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00:21 chris           http://www.mizstik.com/projects/koha-livecd/
00:46 Jo              thats cool
01:05 pianohacker1    Hi, brendan
01:05 brendan         heya pianohacker
01:42 pianohacker     Good night
03:30 Amit            hi chris brendan
03:31 Amit            good morning #koha
03:34 chris_n2        g'morning Amit_G && g'night as well :-)
06:33 Amit_G          hi nicomo, magnusenger
06:33 nicomo          hi Amit_G and #koha
06:35 magnusenger     hi Amit_G and everyone!
06:56 Ropuch          Morning
07:04 kf              good morning
07:10 nicomo          morning kf
07:10 kf              hi nicomo
07:12 Amit_G          hi kf
07:12 hdl_laptop      hello
07:13 Amit_G          hi hdl
07:31 |Lupin|         good morning koha
07:34 kf              guten morgen lupin :)
07:36 |Lupin|         hallo kf :)
07:44 chris           morning europe
07:45 kf              good evening nz ;)
07:45 |Lupin|         hi chris
08:08 Amit_G          hi paul_p
08:08 Amit_G          hi lupin
08:32 |Lupin|         hey Amit_G
08:32 Amit_G          heya lupin
09:52 |Lupin|         does someone know a digital library that wold be witten in Perl, server-oriented with a web interface as Koha ?
09:56 |Lupin|         cause those I found (partly thanks to you all) are often in Java or have a GUI client, which makes them not as interesting as things that wold be similar to Koha in their web-based interface
10:03 Amit_G          anyone done biblios.net with koha
10:03 hdl_laptop      LL did
10:06 Amit_G          i have integrated with koha
10:06 Amit_G          but there is a problem
10:48 magnusenger     does anyone know what the state of Koha in Russia(n) is? Use? Translation?
10:50 gmcharlt        magnusenger: Russian and Ukrainian translations were contributed a few months ago
10:50 magnusenger     gmcharlt: cool, know anything about libraries using it?
10:51 gmcharlt        magnusenger: I think at least one, but not sure who
10:52 magnusenger     ok, thanks
11:48 Amit_G          galen: have a nice weekend
11:48 Amit_G          i m leaving
11:48 gmcharlt        Amit_G: you too
12:15 chris_n         g'morning
12:15 gmcharlt        hi chris_n
12:16 jdavidb         gmcharlt, I didn't get you pinged yesterday afternoon..ended up taking the afternoon off, and working into the wee hours (some things never change...)
12:28 schuster        Morning all...
12:29 gmcharlt        jdavidb: heh
12:29 gmcharlt        hi schuster
12:29 schuster        I need to run a report showing all the holds in the system and if I can get the date the hold was placed.
12:29 jdavidb         Mornin', schuster.
12:30 gmcharlt        schuster: reseves.reservedate is when the hold was placed
12:30 schuster        So "reserves" are the same as Holds - just checking terminology.
12:31 gmcharlt        yep
12:31 schuster        ok that helps.  I'm trying to start using holds again with the new hold features from NEKLS and need to probably clean out some old holds.
12:33 jdavidb         You could always brute-force it-- "TRUNCATE reserves;"    :P
12:33 * jdavidb       listens for the screams.
12:34 schuster        Should have thought of that earlier this summer when I had someone go in and delete them all manually...  That comes from Legacy ILS's where you never knew what would happen if you monkey'd with stuff under the hood.
12:34 gmcharlt        schuster: well, even with OSS ILSs it's still a good idea to ask before randomly truncating tables :)
12:35 jdavidb         It still can be hazardous, surely.  But that one, in particular, would be relatively safe; there aren't many downline table cascades there.
12:36 jdavidb         It's more-often a question of "do you really want that?" than "What will this break?"    Picking at the code, you can answer the second question.
12:38 schuster        I try not to pick code - I'm still learning how it all works together!
