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00:30 gmcharlt    @later tell hdl I'll look at ModItem
00:30 munin`      gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
00:31 chris       98 to go .. cracked the 100 mark :)
00:35 ricardo     Hi Chris... Thanks for setting up the repository. I haven't tested it, but I will try to do that tomorrow, at work, if I can.
00:35 ricardo     Time to go to sleep now... The holidays are officially over  :(
00:36 ricardo     To you, Chris and Henri: keep up the great work!  :)
01:19 chris_n2    hi chris
01:24 chris       hi chris_n2
02:25 gmcharlt    @later tell hdl sopac and new_acq branches will be pushed Tuesday evening (your) time
02:25 munin`      gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
03:27 Amit        hi chris
03:27 Amit        good morning #koha
04:15 brendan     good morning amit
04:15 Amit        hi brendan
05:01 Elven_Thief silly question. i screwed up the 952$b field on some items in a massive record import.  is there any easy way of regexing a fix into the marc record?
05:08 Amit        hi elven_thief
05:08 Elven_Thief hey
05:08 Amit        what is your problem
05:09 Elven_Thief basically, i misspelled a holdings entry - 952 $b - so items aren't showing up under that library
05:09 Elven_Thief so, what i'm needing is essentially a find/replace function
05:10 Elven_Thief either at the sql level or higher
06:44 chris       evening
06:46 nicomo      evening chris
06:48 fredericd   good morning all
06:48 fredericd   chris: very good news from NZ
06:50 chris       Elven_Thief: you will need to change it in 2 places, in biblioitems.marcxml and items.holdingbranch
06:51 Elven_Thief yeah. unfortunately, i don't think an item got created for it
06:51 chris       ahhh
06:51 Elven_Thief i fixed marcxml
06:51 Elven_Thief but then realized they all pointed to null items, which means i've gotta fix the record and reimport
06:51 chris       fredericd: thanks :)
06:51 Elven_Thief but thanks though
06:51 chris       Elven_Thief: yeah :(
06:55 |Lupin|     hi everybody
06:56 |Lupin|     seems I didn't leave the chan yesterday...
07:02 chris       down to 75 picks to go hdl
07:03 hdl         "good job" ;)
07:03 chris       just fixed a couple of little errors, so should be all good to pull from my repo now
07:05 hdl         mmm. warnings.
07:05 hdl         On Circulation.pm
07:05 hdl         _structure.pl syntax OK
07:05 hdl         "my" variable $branch masks earlier declaration in same scope at /home/koha/Code/current/C4/Circulation.pm line 1965.
07:05 hdl         "my" variable $datedue masks earlier declaration in same scope at /home/koha/Code/current/C4/Circulation.pm line 1966.
07:05 hdl         "my" variable $lastreneweddate masks earlier declaration in same scope at /home/koha/Code/current/C4/Circulation.pm line 1967.
07:05 hdl         I shall fix that
07:05 chris       cool
07:06 hdl         error compile on circulation.pl
07:06 hdl         noerror not defined
07:07 chris       ill fix that one
07:10 chris       hmm interesting
07:12 hdl         chris do you have the list so that I can see which ones have to be applied
07:12 chris       sent it to you in email
07:13 hdl         ok.
07:17 chris       fixed the syntax error for circ/circulation
07:18 chris       the template is a bit messed up tho, ill fix that
07:26 |Lupin|     is it posible to remove an unicityconstraint from a table ?
07:26 |Lupin|     something declarde like this:
07:26 |Lupin|     UNIQUE KEY `unicity` ...
07:34 chris       hdl: fixed the template too now
07:35 chris       and successfully issued a book
07:35 chris       so you might want to pull again
07:35 hdl         thx.
07:36 hdl         Will update then
07:37 hdl         Problem on catalogue/detail.pl too
07:37 hdl         Global symbol "$isbn" requires explicit package name at catalogue/detail.pl line 230.
07:37 hdl         Global symbol "$similar_products_exist" requires explicit package name at catalogue/detail.pl line 257.
