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00:53 pianohacker What's power if you don't abuse it to change capititalization?
00:53 pianohacker *capitalization
00:56 chris       capitalisation :)
00:56 pianohacker Hehehehe
00:57 pianohacker You furaners keep your britrot out of this here channel
01:10 * chris_n2  wonders if English Class is required in PhD studies... ;-)
01:10 pianohacker American English Class, maybe :)
01:10 chris       heh
02:10 CGI048      Hi, can anyone help me about this matter. Pls. I was trying to enter new record on MARC but I can't fill in tag 100 Personal Name
02:11 pianohacker CGI048: You need to turn on the BibliosAddAuthorities system preference, under the Authorities (or Cataloging, can't remember) tab
02:13 CGI048      I'm using the latest version of Koha and my first time to explore it. Anyways, thanks alot I'll try to look for it.
02:13 pianohacker No problem, good luck
02:16 CGI048      Thanks, I got it.
02:55 brendan     quiet evening here #koha
02:55 brendan     @wunder norcross ga
02:55 munin       brendan: The current temperature in Conyers, Georgia is 20.7�C (10:55 PM EDT on September 03, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.48 in 998.2 hPa (Rising).
03:04 pianohacker Hi, brendan
03:04 brendan     heya pianohacker :)
03:04 pianohacker Georgia, huh? How's that?
03:04 brendan     haven't seen the sun all week
03:05 pianohacker Heh. Reminds me of my stay in Paris a few years ago
03:05 brendan     I've learned a lot -- need a massive brain-dump at the end of this week
03:25 Amit        hi chris, brendan
03:25 Amit        good morning #koha
03:25 brendan     hi amit
03:25 pianohacker Good morning, Amit
03:25 Amit        hi pianohacker
03:26 Amit        heya brendan have u configure biblios.net
03:27 brendan     yes a while ago
03:27 brendan     the key is getting pazpar2 and your koha-conf.xml right
03:27 Amit        yes
03:28 Amit        i ask one question pazpar2 is configure on koha configuration time
03:28 Amit        because my make-koha-install gives an error
03:28 Amit        cpan module test fial
03:28 Amit        fail
03:28 Amit        pazpar2
03:29 pianohacker Good night, #koha
03:29 brendan     night
03:29 brendan     not sure -- which version of koha
03:34 Amit        i m using koha via git
03:38 brendan     biblios seems to not be supported anymore -- so I haven't looked at it a long time
03:39 Amit        i have already configured once biblios.net with koha
03:39 Amit        but the problem due to saving records on local machine
03:39 Amit        mean to say send target list
03:40 Amit        make koha-install-symlinks KOHADIR=/opt/kohanewgit/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en KOHACGIDIR=/opt/kohanewgit/kohaclone
03:40 Amit        this runs fine
03:41 brendan     hmm...  sorry amit -- bed time for me --
03:42 Amit        no problem good night
03:42 brendan     I guess I would start with the koha-conf.xml and go from there
03:47 Amit        ok thanks
05:03 chris       @later tell hdl_laptop ping me when you are on, i have 100 commits cherry-picked over ready to push
05:03 munin       chris: The operation succeeded.
05:45 Amit        hi nicomo
05:45 nicomo      hi Amit
05:45 Amit        @wunder delhi
05:45 munin       Amit: Error: No such location could be found.
05:52 chris       hi nicomo
05:52 nicomo      hi chris
05:56 chris       good conference?
05:58 nicomo      I was the only one NOT at the conference in fact
05:59 nicomo      I was in Paris but just ent from meeting to meeting
05:59 chris       ahhh
07:12 chris       hi paul_p
07:13 paul_p      hi chris.
07:13 paul_p      our mail/webserver seems to have problems...
07:13 chris       back from paris?
07:13 paul_p      chris: yep
07:14 chris       good conference?
