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11:59 |Lupin|    and also a => $str
11:59 |Lupin|    MARC::Field->new( '009', '', '', $str);
11:59 |Lupin|    I tred
11:58 |Lupin|    how to _create_ a 009 field ?
11:58 |Lupin|    actually
11:58 |Lupin|    hmm no
11:58 |Lupin|    does anybody know how to add a 009 Unimarc field to a record in Perl, please ?
11:57 |Lupin|    :)
11:57 Amit       hi lupin
11:55 kf         hi |Lupin|
11:54 |Lupin|    hello !
11:31 paul_p     hi chris & kf. (back from lunch ;-) )
10:33 kf         hi chris :)
10:08 Amit       hi paul_p
10:08 chris      hi kf and paul_p (who is now at lunch)
10:06 kf         good morning paul
09:52 paul_p     good morning everyone !
09:44 chris      heh
09:43 veki       bbl
09:41 veki       is it possible to do interlibrary loans in Koha according to ISO ILL protocol?
09:40 chris      so that somethin can monitor it
09:40 chris      for use in production, id probably add a heartbeat to it
09:39 chris      as it stands it will constantly check the zebraqueue table, then run rebuild_zebra if there is anything to be done
09:39 chris      maybe put a sleep in there
09:39 chris      it works and will only ever have one rebuild_zebra running at a time
09:37 mason      ta chris, i'll use that as a start...
08:46 chris      proof of concept
08:46 chris      http://koha.pastebin.com/m41ad7e76
08:46 chris      and
08:44 chris      mason: http://koha.pastebin.com/m7c124f9b
08:13 mason      these circ selenium scripts should provoke some leakage...
08:12 mason      ok, thanks for that info
08:10 chris      maybe harmlessly, maybe not
08:10 chris      so its doing slightly different things
08:10 chris      ie when people made changes to rebuild_zebra, they didnt make changes to the zebraqueue-daemon
08:10 chris      the main problem is, it hasnt been kept up to date
08:09 chris      they can grow fastish
08:09 chris      but if a library circulates or catalogues a lot
08:09 mason      yeah, ill take a quick tmp fix, until then
08:09 chris      it takes a while
08:08 chris      but thats harder
08:08 mason      ive had the zebraqueue_daemon.pl daemons on my boxes and havent noticed any ballooning processes...
08:08 chris      better solution is to rewrite the daemon and also fix our modules, so we destroy objects properly
08:07 chris      yeah
08:07 mason      i guess the other goofy solution is a cron to restart zebraqueue_daemon.pl every 10 mins / 60 mins etc...
08:07 chris      but it wont be fixed 3.0.x
08:07 mason      gotcha, i recall this being discussed a few months ago
08:07 chris      im unhappy with the cron solution
08:06 chris      but if it runs forever like mod_perl or the daemon, they leak
08:06 chris      which is fine when you run them as cgi, or one hit like rebuild_zebra.pl
08:06 mason      aaah, subtle / complex :/
08:06 chris      (ie they dont clean up after themselves)
08:06 chris      same problem hurts running under mod_perl
08:05 chris      the memory leak is due to our modules not being safe
08:05 mason      or the 'zebraqueue_daemon.pl' daemon?
08:05 mason      what are biblibrians using ? a 1 minute cron of 'rebuild_zebra.pl -z -a -b'
08:05 chris      yep
08:04 mason      if so - is it because of memory-leaking?
08:03 mason      is the koha-zebraqueue-ctl.sh / zebraqueue_daemon.pl script *not* the prefered way to do zebra updates?
08:03 mason      haaay, i have to ask some-one just to make sure...
08:03 chris      ie, running rebuild_zebra at all
08:02 chris      the problem people are having is understanding what cron is
08:02 chris      thats not the problem they are having
08:02 chris      lockfile will do that
08:01 hdl_laptop mason: it "merely" requires not to launh rebuild_zebra over and over again while the previous rebuild_zebra has not finished ;)
08:00 hdl_laptop mason: just do it ;)
07:55 Amit       hi mason
07:55 mason      why not? , and when will this bug be fixed !
07:54 mason      heh, koha is not your sys-admin  :)
07:38 kf         hi nahuel and Amit
07:37 nahuel     hi
07:37 Amit       hi kf nahuel
07:08 chris      can i just reply and see man cron, and if you dont understand that, dont try and run your own linux server
07:08 chris      gah, the rebuild_zebra emails will never stop
07:00 nicomo     hi Amit
07:00 Amit       hi nicomo
05:10 Jo         off home! good night everybody.
05:07 Amit       hi munin
05:02 munin      brendan: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 36.0°C (9:30 AM IST on July 06, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: 19.0°C. Pressure: 29.53 in 1000 hPa (Steady).
05:02 brendan    @wunder new delhi india
05:02 brendan    amit good morning!
05:01 Amit       sorry brendan
05:01 Amit       heya brenan
04:48 brendan    :)
04:48 Jo         lol
04:48 brendan    whoops Jo
04:48 brendan    hey Jp
04:48 Jo         hi brendan
04:47 brendan    hi Amit
04:44 Amit       k
04:36 Jo         rogue keyboard misbehaving ...
04:36 Amit       hi Jo morning
04:36 Jo         AMit (sorry)
04:36 Jo         Good morning Amite
04:29 Amit       good morning #koha
04:29 Amit       hi brendan, chris
20:37 chris      hi richard
20:37 richard    hi
20:35 chris      morning