12:39 schuster        so when I do select count(*) from reserves I get 62 - but when I do select branchcode from reserves it gives me 19 - ???
12:39 jdavidb         Hm...that is odd.  Is that the whole query you're using?
12:39 jdavidb         Morning, Owen. :)
12:40 schuster        Ah I had a group by on there that might be it let me stretch my mind some more... Not enough coffee yet.
12:40 jdavidb         Yes, that might do it.
12:41 schuster        Yep it was the group by... whew.
12:41 jdavidb         Cool.  :)
12:41 schuster        but why when I group would it eliminate some?  They are in the record?  how else could I sort them by branch?
12:44 schuster        Oh order by - see I'm still an sql newbie.
12:46 schuster        I'm very proud of myself I just did a join...;)
12:55 * owen          lols at the logs from last night: "HEY!! HEY!!!! MY SLEEPING!!!!"
13:03 * gmcharlt      nominates Kahu for Koha mascot
13:17 jwagner         gmcharlt, does that mean Kahu has to wear one of those purple alien t-shirts at all times?
13:17 gmcharlt        jwagner: no, that would be cruel ;) I'm sure we can come up with cuter Koha toddler-wear
13:18 owen            The stop words area of system administration only applies if noZebra is on, right?
13:19 gmcharlt        owen: technically, you can use them with Zebra, but there's no point
13:20 owen            I wondered if we should hide that link when noZebra was on.
13:24 gmcharlt        owen: would make sense, or at least give an indication that it isn't applicable
13:25 owen            I guess it depends whether your "technically" is widely applicable enough to leave it?
13:26 gmcharlt        IMO- if you're using Zebra, you don't need and shouldn't configure stopwords, so I'm in favor of hiding or de-emphasizing it
13:34 * owen          notices Bugzilla is still configured to suggest emailing "gmc@liblime.com"
13:36 gmcharlt        owen: good catch - I'll ping Clay about it
13:43 owen            "Library Transfer Limits?" I hadn't noticed that one before.
13:44 schuster        Well where have you been?  That's been around since 3.0 but I've never figured out what it does!  kidding on the first part...
14:22 kf              reserves question: my holds queue is filled with all my holds, that looks right, but my holds to pull report stays empt
14:22 kf              y
14:23 kf              am i missing something? I have put items on hold which are on shelf
14:33 owen            kf, I noticed the same thing yesterday. We always use the holds queue report, so I hadn't noticed the other one wasn't working.
14:34 kf              I thought the holds queue was all holds in the library - including holds on books that are checked out
14:35 kf              so whats the difference between holds to pull and holds queue?
14:35 kf              owen: and thx for fixing my display bug!
14:36 owen            Holds queue shouldn't include holds on things that are checked out
14:37 owen            As far as I know there's not a report to show you *all* holds, available or not.
14:37 owen            We used to do a custom report on holds which hadn't been fulfilled for a certain amount of time, but that was in 2.x
14:38 kf              thx
14:39 kf              I think we can do it the same way. its just important to have a list of items you need to pull
14:41 kf              bug report for holds to pull needed?
14:42 owen            Unless someone can explain to us what we're doing wrong. I posted a message to the Koha list yesterday mentioning this issue, but no responses to that either.
14:49 kf              oh, I have not seen your mail
14:54 kf              ah, I will test it a little bit more, perhaps I can find a way to get an item listed there
15:00 owen            kf: it was "Re: A few Koha holds questions" yesterday
15:01 kf              owen: thx
15:02 kf              owen: we are testing transfers and reserves today, wanted to work on that for weeks... perhaps i can find something out
15:03 owen            transfers and holds are still pretty buggy, unfortunately.
15:04 kf              we need reserves - hope its not too buggy to be used
15:05 owen            No, not at all
15:05 owen            We use them a lot at my library
15:06 owen            But there seem to be some quirks with regard to when and how transfers are triggered.
15:06 owen            Nothing that prevents us from managing.