07:14 paul_p      yep
08:10 |Lupin|     hi
08:20 Amit        hi lupin, paul_p
08:27 |Lupin|     hi Amit
08:33 jransom     hiya
08:35 chris       hi jransom
09:04 |Lupin|     question about bulkmarcimport pls
09:05 |Lupin|     is the accents present in the imported records are encoded in UTF-8, isn't it enough to give -s option to bulkmarcimport to have them preserved ?
09:13 slef        Hi all.  Has anyone hit a problem with having too many members with surnames beginning with the same letter?
09:13 |Lupin|     slef: nope, sorry
09:13 slef        how many members have you got with surnames beginning with the same letter?
09:14 slef        outside has just turned into central Rome... lots of horns blaring!
09:14 |Lupin|     slef: small library and so just migrating datas into Koha... we have not more than 1000 users in all...
09:14 slef        I'm failing at 33000 members
09:14 |Lupin|     wow
09:15 slef        yep, big busy library
09:15 chris       33000 with the same name?
09:16 chris       or 33000 in total
09:16 chris       ?
09:16 slef        33000 with a surname starting with the same letter
09:17 slef        DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Error writing file '/tmp/MYATZA2Q' (Errcode: 28)
09:17 slef        at /home/mjr/koha-3.0.x.c/C4/Members.pm line 245.
09:17 slef        DBD::mysql::st fetchall_arrayref failed: fetch() without execute() at /home/mjr/koha-3.0.x.c/C4/Members.pm line 247.
09:17 slef        0:ARRAY(0xc87d8c)
09:17 slef
09:17 chris       where are you having the problem?
09:17 slef        just searching for the error, but wondered if anyone had seen this
09:17 chris       ahh trying to browse?
09:17 chris       run out of sapce in /tmp ?
09:17 slef        yes, but I've traced it back to C4::Members::SearchMember
09:18 slef        maybe - but there's 64Gb free
09:18 chris       error 28 is no space left on device
09:18 chris       and /tmp isnt it its own partition?
09:18 slef        which does beg the question: what is DBD::mysql trying to write?
09:19 slef        actually, it's a symlink... duh!
09:19 slef        checking further
09:19 |Lupin|     slef: if /mp is not on its own partition, apt-get clean may help to get more free space
09:20 slef        |Lupin|: relative to 64Gb, that won't be much
09:20 chris       yeah and the whole db would probably fit into 64Gb 10 times
09:20 slef        well, it looks like tmp is still on / but it's not completely clear
09:20 slef        yeah, even when I had the monster sessions table, the dump was only 4Gb
09:21 slef        what is DBD::mysql trying to write?
09:21 chris       just the results of the query for sorting
09:21 chris       its mysql doing
09:21 chris       it
09:21 chris       that will be the error mysql passed back to dbd:
09:21 chris       :mysql
09:21 slef        I wonder if there's some quota system going on
09:22 chris       hmm that sounds like a possible suspect
09:22 slef        it says no quotas
09:23 |Lupin|     slef: is your / indeed full ?
09:23 |Lupin|     slef: of is 64GB the remaining space ?
09:23 slef        64GB is the remaining space
09:24 slef        I can try logrotating to free up some space
09:24 chris       slef: in my.cnf tmpdir          = /tmp
09:24 chris       you could change taht to somewhere else
09:25 chris       restart mysql and see what happanes
09:25 chris       wow typing fail tonight
09:25 slef        will do - waiting for the logrotate... checking email for words of librarian wisdom
09:28 cait_laptop good morning
09:29 slef        erm, no, it's not ;-)
09:29 slef        it's not 1030 and I've just seen my third incident
09:35 |Lupin|     hi cait_laptop
09:38 paul_p      slef: our mail/dns/biblibre.com server has one of his RAID disk dead this morning. Seems it's the day...
09:42 slef        paul_p: RAID means non-fatal, I hope
09:43 paul_p      yep slef.
