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18:03 gmcharlt      pianohacker: it lives again
18:03 pianohacker   Cool, thanks
18:04 tajoli        Thank, I see the log now
18:11 wizzyrea      ryan: true, though I just got it all figured out lol :)
18:12 wizzyrea      pianohacker: epic thanks
18:15 pianohacker   No problem, I've had my battles with jquery :)
18:16 wizzyrea      a cookbook type page for this kind of stuff might be helpful on the wiki
18:16 wizzyrea      maybe I'll start one
18:21 chris         morning
18:21 pianohacker   Good morning
18:25 chris         you wanted to know about column.def?
18:27 pianohacker   I was mainly going to ask if the Capitalized Column Names were an intentional convention, or an accidental one
18:30 chris         accidental, its only used by the guided reports, there really is no convention :) it was just a way to present the columns as nicer text than biblioitems.lccn etc
18:30 pianohacker   Yup
18:30 chris         and make them translatable
18:30 pianohacker   Were some of the columns in in from dev_week? Don't recognize them from 2.2 or 3.1
18:30 ebegin        ls
18:30 pianohacker   * in there in
18:31 chris         yep
18:43 Brendan       Good afternoon koha
18:45 pianohacker   wizzyrea: That was a double-take moment; for a second, I thought nekls only had one copy of twilight
18:49 chris         heh
19:04 chris         why have i heard of leavenworth before?
19:05 pianohacker   US prison for court martialled soldiers, I think
19:05 chris         ahhhh that will be it
19:05 chris         from movies
19:05 schuster      Yep.
19:26 gmcharlt      jwagner: about?
19:26 jwagner       Yes
19:26 jwagner       Sort of....
19:27 gmcharlt      heh
19:27 gmcharlt      will you have a chance some time this week to review some changes I'm making to the 007 plugin?
19:27 gmcharlt      turns out it needs some work to not choke the translator
19:27 jwagner       I can try -- what kind of changes?
19:27 gmcharlt      mostly reformatting to break up the long JavaScript that xgettext.pl doesn't like
19:28 gmcharlt      functionality should be identical otherwise
19:28 jwagner       OK, when you're ready let me know what I need to do.
19:28 gmcharlt      ok
19:30 chris         ok, off to catch the hypothermia bus, back in a bit
19:30 wizzyrea      ok, I have another jquery question... say I want to select a div that only shows when in another div: example, I only want to add something to the .container div when it's in yui-main
19:31 wizzyrea      but it's a grandchild, not a child
19:31 wizzyrea      (i've looked at the examples, I don't get it)
19:31 gmcharlt      $('.yui-main .container'); # .yui-main must be an ancester, of any degree, of .container
19:33 wizzyrea      hmm...
19:53 wizzyrea      I did that but it's either not what I need or I'm doing it wrong. My goal is to get the purchase suggestion box to show both when logged in and when not logged in, with our special text/link additions
19:53 wizzyrea      http://catalog.nexpresslibrary.org/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=asdfasdfasdfasdf
19:53 wizzyrea      i.e.
19:53 pianohacker   wizzyrea: Have you tried the AnonSuggestions syspref?
19:55 wizzyrea      but we don't want that
19:55 wizzyrea      :/
19:56 wizzyrea      we want to make them log in
19:56 pianohacker   Ohh, I see
19:56 pianohacker   Never mind
19:56 wizzyrea      yea, good idea though :)
19:56 pianohacker   Is the purchase suggestion box even sent to the browser? If it's not there, can't be shown
19:57 wizzyrea      no, but the container that goes around it is
19:57 pianohacker   OK
19:57 wizzyrea      but... that container is used twice, I need to specify which
19:57 wizzyrea      i *thought* that galen's way would work, but... it doesn't
19:58 wizzyrea      and I"m not sure why... my brain says it should
19:58 wizzyrea      but i'm not a computer :P
19:58 pianohacker   If the structure of the page is pretty stable, you can use something like $('.container:eq(0)') to select the first one
19:58 wizzyrea      Oh... yes... 0 is the index?
19:58 wizzyrea      so if you want the 2nd, it's 1
19:58 wizzyrea      ?
19:59 wizzyrea      I believe it's stable
19:59 wizzyrea      i suppose I could tack it onto different text there... maybe I'm going about it the hard way (entirely possible)
19:59 wizzyrea      1s
20:00 wizzyrea      (but you gave me an idea!)