07:37 hdl         Global symbol "$customer_reviews" requires explicit package name at catalogue/detail.pl line 259.
07:37 hdl         Global symbol "@similar_products" requires explicit package name at catalogue/detail.pl line 260.
07:38 chris       ahh i just fixed that for the opac
07:38 chris       so many changes to amazon stuff
07:38 chris       hard to merge them all nicely
07:38 chris       ill fix it for the staff side too
07:39 hdl         We should have that in Modules an functions rather than in scripts
07:39 hdl         thx
07:41 chris       yeah
07:43 chris       fixed the syntax error
07:43 chris       we will want to check all the amazon stuff when we have finished cherry picking
07:44 chris       catalogue/detail.pl and opac/opac-detail.pl
07:44 chris       to check it all works
07:45 Elven_Thief chirs: great success.  thanks for the help above.
07:45 Elven_Thief er chris*
07:48 chris       np
07:51 chris       hdl: ok, ready for another pull ... any more errors you have spotted?
07:54 hdl         no
07:54 hdl         thx
08:04 bigbrovar   .
08:49 davi        Besides the user_permissions and userflags tables, where are users password, login, etc. recorded?
08:50 chris       in borrowers
08:51 chris       password, and userid
08:51 davi        thanks chris
08:53 davi        Can "user groups" be defined in Koha?
08:56 chris       nope
08:57 chris       not yet anyway
08:58 davi        ok
09:01 nicomo      oops wrong channel
09:01 chris       heh
09:01 |Lupin|     I'm jus wondering
09:02 |Lupin|     would it be a lot of work to add an option to bulkmarcimpot so that the imported records are added on a specified virtualshelf ?
09:02 davi        How to create an OPAC user in Koha?
09:02 |Lupin|     would such a feature lok convenient to you guys ?
09:03 |Lupin|     davi: what do you mean by opac user ?
09:03 chris       davi: you just add a member then assign them a username and password
09:03 davi        Is there a web page in Koha to do it?
09:04 chris       yes
09:04 |Lupin|     davi: go to Members and then add member
09:04 davi        Let me look
09:05 Amit        hi lupin
09:06 |Lupin|     hi amit
09:06 davi        I do not see "Member" in the admin console :8080
09:08 davi        I have this password in borrowers "CY9rzUYh03PK3k6DJie09g" and I want to reset it to check the login works
09:10 chris       http://koha.org/documentation/manual/3.0/patrons/editing-patrons
09:10 davi        thanks
09:33 |Lupin|     chris: any opinion re:bulkmarcimport and the virtualshelves ?
09:36 chris       i dont think its a feature i would ever use
09:36 chris       but i dont think it would be hard to add
09:43 |Lupin|     chris: ok
09:43 |Lupin|     chris: you are saying you'd never use it because bulkmarcimport is supposed to be used only once ?
09:47 chris       yep
09:47 chris       id use the web interface
09:47 chris       which allows you to name an import
09:50 |Lupin|     chris: ah, yes. But it's not that convenient for me...
09:51 |Lupin|     chris: which tables are used to name imports when they are done in the web interface ?
09:55 chris       not sure, ive never needed to use them after an import
10:02 |Lupin|     chris: ok
10:11 hdl         |Lupin|:  breeding
10:16 |Lupin|     hdl: thanks
10:19 hdl         chris good night.
10:19 hdl         if you are going to bed
10:19 hdl         :D
10:21 |Lupin|     hm
10:21 |Lupin|     I've a problem with OPAC searches
10:21 |Lupin|     it's a nozebra install
10:22 |Lupin|     I searched for "vie" (life) and this gave back 93 answers
10:22 |Lupin|     We thought it's because the search includes the abstracts we have in 330$a
10:22 |Lupin|     so I removed this field from the NoZebraIndexes
10:22 |Lupin|     and re-indexed
10:22 |Lupin|     and still 93 results
10:22 |Lupin|     any idea ?
11:18 gmcharlt    slef: if you're about, I've got a question for you - have you had to answer any RFI or RFPs that were based on the UK core specs for ILSs?