09:43 paul_p      RAID++
09:44 paul_p      (and munin +++, because we hadn't RAID on this very old server, and munin warned us 4 months ago about some suspicious things done by hda. So we upgraded to RAID, and it's not a big problem to have hda dying)
09:46 |Lupin|     bug 1600
09:46 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1600 enhancement, P3, ---, chris@bigballofwax.co.nz, NEW, Alternate address form should offer 2 address fields
10:06 |Lupin|     lunch time, bye everybody !
10:17 slef        heh, damned frenchie early lunchers
10:19 Amit        hi slef
10:19 slef        hi Amit
10:19 slef        Amit: where do you work?  Anyone: is there a way of making munin read user info from the wiki?
10:20 slef        or munin could store it anyway
10:20 Amit        Slef: I am working in Nucsoft Osslabs www.osslabs.biz
10:21 slef        @info slef
10:21 munin       slef: Key "slef" is not locked and has 1 factoid associated with it: #1 was added by slef at 10:21 AM, September 04, 2009
10:22 slef        @whatis slef
10:22 munin       slef: "slef" could be MJ Ray, webmaster-developer for TTLLP software.coop
10:23 paul_p      wow, in fact, either the RAM or the CPU also has a problem (random core cump in Apache, postfix, ssh...)
10:24 paul_p      (RAM & CPU changes on the way... then we will probably finish with this 5years old server...)
10:24 slef        owowow
10:25 slef        we have one hardware server left I think - all else is virtual rented now
10:25 slef        I'm not much of a hardware guy, so I could be wrong
10:30 Amit        @amit
10:30 munin       Amit: downloading the Perl source
10:30 Amit        @whatis amit
10:30 munin       Amit: Error: No factoid matches that key.
10:30 Amit        @info amit
10:30 munin       Amit: Error: No factoid matches that key.
10:31 slef        do @learn amit as DESCRIPTION-GOES-HERE
10:31 Amit        ok
10:33 slef        paul_p: sig11 or sig10?
10:38 cait_laptop chris here?
10:42 chris       yep cait_laptop
10:46 cait_laptop hi chris
10:46 cait_laptop I see that @bug 1600 is yours
10:46 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1600 enhancement, P3, ---, chris@bigballofwax.co.nz, NEW, Alternate address form should offer 2 address fields
10:46 chris       well its assigned to me
10:46 cait_laptop I would like to try to add address2 and country so that all addresses offer the same fields
10:46 chris       havent done any work on it tho
10:47 chris       cool, feel free to reassign it to you
10:47 cait_laptop |lupin| added the country fields lately and I thought I could try to copy what he did
10:47 cait_laptop not sure if I can really do it... but I will try and see how far I get
10:49 chris       cool
10:49 cait_laptop just wanted to ask if you plan to work on it
10:49 davi        | issn   | varchar(9)  is wrong.
10:50 davi        It should be at least  varchar(13)
10:50 chris       send a patch :)
10:53 chris       The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an internationally standardised number identifying serial publications concisely and distinctively. The ISSN consists of 8 digits, the last of which being a check digit. The letter X can also have this check function.
10:53 chris       seems like 9 is fine
10:53 chris       ISBN needs to be 13
10:54 chris       EAN needs to be at least 13 too
10:56 davi        EAN is not in biblioitems
10:57 chris       i know, but you can represent an issn as an EAN-13
10:57 chris       i was wondering if that was why you thought it needed 13
10:57 chris       when the standard says 8
10:57 davi        yes, it was
10:58 davi        How to represent an ISSN ad EAN-13?
10:58 davi        What is the conversion I have to do?
10:58 chris       you'll have to go read the spec, i don't know off the top of my head
10:59 chris       When encoded in an EAN-13 bar code, the ISSN is preceded by the digits 977 and the ISSN check-digit (the last of the 8 digits) is not encoded. A two digit price code, almost always "00", is added to the end, and finally the EAN check digit is added.
