of new features) wont be far behind it
09:56 chris        so if you can wait a couple of weeks, we should have something out
09:55 chris        one of which is the change for amazon
09:55 chris        hdl and I are just finishing backporting bugfixes from master, in preparation for 3.0.4
09:55 doctormo     koha-3.00.02
09:54 chris        (which version of stable 3.0.3?)
09:54 chris        http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commit;h=54f7ca4d3b528324b127df4bebf3e05a08830235
09:54 doctormo     oh, interesting, I'm using stable of course
09:53 chris2       amazon recently changed their TOS, and we had to change the code
09:53 |Lupin|      chris2: will think about it ! :-)
09:53 chris2       what verson of koha are you using doctormo ?
09:52 doctormo     Question: I'd like to enable book cover images, but the amazon and google enhanced settings don't seem to work. Any advice on what I should try?
09:52 chris2       you could not send it and make |Lupin| Enterprise Koha instead :-)
09:51 chris2       |Lupin|: thats a bugfix, so it would be included i would expect
09:51 |Lupin|      cait: but the feature does not work in other places... the syspref is not taken into account to generate the links
09:50 |Lupin|      cait: ah yeah that was mentionned to m perhaps by chris
09:49 cait         I think opacbaseurl is used for a feature nicole did - links from staff title to opac
09:48 |Lupin|      chris2: if I can send a patch making the opacBaseURL and staffBaseURL work before 3.2, do you think it'll be included ? or is it already too late ?
09:46 |Lupin|      cait: ok, that's encouraging :-)) thanks !
09:44 cait         lupin: so not really a help
09:44 cait         lupin: sorry, tried to change it once and did not work :)
09:43 |Lupin|      cait: any int about the syntax used in the isbd system preference ?
09:05 |Lupin|      one f these situations where I feel sorry for not being a librarian myself
09:04 |Lupin|      oh yes ?
09:01 chris2       i just cut and paste :)
09:01 chris2       |Lupin|: i think its some library standard thing :)
09:00 |Lupin|      chris2: ok
08:59 chris2       them xslt files :)
08:55 |Lupin|      chris2: who was your "them" referring to ?
08:55 |Lupin|      chris2: while we are talking bout this... I was wondering whether the syntax to use in the isbd syspref is documened somewhere ? I'm not familiar enough to understand it just by reading the content of the syspref...
08:54 chris2       but you would want to translate them :)
08:54 |Lupin|      chris2: ok
08:54 chris2       just because you wont have to mess with the scripts
08:53 chris2       id use XSLT
08:53 |Lupin|      chris2: ok. I ssume one starts with not using XSLT and modifying templates, and if one notices that it's not flexible enough, then it means it's time to turn on XSLT and do the modifications there. correct ?
08:52 chris2       for the opac, it depends if you have the sysprefs set to use XSLT or not
08:50 |Lupin|      chris2: regarding the OPAC, how do I know whether it's XSLT files or templates I have to modify ?
08:50 |Lupin|      chris2: ahah. ok.
08:49 chris2       you might have to modify code and templates for staff side
08:49 |Lupin|      chris2: also, you were mentionning modifying xslt files to have things displayed correctly. Is that true only for OPAC, or is the display in staff client also controled by XSLT files ?
08:48 |Lupin|      chris2: ok, thanks a lot
08:47 chris2       there are plenty who could, i think nahuel and hdl are practised at doing it now, but I could take a look if no one else has time
08:46 |Lupin|      chris2: If I'm able to specify precisely what we'd need, do you think someone in the community could help with the plugin ? who ould you recommend me to ask ?
08:46 |Lupin|      chris2: right...
08:45 |Lupin|      chris2: still, somehow I have the insight it should be possible to do things in a non-js-dependent way. After all it's just putting a user in a MARC field, the user is already known...
08:44 chris2       to do it without, you would have to edit templates and scripts
08:44 |Lupin|      chris2: ok
08:44 chris2       hmm i think all the plugins currently depend on js im afraid
08:40 cait         hi chris and lupin
08:40 |Lupin|      chris2: and the plugin would fil in the user info ? Would that need some js or could that be done without, according to you ?
08:39 |Lupin|      hi cait
08:39 chris2       hey there cait
08:39 chris2       a plugin, you would create a framework (or modify one) and the set up plugins for the fields you have set up
08:38 |Lupin|      chris2: ok. But where would the data come from ? Would I have to use a plugin to fill-in the fields ? or modify he Perl scripts themselves ?
08:36 chris2       and then edit the XSLT files to show them
08:35 chris2       i guess you would just have to use some local use MARC fields
08:31 |Lupin|      chris2: actually for the dates it's ather easy, because items have two associated with them, so I can re-use the fields. The problem is more with users...
08:31 |Lupin|      chris2: I'm wondering how these information could be imported in KOha, where to put them...
