Time  Nick        Message
17:26 JavierFM    hello brendan
17:27 JavierFM    pianohacker: hello man
19:07 ebegin      Anybody around?
19:07 pianohacker Hallo
19:07 ebegin      Hey pianohacker!
19:07 pianohacker Hi, eric
19:08 pianohacker What's going on?
19:08 ebegin      Not much... Today's a rainy day
19:08 pianohacker Kind of overcast here in colorado, actually
19:09 pianohacker Where are you?
19:09 ebegin      I think I'll go to the theater... Angels & Demons (daemons)
19:09 ebegin      Montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada
19:09 pianohacker Ahh, that's right. You were talking about multiple-language support for notices
19:09 ebegin      Actually, I got to go.  The movie starts in half an hour :)
19:10 pianohacker See ya
19:10 ebegin      pianohacker, oh yes...
19:10 ebegin      ciao everyone!
02:29 pianohacker 'night
09:39 reed        if anyone's interested - lenny install notes:
09:39 reed        http://blog.triumphovermadness.com/2009/05/koha-3-on-debianlenny.html
09:40 reed        would like to get any fixes that people spot, still need to fully test this
09:40 reed        g/nite
09:42 chris       ohh cool