10:59 chris       Let's say you have the number 0264-3596 as a serial publication's ISSN. The true ISSN is 0264359 (no 6 because it is the ISSN check digit). The EAN-13 number would then be 9770264359008 for normal issues. The "00" is the normal issue code and the "8" is the EAN-13 check digit). A special issue could receive a 2-digit numbers other than "00".
11:01 bigbrovar   hi guys morning/afternoon/evening  (which ever applies to you)
11:01 davi        thanks a lot chris
11:02 chris       http://search.cpan.org/~bdfoy/Business-ISSN-0.91/lib/ISSN.pm might be useful
11:27 Amit        hi jwagner, bigbrovar
11:28 jwagner     Hi Amit
11:32 bigbrovar   hi Amit
11:32 bigbrovar   hi jwagner
11:33 jwagner     Hi there
11:55 gmcharlt    good morning
11:55 hdl_laptop  hi
11:55 gmcharlt    how goes it?
12:25 chris_n     g'morning
12:40 jwagner     Question on facets -- what controls the sorting and display order of the sidebar facets in OPAC and staff mode?  Is there any way to tell Koha to always display facets in a particular order (like Authors, Topics, then Series) and to sort the entries under each facet?  I'm looking at code in Koha.pm and Search.pm, but I can't see anything useful.  The OPAC template does have them in an order, but that's not the order they display in.
12:56 gmcharlt    jwagner: in a slightly obscure fashion
12:56 gmcharlt    it's alphabetical order
12:57 gmcharlt    by the link_value code
12:57 gmcharlt    in the facet type loop returned by C4::Koha::getFacets()
12:57 gmcharlt    which boils down to the following hard-coded order
13:00 gmcharlt    jwagner: no, sorry, scratch that
13:00 gmcharlt    it seems to actually be topics first
13:00 gmcharlt    *libraries* first, rather
13:00 gmcharlt    followed by the other facets types
13:01 gmcharlt    in order of increasing number of facet terms displayed
13:01 gmcharlt    so if 3 topic facets are found in the result set
13:01 gmcharlt    and 5 place
13:01 gmcharlt    the topic facets will be displayed before the place facets
13:01 gmcharlt    in other words, the order changes based on the search results
13:02 jwagner     Hmm.  I'm seeing Series always display first, followed by Authors, followed by Places (if any), followed by Topics.  That's been consistent.  One of my sites would like to force them to always display in a specified order.
13:03 gmcharlt    right, but that can happen by accident
13:03 jwagner     Series comes first even if there are only 2 entries (and no "more" link)
13:03 gmcharlt    there will normally be fewer series facets than any other type
13:03 jwagner     OK, can I control the display order?  Without screwing up too many things?
13:03 gmcharlt    jwagner: shoot - this code is a mess
13:04 jwagner     I could have told you that :-)
13:04 gmcharlt    compare http://opac1.koha.librarypolice.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=a vs. http://opac1.koha.librarypolice.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=bd
13:04 jwagner     And they'd REALLY like to have the entries in each facet sorted alpha
13:04 gmcharlt    so in fact what I just told you about the ordering is wrong
13:05 gmcharlt    jwagner: I'll poke at it a bit later, but I think the best thing to do is write up a couple bugs
13:05 gmcharlt    one for ordering of the facet types
13:05 gmcharlt    one for controlling the order of the facets within each type
13:05 jwagner     OK, will do.  I think it's going to take someone who understands the code better than I do to fix it.  Thanks.
13:06 gmcharlt    I can understand desire to sort facets in alpha order
13:06 gmcharlt    but riddle your customer this - what happens if the most common facets of a type come later in to alphabet and thus get hidden under the 'show more' link
13:07 gmcharlt    it's not explicitly indicated, but the order of facets within a type
13:07 gmcharlt    is decreasing frequency
13:07 jwagner     So the most frequent author, place, etc. is first in the list for that facet?