15:18 kf              ah ok
15:38 nengard         hi all
15:38 nengard         I'm wondering if someone can tell me how ot pick with *.pm file to enter a function that will be called on detail.pl and opac-detail.pl
15:39 nengard         I was thinking Biblio.pm
15:39 schuster        Owen - I have noticed that lately as well mainly with the items when they are returned to the loaning campus - they are not switching back to the current location library - I havn't had a chance to "test" that though.
15:39 schuster        Dealing with transfers that is.
15:40 wizzyrea        yes there's a giant bug around transfers
15:40 wizzyrea        1s I"ll find it
15:40 wizzyrea        bug 3399
15:40 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3399 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt@gmail.com, NEW, Item checked out - marked lost - checked in - switches status to 'lost' & checkout status switches to 'not checked out'
15:48 jwagner         Hi Jesse
15:48 nengard         ahh pianohacker will know how to help me :)
15:48 schuster        wizzyrea - looks like a vicious cycle!
15:48 nengard         I'm wondering if someone can tell me how ot pick with *.pm file to enter a function that will be called on detail.pl and opac-detail.pl
15:49 schuster        Yes he is a smart cookie that pianohacker - and a pretty good piano player too!
15:50 pianohacker     Oh dear
15:51 chris_n         @translate "Spine Label" EN to FR
15:51 munin           chris_n: Error: 'Spine Label' is not a valid from language.  Valid languages are: Chinese_simplified, Swedish, Romanian, Hindi, Dutch, Korean, Danish, Bulgarian, Chinese_traditional, French, Norwegian, Russian, Croatian, Finnish, Greek, English, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, German, Spanish, Polish, and Arabic
15:51 chris_n         @translate French "Spine Label"
15:51 munin           chris_n: (translate <from-language> [to] <to-language> <text>) -- Returns <text> translated from <from-language> into <to-language>. Beware that translating to or from languages that use multi-byte characters may result in some very odd results.
15:51 chris_n         @translate English French "Spine Label"
15:51 munin           chris_n: Spine Label
15:51 chris_n         hehe
15:52 chris_n         munin++ for being a translator as well
15:52 munin           chris_n: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
15:52 pianohacker     nahuel_: What's going on?
15:52 pianohacker     Also, hi
15:52 chris_n         hi pianohacker
15:52 pianohacker     Hi, chris_n
15:52 * chris_n       wonders if munin's French is really that good
15:53 chris_n         hdl_laptop about?
15:53 hdl_laptop      yes
15:53 chris_n         does 'Spine Label' say the same in French?
15:53 hdl_laptop      No.
15:54 hdl_laptop      Etiquettes de cottes
15:54 * chris_n       did not think so :-)
15:54 hdl_laptop      Etiquettes de cotes
15:54 chris_n         tnx
15:55 hdl_laptop      nengard: I think the Best bet be C4::Output
15:55 hdl_laptop      If it is about outputing something
15:56 nengard         thanks hdl_laptop that was my second option :)
15:56 hdl_laptop      nengard: what was your first ?
15:56 nengard         Biblio.pm
15:56 hdl_laptop      Is it About Biblio data ?
15:57 nengard         it's pulling all of the lists a biblio can be found in to print on the detail pages
15:57 nengard         so yes
15:58 nengard         but it's also about output
15:58 nengard         which is why i was confused on which to pick
15:59 pianohacker     nengard: lists as in virtualshelves?
15:59 nengard         yes
16:00 nengard         but since it was for the biblio detail page i didn't think it belonged with the virtualsehelves stuff
16:00 nengard         so many choices!!! :)
16:00 pianohacker     It's dealing mostly with virtualshelves, though. My vote would be for C4::VirtualShelves, whatever it's worth :)
16:01 nengard         So - in short it's mostly up to me as long as I can make the right argument for it? :)
16:01 pianohacker     Essentially
16:02 nengard         okey dokey
16:07 owen            Maybe pianohacker or some other smart Perlish person could help me with branch_transfer_limits.pl?