20:00 pianohacker   Yup
20:02 wizzyrea      lulz
20:11 wizzyrea      pianohacker: http://nekls.test.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf
20:11 wizzyrea      good idea!
20:12 wizzyrea      ty for leading me to it
20:12 pianohacker   No problem
20:14 chris         back
20:20 chris         if so, that explains why i cant edit stuff :)
20:20 pianohacker   Seems like an odd restriction, given that even adding things requires approval
20:27 chris         gmcharlt: started some work on doing a prototype of using template toolkit
20:27 chris         http://git.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=lib/Koha/Templates.pm
20:27 chris         http://git.workbuffer.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/template
20:27 chris         i plan do do the opac-main.pl to use it, and see if we like it or hate it
20:29 pianohacker   chris++
20:35 magnusenger   TT sounds like a good idea! Haven't had the time to look much at Koha templates yet, but prefer the look of TT to what Koha is using today...
20:36 pianohacker   I should have some free time here pretty soon to try to make an H::T::P to TT convertor
20:36 pianohacker   From what I know of the languages, it should at least be possible
20:36 chris         yeah, at least a darn good start
20:42 gmcharlt      chris: cool
20:45 gmcharlt      bbiab
20:47 richard       hi
20:59 chris         hi richard
20:59 richard       hey chris
21:04 chris         gmcharlt: can you ping me when you get back please/
21:17 nicomo_laptop chris : do you know if any usability testing has been done on Koha in the past?
21:17 chris         yes there has been
21:17 chris         katipo did some
21:17 chris         but not in the last 5 years that i know of
21:17 nicomo_laptop way back when, then...
21:17 nicomo_laptop ok
21:18 nicomo_laptop so we would need to start over if we wanted to do something along those lines
21:18 chris         well there has been none done for 3.x afaik
21:18 chris         and the UI is pretty much totally different
21:18 chris         so yep
21:19 nicomo_laptop I'd love to be able to do this
21:20 nicomo_laptop see you tomorrow #koha
21:20 chris         both russel and rachel have a lot of experience with usability testing, dropping them an email might be an idea
21:20 nicomo_laptop ok, will do
21:20 nicomo_laptop thanks
21:23 wizzyrea      NEKLS would be happy to help with that
21:23 wizzyrea      usability testing
21:23 wizzyrea      speaking of usability
21:24 wizzyrea      is there a reason why in the OPAC it shows the current location of the item in location, but the home branch's call number?
21:24 chris         ohh reed has brought brownies to work JOY!
21:24 wizzyrea      shouldn't the two match?
21:24 chris         do we store both?
21:24 pianohacker   wizzyrea: How do you mean? On what screen?
21:24 wizzyrea      1s, example inc.
21:25 wizzyrea      Chris: you can get them in the intranet
21:25 chris         i guess we do then ;)
21:25 wizzyrea      http://nekls.test.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=47833
21:26 wizzyrea      i know that you all probably wouldn't know the difference, but wellsville does not have a call number of JF MEYER
21:27 chris         what is wrong with them?
21:27 chris         ohh i can't spell
21:27 chris         yep i see what you mean
21:27 wizzyrea      so, a patron could be standing in a library
21:28 chris         i cant think of a reason why you wouldnt want the callnumber where it is actually shelved showing there
21:28 wizzyrea      say to the staff "I'm looking for JF MEYER"
21:28 chris         seems like a bug to me
21:28 wizzyrea      and  staff says "that's not our call number"
21:28 wizzyrea      or "that's not in our library"
21:28 wizzyrea      we thought the exact opposite
21:28 wizzyrea      we figured that if a patron wanted to know if wellsville had a book, it should say "wellsville" and show wellsville's call number
21:29 chris         yeah thats what i meant
21:29 pianohacker   There should really only be one call number per item
21:29 wizzyrea      the status says where it is (if it's checked out, we don't care where it is b/c it's not available anyway"
21:29 chris         pianohacker: ahh not in consortia
21:29 wizzyrea      well I had a mind to fix it but I thought maybe someone would want a syspref to manage that
21:29 wizzyrea      which I'm probably not competent to do
21:29 chris         couldnt hurt
21:30 pianohacker   chris: It makes sense that it should be possible, but Koha can't store multiple call numbers per item, correct?