08:30 |Lupin|      chris2: in the old system, we kept for each format (so for each item) the date of first upload, date of last modification, user who did the first upload and user who did the last modification
08:29 |Lupin|      chris2: so in you digital library, I think we will have one item for each format we have for a given book
08:29 |Lupin|      chris2: thanks :)
08:28 chris2       sure :)
08:28 |Lupin|      hi jransom
08:28 |Lupin|      chris: may aI bug you a few minutes with item-related questions ?
08:28 jransom      hi all
08:28 |Lupin|      chris: seems to be a working one !! :) it's ok, just installed Koha on my laptop to play with it at home...
08:27 chris2       hanging in there |Lupin|, hows your weekend going?
08:27 |Lupin|      hi chris, how are you ?
08:27 chris2       heya jransom
08:27 chris2       hi |Lupin|
08:27 |Lupin|      hi there
08:26 phasefx_     coool
08:26 chris2       we have one each, and one for the kids
08:26 chris2       yeah we have separate lists ;) fatso lets you have queues
08:26 phasefx_     fair warning, my wife was less amused with the movie :)
08:25 * chris2     puts it on his fatso.co.nz list
08:25 phasefx_     gosh, it was in color, so probably the latter
08:24 chris2       hmm that one, or the 1975 madmax like one?
08:21 * phasefx_   thought this was funny, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Boy_and_His_Dog_%281946_film%29
08:21 chris2       its been years since i saw it, i should find it on dvd
08:20 phasefx_     that seems nutty/fun :)
08:16 chris2       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Quiet_Earth_(film)
08:16 chris2       there was a movie i remember
08:15 chris2       interesting, ill have to look it up
08:14 phasefx_     I tried to find it just now, but couldn't.  I could have swore Margaret Weis co-wrote it
08:14 chris2       hmm weirdness on my vpn, what was the title of the book?
08:14 phasefx_     but maybe not their internet
08:09 phasefx_     one of the books I read, New Zealand was the only place that survived after aliens attacked
08:06 phasefx_     chris: just sick :)  slept all day, and can't sleep now.  Hmmm.. WOW.. I'm paying for that; should play it :D
08:05 chris        phasefx_: is there any reason you are awake late, WOW, everquest, children?
07:54 chris        (i know you were joking)
07:54 chris        phasefx_: well ben ide is from univ of hartford
07:54 chris        hehe
07:54 chris        i wonder if i should ask if he is speaking as a waldo rep
07:54 phasefx_     where's WALDO? *ducks*
07:51 nicomo       yeah, I saw the comment
07:51 chris        that was pleasant
07:51 chris        to be greeted by someone from waldo criticising the community on my blog in the morning
07:50 chris        yeah, got back late last night
07:50 nicomo       back from your trip south?
07:50 nicomo       hi chris
07:50 chris        hi phasefx_ and nicomo
07:33 pianohacker  Good night, #koha
07:25 pianohacker  Heh
07:25 phasefx_     yeah, slept all day.  Sleep patterns out of whack :)
07:24 pianohacker  You're up even later than I am, if whois is accurate
07:24 pianohacker  Hello
07:23 phasefx_     hi folks
07:19 nicomo       hi pianohacker
07:18 pianohacker  Good morning
07:18 pianohacker  Blergh
07:18 nicomo       hello sunday morning and all
03:47 chris        kinda close to a C in spanish i think
03:30 pianohacker  Hmm. The Maori K sound is rather rough
03:16 chris        or at least has an mp3 of it
03:16 chris        http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/culture/maori-language-week/100-maori-words#marae
03:15 chris        but this page tells you how to pronounce it
03:15 chris        http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/culture/maori-language-week/100-maori-words
03:14 pianohacker  Koha is conspicuously missing from Sep 6
03:14 chris        the today in history part of this site is really fun
03:13 pianohacker  cool
03:13 chris        speaking of history, http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/timeline/13/9
02:46 chris        :)
02:35 pianohacker  It's history and english, so it'd be pretty extra curricular
02:35 pianohacker  No, unfortunately
02:32 gmcharlt     are you getting any academic credit for your Koha work?
02:32 chris        hehe
02:31 pianohacker  Heh. In this case the school building would be my house, so double the trouble :)
02:31 gmcharlt     have you learned nothing? ;)
02:31 gmcharlt     pianohacker: you're supposed to run away before they drop the school building on you
02:30 pianohacker  chris: Pretty crushed with school, but otherwise good
02:30 * chris_n2   heads off to saw logs
02:23 chris        hows the weekend going?
02:20 pianohacker  Hey, chris
02:20 chris        hiya pianohacker
01:52 chris_n2     hehe
00:56 chris        well i feel a lot better now, its amazing how therauputic playng trains with your son can be