11:23 Amit        hi galne
11:23 Amit        hi galen
11:24 gmcharlt    hi Amit
11:46 chris_n     g'morning koha
11:46 bigbrovar   hi guys its me again so i did some reading on the marc thingie last night (Nigerian time) and i think i now have a better understanding about it .. am trying to import our library catalog which is in spreedsheet to koha .. but i figured i have to map the catalog field to fit with marc tags in koha (right?)
11:51 Amit        hi chris_n
11:53 bigbrovar   ok some of the field which the librarian used does not seem to fit any marc tag in koha . and she is not even here to hold my hands but i uploaded the spreedsheet here and the field which i have mapped in case a good person could let me know if am doing the right thing :  the original sreedsheet catalog is here http://www.sendspace.com/file/cuwi17 and the work i have done trying to map the field to a marc tag is here http://www.sendspace.com/file/qo99wz
11:54 bigbrovar   am not sure if am doing the right thing but am really trying to learn and do this write (giving up or going the easy way is not in my book)
11:55 bigbrovar   right*
12:00 chris_n     bigbrovar: check out this http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=marcedit
12:07 Amit        bye all i m going
12:11 cc          gmcharlt: I've got a copy of a UK core spec if you'd like me to forward it
12:24 |Lupin|     pls, which permisson is necessayr for a librarian to be allowed to delete bibliographic records ?
12:24 |Lupin|     I thought editcatalogue was enough for that ?
12:36 schuster    gmcharlt around?
12:36 schuster    Question about the NEKLS holds features.
12:55 |Lupin|     hi owen
12:56 owen        Hi
12:56 |Lupin|     OUr librarian can't se the "delete record" button whereas she is superlibrarian
12:56 |Lupin|     and when I log in as her I can see them with lynx
12:57 |Lupin|     I have no idea what happens...
12:58 owen        Are you talking about the bibliographic detail page in the staff client?
12:59 |Lupin|     owen: yes, exactly
13:05 owen        There is not a "delete record" button when you're looking at it in a javascript-capable browser.
13:05 owen        There is a "delete record" menu option under the "edit" menu.
13:12 |Lupin|     owen: ah, ok
13:14 |Lupin|     owen: where exactly is this edit menu ?
13:15 |Lupin|     owen: is it what is clled modifier in the french version ?
13:16 owen        Visually speaking, the first "menu button" is "new," and the second is "Edit"
13:16 gmcharlt    schuster: pong
13:16 owen        When you click the "Edit" menu button, your choices are "edit record," "edit items", "edit as new", and "delete record"
13:16 owen        ...and "delete record" will be inactive if there are any items attached to the record.
13:20 |Lupin|     owen: yeah,got it. thanks a lot for your help !!
14:48 pianohacker Good morning
14:51 |Lupin|     hey Jese
15:01 chris_n     howdy pianohacker
15:02 pianohacker Hi, chris_n
15:02 pianohacker Hi, |Lupin|
15:06 pianohacker nahuel++ # For CCL parsing
15:06 nahuel      hi pianohacker !
15:07 pianohacker Hi, nahuel
15:07 nahuel      It's cool you love it ! :p
15:07 pianohacker It's been needed for a while
15:07 pianohacker Are they keeping you busy with those sorts of bugfixes?
15:07 nahuel      hehe
15:07 nahuel      Depends our clients bugs
15:07 nahuel      :)
15:16 paul_p      owen: around ?
15:17 owen        Yes
15:17 |Lupin|     pls
15:17 |Lupin|     I'm preparing records to be imported in Koha
15:17 |Lupin|     the letters with accents are displayed incorrectly by yaz-marcdump
15:18 paul_p      I really find your blog awesome ! so, I want to ask Kivutar to translate all your entries into our BibLibre blog. Would you agree (with a link on all entries to your original version, of course)
15:18 |Lupin|     but when imported in Koha the letters are displayed correctly
15:18 |Lupin|     should I be worried or just ignored ?