21:30 wizzyrea      not that I'm aware of
21:30 chris         i thought you said you could see it in the intranet?
21:30 wizzyrea      you can, it's one of our custom changes
21:30 wizzyrea      well, we can
21:31 chris         oohhh
21:31 chris         so you must be storing more than one then
21:31 pianohacker   Ah
21:31 wizzyrea      I don't think so, we're only talking about the home location vs. current location
21:31 wizzyrea      not about call numbers
21:31 chris         hehe
21:31 chris         we broke pianohacker
21:31 wizzyrea      doh >.<
21:31 chris         made him reboot
21:32 wizzyrea      i've been abusing his mind all day whilst battling jquery.
21:32 chris         ok, right, so you have curernt and home branch .. yep thats in koha
21:32 wizzyrea      right
21:32 wizzyrea      just seems like whatever it is it should be consistent
21:33 chris         yep, but how would it know what callnumber it should be if it is at wellsville
21:33 wizzyrea      but the most logical way to me is to show the home location (holding branch/library) with its associated call number
21:33 wizzyrea      both are attached to the item record
21:33 chris         you would have to have one for every branch
21:33 wizzyrea      hm... i don't think I'm being clear
21:33 chris         for every item
21:34 wizzyrea      what we have in the opac is we show the item record, with it's home branch, and home call number
21:34 chris         right
21:35 chris         and you want to show current branch and current branch callnumber?
21:35 chris         but there is no such thing as home callnumber and current branch callnumber ... just 1 callnnumber
21:36 chris         so we would need to add callnumbers to all the items, 1 per branch
21:36 wizzyrea      what the opac is showing is CURRENT location (where it's been transferred to) and HOME call number
21:36 chris         ohhh so
21:36 chris         you just want homebranch to show?
21:36 wizzyrea      exactly
21:36 chris         oh i think there might even be a syspref for that already
21:37 wizzyrea      I can't think of a reason anybody would want that combo, current location and home call number
21:37 wizzyrea      it would be so spectacular if there was
21:37 chris         like pianohacker said, lots of libraries shelf in the same callnumber in all branches
21:37 chris         so they wont have noticed the issue
21:37 wizzyrea      that's true
21:39 chris         ahh there is one for circulation
21:39 chris         but not for the opac
21:39 chris         Used by Circulation to determine which branch of an item to check with independent branches on, and by search to determine which branch to choose for availability
21:39 chris         ok, i reckon we need one in the Opac tab
21:40 chris         with the default set to holdingbranch .. so it works the same for everyone now, and you can switch that to homebranch
21:40 wizzyrea      right
21:46 chris         hmmm
21:46 chris         can you do me a flavour wizzyrea
21:46 chris         on your test one
21:47 chris         toggle the HomeOrHoldingBranch to homebranch
21:47 chris         and then refresh taht opac page
21:48 chris         i found this in the code
21:48 chris          # set item's branch name, use HomeOrHoldingBranch syspref first, fall back to the other one
21:49 ryan          imo, that should be considered a bug.  if an item is not in its home location, the call number should not display.
21:50 chris         thats another way to do it too
21:53 chris         wizzyrea: might be best to file a bug
21:53 chris         be nice to have someway for people to tell from the opac that its not in its home location
21:54 chris         maybe callnumber should say "go ask a librarian, koha has no idea where this might be shelved" :-)
21:55 chris         http://eaves.ca/2009/05/26/why-collaborative-skills-matter-in-open-source/
21:57 wizzyrea      well I honestly think that it should be a toggle for the OPAC. For systems that use uniform call numbers the default way works fine
21:57 wizzyrea      homeorholdingbranch made no difference
21:57 chris         worth a try
21:58 chris         i think a toggle is good too
21:59 chris         probably good to file a bug, and see if you can get some comments on it
21:59 chris         ryan: still enjoying the west coast?
21:59 wizzyrea      I think it's OK, since the availability is showing, that even if the item is checked out that the home location and home call number show, instead of current location. Patrons (at least ours) dont' care where it is now, they just want to know if they can have it.
22:00 wizzyrea      I'll file a bug
22:00 chris         cool
22:02 wizzyrea      ok peps, ttyl
22:02 wizzyrea      thanks for all the help today
22:06 ryan          chris: even moreso now that the rainy season has passed :)
22:08 chris         :)
22:08 Ricardo       Hi everyone  :)
22:08 chris         hi Ricardo
22:08 Ricardo       Chris: You're just the man I wanted to talk with!