13:08 gmcharlt    right
13:08 jwagner     OK, I'll tell them that; it might affect what they want to do.
13:08 gmcharlt    there's a facet count availble in the template
13:08 gmcharlt    that you could expose
13:09 gmcharlt    although it could be confusing
13:09 gmcharlt    since the facets are computed *only* for the displayed records
13:10 gmcharlt    not for the entire results list
13:10 gmcharlt    so if you go from page to page
13:10 jwagner     So the count would only be for the current page?
13:10 gmcharlt    in a long search results list
13:10 gmcharlt    you'll see the facets changing
13:10 gmcharlt    jwagner: right
13:10 gmcharlt    which is probably why the count isn't displayed by default
13:11 jwagner     That is a problem, then, that's bigger than the sort order.  My assumption would be when I do a search and see facets that clicking a particular facet (like topic) would apply and filter against the -entire- search results, not just the current page.
13:11 nicomo      jwagner: absolutely
13:12 owen        It applies the filter against the search results, it just doesn't show you an accurate count for the whole result set
13:12 gmcharlt    nicomo, jwagner: that's actually the motivation for switching to using Zebra's built-in facet generation
13:12 jwagner     Whew.  That's better, was about to panic.
13:12 nicomo      yes
13:12 nicomo      jwagner: see http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3154
13:12 gmcharlt    as owen says, the filtering is against the entire result set
13:12 munin       04Bug 3154: major, P5, ---, henridamien@koha-fr.org, NEW, OPAC Search refining by facets is wrong
13:13 gmcharlt    but computing the list of facets is wrong
13:13 * gmcharlt  idly wonders if any Real Live Patron (tm) has ever noticed
13:14 nicomo      gmcharlt: i wondered too, and in amazement too: how can they not see it!
13:14 jwagner     Well, a Real Live Admin did notice :-)
13:14 nicomo      but in fact it does seem they do not
13:16 jwagner     There is a bug report Bug 2614 for sorting the facets in alpha order; judging by the comment, the intent is to sort the contents of each facet (i.e., authors should be in alpha order in the Authors facet).
13:16 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2614 enhancement, P3, ---, jmf@liblime.com, NEW, Facets in Alpha Order
13:17 owen        Are they now sorted by frequency according to the count we can't see?
13:17 gmcharlt    owen: yes
13:18 owen        Wow, what a mess. So sorting in that order would make sense if we could see the count, but we can't see the count because the count is inaccurate
13:19 jwagner     So there seem to be three separate issues -- 1. control the order in which the facet categories display (i.e., always Author, Topic, Series or whatever).  2. if wanted, sort the contents of each facet alphabetically (might need to be a site preference).  3. give an accurate count next to each entry that applies to the whole results set, not just the first page.  Is that right?
13:20 gmcharlt    right
13:20 owen        4. A pony.
13:20 jwagner     5. A vacation :-)
13:21 owen        You'll need 5 after 1-3, but you'll want to bring 4 with you on 5.
13:21 jwagner     Not on a cruise ship....
13:26 library     my machine is and I can get OPAC, but I cannot get Koha admin part. How to enter it?
13:26 jwagner     OK, a tangentially related question, at least it came up first while looking at facets.  For a multi-library system, with items belonging to several branches, what would cause both the facet for a branch name and the advanced search limit by library to fail?  That is, limiting the facet to a branch and limiting advanced search to a branch both come back and say no results found for branchname?
13:27 gmcharlt    possibly bibs and index getting out of sync
13:27 gmcharlt    library: depends on how you configured it.  you can try
13:28 jwagner     I wondered about that, so I rebuilt the indexes last night -- no help.
13:29 jwagner     Still can't search either staff or OPAC for any branches but the main one.
13:30 library     gmcharlt: I just get : It works when I type that. I have in koha-httpd OPAC and Intranet settings. in INtranet settings is but in OPAC is
13:31 library     gmcharlt: If i Put in OPAC part that it is it works OK.