15:19 gmcharlt    |Lupin|: depends on your terminal settings - if your records are in UTF-8, and your terminal is in UTF-8, and the characters are wrong, yes, you probably should double-check
15:19 owen        Of course, paul_p, I'd love it!
15:19 gmcharlt    owen++
15:20 paul_p      ok, many thanks. So, Kivutar, you can start blogging when you want/have some time !
15:20 |Lupin|     gmcharlt: I'm sure about my terminal being UTF8
15:21 |Lupin|     gmcharlt: how can I know for sure what is the encoding of the records ?
15:37 |Lupin|     gmcharlt: ?$
15:45 rhcl        @seen wizzyrea
15:45 munin`      rhcl: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 3 days, 18 hours, 29 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> git outta town
15:45 pianohacker Apparently she did
15:46 rhcl        Yea!
15:46 pianohacker How are you?
15:47 rhcl        OK, I was off Friday, and even so today is off to a quiet start.
15:47 pianohacker good
15:51 |Lupin|     can anybody help with the record encoding problem, pls ?
15:52 pianohacker |Lupin|: It sounds like the encoding flag of the records is incorrect
15:53 pianohacker Koha might be able to deal with that; it would be worth trying to import a few troublesome records and noting the results
15:53 |Lupin|     pianohacker: I tried with one and it worked
15:54 |Lupin|     may try another one...
15:58 kr1shnan    anyone see slef on lately?
15:58 pianohacker @seen slef
15:58 munin`      pianohacker: slef was last seen in #koha 1 day, 0 hours, 15 minutes, and 48 seconds ago: <slef> happily, /usr/sbin/arp to the rescue! :)))
15:59 kr1shnan    thanks...another day another IRC trick...
15:59 pianohacker Yup. munin` is the irc bot
16:00 kr1shnan    And pianohacker is Jesse, right?
16:00 kr1shnan    Hi
16:00 pianohacker Yes. Hi, Krishnan
16:01 |Lupin|     pianohacker: the thing is Koha seems to deal well with the records. It's just that I'd feel more at ease if they were corect even before the import...
16:02 pianohacker Unless you use an external MARC editor or write a script, it's difficult to fix
16:02 pianohacker Most likely, yaz-marcdump thinks your records are encoded in MARC-8, and they're actually in UTF-8
16:06 Colin       Lupin: even in a utf-8 environment some tools get the display of non spacing diacritics wrong. They appear to be over the wrong character
16:07 pianohacker @seen collum
16:07 munin`      pianohacker: collum was last seen in #koha 5 days, 21 hours, 4 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <collum> Garry Collum, Kenton County Library
16:08 |Lupin|     pianohacker: well I'm processing them in a script anyway
16:09 |Lupin|     pianohacker: and I thin the records are in Latin1...
16:28 schuster    gmcharlt - Is there a way with the holds to force local only and to fill with local only?  I've been able to apply the changes from NEKLS to allow holds only based on if the item is out at the location requesting, but when anyone in the system checks in that title it is trying to fill the hold.
16:28 schuster    Local only without doing specific item?
16:29 gmcharlt    schuster: IIRC, not currently
16:29 pianohacker schuster: Not to my knowledge
16:30 schuster    Drat.
16:30 schuster    Holds are going to be the death ofme.
16:30 pianohacker You and the rest of us
16:31 schuster    gmcharlt - I've looked around, but where can I see the "definite" items that are "new" to 3.2?
16:31 schuster    I know there were proposals for RFC - but I understood at the last meeting you would put out a list of items that are "in" 3.2 as of 9/7 freeze?
16:32 gmcharlt    schuster: I'm working on it, hope to send out by tomorrow
16:34 |Lupin|     bye everyboy ! end of working day here !
17:01 owen        pianohacker?
17:01 pianohacker owen: Yes?
17:01 owen        Hi. It looks like there is a problem with the nested tables in the new sysprefs editor
17:01 owen        I'm looking in particular at the OPAC tab
17:02 pianohacker Ah. The languages setting?
17:02 owen        It looks like that might be the problem.
17:03 pianohacker There's a definite lack of whitespace.