16:08 owen            Right now there is a branchcode_loop which displays the table header with the branch codes
16:08 owen            Because it's outside the ccodes loop you can't repeat the header for each set of ccodes
16:08 owen            If you've scrolled to the bottom of the page you can't see the table header anymore
16:09 owen            But I'm not sure how to get branchcode_loop nested properly inside codes_loop so it can repeat
16:12 pianohacker     It doesn't have to be
16:13 pianohacker     Since the branchcode_loop is global, you can reference it inside ccode_loop
16:16 owen            It doesn't work when I move the <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="branchcode_loop" --> inside <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="codes_loop" -->
16:18 pianohacker     What does it do?
16:18 owen            I get no output from branchcode_loop
16:19 pianohacker     Would it be possible to pastebin exactly what you get from View Source? It's possible the template and firefox are interacting in strange ways
16:22 owen            There's really nothing to see... There is simply no output from branchcode_loop
16:22 owen            <!-- branchcode_loop begins here -->
16:22 owen            <!-- branchcode loop ends here -->
16:23 pianohacker     Let me take a look at the Perl. It really shouldn't be doing that
16:24 kf              @translate German English "Spine"
16:24 munin           kf: Spine
16:34 chris_n         munin needs to got to a librarian linguistics class
16:34 munin           chris_n: I suck
16:34 chris_n         no munin, you just need to be enlightened about a few things... ;-)
16:36 pianohacker     owen: I found a way to do it (kind of a cheat)
16:36 pianohacker     use to_branch_loop instead of branchcode_loop
16:36 schuster        munin must be American it doesn't know another language...  like most other Americans...
16:36 munin           schuster: downloading the Perl source
16:37 owen            pianohacker: that makes sense. do you know why using branchcode_loop wasn't working, out of curiosity?
16:38 pianohacker     I don't have the faintest idea.
16:38 owen            Thanks for taking a look!
16:38 owen            pianohacker++
16:38 pianohacker     That really needs a half-karma, for half-solving the problem, but thank you
17:52 Sharon          howdy.
17:53 Sharon          Any harm in leaving KohaAdminEmailAddress blank?  Will koha pull email addresses from the Branches table?
17:53 chris_n         hi Sharon
18:01 joetho          sharon
18:01 joetho          i will try that on my test server if you try it on yours.
18:01 joetho          with and w/o independent branches turned on.
18:02 joetho          speaking of which, I don't recall ever talking about OD email notices from a test server.
18:02 joetho          Hmmm.
18:02 wizzyrea        holy moly, can you imagine
18:02 wizzyrea        with old data
18:03 wizzyrea        everybody would get OD notices
18:03 joetho          there are a whole lot of OD items in mine
18:03 wizzyrea        99.9% sure that email is off for our test server
18:03 joetho          tell Sharon to turn it back on
18:03 joetho          at 4:59 this afternoon
18:04 joetho          So testing there won't work, hopefully.
18:04 joetho          I can try it on our production server- that admin mail goes to me and there is never any.
18:33 pianohacker     brb
19:28 Sharon          Question: shouldn't lifting the debarrment on a patron immediately allow them to check out materials regardless of their fine level?
19:32 owen            debarrment is separate from blocks related to fines, though
19:32 owen            debarrment is a simple flag on the account
19:32 owen            blocks related to fines are governed by other rules
19:33 owen            Of course that doesn't answer the "should" question in the abstract sense
19:36 Sharon          So is there a way to lift a fine debarment without removing the fines.
19:37 Sharon          other than putting in a  bogus manual payment/invoice.
19:38 wizzyrea        was that a philosophical choice, i.e. working as intended, or something that just was overlooked?