22:09 Ricardo       I'm contributing to the translation of Koha to Portuguese...
22:09 chris         sup?
22:09 chris         cool
22:09 Ricardo       ... but I'm a bit lost regarding the translation of the UNIMARC framework. The French one seems to be done in a different way / files than the one from Russia and Ukraine  :-S
22:10 chris         ahh yeah
22:10 Ricardo       (I know the rest may be /should be translated through Pootle)
22:10 chris         yep
22:10 Ricardo       But Pootle does NOT cover the Framework, right?
22:10 chris         currently the framework isnt translatable in Pootle
22:10 chris         no
22:11 Ricardo       Right
22:11 chris         i would copy how the russian and ukranian ones are done
22:11 Ricardo       So, what's the recommended way of translating the framework? I'm guessing editing SQL files but, like I said, the French and the Russian/Ucrainian seem to be doing it differently
22:12 Ricardo       Hmmm.... OK. And how are those files "picked up" by Koha? For instance, "uk-UA" uses this:
22:12 Ricardo       (running "updatedb"... please wait)
22:14 Ricardo       File: /installer/data/mysql/ru-RU/marcflavour/unimarc/mandatory/unimarc_bibliographic_subfields_[DEFAULT].csv.sql
22:14 chris         yep
22:14 Ricardo       How does Koha pick that one?  I did a grep for unimarc_bibliographic_subfields and found nothing  :-(
22:14 chris         the installer does
22:14 chris         http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commit;h=d0c692e896674ca804d07a576895d9904e8a9118
22:15 chris         basically you need to do that
22:15 chris         make a pt-PT dir
22:16 Ricardo       Create a pt-PT under installer/data/mysql/ right?
22:16 chris         yep
22:17 chris         and copy all the files from uk-UA or ru-RU
22:17 Ricardo       And is it correct to have files with Item Types "hardcoded" in the name, like the uk-UA has:
22:18 Ricardo       File: installer/data/mysql/uk-UA/marcflavour/unimarc/optional/unimarc_bibliographic_subfields_[BOOK].csv.sql
22:18 Ricardo       ?
22:18 chris         those are for special frameworks for books
22:18 chris         doesnt hurt to have that in there
22:19 chris         makes it easier to see what it is ;)
22:19 Ricardo       Right. I gathered as much  :)  Doesn't that require the framework to be called "BOOK" as well, to work?
22:20 Ricardo       I'm guessing it does, from this:
22:20 Ricardo       INSERT INTO `authorised_values` (`tagfield`, `tagsubfield`, `liblibrarian`, `libopac`, `repeatable`, `mandatory`, `kohafield`, `tab`, `authorised_value`, `authtypecode`, `value_builder`, `isurl`, `hidden`, `frameworkcode`, `seealso`, `link`, `defaultvalue`) VALUES ('001','@','Ð?ПЌер іЎеМтОфікації прОЌіткО','','0','0','','3','','','','0','1','BOOK','','','NULL');
22:20 Ricardo       (frameworkcode = BOOK, if I'm reading this right)
22:21 chris         http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=blob;f=installer/data/mysql/uk-UA/marcflavour/unimarc/optional/biblio_framework_codes.sql;h=e028d08856e7f31060a8259bf203d270ae69676c;hb=6d75e726d5755a7590c6079ee0caa59bbcbcf8f3
22:21 chris         yep
22:21 Ricardo       My Ukrainian is a bit rusty, but thanks anyway!  ;-)
22:21 chris         looks like it makes those framworks
22:21 chris         BOOK
22:21 chris         PER
22:21 chris         etc
22:21 Ricardo       Right
22:21 chris         then populates each of them
22:22 chris         whereas in marc21 en
22:22 chris         we have one huge file that does both at once
22:23 chris         so you can do it either way really
22:23 Ricardo       It's the hard coding of the name in the frameworkcode that may cause me some trouble, but I guess that will do
22:23 chris         since you will probably be maintaining it, do it in whatever way makes more sense for you :)
22:23 Ricardo       So, if those files exist under "pt-PT", the installer will "automagically" work with it, or must I edit some code in the installer Perl code, in order for it to work?
22:24 chris         lemme check that, i hope its automagically but i will check
22:24 Ricardo       OK. Thanks. Waiting  :)
22:28 chris         i see nothing specific in the code
22:28 Ricardo       Great... I guess I'll have long nights and afternoon...