13:32 library     bu I do no thave OPAC part which I do not need anyway
13:35 library     bbl
13:35 library     exit
13:40 jwagner     gmcharlt, I think I just figured out my branch search problem.  This is a test system and we took data that a site had migrated itself.  I'm seeing permanent location as the main branch, but current location as the other branches.  The other branches are showing in the facets.  Would that account for it?
13:48 jwagner     Seems to have.  I edited one of the items to be permanent location of one of the branches, and the facet & advanced search worked fine then.
13:50 gmcharlt    jwagner: good catch
13:53 jwagner     When we do their proper data load, this shouldn't be an issue.  But it sure was puzzling for a while....
13:55 owen        Good grief holds and transfers are so messed up
13:55 owen        I'm at the point where I don't feel I can tell my staff anything other than, "it's messed up, get used to it."
13:57 jwagner     I'll drink to that, owen....
13:57 owen        A book was on hold at PPL. Scanned, checked in, hold confirmed. Status of the book wasn't changed to waiting.
13:59 owen        Looking at another hold, the person who is #1 on the list placed their hold a week *after* the person who is #2 on the list
14:03 owen        The timestamp of the #2 hold is later than the timestamp of the #1 hold. I wonder if this indicates someone changed the priority?
14:04 gmcharlt    owen: most likely
14:05 owen        if that was the case wouldn't #1 and #2 have the same timestamp, because both would have changed at the same time?
14:11 gmcharlt    owen: there be one of the dragons, I think
14:14 owen        And not the friendly, telepathic, fly-me-to-work kind I suspect.
14:14 gmcharlt    not a puff to be found, I'm sure
14:23 slef        whoa, drug discussions in #koha and hedgesst appears?
14:23 hedgesst    hi slef!
14:24 hedgesst    my sensors were tingling
14:24 owen        slef: Are you telling me that "Puff the Magic Dragon" has something to do with drugs?!
14:24 owen        Next you'll be telling me that "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" isn't about a girl who can fly and distributes gemstones to worthy children around the world.
14:24 slef        owen: no more than candygirl does.
14:44 jwagner     Article on CNN.com about the future of libraries: http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/09/04/future.library.technology/index.html  My favorite quote (about librarians): Some wear tattoos, piercings and dress like they belong on the streets of Brooklyn instead of behind bookshelves.
14:49 owen        That's why I can't work the circ desk anymore. They only allow old ladies with their hair in a bun going "Shhhh!!!!"
14:51 * hedgesst  doesn't understand. Owen ~does~ wear his hair in a bun.
14:51 gmcharlt    Marian strikes again
14:51 owen        That was a sesame seed bun, and it was only that once.
14:53 jwagner     Buns of steel, maybe?
15:34 pianohacker Good morning
15:54 cait_laptop chris here?
15:55 pianohacker Probably not until later, I think it's about 4:00 AM there
15:55 pianohacker Anything we can help you with?
15:56 cait_laptop hm I think I just found out what is wrong
15:57 cait_laptop working on my first patch and wanted to ask something about git, but I think I got it. thy pianohacker
15:57 pianohacker Always happy to help by not helping
15:57 cait_laptop :)
16:02 cait_laptop pianohacker: ok, I have a question :)
16:02 cait_laptop I m working at my first patch, adding B_address2 and altcontactcountry to borrowers, so that all addresses offer the same fields
16:03 cait_laptop my database update worked fine, but I found a typo in a label
16:04 cait_laptop can I include this change in the patch I created or must I create a new patch now?
16:05 pianohacker You'll have to make a new patch, but you won't need two of them
16:06 pianohacker Just make the change, run git commit --amend, then git format-patch ^HEAD again
16:06 cait_laptop ah
16:06 cait_laptop I used git format-patch origin  - will this work two or is it completely wrong?
