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11:00 [Xwire]      both ie6 and 7
11:00 hdl_laptop   .... use of FF is recommended for Intranet.
11:00 [Xwire]      http://libraryadmin.raresites.org/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/plugin_launcher.pl?plugin_name=marc21_leader.pl&index=tag_000_subfield_00_384711_882959&result=
11:02 [Xwire]      yea, that isn't going to happen for me
11:03 [Xwire]      shouldn't have spaces in urls anyways, this must be an oversight
11:04 [Xwire]      i use ff myself most of the time, but i can't convince everyone else
11:17 [Xwire]      ok i submitted a bug report
12:41 jwagner      Is Joe Atzberger around?
12:43 mc           jwagner: joe is atz
12:44 jwagner      Thanks mc -- I see he's logged in, but didn't know if he was active at the moment.
12:52 greenmang0   any marceditor software for linux?
12:52 greenmang0   slef:
12:53 greenmang0   Elwell: ^^
13:00 owen         greenmang0: There are some results for a search for "marcedit linux", but not necessarily promising: http://lists.katipo.co.nz/public/koha/2007-March/011260.html
13:02 greenmang0   owen: i hate WINE
13:02 greenmang0   owen: that's why
13:02 greenmang0   ;)
13:40 hdl_laptop   !seen atz
13:40 hdl_laptop   jwagner: here was the last time joe was seen active
13:42 jwagner      Thanks -- I have a question for him if he pops up today.
13:44 hdl_laptop   you can ask either pm or on chan with "pinging" him, he will read, an may answer as soon as he logsin
13:46 jwagner      Thanks hdl_laptop!
14:35 owen         Anyone remember the HTML::Template syntax for outputting a LOOP's row number?
14:50 atz          __count__  i think
14:51 atz          __counter__ rather
14:52 jwagner      atz, I was looking for you earlier -- good to see you pop up.  On the listserv Friday, when I asked about MaxFine, you said you thought it might be a case problem "my problem was that the case of the syspref (MaxFine) and it's invocation (maxFine) differed" -- any followup on that?  I looked at the fines.pl script but couldn't see where it was invoking MaxFine at all.  Thanks.
14:54 atz          jwagner: it's in an interior module (C4/Overdues) in the CalcFine function
14:54 owen         Thanks atz that worked.
14:57 jwagner      atz, found the line "$amount = C4::Context->preference('maxFine') if(C4::Context->preference('maxFine') && ( $amount > C4::Context->preference('maxFine')));
14:57 jwagner      " -- your theory is that the call of maxFine is the problem?  If I change that in Overdues.pm the fines should start paying attention to the MaxFine setting?
14:58 atz          i have no insight on this one.  CacFine already pays attention to MaxFine in that line.
15:00 jwagner      Hmm.  I'll try changing the case and see if it helps -- the system appears to be ignoring that setting now.  Thanks much for your help!
15:19 hdl_laptop   atz: Is there any chance to see Galen ?
15:19 hdl_laptop   !seen gmcharlt
15:22 mc           kf
15:22 mc           oops... sorry
15:22 mc           hello koha people
16:03 atz          hdl_laptop: haven't seen him today
19:06 owen         Anyone around familiar with C4::Biblio::get_koha_field_from_marc() ?
19:08 pianohacker  owen: If no one else is around, I could take your question, though I don't have extensive experience with it (besides dealing with its bastard 2.2.9 ancestor)
19:09 owen         I'm curious whether it's the preferred way of pulling a subtitle
19:10 owen         Koha in general has such poor handling of subtitle I'd love to use that in places I see it could do some good.
19:11 pianohacker  I think it is; catalogue/detail.pl uses it (line 68)
19:12 pianohacker  Really, it should be integrated into C4::Biblio::TransformMarcToKoha
19:13 owen         Then I wonder, is there a disadvantage to calling GetMarcBiblio() just to get the subtitle...I don't know how to judge when something is going to slow down a script
19:31 chris        morning
19:31 owen         Hi chris
19:33 pianohacker  That depends; some scripts already do so, of course. Where are you thinking of putting it?
19:36 chris        owen: there is a slight overheard
19:36 chris        if its already been called and the value has been assigned to a variable then that overhead has already been paid
19:37 pianohacker  Yup
19:39 atz          :q
19:40 chris        heh
19:40 atz          nah, i'm tring to lick my nose.
19:41 chris        owen is the subtitle not returned with  GetBiblioData ?