19:40 owen            I'm not sure, because we don't use fines... In fact maybe I'm wrong altogether. I can't find where the fines threshold is set
19:41 wizzyrea        from our testing it would appear that you are correct
19:41 wizzyrea        :)
19:41 owen            But are your patrons being debarred because a cron job is looking at their fines, or are checkouts being blocked (regardless of debarrment) because of fines levels?
19:48 chris           morning
19:48 rhcl3           chris
20:03 owen            What would be the purpose of "select all" on the library transfer limits page? (admin/branch_transfer_limits.pl)
20:03 owen            Wouldn't that be in effect independentbranches?
20:07 cait            perhaps make it easier to configure if you just want to deselect a few
20:11 owen            Hmm... maybe. But if your library has 45 collection codes like we do it seems impractical to have it check all for each collection code set
20:11 * chris_n       cheers as the installer passes tests on both new and upgrade installs of new labels stuff
20:12 cait            :)
20:13 chris_n         chris about?
20:14 chris           yep
20:15 chris_n         chris: can I gain any mileage (kilometerage) by formating patches against the origin which is the current HEAD rather than against origin/3.0.x which is what I developed over?
20:15 * chris_n       hopes that makes sense.. 8-S
20:16 chris           yep, if you do that they will be able to go into 3.2
20:17 chris           so what i would do
20:17 chris           is create a branch off origin/master
20:17 chris           cherry-pick your commits to it
20:17 chris           and format you patches therer
20:18 chris_n         k
20:18 wizzyrea        owen: checkouts are being blocked (regardless of debarrment) because of fines levels
20:18 wizzyrea        sorry, drama here *eyeroll*
20:19 owen            wizzyrea: Where did you set the fine level which is blocking the checkout?
20:19 wizzyrea        15 bucks
20:20 chris           yeah the 2 things work independently
20:20 wizzyrea        (I know... why would you want to temporarily lift a debarment for a patron who owes over 15 bucks in fines)
20:20 chris           patrons can be debarred for all sorts of reasons
20:20 owen            I mean where did you enter the $15 value? I don't even know what part of Koha sets that
20:20 chris           i think there is a syspref that allows you to override the fines block tho
20:20 wizzyrea        Yea, but we want that
20:21 pianohackr|work noissuescharge, I think is the syspref
20:21 wizzyrea        PHW: yea, I think that's right
20:21 owen            Thank you pianohackr|work. Of course I was searching for a "fine" pref :|
20:21 pianohackr|work That would be too easy
20:22 wizzyrea        chris: so, concieveably, you could have the following situation: A patron gets debarred for excessive overdues, and also for fines. You can lift the debarment for overdues, but the fines debarment stands
20:22 chris           exactly
20:22 chris           or they are debarred cos they punch some kid
20:22 chris           and have no fines
20:22 owen            There seems to be everything but a fines override syspref
20:22 chris           :)
20:22 chris           there debarred is just a flag
20:22 owen            AllowHoldPolicyOverride, AllowNotForLoanOverride, AllowRenewalLimitOverride
20:23 chris           wizzyrea: you dont need to debarr someone for massive fines, cos the noissuecharge stops them issuing
20:23 wizzyrea        so... is that a philosophical feature omission or an accidental one
20:23 pianohackr|work I wrote a fines limit override, controlled by granular permission, for PTFS; it should be heading to the patches list fairly soon
20:24 wizzyrea        PHW: you are always saving our bacon
20:24 owen            Don't save it up too long, it doesn't keep!
20:24 wizzyrea        oh, we crumble it up and put it in mayonnaise and put it with kansas summer tomatoes
20:24 chris           basically debar is for when there isnt another way ... if that makes sense
20:25 wizzyrea        chris, sure that makes sense
20:25 wizzyrea        chris: also though, they want to be able to temporarily override the fines debarment (say, a patron lost an expensive book and is making payments or somesuch)
20:26 chris           yep, you wouldnt set the debarment in that case, you would let the noissuescharge catch them, and then use jesses new fines limit override
20:26 chris           if you set the debar flagged, you would have go unset that, and then still use the fines limit override
20:27 pianohackr|work Also, that same code will allow you (if you're very very nitpicky) to not give fines limit override permissions to your circ clerks, give them to a circ manager, and use a temporary override login to override fine limits
20:27 chris           debar flag is for when you want to stop someone, who otherwise koha would let borrow
20:29 * owen          read "circ clerks" as "circle jerks." Must be time to go home!