16:06 cait_laptop two = too
16:07 pianohacker That works too
16:07 pianohacker All you're saying is, make a patch for all changes since this point
16:07 cait_laptop ah thx, I m really new to git
16:07 cait_laptop I will try, thank you pianohacker
16:07 pianohacker You'll get used to it. It'll still give you trouble, you just won't mind as much
16:07 pianohacker np
16:25 schuster    Howdy all what a morning!
16:26 schuster    So with the freeze on Saturday am I looking at the wrong place as I don't see anything added to http://git.koha.org - since Aug 31.
16:26 cait_laptop pianohacker: worked great - thx again!
16:27 owen        That doesn't mean things haven't been submitted, it just means things haven't been approved.
16:29 paul_p      schuster: or it's in a specific branch (look closely, you'll see a BibLibre, and a labels_recon branch (bottom of home page)
17:06 pianohacker gmcharlt: around?
17:09 schuster    OK thanks.
17:10 schuster    wizzyrea ya listening?
17:18 gmcharlt    pianohacker?
17:18 pianohacker gmcharlt: I have a prefs branch (which will be ready within the hour) with many, many small commits; how would you like it?
17:19 paul_p      pianohacker: git rebase -i could help you merging commits
17:19 paul_p      bye US & other ppl ! see you on monday !
17:19 pianohacker bye, paul_p
17:19 wizzyre     have a good weekend paul_p
17:20 pianohacker wizzyre = wizzyreal?
17:20 slef        oops - think I just booked a job right before the koha foundation IRC meeting, so I might still be travelling when it happens.
17:22 slef        time to stress-test mobile internet again
17:22 wizzyre     one and the sam
17:22 wizzyre     with missing ending e's
17:24 cait_laptop owen: here?
17:24 owen        Yes
17:25 owen        slef: Has the koha foundation IRC meeting been announced?
17:25 cait_laptop hi, I wrote a patch for bug 1600 and bug 3464 adding new fields to borrowers
17:25 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1600 enhancement, P3, ---, chris@bigballofwax.co.nz, NEW, Alternate address form should offer 2 address fields
17:25 munin       04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3464 enhancement, P5, ---, Sebastien.Hinderer@snv.jussieu.fr, RESOLVED FIXED, borrowers table should contain country information for libraries with international patron populations
17:25 slef        owen: no idea.  Was I meant to be announcing it?
17:26 cait_laptop I noticed that alternate contact has no lines and labels and no separate edit button
17:26 owen        slef: I just recalled someone saying "we should announce it" but then that was the last of it
17:26 slef        mmmm, can I have the fix for bug 3464 please cait_laptop?  Sounds useful
17:26 cait_laptop is there a reason for that or is it ok to add these things?
17:27 slef        owen: TEAM = Toll, Ein Anderes Macht's (excuse misspelling) again
17:27 cait_laptop I will send it soon - its my first patch, I want to test a little more before sending it
17:27 slef        ok
17:27 cait_laptop Im glad that I came that far :)
17:28 slef        I can test applying it to our repo before you send, if you want... if not, nm
17:28 cait_laptop slef: 3463 is already done, only altcontact... had no country field
17:28 slef        owen: which translates as Great! Someone else will do it.
17:29 slef        biab
17:29 cait_laptop Im working on an old laptop, so no public repo, shall I send you the file?
17:30 pianohacker cait_laptop: Most likely, yes
17:30 cait_laptop pianohacker: yes to what?
17:30 schuster    Wizzyrea where'd ya go?
17:30 pianohacker Sending him the file :)
17:30 cait_laptop sorry, my family is setting the table around me,
17:31 pianohacker See ya, have a good dinner
17:31 cait_laptop thx
17:32 cait_laptop owen: do you think this changes to display of alternate address on moremember.pl are ok?
17:33 owen        cait_laptop: It sounds like what you're seeing is the same as in the latest version
17:34 cait_laptop owen: sorry, I dont understand, is display of alternate addres already fixed?