17:03 owen        Not just a visual problem, a markup error.
17:03 owen        The left-hand menu gets pushed down to the bottom
17:03 jdavidb     gmcharlt:  ping?
17:04 owen        Forcibly adding "</td></tr></table></td></tr></table>" at the end of the page seems to fix it, so it looks like the loops aren't closing the nested tables correctly
17:04 gmcharlt    jdavidb: pong
17:04 jdavidb     I've been working on hushing up various useless warnings in the log (and to the cron outputs)...and your StripNonXmlChars in Charset.pm just has me stonkered.
17:05 jdavidb     Every now and then, on rebuild_zebra -z, I get this:
17:05 jdavidb     Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at /home/koha/kohaclone/C4/Charset.pm line 304.
17:05 jdavidb     Would that only occur if the input $str is undefined coming into the function?
17:05 gmcharlt    that would be one way
17:05 owen        pianohacker: Does it not look that way for you? An empty left-hand column?
17:06 jdavidb     I've put a warn $str in there, but that makes the log horrendously big, and I haven't caught it in the act yet.
17:06 jdavidb     Would it be useful to return "" if $str is undefined or already "" *before* the substitution?
17:07 gmcharlt    jdavidb: yep
17:08 jdavidb     I'll see if I can catch it in the act, and if so, hunt for a bug--or make one--and patch it.  I don't dump my cron outputs to /dev/null as a matter of course, as I *want* to know when things go wrong.
17:08 jdavidb     But I'd like to quit getting those particular annoyances.
17:09 pianohacker Hrm. I've noticed that problem too, but it's very intermittent
17:09 pianohacker owen: Do you have multiple languages enabled?
17:09 pianohacker or at least installed
17:09 owen        2 installed, one enabled
17:11 owen        pianohacker: en and en-GB, FWIW. Might make a difference that they're grouped?
17:11 pianohacker Maybe. I only have one, so let me see if I can fix up that issue
17:20 owen        pianohacker: Was there a structural reason for doing these as single big tables? I wonder if it would work with each section as its own table?
17:21 pianohacker Using h3's instead of theads? That might work, and would be easy to implement
17:22 owen        Yeah, that was my thought. And repeat the preference/value th at the head of each section table
17:23 * owen      will poke around more after lunch
17:23 pianohacker I need to deal with a bratty computer; after I reboot, I will send a patch for the markup issue
17:25 pianohacker brb
18:58 chris       morning
18:58 owen-away   Hi chris
18:58 pianohacker Good morning
18:58 pianohacker owen: If you have a little bit of time, I think the patch I just sent should fix your problem
18:58 pianohacker Thanks for testing, by the way
18:58 owen        I saw that. I'll give it a try
18:59 * owen      never misses a chance to kibitz an interface
19:00 * owen      ran across a nice OPAC he hadn't seen before: http://library.bu-london.co.uk/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl
19:00 owen        Is that anyone we know?
19:00 pianohacker Oh, that is nicely done
19:05 pianohacker collum: around?
19:07 chris       owen: havent seen that one before
19:07 owen        pianohacker: That patch did the trick
19:07 owen        Thanks
19:07 pianohacker owen: np
19:12 owen        pianohacker: The __first__ and __last__ variables must have made a huge difference in the complexity of writing that page
19:13 pianohacker Yup. HTP has a few useful tricks
19:13 pianohacker Also DEFAULT for TMPL_VARs
19:14 owen        Yeah, that threw me off at first because I thought you were specifying "default" as an attribute of the input tag!
19:23 jdavidb     Hi, wizzyrea! :D
19:24 owen        pianohacker: what about editing the administrative details of a system preference? Changing the description or something like that?
19:25 pianohacker owen: Currently, that requires editing the data files (in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/.../modules/admin/preferences/)
19:27 pianohacker Hi liz, jdavid
19:27 owen        pianohacker: Is your goal to have those pref file be editable through the administrative interface?
19:28 wizzyrea    hi everybody
19:28 pianohacker owen: Down the line, maybe. Didn't think it was frequently used, but I could be wrong.