20:29 owen            have a good weekend everyone!
20:29 pianohackr|work Gah
20:29 pianohackr|work Get back here
20:30 pianohackr|work owen--
20:30 rhcl            bacon http://www.kansascity.com/938/gallery/1316725.html#
20:31 pianohackr|work bacon http://xkcd.com/418/
20:39 wizzyrea        chris: right... our people seem to think that it's confusticating
20:39 wizzyrea        but I see what you mean
20:41 chris           *nod*
20:42 chris           seriously ppl do use it cos the kid punched another kid in the face etc
20:42 chris           random things like that
20:42 chris           not for excessive fines
20:46 hdl_laptop      gmcharlt: is it possible to send some more patches for biblibre-integration ?
20:46 hdl_laptop      Woulr it be possible for me to push on it ?
20:46 gmcharlt        hdl_laptop: go for it
20:46 hdl_laptop      ok.
20:46 hdl_laptop      thanks
20:47 wizzyrea        chris I can only imagine what people get debarred for. I"m sure sharon has some good stories about kicking people out of the library.
20:47 gmcharlt        hdl_laptop: that is, sending patches, not pushing, though I can do a pull request from you if you want
20:47 Sharon          fighting in the parking lot
20:47 hdl_laptop      Not really wanting it.
20:47 Sharon          i had to debar the boyfriend of one of my employees
20:48 hdl_laptop      git send-email would be better.
20:48 gmcharlt        hdl_laptop: ok
20:48 nengard         you guys are in scary libraries ;)
20:49 gmcharlt        Sharon: ever have to debar any debarred lawyers?
20:49 Sharon          lol nope.
20:49 * wizzyrea      plays the rimshot
20:49 gmcharlt        nengard: regarding bug 1001
20:49 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1001 normal, P2, ---, henridamien@koha-fr.org, CLOSED LATER, Issuing Rules Error
20:50 gmcharlt        nengard: rather, bug 1003
20:50 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1003 enhancement, P2, ---, nengard@gmail.com, NEW, Show what Lists the title is on in detail view
20:50 gmcharlt        perhaps - "this bib is in the following lists..."
20:50 nengard         that's even more wordy than what i had :)
20:50 nengard         I had 'List(s) this item appear in:"
20:51 nengard         I also considered "List(s):"
20:51 gmcharlt        but it flows better :)
20:51 nengard         any other suggestions from others?
20:51 * nengard       shakes fist at gmcharlt
20:51 gmcharlt        ;)
20:51 nengard         hehe
20:52 nengard         Sharon or wizzyrea any preference from those in a library?
20:52 cait            on
20:52 cait            in lists?
20:52 gmcharlt        "Lists found in"?
20:52 nengard         gmcharlt that works
20:53 Sharon          let me catch up, just a second
20:54 wizzyrea        hrm
20:55 chris           can just say i hate the word lists, its way to ambigious
20:56 nengard         hehe
20:56 nengard         you can say it - but i think it's meant to be ambigious
20:56 chris           what lists
20:56 nengard         yes
20:56 brendan         chris it's saturday morning for you -- you're not allowed to say anything
20:56 chris           which lists
20:56 * nengard       laughs at brendan
20:57 chris           for someone new to koha, id be all, wtf lists are you talking about? my list of reports? my holds queue list? what??
20:57 nengard         what would you call it instead?
20:57 nengard         not that I'm saying we should change it :)
20:58 chris           it needs another word
20:58 chris           or words
20:58 pianohackr|work find -name '*.tmpl' | xargs sed -i -e 's/Lists/Computer-managed lists of books which can be used to organize them/g'
20:58 pianohackr|work Howzabout that?