22:29 chris         :)
22:29 Ricardo       Could you please do NOT consider the deadline the New Zealand time? You're many hours ahead of us!  ;-)
22:29 chris         it will be french time :)
22:29 Ricardo       OK. Fair enough  :)
22:30 Ricardo       I found it kind of funny then, when searching for Translation information in the wiki, I found this:
22:30 Ricardo       http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=howtotranslatekoha
22:30 Ricardo       Read that page  :)
22:30 chris         heh
22:31 Ricardo       I'm NOT any of those Portuguese / Brazilian guys, but I think that proves 2 things:
22:31 Ricardo       1 - We need to put some information about the translation process in the Wiki
22:31 chris         yep
22:31 Ricardo       2 - There's interest in the Portuguese community to have a Portuguese translation!  :)
22:32 chris         http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php#translation
22:33 Ricardo       chris: Right. There's where I found the "HowToTranslateKoha" page (the one with the Portuguese people asking for a Portuguese translation)
22:33 chris         we should fill that area out a lot more
22:33 Ricardo       Ah! Agreed!
22:33 chris         the first thing should be
22:33 chris         email koha-translate
22:33 chris         and introduce yourself
22:34 chris         because there may be people already working on things you want to work on
22:34 Ricardo       Maybe... Adding information about the mailing list "koha-translate" is vital, granted.
22:34 Ricardo       ... but I would also add some information about Pootle.
22:34 chris         yep
22:34 Ricardo       Oh well, it's always easier to talk about things (like I'm doing now), than ACTUALLY doing them, right?  ;-)
22:36 Ricardo       I think that's one of the reasons that prompted me to create the "INSTALL.opensuse" file / wiki page (I had problems installing Koha in openSUSE, saw people with some problems, and had the knowledge/experience to try to help. And some TIME too... NOW that's lacking now  :(
22:38 chris         http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=howtotranslatekoha
22:38 chris         theres a start
22:38 Ricardo       now THAT was quick!  :)
22:38 chris         will try to add some more after work
22:39 Ricardo       Great Chris!
22:39 Ricardo       My gitweb skills are lame...
22:40 Ricardo       How do I find/search for the "user_flags.txt" file in gitweb?
22:40 chris         use the tree links
22:40 chris         http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=tree;
22:40 chris         if you have some idea where it is anyway
22:40 Ricardo       chris: Right. That enables me to browse.... If I know the directory of the file that helps...
22:41 Ricardo       I'm guessing it's easier to find the file in my Linux installation than in gitweb then  :-(
22:41 chris         yep
22:41 Ricardo       OK. Thanks for the feedback
22:42 Ricardo       Chris: Should the Portuguese translation be sent to the "3.0.x" branch? To HEAD? To both?
22:43 chris         of the frameworks? hmm both
22:43 Ricardo       Right ("of the frameworks"). OK. Thanks!  :)
22:44 Ricardo       I think that, for some of the files, I will copy the english version instead (it's easier to translate and not that bad if I miss the translation of some terms...)
22:46 chris         sounds like a good idea to me
22:47 Ricardo       Hmm... Yes, thanks. There's a problem though. Filename differences:
22:47 Ricardo       "user_flags.txt" (uk-UA) Vs "userflags.txt" (en), for instance
22:48 Ricardo       Also "userpermissions.sql" that "uk-UA" has and "en" does NOT
22:48 chris         im not sure it matters as long as the .sql and .txt files have the same filename
22:48 chris         also if it turns out it does
22:48 chris         git mv is easy :)
22:48 Ricardo       You're the git guru. Not me!  :)
22:49 Ricardo       I just "get around" git
22:49 Ricardo       I'm only one step above "git newbie"
22:49 chris         git mv oldname somenewname
22:49 chris         done :)
22:49 Ricardo       OK. Thanks for the tip!  :)
22:55 Ricardo       Shoud I add:
22:55 Ricardo       set NAMES 'utf8';
22:56 Ricardo       at the top of my .sql framework files?
22:56 chris         hmm that im not sure about, but yeah, i reckon so
22:57 Ricardo       OK. Thanks
23:01 pianohacker   Ricardo: Confirmed from source that you do. The installation module does not do SET NAMES utf8, though the rest of koha does
23:02 Ricardo       pianohacker: Thanks for the info. So, I should ADD it at the top of my .sql files, right?