19:43 pianohacker  chris: No, because there is no database column for it
19:44 chris        ah, it doesnt look at the bibliosubtitle table eh
19:44 chris        stink
19:44 chris        in that case what you did is your best bet owen
19:44 owen         The bibliosubtitle table doesn't exist anymore
19:44 pianohacker  chris: I think that table was eliminated in 3.0
19:44 pianohacker  <jinx>
19:44 pianohacker  Anyway, there's an RFC to get it back: http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:rfcs3.2:rfc32_subtitle_field
19:44 chris        ohh, so its only in the marc?
19:44 chris        cool
19:45 owen         Seems like we're at the point where trying to create new tables or columns for MARC data is just too limiting
19:46 chris        well recreate in this case :)
19:46 chris        seems we are at the point where MARC is too limiting if you ask me :-)
19:46 owen         Well, no one will argue with you there
19:47 chris        i think with zebra being able to index anything we describe
19:47 chris        it would be fun to play with storing other representations in a column like we currently do marcxml
19:47 chris        i might have to do a prototype
19:48 chris        but first i must drink coffee
19:49 pianohacker  chris: Do you mean something like MODS, or dublin-core ?
19:49 chris        i was thinking dublin-core to start, cos its smaller and easier :) but no reason why not MODS too
19:50 chris        i think the corporate libraries would like to be able to catalogue in dublin-core
19:50 pianohacker  Yah
19:51 pianohacker  Of course, there's the problem of keeping everything in sync
19:52 pianohacker  Not to mention differing standards; corporate libraries would likely not enter something like "The mythical man-month /" in their dc:title field
19:52 chris        yeah, i was thinking more you choose your representation (much like you choose unimarc or marc21 now)
19:52 pianohacker  Oh; so something like a biblio.sourcedata column?
19:52 chris        and we have conversion routines for import/export if you wanted to go to another format
19:52 chris        yeah, something like that would be kinda neat
19:53 chris        pianohacker: are you going to kohacon?
19:53 hdl_laptop   chris++
19:53 pianohacker  chris: Unfortunately, no; I'm already committed to present at a Colorado conference
19:54 chris        dang, i was thinking we could take a few hours and hash out a plan
19:54 hdl_laptop   problem would be with input frameworks and all our stuff which supposes always 2 and only 2 levels before data.
19:55 chris        yep
19:55 imp          http://www.koha.org/irc/ -> 404
19:55 pianohacker  It would be a 3.4, 3.6 change at the earliest
19:56 chris        definitely
19:56 chris        but its good to be thnking about it
19:56 hdl_laptop   But, if Biblios is to be the cataloguing tool, then Adding xslt and frameworks would be OK.
19:56 hdl_laptop   pianohacker: rather 4.0
19:56 hdl_laptop   but maybe 3.6
19:56 chris        i think 3.4 would be small marc framework
19:59 chris        for the small corporates
19:59 chris        that looks really non-marcy .. and just a little option when installing
19:59 chris        do you understand marc yes/no ? :)
20:00 pianohacker  "Who is 'MARC' and what does he want with me?"
20:01 chris        or MARC21, UNIMARC or WTF?
20:01 pianohacker  Hehe
20:09 pianohacker  chris: Is there a particularly active time of day/week on this channel? We could at least hash out a plan that way, though it wouldn't be as good as in-person
20:10 hdl_laptop   chris: hidemarc should do that, unless it is deprecated.
20:11 hdl_laptop   pianohacker: we used to having some irc meeting to discuss plans.
20:12 hdl_laptop   And we are having meetings now with Galen in order to synchronize and organize more clearly
20:12 hdl_laptop   It is not enough, but it is a good start.
20:13 pianohacker  Most definitely. Should we start agitating for another on this subject? It's more than important enough
20:14 Jo           Morning all
20:14 pianohacker  Jo: Hello
20:16 brendan      how about through the chat topics -- get more then just a few peoples opinions and allow more people to join in.
20:16 chris        hdl_laptop: it kinda is dprecated
20:17 hdl_laptop   brendan: pianohacker koha-devel could be a good start also for asking for ppl to have a meeting.
20:18 chris        yeah maybe we should have fortnightly (once every 2 weeks) town halls
20:18 chris        where ppl build an agenda in the weeks leading up
20:23 brendan      I'd be more than willing to help anyone - come up with agenda items -please feel free to contact me...
