Time  Nick        Message
08:28 ron         crikey it's cold outside
07:56 magnusenger hi!
07:54 Amit        hi magnusenger
07:18 ron         gotta go, talk later
07:18 Amit        hi ron
07:18 ron         ciao
07:18 ron         taciao
07:18 ron         thx
07:18 ron         ok
07:18 chris       i just have never needed to
07:18 chris       i do know that lots of people have
07:17 ron         uh, gotta go shopping. bak l8r
07:16 ron         however that kinda demands that we get ldap working
07:16 ron         we hope to include koha in future deployments too
07:16 ron         that's what we're deploying koha on
07:15 chris       sure is
07:15 ron         cool, huh? :)
07:15 chris       yep :)
07:15 ron         chris: btw, did you read the URL I sent you?
07:15 ron         chris: hmm. ok
07:15 ron         I've been told that the ldap functionality in koha requires that a privileged ldap admin passwd be stored *in plaintext* for koha's use
07:14 chris       probably not at this time of week, unless mason is about
07:12 ron         has anyone here got first-hand experience with LDAP support in Koha?
07:01 chris       :(
06:56 cait        atm I should read those books about accounting for my distance study :( Its computer science and still cant get away without business studies
06:55 cait        soon is too early, but I really want to get listed in your history one day ;)
06:53 chris       :) we will be waiting for a patch soon then :-)
06:52 cait        I wish I could add a feature like this myself - but I m learning more about Koha everyday :)
06:51 cait        ok :)
06:50 chris       just not done yet afaik
06:50 chris       yeah, i think that is part of the plan too
06:49 cait        xslt for staff side would be really great, I love experimenting with it for OPAC dislpay
06:48 cait        yeah, but sounds like a new MARC orientated view
06:47 chris       so looks like there might be some new features just come in
06:47 chris       etc
06:47 chris       http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commit;h=7504a1bb5a4233b217e5b48d427ab65a478691e6
06:46 cait        ah
06:46 chris       http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commit;h=17ab0a7532a2e646f4d548ce2799b99d49202ee6
06:45 chris       have a look there
06:45 chris       http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=shortlog
06:44 chris       hmm i saw something about that just recently
06:43 cait        chris: is there a way to change normal view on staff side? I already started to change xslt-files to display 880 fields with hebrew title information
06:40 Amit        today is our meeting with delhi public library people's
06:40 chris       cool amit
06:39 Amit        they purchase one more server for making this
06:38 Amit        chris: Delhi public take around 2 month for making z39.50 server i think this is first from india side
06:37 Amit        hi chris morning
06:36 chris       depending on teh airline you fly
06:36 chris       maybe in the us, or singapore, or thailand
06:36 cait        27 h 30 min
06:36 chris       i have done flights to europe and return quite a few times now, and i definitely recommend a stopover
06:35 chris       yes, the german woman i sat next to on the flight back from the US, had already been travelling a while by then
06:34 chris       hehe
06:34 cait        did not realize how far away nz is, until i started looking for flights to wellington g
06:34 cait        good morning chris
06:33 chris       hi amit and cait
06:32 cait        hi Amit
06:32 Amit        hi cait
06:31 Amit        hi adminacct
05:28 Amit        good morning
05:28 Amit        mason
05:28 Amit        hi chris
01:10 pianohacker 'night koha
01:02 chris       seemingly plausible without close reading
01:01 chris       tricky new blogspam
00:58 pianohacker ?
00:57 chris       hmm
20:53 chris       wow 93
20:53 gmcharlt    hi chris
20:53 atz         i just got merge conflicts on today's rebase
20:52 chris       mornig
20:52 gmcharlt    feel free to rename the template variables
20:52 gmcharlt    atz: that's some older stuff
20:52 atz         gmcharlt: all these can_view_labeledMARC, can_view_MARC etc. are wrecking hell on my granular permissions work
19:04 gmcharlt    thx, you too
19:04 brendan     hey gmcharlt have a good weekend -- looking forward to seeing all those good acq patches
19:04 brendan     hey gmcharlt
19:03 gmcharlt    hi brendan
19:03 brendan     hello #koha
18:41 pianohacker bbl
18:07 pianohacker Heh. Not quite the same response time, but...
18:06 ryan        pianohacker: you're better than a bot :)
18:06 pianohacker He hasn't been in much, with the new kid
18:05 ryan        seen owen
17:42 atz         i'll give it a try
17:40 gmcharlt    sounds reasonable
17:40 atz         ?