19:37 chris       owen: having them in a file, not the db, makes them translatable
19:37 chris       = win
19:42 owen        Agreed. I'm just looking at it from the point of view of, "Hey I used to be able to do X, how do I do it now?"
19:42 chris       yep
19:44 collum      Hi pianohacker
19:45 pianohacker collum: I saw your bug about the defaultSortField option. The two are intended to run together, since they're very codependent; do you think the interface could be improved?
19:48 collum      pianohacker: I'm sorry, I must have a brain cramp. Can you point me to the bug in bugzilla?
19:50 pianohacker Ahh, nvm. that was nengard. Your autobarcode bug is confirmed
19:50 pianohacker Sorry, got reporters mixed up
19:50 owen        pianohacker: So "search system prefs" will search prefs, descriptions, etc., but "jump" will only search by name?
19:50 collum      np
19:51 pianohacker owen: jump isn't exactly a search. It simply jumps to the correct position on the right tab
19:51 owen        Only on the same page?
19:52 pianohacker On any page; if you try to jump to defaultSortField from acquisitions, it'll take you to the right place on Searching
19:52 owen        Hmmm... I find the differences between the two searches to be confusing.
19:53 rhcl        hey wizzyrea, are you or any of your people going to the Rural Libraries Conference in Tennessee tomorrow?
19:53 wizzyrea    yes, some people from our office
19:53 pianohacker owen: It is, a bit
19:54 rhcl        ic. My director is leaving on the bus from Lawrence tomorrow with everybody else.
19:54 owen        pianohacker: I wonder if we could combine the two in the default search? Using modifiers like the search form on members-home has?
19:54 owen        ...so that the "search system preferences" field at the top can do either one.
19:55 pianohacker Hmm. What if it simply automatically "jumped" if it found a system preference with that exact name (case-insensitive, of course)?
19:56 pianohacker Since most of our systempreferences are squishedTogetherWords, it shouldn't cause too many problems with normal searching
19:57 owen        I think that sounds good. The "jump" form is problematic if you put in a term with multiple matches, like "intranet." I guess it jumps to the first one it finds?
19:58 owen        So "jumping" when there is only one result sounds good to me--just like the way the catalog jumps to any single result
19:58 pianohacker Hmm, looks like it
19:59 pianohacker jumping when just one result is found sounds good
19:59 chris       ok time to catch my bus
20:01 pianohacker see ya
20:01 owen        pianohacker: If I do a search and get multiple results from multiple sections I get multiple "save all" buttons. But they only save the changes from their "own" sections, correct?
20:02 pianohacker Yes. The current crammed-together appearance of each tab makes that a little better, but it is confusing
20:06 owen        Ah, how about this: I'll add the tab text to the save button, so instead of saying "save all" it says "save all cataloging preferences" ?
20:09 richard     hi
20:13 Ropuch      Hello koha
20:13 owen        Hi Ropuch
20:17 Ropuch      I have some problems with barcode generating - i have a 'title' field on it, but when i try to generate a label for title that includes some non-standard characters ("�" "�" etc) there's an error
20:17 Ropuch      label-print-pdf.pl: Wide character in compress at /usr/share/perl5/PDF/Reuse.pm line 819,
20:17 Ropuch      label-print-pdf.pl: Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at /usr/share/perl5/PDF/Reuse.pm line 1286.
20:18 Ropuch      Is there a way i can fix this?
20:18 * owen      doesn't know if there are any labels experts around
20:20 Ropuch      I have no IT support till end of the month, but i guess i have to wait for them then
20:24 pianohacker owen: That sounds good
20:38 wizzyrea    gmcharlt: do you know if bug 2332 has a fix in 3.2?
20:38 munin`      04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2332 blocker, P3, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, holds queue script should target as many items as are available
20:39 gmcharlt    wizzyrea: I think it might be fixed, but I'm not positive
20:39 gmcharlt    the description ... is a little brief
20:39 pianohacker Is this the holds queue cronjob or circulation report?
