Time  Nick          Message
11:57 gmcharlt      howdy
11:54 kf            good morning
11:53 ebegin        good morning all!
08:48 brendan       sleep well chris
08:47 chris         night brendan
08:46 brendan       ahhh  - good night #koha
08:36 Amit          hi elwell
08:20 wxcv          good morning.
08:17 Elwell        Morning all.
07:32 chris         heh
07:32 brendan       we played some basketball tonight -- it felt more like a rugby match than basketball
07:32 chris         final week before the playoffs of super 14
07:31 nahuel        hi chris
07:31 chris         hi nahuel
07:31 nahuel        hi all
07:31 nahuel        hi brendan !
07:31 brendan       oh yeah /me interested to see what comes out of my kitchen right now
07:30 brendan       hello nahuel if you're out there
07:25 Amit          hi chris, kf
07:18 kf            ok
07:18 chris         ill give it a couple more days in case some more come in, then ill update them
07:17 chris         yep there are a couple of new strings
07:17 kf            will there be another update for 3.0.2? finished German translation for now
07:17 kf            there are languages I never heard of in the list, its really exciting
07:16 nicomo_laptop hi chris
07:16 chris         hi nicomo_laptop
07:15 chris         just added slovakian to the list of languages to be translated, we are getting quite a few now
07:15 kf            hi chris
07:14 chris         hi kf
07:13 kf            good morning #koha
05:27 Jo            good night all
05:24 nicomo        morning all
05:24 nicomo        hi Amit
05:24 Amit          hi nicomo
03:20 brendan       heya amit -- good evening
03:19 Amit          hi chris, brendan, mason good morning
03:00 pianohacker   'night, all
03:00 pianohacker   Hrm, nvm. Seems to not charge reserve fee when no items are checked out
02:29 pianohacker   Is there anyone here familiar with the internals of GetReserveFee ?
22:13 gmcharlt      Jo: thanks!
22:13 Jo            Galen (even)
22:13 Jo            gaelen: your manage staged records work is fantastic!
21:49 reed          sounds dangerous even
21:49 richard       i had to nail down some iron on my roof in island bay this morning. very unpleasant experience
21:48 reed          for a 90 year old house with leaky tin on top, I don't understand why it hasn't happened yet
21:47 reed          I keep thinking my roof is going to come off, hasn't yet for some reason
21:46 chris         at least my fence didnt blow down this time
21:46 reed          the wind here is crazy
21:45 brendan       cool
21:45 chris         all quiet again apart from the wind
21:45 brendan       chris how's everything there?
21:40 chris         bummer
21:40 brendan       heya chris - lost internet for awhile
21:38 chris         hi brendan
21:32 schuster      have a great evening!!  Home for a change tonight!
21:30 schuster      Still working on a video streaming host ..  Google video was suggested as an option.
21:30 schuster      I've had to do some editing - sound/minor video pauses in discussion to shorten them from the full hour.
21:29 schuster      sorry not yet on the videos...  I need to get with the other gentleman to see how he is coming with his.
21:28 chris         heh i have no idea
21:28 Jo            flippin heck : what was i thinking when i typed that!
21:26 Jo            who would home
21:26 Jo            I'd love to see it,.
21:26 chris         heh
21:06 wizzyrea1     good for community lurve
21:05 wizzyrea1     oh it was great. inspiring.
21:05 chris         hehe im scared to see myself
21:03 wizzyrea1     :P
21:03 wizzyrea1     some pepole here need to watch chris and paul talk about the history
21:03 chris         oh good question
21:02 wizzyrea1     does anybody know where the conference videos are being hosted? Schuster?
21:02 chris         yep, fun and games
21:02 Jo            Good morning.  Overcast but calm here in Horowhenua; I think Wellington's in for hammering today though
20:59 chris         heya jo, hows the horowhenua today, you get the wind too?
20:56 wizzyrea1     ah tyty
20:55 chris         wb wizzyrea1
20:49 chris         http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/2413952/Gales-buffet-North-South-islands
20:49 chris         the world is conspiring to deprive me of sleep
19:43 chris         right, on the bus i go, cyas in 40 mins or so, if ppl are still around
19:40 gmcharlt      thanks
19:40 chris         hi gmcharlt, ill fix that dropdown today if i get the chance
19:40 wizzyrea      worked, fwiw
19:39 wizzyrea      I ran laps (nearly) around the maternity ward to 'move things along' because I was terrified they were going to send me home (an hour away)
19:39 chris         schuster: yeah, i hear ya :)
19:37 schuster      My wife was always afraid to go to the hospital until the last minute because she didn't want to be sent home!
19:37 schuster      Speaking of babies... read your blog post that's the worst!
19:37 gmcharlt      hi chris
19:36 chris         schuster: he isn't on irc so much at the moment, new baby and all :)
19:36 chris         morning all
19:25 schuster      Owen around?
18:25 gmcharlt      atz: please
17:52 atz           gmcharlt: do you want me to spin that off as a separate patch?
17:49 atz           right
17:37 gmcharlt      used only in one place
17:36 gmcharlt      looks like changing it to a hash would be sufficient
17:36 gmcharlt      yeah, does make a bad assumption about what's in @failedrenews
17:36 atz           i'm thinking that failedrenew is a set of barcodes or itemnumbers.... meaning that array accessor might be building a *massive* array
17:35 atz           for (@failedrenews) { $renew_failed[$_] = 1; }
17:34 atz           circ/circulation.pl
17:34 atz           gmcharlt: found a line that has to be changed...
16:29 gmcharlt      cool
16:28 pianohacker   Thanks
16:28 pianohacker   gmcharlt: Just saw your email, sounds good
16:28 davi          I am busy with other project. That is because I am not working yet on my assigned bug
16:18 wizzyrea      very quiet today
12:09 Amit          hi jwagner