20:59 nengard         we're getting off track - so right now I'm using "List(s) found in"
20:59 nengard         are enough people okay with that?
20:59 wizzyrea        lol STAY ON TARGET
20:59 wizzyrea        :D
21:00 wizzyrea        Related Lists?
21:00 nengard         they're not related ... necessarily
21:00 nengard         what if your list is of favorite books
21:00 wizzyrea        well... they're related because they have the same book in common
21:00 wizzyrea        item
21:00 wizzyrea        bib
21:01 wizzyrea        thignie
21:01 nengard         hey - what does amazon say?
21:01 nengard         off to check :)
21:01 nengard         btw i love how bibliocommons does it: http://opl.bibliocommons.com/item/show/669044001_bears
21:01 nengard         but we don't have room for another column
21:02 gmcharlt        nengard: but does suggest wording - "Lists that include this title" :)
21:02 chris           see
21:02 nengard         it's long - but i'd use it if you're all okay with it
21:02 chris           they say collection in one place
21:02 chris           and lists in another
21:02 chris           as translation manager ... that sux
21:02 nengard         cause they're two diff things - aren't they?
21:03 nengard         they have add to MY COLLECTION and SAVE TO A LIST
21:03 chris           isnt a collection just a private list
21:03 nengard         no clue :) might be like LibraryThing
21:03 nengard         or a private list
21:04 chris           collections is better than lists i think
21:04 nengard         dinner is ready - or so the barking tells me :) I'll use the final one we came up with --- Chris but then we connect to collection codes
21:04 wizzyrea        listmania
21:04 gmcharlt        which would be confusing
21:04 chris           what was wrong with virtual shelves anyway?
21:04 * nengard       eating dinner
21:07 wizzyrea        I was thinking something about collections too but... collection has way too many contexts
21:07 chris           ditto lists
21:08 wizzyrea        engrish... is... failing... me...
21:08 wizzyrea        may.... require... beer...
21:10 * brendan       enjoys watching open source discussions sometimes -- that was just an interesting one :)
21:10 chris           oh its not finished :-)
21:11 chris           ill live with the word lists, but i still contend its way hard to translate
21:11 brendan         *agreed*
21:11 chris           cos its way way too ambigious
21:11 chris           it needs context
21:11 brendan         I'm not a fan of cart
21:11 chris           yeah, thats all a bit ecommercey
21:13 wizzyrea        perhaps another language could inform our english translation
21:13 chris           lemme look
21:14 * wizzyrea      likes grasping for straws
21:14 chris           http://opac.koha.workbuffer.org/
21:14 chris           you can change that to different languages down the bottom
21:14 chris           most have gone for literal translations
21:16 chris           thus carrying the confusion forward :-)
21:22 pianohackr|work What about the old standby Virtual Shelves?
21:22 chris           09:07 < chris> what was wrong with virtual shelves anyway?
21:22 chris           :)
21:22 chris           im sure there must have been some reason we changed?
21:23 wizzyrea        ok... what if the users make lists
21:23 wizzyrea        librarians make virtual shelves
21:23 chris           that might work
21:23 pianohackr|work chris: right, missed that
21:23 wizzyrea        i mean, the context of list for a *patron* is "it's a list of stuff I want to remember"
21:23 chris           yep
21:24 wizzyrea        for a librarian it's the virtual equiv. of (example) the endcap of a shelf
21:24 pianohackr|work I think the benefits of that difference might actually outweigh any confusion caused by it
21:24 wizzyrea        highlighted items
21:24 chris           another possibility
21:24 chris           would be a tooltip
21:24 wizzyrea        true, a mouseover explanation might be useful
21:24 chris           *nod*
21:25 chris           that actually might be the easiest solution
21:26 * nengard       back
21:27 wizzyrea        example: here's a patron who made a public list, it's very amazon-y http://catalog.nexpresslibrary.org/cgi-bin/koha/opac-shelves.pl?viewshelf=165
21:27 wizzyrea        kind of like a reading wishlist?