17:34 owen        Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were saying that it was a result of your patch.
17:35 owen        I don't have any objection if you want to change that to match the other sections
17:36 cait_laptop owen: thx, will send patch soon. feature freeze is on end of sunday?
17:36 owen        Yes
17:37 cait_laptop dinner now :)
18:36 pianohacker ping
18:37 wizzyrea    ack
18:37 pianohacker syn/ack
18:37 pianohacker Sorry, my connection's flaking out, meant to use /ping
18:37 gmcharlt    pianohacker: sorry for disappearing
18:37 gmcharlt    back now
18:37 pianohacker Not a problem, you're on the road, right?
18:37 gmcharlt    pianohacker: no, just on phone calls, which is worse ;)
18:38 pianohacker Heh
18:38 gmcharlt    as paul_p suggests, rebase -i so that the commits can be brought down into more coherent sets would be nice
18:38 gmcharlt    but ultimately the end result I want is a branch that you send me a pull request for
18:38 gmcharlt    that is a fast forward from head
18:39 gmcharlt    and, if at all possible, that includes *only* the new syspref stuff
18:39 gmcharlt    i.e., not too many unrelated bugfixes
18:39 pianohacker gmcharlt: The last part is easy; the new prefs work is isolated
18:40 wizzyrea    (it's so fun to watch this stuff come together)
18:41 pianohacker Heh. I was scrambling there for a while, because despite personally writing on the meeting notes that the feature freeze was Sunday, I thought it was today
18:41 wajasu      i set up koha 3.0.3 on a box.  I imported someone's marc21 data that they had worked on, via the web import. When i edit and then save, there is an error about not being able to append an authority value.
18:42 wajasu      do i need to put at least one authority value in something like the MARC21 850 field?
18:43 wajasu      I'm grasping at straws here, because I'm not at the system.
18:44 hdl_laptop  chris around ?
18:46 hdl_laptop  wajasu: you can disable creation of authorities when adding biblios
18:46 hdl_laptop  @later chris I have some more patches on 3.0.x
18:46 munin       hdl_laptop: I've exhausted my database of quotes
18:47 wizzyrea    hdl_laptop: I think it's @later tell
18:47 hdl_laptop  munin, purge quotes
18:47 munin       hdl_laptop: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
18:47 hdl_laptop  @later tell chris I have some more patches on 3.0.x
18:47 munin       hdl_laptop: The operation succeeded.
18:47 wizzyrea    :D
18:47 hdl_laptop  thx wizzyrea ;)
18:47 wizzyrea    sure thing
18:59 gmcharlt    pianohacker: don't stress *too* much about consolditaing patches, though - if time is limited, spend it on making sure that the commit messages for the most important patches in the series are really good
19:03 chris       morning
19:04 gmcharlt    morning chris
19:04 gmcharlt    how goes it?
19:05 chris       not too bad
19:10 chris       hdl_laptop: reading your email now
19:12 chris       hdl_laptop: you there?
19:13 chris       i cant push to the maintanence repo
19:14 chris       but i will clone from that and apply patches, and you can pull from my repo
21:14 brendan     I find myself typing git now all the time -- instead of got :)
21:15 wizzyrea    git outta town
21:20 chris       heh
22:12 chris       i think im gonna take a break from cherry picking for a bit
22:13 chris       my brain hurts
22:55 chris       @quote random
22:55 munin       chris: Quote #26: "<chris> as an aside C4::Search makes my brain hurt" (added by jdavidb at 09:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
22:56 chris       there's a theme here
22:56 pianohacker There's that kiwi understatement again
22:56 chris       heh
22:57 pianohacker CNN: "C4::Search rewritten, global migraine rate drops sharply"
22:57 chris       got plans for the weekend pianohacker ?
22:58 pianohacker Just mowing, vacuuming, setting up a birthday party and getting in the prefs editor before the freeze, why?
22:58 pianohacker :)
22:59 chris       hehe