20:39 wizzyrea    gmcharlt I only ask because I think we're experiencing this
20:40 wizzyrea    the hold queue cronjob isn't grabbing a different item if the hold is ignored
20:40 wizzyrea    but anyway
20:41 wizzyrea    guess we'll take that up with our support folks
20:50 chris       back
20:52 chris       @seen hdl
20:52 munin`      chris: hdl was last seen in #koha 10 hours, 32 minutes, and 48 seconds ago: <hdl> :D
20:52 hdl         here
20:57 chris       heya hdl, if you want to update the maintenance repo and send an updated todo, i will try to do a few more today, on my breaks
20:57 hdl         I had very few updates.
20:57 hdl         But wil send it to you.
20:58 chris       cool, ill rebase from the maintenance repo too
20:58 hdl         There is a problem with opac-detail.tmpl
20:58 chris       oh?
20:58 hdl         a failed merge i think
20:58 chris       ah right, ill fix that up
20:58 hdl         should be quite easy to solve.
20:59 chris       *nod*
20:59 hdl         But..... well those merge problems are really a burden.
20:59 chris       yep, we have to make sure we keep on top of it in the future
21:00 chris       its just because we are doing so many cherry-picks
21:00 chris       good learning for 3.2.x anyway :)
21:01 hdl         and because templates and some features are so much intricated mixed with old code.
21:02 chris       yep
21:02 hdl         I think we could/should have some distinctions between "enhance content" or features, and core.
21:02 chris       yep
21:04 hdl         We should not have to go so frequently in pm to edit existing functions, in order to add something but add new functions to do new things.
21:04 hdl         Of course, bug fixing is an other point.
21:04 chris       yep, well, really we should be only cherry picking bugfixes
21:04 chris       but some are mixed in
21:04 hdl         yes.
21:04 hdl         For instance RenewalPeriodBase
21:05 chris       yeah
21:05 hdl         Or some other Circulation.
21:06 hdl         this is why Reconciliation is quite good also to some extent ;)
21:07 chris       yes, but going the other way
21:07 chris       ie reconcile from 3.0.x -> 3.2
21:07 chris       not back the other way
21:08 chris       otherwise we end up with 2 feature branches ... and then 3 .. then 4 .. etc
21:08 hdl         I was even tempted to add Jquery update to 3.0.x
21:08 hdl         yes
21:08 chris       i think it is
21:08 chris       im pretty sure jquery update was in one of those cherry-picks
21:14 chris       got your email thanks hdl
21:16 paul_p      hdl / chris: I go to bed (& I suggest hdl to go to bed as well ;-) ) bye & see you tomorrow
21:16 chris       cya later :)
21:16 hdl         going to bed also
21:16 chris       sleep well
21:16 paul_p      sweet dreams hdl !
21:17 gmcharlt    hdl, paul_p : biblibre-sopac topic branch pushed - expect will be merged fairly quickly into master
21:17 chris       yay!!
21:22 wizzyrea    Yay! Indeed!
21:22 * wizzyrea  does a happy dance
21:25 gmcharlt    bbiab
21:37 pianohacker brb
22:46 chris       now that the ILS-DI work is all committed it might be time to resurrect my koha-bot and rewrite it to use that api instead
22:46 gmcharlt    chris: would be a good test
22:51 chris       missing a template?
22:51 chris       ilsdi.pl: HTML::Template::Pro:template /home/chrisc/git/koha/koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en/modules/ilsdi.tmpl not found!
22:55 * chris     fails at the first hurdle
22:58 gmcharlt    chris: yeah, that needs to be replaced with a 404 (a la a real web service)
22:59 chris       hmm
22:59 chris       according to the code, its supposed to show me a help page
23:14 gmcharlt    right
23:14 gmcharlt    the template doesn't exist
23:15 gmcharlt    on the other hand, a web services returning a 200 (in the form of a help page) for an invalid call
23:15 gmcharlt    could be a bit awkward
23:16 chris       well it does a proper error for an wrong service
23:16 chris       and a help page for none
23:16 chris       which may or may not be good