23:02 pianohacker   Yup
23:03 Ricardo       pianohacker: Cool. Thanks!  :)
23:03 pianohacker   ++ for translation, by the way
23:05 Ricardo       pianohacker: Right. At least, for the SQL files that have "weird" characters in it (accented and/or foreign characters)
23:05 chris         yeah, it doesnt hurt to do it for everything anway
23:05 pianohacker   Yup
23:05 Ricardo       chris: OK :)
23:07 Ricardo       BRB
23:17 Ricardo       Back
23:19 Ricardo       Are there any mandatory files for the translation to work (I mean, NOT to crash Koha)?
23:19 Ricardo       (regarding the files under /installer/data/mysql  I mean)
23:20 pianohacker   I think the only language-dependent, mandatory files are the framework definitions
23:20 chris         the mandatory ones maybe?
23:20 chris         im not sure actually
23:20 chris         translating frameworks is a new(ish) thing
23:20 Ricardo       pianohacker / chris: OK. Thanks. If Koha 3.02 crashes hard, you'll know I'm the one to blame!  ;-)
23:20 chris         :)
23:29 Ricardo       Hmmm... The French translation has authorities SQL files for MARC21 but not for UNIMARC:
23:30 Ricardo       FILE: /blib/INTRANET_CGI_DIR/installer/data/mysql/fr-FR/marcflavour/marc21/Obligatoire/authorities_normal_marc21.sql
23:30 Ricardo       Is this to be expected?  :-S
23:30 chris         authorities work totally different in UNIMARC
23:30 chris         maybe they dont use that file
23:30 chris         you would want to talk the french guys about that
23:31 Ricardo       Could be... This is looking darker and darker by the minute...
23:31 chris         i would also suggest emailing Andrei
23:32 chris         pm'd you the email address
23:32 chris         he did hte UK and RU translations
23:32 chris         and has excellent english
23:32 Ricardo       chris: OK. Thanks for the info  :)
23:32 chris         so he might be a good source of help
23:32 Ricardo       Right
23:34 Ricardo       BRB
23:56 Ricardo       Back
23:57 Ricardo       Furiously translating authority tags  :)
00:31 Ricardo       OK. It's WAY past my bed time now (1H30 AM here in Lisbon). I need to go to sleep.
00:31 Ricardo       Chris and pianohacker: Thank you very much for helping!  :)
00:31 pianohacker   No problem, thanks for translating
00:31 chris         sleep well
00:31 Ricardo       pianohacker: You're welcome  :)
00:31 Ricardo       chris: Thanks!
00:31 Ricardo       chris: What's the time now there?
00:32 chris         12.32 pm
00:32 Ricardo       chris: OK. Have a nice lunch, then!  ;-)
00:32 Ricardo       Cheers!  :)
00:33 chris         thanks :)
00:35 Ricardo       Bye!
00:49 pianohacker   Good night, #koha
03:26 Amit          hi brendan, chris mason good morning
03:26 Amit          hi hdl good morning
03:26 hdl_laptop    hi Amit
03:28 Jo            morning AMit
03:29 Amit          hi jo good morning
03:46 brendan       heya Amit
03:50 Amit          heya brendan
04:57 mason         mornign amit
05:02 Amit          hi mason after long time
05:50 Amit          hi honey
05:50 honey         hi Amit
07:48 Amit          hi kf
07:48 indradg       chris, around?
07:49 kf            hi Amit and indradg
07:49 indradg       hi kf
07:54 chris         hi indradg
07:54 chris         ltns
08:02 indradg       chris, yep.. lots of changes... but now getting back to old things that i really knew for a change :D
08:08 chris         cool
08:25 Amit          hi nicomo, paul
08:32 chris         hi hdl_laptop
08:37 Amit          hi chris
11:20 chris         hmm must be nearly bedtime i think
11:30 chris         hi jwagner and bye
11:31 gmcharlt      good morning all
11:31 gmcharlt      (and g'night chris)
11:33 jwagner       Good morning and good night!
11:35 Amit          hi gmcharlt
11:35 Amit          hi jwagner
11:35 jwagner       Hi Amit.
11:51 hdl_laptop    hi gmcharlt
11:51 gmcharlt      hi hdl_laptop
11:51 gmcharlt      hi Amit