17:40 atz         gmcharlt: what do you think about a psuedo permission for setbranch?  i.e., granular permissions would populate it from catalogue:setbranch but it would still exist for non-granular
17:37 gmcharlt    true
17:36 atz         superlibrarian gets all user permissions already
17:35 gmcharlt    and be replaced a test on the indybranch syspref and whether or not the user is a superlibrarian or has cataloge->changebranch
17:35 atz         so basically we'll be showing the link to indy branches users, even if they can't use it
17:35 gmcharlt    no, the permission should go away
17:35 atz         that would make the bug an INVALID
17:34 atz         for (3) are you saying it is OK to leave the manage permission in play for this weird indy branches exception case?
17:31 atz         yeah, system groups will inevitably come into play here
17:31 gmcharlt    although potentially it could implement the restriction by overriding the value of a particular users setbranch permission
17:30 gmcharlt    3. indybranches is orthogonal to user permissions in this case, but that's OK for now
17:30 gmcharlt    2. catalogue->setbranch is OK as a granular permission
17:30 atz         good thought
17:29 gmcharlt    1. this is a good candidate for AJAX - no need to redirect at all
17:29 gmcharlt    atz: some thoughts about it
17:16 atz         and whatever fix I implement will reveal that... i.e. "yuo broke it!"
17:15 atz         basically the IndyBranches implementation for controlling "Set branch" is fractured
17:13 atz         gmcharlt: would appreciate feedback on bug#2426
16:01 gmcharlt    thx
16:00 nahuel      i'll send you again
16:00 nahuel      hmmm ok I see
16:00 nahuel      rah
15:59 gmcharlt    your latest 3267 patch doesn't apply against HEAD
15:59 nahuel      yep
15:58 nahuel      gmcharlt, ??
15:58 gmcharlt    nahuel: about?
15:23 pianohacker They are still a bit clunky, even after the recent changes
15:22 gmcharlt    hopefully SF will take UI ideas from Ohloh, not vice versa
15:21 atz         http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2009/05/sourceforge-acquires-foss-code-metric-web-site-ohloh.ars
15:21 atz         interesting.... SourceForge buys Ohloh
14:57 pianohacker "I think ... and circulation.pl have to be refactored" <- understatement of the decade
14:55 atz         er.... http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=2426
14:55 atz         would appreciate comments at HTTP_REFERER
12:16 nicomo      cool, thanks for the pointer to this bug
12:14 gmcharlt    yes
12:13 nicomo      so should be in 3.0.2
12:13 nicomo      seems to be
12:12 gmcharlt    nahuel made a patch for it which was accepted into HEAD on 6 March and into 3.0.x two days ago
12:12 gmcharlt    nicomo: this may be bug 3011
12:11 nicomo      even though I have 5 docs late
12:11 nicomo      Nicolas,MORIN,,69130,ECULLY,nicolas.morin@blabla.fr,0,
12:11 nicomo      then:
12:10 nicomo      name,surname, (etc),itemcount,itemsinfo
12:10 nicomo      header ok :
12:10 nicomo      but csv looks like this
12:10 nicomo      gmcharlt: I haven't checked the message itself
12:09 nicomo      eh eh
12:08 gmcharlt    heh - quote I'm looking at from the bugs..koha.org quips database: Ah, September, when the sysadmins turn colors and fall off the trees.... -- Dave Van Domelen
12:07 gmcharlt    hdl_laptop1: just in the CSV output, or also in the messages it sends?
12:06 hdl_laptop1 gmcharlt: in fact, it seems that overdue_notices.pl fails to display items information
12:06 gmcharlt    nicomo: no, I think that's a different one
12:05 nicomo      and i wasn't sure if that was the same bug as reported by Debra : #2478
12:05 nicomo      it doesn't seem to be
12:05 gmcharlt    I'm not sure if the CSV output of overdue-notices.pl is OK or not
12:04 gmcharlt    I don't know, actually - the bug was that overdue.pl was trying to run overdue-notices.pl, but failing to invoke it
12:03 nicomo      so the csv one gets from overdue-notices.pl is still buggy, right?
12:03 gmcharlt    nicomo: only overdue.pl from the UI
12:03 nicomo      or also overdue-notices.pl from cronjob?
12:03 nicomo      the use of overdue.pl from the UI
12:02 nicomo      but i was wondering if this patch only affects
12:02 gmcharlt    ?
12:02 nicomo      gmcharlt: non-developper question here obviously
12:01 gmcharlt_   says 2748 when I meant 2478
12:01 gmcharlt_   there's a typo in hte message for ab44e2986a0664c1f6c87d7a292d76e547ab978e
12:01 gmcharlt_   hdl_laptop1: yeah, part of the 2866 patch