20:23 chris        hey jo :)
20:25 pianohacker  http://www.tinychat.com/ might be a good way to remove the IRC barrier
20:26 chris        http://webchat.mibbit.com/
20:26 chris        might mean that us people who like irc can still use it, and the bot logs it etc
20:26 chris        but those who dont can use a nice web interface
20:27 chris        we could put a widget up somewhere to make it easy
20:27 mibbit_chris its pretty nifty
20:28 hdl_laptop   yeah.
20:43 imp          pianohacker: fixing the 404 from www.koha.org/irc will help also ;)
20:44 pianohacker  chris: chriiiiis?
20:44 chris        yep?
20:45 chris        imp: yep someone at liblime will need to sort that out they will probably see the logs .. but if you want to be sure, file a bug a bugs.koha.org ?
20:46 imp          ok
20:47 chris        thanks :)
20:49 imp          just have to figure out where i finally found the link to www.koha.org/irc :D
20:50 chris        heh
20:51 imp          ha, got it - in the left box from the download site
20:52 chris        the download site?
20:52 chris        url?
20:52 imp          http://www.koha.org/download/
20:52 chris        cool
20:52 imp          (right below related pages)
22:15 hdl_laptop   good night
22:16 chris        night hdl
22:16 chris        sleep well
23:18 pianohacker  chris:  thanks for handling that
23:18 chris        who what where?
23:22 pianohacker  imp
23:23 chris        ahh right
23:32 imp          pianohacker: ?
23:33 pianohacker  imp: nothing
23:34 imp          the mail with the pw was a little bit slow
02:12 Gnewt        Does anyone have a good Z39.50 to reccomend? I need one to use for a small private library, for the lookup function.
03:00 mason        Gnewt: depends where in the world you are
03:00 Gnewt        Washington, USA
03:01 mason        heres a good list ..
03:01 mason        http://targettest.indexdata.com/find.html?dc.title=^a*&_sort=dc.title&_count=9999&_search=Search
03:02 Gnewt        Sweet
03:02 Gnewt        thanks mason!
03:02 mason        LOC is good for the USA..
03:02 mason        http://targettest.indexdata.com/find.html?_query=congress&_search=Search
03:03 mason        np
07:21 [Xwire]      I am setting up a small ils for a research organization, and a girl who has studied library sciences wants openbiblio installed, i just finished installing koha, any reason not to use openbiblio?
07:32 chris        i dont know anything about openbiblio
07:32 chris        bagging other systems is a proprietary vendor thing to do :)
07:53 SelfishMan   ha
08:07 fredericd    hi
08:08 chris        hi fredericd
08:10 fredericd    chris: hello. I've seen you push translation files into maintenance branch. Any reason why you don't push them also in HEAD?
08:12 chris        because they are for the 3.0 branch
08:13 chris        when we get a string freeze for 3.2, i will get the translators working on that (and will msgmerge the files over)
08:13 hdl_laptop   hi
08:14 fredericd    obvious...
08:17 chris        :) HEAD (or in git speak master) changes to much at the moment translating against that would be frustrating :)
08:22 [Xwire]      ok, thanks, I was hoping to hear something like openbiblio sucks because...., but i am new to ils's although i do know that openbiblio is really just a toy
08:23 [Xwire]      how bad is the learning curve of koha for a newbie? i think that is their real concern
08:24 chris        not too bad, if you follow the newbie guide and the manual
08:25 chris        http://www.pakban.net/brooke/tut/newbie.html
08:26 [Xwire]      this is great! thanks!
08:57 anasha       chris: hi
08:58 chris        hi anasha
08:58 anasha       hows you ?
08:58 chris        good thanks, and you?
08:58 anasha       I am fine
08:58 anasha       i have one question
08:59 anasha       i have just complete koha installation at indian navy
09:00 chris        oh cool
09:01 anasha       where in i wanted my companies name to be at koha site http://www.koha.org/support/pay.html
09:02 chris        have you read http://koha.org/support/companyinfo.html
09:02 anasha       but unfortunatly i can not give the opec link of koha at indian navy
09:02 anasha       yes
09:02 chris        and sent the email to approvals@koha.org?
09:03 anasha       ok
09:03 anasha       i will do it today itself
09:03 anasha       thanks
09:03 chris        no problem
09:16 chris        got it
09:16 chris        just needed a new kernel
10:27 paul_p       sweet dreams chris
10:27 hdl_laptop   good night