21:29 chris           yeah
21:30 wizzyrea        maybe it would be better to do something like the following: create the lists from the tags
21:30 wizzyrea        why have two functions?
21:30 chris           hmmm
21:30 chris           from the carts?
21:31 chris           you mean ?
21:31 wizzyrea        I'm thinking we already have public and private tags
21:31 wizzyrea        and public and private lists
21:32 wizzyrea        why not consolidate into just tags, and have a display that shows, in brief format like the lists display, all items tagged alike
21:32 wizzyrea        so RAZ's scifi list would be tagged RAZ_SCIFI
21:32 wizzyrea        or something
21:33 chris           oh, hmm might make the tag cloud messy
21:33 chris           tho does anyone ever use them?
21:33 chris           (i know i dont)
21:33 wizzyrea        true... but... tag clouds are supposed to be messy, imo
21:34 chris           interesting idea, i quite like it
21:34 Sharon          our children's librarians are making an effort to use the tagging to share storytime titles with each other
21:34 chris           well seems ppl are already doing it too :)
21:35 chris           as a parent, anything to make more storytimes is great by me :)
21:35 chris           specially if the library has a cafe like WCL
21:35 chris           here ... read my kid a story... ill be over there drinking coffee kthxbye
21:39 nengard         patch submitted for bug 1003
21:39 munin           04Bug http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1003 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, nengard@gmail.com, NEW, Show what Lists the title is on in detail view
21:40 gmcharlt        nengard++
21:40 nengard         couldn't have done it without chris and pianohacker!
21:41 wizzyrea        but think about that combination, I will happily do a mock up of it, I think it might be an improvement of lists/tags
21:42 wizzyrea        but maybe not
21:45 chris           worth doing a mockup wizzyrea, we can whack up a quick prototype .. see if it flies
21:45 gmcharlt        only if you whack it from the bottom, not the top
21:45 chris           heh
21:45 nengard         wizzyrea and chris I'm reading back - but I think we still need both
21:46 nengard         tags and lists
21:46 nengard         because so many peopel don't get tags
21:46 chris           i think this last week is one of the most patchiest weeks ever
21:46 nengard         also - librarything started out with just tags and added collections cause of popular demand
21:46 chris           nengard: maybe just the tooltip mouseover then
21:47 nengard         even flickr has both - sets and tags ... it's just the way things are :)
21:47 chris           sets
21:47 chris           i like sets better than lists
21:47 chris           :)
21:47 nengard         hehe
21:48 chris           but im actually leaning towards just having contextual help, like a mouseover so ppl know what it is
21:48 nengard         know what what is? lists or tags?
21:48 nengard         or both?
21:48 chris           both
21:49 chris           everything in fact
21:49 nengard         hmmm
21:49 chris           :)
21:49 nengard         seems a bit overkill
21:50 chris           well if we cant find a word that isnt ambigious, seems the next best thing
21:51 chris           or we could just have help on the opac too
21:52 chris           but no one ever clicks on that irl
21:52 chris           or at least not the people who need help :)
21:55 nengard         hehe
21:56 pianohackr|work sets++
22:00 chris           ok, time for gymnastics
22:00 chris           have good weekends all
22:01 nengard         i'm logging off too
22:01 nengard         time to try and relax a bit
22:01 nengard         ttyl
22:09 hdl_laptop      going to bed
22:54 |Lupin|         goodnight everybody
23:00 pianohackr|work Hello, Jane
23:01 jwagner         Hi Jesse
23:01 jwagner         Working late :-(
23:01 pianohackr|work How's the wonderful world of testing going?
23:01 jwagner         Grrrrrrr
23:06 pianohackr|work Bye for now